School Will Report Parents Who Let Kids Play Video Games, More Countries Join China's World Bank Alternative, 'Clever' Ways to Raise Taxes: A.M. Links


  • Rob Blatt/Flickr

    An English school district informed parents that letting children play or even watch others play "inappropriate" video games such as Call of Duty would lead the school to "contact the police and children's social care as it is neglectful." The school also warned that social media leaves kids "vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation."  

  • "The 'free range kids' movement speaks exactly to what I want for my children," writes Michael Brendan Dougherty. But… 
  • Russia, the Netherlands, and Australia are all joining China's alternative to the World Bank, along with 30-something other countries. 
  • America's largest supplement retailer, GNC, has announced that it will "institute sweeping new testing procedures" to ensure quality—without the government forcing them to. Fancy that. Progressives are obviously using this as proof we need more federal supplement oversight because … I can't even guess at the logic.
  • Republicans are getting slammed over Indiana's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" but Democrats such as President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer have all previously supported similar bills.
  • The NSA was just about to end phone surveillance of Americans before the Edward Snowden leaks. Also, I have this bridge…
  • "A clever way to get the rich to pay taxes": Okay okay okay, we're taking half your income, but look at this shitty testament to government inefficiency post office we're naming in your honor! 
  • Carly Fiorina says she's almost definitely running for president.

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