Brickbat: The Stomp


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Thomas Donovan has filed suit against five Amherst, Massachusetts, police officers for false arrest and violating his civil rights. The officers pepper-sprayed Donovan, knocked his smartphone out of his hand and stomped it, and arrested him after he tried to record them arresting another person.

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  1. Amherst Police Chief Scott Livingstone said Wednesday afternoon that he could not comment because he had not seen the lawsuit. Amherst Town Manager John Musante declined to comment Wednesday evening for the same reason.

    Sans a lawsuit I’m sure these fine leaders would be chatty cathys about the details of their officers’ misconduct.

    1. Most likely they keep their chat inside the blue line they surround themselves with.

    2. They can discuss the case with their families once they get home safely. Which is what’s REALLY important here.


  2. Amherst, Massachusetts; obviously another “rightwing” stronghold just like the rest of Massachusetts and basically every place cops pull crap like that. Har-har-har.

    1. Like many big cities?

    2. The rightwing racist cops murdered a Black child in Madison, WI !

  3. Move on,nothing to see her,nothi,hey,turn that damn thing off!!

  4. Apparently he’s a senior at U.Mass, so it’s educational!

  5. The cops were just trying to protect the privacy of the citizen they were assisting – nothing wrong with that. Plus, it would be a violation of HIPAA to discuss the health of the injured phone.

  6. This case does not evoke too much sympathy from me, although I certainly regret that the young man was killed. His erratic behavior (jumping in and out of traffic and assaulting others) requires explanation. We do know that the officer who shot him suffered a head injury from their altercation.

    “Police responding to the scene Friday night were told by dispatchers that the 19-year-old [Tony Robinson] had hit one of his friends….”

    “They were later told also told the suspect had tried to strangle another patron at a gas station….”

    Again, I regret that the young man is dead but the available information doesn’t paint a positive image.…..-1.2141789

    1. Oops – that was in reply to SIV: “The rightwing racist cops murdered a Black child in Madison, WI !”

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