Hillary Clinton Press Conference a Big Mess, Ireland Temporarily Legalizes Ecstasy, N.Y. Keeps Ban on Ferrets: P.M. Links


  • Ferret to schedule press conference to address accusations of being 'too cute.'
    Credit: generalroy / photo on flickr

    Hillary Clinton is having a press conference to allegedly discuss the scandal of her using a personal email address for all of her correspondence as Secretary of State. She, however, chose the United Nations as her venue for her press conference, which has lots of rules for credentialing journalists, turning the whole affair into a big mess. Here's a liveblog of the event. (Short version: She says she didn't do anything wrong.)

  • A court ruling about how drug laws are crafted in Ireland has temporarily legalized possession of ecstasy and some other drugs in the country until new laws can be passed in an emergency session.
  • The University of Oklahoma has expelled two students over racist chants sung by fraternity SAE, claiming they created a "hostile educational environment."
  • President Barack Obama said Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin legislators "will weaken, rather than strengthen workers" with its new right-to-work law that forbids private workers from being forced to join unions and pay dues. Walker responded that the president should look at Wisconsin as an example of how to improve the economy.
  • New York City's ban on ferrets as pets will remain.
  • Two helicopters collided over Argentina, killing 10 people, including three French sports stars.

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