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A law raising the minimum wage to $12.25 an hour from $9 an hour recently went into effect in Oakland, California. And it's leading daycare providers to raise prices and cut services and making some of the working poor fear they may not be able to find  someone to care for their children while they work, not at rates they can afford.

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  1. No big deal you simply get the gov’t to impose price controls on day care. Gee-whiz it’s not rocket science or anything.

    1. But it is racket science.

        1. Nice.

    2. As an ae always told me: rocket science is easy, making stuff fly thru the air is hard. He was a prof at the afa for awhile.

  2. This is unpossible.I have it on good authority that a raise will give the poor more to spend and will put that money ‘back’ in the economy! I cite MSNBC

    1. No, it’s unpossible because California repealed the Law of Unintended Consequences. One of the first things Jerry Brown did, IIRC

      1. Ah,proggie physics ,I see now.

  3. Well, wasn’t it the original intent of minimum wages laws? To keep women and blacks from competing with honest white mans labor? Working as intended.

    Say what you will about racists in the 1930’s, but at least they understood math and economics.

  4. The good news is you managed to not get fired when minimum wage was increased by over 30%, the bad news is you now can’t afford daycare along with many other goods and services. Good luck trying to pull yourself out of poverty.

    1. I’m reminded of a time when I was making just above minimum page, and there was an increase. The result? I was making minimum wage again, alongside the losers and the new hires, erasing all of my effort up to that point. I was rightly pissed off.

      1. That’s kind of how I felt when I worked hard and saved money for a 20% down payment on a house so I could get a “traditional” mortgage. Then all those programs popped up to help all the idiots who took low/no down payment mortgages.

        It’s also how I will feel when they start forgiving college loan debt after I worked all through college to not have any debt.

        The main difference is that I’m doing pretty well now, so it doesn’t sting so bad. It must be a real sore spot to have something like this happen when you’re just starting out and earning minimum wage. A serious slap in the face.

      2. That’s the straw that finally broke the camels back at the worst job I ever had. I was making $4.60 when the minimum was raised to $4.25 and they refused to give me a raise. I wasn’t going to get yelled and screamed at by cokeheads for only an extra 35 cents an hour. I lined up another job and quit.

      3. Yeah, I had that happen to me at a job. You were supposed to get a raise after 90 days or something (it was a video store) and just as I made it, the minimum wage increased. So the corporate folk said that was my 90 day raise.

        It would have really hurt, if the job hadn’t been so fucking easy.

        1. Did you happen to work next to a Quick Stop convenience store?


  6. I Woke up at midnight with a ‘mild’ case of norovirus. Pretty shitty all around.

    1. Aha! Reptilians can be crippled by biological vectors! Machines win the day!

      1. I bet that the computers they built back on their home planet are also susceptible to our computer viruses!

        Silly lizards, Earth is for humans.

    2. Drink plenty of fluids, my reptilian friend.

  7. Obviously the solution is to have the orphans children do actual *work* at the daycare center.

    1. *polishes monocle* I’m listening.

  8. Shouldn’t one of the benefits of this be that poor people might decide to stop having kids they can’t afford? Hahahahahahahaha. I made myself laugh.

    1. “Three generations of welfare recipients are enough”.

      1. That gives me an idea– a modest proposal style essay based entirely on quotes from owh decisions.

    2. “Shouldn’t one of the benefits of this be that poor people might decide to stop having kids they can’t afford? ”

      There are also numerous “un-poor” families in which both parents work, families which do not have relatives nearby to watch the children during the workday, necessitating daycare.

      I’ve worked with many such parents.

    3. Not really.

      This only impacts the WORKING poor. Those who still have some hope to make a life for themselves off welfare.

      What this will do is drive more of those people onto the welfare roles

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