Rahm Emanuel Wins Second Term as Chicago Mayor, S.C. Cop Charged With Murder, Germany Calls Greek Call for WW2 Reparations 'Dumb': A.M. Links


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    The White House is launching a campaign on the health effects of climate change—President Obama linked his daughter's asthma to the issue.

  • Rahm Emanuel wins a second term as Chicago mayor.
  • A cop in South Carolina was charged with murder after video showed him fatally shooting a man in the back, contradicting his version of events.
  • Gov. Sam Brownback (R) signed a bill into law making Kansas the first state to ban second-trimester abortions.
  • Iraqi forensic teams are exhuming mass graves of soldiers killed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria last year when it controlled Tikrit.
  • Germany called Greece's call for $306 billion in World War II reparations "dumb."
  • New details on the Drug Enforcement Administration's massive decades-long metadata collection program. 

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