2 It's Stupid Season. Have You Been Vaccinated?

How the press turned a local issue into the first controversy of the 2016 presidential campaign. Matt Welch

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6 Citings Click yes for porn; Cuba libre; predator bots; bad building codes; North Korea vs. art; Google tax backlash; computers that can learn…

54 Reason TV: Should Pregnant Addicts Go to Jail?

Criminalizing dependency is counterproductive and unconstitutional. Amanda Winkler


12 Charlie Hebdo in the Dock Despite its stand against the terrorist's veto, France treats offensive words and images as crimes. Jacob Sullum

14 Regulatory Robophobia We don't need a federal commission to govern things that go beep in the night. Veronique de Rugy

16 Let Slip the Robots of War

Lethal autonomous weapon systems might be more moral than human soldiers. Ronald Bailey

70 Roombas in the Big House?

What to do when robots break the law. Greg Beato


18 The Robot Revolution Is Here

They're sweeping my floors, watching my kids, and stealing my job. Here's why I'm not worried. Katherine Mangu-Ward

26 Sex, Love, and Robots

Will sexbots make human life better, creepier, or both? Elizabeth Nolan Brown

36 Will They Take Our Jobs?

MIT economist Andrew McAfee on driverless cars, wireless fishermen, and the second machine age. Interview by Katherine Mangu-Ward

44 The Settlement Shakedown

Federal and state governments are extracting and pocketing huge payments from big businesses, perverting justice along the way. Scott Shackford

50 Life Out on the Political FringePeter Bagge

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56 Hi, Robot

How science fiction androids became real-life machines. Peter Suderman

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58 Katherine Mangu-Ward on the alcohol delivery app Klink

60 Robby Soave on the documentary Suffer No Fools

62 Jesse Walker on John Bicknell's America 1844

64 Ronald Bailey on the documentary The Immortalists

66 Ed Krayewski on the TV show Orphan Black

60 How to Survive a Robot Uprising Seeing dark omens of catastrophe in new tech demos. Robin Hanson

Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, by Martin Ford

64 Somalia Lived While Its Government Died

"Serious" foreign policy minds care about everything but citizens' lives. Brian Doherty

Somalia in Transition Since 2006, by Shaul Shay

68 Feeling Clint Eastwood's Disgust

American Sniper is not a pro-war movie. Kurt Loder

72 Artifact: RoboCop 1.0

An automated policeman, from 1924. Nick Gillespie

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