Hillary Clinton Doesn't Understand the Drug War

Need another reason not to support Hillary in 2016?


Need another reason not to support Hillary in 2016?

Back in 2011, when she was secretary of state, Hillary declared that the United States can't legalize drugs "because there is just too much money in it." Click above to watch former Reason TV Producer Ted Balaker meticulously pick that statement apart.

This video was originally published on February 10, 2011.

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  1. “Need another reason […] ?”


      1. Correct!

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      1. Yeah, well Shrill has made millions shaking down foreign governments during the same time, so you’re a piker.

  2. When you’re a democrat, you don’t need to worry about what you say. Your voter base will still vote for you.

    Hillary Clinton: “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You It’s Corporations and Businesses that Create Jobs”

    Really, the fact that we have people supporting a person for president that said something that spectacularly stupid, is just unbelievable. I wouldn’t hire a person that dumb to mow my lawn.

    1. Look at the litany of Obumblisms. There were enough brain-dead, envious low-lifes and idiots to get that POS in the oval office. I never would have believed it. I even bet against it, yet there he is.

    2. I have zero doubt that she’d be bad at mowing lawns.

  3. Hillary can’t quit politics “because there is just too much money in it.”

    1. Hillary can’t quit politics “because there is just too much money power in it.”

      For a politician money is simply a way to get elected so you can meddle in other people’s lives.

  4. “Need another reason not to support Hillary in 2016?”

    No. We’re not the ones who do.

    1. Ooops. I’m late again.

      1. Congrats on your new tax credit!

        1. Nice

  5. No one’s electing Shrillary president because of her firm grasp of economics.

    1. I was going to say her supporters are voting for her in SPITE of her economic thinking, but that wouldn’t be right either. In the end, I think her supporters will vote for her because of her lack of a grasp of economics.

      1. I think her supporters will vote for her because she has two X chromosomes and a D label.

  6. I must be one of the few to think she knew exactly what she was saying: that there’s too much $ invested in keeping them illegal.

    1. I remember that being my initial, fleeting thought when she first said it.

    2. That’s certainly possible. There is a large gov/bureaucratic base of funding that depends on the WoD. That and the attorneys, bail bond lenders, prisons, etc.

      Could be exactly what she was talking about. Similar to the situation with the IRS and tax laws. If they were simplified, then too many gov and industrial support jobs would be lost.

      1. What else could she possibly have meant? She couldn’t’ve meant there’d be too much money in legal drugs, because she’s obviously not against making a killing. (Someone on the extreme “left” might actually be against the possibility of people’s making $, but she’s not that type.) The only possibility left is that there’s too much $ in drugs being illegal. I’ve heard analysts discount gangster $ as a serious factor in politics in the USA today, but even if you discount that possibility (which I still take seriously), as Eggs points out, there’s a lot of legit $ tied up in narcotics prohib’n. And while Hillary does say some things rashly, she’s not stupid & she never says things without plausible motiv’n, so I’m pretty sure she meant what she said, and that she meant this.

  7. Politicians say the dumbest things. Yet folks get to vote others into slavery every so often because they believe these folks have magical powers and they can fix things they have no clue about.

    Would anyone hire Hillary (or any politician) to pave their driveway, guard their loved ones, install their boiler, fix their water main, or put a new roof on the house?

    So how in the hell, just because they don their suit, or pantsuit do they magically know how to manage roads, defense/security, or any other effing thing for that matter?

    Yet we have to be perpetually enslaved because folks think “we need limited gov’t” or that it will magically limit itself. These deluded folks go to the ballot box with the same crap they’ve been saying for thousands of years. ” if only we had the right people”, “If only there was more money”, “We should have this and that program”, “they will limit their powers” “if only they follow the constitution” and all the other excuses they’ve been making on behalf of the violent state……

  8. Might as well get used to it, this thing is likely to be the next POTUS.

    1. Yeah, folks will be fawning over that magical pantsuit.

  9. HC understands the drug war just fine.

    She made the mistake of being honest.

  10. Note to the editors:

    I understand a pic of of the subject to go along with the story is the standard, but, please, consider using photos of Hillary less frequently.

    I dry heave every time I see her face. Thank you for your attention.

    1. That’s just because you’re a misogynistic dudebro neckbeard!

  11. I think she meant their was too much money in it for THE GOVERNMENT.

  12. The video is actually kind of stupid. It quotes Hillary as saying drugs can’t be legalized “because there’s just too much money in it.”

    So the narrator spend all his time explaining how it’s government that drives up the price of drugs.

    That’s true, but isn’t it kind of weird to rebut an argument that is insane on it’s face?

    What kind of argument for criminalization is “there’s just too much money in it”?

    1. Non sequitur

  13. Look, “Liberaltarians”, the Democrat Party does not believe in supply and demand. Price is a complete mystery to them.

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