Raping Culture

The oft-repeated claim that rape is so common that there is a "rape culture" in the U.S. is utter exaggeration.


A new documentary calls colleges like Harvard and Notre Dame "The Hunting Ground," where rapists prey on women. A bipartisan group of senators demand new rules to "curb campus sexual assaults."

Apparently, new laws are needed because at colleges, sexual assault is "epidemic." Rape is so common that there is a "rape culture."

I hear that a lot. 

It is utter exaggeration. Fortunately, AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers is around to reveal the truth.

"This idea of a rape culture was built on false statistics and twisted theories about toxic masculinity," she says. 

No one denies that some men, especially when drunk, get violent and abusive. I saw nasty behavior when I was in college, and I assume there are places worse than Princeton. 

Sommers says, "I always make clear, rape is a very serious problem, (but) if you look at the best data … it is not an epidemic. And we do not have a rape culture." 

The difference is not just numbers, she says. "Rape culture means everything in society is reinforcing (rape) and making it seem a legitimate thing to do. Of course that's not true."

The media love crisis, and hyping sexual assault is a good way to get attention. 

Recently, a Rolling Stone article said that men routinely assault women at the University of Virginia. It told a frightening story, based on one witness, of gang rape in a frat house that left the victim's friends completely uninterested, since assault is so routine. 

The article got lots of attention. Then completely fell apart. 

"It proved to be a sort of gothic fantasy, a male-demonizing fantasy," says Sommers. "It was absurd." 

In much American media, a rape story is "too good to check." The Rolling Stone author admits she wanted to believe. She barely fact-checked the claims made by her source. Her source's story fit the reporter's own "rape culture" narrative. She interviewed students at many campuses, waiting for the rape story she wanted to hear. 

The Rolling Stone story sounded extraordinary from the beginning. "But for several days, people in the media just believed it, and publicized it, and anguished over it," says Sommers. To doubt was taboo. "The hysteria around campus assault, the false information has been building for so long," warns Sommers, "people are willing to believe anything."

President Obama added to the misinformation by pandering to the feminist victim lobby, creating a "sex abuse task force" and repeating a widely quoted—yet obviously absurd—rape statistic: "It is estimated that one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted during their time there. One in five!"

Yes, Mr. President, we hear that a lot. 

But it's a lie.

At allegedly horrible University of Virginia, where Rolling Stone said assault was routine, .46 sexual offenses were reported per thousand students. That's still too many, but for "one in five" to be true, it would have to be 200. 

Admittedly, many victims of assault fear going public, so the UVA number may be higher than .46. Nevertheless, one in five just isn't plausible.

"The figure is closer to one in 50," says Sommers of colleges overall. 

Sexual assault is serious stuff. Activists trivialize it by asking survey questions like "Did you ever receive unwanted sexual contact while drunk?" and counting "yes" answers as assaults.

"The CDC did a study," recounts Sommers. "They called it sexual violence if you said yes (to the question) 'Has anyone ever pressured you to have sex by telling you tales, or making you feel guilty?' That counted as violence."

It's not nice to pressure someone. But people do that. That's different from violence, isn't it? 

If we forget the difference between violent and non-violent conduct, no one is safe. If we pretend everyone is guilty instead of a few real criminals, rapists win. No longer are they a dangerous group of very bad people, they're just—men. 

That's no victory for women. Or anyone.

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  1. For the backstory on the way the meme of “rape culture” was created from misandric feminist ideology and eventually insinuated into almost every facet of US society, including nearly every media story on the “epidemic” of campus sexual assault, see: All Sex is Rape ? All Men are Rapists: Patriarchy = Rape Culture

    For an in-depth expose of the evolution of universities from institutions of higher learning into witch-hunt tribunals for the “rape culture” advocates, see: New Puritanism ? New Paternalism: The “Rape Culture” Narrative Demeans Women, Demonizes Men, and Turns Universities into Witch Hunt Tribunals

    The deprivation of basic constitutional rights for men and their attempts to fight back are addressed in: The Pendulum Reverses ? Again: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses & Men Strike Back against Title IX Tribunals

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      1. With this new look and can’t tell where the article ends and the comments begin.

        1. The new mobile look is rather off-putting.

      2. There’s a fifty-character max, which will junk many links.

        So, the silver lining has a dark cloud.

    2. Don’t forget the real statistics: http://communityvoices.post-ga…..enty-seven

  2. Two University insurance industry studies of campus sexual assault contradict the “rape culture” meme: Insurance Industry Revelations and Prescriptions about Campus Sexual Assault.

    United Educators, which insures most colleges in the US, released a study of 305 sexual assault claims they received from 104 member schools for the three years ending in 2013, which show that when a formal complaint is brought against a student, in 45% of the cases he is found responsible. When that happens, more than 80% of the time he is given the most severe penalty available ? either expulsion or suspension (43% are expelled). Only in 25% of the cases the accused is found not responsible, and in 23% the school did not adjudicate, not because of a cover-up, but because in the majority of these instances the accuser either asked the school not to investigate, became uncooperative, or could not identify the accused.

    1. Thank you for the various links, Robert. The snippets from “The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses” were interesting, and echoed sentiments I’ve read here and elsewhere.

      1. You’re quite welcome and I’m glad you appreciate my work. It is my gift to the world.

  3. To understand how the feminist movement has become its own worst enemy, see: Feminism Has Cannibalized Itself

  4. In Rotherham, there really is a rape culture. The usual suspects that ALWAYS talk about “rape culture” don’t wanna talk about that though….

    1. No. In Rotherham there is a vibrant and wonderfully diverse culture filled with yummy food and exotic but peaceful and humanistic beliefs that deserve our respect and appreciation. Sure, there are a few isolated instances of some sexual misconduct but these are exceptions to the rule and were probably heavily influenced by the toxic domestic culture of pasty white men.


      1. It was wholesome cultural artisan forced sexual intercourse. Not rape at all.

      2. Those poor Pakistani men were noble artisans, fishermen and craftsmen before they tried to make a better live for themselves in the intolerant west. Look what our decadent culture did to them, it made them rape children! And the little children for their part were being culturally insensitive in their dress and mannerisms and sent the wrong signals to those misunderstood Pakistani men. We need to educate our children about the legitimacy of Islamists and their human right to colonize us, that is if we want to avoid further tragedies. Remember all cultures are equal, except western culture which should be sodomized.

        1. I was wondering when someone would get to the real “rape culture” which is happening in Muslim infested parts of Europe.
          Feminists only like fighting fake causes like the “equal pay fight” or the “buy me my contraceptives fight” or now the “epidemic of rape on colleges”.

          They conveniently ignore the real subjugation of women in Muslim countries and by Muslims in western countries. I think this is because they are too cowardly to fight a real fight.

          1. Oh, come ON, man, now, let’s not get TOOO judgmental here… Goatfuckers will be goatfuckers, after all, and so we should let them slide… Unless they are CHRISTIAN goatfuckers, in which case we must crucify them! Islamic goatfuckers are multi-culti, and Xtians are not, that is the long and short of it…

    2. “In Rotherham, there really is a rape culture. ”

      No need to go that far to find rape culture. How about your state penitentiary? Still too far? Just turn on your TV and laugh along at the rape jokes made every time prison is mentioned.

  5. Alright, who invited the MRA?

    1. Clearly, no invitation is necessary for willful imbeciles.

  6. Have I mentioned I like Stossel?

    1. Maybe… any thoughts on his ‘stache?

    2. Once or twice.

  7. Today’s college male is hardly the type that’s filled with any measurable amount of testosterone. Him “raping” anyone or anything is really testing the senses.

    But to throw places like Harvard into the mix, makes it laughable. The type of male that populates an ivy league campus sets new standards for the terms “wussy”, “twerp” and “sissy”.

    1. “If you don’t sleep with me, Daddy won’t give you the internship you want.”

      1. “Wait, did I say that out loud? I better hope I belong to a ‘protected class,’ or I’m screwed.”

        1. Evidently, you are either way.

        2. Christ, you’re an asshole.

          Get a new schtick, bigot.

          1. Maybe I could just post insulting replies to your comments, regardless of the topic?

            That would totally prove that I’m not an obsessive stalker!

            1. Fuck off, shithead. Go preach your gospel to someone who gives a shit.

              1. Hmmm…if only there was some technical fix by which you could block people you don’t like…because I’m sure you’d use that technology if it were available, if only to protect your blood pressure.

                1. Oh, I don’t want to block you Eddie. I want to expose you for the, bigoted, piece of shit, hypocrite you are.

                  Do unto others…indeed!

                  1. Oh, I don’t want to block you Eddie. I want to expose you for the, bigoted, piece of shit, hypocrite you are.

                    Do unto others…indeed!

                    SSM should not be recognized by the government, actual marriage should be. Because marriage and the family precede the government and the government has no business either redefining marriage *or denying it recognition.*

                    My objections aren’t confined to SSM laws, but extend also to “no-fault” divorce, the promotion of single motherhood, and legalizing adultery under the name of “remarriage.”

                    I can certainly understand your antipathy F d’A. But perhaps it would be more productive to just utterly thrash GKC whenever he produces this frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that he calls an argument.

                    1. I always forget that Eddie thinks single moms are are one of the great scourges of society.

                    2. Well one could argue that the welfare state is a scourge that produces legions of single moms, but that sort of precludes the Bill O’Reilly style culture warrior explanation for the problem where “we don’t legislate morality enough!”.

                    3. But perhaps it would be more productive to just utterly thrash GKC whenever he produces this frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that he calls an argument.


                      “Wait, did I say that out loud? I better hope I belong to a ‘protected class,’ or I’m screwed.”

                      Was Eddie’s weasely way of arguing, while being able to claim later, that he wasn’t.

                      If you investigate the thread I linked to, you will note his justification for his bigotry (not allowing gays to marry) is a claim that allowing gay marriage will make gays a protected class. His comment above was a masked dig, alluding to that position.

                      Eddie is a devious little shitbag, here only to proselytize.

                    4. I agree with your assessment of the guy and his motives. I read through the thread. He’s worse than John on this issue and that’s saying something.

              2. Make a point or shut up.

  8. So…you’re saying that you are allowed to hunt coeds? Without worrying about cops or game wardens?

    1. Yes, but it’s rape and release.

      1. Fuck you, you made me nose hot coffee. still laughing at that

  9. You know who else had twisted theories about toxic masculinity, don’t you?

    1. Dr David Bruce Banner?

      1. Go for the green.

    2. Andrew “Dice” Clay?

      1. Hefner: Wrinkled up grandpa, walking around in silk pajamas…patting the behinds of skanky little blond ho’s.


        1. You say that like it’s not something to aspire to.

        2. Yeah, you had me right up until “Pathetic.”

    3. Charles Atlas!

      1. You 98# weakling!

    4. Swamp Thing?

  10. At allegedly horrible University of Virginia, where Rolling Stone said assault was routine, [0.46] sexual offenses were reported per thousand students. That’s still too many, but for “one in five” to be true, it would have to be 200.

    The number is obviously bogus. Even considering the rate of unreported sexual assaults (according to here, it is about 68% of rapes go unreported,) the number 1-in-5 is still a huge exaggeration.

    0.46 per 1000 reported cases (if one trusts Stossel’s source) would thus represent 32% of total rape cases according to the website I linked to. That would mean that the total rape cases, reported and unreported, would have to be 1.44 cases per 1000 students, or 0.46 ? 0.32. That’s not one-in-five by any stretch of the imagination, more like 1 in 695.

    1. Yes, but 1 in 1 women are violently looked at by creepy dudes they don’t like. There’s your rape culture right there.

    2. Even considering the rate of unreported sexual assaults (according to here, it is about 68% of rapes go unreported,) the number 1-in-5 is still a huge exaggeration.

      The 1-in-5 number is grossly refuted in every manner. The problem is obvious that if you said 1-in-5 women get stabbed to death on campus you have to explain why the mountains of dead bodies are.

      Similarly, all of these ‘assaults’ are apparently performed in a manner that is virtually always on campus, virtually never reported to police (campus or otherwise), never requires any hospitalization or unwanted pregnancy, conducted by a small elite cohort of men who generationally enjoy this behavior and execute it consistently near perfectly as described above.

      A cult of men who rape black swans during the full moon. Prove it doesn’t exist.

      1. And even if I was sinning of conflating overall unreported cases with campus rape cases where the unreported rape statistic could be higher (for whatever reason), it would still not come a bit closer to the 1-in-5 statistic that circulates among the campus rape culture fanatics. The figure of 1 in 50 as Sommers states could still be plausible and believable, which means the total number of sexual assaults in college campuses would still be 10 times LOWER than what is reported uncritically by the press and in the blogosphere.

  11. Imagine the disappointment felt among alarmists when they heard rape wasn’t nearly as common as they had believed.

  12. I had a lot of fun replacing “rape” with “Werewolves” in this story

    1. +1 Slaughtered Lamb.

  13. “Yes, Mr. President, we hear that a lot.
    But it’s a lie.”

    Yeah, that’s what he does.

  14. There are 9,800 females enrolled at the local university and there’s been one rape this semester.
    So, either there will be a “mass rape” semester or the 1 in 5 stats are bogus as hell. I think the only 1 in 5 stats that applies to Our Glorious Leader is the times he is telling the truth when his lips are moving.

    1. So how many credit hours do you get for the mass rape semester, anyway?

  15. And why does that sign read “Welcome Fresh*men*”?
    Shouldn’t it be “Freshcritters”?

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  17. Women are the more prevalent abusers of children. I guess toxic femininity is spreading “child abuse culture”.

  18. How can you tell the difference between rape and consentual sex…

    The size of the guys wallet

    1. As in “If he rapes me sexually, I can rape him financially.” or as in “Everyone’s a prostitute if the price is right.”?


      1. The latter.

        Womens hearts all go a flutter over Christian Grey, but have a 50 year old disabled guy living in a trailer park do the exact same things and it becomes sexual harrassment and rape

        1. You can probably switch money with “super hot” (whatever that currently means) and get the same result if the dude is really unattractive.

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  20. politics aside, consider reality on the ground: young girls, most of whom see marriage and perhaps kids in their futures, are marinated in this swill of rape culture. Basically, these ladies are being told that the marital pool is populated by rapists, thugs, misogynists, and assorted other malcontents. Sure, this ends well.

    This is what Orwell’s junior anti-sex league looks like in modern form. We can all look forward to the Ministry of Truth’s further dissemination of this news.

  21. If 1-in-5 women is being raped on college campuses, WTF is the NSA/DHS/FBI doing?

    You would need a well trained but small network of rapists with regular turnover ‘hiding in plain sight’ on college campuses while committing crimes regularly.

    I guess we can only pray that these psychos never develop a taste for blowing shit up.

  22. You would need a well trained but small network of rapists with regular turnover ‘hiding in plain sight’

    Sounds like the plot of True Detective to me.

    Which is awesome. I have two eps left on the DVR. NO SPOILERS, YOU FUCKERS!

  23. The rot began when the Puritan’s dropped blood sports and fornication from the core curriculum.

  24. The thing I find most interesting is why would a woman pay $20,000 plus a year for higher education if there is a great chance she is going to be raped. I went to a fratastic private school in the south-the perfect breeding ground for the feminist rape fantasy of rich, white, entitled Republican, frat boy rape robots shooting their laser pointers all over my liberal arts face…but really, I had drunk sex with quite a few of them and my biggest problem was that they couldn’t keep it up. Maybe I got lucky. But I had a lot sexually active girlfriends (most of them were in a sorority), and we never heard of these slew of rapes. We really are girl’s girls and look after each other, too, so there wasn’t some hush hush gas chamber environment where no one could come out with the truth….until now!!! Honestly, we heard more about male on male sex crimes which ended with some guys not coming back the next semester. The one rape I ever heard of (obviously it’s not like this was actually the only one) was committed off campus by an ethnic group who kidnapped and gang banged a student…it was awful.

    If you want to figure out the cause of sudden influx of rape, look no further than the root of education itself because we all know public educated students are more likely to be wife beaters and rapists, no offense, it’s true.

    1. “Nothing to see here. Except the gang rape. And the “obvious” other rapes. And the gay rape. And the public school abuser-rapists. Oh, and apparently a promiscuity problem for you more puritanical types.”

      All is well. Have a joy-joy day.

  25. If any other business in the US harmed 20% of their female clientele the government would seize all assets and jail CEOs.

    Why is our government promoting, nay even providing loan money, to young Adult women and men to attend these putrid pools of disrepute? Does the government want Our Girls to suffer these disgraceful attacks?

    Shut. Down. The. College. Rape. Factories.


  26. It’s weird, even creepy, that so few here acknowledge or seem to appreciate that there are obviously layers of truth in this subject matter. Stossel exclaims that the one in five claim is a lie. It’s apparently exaggerated, maybe wildly so. But a lie? If so, is it any less dishonest to present the “reported” number as the definitive truth, knowing, as we all do, that not all assaults are reported, and probably most are not reported?

    The last thing the world needs is another pile of bias rubble to sort through in search of a given truth. This piece is just a different flavor of Kool Aid. Seems typical of JS.

    1. We know this–

      “…not all assaults are reported”

      is true.

      We do not know if this–

      “….and probably most are not reported?”

      is true.

      We can only act on what is reported.

      What is reported is a number much different from the ‘1 in 5’ number by a huge margin. Based just on the reported numbers Stossel notes, the number is less than 1 in 2000.

      That is as close to truth as we can get.

      You seem to want to use supposition to tar innocents with a heinous crime simply because they exist. I wouls suggest then that the ‘pile of bias rubble’ is the one I had to dig through to get to the truth you so desparatly want hidden.

      1. Why is rape “a heinous crime”? Why pay it even that much lip service? How is it worse than serious assault, for example? We’ve been told for a half century that individual acts of sex aren’t that meaningful, and that virginity is little more than a social embarrassment.

  27. For one in five to be true, the real number would have to be 200 per 1,000 *women* students, or slightly over 100 per 1,000 students. You’re off by a factor of two.

  28. Here’s all you need to know about this “rape culture”, the real statistics, well north of 1 in 1,000. This article should be required reading and should be plastered all over the internet.


  29. Th 1 in 5 statistic comes from the Koss report. It was reported as sexual assault, not rape. The rape part is an exaggeration of that. The Koss report used a survey that asked questions like, “Has a man ever pinched your butt when you were out at a bar?” and if she said yes, that was defined as sexual assault.

    Is this a good time to mention that the last time we had a rape hysteria like this in our country there were an awful lot of young African American men lynched in the south?

    These SJW types are the same crowd that showed up on doorsteps with torches and pitchforks all throughout history.

    It must work though since we haven’t had a witch problem in 300 years.

  30. The Rape Culture Meme Is to Authentic Human Culture what Genetically-Modified Corn is to Maize: The Rape Culture Meme

  31. “No one denies that some men, especially when drunk, get violent and abusive.”

    This statement seems to ignore the fact that the same is true of women. In fact, studies of domestic violence have found equal predation among both sexes, and studies of sexual assault and rape have found similarly equal predation and victimization among both sexes.

    Domestically and globally, men and boys are victims of sexual violence at rates equal to those of women, and are assumed to be villains whenever a woman accuses: Men are Twice-Raped

    Two studies ? both by highly-qualified women academics ? have undermined the almost universal stereotype of sexual violence and taken the lid off of the well-hidden problem of male sexual victimization by both women and men: Two Sexual Assault Studies Contradict Stereotypes

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