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Should All Student Governments Be Overthrown?

A student government that does nothing would be better than UC-Irvine's.


Uc irvine

Just look at the chaos at the University of California-Irvine that has followed the student-government's extremely political decision to remove the American flag from a campus office over concerns about imperialism and nationalism:

A "viable threat of violence" related to a plan to ban flags — including the U.S. one — in a student government building on the UC Irvine campus prompted the university to cancel a meeting Tuesday.

The student government's Legislative Council meeting was canceled, a decision supported by student leaders, the university announced.

The University of California Irvine Police Department increased security and its presence on campus in response to the threat, which was not specific, according to the university's announcement.

The campus came under nationwide scrutiny after a six-member undergraduate student government council body voted Thursday to remove all U.S. and other flags from the lobby area of student government offices. The resolution was vetoed Saturday by the five-member executive cabinet overseeing the student government.

The possibility of overriding the veto was the subject of Tuesday's Legislative Council agenda, the university said.

It's not clear what the "violent" threat is. It's nor clear who made it—whether they were anti-flag or pro-flag. Both sides are protesting in light of the developments, according to KTLA.

Here's an idea. Maybe student governments shouldn't stake out ridiculous positions on contentious political issues that have no actual impact on the lives of students. Perhaps instead of debating fossil fuel divestment or parsing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, student senators could stick to the basics—like approving new student groups, making sure groups get their allotted funding, or protecting students' rights and interests from administrative interference. You know, the practical stuff.

But most student governments seem incapable of doing that. Instead, the organizations function as training grounds for would-be politicians, which is obviously worse than having no function.

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  1. “Should All Student Governments Be Overthrown?”

    Naah. Like most every government, they should be ignored.

    1. Well, sort of. They should be, like all governments, sharply limited in power and scope.

    2. You can ignore government, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ignore you.

      1. A lesson that is reinforced every day.

      2. This seems like one too many negatives.

    3. Except that like every other government, they forcibly take your money. These governments can’t throw people in jail, thank God, but they do confiscate and then spend millions in student activity fees. They are nothing but on the job training for the future fascists of America.

      1. I think that in the case of most student governments, the administration takes your money as part of tuition and fees and then gives it to the student government so they can play their stupid games. I don’t think that they can generally levy taxes, can they?

  2. They’re in danger of being out-outraged by the University of Oklahoma racists.

    1. We must stop this outrage gap!

    2. You’re just part of the angry white man brigade.

      1. Angry and OFFENDED!!1111!!!

      2. “I’m the bad guy? How’d that happen? I did everything they told me to”

  3. Anarchy in the UC?

  4. Student governments attract moral busy-bodies that aspire to actual political office and influence in the future.

    So yes, they should be abolished as a waste of time and money that has the added refinement of giving petty tyrants their first taste of power.

    1. On the other hand, they do provide an easy way to identify petty tyrants.

      As in “Hmm, not a bad resume, but I see that he was a member of the Student Government. Too bad.” [tosses resume into inshredderator].

  5. Threats of violence = people disagreed with them so they felt unsafe.

    1. Actual threats of violence would be a sign of a healthy constituancy.

  6. Instead, the organizations function as training grounds for would-be leftist politicians


    Look, there’s no other way to fundamentally transform American without getting a lot of people hatin on each other. They learned this from dear leader, after all, he is comrade numero uno.

    1. I don’t know if it is limited to just leftists. There are plenty of right-winger busy-bodies and petty tyrants too. Or is every college campus and student body so dominated by leftists now that no conservative would ever be elected to student government.

  7. Student government is a joke any way. It primarily exists for apple-polishers and brown-nosers to inflate their precious resumes/applications and to create a layer of insulation between actual college policymakers and the student body.

  8. All you need to know about “student government” is the people who gravitate to it. Looking at them tells you all you need to know about who is attracted to its petty power.

    1. At UCI, student government activities predominantly focus on passing resolutions against Israel (the only thing remarkable about UCI’s student activism scene is the anti-Israel activism from MSU and other groups) and passing resoutions demanding more free shit from the goverment and lower tuition.

      So yeah, no surprise the kinds of people who go for that sort of thing.

      1. I realized in grade school that the only people who actually wanted to be class president or even fucking treasurer were seeking some level of even the most petty, basic power. Even just in name only. And I stayed away from them for the rest of time.

        1. I ran for county-wide student advisory council because it got me out of class for one day a month and allowed me to meet girls at other schools. Don’t think we actually “did” anything other than comment on school board actions. No responsibility. No power. Meet chicks.

          I’d like to say my thinking reflects a deeper sense of purpose nearly two decades later but I like most of you all too much to blatantly lie to you.

        2. Huh. When I was in grade school it seemed to be a pure popularity contest with no power of any kind actually associated with the office. After grade school, I stopped paying attention.

    2. I attended three different universities in my academic career, each completely different from the other two. In every instance, however, the student government was populated with exactly the same sort of aspiring tyrant douche bag.

      1. If you’re interested in political philosophy, you join a club for such.

        If you’re interested in political power, you join student government.

        I’ve rarely met anyone in the latter who was interested in the former as anything besides a vehicle for perpetuating their own power.

  9. Funny how anytime Leftists get caught with their ass showing, they immediately claim to be the victims of “threats of violence”. Threats that never materialize and for which they never produce any evidence of their existence.

    1. Or for which evidence comes out that they manufactured said threat themselves for sympathetic attention.

  10. There’s a fraternity at University of Chicago that runs a perpetual student government campaign as the “Moose Party.” They put together a ridiculous platform each year and use the debates to mock the “real” candidates and advertise for a post-election party (of course called the Moose Party).

    1. At University of Maryland, we had the Monarchist Party.

      One year while I was an undergrad, they swept the elections. Their candidate for secretary, who won, was a tape recorder. They nominated the tape recorder because “she keeps better notes than anyone we know.”

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  12. Fuck off, student slavers!

  13. These students have created a “hostile environment” for other students who are veterans, whose parents are military, or whose parent or sibling might have died in service. Therefore, taking Okla. Univ. as the example, proggies should be demanding the expulsion of the flag banners.
    Not holding my breath on that one.

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  15. “student governments …. function as training grounds for would-be politicians, which is obviously worse than having no function.”

    Yes, but Harvard’s gave me a 20 year head start in voting against Al Gore.

  16. Funny, that’s what I concluded when I attended one meeting when I was in school. Student governments are just an excuse for universities to take more money away from students so that that they can put it all in a slush fund and fight over it.

  17. To answer the question posed in the headline, I say YES. The students are young and naive about the world . The students minds are growing due to information in their education that is provided by the school. The students also have a form of representation in the form of a student government, also provided by the school, and uses this privilege that has been given them, to attack the very school who gave it to them in the first place,, to make ridiculous claims such as this one. How is free speech hate speech ? If it weren’t for free speech, the students wouldn’t be able to make this ridiculous claim to begin with ? How can you disrespect your country and your school like that ? I think these spoiled little brats need a proverbial spanking by eliminating all student government because they are abusing their rights.Don’t appreciate the country and the school that gave your your rights ? Now you want to abuse your rights ? Let’s take them away from you and see how you like it.

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