Rand Wants Hillary to Return Saudi Contributions, FBI Probes Schock, No Progress in Iran Talks: P.M. Links

Michigan state senator says Uber is "out of control." Gulp.


  • Aaron Schock

    Sen. Rand Paul called on ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to return donations made to the Clinton Foundation by the Saudi Arabian royal family.

  • The FBI will investigate Aaron Schock's sketchy financial dealings.
  • The Iran negotiations are going nowhere.
  • Peter Suderman on why DC Comics' cancelled Joker cover is not such a clear case of artistic censorship.
  • Michigan state senator says Uber is "out of control." Gulp.
  • Check out this Iowa state lawmaker reading "Sex After Sixty" on the House floor.
  • Lots of media people react to my reporting on the student who demanded I write the n-word in a story about his alleged censorship for expressing non-PC views at Reed College.
  • A New York high school had to apologize for holding a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in… gasp!… Arabic. (That's the language the terrorists use.)
  • Jon Stewart on the conservative double standard regarding Benghazi and Ferguson.

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