Brickbat: Think of the Children


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The Steel Valley, Pennsylvania, school board has rejected a request from the teachers union to bar a disabled student from using the faculty restroom. Officials at Park Elementary School had agreed that Kaitlin Montgomery, 10, could use the faculty restroom because the nearest student restroom is up a flight of stairs and the girl has trouble walking. But the Steel Valley Education Association filed a complaint, saying their contract calls for that restroom to be used only by school employees.

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  1. Seriously, your contract included bullshit clauses like that? My contract doesn’t even go into such things because facilities access is a matter of general labor law.

    Also, how did the union get so myopic that they didn’t realize this had ‘bad press’ written all over it?

    1. how did the union get so myopic

      I’m thinking they recognized that the God-Emporer in the White House was a fellow traveler when the very first guest after He was elected was Andy Stern and also that GM business, and they got greedy. Well, greedier.


    1. Ummmm phrasing?…

    2. Jesus Christ, Cyril….

  3. Politics of teachers aside, you applied for a job that is focused on the kids; not your comfort. So if the first thing you think of is “muh contract… muh entitlements…” way before basic common sense of “this child may or may not be able to walk,” you need to re-evaluate your life.

    1. wait they’re teachers, they don’t evaluate, they read from the union script.

  4. Mr. McCallister also expressed frustration over the fact that a copy of the grievance was provided to the Post-Gazette, saying that the grievance process is supposed to be confidential.

    Seems the school is breaching its contractual agreements left and right.


    1. I thought you always went both ways.

      1. If only he’d just go away ……

  5. . . . saying their contract calls for that restroom to be used only by school employees.

    OK, look. How are the teachers supposed to avoid work, have bathroom sex, and shoot up if there might be a kid in there?

  6. Unions protect shitters- the molecular structure of the shitter is irrelevant so as long as the shitter either brings cash or relief. That fucking shitter will be fucking fought for and no goddamn crippled kid will stand in the way of this glorious mission, bitches.

  7. “Kaitlin has chronic lung disease, pulmonary hypertension and autism, and the faculty bathroom is the only one on the lower level.”

    “The grievance was accompanied by a petition signed by 18 female teachers at Park, including two special ed teachers.
    The grievance was filed two days after Diana Borges, director of pupil personnel, special services and elementary education, informed teachers that a special needs student was going to be using the teachers bathroom on the bottom floor of the school.”

    Despite knowing that Kaitlin has difficulty walking for distances, eighteen teachers wanted her to use the upstairs bathroom which would require her to exit the building (even in snowy/inclement weather) and climb a set of stairs. Additionally, there are other bathrooms designated for the teachers, so it isnt the case that they were giving up their only private bathroom: “Mrs. Borges also said there are two other faculty bathrooms in the building and she believes that fulfills the district’s contractual obligation to provide a faculty-only restroom. She reiterated Mr. Wehrer’s stance that federal law requires the district to provide accessible facilities for students.”

    I mentioned that I thought the teachers were utterly selfish and perverse: “Steel Valley Education Association president Shawn McCallister took the microphone to say the grievance was not filed to prevent the student from using the bathroom but to create ‘a better outcome for all involved.’


    1. Its just a scam to soak in a few $million for new construction.

  8. “Those remarks elicited comments from board members and some teachers saying the district’s elementary schools need an overhaul.

    “We need a new campus for elementary,” said school director Mary Yuhas.”

    This is the reason why union chose to generate a controversy.

    They want a spiffy new building. Taxpayers, pony up! Its for the disabled children. And a gorgeous faculty lounge for the staff.

    1. “We need a new campus for elementary,” said school director Mary Yuhas.”

      A suggested rallying cry: “Uppa Yuhas!”

  9. The Fucking Union that Works for YOU.

  10. My guess is they use the bathroom for things they don’t want students to see – sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.

    I’m surprised that no one has sued the school on the kids behalf demanding bathrooms on every floor.

    1. I’m surprised that no one has sued the school on the kids behalf demanding bathrooms on every floor.

      No need to with Steel Valley Education Association president Shawn McCallister on the job. He evidently thinks it far cheaper to just use a fucking young cripple as tool to force the local community into federal submission. He’ll get the kid a bathroom- but he’ll have to drag her raggedy ass through the mud to do so. Fuck that cripple, the union knows best.

  11. What gender-orientation is that faculty restroom?

    1. I don’t think 18 union cunts will fight for a urinal.

  12. Nothing new. Machinists union where I worked, twenty five years ago, once objected to us wanting to hire a down and out handicapped worker who needed an accommodation to his work station.

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