Ferguson City Manager Resigns, ISIS Attacks Ramadi, Lindsey Graham Goes Full Palpatine: P.M. Links

Rep. Aaron Schock is hopeful he didn't break the law.


  • Storm Troopers
    Star Wars

    Ferguson City Manager John Shaw is allegedly resigning.

  • Inconsistencies surround the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
  • ISIS and Iraqi forces do battle all week in Ramadi.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham made some interesting comments: "[H]ere is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States: I wouldn't let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We're not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We're not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts." Scary.
  • Rep. Aaron Schock is hopeful he didn't break the law. But he isn't the right man for the job, writes National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke.
  • The (almost certainly unconstitutional) expulsion of two fraternity members for racist chanting at the University of Oklahoma is raising important questions.
  • You can now play "Cards Against Humanity" online.  That's kinda fun.

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NEXT: Lindsey Graham: 'I would literally use the military to keep [Congress in session]…until we restore these defense cuts'

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  1. The (almost certainly unconstitutional) expulsion of two fraternity members for racist chanting at the University of Oklahoma is raising important questions.


    1. Hello.

      “I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to…murder your VAGINAS!’


      Sheesh, this the 24/7 debacle all over again. Dirty incestuous H&R.

    3. I’m outraged about Bo being outraged about you guys being outraged about the wrong thing.

      So my conscience is clean.

      1. THAT is an outrage. I am outraged at this.

        1. It’s outrage all the way down!

    4. Seriously, if I were at that school, protesting the racism, I’d have picked up a new sign and protested the expulsion the instant it happened. Because, see, I have principles and fear the government more than some frat boys.

      1. because no racist frat guy ever gets into government oh right this is libertopia where everythigs just unconnected incidents with no causation or context my mistake

        1. Derrrrrrrppppppp

        2. because no racist frat guy ever gets into government

          It happens, true.


          I count 9 Dems and 3, maybe 4 Reps.

      2. What’s the problem with expelling the two guys? After all, why should a prestigeous institution of higher education have to deal with students who still have something to learn?


  2. You can now play “Cards Against Humanity” online. That’s kinda fun.

    So problematic you guys.

  3. Inconsistencies surround the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

    So let’s call the whole thing off.

  4. Sen. Lindsey Graham made some interesting comments: “[H]ere is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States: I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We’re not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.” Scary.

    This, my friends, is the corollary of what SCOTT WALKER did with the honest, middle-class living Democrats in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

    SCOTT WALKER used police to find and drag the democrats back to form a quorum to rampage the unions and middle class.

    1. There just may be a good reason why Lindsey ain’t never gonna be president.

    2. “This, my friends, is the corollary of what SCOTT WALKER did with the honest, middle-class living Democrats in the Wisconsin State Legislature.”

      I seem to recal that they fled to Illinois and I don’t recall them being extradited, so uh, no.

    3. SCOTT WALKER used police to find and drag the democrats back to form a quorum

      Welp, it would be legal.

      The state constitution requires lawmakers to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities and allows the legislature to “compel the attendance” of absent members to reach a quorum, though the documents do not spell out what types of compulsion can be used.


      The State Patrol was sent. But nobody was dragged back. They came back voluntarily after the Repubs outmaneuvered them.

      The Democrats returned March 12 after Republicans removed fiscal items from the bill, allowing them to vote without needing 20 members present — the 3/5ths quorum requirement that allowed for the departure. There are 19 Republicans in the Senate.


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    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

      1. There’s a Chrome Extension called “herp derp”. Basically, it changes every YouTube comment to say “herp derp herp derp herp derp”, which is obviously more intelligible than most YouTube comments.

        Whoever handles Reasonable should do that for Shriek’s posts.

        1. I thought that’s what was already happening…

        2. That’s awesome. I need to look up that extension.

          Maybe I can get Chrome to do a Reason-specific version:


    1. Bo is like a toddler. All he wants is attention. If Bo is being a good boy (making salient points without being an insufferable prick), give him the attention he wants. If he starts being a bad boy (pedantic contrarianism) just ignore him. Like a toddler, he will do whatever it takes to get the attention he craves.

      1. It always follows the same trajectory. Always. He might make 1 sane comment, or even 2 or 3. But it ALWAYS devolves in to poo flinging. ALWAYS.

        There is only 1 solutions. No attention whatsoever.

      2. trshmnster the terrible|3.11.15 @ 4:36PM|#
        …”If Bo is being a good boy (making salient points without being an insufferable prick), give him the attention he wants.”…

        That ‘phase’ is nothing other than a ploy; as soon as he gets attention, the temper tantrums start.
        Sorry, it was the job of his parents to raise him, not me.

      3. No, it’s a condition. He can’t help it unless he admits his problem to himself and seeks help. Adult Asperger’s is not curable, but it can be treated so that the sufferer can lead a more normal life.

    2. Why friendly?

      1. Well, friendly to all Americans.

        1. How many Americans does it take to change a light bulb?

          None. They have to ask their Canadian neighbor.

          Americans: Canada’s culottes.

          1. Culottes? The Fuck?


            1. Or underwear. Choose your brand if you must.

              1. Like real Americans wear underwear.

    3. Annoying child
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      1. Nice, Warty, very nice.

        1. Thank you. I was pleased with this one.

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        Way to go, Zero

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          1. Wilhelm, kill these savages.

      3. Warty’s Corollary:

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        2) No one is allowed to talk to Bo.

        a) Unless they do so in haiku.


        1. Talking to Bo. No.
          Talking about – why bother?
          Brain cells dying now.

          1. Bo suffers greatly
            from his Asperger’s syndrome
            Sympathy needed.

            1. We suffer much
              From Bo’s Asperger’s derp
              Sympathy? Feh.

    4. Rule #1: You do not talk about Bo.
      Rule #2 You DO NOT talk about Bo.

      1. Bo easily scores higher on the LP Purity Test than John does.

          1. No, he only scored 8%. But he thought that was a majority.

  6. Rep. Aaron Schock is hopeful he didn’t break the law.

    “But people keep passing so many of them, it’s hard to keep up.”

    1. I used to think that only gay blogs cared about him. But now he got famous.

    1. Clarkson is the best part about that show. Suspending him is tantamount to canceling the show entirely.

      1. Look at what we’ve discovered. We can take the shapes of the old and the power of the new and create something that is basically free, running on limitless energy, like in Star Trek. unicorn farts and Barack Obama’s integrity and Hillary Clinton’s tech savviness and Mitch McConnell’s leadership and Lindsey Graham’s brainpower.

        1. Science!

    2. In this country such an idea would be rightly laughed out of every network pitch room in the country.

      In Air Strip 1 they’re probably already looking for the right people to host it.

      1. In this country such an idea would be rightly laughed out of every network pitch room in the country

        Not so sure about that…

        1. I am. I wouldn’t watch the show she is describing if I was in prison and this was the only thing on the only TV.

      2. I can’t read ‘Air Strip 1’ without thinking of pubic grooming.

        1. +a million….landing strip

    3. Some say he was organically grown in an inner-city communal garden and that he overcame the patriarchy through horsepower, but all we know is he’s not he Stig, he’s the Stig’s eco-feminist cousin.

    4. Comment:

      Richard Tyrone Jones 3h ago

      This would be a great show, but as a replacement for Tomorrow’s World, not Top Gear. Top Gear makes the BBC so much money because it IS racist, sexist, offensive and denies climate change – because it panders to mostly male, white, driving bullies and their ridiculous bleatings of victimhood. Which is why Clarkson will be back, and it’ll only be in twenty years’ time we’ll look on it from a drowned world as we now look on the Black & White Minstrel show.

    5. When did Ken start writing for the Guardian?

    6. Wait, that’s NOT a parody?

      1. That’s what I said. The Guardian just parodies itself.

        Clarkson is a breath of fresh air in this milquetoast country, he’s not afraid to wind up everybody. That’s why he’s loved.

        1. That is my feeling as well. He’s kind of a refreshing return to something that used to be very British – not sure what to call it.

          I recently watched an episode where the gang were filming in Italy. The cops showed up, not because of excessive speed or reckless driving, but becaue it was a Sunday and in Italy you need permission from the government to work on Sunday.

          Jeremy turned to the cameras and said “This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Italy is broke.” Brilliant.

          1. Balls?

      2. I think it was intentional troll. Everything is perfect, down to the picture of the author. Funny as heck.

        Starting off a rant about the use of sexist and racist language by calling Clarkson a dick is just brilliant self-parody. Well done click-bait.

    7. The Guardian is nearly as far gone as Salon.

      1. I’d feel bad for the UK, but that’s the US in 10 years.

        1. 10? Optimism has no place here.

      2. “Don’t tell me about the Press. I know *exactly* who reads the papers. The Daily Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country. The Guardian is read by people who think they *ought* to run the country. The Times is read by the people who actually *do* run the country. The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country. The Financial Times is read by people who *own* the country. The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by *another* country. The Daily Telegraph is read by the people who think it is.”

        1. I dig the Telegraph. I don’t think there’ s a US equivalent, a smart widely circulated broadsheet that leans conservative. The Telegraph actually counterbalances the Guardian which is a lot more than I can say for the Post vs the NY Times.

          My best new find though is The Spectator.

          1. What about people who read The Sun?

            1. They don’t care who runs the country as long as they have big tits.

          2. The Post is a good counterpoint to the NY Times if all you read are national opinion writers. The local columnists, however, are some of the stupidest, copsucking mouthbreathers around.

            1. The local columnists, however, are some of the stupidest, copsucking mouthbreathers around.

              For recent examples, see St. Louis’ own McGraw Milhaven’s disgusting on-air cop-fellating during Bill O’Reilly’s show.

        2. What I like about The Times is that it’s the real The Times and not the political rag out of New York. Which, incidentally, used to be worth reading, a couple of decades ago. That must torque them to no end that the London paper remains supreme.

    8. You mean watching All Girl’s Garage isn’t supporting feminism? Hello – it says All Girls right there in the title.

      1. Are you watching it with your pants on or off?

      2. “Check your dip stick, Sir?”

  7. You know who else used the military to force a legislative body to vote his way?

    1. Caesar? Napoleon?

    2. V. I. Lenin.

        1. The walrus was Paul.

          1. Way to ruin the joke.

            1. I was the walrus, but now, I’m John.

    3. Yeltsin?

    4. Saddam Hussein?

    5. Eisenhower?

    6. U.S. Grant?

    7. Oliver Cromwell?

  8. Today I unfriended two people on Facebook. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before. I just got tired of their constant posting of frothing at the mouth political BS. Any guesses to which party they belong to?

    1. Do they know you unfriended them?

      Did you try the mute button?

      99.9% of my friends on Derpbook are leftist and a bunch of them are whiny. I was annoyed at first, and then started deriving sadistic pleasure from their reactions to the pushback from the public and from the midterm election results.

      1. I actually enjoy people who post shitloads of political stuff on Facebook because they are all miserable.

        They are angry ALL THE TIME. Even when they’re winning! I made one guy incredibly pissed because he posted bigoted stuff about Mormons after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election so I started asking him as sincerely as possible why he thought it was okay to engage in hate speech against a religious minority.

        I don’t think he’s my Facebook friend anymore. 🙁

        1. LOL. You mean you don’t think YOU are HIS Facebook friend anymore!

          Sorry for your loss (of a good source of entertainment).

        2. Mormons are an acceptable target because they tend to be white, rich, and Republican. Also, they have very little cultural clout. Same deal for evangelicals.

          1. No, Derpy, Mormons are a target because they went out of their way to fuck with the homos and there’s a biblical-scale (!) ongoing retribution. Remember that they could have, at any time, chosen to STFU and MTOB, but they didn’t; they went out of their way to fuck with other people. Perversely, the people they fucked over were the people whose coattails (gay marriage as a precursor to polyamorous marriage) they could have ridden upon if they were smart. But they weren’t smart; they were petulant, as socons are. And now they are paying for that.

            1. Except the left-wing hatred of Mormons has nothing to do with that since left-wingers conspicuously don’t criticize Muslims or black Christians for the exact same behavior. Left-wing hatred of Mormons is 100% based on the fact that they’re a Republican constituency.

              1. Not Republican…

                In my experience Mormons are rule followers, often to an annoying degree. They are also very successful because the rules of their religion dictate some very prudent behaviors.

                They are the Jews of America, including being the victims of pogroms in the 19th century.

            2. I think liberals and others were hating on Mormons long before gay marriage was on the radar.

            3. The hardware store was out of narrow brushes?

        3. To a friend bitching about the “47 traitorous senators” : Why didn’t Clinton unilaterally enforce Kyoto?

          I haven’t seen that much shit flinging in a while. Good fun.

      2. I find them amusing. I unfriended one guy whose posts were consistently antisemitic, but kept the rest for the sheer enjoyment of pure derp and social signalling.

    2. Green? Duff beer?

      1. Hitler? Oops, never mind. Wrong thread.

        1. The answer is always Hitler.


          1. Way to Godwin the entire site.

            Smooth move, Ex-lax!

    3. Let me guess: The Party of No! (TM)

    4. I simply turn people off of my news feed. then, once a year or so, I clear my block list and see how fast it takes some people to be blocked again. I’m proud of one of my friends, she’s made it 2 months! Her previous record was 8 hours.

    5. I didn’t bother to block them, just unfriended them altogether. Between the Hilary emails, the letter to Iran, and the story that “Faux news is the most trusted new source”, it’s been a constant stream of bile.

      1. I kind of enjoy the bile. It is a good source of lulz for me.

        I used to respond to posts and try to reason with them, but gave up after all I got back were ad hominems and shrieking. Now I just watch them wail and quietly snicker.

      2. Injun, you are a bigger man than I. Or smaller, because you enjoy watching people suffer. Either way, you are a different man than I.

    6. Blocking sites lefty friends post on FB is like creating the perfect friend. All of the good with none of the bad.

      Well, almost perfect. The filtered bang buddy is the perfect friend.

  9. [H]ere is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States…

    Send road salt to hell.

    1. [H]ere is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States…

      …I would make all of your wildest dreams come true!


    2. The other first thing I would do as President would be to send Lindsey Graham to negotiate with terrorists, and then call the Air Force Drone Division and have them take out the terrorists while they are meeting with Lindsey Graham.

      Lindsey Graham would make great collateral damage.

      1. Like they wouldn’t see that one coming a thousand miles away.

    3. As long as sending that salt to hell (may I suggest using FedEx’s new flying porcine delivery service for that) doesn’t fuck up his real important business.

      That would be meeting the Super Bowl Champions: The Minnesota Vikings. I’ve been waiting a long time for that.

      1. So where’s the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy?

  10. Nice alt-text, Robby Soave.

    – Darth Anna

  11. Ferguson City Manager John Shaw is allegedly resigning.

    You’re not important enough to serve as scapegoat.

  12. Wait, aren’t the links early? Are the Americans springing forward already? I haz a confuse.

    1. We sprung on Saturday.

      1. We sprung on Saturday Sunday.

        1. My name’s EAP and I like to judge Catatafish for being drunk all weekend and not knowing exactly when his clocks changed to satisfy some antiquated agrarian society rule!

          1. 🙂

    2. Yeah, our idiot politicians moved it up on us a couple years ago.

  13. Inconsistencies surround the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

    Inconsistencies like “The Republicans Will Overreach on the Email Scandal” and “Republicans have already Overreached on the Email Scandal”?

    1. What, she’s already in jail? No? Then no.

      1. That’s what the media’s story is going to be. Republican overreach. Nothing to see here, folks.

        1. Is it too much to ask that government officials fucking color within the lines?

          1. They are the lines.

  14. ISIS and Iraqi forces do battle all week in Ramadi.

    And then it’s over, right?

    1. Exactly. Like the Syrian, um, situation.

  15. Should OU students be able to contract away certain Free Speech rights by signing a Student Conduct Code? They are adults. And I do realize there is a major problem in dealing with students who would refuse to sign the Code of Conduct. Just wondering if they should be allowed to contract away certain aspects of 1A.

    1. To a government entity? No. If this were a private school completely detangled from the government? Sure.

      1. I agree they shouldn’t do it as it would be a terrible idea, but they should not even be permitted to do it?

        1. The question is a little backwards though, innit? Shouldn’t it be, “should a government entity be able to condition state sponsored benefits on the waiver of constitutional rights?” The answer to that question should be a resounding “NO.”

          I suppose it would be a good tool for intelligence assessment if a state school presented prospective students with a piece of paper that said, “Waive all your constitutional rights. P.S. You get nothing in exchange for this waiver.”

          1. Ha! So anyone agreeing to sign such a waiver isn’t smart enough to attend the school and gets denied admission!

            1. FOOLED YOU! (Dark Helmet voice)

            2. So anyone agreeing to sign such a waiver isn’t smart enough to attend the school and gets denied admission!

              No, they are put on the faculty. Duh!

        2. I think there’s a really nasty precedent set when you are allowed to contract away your rights to an arm of the very government that claims to protect those rights.

    2. Why not? We allow recruits to sign away certain aspects of their constitutional rights when they join the military.

      1. You’re right. But if memory serves, constitutional jurisprudence regarding military service and prison populations has specific carve-outs to address the unique nature of both situations.

          1. They try and dress it up in pretty words but pretty much, yeah.

    3. Imagine if you were told by the DMV that the cost of receiving your driver’s license was forfeiture of your Fourth Amendment rights.

      1. Bad example. According to current Supreme Court precedent, driving a car is a waiver of fourth amendment rights.

        1. Not in theory. In theory, probable cause is still required.

          In practice…(drops tome of exceptions on desk).

          1. When I was getting my LLM (Master of Laws) in Tax Law, one of my professors explained that some tax court judges had been practicing tax law for decades and hadn’t cared about rules of evidence since they were in law school. So when a hearsay objection would come up during a trial, they’d invariably say there was an exception, whether one existed or not.

            It’s like that, except the criminal court judges don’t give a shit whether there’s actually an exception, they’ll say there is one anyways.

            1. That’s tax court “judges,” not tax court judges, Andy. Remember, actual proper federal judges are Article III judges, junior varsity squad “judges” such as bankruptcy court judges, tax court judges and social security judges are Article I judges. Formerly those jayvee judges were known as “referees” (bankruptcy) and “administrative law judges” (IRS and SSA). Most important differences – Article III judges serve until they retire or are impeached, Article I “judges” serve terms; Article III judges are real judges who can enforce the entire USC, Article I “judges” can only rule on limited narrow areas of law – the tax code or Social Security benefits.

          2. Holy shit, Cata! You can pick up the Tome of Exceptions?

            You must have attended Warty’s basement school: the University of Moar Squatz!

            1. You do not attend Warty’s basement school, you escape it.

              1. That’s why Mr. Slave came so cheaply. I found him disheveled and disoriented on the side of the road during his desperate flight from Warty’s rod and rule. He’s owed me a Fremen water debt ever since.

            2. You silly pleb, PJ. I have Mr. Slave to do all my heavy lifting.

    4. No, you can’t. That’s why they are inalienable.

    5. No, not when the other party is the government. If you allowed that, next up is the same thing–a code of conduct–tied to Obamacare.

    6. No. The government cannot make you sign away constitutional rights (the military is the exception). If there was a colorable claim that these students were a threat to others, then that would be different. Expelling them for their speech or because they would be a “distraction on campus” (because of their speech) are not allowed.

    7. I agree with America’s founding documents that certain rights are inalienable.

      So, no, they cannot contract away their inalienable rights, which include free speech.

  16. Wait, did you just have an Afternoon Link that links to a H&R article? RECURSION IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. BECAUSE RECURSION IS NOT ALLOWED HERE.

    1. It’s recursion all the way down!

  17. Morning Joe hosts: Rap music to blame for racist chants in SAE video


  18. So, I’ve just started commenting here after lurking for quite some time and reading comments with great amusement. I had a question for you all, though: What is the origin of Warty’s disturbing reputation?

    1. Uh, Warty.

    2. It just came about organically. Blame NutraSweet, like we do for everything else.

      1. I’m not sure the Elder Gods qualify as “organic”.

    3. Warty has always been. At one time scientists believed he was a legend. Many still do. But the unfortunate souls who have come upon him in the wild know he’s all too real.

    4. There was an incident with a gamma ray chamber.

    5. An excellent question. Come sit on my lap and I’ll tell you all about it.

      1. *looks around nervously* I’ve been advised not to accept this invitation. *backs away slowly*

        1. Sorry, it’s part of the initiation. Right before you read through 25 consecutive police brutality (aka nutpunch) articles without committing suicide.

          1. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a string of those. Time to remove the cup?

            1. If you remove the cup, there will be an article in 20 minutes about a police officer killing a puppy and a 5 year old because the 5 year old had a super soaker gun, or something like that.

              1. *staples cup to groin*

              2. That’s the way it usually goes.

      2. A lot of people think this is a good idea, apparently.

    6. Also, it’s too bad you missed the Golden Age. This place was really fun in 2006-2009.

      1. Also, it’s too bad you missed the Golden Age. This place was really fun in 2006-2009.

        Agreed. Now you kids get the fuck off my lawn.

        1. All golden ages must come to an end. When threaded comments are implemented.

          1. The attack of Mary.

      2. This place was really fun in 2006-2009.

        Fun! Fun?!?

        Your high fructose corn syrup bumped my handgun and caused it to go off, killing 97 children you bastard! And you call that fun?

        1. It was still fun up until registration. Now joke handles are barely worth the effort.

        2. It was Dave that had the HFCS obsession, right?

          1. Yes, and the gun bumping fear.

            He also thought that the U.S. military shot down Flight 93 and only gullible people believed otherwise.

            I miss that era, the trolls and nutjobs were so much more earnest…

            1. Lonewacko. You know, I can remember a time he posted non-crazy stuff.

              1. The Merovingian (aka Biggus Dickus or whatever).

          2. Dave’s not here.

      3. Unfortunately, during that time period I was still a young and stupid team red shill.

        1. Well according to Bo, you’ll fit right in here.

          1. No, he’d only fit right in if he was still a Team Red shill but denied it out of an obstreperous desire to make Bo angry.

            He’s on to you, you teahadist.

      4. The day we were able to post images was a total blast.

        1. I missed that day. Third worst day of my life.

          1. Me too. What a wasted opportunity.

          1. VikingMoose is alive! You found him!

            Now, how do we get him out of there?

        2. That woman pulling up her jeans? Wow.

          1. Shay Laren

      5. Was that when Tulpa was around?

        1. Tulpa is still here, under a different handle.

          1. Or many handles.

    7. Now you’ve done it! He’ll invite you to his house to explain. Do not accept the invitation. He’ll offer to show you how to properly do squats so you will have an ass that is irresistible to your prefered gender. It will seem like a great idea. It’s a trap.

    8. Welcome. If you can take horrifying insults without losing your mind, I’m sure you’ll fit in.

      1. Fuck you, assduck.

        1. You leave him alone you sniveling ass-sniffer!

          1. Eat my shit, you sailorfucking dogcunt.

              1. After it’s popped out three litters, no less.

                Like a pouch worth of used Big League Chew.

    9. What is the origin of Warty’s disturbing reputation?

      Reputation. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

      Legend has it that Warty is the unholy union of a Higgs boson with Quark from star trek. Born from a black hole, Warty formed the solar system, but still couldn’t find anything to satiate his sexual thirst. After destroying the fifth planet from the sun in sheer rage (turning it into the asteroid belt), he left on a galactic quest to bang a bunch of stars. He got the idea from entertainment tonight, but since Hollywood was a few billion years away, he decided to bang real stars. The result is what we commonly call a supernova.

      These days Warty has assumed a humanoid (ish) form and derives pleasure from his dungeon/basement.

      1. Fascinating, fascinating… *scribbling in notebook*

    10. I blame the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for the Offended White Male Brigade. Once that was suspended survivors started to talk about the basement.

      1. Survivors? Resistance is futile.

    11. “What is the origin of Warty’s disturbing reputation?”

      His lengthy rape record.

    12. My prose and an unfortunate conflation of Warty and the depredations of STEVE SMITH.

      The Time Travel Adventures of Warty Hugeman

      And here’s a primer on STEVE.

      1. I am quite familiar with your prose and actually read the former document as you posted it. Like I said, I’ve been lurking for some time. Funny shit.

        The STEVE SMITH thing is another thing I was wondering about. Appreciate the primer.

        1. I am quite familiar with your prose

          There are organizations that can help. Like NAMBLA or ALA.

          1. We had it analyzed in another thread. It broke Watson.

          2. Eh, I’m a voracious consumer of anime, with all that entails. Your prose doesn’t frighten me… quite that much.

            1. *all that ententacles


          3. The National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes?

      2. As an aside, I’m pretty sure the first bit of your prose I read was the one that ended with “the sound of Nancy Pelosi getting what she wanted.” I hadn’t laughed so hard in terror in a long time.

        1. I lurked for a long time too (and still do – sometimes). My MO is to lurk, occasionally post in the AM links, and then lurk some more. Welcome.

      3. The first time I saw the phrase “rapesquatch”, I thought I was going to have an ambulance take me from work.

    13. I had a question for you all, though: What is the origin of Warty’s disturbing reputation?

      You do realize the big inside joke here? Warty is actually a 52 year old housewife in Iowa.

      Hey guys, we hooked another one!

      1. There is no Warty only Zuul!

    14. Why don’t you ask him yourself? In person, like?

      1. You sick fuck.

    15. Oh please, don’t believe everything you have read about Warty. On the other hand, just to be safe, don’t not believe everything you have read about Warty.

  19. Once more:

    “AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records ”
    “The Associated Press on Wednesday sued the State Department to force the release of email correspondence and government documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.
    The legal action follows repeated requests filed under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act that have gone unfulfilled. They include one request the AP made five years ago and others pending since the summer of 2013.”

  20. With Lindsay Graham and that petition to arrest 47 Senators how many “shutdowns” is the US away from an auto-coup?

  21. Progressive site falls for satirical article about Republican Congressman Richard Head proposing a law to mandate a dress code for the president’s daughters. Commenters find out it’s satire – reaction? “Wow. These republicans really know how to legislate when they get in power.
    Alright, it may be a spoof but many repukes would agree with this shit.”


    1. Don’t be too harsh on the “progressives.” I just head Lindsay Graham wants to use the military to round up Congress and extort money. In other words, satire is dead.

      1. Also, 47 Republican senators should apparently get the death penalty based on an 1803 law that hasn’t been used to prosecute anyone in 100 years because they wrote a 3 paragraph letter.

        This country is fucked.

        1. I’d like to see your last sentence as an anarchist bumpersticker.

    2. His name is Richard Head and those idiots didn’t notice anything was amiss?

      1. Probably don’t know about Dick being a nickname for Richard. In case you’re wondering it’s because it rhymes and medieval English people didn’t like R’s as it was imported from Normandy.

      2. I went to high school with a guy named Richard Head. No shit. It was a blast yelling “Hey! Dick Head!” in the hallways. He found it as humorous as the rest of us. Even the teachers called him Dick in class.

        1. The manager of the Office Max down the street from my college apartment was named Richard Head.

          1. Does he give good office products?

  22. Okay. I’ve heard a lot of people bring up the possibility that the OU frat boys were probably not as racist as the chant that they were singing would make it seem. It seems likely that the morons were just young college students, thumbing their nose at social norms and taboos. Like Michael Richards, they were going for the shock laughs and it backfired catastrophically.

    Considering that this was obviously an inappropriate way to experiment with taboo breaking, what would be a better way for these students to explore this issue? My first thought would be to take a sociology course and understand a little bit about what social norms are and why there are certain lines that you just don’t cross.

    Then, I began to wonder. In the one or two sociology classes I took in college, I never received a proper lesson on politically incorrect humor. What makes taboo breaking such a huge kick?

    I must have looked through my university’s course listing hundred of times, but I don’t remember a course that specifically addressed shock humor. Just thought it would be an interesting topic for students who are interested in the concept of humor and social norms.

    Not that I think the OU frat brothers would have taken it. They were probably destined to acted stupidly in public. But I do think there should be suitable forums at the universities for addressing this topic.

    1. I remember a Steve Martin bit where he talks about taking philosophy courses in college. He said that they had a really big impact on his humor. For an absurdest like Martin, you can definitely see where philosophers like Camus and Sartre had a huge impact.

      But what is the intellectual basis for shock humor? What gives some people giggle fits when they say taboo things?

      1. Laughter is a reaction to tension, either direct or by empathy. Saying or hearing a forbidden word creates tension. Laughing releases the tension.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to slip on a banana peel and fall out of a window.

        [canned laughter]

        1. There is also the ability to laugh at the prim and often over-reactions of those with a lemon in their butt about such things.

          1. A roommate and I used to make really poor-taste jokes about the Holocaust to a Jewish girl next door. Not that she cared, because she knew we were just trying to get a reaction, but it was some awful shit (which, of course, like all things in college started okay and escalated horribly). And I’m not the least bit anti-Semitic and wasn’t then.

            1. I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Perhaps, more college towns should have stand-up comedy clubs with amateur nights.

              You can’t afford a Michael Richards situation, but you can learn how to hone your comedy skills and be more than merely shocking.

              1. I don’t know. I think it would’ve been truly offensive if we’d sung one of our evil Holocaust songs in a large group, even if no Jews were there. I mean, that’s kind of creepy. Do it to offend some girl for fun, not as much. Just assholish.

        2. [canned laughter]

          I LOL’d

      2. Comedy is all about expectations. Saying something taboo – something you are not expected to say – can be funny. Of course context matters, as does the way the taboo is broken. And breaking taboos that feel dated (Carlin’s 7 words) or too broad (some of Dave Chappelle’s stuff comes to mind) probably relieves some tension for the audience, which gives it a bigger “kick.”

    2. thumbing their nose at social norms and taboos

      They thumbed their noses are correct social norms and taboos you know.

    3. “What makes taboo breaking such a huge kick?”


      See my recent use of the terms Rag Head and Frog as a deliberate ‘fuck you’ to all (In that case the French Govt) that tell me I am not allowed to.

      1. This. It’s where I live.

    4. ” I never received a proper lesson on politically incorrect humor.”

      You have no idea how many truly horrible things i just typed before i decided = i’m not going to be the one who tries to instruct you.

      Lets just say it involved abortions and potholes, and leave it at that. minority abortions.

  23. Ferguson City Manager John Shaw is allegedly resigning.

    What a great opportunity to cut costs!

    Hiring freeze, please!

  24. The only thing Aaron Schock breaks is ladies’ hearts.*

    *Or dudes’ hearts if you believe the rumors. (which I do).

    1. * What rumors? Is he secretly in SAE?

      1. If SAE is a gay bathhouse, then Schock has probably visited a time or two.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that, particularly for a man as fabulous and handsome as Aaron Schock.

        1. So Lindsey Graham, sans “fabulous and handsome?”

            1. Well, that pants/shirt combo IS fabulous.

              I will admit, I’m the kind of man that’s never been brave enough to wear white pants.

            2. Good grief, some of you are wondering? The way he is dressed he might as well have it written on his forehead in 6 inch letters.

              1. What about a six-inch tattoo?

      2. You know, when does the list of all Republican SAE members come out?

  25. Lindsey Graham just wants to restrain congress to give him what he wants, and if need be he will enlist some burly men to hold congress down and give in. Give in, congress, you bad boy.

    1. Lindsey needs to entertain us by starting a reality TV show that features him parachuting solo into ISIS territory to show us how it’s done.

      Ok, that’s totally unfair, he shouldn’t be alone. Let’s send John McCain with him.

      1. Do we have to give him a parachute?

        1. If we don’t, we’ll miss out on all the good stuff that comes after, like mr. toughguy curled up in the fetal position crying for mommy.

  26. I don’t know if Lindsey Graham has got the memo yet, but Americans are pretty disillusioned with one issue war monger candidates.

    Go back to SC, Lindsey, sadly, there are enough stupid people there to keep you elected. They’re the proglodytes of the parallel SoCon dimension I guess, not much else explains that level of ignorance.

    1. Land of Bo and Ben Tillman so yeah.

  27. Obama drops requirement for 2007 medical device regulation over costs:

    The Obama administration’s Medicare agency, in a behind-the-scenes bureaucratic conflict, has dug in its heels and opposes the FDA’s plan to use claims data with ID numbers to monitor safety, according to people familiar with the events. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, says putting the identifying number?the UDI?on medical claims forms it receives from hospitals poses big technical hurdles and costs too much.


    1. You find the Hildebeast emails yet, buttface?

      1. The real killer of Nicole Simpson stole them.

        1. I suddenly have this vision of O.J. housing the server in his cell.

    2. I wonder if this logic would apply to legislation that would require firearms microstamping?

      1. Now that we’ve totally fucked up healthcare beyond any recognition and screwed the fuck out of the majority of Americans with this clusterfuck, let’s make some token gesture.

        Fuck off democrats, go to hell.

  28. If this has been posted and dissected here already, I apologize, but I came across this yesterday and couldn’t pass up sharing it with y’all:

    A Better World, Run By Women

    I’m not trawling Gawker for clickbait articles here. That’s an actual headline on an essay in the Wall Street Journal.

    A sample:

    Research has found that women are superior to men in most ways that will count in the future, and it isn’t just a matter of culture or upbringing?although both play their roles. It is also biology and the aspects of thought and feeling shaped by biology. It is because of chromosomes, genes, hormones and brain circuits.

    And no, by this I don’t mean what was meant by patronizing men who proclaimed the superiority of women in the benighted past?that women are lofty, spiritual creatures who must be left out of the bustle and fray of competitive life, business, politics and war, so that they can instill character in the next generation. I mean something like the opposite of that.

    All wars are boyish. People point to Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir as evidence that women, too, can be warlike. But these women were perched atop all-male hierarchies confronting other hypermasculine political pyramids, and they were masculinized as they fought their way to the top.

    1. I posted that this weekend and mentioned many, many things wrong with it. First, the guy seriously believes the nonsense about hunter/gatherers being peaceful. Secondly, he blames bad things men do on innate flaws in male character, but if that’s the case, then surely good things men do (like starting most businesses, inventing most medicines, etc.) should be the result of good aspects of male character.

      But of course that can’t be the case. When men do things worse than women it’s because they’re inherently flawed and when men do things better than women it’s because of patriarchy.

      1. The cavemen being peaceful and matriarchal thing was too much for me. Hilarious.

        1. ‘noble savage’ anyone?

          1. And they lived in harmony with Mother Gaia!

        2. How likely is that? Back when we were less civilized and more in touch with our animal nature, how much more likely is it that the dramatically more powerful sex would dominate? Not to mention what childbirth used to do to women. Pretty much all of the pre-industrial cultures were male-dominated, too.

          I seriously do not understand why people have to run from reality to such an extent that they rewrite history and even currently observed phenomena to make them feel better. So what if a bunch of cavemen abused a bunch of cavewomen? We’re not living in caves now, and the physical advantages are far less important.

      2. I read crap like that and go buy another 100 rounds of ammo. The veneer of civilization is far thinner than anyone wants to believe and it wouldn’t take much to revert back to those nasty hunter/gatherer days.

        1. Yep, and this time the savages have nukes!

      3. Wonder if she’s ever heard of that peaceful hunter gatherer group known as the Yanomami?


        1. Their word for “marriage” literally means “drag away” and the word for divorce means “throw away”.

        2. He probably knows about the Yanonami as a result of knowing Napoleon Chagnon is on the hate list.

    2. What happened to gender being a construct and not a natural designation?

  29. The NEW New Republic has shat the bed in new and impressive ways of late.

    Way to move the bar, people. All things in the name of progress.

    1. TNNR is amazing. The fact that they hired ESB has turned that magazine into one of my primary sources of hate reading.

      1. Them, Rolling Stone and The Guardian are determined to show that they are no kidding communists.

        1. And yet none of those 3 are remotely close to being as terrible as Salon.

          1. What about Slate? Chopped Liver?

            Anyway Salon is blowback from Plan Nine From Outer Space.

            1. Slate came back from the brink of Full Retard and has been comparatively sane in recent memory.

              Noting – they were one of the sources that first questioned and exposed the critical flaws in the Rolling Stone rape story, and hammered the point until the WaPo took over and debunked the whole thing.

              They’ve also done a few other things that seems to show that they think that the business model of being 100% “prog-clickbait” isn’t where they wanted to go.

      2. She’s the most adorable little source of evil, though, innit she? Just want to pinch those cheeks.

        1. I want to jizz on that dead tooth.

    2. Which was the one that seemed to call for Obama to go full Yeltsin during the “shutdown”?

      1. That was Julia Ioffe in the New Republic.

        Unfortunate too, since Ioffe is one of the better people who wrote for the pre-Reformation New Republic. She had some interesting articles on Russia and was definitely superior to anyone writing for that magazine now.

    3. Ach, meant /National Review. New Republic does try hard though, bless their pea-pickin’ lil hearts.

      1. What did NRO do? Was it Kevin Williamson? It was Kevin Williamson, wasn’t it?

  30. Inconsistencies surround the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

    No shit?

  31. Today in false equivalence, Chris Hedges compares ISIS to Israel:


  32. Star Trek V is an underrated masterpiece.

    It’s a beautiful metaphor for the aging experience. Even down to the quality of the movie itself. Everyone left the theater saying, “Geez, the cast is getting old!”

    Bravo. Bravo. If you ask me, The Undiscovered Country is an unnecessary sequel. Nicholas Meyer is a hack! Shatner got more out of David Warner than Meyer ever could.

    1. What about Star Trek: The Motion Picture? That was Roddenberry’s actual vision and not Braga’s or Bennett’s or Abram’s?

    2. What would God need with a starship?

      1. No kidding. That is actually a great line.

    3. As if to say, “I hate you, audience,” Meyer had the audacity to have General Chang quote Shakespeare throughout the entire final battle. Talk about pretentious.

      1. As supposed to Star Trek II quoting Moby Dick…

        1. Moby Dick was a good analogy for the general plot of the movie, and most viewers had no idea they were hearing quotes, In Star Trek V, it was shoved in your face.

          1. Caleb was referring to Star Trek VI actually.

        2. As well as first contact… starship captains were all English lit majors at the academy.

    4. Star Wars V? They weren’t that old. It is the best one, though.

  33. Meet the Hardest-Working Man in Porn

    A Japanese porn star has found world fame after complaining on Twitter that there are more Bengal tigers than male actors in the country’s adult movie industry.

    Shimiken, a spiky-haired 35-year-old, just can’t keep up the pace any longer.

    “There are only 70 male porn stars to 10,000 women,” he wrote on the social network, referring to the on-call regulars in the business. “With 4,000 new films every month, the number of male actors simply isn’t enough. This industry is like a hole in the wall that needs to get bigger!”

    I truly empathize with this man, who’s carrying an industry on his shoulders, along with the hopes and dreams of a sexually frustrated and despondent generation of Japanese men. I would personally go to Japan to take some of weight off of his Atlas-like shoulders, except for one thing:

    I hate that annoying squeaking noise women in Japanese porn make.

    1. there are more Bengal tigers than male actors in the country’s adult movie industry

      I didn’t realize that Japan was into tiger porn that much. I guess they have porn of all stripes in japan.

      1. You watch yourself, trashy. Nicole will always be the worst, but there’s always worst man, second worst, etc.

    2. Thus the large amount of anime porn?

    3. Shimiken, a spiky-haired 35-year-old, just can’t keep up the pace any longer.

      What’s the porn star equivalent of going Super Saiyan?

      1. Having an erection for more than 4 hours and needing to see a doctor?

        1. Or at least Nurse Ginger.

    4. “I hate that annoying squeaking noise women in Japanese porn make.”

      Also there is something slightly creepy about their facial expressions when they are doing it. They don’t come across as willing participants.

  34. DC has been gripped this week by the suit filed by lawyers Brendan and Nessa Coppinger, who claim that their neighbor, Edwin Gray, is harming them and their children with cigarette smoke that seeps between their Fifth Street, Northeast, rowhouses. The Coppingers, according to the Post, moved into their place last September; Gray’s family has been in their house for half a century. But when conversations about the smoking failed, the Coppingers sued Gray in DC Superior Court for $500,000 in damages. The case became news last week when a judge issued a temporary order prohibiting Gray and his family from smoking anything.


    1. In ten years you will be able to smoke a post-prandial joint openly but cigarettes will be illegal.

      Who will give me odds on this?

      1. Vaping, dude.

    2. And lawyers wonder why people don’t like them.

      1. I want a sword that glows blue in the presence of lawyers.

    3. The Coppingers, according to the Post, moved into their place last September; Gray’s family has been in their house for half a century.

      This used to be known as “coming to the nuisance”, and would get your case thrown out.

  35. Life at dear leader David Boren’s OU. Get tapped singing a racist song, you are expelled, no due process, no questions asked. Hit a woman hard enough to break her face and cause her to have surgery, get an Alford Plea, you get a paid year of education living in the athletic dorms while you suffer the “penalty” of having to take a redshirt year from football.


    1. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

    2. He approved the DGB transfer also.

      1. Yup. I am waiting for someone in the media to ask him about this. Maybe explain why bashing a woman’s face in is not a big deal but a racist video is.

        And they actually tried to claim DGB was not kicked out of Missouri for disciplinary reasons and should be able to play immediately. Even the NCAA couldn’t buy that.

    3. Here’s a question. I bet Boren’s legal people told him that expelling the students is unconstitutional and the money men told him they had his back. So is there some kind of legal principle that would make the judgement high enough to deter such shenanigans?

      1. Personal liability. The state of Oklahoma shouldn’t agree to defend Boren. He should be personally liable for violating known and clear law.

        1. Even if he’s personally liable, how many seconds would it take for boosters to round up the money? I don’t see how Boren didn’t do the smart thing even though it’s clearly illegal.

      2. Here is Boren’s response to a Fox News column making my point.

        here is no double standard at the University of Oklahoma. We punish bad behavior without regard to race. He (Mixon) was suspended from the team for a year and was not allowed to play. He was also ordered to perform community service, which he has completed. We punish bad behavior without regard to whether a person is an athlete or non-athlete, black or white. It is sheer and utter nonsense to make such a statement. We are colorblind at the University of Oklahoma and make no distinction between athletes and non-athletes. We have even taken one case to the state Supreme Court to enforce the findings of our internal disciplinary process under Title IX, in a case involving a student athlete (OU linebacker Frank Shannon).”

        1. “He was also ordered to perform community service, which he has completed. We punish bad behavior…”

          Uh, wasn’t it the *court* which ordered the community service, not Boren?

    4. John, I read the story. I didn’t see anything about the football player saying anything offensive. You are trying to compare apples to oranges dude.

      The football guy was misguided sure, but he didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Those SAE fucks were saying really hurtful things.

      1. True, but we mustn’t over look the role rape culture played in motivating the SAE frat boys in their primal, animalistic chanting.

    5. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the racist song had the same tune as “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”?

      Behold the heroic clash of ideas that is the national college debate championship:


      1. Why in the name of God would you show us that? What the hell did we do to you?

        1. Sorry, I often forget that most are not as hardened to derp as I am.

          1. Bullshit. Admit it, you are a sadist.

            1. You didn’t enjoy that video even a teensy bit?

              1. It fills me with despair.

                1. You must learn to embrace the derp. Life is tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy for those who think.

                  Are you ready for the next video?


                  1. Eh. Run of the mill Marxist arglebargle.

                    Those poor girls though. Someone mind raped them and now they will never be fixed.

                  2. Wow. Just wow.

        2. Was this not the ‘College Debate Championship” which Salon writer….’Fat Black Woman’ defended as an example of everything Good, True and Right in the universe?

          I believe it was. Her point was that any criticism of this form was essentially racist… because it belittled the “innovation” of their nuveaux-communication style.

          this more performative style of debate has productively disrupted the traditionalist forms of debate

          i.e.. People who point out that Spoken-Word/Slam Poetry Word-Association is not “debate” are basically imposing White Western Values on people.

          “this kind of argument exposes the flaws in traditional forms of debate performativity. In part, they demonstrate that an investment in cool, detached, dispassionate forms of speech about political matters of such import could in their own way be considered pathological and imperialist.”

          Because when you reject “reason” and “objectivity” in something called ‘debate’, well then… you’re beyond criticism.

          its effectively handing out an award to whomever makes the most politically-correct temper tantrum.

          1. “…..disrupted the traditionalist forms of debate ”

            I can’t disagree with that much of it.

  36. Botard Whisperer.
    Warty guides the discussion.
    Softly crying now.

  37. Who will talk to Bo?
    The sun, moon and stars will not.
    Bottomless anguish.

    1. Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks.
      Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks. Bo sucks
      Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks

    2. Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks.
      Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks. Bo sucks
      Bo sucks. Yes Bo sucks

      1. Only hit submit once.

  38. Has Bo been around since his OU thread meltdown? He really lost it. Making wild, unsupportable assertions and some just flat out lies. Then *poof* he was gone.

    1. He became unperson. That’s all.

    2. “Uh, I seem to recall that Bo was the reasonable person pointing out the lack of ‘denunciation’ from your Brigade of Overly Sensitive White Guys was typical of the cultural-right-wingishness prevalent on this website”

      /Bo-visionist Historian

      1. Yes, and some of those White Guys are as white as they are Republican.

        I also noted his complaint about my post the other day where I used the term Rag Head made no mention of my use of the term Frog.

        1. “Yes, and some of those White Guys are as white as they are Republican.”

          An Interlude in Fortissimo

          “Yeah, so PirateRockStarUK – he’s the black guy-”
          “You’re being horribly insensitive. Proper terminology is African-American.”
          “I’m British. UK?”

    3. Who cares?

      My guess is that very soon we will see our last post by Bo Cara Esq, and the arrival of a new commenter who is pedantic, petulant and annoying. Eventually people will figure out that it’s bo and ostracise him.

      And the cycle of pathetic loserness will begin anew.

    4. Okay, I’ll bite.

      Why does anyone waste time with that poster, either responding to or discussing him? He’s not a sound debater, and he doesn’t raise good arguments. I’ve ripped and been ripped by several dozen intelligent Reasonoids over the Civil War, Richman, and Rothbard, but those are at least meaningful discussions that can go somewhere.

      Where do these threads lead other than Slate/HuffPo level rhetoric? If we’re going to pick someone to piss on, couldn’t he at least be someone interesting like Gillespie or Richman?

      1. Bailey, but only because he is my favorite.

        Actually Ron Bailey is responsible for me finding this place. I read one of his print articles on land use and was stunned that I had found a writer on the subject who was thoughtful and made sense.

        So here I am and a Bailey fan. Now we just have to beat the AGW nonsense out of him.

      2. For the Bos and Plugs of the world, I try to limit my responses to them to a single post, maybe two if their response is especially mockable.

    5. Suthenboy|3.11.15 @ 5:42PM|#
      “Has Bo been around since his OU thread meltdown?”

      Yes: https://reason.com/blog/2015/03…..re#comment

      1. To that point = I highly recommend dude’s Greasemonkey script which enables “Reasonable”-type controls in a Firefox environment

        Hihn, Buttplug, tony and Bo are all bye-bye.

  39. Our resident little red Marxian being particularly idiotic:


  40. It’s outrage all the way down!

  41. I built a time machine so I could go back in time and molest Warty.

    When I came back and got checked I had 7 different STDs.

    What are my chances of winning a lawsuit?

  42. My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do


  43. I would literally pay money to watch Lindsey Graham literally piss on the constitution. The federal government was never intended to hold a standing army. That’s why you have to rubberstamp the appropriations every couple of years, you warmongering, FDR-channeling, tax-thief gasbag.

    Best way to determine when the Democrats’ power is on the wane is when we return to being pissed at the GOP idiot brigade. The bad part is that Graham is only 59 years old; he could Bunning America for the next 20 years if God doesn’t strike him down first or the Heritage Foundation doesn’t offer him a plum paycheque job.

  44. OT:

    Sure enough, the private Clinton email server was used by her State Department inner circle, including Huma Abedin and her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills.


    Makes it really, really hard to say this was just a convenience for la Hillary, and not a concerted effort to create an illegal darknet at State.

    1. You need to just get over that and move on. What difference ? at this point, what difference does it make?

    2. I really can’t wait to see the “55,000 pages” of emails handed over should AP win its FOIA request. As Steyn notes:

      An inch is a unit of distance, and a degree is a unit of temperature, but a “page” is not a unit of email.

      She apparently handed over only 55,000 printed pages of email. Sounds like a lot at first, but then you realize that any one of those CC’d clusterfuck emails that contains essentially a single thought and is replied to by the 10 people on CC chain multiple times over can take up, especially after adding on signatures and timestamps and the like, easily 10 pages. So 55,000 pages may only represent a meager number of actual emails.

      This is so fucking fishy, especially in light of her colossal Benghazi clusterfuck. And the fact that she set this server up in order to keep the very fucking people that pay her salary in the dark about the affairs of her department even before she proved to be a dumpster fire of SoS makes me even attribute her failure more to malice and forethought than actual incompetence (my usual functioning assumption with bureaucrats).

      1. So 55,000 pages may only represent a meager number of actual emails.

        Especially if they printed out attachments.

  45. Lindsey Graham is far too stupid to ever go full Palpatine. He goes full that other thing. Mentally challenged.

    Myself and most other SC dwellers truly loathe the man. I do not understand how he keeps getting chosen to speak for our state. Must be voter apathy.

  46. Did you see Megyn Kelly tonight? No of course not, you were glued to some sort of videocast that takes place here.

    I’m not sure, but I think Hillary committed a felony and there’s evidence.

    Long story short: you sign form OF-109 when you leave State, certifying upon penalty of perjury that you’ve turned everything over. If Hillary signed one, she’s toast. If she didn’t sign one, she’s a golden piece of grilled bread. Fox News has requested Hillary’s form OF-109 and is waiting on State’s answer. In the real world it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.


    1. Perjury?!?!?!?!

      You do know she’s a Clinton, right?

    2. “Fox News has requested Hillary’s form OF-109 and is waiting on State’s answer.”

      Yeah, well, “AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records”
      And AP is doing so, since certain ‘deadlines’ don’t apply to Top Men:
      “The legal action follows repeated requests filed under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act that have gone unfulfilled. They include one request the AP made five years ago and others pending since the summer of 2013.”

  47. bitch friend is walkin round pitch black in the forest around blog of nightmares in deep Florida with end of swamp lane block so talk quietly because goddamn pitbulls so creepy weepy

    1. bitch is hunting hogs in the swmp…. clickrty clack sounds like A FAIRY TALE

  48. old nigga swamp blew blow and threw me some chronic across the united states but the deep swamp calls for the lonely florida fuckwampus

  49. bitch is rambo hogs on loser pigs cuz those shitfuck are in the fkuid booze

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