A.M. Links: Netanyahu Reelected, Obama Sets New Record on Censoring Government Files, Presbyterian Church Allows Gay Marriage


  • Credit: U.S. Department of State

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been reelected.

  • "For the second consecutive year, the Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act."
  • The first candidate seeking to replace scandal-plagued Rep. Aaron Schock has stepped forward.
  • The New York Police Department has identified two officers who used NYPD computers to edit out references to police brutality in Wikipedia entries. "I don't anticipate any punishment, quite frankly," said police commissioner Bill Bratton.

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  1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been reelected.

    Hitler! Hitler was the answer to all those questions. Just figured it out.

    1. Hello.


    2. You know who else took a while to figure out the solution to a problem?

      1. Lisa Simpson?

      2. Thomas Edison?

      3. I spent 3 days working a diff eq problem my prof assigned us while studying separation of variables method, came in to the next class, asked him to solve it on the board (since by the 3rd day everyone worth a shit in the class had discussed trying and failing). Prof looks at the problem for five seconds and says, “oh, you can’t separate that.” That was when I truly internalized the pedagogy is not what they hire engineering profs for.

        1. Ha! I remember my final for a grad-level EM course. Open book, open discussion, open whatever….

          One of the integrals was seemingly impossible. I tried it six ways to Sunday for a couple of days as did everyone else. Finally asked the prof for some direction and he responded with “Oh, don’t you have a copy of “Abramowitz and Stegum”? Opened to page 283 where that specific integral had been solved as someone’s career achievement in mathematics.

          Lesson learned. Engineers are only as good as their resources.

          1. Gradshteyn and Rizhik or GTFO.

        2. My linear algebra professor was dyslexic. Lectures made no sense at all. I don’t know linear algebra (I got a C-; it wasn’t a good time for me personally so I didn’t do a good job teaching myself.)

          1. A dsylexic linear algebra professor? Please tell me he didn’t also cover Matrix Algebra. Because OMG.

        3. Wait, there’s diff eq problems that are like that?

          Holy shit, I am so hosed when I get to that class.

      4. Roman Emporer Nero, perhaps apocryphally?

      5. Was it final?

    3. Anyone see shriek and that cup of hemlock?

      1. I am amused at the lovefest here for a warmonger that wants nothing more than for the USA to invade and occupy a country 3x the size of Iraq.

        NAP my ass. The true nature of you Peanuts has been exposed.

        1. You lose yet again, schmuckface Weigel. Feel free to kill yourself in depression.

        2. Netanyahu has something that you could never understand, assface: CAJONES!!

        3. Peanuts? Which of you is Linus? Pig Pen? Peppermint Patty?

          1. Weigel is Charlie Brown, and Lucy just pulled the football right out from under his dumb ass one more time.

            1. You will get another shitty useless war in the Middle East if your precious Team Red wins in 2016, you dumbass.

              $2 trillion more in the fucking dumpster.

              Congrats Bibi – you sucker punched America again as evidenced by witless dunces like Mike M.

              1. I just figured out a way to get rid of Putin!

                Get your boyfriend to support him!

              2. You will get another shitty useless war in the Middle East if your precious Team Red wins in 2016, you dumbass.

                You mean like all the ones that Chocolate Jesus has dragged us into? Yes, very possibly so. Ditto if your wet dream girl gets elected for Team Blue.

    4. Obama continues to help elect…no one!

      1. Scott Walker, Netanyahu, the Senator from Iowa. He has a great record. In fact, if Rahm loses the Chicago runoff it will be perfect. Just get Obama to support your opponent (but not be your opponent)

    5. Looks like those polls that came out in the last few days were way off, huh?

      Another miserable failure for Obama. ROFLMAO.

    6. We’re going to get a Team Red Neocon in the White House in 2016, and with Netanyahu in power in Israel, and we’re going to bomb Iran. Unless Iran actually gets nukes.

      1. We won’t just bomb Iran. We will mount a large ground invasion for regime change and another fruitless hunt for WMD programs.

  2. 34) Never mind if Hillary is unlikeable or not (she is, but never mind it) or anything about her policies or being a woman or whatever?here is why she will lose the general election, no matter what she does: Americans don’t like coronations. They don’t like candidates who are running because it’s their turn. Think back to the last time this happened, in 1996. Bob Dole had been majority leader and was seen as the senior Republican at the national level who other Republicans should step aside for. He lost by a huge margin, both popularly (49.2% for Clinton to 40.7% for Dole) and in the electoral college (379 to 159). I think this is also why vice-presidents typically have a tough time getting elected, despite the vice-presidency being on paper a natural step to the top office. In Hillary’s case, this natural revulsion of Americans to coronations will be compounded because she is also a dynast. Unless the Democrats find an alternative candidate (under this theory, even Warren would be preferable), they are in for a drubbing in 2016 at least as bad as Dole’s in 1996, and possibly as bad as Mondale’s in 1984.

    1. Bill and Hilary should put out a sex tape and ‘leak’ it.

      1. barf

      2. I’m sure “leaks” would be involved.in that.

      3. ” I did not have sex with that, uh, woman?”

      4. Wait. A sex tape of them? Or a sex tape of them together?

        Either way, it isn’t my cup of tea. Hey, that could be the title. Two Pols, 1 Cup

        1. It would have to include a midget.

    2. So ol’ Jeb wouldn’t be another Bushpig coronation?

      Do you fuckers ever think about what you write?

      1. I’m sorry, did I write somewhere that Jeb has a good shot at winning the presidency?

        1. OK, I’ll make it simple enough for you to understand.

          Bush vs Clinton 2016. Who will get the anti-coronation vote?

          1. Gary Johnson

          2. I know, I know….the fucking strawman.

            1. Yeah, Yeah – the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!! He should run– If he only had a brain!

              1. But he got a diploma! QUALIFIED!

                1. Was it from Yale or Harvard? That seems the be the key to recent elections. Nobody from “Flyover State U.” has won in a while!

              2. Hey! I resemble that remark!

          3. Probably Netflix. I bet a lot of people stay home in a Bush v. Clinton matchup.

        2. Don’t bother, Thoughty Sermon. You won’t get anything useful back out of it. A better use of your time might be to go to a beach and try and argue the ocean out of being wet.

          1. Well, we are supposed to be looking at this time in history as when the oceans were commanded to recede and Gaia to heal, yes?


      2. You’re keeping in step
        In the line
        Got your chin held high and you feel just fine
        ‘Cause you do what you’re told
        But inside your heart it is black, it is hollow, it is cold

        Just how deep do you believe?
        Will you bite the hand that feeds?

      3. Wow, it’s really unhinged and angry this morning.

        1. They picked on his egg-brother Bo last night. They both had a good cry about it.

          1. Damn, I miss all the fun threads.

        2. Reasonable is your friend. Unfortunately my curiosity is too often piqued and I unhide it to see just how assholish he’s being now.

        3. It’s been more or less on it’s best behavior for months, ever since being outed as a JournoLister.

          Suddenly, Teh Weigel is getting props from Hot Air, Instapundit, and Reason – and it goes batshit crazy again.


          Either that or the fact that Bibi won re-election is just too much for it’s progtard robot programming and it’s going haywire like HAL 9000

    3. Think back to the last time this happened…

      McCain was the most recent example.

      1. Yes, that was my thinking. McCain was definitely the “It’s his turn candidate” of the establishment.

      2. Romney was more recent.

  3. The first candidate seeking to replace scandal-plagued Rep. Aaron Schock has stepped forward.

    Is his last name Downtown?

      1. I think it’s a new meme now, albeit a minor one.

        1. I know, I was just playing my part as the straight man.


          1. “Playing my part as the straight man”, kinda like Schock?

      2. Hey, if Schock had decorated his office like Downtown Abbey, instead, he might might still be in office.

        1. Or maybe Downtown Funk style.

          1. Ohhhhhh….yeahhhhhhhh!!

    1. A couple of weeks back I was wondering to my wife if we’re a step away before being lectured in all sorts of public spaces. She thought I was nuts…and then this.

    2. How does someone not working in the bowels of a hate studies program ever think that is a good idea? I just can’t fathom how someone could work for a successful private sector company like Starbucks could think telling your employees to start a conversation about race was a good idea. Hey, Sugar Free, you know what would really get this company going? We need to have our employees start discussing with all of our customers really contentious and emotional issues that have nothing to do with our business. Antagonizing and having emotional confrontations with our customers will really give us a leg up on the competition I think.

      Someone in a position of authority in a major corporation actually had those very thoughts.

      1. It’s just a message to the stockholders that Starbucks has too much overhead. Time to trim the fat.

        1. And hire a new HR department. Clearly something went wrong when that exec was recruited.

          1. What I don’t get is all that fucking hate heaped on a lousy fucking coffee company. Not to mention the act of self-importance attached to it.

            Jesus fucking Christ. SERVE COFFEE and spare me the bull shit. The last thing I need is some hipster-kid imparting their limited wisdom on a surly, jaded asshole like me.

            And might I add, teach your faux-baristas to make a proper one. Each time I watch them use a thermometer in the milk I chuckle inside.

            1. Here in Montreal, Starbucks wants to open a store in the Jean-Talon market. Needless to say, the association that took over the market (and subsequently ruined it) are petitioning to have it stopped because some bull shit about culture and local garbage.

              Problem is, most local shops don’t mind and all seem to recognize if the people don’t want it they won’t go to SB’s – in other words, they’re willing to let the market decide. My family owns a building there and we certainly don’t mind.

              But to interventionist this is unacceptable because they feel they’re the gatekeepers of culture.

              Fuck off.

              1. You guys have Tim Horton’s. Time Horton’s kick ass. They are a hundred times better than Dunkin Doughnuts.

                1. For a while though TH was pure crap. I guess it did improve but when I was growing up, DD was better.

                  Not sure what happened.

                  1. Really? I never saw a Tim Horton’s until I first went to Montreal in 2001. And DDs out west where I lived were totally ghetto. DDs were for many years a total east coast thing.

                    1. Hortons has been around since the 60s but mostly outside of Quebec. They entered our market, I think, in the 80s or 90s. Wendy’s owned for a time in the early to mid 90s and I could tell its ascendency started with that. I suppose the financial support Wendy’s offered helped its marketing and product. Soon after, it blew DD out of the water. The Canadian market is not as diverse and segmented as in the US. You find DD’s anywhere just like Wal-Mart. In the U.S., there’s a specific target market for Target and Wal-Mart. Not here. Anyone and everyone shops at Wal-Mart; white trash, poor, rich, good-looking, you name it.

                  2. For a while though TH was pure crap. I guess it did improve but when I was growing up, DD was better.

                    Not sure what happened.

                    Overexpansion. DD is everywhere and they don’t keep an eye on franchisee quality. It has really hurt the brand, IMO.

                    I personally keep a mental note of the DD’s that don’t hit their coffee. Their locations are closely guarded secrets, only to be given to those I trust.

                    1. America no longer runs but lightly jogs on Dunkin?

            2. For me what ruined starbucks was those fucking mild shakes they served. The reason why Starbucks did so well was because they were a quiet place with comfy chairs where you could read your newspaper or now smart phone or have a conversation in peace. Then they started serving those fucking milk shakes and the blenders make it impossible to do anything in peace in their stores. God I hate the sound of those things. It totally destroyed their atmosphere and the main advantage they had on their customers. Even though their coffee is better and the pastries much better, you can’t go into a Duncan Doughnuts and sit in a nice chair and have a few moments of peace the way you once could in a Starbucks.

              1. I haven’t “sat” in a coffee shop since they outlawed smoking. What’s the point?

                1. I don’t smoke. So that was never an issue.

                  1. Bars don’t get my business any more either.

              2. + 1 x 10^100

      2. And that someone probably molested a half-black secretary at the Christmas Holiday Party.

        I mean, I can sort of see it from a warped market share perspective. Starbucks is generally hated by the SJWs as a corporation that threatens the local coffee shop, that cultural mainstay of indifferent service and endless rounds of feckless slam poetry. This might bring them back, but I doubt. Much like most “boycotts” they say one thing and shop another.

        1. And don’t forget that those local, hipster-infested coffee shops mostly wouldn’t exist without Starbucks having reinvented coffee for America.

          1. Good point…they may not have the best coffee, but they did bring back. Kind of like the early craft beer pioneers – they might seem lesser now, but they opened the door for so much more. For that, we can at least give them a tip o’ the monocle.

        2. Every Starbucks I have ever been in already reeks of hipster. They don’t need this.

          1. Those aren’t real hipsters, they’re just posers. LOL.

            1. Indeed – real hipsters wound’t be caught dead in Starbucks. Not ironic enough and way to KORPOORIT

            2. LOL indeed – what’s the difference?

              1. Agreed. A poser hipster is still a hipster.

                1. They were being ironically hipster before it was cool?

      3. There’s been a lot of bizarre thinking along these lines lately. It’s like that idea McDonald’s had to randomly tell people to dance or call their mother or something instead of paying for the meal. They dropped that idea in a hurry.

      4. Think about the people Starbucks has working for them. My guess is that filters up the ranks.

    3. I go to Dunkin Donuts where there is more diversity!

      …or where the coffee actually tastes good.

      1. The delectable American pastries at DD can’t be beat. Not a fan of the coffee – it is too weak, like the coffee you get at a diner.

        1. Meh, I’ll stick with Krispy Kreme.

        2. Meh, I’ll stick with Krispy Kreme.

          1. Krispy Kreme will certainly stick to you!

          2. “Meh, I’ll stick with Krispy Kreme.”

            I’m never been a fan of the glazed KK doughnut’s but still prefer them to Dunkin.

      2. Dunkin Donuts is the most disgusting coffee I have ever tasted. I can’t even stand the smell of it – it smells like they mix donuts into the brew or something.

        1. They brew it very weak. I bought a bag of their coffee once and tried to brew it stronger – it was still disgusting.

        2. This is too much, I don’t know what I am reading.

      3. Why does DD mix the cream and sugar behind the counter in your coffee? That’s completely bizarre to me. They invariably put too much of both in and you get very sweet coffee flavored milk…

    4. “Authorities Baffled by Sharp Rise in Scalding Incidents”

    5. Huh. I, on the other hand, am just impressed that there is a Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account. The future is a marvelous place, my friends.

      1. Say what you like about Hardee’s, at least it was an ethos.

    6. I honestly thought those cups had something to do with cycling, running or fitness.

    7. I like my coffee like I like my small talk: hot and black.

      1. Is it racist to want always want white cream in my coffee?

        1. there goes my idea to call a mix of coffee and milk a moo-latte

          1. If you added extra espresso, would it be a Heroic Moo-latte?

    8. Thank you. Starbucks tried to sell everyone in the world on the idea that burnt coffee is “bold flavored”. No, its burnt.

      1. For the “I don’t care, just want caffeine” people, I like to point out that the darker the roast, the less caffeine a coffee will have.

        But let’s be honest… Starbucks is not about coffee, it’s about a social acceptable way to drink a 2,000 calorie milkshake for breakfast.

        1. I thought it was about raping the Italian language until it spoke ‘Merican

          1. Yes, that would be a natural conclusion.

          2. I still refuse to use their dumb ass Italian verbiage. I ask for a 20 oz and generally get a puzzled look. I always wonder how long the person has been working there and still doesn’t know how much coffee goes into the cup?

            1. I always just say “medium” or “large”.

              I have yet to ever be questioned or corrected. They can probably tell by looking at me that I have a 3 minute rant already prepared in my head if they dare to pretend they know what I’m fucking talking about.

              1. don’t know

            2. I hate their names for sizes. “Tall” for small? Give me a break. I refuse to go along with it. Most baristas don’t care; the ones that try to teach you the proper corporate nomenclature are freaking annoying.

        2. Except Starbucks has higher caffeine content than other chains.

        3. For the “I don’t care, just want caffeine” people, I like to point out that the darker the roast, the less caffeine a coffee will have.

          You mean casual caffeine users?

          The real addicts haven’t been to a Starbucks… ever. No Doze and any given energy drink of choice have rendered Starbucks obsolete. A fun place to take the kids for a side of nutrition with their habit.

      2. How many people get straight coffee there? The whole business model is selling milkshakes called “coffee” or, sometimes, “tea.” Actually, that’s not fair to milkshakes, as I think they may typically have fewer calories.

        1. I buy their beans and make the coffee myself. I don’t make it as strong as they do in the stores and like it much better.

        2. I get whatever the next cheapest thing is – americano, I think? The straight coffee is undrinkable and I don’t care for anything fancier.

    9. How can I possibly go in there now and order a Flat White?

    10. Jesus, like I need another reason to not enter a Starbucks.

  4. Dancing, beer-drinking Florida man found inside beachfront mansion, claims he co-owns home with Mariah Carey

    It wasn’t one sweet day for this Mariah Carey fan.

    Police responding to a Florida burglary found a 35-year-old man drinking a beer and dancing inside a million-dollar beachfront home that he claimed to co-own with the pop star.

    Oh Florida Man…

    1. Dancing, beer-drinking Florida man?

      Like there’s any other type.

      1. Sometimes they drink hard liquor and don’t dance before they make fools of themselves?

  5. Still time to join the ReasonHnR hoops pool.

    The future of civilization is at stake, after all.

    1. password: freeminds

    2. what is this awful new template for the bracket?

    3. I have made the official Confederatio Helevetica entry.

  6. “For the second consecutive year, the Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.”

    It’s a damn good thing he’s so fucking transparent or this could be a problem.

    1. If he weren’t transparent we couldn’t tell if he had a spine.

  7. “I don’t anticipate any punishment, quite frankly,” said police commissioner Bill Bratton.

    Apparently, neither did they.

    1. Why would they? “Oh no, you tried to make cops look better on the internet in a legal manner!”

      1. I mean, I cannot understate how few fucks the guy they asked about this gives.

      2. Uh, no, they were erasing derogatory information. And doing so on the taxpayers’ dollar. Was it their job description to do PR? Were there any state or local laws or departmental regulations about censoring media?

        1. Sure, I mean, I make sure I pay my local and state taxes so the cops can sit about editing Wikipedia!

        2. As they say, [citation needed]. Because you are talking out your ass without knowing if the cops were on the clock.

          As an aside, how many people in this thread are “at work”?

          1. They were at One Police Plaza, and their IPs were traceable to that, so they were *at least* using public facilities. And for those “at work” on here…if you’re a public employee, get back to work! I’m not, so if I’m slacking, it’s my employers’ business.

            1. so now you think it’s illegal to access wikipedia at public facilities? Better send the cops to all the libraries! wait, not the cops. shit, who do we send now?

            2. Listen: I understand hating cops. They’re scum. That doesn’t mean this guy thinks anything wrong happened here.

              1. You guys just go completely retarded when the subject comes up, and can’t even recognize the fact that a cop won’t hate a cop for being a cop

          2. Thanks, Unreconstructed.

  8. “I don’t anticipate any punishment, quite frankly,” said police commissioner Bill Bratton.”

    Meh. I didn’t anticipate any punishment, Bratton.

    1. No one expects the internal affairs inquisition.

      1. Nice.

      2. They might get the comfy chair?

  9. Developing a Wireless Device for Monitoring Water Usage for Hotel Showers

    Hotels consume a significant amount of water in the U.S. and around the world. Most hotels do not monitor individual guest water usage and as a result, millions of gallons of potable water are wasted every year by hotel guests. The proposed work aims to develop a novel low cost wireless device for monitoring water use from hotel guest room showers. This device will be designed to fit most new and existing hotel shower fixtures and will wirelessly transmit hotel guest water usage data to a central hotel accounting system.

    William F. Buckley: “A Liberal is someone who is determined to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature for you”

    1. This device will be designed to fit most new and existing hotel shower fixtures and will wirelessly transmit hotel guest water usage data to a central hotel accounting system.

      FTS! Have the shower automatically, permanently turn off after 45 seconds!

    2. They just live down to every single insult and stereotype.

    3. That’s up there with this “study” reported on NPR this morning.

      Do TV Cooking Shows Make Us Fat?

      “Our main finding is that it seems that if you watch food television and then actually cook the recipes that you see, you’re at risk for having a higher BMI [body mass index],” says study author Lizzy Pope, who’s a researcher in nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont.

      Pope, along with colleagues at Cornell University, surveyed about 500 women in their 20s and 30s. The researchers asked a range of questions about the women’s cooking habits. And they documented the women’s weight and height to calculate their BMIs.

      1. Clearly, we need a ministry of cooking that approves the content of all cooking shows.

        1. A CAFE standard, if you will. For every 1000+ calorie dish you must present one sub 600 calorie meal with less than 12.8 grams of fat.

          1. A CAFE standard, if you will.

            *considers narrowing gaze…rather, begins polite applause*

      2. It couldn’t possibly be that people who are predisposed to eat food watch cooking shows…no way…the shows make them eat food. I’m sure they controlled for all that in their Science??

        1. Look, smart people with degrees came to a consensus you fat denier.

      3. Note the sample population. Women who are in the prime age to have kids and not have time or feel the need to be at fight weight every Friday night. Yeah. That’s the age where people start to get fat.

        1. You forgot to add the Women who are sitting home and watching Cooking shows.

      4. Considering that the government lied to the US public for the better part of two generations about diet…oh wait, NPR is a government program. Nevermind.

        Interesting – ‘obesity’ has been a growing problem for the better part of two generations, about the same period of time that the government was using incomplete and faulty science to shame, cajole, and brow-beat everyone into eating a certain way. Correlation isn’t causation but it is interesting.

      5. Three things make food taste good: sugar, salt, and fat.

        There are three things that the government wants to eliminate from our diet: sugar, salt, and fat.

        So yeah, it makes sense that the government doesn’t like programs that show people how to make food that tastes good.

      6. Study potentially confuses cause and effect. Check.

        Uses a standard of measurement with known glaring flaws (BMI) as a basis of comparison. Check.

        Study is probably useless, almost certain.

    4. millions of gallons of potable water are wasted every year by hotel guests

      WTF does that even mean? Yeah, every time I stay at a hotel I turn the shower on and leave it running all night. And instead of going down a drain for eventual reuse, it magically vanishes into thin air.

      1. And instead of going down a drain for eventual reuse, it magically vanishes into thin air.

        That drain could be tied into water mains in rural India so women have a place to do their business indoors instead of getting raped shitting in the fields!

  10. Pca or pcusa?

    I am guessing pcusa.

    I am not presbyterian and I know you have to specify.

  11. The Presbyterian Church will allow gay marriage in all of its congregations.

    What do you think? Net gain or loss in butts in the pews?

    1. Probably loss – the further Left a church goes, the more they tend to lose…see C of E vs Anglicans in Africa, etc.

      1. Religions are by nature very conservative and devotees enjoy that part of it – the continuity, reliability, and sameness.

      2. The mainstream protestant denominations are hemorrhaging members in the US. My recollection is those losses are divided roughly half-way between people who become unchurched and people who seek out more rigorous believe systems.

        1. That seems to fit what I remember, too. A bit tilted toward more rigorous. The Evangelic types in our area seem to be growing, whilst the older, mainline seem to be static to small loss.

    2. Could be a small gain in more liberal cities/suburbs but maybe some losses in rural ‘Merica, because of this and the fact that 75% of their congregations are over the age of 75.

  12. Accused killer Robert Durst misidentified in AP story as ‘former Limp Bizkit frontman’ Fred Durst

    The misidentification came rollin’ in around 6:30 p.m. local California time Monday in the second paragraph of a story about drug charges filed against Robert Durst in New Orleans, according to the media blog Romenesko.

    The first line referenced Robert Durst by name, but the second referred to him as “the former Limp Bizkit frontman.”

    The AP later limped out a correction and told the blog in a statement that the mix-up was in “a brief that appeared solely on the California broadcast wire last night.”

    Can’t they both be arrested?

    1. I watched The Jinx. Man, what a creepy weirdo. Talk about a classic case of ‘I did it and you morons still can’t pin it on me?’ plot.

    2. Fred Durst perpetrated many crimes, but the only thing he murdered was the shout-metal gente.

  13. Pharyngula deconstructs the recently viral freedom-hating Bitter Clinger anthem “Pissed Off Rednecks Like Me”.


    1. LOL, the hilarity of the navel gazing phrase “Pharyngula deconstructs “Pissed Off Rednecks Like Me” is awesome.

  14. Q. Kids Exploring … Umm … Dogs and Peanut Butter?: My innocent, sweet, kind, funny, outgoing, well-adjusted almost-13-year-old boy attended a sleepover with two other boys around the same age. These boys have a friendly, innocent, sweet dog. As a group, they covered their nipples in peanut butter and had the dog lick it off. He shared this with me in an “It was so funny!” kind of way. I am a solo mom and was completely freaked. I said “Don’t do that again, babe.” He asked, “Why not?” I scrambled around. “I just don’t think it’s a nice thing to do to the dog.” He said, “But Fido LOVES peanut butter!” I said something about it being kind of a sexual thing and I don’t think he should do it anymore and he seemed confused and embarrassed. I am not sure how I should have handled it. Thoughts?

    1. Title: Conversations you didn’t want to have with your kids

    2. I said “Don’t do that again, babe, unless you invite me.”

      That’s education.

    3. The dog could have had a peanut allergy. Anyway, she should have directed the lad to the myriad of tube sites that show the seamier side of dog/peanut butter sleepovers. That would explain it better than she ever could.

    4. My innocent, sweet, kind, funny, outgoing, well-adjusted almost-13-year-old boy

      …still think so?

      1. It could have been a peanut butterhole party…

        “Why does Fido have diphtheria?”

        1. I lol’d…right before I had to reswallow my breakfast.

        2. Now, *that* is funny! 😎

      2. Good thing he didn’t tell her about the ensuing sword fight.

        1. It’s a slippery sticky slope.

        2. It started out as them trying to cross streams of urine, but them it became more. Much more…

          Fifty Shades of Lego

      3. Oh, so naive. She’s going to shit herself in a couple of years when he goes full teenager.

    5. What’s wrong with a simple “don’t play with your food”?

  15. OT: The Dems now want to get rid of virtually ALL ammo. after failing to ban 5.56:


    WTF, people of New York?!?! Do you ever get tired of being treated like SERFS by your elected betters?!?!?!

    1. But shreek told me the Dems don’t really support gun control. That is just a wingnut myth.

      1. This isn’t gun control. People can still have their guns. They just can’t get any ammo. I would think you’d embrace this kind of logic.

      2. Fuck Dems, you liar.

        I said Obama would never ban guns. And he won’t like every dumbass Bitter Clinger thought he would.

        1. Sure, he would just try to ban their ammo. Was Obama lying when he said he would “pursue control through other means” like he was lying about gay marriage?

        2. Palin’s Buttplug|2.25.15 @ 9:21AM|#
          I am a radical classic liberal Ayn Rand supporter. Atheist/secularist, pro-gun, pro-capitalist, pro-recreational drugs, pro-prostitution, pro-euthanasia, pro-immigrant, pro-science.

          Yes, tell us again how “pro-gun” you are, you fucking dipshit. Just anti-bullet?

          1. Anti-logic, anti-truth, anti-common sense…

    2. The problem in NY is the progressive fascists downstate. NYC and its environs dictate how the rest of the state (basically flyover country) live and breathe.

      1. Which is weird because Upstate NY is far more like Vermont and NH than it is NYC.

    3. “The Second Amendment, which I support,” Israel contended, has “well-intended 18th-century protections.” “But,” he lamented, “we live in a world with 21st-century criminals and increasingly lethal weapons.”

      ‘A poorly equipped militia being necessary to the security of damn near nothing, the right of the people to keep and bear antiquated, obsolete and decorative firearms shall not be infringed’

      It takes a real mendacious cunt to believe that the 2nd Amendment, clearly designed to facilitate a militia that would be “necessary [to] security”, would limit ownership to obsolete weaponry that couldn’t possibly provide security.

      1. The 2A allows the National Guard to arm themselves. It doesn’t apply to the people. Duh. Everyone knows this.

        1. That is my FAVORITE argument that libs use with a straight face – that the govenrment granted ITSELF the right to bear arms! HAHAHAHAHHA!

          1. I like to argue that because of the contentious comma, the founders were saying that because the government is gonna be armed, everyone else needs to be armed too.

            Because you can’t trust those fucks.

            1. But, but, but once someone becomes part of government a miracle happens! They are washed free of self interest, baptized if you will, and become faithful servants of the public! They can absolutely be trusted! They’re not like evil businesspeople who are motivated by profit! They’re motivated by public interest!

  16. IKEA wants Dutch customers to stop playing hide-and-seek in their stores

    After a spirited round of the children’s game attracted hundreds of people to a Belgian Ikea outlet last summer, the world’s biggest furniture retailer has forbidden similar events in several of its Dutch stores, citing safety reasons. The organizers of the games, who got word out over Facebook, are now looking for alternative locations.

    “It’s hard to control,” Ikea Group spokeswoman Martina Smedberg said. “We need to make sure people are safe in our stores and that’s hard to do if we don’t even know where they are.”

    1. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch.

      1. is 100% Dutch

        *bites into black licorice*

        1. “I don’t hate the Dutch. I love the Dutch. That’s why I hold them to a higher standard.”

          1. Back in the day when soccer hooligans ran rampant, the English and Germans had nothing on their Dutch counterparts.

          2. What do you call a rich German? Dutch.

            The German-I-know-who-lives-in-the-States thought it was funny.

            1. What do you call a white trash Dutchman? Belgian.

              Every Dutchie I know thinks there’s a grain of truth in that.

              1. Wait, you have met my Dutch relatives then?!

                1. You’ve got Dutch relatives too? We’re practically brothers then. Or kissing cousins. Not sure which.

                  1. The vast majority of the family is in the Netherlands – we are the “lost” part of the family, so one of them told me once.

                    1. Nederlands has jus sanguin so you yourself could qualify as a woodfooted bicycle fornicator, if you so chose.

      2. I heard their feet are made of wood.

      3. Squareheads

      4. Fucking chocolate-and-gouda-breath tulip sniffers.

    2. Banned from the store, but the concept for the next marketing campaign is my guess. Show a couple of multi-culti families playfully hiding and seeking in IKEA showrooms, while a Coldplay song bellows brilliantly in the background?

  17. Meanwhile in Australia:

    The National Gallery announces its first ever naked tours

    The National Gallery of Australia has announced its first ever naked tours in April, as part of a collaboration with Melbourne-based artist Stuart Ringholt.

    A spokeswoman for the NGA said Turrell had suggested including a naked element to the Canberra exhibition to completely remove all material barriers between artist and audience. The artist has done so before in Japan.

    According to Turrell, “We drink light through the skin as Vitamin D ? so we are literally light eaters. It’s part of our diet”.

      1. April is autumn in Canberra – and it’s bloody cold, as is that gallery, since it’s mostly enormous concrete rooms with very high ceilings. This will end in goosebumps the size of buboes

        1. I didn’t hear an answer in that response.

    1. “What are:?Places you won’t see anyone attractive, Alex”

  18. Over on Airstrip One, a growing realization that basing energy production on religious superstition is a bad idea.

    Green energy costs ‘far higher than ministers admit’

    The true cost of wind farms and other green power projects is far higher than ministers have admitted, a new Centre for Policy Studies report claims, claiming renewable energy will be “the most expensive policy disaster in modern British history”.
    Scrapping the UK’s green energy targets in favour of gas-fired power plants would save consumers ?214 a year by 2020, the report suggests ? despite ministers’ insistence that the total impact of the policies will be only ?141 per household by then.

    Being Airstrip One, the people sounding the alarm think the solution is more cowbell:

    The “patchwork of interventions” is an unduly costly way of keeping the lights on, the report argues.
    It suggests that if ministers want to keep to their green energy targets, they should renationalise the power generation sector, so avoiding the need to subsidise private companies to build new wind farms and other power plants for profit. Nationalisation would save consumers ?92 a year by 2020, it estimates.

    1. “These market distorting interventions in the market aren’t working efficiently. For more efficiency, we need to obliterate the market and increase the level of intervention to 100%.”

      I really do believe that socialism is an incurably chronic disease. Once you’ve been infected, it would take miracle to to reverse the mental degeneration. No amount of reason, evidence or ethical consistency can make them budge from their policy preferences.

  19. House Republican budget: There’s a mysterious $1.1 trillion in spending cuts in the House GOP’s budget

    “They have a magic asterisk,” Hoyer said.

    The magic asterisk: The words alone are enough to strike fear into the hearts of grizzled veterans of the budget wars.

    Hoyer was apparently not referring to an actual asterisk, but to a row of figures with the innocuous label “Other Mandatory” in one of several tables at the back of the document. The numbers show that Republicans are planning to save $1.1 trillion over 10 years by reducing outlays for mandatory spending other than on health care and Social Security, a drastic reduction for that category as compared to current policy.

    1. I don’t think we are living well enough for the Congress to be secretly cutting spending rather than secretly stealing. Color me skeptical.

    2. *Projected savings when Obama stops using AF1 to golf teice a week.

    3. $1.1 trillion “other”?

      They’re not serious. They will end up increasing spending in the official GOP budget again.

  20. Fed set to ditch ‘patient’ rate vow as it eyes U.S., world growth

    The Federal Reserve on Wednesday is expected to lay the groundwork for its first interest rate hike in nearly a decade, as it continues to weigh whether the U.S. recovery can hold up against collapsing oil prices and a soaring dollar.

    The U.S. central bank’s latest policy meeting will conclude with certainty expected on one point: it will likely discard a pledge to remain “patient” before hiking rates, trimming one of the final verbal cues it has used through crisis, recession and recovery to describe its intent to keep rates near zero for a period of time.

    The move would mark an important moment for Fed Chair Janet Yellen who, despite being seen as a policy dove, has overseen a steady whittling away of loose money promises: the policy statement during her first year as Fed chief shrank from 790 words to 529.

    1. When they take that word out gold will continue its descent back to $700/oz.

      Hyper-inflation my ass. You Peanuts can’t get shit right.

      1. The only person I regularly see ranting about gold is you.

    2. Yellen … has overseen a steady whittling away of loose money promises: the policy statement during her first year as Fed chief shrank from 790 words to 529.

      Once again — What exactly is it that Yellen *does*?

      1. For one thing – QE (bond buying) has ended.

        And stocks have not cratered like wingnuts said they would.

        1. well not quite:

          It’s not that simple, though, says economist Terry Burnham. The Fed is continuing what he calls “Stealth QE,” or the purchase of more bonds with the interest the Fed earns on the bonds it has already purchased. In order to stop that, he writes, the Fed would need to shrink its balance sheet by the amount of interest that it earns.


        2. Okay, how about a guessing game?

          Can you guess where all the “hyperinflation” you say doesn’t exist is actually occurring?

          Or how a zero FFR could be effectively levitating the market, say through making the recent record number of stock buybacks quite cheap?

          Or how the pathetic return on “safe” bonds and savings could cause everyone to pile in stocks in a desperate search for yield, any yield?

          Wait, are you the same financial genius who described the EFSF as “self-financing”?

      2. Give 4 presentations per year, take her orders from the White House/Federal Reserve, and count her stacks of money.

      3. Nothing. The taps are full open.

    3. If they raise the interest rate, again IF, I imagine it will be around .25% to start out. There has to be an adjustment, because interest rates can’t stay at zero forever, and they might as well start with baby steps and get it over with.

    4. Laying groundwork must include trenches and razor wire if they’re going to raise rates this year. More like, “We’ll raise rates again when the malinvestment we’ve caused stops suppressing grow”.

  21. That was a fun thread last night. And kind of sad. And a long time coming.

    1. Oh do tell. Some of us went to bed.

      1. You see a thread with 500+ comments, you need to check it out.

        A lot of people piled on Bo. Epi commented on Bo’s utter lack of self-awareness in some detail. Bo responded by demonstrating an utter lack of self-awareness. Lady B tried to be nice and gave up. Some other stuff that I can’t do justice to here. It was the classic train wreck in slow motion.

        1. Lady B was very polite and restrained…it earned her naught, sadly.

      2. Here we go.

        Oh, also… Bo may be a girl who who works at Politico, so is probably being paid to troll us.

        1. If Politico had someone with that kind of talent, maybe they should be assigned to write pay copy.

        2. That is a wildly entertaining hypothesis. Personally, I don’t think it’s that complicated.

          1. Hyperion presents a compelling argument on that thread.

          2. Personally, I don’t think it’s that complicated.

            It’s not. It’s simple Asperger’s.

        3. I’ve seen this speculation for a number of the troll personalities and I’m always confused. What exactly would the point be of trolling this commentariat for any organized purpose (as opposed to self-indulgent navel-gazing)? It’s not like we’re either that powerful or that entertaining. Somebody’s Doing It Wrong.

        4. This was my favorite bit.

          Bo Cara Esq.|3.17.15 @ 9:54PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustomrehide

          I mean, Episarch and Sevo both tend to respond to even the smallest disagreement by launching into a paragraph of psychopathic cursing fits. It doesn’t matter who the person is disagreeing with them, it could be me, John, Tulpa, Eddie, or in Sevo’s case anyone who thinks Jesus might have been an actual historical figure. For you to focus on me in the midst of that, for the reasons you’re ostensibly giving, doesn’t jibe.

          However, if you were, to use an analogy, one of the regulars at the bar who sat around the loud, drunk psychopath acting like that, and thought their rages somewhat amusing, you’d be doing what you’re doing when someone in the bar called them on it.

          reply to this

          He’s Patrick Swayze throwing us out of the Double Deuce. And also, how does he fail to notice that John is well-liked around here despite having significant differences of opinion with most of us? That couldn’t be because John conducts himself like a regular human or anything.

          1. John can be a complete ass who goes way off the deep end once and awhile as well. The difference between him and Bo is that a) John recognizes that he’s an ass and b) John will actively apologize a day or two down the road once he’s calmed down and realized he’s been a shit. He’s got the maturity to realize that. Bo, meanwhile, refuses to acknowledge himself as anything other than a better human being than the rest of us and would never apologize for any of his behaviour because he doesn’t think he needs to. As I said before, a self-aware asshole is nothing to the neurotic personality type he represents.

            1. If you ever notice, the 90% of the time when I am nasty to people, they have been nasty to me first. And mostly it is questioning my honesty and accusing me of taking a position because I am some kind of Republican shill rather than because that is what I think. That fucking drives me up a wall and it is done entirely when people have no good response to what I am saying but can’t admit it.

              They other thing is that people on here tend to be very snarky when dealing with opponents but incredibly earnest and literal when talking about their own ideology. So I will intentionally engage in hyperbole or irony and they will read it literally and be offended. For example, there are any number of people on here who will swear on a stack of bibles that I think being an atheist means you are immoral. Ah no, I think without a higher authority to appeal to you can’t claim any primacy of your morality over anyone else’ morality. That doesn’t mean you are immoral. It just means you can’t claim anyone else is. Good luck explaining that to some people, though in fairness I never explained it in straight forward enough terms to start with and didn’t understand they would read every word literally.

              1. John, the main thing you get shit about is fat chicks.

                And I firmly believe that, unlike poor Bo (who gets picked on mercilessly because of his condition), your issue isn’t Asperger’s, which is why you are able to interact comfortably with people whom you disagree with.

              2. I think it’s more 40% myself.

                I’m thinking of the blowup over McCain’s attempt to frame that guy who worked for his wife to help cover up his wife’s prescription drug addiction.

                Fairly frequently some people piss you off (in that case partisan democrats who mindlessly say “But $republican_politician” when a democrat is in trouble).

                Then someone else writes something that you misclassify as an instance of that behavior.

                You call them a name.

                They get mad and think WTF?!?

                They call you names.

                Eventually, either every body walks away and cools off, or…

                you apologize. (I think the ground shook and I hear a weird sound of trumpets from the skies)

                And this is a huge deal. I’ve seen you apologize to people. More often, I’ve seen you acknowledge that they have a point with some degree of respect.

                Personally, I respect you, and my offer to buy you a beer the next time you are in Boston remains open. This is despite the fact that you have on numerous occasions called me a retard for pointing out that your views on national sovereignty are like totally retarded. 😉

                1. We need to do that next time I am in Boston. I need to be more social.

          2. There’s one other difference between Bo and John: John sometimes has interesting insights. I think it comes from being an adult who has had, like, life experiences, together with some capacity for self-reflection.

            1. I wouldn’t say sometimes. I would say frequently.

              The thing is I disagree with John, alot. I never find myself rolling my eyes at his argument and saying “Oh god, what a moron”. Even when I think he is “wrong! wrong! wrong!” I find his insights thought provoking and challenging.

              And he has broadened my horizons and exposed me to schools of thought I might never have encountered without him.

    2. When I saw the number of comments I knew it had to be a celebration of Botardation.

      My hat is off to Lady Bertrum for trying to explain why everyone hates him. It was a futile effort, because he won’t learn.

      1. He’s The Arbiter – there isn’t anything for him to learn.

    3. Wow, I saw it early on as just another Bopocalypse but damn, that escalated quickly. You west coast late night types have all the laughs.

    4. Which thread?

      1. See NutraSweet supra.

  22. April the 7th, 2015: The Randening Begins

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is expected to make his presidential candidacy official, in a speech on Apr. 7, in Louisville, Kentucky, CBS News confirms, citing a source familiar with Paul’s plans.

    The Kentucky senator’s announcement, first reported by the New York Times, is timed to be the day after the NCAA championship game, and also during the two-week Senate recess coming at the end of March. Paul’s announcement date enables him to begin his official run for the presidency at the beginning of a fundraising quarter. This will maximize the time he’ll have to raise money before his first report is due to the Federal Election Commission. As a declared candidate, his finances will be filed and publicly available each quarter, and part of the success of his candidacy will be measured by the money he raises.

    The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that although Paul may still change his mind about running, “invitations to the event have already been sent to supporters and Republican officials.”

    Paul will also be running for reelection to his Senate seat at the same time he runs for president. Though Kentucky does not allow candidates to be listed a ballot for two different offices, Paul was able to convince the state party to hold a nominating caucus, which allows him to run for both.

    One RAND to Rule Them All.

    1. s timed to be the day after the NCAA championship game,

      So he can congratulate the Kentucky Wildcats on the first undefeated season in NCAA basketball in 39 years.

      1. Yeah. Since he’s also running for re-election to the Senate he wants to make the campaign about how awesome Kentucky is and instill civic pride among Kentucky voters that he’s running.

      2. Doing that in Louisville is dangerous. Although its relatively split between UK and UofL fans. There is no pride amongst Cards fans when the Cats win or vice versa.

    2. I suggest hearing protection. First the progs will wail and shriek deafeningly, then the unhinged attacks begin.

      1. I wonder if leftists are simply people more susceptible to being taken over by pod people?

        1. Most of them are just Pod collaborators

          1. I dunno, they seem to point at non-pod people and screech a lot.

  23. related to AM Link:

    How Netanyahu Won The Elections ? And What It Means For Israel

    How that victory happened, and why both the pre-election polls and exit polls were so far off the mark will leave Israeli political analysts scratching their heads for months to come. For many of the Israelis who spoke to BuzzFeed News on election day, the decision to vote for Netanyahu was an emotional one. They spoke of Netanyahu’s last-minute media blitz ? in which he gave five interviews in three days ? and of feeling “safe” with Netanyahu as prime minister.

    “He said things which made sense to me,” said Mordechai Zemut, a 39-year-old accountant who spent the day at the beach with his children before deciding at the last minute to rush to the polls and vote. “I wasn’t going to vote because I’m so sick of all Israel’s politicians. But then I realized that all these other left wing groups were voting and that I could wake up tomorrow with some kind of socialist, communist left-wing group in power.”

    1. But then I realized that all these other left wing groups were voting and that I could wake up tomorrow with some kind of socialist, communist left-wing group in power.

      What kind of voter thinks like this???

      1. One who votes for the lesser of the two evils and gets evil in the end?

  24. http://www.washingtonexaminer……le/2561474

    EPA going after backyard barbeques. We spend our lives fighting over gay marriage and abortion and meanwhile the federal government continues to create a totalitarian state that the Stazi would envy. I am pretty sure even the East Germans were left to grill in peace.

    1. One of the reasons nudism was so big in East Germany was because the Top Men felt it was a harmless way for the proles to rebel.

      1. That is an interesting question, what is the Prog America approved way for the proles to rebel? I honestly can’t think of what it would be. Our totalitarians seem to be of a very special and virulent breed. They can’t even conceive of a controlled opposition.

        1. what is the Prog America approved way for the proles to rebel?

          Simply yell: “Racism!” or “1%ers” or “White privilege” or “Patriarchy”

        2. The commies who survived the initial purges had – if not an understanding of human nature – a cunning awareness of what it took to maintain their power.

          Proggies are very much like religious zealots. They can brook no opposition; no area where their moral rules don’t dictate behavior.

          1. That is a good way to put it. What defines Progs is a total lack of experience or understanding of the real world. They all are either in their 20s and have never experienced anything or are older but have lived their lives in academia or government or the non profit sector totally insulated from any dissenting ideas or experience.

        3. They allow internet comment boards, don’t they?

        4. I read the article. Those fuckers can’t be serious. A drip tray in the grill, for grease from burgers/chicken/whatever? My god.

    2. The school said that the technology they will study with the EPA grant is intended to reduce air pollution and cut the health hazards to BBQ “pit masters” from propane-fueled cookers.

      Everyone switch to charcoal!

      Charged with keeping America’s air, water and soil clean, the EPA has been increasingly looking at homeowners, especially their use of pollution emitting tools like lawn mowers.

      And stop mowing!

      1. They totally want to kill lawn mowers. And then when the grass gets knee high to an elephant and the mosquito population explodes and malaria comes back, it will just be bad luck.

        1. Fleas, ticks, rats, snakes. Remember when we lived in harmony with Nature and that bitch killed most of us by 35?

      2. the EPA has been increasingly looking at homeowners

        It’s like a parasite that turns on its host and blindly consumes it.

        1. If they are seriously studying the pollution of back yard grills, that’s a signal to me that their budget is too large.

    3. They are just following the lead of us progressive Minnesodans.

      For the last few years people have been whining about backyard fires.


      Mellum, who founded the group Take Back the Air, welcomes the new scrutiny. She wishes people knew as much about the health risks of wood smoke as cigarette smoke.

      “You can go to a bar or restaurant and have clean air. But you can’t have clean air in your own yard where you’re paying taxes to use and enjoy your property,” she said.

      I think the main opposition these jackoffs have to backyard fires is that no one in their neighborhood ever thinks to invite them.

  25. Ex-lawyer for doctor who helped CIA in bin Laden hunt killed in Pakistan

    A former lawyer for the doctor who helped the CIA look for Osama bin Laden has been shot dead in northwest Pakistan, police said.

    Unidentified gunmen attacked the lawyer, Samiullah Afridi, in his car near the city of Peshawar on Tuesday, said Mian Saeed, a police superintendent in Peshawar.

    Two different militant groups claimed responsibility for the killing.

  26. Good article from Thomas Sowell:


    You can check this out for yourself. Go to your local public library and pick up a copy of the distinguished British magazine “The Economist.”

    Whether it is the current issue or a back issue doesn’t matter. Spain, Greece and South Africa will be easy to locate in the table near the back, which lists data for various countries. Just look down the unemployment column for countries with unemployment rates around 25 percent. Spain, Greece and South Africa are always there, whether or not there is a recession. Why? Because they have very generous minimum wage laws.

    1. Minimum wage, maximum derp.

      1. There is no known maximum derp. It’s limited only by the 1st law of derpynamics, a limit which has yet to be discovered.

    2. Well from that, the obvious conclusion is that Thomas Sowell is a racist!

  27. Digital strategist for Scott Walker resigns amid controversy over Iowa comments

    A digital strategist recently hired by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker resigned late Tuesday night amid an uproar over seemingly disparaging remarks she made about the Iowa caucuses archived from earlier this year on her Twitter feed.

    News that Liz Mair had been brought onto Walker’s political action committee, Our American Revival, ahead of an all-but-certain presidential run was first reported by CNN Monday night. By Tuesday morning, political operatives and reporters had found a series of eyebrow-raising tweets by Mair seemingly criticizing the Hawkeye State.

    In other news, I see Iowa is once again embarrassing itself, and the GOP, this morning. Thanks, guys.

    ? Liz Mair (@LizMair) January 24, 2015

    1. “And don’t get me started on all the other early-primary states…”

      “OK, take her out.” [sound of Taser being fired]

    2. “The great state of [Iowa] apologizes to nobody for its [blatant quid pro quo demands of welfare in return for being allowed to make a realistic run at the Presidency]!”

    3. And she seemed fun. Republicans are the worst. “Someone creative and witty? Get the her fuck out of here! Back to banning gays from C-PAC!”

  28. Michelle Obama’s mother was worried about her daughter marrying a biracial man

    “I worry about races mixing because of the difficulty ? not for, so much for prejudice or anything,” Robinson continued.


    1. And…

      “That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white”

      Yes, lots of people on both sides of the racial divide think like that, but frankly, that’s just 20th century thinking.

    2. Ever since then, Barry has been on a lonely search to discover himself, gently stroking his dick with one hand and pointing to countries on a globe with the other as he metaphorically transcends the world. The soft, slow drip of jizz cascading along his index finger was indicative that perhaps it was time he pick a side…

      1. Thanks.

  29. Cato Institute asks the Supreme Court to strike down the University of Texas’ affirmative action program, citing new evidence that the program is much more blatant and heavy-handed than the “holistic” process UT claimed it was using.


    1. holistic=bullshit. Every single time.

      1. There is a pretty nasty power struggle going on. The President of the University ran off a Regent who was publicly asking tough questions about putting unqualified students in programs because their families had connections. Then it turned out that there was probably a lot of truth to the matter. I am unsurprised that its all a rotten mess.

  30. Fannie, Freddie could need another bailout as risks rise -watchdog

    U.S. housing finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could require more bailouts from U.S. taxpayers as risks are rising due to shrinking reserves, an internal watchdog for the firms’ regulator said on Wednesday.

    Washington bailed out the two firms in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis and has since seized all their quarterly profits while demanding the firms reduce their capital buffers.

    “Future profitability is far from assured,” Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General said in a report, pointing out that the firms could again chalk up losses on their derivatives portfolios, similar to those they reported in the fourth quarter.

    “(This) increases the likelihood of additional Treasury investment,” the report stated.

  31. Teaser poster for the next Bond movie ‘Spectre’ shows Daniel Craig role-playing as both Steve McQueen and Sterling Archer

    He wears his gun like Bullitt and is rocking a tactileneck like Archer.

    1. Craig’s Bond looks like at some point he is going to say, “I’m too old for this shit.”

      1. Dear God, no!

      2. “I’m only three days from retirement!”

    2. Why is it that the only male actors with any masculinity are Brits or Ausies? Most American male actors seem to be either be weirdly effeminate like Leo DiCaprio or asexual douche bags. The most masculine actor who gets regular big roles is probably George Cloony. Hardly Steve McQueen and he is in his 50s.

      1. Bluntly, John, I think it has to do with the training.

        In England, the training is to perform on the stage.

        In America, the training is to be on TV.

        My suspicion is that a young Daniel Craig would go nowhere on TV since he had the wrong sort of presence.

        1. Maybe so. But the US used to produce masculine actors. At some point in the 80s, we just stopped. I would guess Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis are the last American actors who got fully masculine action roles.

          1. I despise his politics, but Matt Damon as Jason Bourne was not “fully masculine”?

            1. In the same way a 16 year old getting a black belt is. Damon looks like he is about 15. Seriously, you are in a bar and know none of them from Job. All of the sudden, an equally young Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon stand up to get in a fight. Who are you taking? It ain’t going to be Damon.

            2. Yeah, as much I liked the Bourne flicks, I never fully bought into him as a supreme CIA asset.

              South Park nailed him though.

        2. Also, different cultures… The British Acting Tradition vs Hollywood. The former makes you think of Lawrence of Arabia and mustaches. The latter makes you think of feather boas and mimosa brunches. Masculine American men aren’t going to find that appealing.

          1. Yeah. In an American high school you either have to gay or incredibly confident in your sexuality to be a guy and go out for drama. Truthfully, doing it as a straight guy is a ticket to more sexual adventure than any captain of the football team ever had. It is just that doing it takes more confidence than most guys have at 16. So masculine men generally don’t become actors in this country. I don’t think it is that way in England.

            1. In an American high school you either have to gay or incredibly confident in your sexuality to be a guy and go out for drama.

              I was drama club president in high school. True Story.

              1. You have my respect Citizen Nothing. I bet you scored a lot more than I ever did, you crafty bastard. If I ever have a son, he is doing figure skating and drama. I don’t want him playing in a band and partying too hard but I want him to have all the fun I could have had if only I had had any brains.

                1. If I ever have a son, he is doing figure skating and drama.

                  Just be careful he doesn’t get “converted” – I hear they do that.

            2. Basically any predilection towards high culture for young men in the US invites accusations of being effeminate.

              1. “If you don’t have a brewski in your hand you might as well be wearing a dress.”

                1. Fuck me running, I swear to Nothing I’ve seen this exact same conversation, word for word, in a past Reason thread. Deja vu all over again? A prescient dream? Bollix that I’m misremembering? I’m too lazy to look.

          2. I suspect the different training has something to do with it too. Actors in the US might do drama at school or some theatre program in college, but they can equally be just some pretty boy who hires a coach. Either way, it seems more acceptable to blather on pretentiously in the Actors’ Studio about your craft – over-compensation? Whatever the reason, it’s the death of credible butchness on screen.

            In Aus/UK, you generally go to drama school, learn to do absolutely anything and everything, and generally get the bullshit knocked out of you. Pretension usually invites mockery. Russell Crowe does do it, admittedly, but he also can actually punch your lights out and he owns a rugby league club.

  32. We know breastfeeding helps babies fight infections. Now we’re learning it may boost IQ.

    For a long time, studies suggested breastfeeding could have a positive effect on a baby’s future intelligence and earning power. But we didn’t know whether these findings were real because the research was mostly carried out in high-income countries, where wealthier, more educated women are more likely to breastfeed than their lower socioeconomic counterparts.

    In other words, it wasn’t clear whether the correlation between breastfeeding and IQ was because of the breastfeeding itself or something else ? like other advantages that could come with a more favorable socioeconomic status.

    Now, a big new Lancet study out of Pelotas, Brazil, suggests it is indeed the breast milk that matters when it comes to IQ.

    1. Ironically, after men reach puberty, the mere sight of breasts *lowers* their intelligence.

    2. Correlation ? causality.

      The article admits it but just rambles on.

      1. Indeed, does breast feeding lead to higher IQ or are higher IQ mothers more likely to breast feed and also have high IQ kids?

    1. I saw this from a FB friend. Sadly, they are not making packets of towlettes moistened with orpahns’ tears for wiping purposes.

      1. Oh, Ham, you big tease…

    2. “These really should only be used in emergency monocle situations”

      It would be quicker than calling my orphan and waiting for him to bring one from home, I suppose…

  33. A non-idiotic article from Everyday Feminism:


    And one which almost gets the point: good intentions are not everything


    1. Bookmarking that first one. I had to re-read it about 3 times to make sure there wasn’t a sarcasm tag or anything.

    2. Well, not totes derp-free:

      “Because while healthy and safe political debate is par for the course in social justice movements”

      “thus reducing the opportunity for others to become enlightened to our causes”

      “So before we criticize, we should remember that some people just haven’t been taught to see things a certain way.”

      i.e., “You can’t get the knuckledraggers to understand how wrong they are if you don’t talk to them.” *cough* re-education of rightist tendencies *cough*.

      Yeah, I am that cynical.

  34. Anti-capitalist protesters violently riot outside European central bank in Frankfurt

    Anti-capitalist protesters clashed with riot police near the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt on Wednesday and set fire to barricades and cars, casting a pall over the ceremonial opening of the billion-euro skyscraper.

    Nearly 90 police were injured by stones and unidentified liquids hurled by a violent minority from within the thousands-strong protest, police said. Some protesters said they were injured when police used pepper spray.

    Seven police cars were set on fire, streets were blocked by burning stacks of tires and rubbish bins, and shops were damaged in the city center. Dark smoke billowed in front of the ECB towers and across central Frankfurt.

    Police used water cannon to try to make a path through the mass of black-clad protesters to the entrance of the building, blocked off from the street by police barricades. Five people were detained and others taken into custody for questioning.

    Germans sure are good at street brawling.

    1. Stupid disphits don’t know what the ECB does. The ECB sure as hell did not create the PIGS debt problems. If anything the ECB is trying to save their ass.

      1. If anything the ECB is trying to save their ass.

        Saving the PIGS by screwing over taxpayers from other countries.

        1. Keep Italy out of it.

          They will not be bailed out by anyone. They have historically always come through and will continue to do so. Their record in the EU is right in line with Germany and France.

          Drives me nuts to see them grouped in with this.

      2. The stupid dipshits don’t know that the ECB isn’t a capitalist institution. It’s the sort of institution that would have even more power if their ilk were in power.

    2. “We want a loud but peaceful protest,” he told Reuters.


      CNN reports that Blockupy is a European wide movement, so some of the perpetrators might not be German.

    1. Friend of a friend was breastfeeding all 5 kids simultaneously. The oldest was 8. The image of a sow springs irresistibly to mind

      1. “I didn’t breastfeed you for fourteen years for *this*?! Come to your mother.”

      2. Eight?!?? That is going to be one fucked-up kid. Not that I think there’s anything creepy/sexual about breastfeeding at that age, but in terms of development and independence.

  35. Breaking news: “gunmen” have attacked Tunisia’s parliament, killed at least eight tourists, and are holding others hostage as we speak.

    Wasn’t Tunisia one of the only countries where the so-called “Arab Spring” was supposed to be going somewhat decently? Ah well. Maybe a bunch of rogue Quakers got there somehow.

  36. Darpa creates dark web search engine


    1. I thought that Pipl and some other sites already did that (the ones that return just about all public information about someone, including their criminal record and such).

    2. Separate but equal? I thought that was illegal.

  37. An online dating site that targets married people is being accused of breaking the law. A court in France must now decide whether the company is illegally encouraging spouses to cheat.


    1. Cheating? In *France*? Naw…

      1. Incidentally, do Frenchmen like it if their mistresses dress up as maids?

        1. Ooh, la la!


          1. Darn you. I need some eye bleach!

          2. Thou art cruel this morn, Notorious.

    2. The reason marriages in France are so tenuous as to need such a law is because the women at one point always realize they married a Frenchman.

  38. New species of catfish named after Greedo from ‘Star Wars’

    A previously unknown species of catfish has been named for the wide-eyed, puckered-mouth “Stars Wars” character it resembles.

    Its scientific name is Peckoltia greedoi, and it is known for its large, dark eyes, puckered lips and protruding bristles.

    But you can call him Greedo, in honor of the bounty hunter from “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” You might remember him from the cantina scene on Mos Eisley, where he was killed by Han Solo while attempting to collect on a debt for Jabba the Hutt.

    “I think it was the whole package that evoked Greedo, but particularly the eyes and the underslung mouth,” said Jonathan Armbruster, biological sciences professor and curator of fishes for the Auburn University Museum of Natural History.

    Armbruster made the connection in September with colleagues David Werneke, Milton Tan and Chris Hamilton. But, like many things in academia, it took a while to make it official.

    Han cast first.

    1. That’s a good one.

  39. 10 things black people fear that white people simply don’t
    It goes beyond racial profiling. African Americans are subjected to countless microaggressions on a daily basis

    1. Getting fired because we don’t fit into white cultural norms.
    2. Encountering a police officer who may kill us.
    3. Not being able to get a job.
    4. Our daughters being expelled from school because of “zero tolerance policies.”
    5. We are much more likely to be harassed by police than by white residents in NYC.
    6. Being bullied at work
    7. Being pulled over by the police.
    8. Being accused of shoplifting when we’re shopping.
    9. Getting sick and not having access to health care.
    10. Having white people say we’re exaggerating these issues

    More details in the (Trigger Warning) Salon link.

    1. Not all of these aggressions are micro, IMHO.

      Of course, the idea of white people being exempt from such things is interesting.

    2. More details in the (Trigger Warning) Salon link

      Nope. Nope nope nope.

    3. Salon? Bah! Everyday Feminism is where it’s at. It’s like Cracked minus the jokes and neat facts.


      If Your Comments Are Hidden Or If You’re Banned

      Our Facebook page is moderated in order to support the experiences of marginalized people in our oppressive society. Therefore, it’s not an open forum where any oppressive or silencing comments are allowed. Since we are not the government, this isn’t censorship ? this is how we institute anti-oppression.

      Given how much our society privileges people who have dominant identities while dismissing the experiences of marginalized people, our Facebook page is moderated to counteract that. In our own small way, we’re trying to create the type of exchange, love, and compassion that we’d like to see in the world at large.

    4. I knew it was Salon as soon as I saw the title.

      It makes me crazy that the ten points don’t follow the same grammatical structure, but I guess that’s a white cultural norm that the editor at Salon was too enlightened to impose.

    5. Other than number five, white people fear every single one of those things. Seriously, does this moron think white people enjoy getting pulled over by the cops?

      1. You’re supposed to show your White Privilege card.

        COP: [to driver at scene of multi-car wreck] Sir, have you been drinking?

        DRIVER: No, occifer, I [hic] can prove I’m [hic] sober…look! [shows White Privilege card]

        COP: OK, sir, sorry to inconvenience you, let me go see if the other driver is black.

        1. The real number for 911 is 912.

      2. In their defense, one of my brother’s best friends in high school was black (they blayed JV B-Ball IIRC)

        When my brother and his friends went out, the police harassment (getting pulled over, asked for ID, requests to search the car) were primarily a function of whether the black kid was in the car or not.

        Of course, this was in Boston, which is one of the more racist cities in the U.S., so it might be an outlier.

        1. I had 2 friends pulled over by the same cop in a week – one was a corpulent Indian male, and the other an attractive white female.

          Guess who got the ticket, and who got let off with a warning?

          1. Well sure, but if it was a corpulent White male vs an attractive Indian female, who would have got off with a warning?

        2. I found that being a white guy with long hair is also a cop-magnet. When I had long hair the cops would harass me every time they saw me. When I cut off my hair I became invisible.

          1. Oh helps yes. I have been profiled by police several times because of my long hair.

            1. So is that why I used to get all those seatbelt tickets? Damn, I never thought of that.

      3. In addition to 5, I’ll concede I don’t fear 8. I think it’s because of my general demeanor more than my melanin levels, but what the hell. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

        To think that white people don’t fear the rest of the list is to admit you have a racist cartoon understanding of white people. Or you are just a liar or a moron.

    6. Re #4: just the daughters? Srsly? WTF? I thought the standard complaint was about sons.

    7. “white cultural norms.”

      I’m guessing that how they define this is extremely racist in and of itself.

    8. What’s interesting is how many of those wouldn’t be the case if blacks voted for libertarian-ish candidates in any significant numbers.

    9. Some of those are just paranoia. Like #9. I gotta think.

      And who isn’t accused of #10 from time to time?

      God, the narcissism they exhibit sometimes is grating.

  40. Meet the hermit who got 100,000 visitors:


    I could see myself doing this.


    1. Well, sounds like he really wasn’t a hermit. Or at least that those 100,000 visitors spoiled it for him. Pro-tip: If you’re going to be a hermit, don’t tell people.

      1. I can’t help but admire a guy who escaped from a mental hospital with a key made from an old spoon.

  41. ‘Whole new world, baby’: Conservatives gloat over Netanyahu’s victory
    Israeli PM’s larger-than-expected victory has the right crowing

    The polarizing prime minister’s victory followed a campaign in which he vowed that there would be no Palestinian state if he remained in power, and came just hours after he warned right-wing voters that “Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls.” Moreover, Netanyahu badly damaged relations with the Obama administration after he delivered a bombastic congressional address on March 3 denouncing the international negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program.

    Netanyahu undoubtedly outperformed expectations, but his path to a fourth term in power came at a heavy price. That didn’t much bother conservative Twitter, however, which gloated in the hours after it became clear that Netanyahu would remain premier. Here’s a sampling of the right’s crowing, which ranged from the crude and crass to the simply snarky.

    1. The moment Obama decided to try and influence the election and get him defeated, you had to like Netanyahu’s chances. There is literally not a single thing that Obama won’t fuck up. If Obama wanted him gone, he should have tried to campaign for him. Obama should send over a few dozen former Democratic office holders to commiserate with Netanyahu’s opponents. They could share the common bond of going through the experience of Obama trying to help you win an election.

      1. I am not a fan of Likud. IF I had been living in Israel, I would have been sorely tempted to vote for them merely because of that meddling.

        It’s like the Ukraine debacle. They just had to kick the hornet’s nest and meddle in things they could just leave alone.

        1. Obama is such a narcissist and so stupid he can’t ever shut up. The US has been influencing foreign elections for decades. The President, however, doesn’t come out and say we are doing it. That tends to piss off the locals and defeats the purpose. I think Obama is so fucking stupid and has such a high opinion of himself, he thought being open about it would help. That of course the Israelis loved him and him saying what he wanted would cause them to do it. It is just mind boggling how stupid and self centered this guy is.

        2. And yes, the problem with Likud is not that they want to stop Iran from getting nukes. The problem from what I understand is they are a bunch of crooks who have had all kinds of scandals. Had Obama shut the fuck up and not given Israelis a reason to vote them back in, chances are very good the scandals would have done them in and Obama would have gotten what he wanted.

          1. Actually, I despise Likud because I believe they played a material role in the breakdown of the peace process circa 2001 – 2.

            Don’t get me wrong, the primary blame lies with that fucking scumbag Arafat. But the Likud guys were quite happy to see the fighting start up again, since their electoral fortunes are best when the Palestinians are making murderous yet ineffectual attacks on Israelis. Once the peace process was dead, they made sure it stayed dead.

    2. I’m mildly enjoying that Obama has failed yet again in his petulance he calls a foreign policy again, but I’m not all that interested in the election itself.

  42. Fist of Etiquette at his Tactical Digital Command Station?


    1. Can’t be. That person is wearing pants.

    2. Are those denim pj’s? I don’t wear denim like some commoner. And that guy’s BMI has go to be over 26. Plus I’m not a gamer.

      On the other hand, most of my workstations are multi-screen. I have two eyes; why would I only want one monitor?

      1. *squints* Huh, damn you’re right. Time to update my monocle prescription.

      2. I think that is SugarFree working on his memoir: “Devious Diabetic Doubles Down”

  43. How long until the usual suspects propose banning fraternities? Or have they, and I just missed it?

    1. I’ve heard the suggestion from Jezebel readers, but not Jezebel itself soooo….

      ….tick tock?

    2. Dude, you are SO five minutes ago!


      1. November, 2014. I’m more than five minutes behind the times.

  44. The Obama marijuana skyrocketed to 513 comments after I logged off for the night. Should I skip it or was it infested with trolls?

    1. I see it was answered upthread.

    2. Here is the thing about Obama and the drug war. Obama’s few remaining dead end defenders are constantly crowing about how “Obama doesn’t give a fuck about what people think and is going to do what is right”. In fairness, there is some pretty good evidence that Obama doesn’t give a fuck what the country wants or thinks and is going to do anything he wants. Whether that is a good thing of course is debatable, but they think it is good.

      The problem is that totally destroys any idea that Obama cares or is anyway not a cynical loathsome son of a bitch about the drug war. Oh yeah Obama doesn’t care what people think and is going to go to the wall doing what is right. That means he is giving out Social Security cards to illegals and signing deals with Iran and implementing Obamacare as he sees fit and a ton of other things. It also means he is not doing a fucking thing about the drug war. He is not using his clemancy and pardon power in any meaningful way, he is not making any effort to restrain DOJ, he nominated a full on first rate drug warrior for Attorney General and so forth. Obama is doing what he wants and what he thinks is important and that doesn’t include doing anything about the drug war.

  45. I propose this man to be the Hit & Run mascot.


    1. Is that a Greedo catfish on the monitor?

    2. Russell Brand on doughnuts

  46. Behold the “blood” fountain of Iran’s martyr cemetery:



    Spurting blood is the preferred symbol of Iran’s Islamic revolution. Fountains shooting red dye at Tehran’s Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery recalled the blood of the young Iranians interred there, who fell in the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s suicide battalions during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s.

    1. Fun fact: Khomeini killed more people (20,000) in the 2 weeks after the revolution than the shah killed in 38 years of power.

      1. But he was a groovy brown person with an exotic religion and the Shah was an evil US backed puppet. So Khomeini’s murders are like totally different and stuff. You are probably one of those people who thinks that Castro is worse than Pinochet just because he killed about fifty times more people.

      2. That’s can’t be true or Richman would point that out in his many insightful and well-balanced articles on Iran and the Jews that threaten it.

        1. Richman really is a very broken personality. The guy is gay and Jewish and somehow is incredibly biased against Israel and towards Iran. We all have our biases. How exactly someone manages to be biased against a country that would welcome and tolerate them and towards a country that openly claims that everyone like them should be dead is really beyond me. It must take a really tortured soul.

          1. Possibly. IMO, more likely is, “Chomsky is making some real coin and getting blown by college students, how do I get a piece of that?”

          2. Iran would kill Richman for no less than two capital offenses were he to ever set foot on Iranian soil. I wonder how many gay Jews there are in the lands of that religion of peace…

    2. You stay classy Tehran

  47. If hidden government data was a landfill of fucking k-cups every stick-in-the-anus left-winger would be screaming articles from the cubicles.

    1. Because you call yourself “immigrants” as a way to get in on the PC gravy train? Why are Pakistanis who ass rape young boys “Asians” and Chinese and Japanese people Chinese and Japanese?

      1. Why are Pakistanis who ass rape young boys “Asians” and Chinese and Japanese people Chinese and Japanese?

        Because in the UK everyone who lives in Asia and isn’t Russian is referred to as “Asian”.

        1. Sure they are. But Argentines are South Americans and the UK media still calls individuals from there Argentines. Nowhere that I have ever seen has a UK media outlet referred to someone from China or Japan or Thailand as “Asians” rather than whatever ethnicity they are. The only time that happens in when some Pakistani or Indian Muslim has done something awful. Then, they are always “Asians”.

          1. Actual 999 call that was made to report the Paki muslims raping English children: “I think it was an Asian gang or something. I saw someone…he looked Asian and he…he was speaking another language…I’m pretty sure it was…. Asian.”

            1. That may be a convention. That, however, doesn’t excuse the media only using it some of the time.

              1. You’ll get no excuses from me. I think the media should be rounded up and forced to live in Pakistan or any muslim majority country. I’d love to see them then assert that Pakistani (Islamic) culture is just as good as any other, as they’re women and children are being butt raped and burned with acid.

                1. Not wishing that on women and children, it’s just the shit that happens in that Paki paradise… it would be undeniable when it’s right in front of them.

  48. “An envelope mailed to the White House has tested positive for cyanide.”

    Uh huh. In these post-meritocracy, pro-diversity days, does anything take what the secret service says seriously?

    1. That is the funny thing; it isn’t the women and minority affirmative action hires who are out drinking, whoring and wrecking cars. It is the old white guys who got their positions by blowing their political masters who are doing that. The SS is a lesson in how affirmative action can destroy an organization, but not in the way you would think. The problem isn’t that they lowered standards to achieve diversity and thus hired some bad apples. The problem is that they lowered the standards and made everyone in the organization lie and swear they hadn’t. This made ones willingness to lie a prerequisite for having a career. This did some very bad things to the organization. First, it made everyone cynical and no longer believe in the standards because they knew the standards were a lie. Second, it ended a lot of meritorious people run out of the organization because they lacked the willingness to lie. Third, since the ability to lie is rarely associated with merit, it got a lot of lousy people promoted to positions of leadership. Lastly, since lying was the thing that got them there, it gave them a feeling of immunity for standards of conduct and behavior. I mean, why not get drunk and go to whores? I got my position to lie and say the right things not because I met the standards.

      1. “First, it made everyone cynical and no longer believe in the standards..”

        Heart of the problem, right there.

  49. The fuck is Spritz?

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