Amtrak Is Government, Venezuela Is 'National Security Threat,' Wikimedia Is Suing the NSA: A.M. Links


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  1. The U.S. has declared Venezuela a “national security threat” and is barring seven Venezuelan officials from entering the country…

    They hate us for our TP.

    1. Hello.

      Peak derp! PEAK DERP! Meh. Close enough:

      Sally Kohn ? @sallykohn

      Let’s not be surprised that within span of days in Wisconsin, unarmed young black man shot AND union rights eroded. Injustice is connected.

      1. That’s a great piece of detective work right there.

      2. “Injustice is connected” to unionized police officers?

      3. The young black man’s death might get a transparent investigation and that’s injustice in Sally Kohn’s world.

    2. Looks like Obama is following Sean Penn’s lead. As in, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”

  2. …more people taking to online learning will bring “an increased educational experience at a far lower cost.”

    The bubble can’t burst fast enough.

    1. I don’t think a guy can meet as many crazy chicks online as he can at a University though. You have to think of at whole experience.

      1. The experience where one party regrets it the next day and lives are upended?

        1. “Consent” in the age of teledonics? Do you get an edit button on the screen?

        2. Online drunken casual sex/date rape just isn’t the same.

      2. I don’t think a guy can meet as many crazy chicks online as he can at a University though. You have to think of at whole experience.

        Meh. They will just shift to webcams and cybersex.

  3. 31) So this SAE chapter in Oklahoma that’s getting shut down for shouting out a racist chant on a bus. I don’t question that the university is cutting off ties with the fraternity?they should. Nor do I question that the nationals are shutting the chapter down?that’s absolutely the right action. What I do question is why this is such important national news that it’s on page A2 in today’s Washington Post. How is a fraternity essentially doing nothing but pulling a mean-spirited prank that didn’t actually hurt anyone worthy of inclusion in any newspaper outside the Oklahoman or the Tulsa World? Are we really going around and reporting any time anybody anywhere in the United States uses the n-word now?

    1. Don’t cases of PC mania in colleges get reported nationally? You could always say those cases are local matters.

    2. It is in WaPo’s interest to highlight racism, keeping it a national issue and priority. This gives cover to the Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world and helps support their argument that the Voting Rights Act was ‘gutted’ by the Supreme court.

      WaPo enables race-hustlers.

    3. We have to keep the outrage ginned up.

      Look at how many people when nuts when Rand Paul suggested the Eric Garner assassination was due to the fact that we have bad laws on the books and that ultimately, all law must be backed up by the threat of lethal force. The way in which so many people felt that one was only allowed to talk about Garner through the lens of race was disturbing.

    4. Outrage porn: the healthiest porn there is.

      1. Does that explain the wide reporting of various liberal PC outraged on campuses too?

        1. Like the recent case of the UCLA students group board questioning whether a Jew could be a fair member of judicial board? Or the recent story of UC Irvines student government proposing banning the American flag?

          How come people here didn’t ask, why is this stuff being covered by the MSM?

          1. Reason is the only place I saw the UC Irvine story. Not saying it might not have been reported elsewhere, but it couldn’t have been too widespread. Pretty sure the WaPo didn’t cover it.

            1. First I’m hearing of it.

        2. This got much wider reporting (as in, top story on the hourly radio news) than the CSU Irvine attempt to ban the US flag from the Student Union.

          You should read David Thompson’s blog. He posts a lot of these stories that don’t show up much in the mass media.

          1. I read about the UC Irvine thing in the WaPo and saw it reported on CNN.

            1. Not saying it wasn’t in there, but I didn’t spot it. I’m guessing it wasn’t on A2, like the SAEs.

              1. All right Bo, I’ve read both of these, and come to the same conclusion: neither of these is a big deal, neither deserves anything more than, at most, a brief item buried deep. They’re both about college students acting dumb in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. I do believe the UC-Irvine story is a bit more newsworthy, in that a body representing that university’s student body made an official decision in public, while what the frat boys did in Oklahoma was more along the lines of a prank and nobody else would ever have heard of it if somebody hadn’t filmed it. But neither is especially newsworthy, and both are distractions from real news.

    5. It is national news because it fits the narrative that white fraternities are evil and white people in places like Oklahoma especially evil and racist. Its the same reason why Ferguson was national news and any number of much more outrageous police shootings are not. The stories that get played are the ones that support a preferred media narrative.

      1. Ferguson was largely covered in part because of the community reaction.

        1. And that reaction happened because outside agitators made a issue of it. And there are protests in a lot of cases that don’t get covered as national news. Ferguson got covered because the race mongers wanted it covered. They wanted it covered because it was a close case that would divide the races. They don’t cover cases like the three year old in Detroit the police shot because those cases are clear and everyone would agree and that is not the point. Sowing racial division for political purposes is the point.

          1. I haven’t heard the ‘outside agitators’ line in a while.

            A lot of those showed up eventually, but the immediate protests were from the community which had been chiseled with petty government fines and enforcement for a long time.

        2. There was definitely a feedback loop — Media coverage ignited ‘community’ reaction and ‘community’ reaction drove more media coverage.

      2. Only two things come from Oklahoma, John.

        1. Go on…

          Some of us are Canadian and are not familiar with ‘inside states jokes.’

          1. This is elaborated on by Louis Gossett, Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman.

      1. The media will never cover white on black murders, no matter how heinous and sensational. A group of black people kidnap, rape and murder a white couple at random and choosing them because they are white in Wichita or Nashville and the story is totally banished from the national news. A bunch of dumb frat boys make an obscene video and it is the lead story for a week.

        1. The media will never cover white on black murders, no matter how heinous and sensational.

          Oh how I love John typos.

          1. Black on white murders. You know what I mean.

          2. It’s funny how you know it’s typo because it’s such an obvious departure from reality. Look no further than the white couple that was brutally tortured and raped for hours about 5 years ago. You could barely hear anything about it outside of local newscasts and you certainly didn’t get a legion of civil rights activists marching against ‘hate crimes’ and racism against white people. Which only further validates the thesis that most of the self-described anti-racist activism taking place is really just anti-white activism.

    6. They’d shut down Delta Tau Chi House too.

      1. At least they gave them a chance at double secret probation first.

    7. Because it’s a concrete example of real world racism by rich white people.

      It’s kinda like a unicorn. Were one discovered it would make front page news too, even though it also wouldn’t matter at all.

    8. How is a fraternity essentially doing nothing but pulling a mean-spirited prank that didn’t actually hurt anyone worthy of inclusion in any newspaper…

      Moreover the fraternity did nothing but sing a song that they didn’t think would go public. This was all clandestinely filmed, we should bear in mind. It’s not like these frat boys stood in the middle of their college campus to sing nasty songs featuring the word ‘nigger’. That’s biggest mitigating factor of how far our condemnation should really go.

      1. You know that’s not how it works, right? They would be punished for bad thoughts if it were possible.

        1. I’m aware that this is the age of thought crime. But I shudder to think that if someone bugged my house to overhear private conversations with my wife, that I’d be dragged through the mud as though I were behaving like the Westboro baptist church protesting a funeral.

          1. that’s the end of this suit…

    9. Because we must all shame and express our sorrow that heresy/thoughtcrime/racism exists among the believers/revolutionaries/fellow-travelers.

  4. (Greek) Ex -FinMin Hardouvelis transferred money abroad out of ‘fear of default’

    Gikas Hardouvelis, the man who headed Greece’s Finance Ministry until the January 25th elections unseated the New Democracy-led government, has revealed that he transferred large sums of money out of the country in 2012 out of fear that the country was headed for a default and euro exit.

    The money transfers took place only a few months before Hardouvelis became a key adviser to the technocratic Prime Minister Lucas Papademos who led a unity government following the resignation of George Papandreou. Hardouvelis went on to become Finance Minister in 2014.

    1. Greece is upset with France and Italy for not supporting their bail out plan.

      Speaking of which, interesting read on Italian economics using sports car clusters – to the extent you like clusterfucking.…..s_2006.pdf

      And some ‘devil’s advocacy’ concerning Germany:


  5. reposted cos no-one clicked last time, and it’s a classic:

    A UNIQUE and historic world journalism objet d’art is for sale with buyers from around the globe expected to compete to own the priceless treasure.

    The item is a opulent and ostentatious vinyl topped, composite wood desk owned by the world’s first dick joke correspondent, David Wood.

    Wood found international celebrity and adoration following his groundbreaking work in the field of dick joke journalism.

  6. U.S. tourists arrested for carving initials into wall at Rome’s Colosseum

    Two American women have reportedly been arrested for carving their initials into a wall with a coin inside Rome’s Colosseum.

    Daily Italian newspaper La Stampa says the women, aged 21 and 25, were spotted carrying out the act by fellow tourists, who then told security.

    The two letters — J and N — were about eight inches in length and scratched on a brick wall at the historic Roman amphitheater.

    The women, both from California, reportedly snapped a selfie of themselves with their initials before they were arrested. Their names have not been released.

    1. “Their names have not been released”

      Dumb and Dumber?

      1. Jackass and Nitwit.

      2. Beavis, Butthead?

    2. Stupid fucking idiots. I wish the Italians had locked them up for a while. What in God’s name makes someone think that is a good idea?

      1. When I was in 8th grade we went to a fine arts museum for a field trip. One of the members of my class thought it would be a good idea to skip a nickel across the reflecting pool in the foyer.

        It took a nice chip out of a Greek relief. Our field trip was summarily ended and we were all escorted out of the building.

        1. Wow. But you were at least in the 8th grade and that was at least a stupid accident. These people were adults and decided it was okay to actually deface something.

          1. In all fairness, vandalism doesn’t happen as much as it used to. The 70’s were horrible.

            1. I went to a rock formation recently that’s covered with initials, hearts, etc. and these are chipped deep into the rock. It’s so ugly.

          2. Have you seen the coliseum. Tourists can’t do nearly the damage that the Italians did themselves over the centuries.

      2. Narcissism and selfie culture? ..but I repeat myself, again.

    3. Seriously. Are these people for real?

      It takes a special kind of derp to pull a stunt like that on any important landmark.

      It’s not up there with ‘blowing Buddha statues’ but distasteful to say the least.

      1. ‘blowing Buddha statues’ ?

        Are they anatomically correct? or are you ‘blowing UP Buddha statues’?

        Crazy canadians, eh?

    4. Meh. Not to defend this, but there is plenty of historical precedent. It used to be a thing for tourists to carve their initials places like that. When I toured the Castle of Chillon (paging Switzy) they showed us the place in the catacombs where the tourists all used to carve their names (and some still do). They had a plexiglas sheet covering and protecting Lord Byron’s carving. Some vandalism is more equal than others.

      1. There is a graffito painted by a teenaged George Washington at the Natural Bridge in Virginia.

      2. OK, but that is enough – no more graffiti!!!!

        /Swiss preservationist

    5. Really, if you’re going to do that, at least use letters the Romans used. J indeed.

    6. How are people have this little respect for history? Even when touring a structure built over 2000 years ago, these narcissistic pieces of shit manage to make it all about them. Forget locking them up, they need a good caning right in the middle of the amphitheater. Proceeds from the ticket sales can go to repair the damage they did.

      1. Feed them to the Lions! Bring back the glory of ROME!

    7. The Romans did a lot of graffiti themselves.

    8. So they’re planning on joining ISIS?


      1. That sonofabitch stole my lawnmower. So I kicked his ass and got it back. Just because you’re his bitch doesn’t make it right for him to take my stuff!!!

        1. This technology was meant to expand human communication, but you’re not even human any more! What you’ve become terrifies me. You’re a freak!

          1. Don’t hate, go home and masturbate.

    2. ugh, can’t open it. iO9 is blocked at work, as are most of those sites. I can access Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Dead Spin, and Jezebel (ugh). But not iO9, Kotaku, Gawker, Lifehacker, kinja or anything with Sploid in front of it.

      1. The list (without explanations):

        1) Dragonball Evolution
        2) The Lovely Bones
        3) Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand
        4) Plan 9 From Outer Space
        5) Highlander 2: The Quickening
        6) The Core
        7) Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
        8) Maleficent
        9) Lawnmower Man
        10) Maximum Overdrive

        1. Those all really really suck.

          I was expecting cult classics like Fire and Ice, Heavy Metal, Flash Gordon, Starship Troopers, et al.

        2. #5 was never made, they went directly to part three with no explanation of what happened.

        3. I liked Phantom Menace…

          1. Yousa hava no taste.

            Actually, I’m a sucker for all the Star Wars movies myself, even the crappier ones. The pod race was cool and so was Darth Maul.

      2. Why would you want to access any of those sites?

      3. iO9 is blocked at work, as are most of those sites

        Your job just did you the biggest favor you will ever receive in your life.

    3. Odd. One of those looked like a Star Wars movie, but since there are only 3 Star Wars movies it must have been something else. Lucas should sue.

      1. I know, can you believe someone made that knock-off and didn’t get sued?

        1. Whoever did make that movie, should be publically humiliated and never allowed to make a Star Wars movie again.

          1. Seriously, someone is going to reboot the prequels and tell that story in a completely not-stupid way, I predict.

        2. I think Lucas was still distraught over the theft and mutilation by some hack of the only prints of the Star Wars trilogy.

          1. I know, can you believe someone would vandalize a classic like that? Very sad.

            1. Must have been some stupid Italian tourists visiting California.

    4. Nobody needs to see the Phantom Menace, even once. Also, Highlander 2 is not terrible enough to deserve inclusion on this list. They needed more older movies than just Plan 9 From Outer Space. The Beast From Yucca Flats would be a good contender for this list.

      1. Bull shit! Highlander 2 shouldn’t be on that list, because it should never be seen by anyone.

        Changing the name of the movie to “Stars of the Highlander in a story that has absolutely nothing to do with that movie” would still make it terrible.

        1. It was a dream Bob Hartley had after seeing the first Highlander movie at one of those theaters that serves meals and has reclining chairs. He should’ve skipped General Zeist’s Sweet and Sour Pork.

          1. Winner!

      2. Nothing can compare to the Cinematic nightmare that is…… “Robot Monster”….

        Guy in furry gorilla suit with a old diving helmet on his head…….

  7. Atlanta-area cops fatally shot an unarmed, naked man in the parking lot of his apartment complex Monday.

    They felt their sexuality threatened.

    1. He was cumming right at us!

      *hangs head in shame for typing that*

      1. Your narrowed gaze is really your vinegar shot, isn’t it?

      2. Narrow your gaze in the mirror for that one, Switzy!

    2. Furtive movements. Reaching for his waistband.

      1. Naked aggression.

        1. Ok, I lol’d.

    3. Cops claim he was reaching for his “gun”

      1. This is my rifle, this is my gun . . .

    4. cop was upset that naked man was bigger than him.

  8. We are Amtrak and Amtrak is us! We ride the rails to hell together!

    1. Just gets more and more Atlas everyday. The anti dog eat dog Net Neutrality is something even Ayn would’ve blushed at constructing.

      1. That book is more like an non-fiction eyewitness account every day.

        1. I used to think so, except for the rapey parts, but the success of 50 Shades has me rethinking my assessment of that too.

          1. People criticize Rand for 2D cardboard villains but that is one dimension more than they have in real life.

        2. Maybe we can get Galt’s speech down to a tweet.

          1. #JointheGulch


      1. Along with healthcare neutrality and soon wealth neutrality.

  9. Top French athletes among 10 dead after 2 helicopters collide in Argentina

    The helicopters were reported to be heading to a gorge in northwestern Argentina for the filming of the reality TV show “Dropped” for the French broadcaster TF1.

    Eight French passengers and the choppers’ two Argentinian pilots died in the midair crash near the town of Villa Castelli in La Rioja province, Argentina’s state news agency Telam reported, citing local authorities.

    1. Alive 2?

      Too soon?

      1. One plane, loaded with BBQ sauce, crashes in the Andes Mountain. The survivors did what they had to do to stay alive… one tasty morsel at a time.

        1. Eww! / teenage girl.

        2. They’re French. Maybe its a bechamel sauce.

  10. Someone is poisoning champion dogs. You really have to be a total softcock to poison an Irish setter

  11. Hillary Clinton Has Broad Democratic Support, but GOP Field Splintered ? WSJ/NBC News Poll

    The poll found that 86% of Democratic primary voters said they could see themselves supporting Mrs. Clinton for president. That commanding level of support cut across all major demographic groups within the party ? men and women, liberals and conservatives, whites and minorities.

    Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Fred Yang, called Mrs. Clinton’s strong starting position so “stunning” that it will be hard for any potential primary opponent to challenge.

    “No one is going to sneak up” on her, Mr. McInturff said. “She is like one of those large naval ships. It will take more than one torpedo to sink the boat.”

    1. Broad but not deep.

      Also, did he just compare her to battleship?

      1. Hilary does compare with a very famous, difficult-to-sink battleship: the Bismarck.

        Her politics and ethics are rather similar to its namesake as well.

    2. That just means the Democrats only have one option. That is not necessarily a good thing.

      1. Single player.

    3. ‘Broad’ and ‘Hilary’ are not two words that should accompany one another.

      1. Dame? Skirt?

    4. It is alarming that Senator Rand’s negatives among GOP voters is so high.

      49% say they could vote for him
      40% say they would not vote for him

      1. A lot of establishment party folks consider him a ‘wacko bird’

      2. 40% say they would not vote for him

        Rand will need to revise the way he sells his foreign policy positions. I suggest:

        ‘Our fighting men and women are the best and most dedicated, self-sacrificing people in the world. They are precious. We have too casually sent them to the far corners of the globe for vague reasons or to prop up dictators. As President I will consult with Congress and other notable foreign policy experts before committing our precious defenders into mortal combat. We will not put our fine men and women in harm’s way without serious debate in the highest offices of the land’

        or somesuch

        1. That is the message I’ve got from him, which Newclear Titties and Insane McCain have translated into “Rand Paul is an Islamist Appeaser and Isolationist”.

      3. Is this in a general election? Against Hillary?

  12. Young people in rural parts of the country, “where there are more guns, fewer people, and fewer doctors,”commit suicide at nearly double the rate of urban counterparts.

    It’s not the bullet that kills them, it’s the post hoc ergo propter hoc that kills them.

    1. As a former young person in a rural part of the country (former on the rural, not the young part), I am pretty confident that it’s not because of the guns or doctors. It’s because of the lack of people to socialize with… and also alt-text.

    2. Young people in rural urban parts of the country Japan, “where there are more fewer guns, fewer more people, and fewer more doctors, “commit suicide at nearly double the rate of urban their American counterparts.

    3. From the article:

      “Suicide is the oft-ignored part of gun tragedy in America.”

      And it is the oft-ignored part of knives in Japan, insecticide in rural India, and ropes and belts elsewhere.

      What a bullsh** anti-second amendment piece of propaganda.

      1. insecticide in rural India Srsly? That’s terrible.

        1. Yeah, farmers do that when they have crop failures. It is very sad. They have easy access to lots of insecticide, and that’s what they usually go with.

        2. Insecticides are generally neurotoxins so I imagine that would be a nasty death.

          1. Nothing scared me during the Cold War as much as the thought of being in a nerve gas attack…

            1. Yeah. Getting issued CLS bags in predeployment with actual autoinjectors, not training dummies, was a wakeup.

      2. I’m reading Vico’s ‘New Science’ which explores (and debunks) much of what we think about ancient culture. One of the attributes (including the census) that kept the patricians in power was the fact they were armed and that only the nobles had a ‘right to bear arms’. Only after Fabius reorganized classes of people did plebeians get closer to freedom.

        I don’t think people appreciate how precious as a condition to liberty the 2nd amendment really is. It’s not ‘just’ about owning guns.

        1. A well supplied militia is necessary to the security of a free society.

    1. That’s because we cycle on the sidewalk.

    2. What is really baffling is that the report doesn’t actually lay out what the pertinent law is. The writer just assumes that all sentient organisms understand when it is legal to ride a bike on pavement.

      And to us normals, it makes no sense whatsoever. My son was apoplectic when they resealed the road in front of our house because it erased what he claimed was the longest skid mark in the world. He had beaten all his friends one day, but he paid the price with several wipe outs and lots of road rash.

      I bet the Limeys don’t even allow kids to build jumps for their bikes either.

  13. Silver hoard stashed 2,300 years ago found in cave in northern Israel

    Alexander the Great was dead and his heirs were wrangling for control of his now-fractured empire. In the tumult that ensued, an affluent family living in what’s now northern Israel sought to save their fortune and hid a purse of valuables in a remote stalactite cave.

    The trove, comprising rare types of silver jewelry, a couple of coins, and black-and-white agate beads hidden in a lamp, lay undisturbed in the limestone cave for over 2,300 years until a group of Israeli spelunkers happened upon them last month.

    1. Before I RFTA, I’m guessing the government is taking it from them…

      1. The article implies that the cavers reported this to the government. Also unclear whose land the cave was on. But, yeah, the irony of the article talking about the (original, long-dead) owners does kind of highlight that, unintentionally, I’m sure.

      2. Yeah, bad call, cavers.

        1. Maybe. The article mentions a government agency in charge of preventing antiquities theft, so the consequences of being caught may have outweighed the risk of keeping the find.

        2. They’re not cavers. They’re “spelunkers” whatever the fuck that is.

          1. People who have sex in caves.

            1. People who have sex in with caves.

          2. Cavers rescue spelunkers.

            If you’re out of sight of the cave entrance, nobody outside the cave knows you even went in and when you plan to be back, and you’ve only got one flashlight, you’re probably a spelunker.

  14. Wikimedia is suing the National Security Agency for alleged breaches of user privacy via mass surveillance.

    Let me just log in real quick here with my wiki account… nope, looks like they’re actually suing a baba booey baba booey baba booey.

  15. Obama blasts Walker over Wisconsin’s right-to-work law

    Obama rarely comments on state laws, but by wading into the Wisconsin debate he may help Walker in the crowded Republican primary campaign by elevating the Wisconsin governor above the other likely GOP candidates.

    In his statement, Obama said the “anti-worker law in Wisconsin will weaken, rather than strengthen workers in the new economy.”

    “Wisconsin is a state built by labor, with a proud pro-worker past,” Obama said. “So even as its governor claims victory over working Americans, I’d encourage him to try and score a victory for working Americans — by taking meaningful action to raise their wages and offer them the security of paid leave. That’s how you give hardworking middle-class families a fair shot in the new economy — not by stripping their rights in the workplace, but by offering them all the tools they need to get ahead.”

    1. It’s amazing how passing a law that allows workers to choose whether or not to pay union dues is considered ‘stripping their rights’ by some.

      1. It also bars employers from making union membership a condition of employment.

      2. In theory right to work strips employers of their right to hire solely from a union’s ranks.

        It’s an intervention to attempt to correct for the awful intervention of the progressive era – the coercion requiring businesses to bargain solely with a union (once it is certified).

        Of course, any business that did decide to be a closed shop when there was an alternative to not be one is fucking insane, as in “we only hire white basket-ball players” insane, so in practicality it makes the labor market more free.

        1. There are some instances, maybe in highly specialized workplaces with ‘craft unions’ where an employer might want only members as a kind of certification credential system.

          1. There are some instances, maybe in highly specialized workplaces with ‘craft unions’ where an employer might want only members as a kind of certification credential system.

            Just come out of the closet as a progressive already.

            1. In defense of Bo (oh shit, that gave me a shiver) some unions do still perform some useful functions, ensuring that their members are fully trained and qualified. They of course, still do some evil to balance that out.

              Pubsec unions perform no such useful functions. They are only evil.

              1. I don’t give a shit how much “good” a union does, it’s good is more than ameliorated by the evil of forced association. I have exactly no problem with unions whatsoever, I do have a problem with government protected labor cartels, which is what unions became after the Wagner Act forced employers to accept and negotiate with them at gun point.

        2. Tarran,

          What people never mention about this issue is that right to work benefits union members. The reason is that it makes the union take an interest in them keeping their jobs. In a closed shop, the union is sorry to see you get fired but ultimately is not that upset about it since they know your replacement has to also join the union and will make up for you no longer paying dues. In an open shop, there is no guarantee your replacement will join the union. So the Union will go the mattresses to make sure you keep your job.

          In states that don’t have right to work, the unions become nothing but money machines for the Democratic party. They don’t have to worry about serving their members interests because they have a captive audience. With right to work, unions have to return to being unions again and fighting for their workers rather than just stealing for the Progressive cause.

          1. What people never mention about this issue is that right to work benefits union members. The reason is that it makes the union take an interest in them keeping their jobs. In a closed shop, the union is sorry to see you get fired but ultimately is not that upset about it since they know your replacement has to also join the union and will make up for you no longer paying dues. In an open shop, there is no guarantee your replacement will join the union. So the Union will go the mattresses to make sure you keep your job.

            That hadn’t occurred to me, but does make sense.

            One thing I recall from my stint in the unionized steel mill was how thoroughly miserable *everyone* was. The rank and file hated the union leadership and management. The management hated the union and most of the rank and file. The union hated the management and used the rank and file. About the only guys who got along and worked together were the upper management and the union’s national leadership – the latter basically provided cover while the former looted the company. The national leadership preferred us going out of business and taking our capacity off the market to the lower paying contracts all workers would get in a scenario where the country was awash in cheap steel.

            1. One of the problems with big unions is that they won’t make compromises that make sense at the local level because they are terrified it will set a precedent at the national level.

            2. That’s similar to my experience in a unionized workplace Tarran. I’d add that despite bitching about the union, most of management was happy to let “the contract” do the job of HR work. Choose who to layoff? Nope, by seniority. Figure out who to give raises to and how much? Nope, in the wage chart. Promotion? Use the contractual method. Any workplace problems, gripes, and issues? Not my problem, go talk to your unionist.

        3. +1 Sweet River Baines

          as in “we only hire white basket-ball players” insane

    2. I got that plastered all over my FB wall. All with titles like: Obama “Owns” “Pawns” “Destroys” “Punks” Walker on right to work. We really are dealing with the teenage mindset.

      1. But yet the law still stands.

        1. Yeah, just ask them “Oh, so O! vetoed this then?”

      2. But Walker gets to say “I won”…

      3. And when Obama is proven wrong yet again, his followers will have moved on to some other idiocy so it’s not like you can even get them to recant.

    3. offer them the security of paid leave.

      Paying them NOT to be productive builds things?

      1. Silly boy. Those workers didn’t build that.

    4. Here, fixed:

      In his statement, Obama said the “anti-worker forced unionization law in Wisconsin will weaken, rather than strengthen workers in the new economy the Democrat Party in future elections.”

      Obama is whining because the cycle of extortion-bribery-spoils distribution is coming to an end.

    5. The “new economy”, like the old economy but hobbled and better.

    6. Sounds like Obama’s getting his talking points from Comrade Maduro again.

  16. more people taking to online learning will bring “an increased educational experience at a far lower cost.”

    Oh… he didn’t get the memo about net neutrality, did he?

  17. The U.S. has declared Venezuela a “national security threat” and is barring seven Venezuelan officials from entering the country, doing business here, or accessing their American assets and property as part of new sanctions authorized by an executive order.

    Can we please not give them and their toadies an excuse to blame their shithole country on us, ala Cuba?

  18. The students were marching against “an education bill they say stifles academic independence,” according to Reuters.

    Does the bill cause Burmese college students to feel triggered in any way?

  19. The single most depressing paragraph you will read about American politics today

    This is former White House senior adviser (and fellow Georgetown Hoya) Dan Pfeiffer talking to New York magazine’s Jon Chait about persuasion in the modern age of politics:

    “There’s very little we can do to change the Republicans’ political situation because they are worried about a cohort of voters who disagree with most of what the president says. We don’t have the ability to communicate with them?we can’t even break into the tight communication circles to convince them that climate change is real. They are talking to people who agree with them, they are listening to news outlets that reinforce that point of view, and the president is probably the person with the least ability to break into that because of the partisan bias there.”

    1. Talk about projection. Never once in that paragraph does he admit that the other side might have a point or that his side should move in their direction at all. Nope, the entire problem is they won’t listen and agree with his side about everything. We just can’t reason with these evil voters but it is they not us who are live in a bubble.

      1. You know who else could not be reasoned with?

        1. Matt Welch?

          1. +1 will not stop…ever

    2. Depressing? I think of it more as “hilariously unselfaware.”

      1. Head, meet Sand

        1. You misspelled ass.

          1. #OccupyRectum

            1. Isn’t that Warty’s job?

    3. There’s very little we can do to change the Republicans’ political situation because they are worried about a cohort of voters who disagree with most of what the president says.

      Have you considered compromise?

      1. when compromising with evil, evil always wins.

      2. Well then we would have a harder time leveling the “OBSTRUKTIONISTZZZ!!!!” charge at them.

      3. This is the Obama approved form of compromise…”Do what I want, or I’ll stamp my feet and hold my breath!”

    4. Holy shit, a leftist talking to a leftist in a magazine read by leftists declares other people to be in an echochamber.


    5. And maybe they gave up after Mr. Post-partisan told them to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, I’ve got a mandate, a pen, a phone and the ability to deem the biggest piece of legislation in a decade “reconciled” you fucking racist bitter clingers. Just sayin.

      1. Elections have consequences. But only if it’s the presidential election. Or a Congressional election which the Democrats won. And not the presidential elections the Republicans won.

        1. Elections only matter for Democrats, because they’re democratic. Republican electoral success is, by definition, non-democratic.

    6. Its almost as if the author has no idea how newspapers got popular in the first place:

      The fracturing of the media means many things for how people consume information but one of the most important is that partisans can now read, watch and listen to only news and assorted punditry that agrees with their point of view. That development probably doesn’t impact people who were hard partisans to start with; they distrusted (and ignored) the other side long before the media splintered into a million pieces. But who it does impact are people who are, for lack of a better word, soft partisans; people who generally side with one party but, in the days before the silo-ing of the partisan media, would regularly be exposed to arguments from the other side. Those soft partisans are now, almost exclusively, hard partisans.

      1. “You mean every city in America used to have more than one newspaper? Oh COME ON.”

    7. Bi-partisanship is apparently one-way?

      1. Bi-partisanship is doing what the democrat tells you.

  20. The suit was brought by the freight rail industry, which says Amtrak’s inefficiency was making it hard for freight trains to operate optimally.

    Definitely more like a government entity than a business, then.

    1. Say what you will about Obama, but at least the trains run on, oh wait…

  21. Teacher beats 12-year-old pupil to death in Egypt because he had not done his homework


    1. No bigotry of soft expectations there!

    2. You’re not fooling me IFH. That’s a Rowan Atkinson bit.

      1. “He’s lying up there in sick bay now, stiff as a board and bright green, and this is, I fear, typical of his current attitude.”

    3. Tiger moms are jealous.

    4. Between January 2014 and the end of October, attacks on children increased by 55 per cent compared with the average over the previous three years, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood said in December.

      All cultures are equal!!!

  22. Amnestied Illegals May Receive Social Security As Early As 2017

    Goss notes that a law, additional regulation, or another executive action by Obama or a future president could alter the way SSA calculates and administers OASDI benefits, but says that he does not expect the court’s order will ultimately succeed in changing anything.

    The Social Security Administration appears to be the latest Obama administration agency to ignore the federal judge’s injunction, moving forward as if it posed no legitimate threat to the president’s actions. U.S. Customs and Border Protection continues to circumvent the judge’s injunction, adhering to the relaxed border protection and enforcement standards laid out by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in the wake of the executive actions. And, as the Justice Department noted last week, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began granting applications related to Obama’s executive amnesty well in advance of the date authorized by the president.

    1. Let anyone who wants to come here come and let them have Social Security even if though they have never contributed to the system. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. Don’t you know? They have a “right” to come here and a “right” to utilize the public goods that we were forced to pay for. Hell they have a “right” to use our private property as well.

  23. The U.S. Supreme Court says that Amtrak is more like a government entity than an independent business

    Justice Foxworthy pointed out that if the entity sending you a check also prints the stamps on the envelope it came in… you might just be a government entity.

  24. So when I was a young teenager, I had this friend named Mike. He was a nice enough guy, we watched horror movie together and slept over at each other’s houses. But Mike’s mom was a major weirdo–skinny, nervous, chain-smoking–, always talking about religion in very loaded ways. Eventually, I figured out that Mike’s mom was part of a Christian sect that bordered on being a cult, The Way International.

    One of their stranger beliefs–at least to me at the time–is that Mike’s mom insisted that everything that had ever been invented was invented by a member of The Way through divine inspiration. In other words, man creates nothing; God is the source of everything. She was so adamant on this point that I finally had to stop going over to Mike’s house.

    Anyway, this article and its comments reminded me of Mike’s mom.

    1. And Mike’s mom made $7,824 last month working just a few hours a day from her computer, even though she’s been unemployed for 14 months..

      1. If memory serves, she was a paralegal or a legal secretary. She just had a desperate look about her. The only other person I’ve even been around that had it that bad was this woman I worked with briefly. I had her screaming obscenities at me about the inerrant truth via perfect translation of the King James Bible after less than a week.

      2. Damn, you paid Mike’s mom all that money just to sext you!?

      3. You’re not paying attention, obviously, God made $7,824 last month by working Mike’s Mom for hours a day from her computer, even though God’s been unemployed for 14 months

    2. Free espresso for anyone who can construct a short-story around:

      “we watched horror movie together and slept over at each other’s houses.”


      1. The homopathologizing of male friendship is very damaging to society.

        1. That’s a good start. Where does Warty Hugeman come in?

      2. something sleeping bags something young boys

      3. I’m actually kicking around an idea for a story with Sug as the protagonist. I’ll see if I can work that in.

        1. Just remember that I’m the strong kind of fat.

    3. She was so adamant on this point that I finally had to stop going over to Mike’s house

      That, and it got awkward when Mike found out you slept with her

      1. Ew. But I did try to tap Mike’s little sister’s babysitter. She only showed me one of her boobs, and it might not have even been the good one.

  25. Greece: First shortages in imported goods

    The first occurrences of shortages in imported goods and raw materials have arisen as a result of Greek enterprises’ inability to pay with cash in advance for the entire cost of the commodities they import, and the situation is even worse than in 2012.

    Market professionals have told Kathimerini that there are already some problems in the cases of mechanical equipment and electronic appliances, while in the food and drinks sector there are shortages in certain premium products such as a well-known Belgian beer.

    1. The seem to be importing some of Marx’s rhethoric pretty well.

    2. Too bad for Greece they don’t have any submarines to trade for Pepsi. Maybe they can take some chunks out of the Parthenon.

      1. I have an idea. They could sell donor engravings on each block.

    3. The problem with Greece is that they haven’t elected enough economic illiterates. “I’ve got a fever, and the only proscription is more communists!”

  26. SAE Fraternity tied to many racial incidents

    “Despite the fact that its members agree to memorize and follow a creed known as The True Gentleman, SAE has frequently been accused of racist and discriminatory behavior over the years. Now the largest fraternity in the country, SAE seems to have played a disproportionate role in some of the most offensive incidents in recent decades — and yet remains a house in good standing at more than 200 campuses.”

    1. Drunk frat boys are assholes, news at eleven.

      1. Drunk frat boys are assholes, news at eleven.


    2. In general, you can’t judge fraternities nationally; individual chapters can have widely different atmospheres. I admit it does seem like every school I’ve been to the SAEs pretty consistently have a reputation for being assholes, though.

      1. Same Assholes Everywhere

    3. They were the skeeziest frat that I was aware of at Cornell. I see that the year after I graduated they got shut down there because a pledge died after having been tied down and forced to drink alcohol.

  27. NYC bill would offer money for footage of idling vehicles

    Two city lawmakers want to recruit everyday New Yorkers to help battle the scourge of idling vehicles by paying them for video footage that results in fines.

    City Council members Helen Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) and Donovan Richards (D-Queens) will introduce a bill Wednesday that would give citizens up to 50 percent of the summons revenue if they catch someone breaking the idling law, take a video and submit it to the Department of Environmental Protection.

    1. There’s a law against idling? Fucking hell. Every day I think NYC can’t get any worse, they manage to exceed my expectations.

      1. In fairness, idling vehicles can cause really nasty air pollution in the winter. Arctic cities like Fairbanks, Alaska have horrible air quality in the winter as everyone leaves their vehicles always idling to keep the blocks from freezing. Since the air is so cold, the temperature of the exhaust fumes equalizes with the ambient temperature before the fumes can rise more than a hundred or so feet producing a horrible yellow smog. I could see where a dense city like New York could have the same problem on really cold days if enough people left their cars idling to warm up or stay warm while they went in somewhere.

        1. I thought the electric engine heater hookup things were common in Alaska?

          1. They are but you have to plug in or it runs out your battery. Some places have plug ins but a lot do not. In places where there are not, people just leave their car to idle.

          2. In Minneapolis, they have a lot of underground parking. Beats the plug-ins, which occasionally like to set your car on fire.

        2. Finland has a law about how long you can idle your car for just that reason. Of course, everybody has engine block heaters and all of the townhouses and rental cottages advertise having an electrical outlet for the block heater.

        3. Idling in NYC has nothing to do with cold weather. It is simply lazy assholes being lazy assholes. They’re usually double-parked, too.

      2. If you’re running a turbo charged diesel truck, idling is almost a necessity. Unless, of course, you don’t mind spending a few thousand to replace the turbocharger every 100,000 miles.

        1. But you only should have to let it idle long enough to let the turbos spin down and cool off. It usually only takes a couple of minutes for that to happen. Once they spin down and cool off, you can shut it off just fine.

          1. About 5 minutes is sufficient. But it’s still idling.

            1. When I was looking at buying a turbo charged sports car, I was warned about that. Never drive it hard without warming it up and always let the turbos spin down before shutting it off afterwards.

              Thanks to the CAFE standards most cars in the coming years are going to be turbo charged. I wonder if they have a way around that problem or if people are going to just burn their turbos out, because there is no way your average driver is going to remember to do that.

              1. They’ll burn them out. The diesels in particular are a pain in the ass. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to replace the turbo and the DPF will survive the experience.

                Between the EGR valves and all of the other emissions crap, the new diesel trucks are a minor nightmare,

            2. 5 minutes is way over-kill. 30 seconds at idle is sufficient. Just resist the urge to rev it during shut-down.

              The advent of modern materials like ceramics in modern turbos as well as better designed lubrication systems and greater use of intercoolers are greatly increasing the lifetime and durability of these systems. They’re a lot easier to rebuild, as well.

    2. Who gets fined for the government vehicles that are idling?

      1. You mean govt workers, right?

    3. Let’s pay you to rat out your neighbors.

    4. They want to bump up the fines too, natch.

      Guess the draconian taxes and the ticket quotas aren’t panning out so far this year.

  28. America is literally on fire: How out-of-control oil spills are destroying our population centers

    It’s a good bet that someplace in North America is on fire right now, raging so out of control that officials have to let it burn itself out. And it happened because highly flammable oil was placed on a train for shipping, and something went drastically wrong. Because so much oil is transported by rail these days, the probabilities of catastrophe have elevated significantly. We haven’t ruined a major population center yet only through dumb luck; and we haven’t cracked down on this treacherous practice only because of the enormous power of the industry.


    The industry estimates that 9,500 carloads of oil moved along rail lines in 2008. In 2014 that number jumped to 500,000 carloads, transporting 15 billion gallons of crude. By some estimates that could double this year. Moreover, harder-to-reach oil, from the Bakken shale of North Dakota to the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, is more flammable and explosive, igniting at much lower temperatures, according to U.S. regulators.

    1. It’s the 21st century but we still haven’t developed a alternative to hauling crude oil in choo-choo trains.
      Perhaps CANALS? High-speed canals.
      Or just mule trains.

      1. Don’t be silly. Zeppelins.

    2. Warren Buffett approves.

    3. Good thing Democrats hate pipelines. They decreased amount of pollution and risk would not bode well for their ability to legislate on fear.


    Even a plurality of Democrats, and most under 44, want to move on from Obama. Shreek hardest hit.

    1. But move on to what? The One True Elizabeth Warren?

      1. Read the poll, it is interesting. I thought that too when I read the headline. It turns out that there is some of that, but for the younger people at least, it is the opposite. They want the party not to go full retard. Basically the full retard wing is almost entirely over 45 with over a $150K a year income. The people who are younger or make less money are decidedly not in favor of going full retard, which is pleasantly surprising.

        1. I hope so, but those are also the people with low voter turnout–and even lower primary turnout.

          The idea of HRC being President is sickening, but the lack of a via primary challenger and the bumbling of the GOP up to this point is doing nothing to settle my stomach.

          1. We will see, but I don’t think she will win in a two way race, even if the GOP runs Jeb. She doesn’t have the charisma that Bill or Obama have. Bill got away with being a crooked dirtbag because he had charisma such that people will willing to over look it. He also was very adept at co-opting his opponents and being the centrist alternative. Hillary has neither the charm nor the intellectual imagination to do that. She is everyone’s nasty mother in law or busy body aunt. She might be able to get away with that if she were incredibly honest, centrist and competent. The problem is she is not. So what does she have? Worse still, she has an unbelievable tin ear. She actually thought the Clinton Foundation taking money from foreign countries and setting up her own private email system as DOS was not going to be a big deal. And maybe that alone won’t kill her, though it has certainly hurt her. Even if it doesn’t, however, it shows an incredible lack of judgement such that it is very unlikely this will be the last sort of “oh my God what the hell was she thinking” mistake she is going to make.

            The only way I can see Hillary winning is if the Democrats find a Ross Perot type to con gullible and centrist and Republicans into voting for allowing Hillary to eek out a plurality. That is entirely possible but it is the only way she wins I think.

  30. Apple Watch will have a healthy eating app on it, designed by a woman who beat cancer by eating well, Oh, hang on…

    1. Munchhausen’s not by proxy.

    2. ‘Eating well’? Yeah, right.
      Eating ketogenic?

      1. more like:…..=metabolic theory of cancer&sprefix=metabolic+theo,aps,272

        1. oh, ffs. Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer by Travis Christofferson.


    Further proof peak irony is unattainable; Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates lecture young women about the need to be strong and independent.

    1. And marry well. Best to marry someone rich, powerful, or even rich and powerful.

  32. Fox News more trusted than any other network, according to terrifying poll

    A new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that Fox News is the most trusted news network in the country. The survey, which asked respondents to compare the trustworthiness of major network and cable news networks, found that 29 percent ranked Fox News first. CNN came in second at 22 percent, followed by CBS News and ABC News (both at 10 percent). ABC News and MSNBC received eight and seven percent of the vote, respectively.

    These results are tempered when analyzed across party lines ? 58 percent of Republicans said they trusted Fox News the most, along with 25 percent of independent voters. The Democratic vote, however, was split. 32 percent trust CNN, 15 percent trust NBC News, while only 14 percent turn to CBS News or MSNBC.

    1. All the more reason the government needs to step in and stop their lies.

      /Prog talking point.

    2. Salon’s just upset that even hard-leftists don’t trust them.

      Envy is a bad look on you, Salon.


      /Sad Beard.

    1. If you go under the knife for the sake of a surgery to make your ass look fat, you kind of earn your place in the cemetery.

  33. Can we get a preview button that actually previews our post?

    1. Preview hasn’t worked – at least for me – for weeks. I assumed it was my NoScript + Adblocker + fascr

      1. Preview “works” for me in the sense that it displays a plain-text version of my post.

    2. I haven’t used it in forever because it gets hung up in my browser, and I have to reload. So I only hit submit & never preview. Rash, heady times I live in.

  34. “Young people in rural parts of the country, “where there are more guns, fewer people, and fewer doctors, “commit suicide at nearly double the rate of urban counterparts.”

    I like how they put guns in there even though there’s no evidence guns are the reason for this. After all, the highest suicide rates on Earth are in East Asia where there are very few firearms per capita.

    Rural areas also have vastly lower homicide rates, so using the same logic more guns = less homicide. Or perhaps there’s just other variables that result in suicides and homicides which are unrelated to the availability of firearms.

    1. Variables like having to live in the middle of nowhere?

      1. I would live living in a small community would be the big variable. If you live in the city and really fuck up some way and get kicked out of your peer group, you can go find a new one. If you live in a small town, you can’t. I could see that causing a higher percentage of people living there to kill themselves where they wouldn’t if they lived in a larger community and could get a fresh start easier.

        1. So much this… When I’m visiting “my other home” – a small town on the west coast of Michigan – I make sure not to tick anyone off. It’s a lot easier to make enemies up there… I’ve seen vacation homes broken into and property damaged because someone pissed off the wrong person.

        2. Having grown up somewhere fairly small, I agree on this. And also everyone knowing everyone’s else’s business puts a lot of pressure on people to conform.

          1. … plus you got shot accidentally by a friend, which is … like… stereotypical

            1. The oldest story in the world.

      2. There are a bunch of factors related to suicide. One is the weather, which is why Scandinavia has some of the highest suicide rates in Europe and Seattle and parts of Alaska have the worst American suicide rates. Another is cultural, which is why Japan and South Korea are constantly at the top of the list. East Asia has never really had the cultural abhorrence for suicide you see in the West, given that the Japanese used to actually carry out ritual suicides.

        1. I’m sure there’s some carry over from Bushido, but modern Japan’s suicide IMO comes from isolation. People here aren’t jumping in front of commuter trains during rush hour out of a sense of lost honor. I’d chalk it up to lost hope. The whole country has been in a funk for 30 years economically and the pschological effects on the borderline people can be devestating.

        2. Magnum stopped a Japanese warrior from killing himself though.

          1. Mr. Baseball reference? Or am I overthinking that?

            1. Magnum P.I.

    2. “where there are more guns, fewer people, and fewer doctors,

      I wonder if there is more meth consumed per capita in rural areas?

    3. Rural folk are more successful at suicide simply because they are frequently far away from a doctor or trauma center.

      Just about every sort of threat to life and limb is more likely to end in death in rural areas.

      Its the price you pay for not having to put up with 2,000 assholes within spitting distance at all times.

    4. They’ve been trying to tie suicide to gun ownership for years. The culture warrior statisticians casually dismiss the “causation=/=causality” that they would insist upon for any issue that’s not a progressive hobby horse.

  35. Americans Give Up On Washington
    A new national poll shows that Americans now think state and local institutions are best equipped to solve the country’s major problems.

    “After 10 years of paying attention to politics, I just prefer state and local government,” says Hansen, an independent voter who works in food sales and lives in Idaho, just outside of Sun Valley. “I think local and state politicians actually listen more. They have to live within the same rules that they create.”

    The most recent results of the 22nd Heartland Monitor poll, sponsored by Alllstate and National Journal, bear out Hansen’s assessment of who is best suited to lead the U.S. Years of federal gridlock and dysfunction have left the public favoring state and local institutions over the federal government as the places best equipped to offer solutions to the country’s ongoing economic and social challenges.

    1. Hallefuckingluja

    2. “After 10 years of paying attention to politics, I just prefer state and local government,” says Hansen, an independent voter who works in food sales and lives in Idaho, just outside of Sun Valley. “I think local and state politicians actually listen more. They have to live within the same rules that they create.”

      Eff off slaver. Go get dominated by a pay for service. Just because you need someone in a fancy suit to tell you what to do, doesn’t mean others should be extorted and enslaved by that same douchebag that has a totalitarian police force to back them up.

    3. One city to rule them all.
      *Checks maps for active volcanos in the DC area*

    4. As much as I complain about that Obama guy, I have to admit he is pretty much souring the entire country on government in general and Washington in particular. I am pretty sure the next snake oil salesman who show up with his bottles of Hope and Change will have a bit more difficult time convincing the country.

      1. Michelle Obama has made my kids libertarians.

        It’s really not her fault; I’m sure the hagiographic credit she gets for the kids’ starvation rations when buying hot lunches was intended to raise her in their estimation.

    5. I think local and state politicians actually listen more.

      When I lived in a city of 5k people, I could walk 2 blocks to the city hall and bitch at the mayor.
      Of course they listen more, they have no choice.

      1. This. My parents have “used” local politicians for their intended purpose – serving constituents. Complaining directly to the right people can get results.

    6. Secession please. I think the US should be no more than 5 or 6 separate countries. Being a flyover state, it gets pretty tiring that we’re dominated by the ignorant fucks in New York and California.

  36. Finally got my Yosemite permit. Only took sending about 80 faxes. I’ll be off for a couple of weeks at the end of August.

    1. Good luck! And don’t forget to spray paint your initials on El Capitan when you get up there!

    2. Congrats. Hope you have a great hike. Would enjoy reading about that if you’re so inclined. Frost the cake for me if it’s that type of place. /wussy eastern hiker

    3. Please make sure you dodge STEVE SMITH!

    4. I’ve never been there. Looks like a great place to hike. Been thinking about a trip out west, though we’re looking at Yellowstone/Grand Tetons (which I have been to before).

  37. This is what happens with free range children

    Are you happy, Reason? ARE YOU?!

    /nanny statist

    But seriously, bad stuff will happen regardless. And children are far more likely to be kidnapped by people they know (particularly relatives) than strangers.

    1. Yep, no difference between a 22-month old and a 10 yr old, but the progs will attempt to make the connection

    2. WTF was the babysitter doing this whole time, texting?

      1. That’s what I would like to know.

  38. Carnegie Hall debut canceled over Nazi anthem

    A debut at Carnegie Hall meant to showcase a young composer was abruptly canceled after management realized it featured a snippet of a Nazi German anthem.

    The New York Youth Symphony was set to premiere the orchestral work on Sunday at the prestigious concert hall but the orchestra’s management removed it, saying that such an explosive musical reference required a longer conversation.

    No one has suggested any Nazi sympathy by composer Jonas Tarm, a 21-year-old Estonian American, who intended for the work to deplore war including recent bloodshed in Ukraine.

    But the controversy raised a broader question — how explicitly do artists need to state that allusions to history’s darkest chapters are meant to condemn rather than condone?

  39. Spot the Not! Richard J Daley!

    1. We shall reach greater and greater platitudes of achievment.

    2. The strength of the Democratic Party of Cook County is not something that just happened.

    3. “Controversial” only means “this will lose you votes”. “Courageous” means “this will lose you the election”!

    4. What is inherently wrong with the word ‘politician’ if the fellow has devoted his life to holding
    public office and trying to do something for his people?

    5. Power is dangerous unless you have humility.

    6. We have to face it: in America today the way to have fun and celebrate is to break a store window and take something. That’s the way it is, today in America, and we have to accept it.

    1. I’m guessing 6 is the not.

    2. #3 is from ‘Yes Minister’… though I suppose Richard J could have said it too.

    3. The Not is #3. That is from Sir Humphrey from Yes, Minister.

      1. Daley could not be that clever, nor that articulate.

  40. Spot the Not! Richard M Daley!

    1. It has to be because unemployment problems in northwest Indiana are similar to those in southeast Chicago.

    2. That’s my style; I like to kick ’em when they’re down.

    3. Why should a city be mandated to do something by the federal government or state government without the money to do it?

    4. Well, the problem of the federal government is that they print money and go in debt.
    That’s their national policy, Democrats and Republicans it doesn’t matter. And this is where I differ.

    5. It’s just a group of people, yuppies and yippies and hoppies or whatever they call them, I don’t know. Who are they? Are they worried about the moon coming out or something?

    6. I supported him. I raised money for him. What else do you want me to do? Take my pants off?

    1. 4. I can’t imagine Daley lumping donkeys in with hefalumps.

    2. The Not is #2. That is from Nixon’s preserved head from Futurama.

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