Clinton's Private Email Account Violated Government Rules, Netanyahu Tells Congress That Iran is a Threat, Snowden Considers Returning Home: P.M. Links


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  1. Such as her evasion of storage requirements for official communications as secretary of state by using a private email account.

    I doubt she’s going to run on transparency anyway.

    1. Hello.

      “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S. Congress that his country’s survival is threatened by Iran.”

      Obama: Take it to someone who may care.

    2. I don’t know. I hear she’s even lost MSNBC. I think she’s fucked, but I am definitely not a Democratic primary voter.

      1. Look, do you want someone fumbling around for their government password when that 3 AM email comes in?

      2. I think her camp knew this would come out eventually and they leaked it and the foreign donor thing, to friendly outlets (MSNBC and NYT) well in advance of next year’s primaries. By the time those roll around, her camp we just say “Dude, that was, like, months ago??”

        1. It didn’t work against Obama. She and John McCain made him look like the second coming of Reagan. She just doesn’t have it. Even with Billl and the media pulling her along.

          1. I truly loath Bill Clinton, but he was the most talented politician in my adult life. If Hilary couldn’t defeat a vacuous community organizer from Chicago with all of Bill’s advice and assistance, she’s hopeless. I am still struck by how lousy of a candidate Barack Obama objectively was: a palpably socialist weirdo, mentored by a card-carrying Marxist, financed by a terrorist and a convicted swindler, voted “present” on all issues other than the most extreme stance on abortion, etc. The only thing he had going for him was a demogogic stump speech that appealed to dimwits who, on the hearing, interpreted his vacuous words to be the revealed wisdom of a messiah. His success against McCain wasn’t a surprise, because McCain that that bad, but that he beat Hilary makes me think that Democrats really are stupid.

            1. ” The only thing he had going for him was a demogogic stump speech”

              You grossly underestimate white guilt.

            2. Nah, I think Virginia Postrel was right: Obama also had that glamour that allowed people to assume that he believed in the same things they did despite all evidence to the contrary.

        2. Somehow something that occurred “months ago” is never a factor when “but BUUUUUUUUSH!!!” is invoked.

        3. By the time those roll around, her camp we just say “Dude, that was, like, months ago??”

          I believe the appropriate transliteration is:

          What difference, at this point, does it make?

          1. If I don’t hear this at least once at every debate, I will be severely disappointed.

            1. The line will be lets focus on important issues like helping America’s middle class families.

              Ignore that corruption, cover ups, and general money grubbing going on over there.

    3. Yeah, the most frequent rationale I hear for her putative Presidential run is “it’s a woman’s turn”. This is usually coupled with the total inability to articulate any further justification–not even the most base promises of free lunches. Pure identity politics.

      1. “Female” is the appropriate term.

        1. The way things are going, there won’t be any appropriate terms any more because the SJW language police will rap you for even using the word “female”.

      2. The hierarchy of ‘who’s turn it is next:

        2-10) Black
        11) Native
        12)Jew or Italian; preferably biracial to kill two birds with one stone.
        13) Latino
        14) Asian
        15) Gay
        16) Muslim
        17) Gay, crippled Latino Muslim of Korean descent
        18) Midget

        1. 19) CANADIAN

          1. You forgot atheist. Obama might possibly be one but he’s not ‘open’ about it.

            1. I wonder if there were any Presidents who were atheist in their private beliefs.

              1. Does being a Deist count as an atheist? It’s not too far off.

                1. Eh, deists still believe in some kind of higher power that influence morality through nature. I’m leaning more towards Nietzsche-esque atheist.

                  1. Jefferson, in his secret heart?

                    1. I agree, Jefferson. He did cut out the miracle stories in his Bible. Not exactly the behavior of a true beleiver.

                2. I know they were deists but don’t know if that’s the same.

              2. Lincoln, perhaps.

          2. 20) Atheist

          3. Cytotoxic would probably win the GOP nomination in a landslide if he’d stop fellating Mexicanz

        2. Trans is the hot thing right now; you forgot that.

          1. Trans is the hot thing right now…

            I now have Hader doing ‘Stefon’ on SNL stuck in my head.

            1. How soon we forget. Pat for president!!

              1. it was more the “hot thing right now” part:

                – New York’s hottest club is ‘Wesh’ – Nine-year-old Tokyo pimp Ichiaku Guru is back with an all new hotspot that answers the question, “WHAT?!” This place has everything: Trance, stilts, throw-up music, an albino that looks like Susan Powter, Teddy Graham people.
                – Teddy Graham people?
                – It’s that thing of when a guy has the stumpy arms, but with the belly.

        3. Why do you hate Sikhs?

          1. Cuz they all Singh

              1. Different Asians

        4. 19) Short, Hispanic, Hindu, French-speaking, physically handicapped communist gay black woman.

          /Bloom County

          1. seeks short flightless waterfowl for melancholy relationship

        5. 21) Chimp

        6. You left off genderfuck.

          Of course, African-American genderfuck would be a plus.

        7. James Buchanan was most likely the first gay president, so that bingo square got checked off a long time ago.

    4. I have to believe she’s toast. I really do.

      What with her age, health, lack of any accomplishments (beyond simply being First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State), the new scandals (cashing checks from foreign countries while SecState, intentional evasion of legal requirements for email) just seem like too much for anyone to survive.

      The Dems now have to be looking at a very depleted bench, and wondering if Elizabeth Warren can possibly win a national election (hint: she can’t).

      1. There must be Dem Senators and Governors out there willing to club her to death with own history like a baby seal.

        1. You can’t imagine how much joy this would give me.

      2. I think it’s going to be someone nobody is seriously talking about right now. Some Governor maybe.

        1. Who are the current Dem female governors?

          It’s gonna be a woman. The left has gone full tard on identity politics.

          1. Kate Brown of Oregon, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, and Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island.

            1. My money would be on Hassan from that group. New Englander who can credibly make the claim that she’s not just another tax-and-spend liberal (even if she likely would be). Kate Brown hasn’t been in office long enough and nobody gives a shit about Rhode Island.

        2. I think so too. They’re going to run the Obama playbook again. They’ll find some clean-slate who they can project whatever they want to on, who’s history is thin enough to not provide opposition much ammo, and is either a hispanic, woman, or both.

          I’ve said it numerous times, I am certain they will go with Julian Castro (San Antonio mayor). He hits all of the above requirements, plus he got way too good of a speaking slot at the last convention and they really want Texas to be purple.

          1. Won’t be a mayor. Mayors do for shit in presidential elections…whether they’re Democrat or Republican. It’ll either be a governor or someone out of the legislature.

      3. Who the hell else do the Dems have, though? Fluke? Michelle Obama? Pelosi? It’s gonna be Hilldawg or Warren. They’ve backed themselves into that corner.

        1. I made the brazen call that Lizzie would be the nominee almost a year ago. I was called crazy. I repeated that it wasn’t something I wanted, just that I knew the Left would have to nominate a woman and Hillary was a paper tiger.

          When Lizzie secures the nomination, I’ll gather the reason socal crowd together for my coronation as unofficialy west coast regional seer.

          1. But did you take the Pats over the Seahawks?

            1. The stupidity of the democratic party base is far more reliable and consistent than the stupidity of Pete Carroll.

              I figured it would be a close game. I gave the slight edge to Seattle.

              1. Same, and I say that as a Pats fan. I was pleasantly surprised. And won my squares, so, good day all around.

          2. It’s anecdotal, but among the liberals I know who have any sort of political awareness or knowledge of the field of potential candidates, ALL of them, 100%, are completely gaga for Warren.

            1. God, she makes my skin crawl. Fucking scold.

              1. Swear jar.

          3. I called Palin as Veep nominee more than a year in advance and got no coronation whatsoever.

            1. You must demand your coronation. And sometimes it helps to back your prediction with an ironclad bet.

        2. “Who the hell else do the Dems have, though? Fluke? Michelle Obama? Pelosi? It’s gonna be Hilldawg or Warren. ”

          I’m rooting for the Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Joe Biden ticket.

          That’s all kinds of awesome.

          1. I literally just LOL’d (well, chuckled). That would be hilarious.

          2. Jim Webb is going to run I heard.

    5. I get the notion her schtick is going to be inequality.

      She may be out-commied if Fauxcahontas gets in on things.

    6. So, what are the legal penalties for evading such requirements? Surely there are penalties on the books. Will she now be prosecuted? It has to be intentional.

      1. “Mistakes were made.” There will be no consequences.

        1. Then we’re a system of men (and women), not laws.

          1. Not too many people here will argue with you, I suspect.

          2. I think that women are men and there re no more women. As man who was woman and is now either or none, I should know.

            1. Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to waffles for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

  2. Surveillance state whistleblower Edward Snowden is in talks with U.S. officials about returning home.

    Via Gitmo.

    1. There is no “via Gitmo”. Gitmo is like a black hole. He’ll go there, he’ll never come out.

      1. Maybe he can cop to a “misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information”. Worked for Patraeus.

        1. And Sandy Burglar, er…Berger.

      2. That’s not true. His body will be shipped to his family after his death.

  3. Federal and local agents raided California apartment complexes that catered to foreign moms who wanted their babies born in the United States.

    But they want their little Americans born as Californians? Yuck.

    1. We are born with a low BMI bonus.

      1. Why brag about low muscle mass?

        1. You speak like a man whose number is approaching thirty – AKA OBESE. You cannot escape the rock solid science of the BMI.

        2. I MEANT WE’RE NOT FATTIES BRETT. The trick is the avocado shakes.

          1. No thanks. Swore off anything that might be the contents of my son’s diaper by visual inspection.

          2. Do what we do in Minnesoda, just stand next to Wisconsin. I gay-ron-tee that you will look thin and sexy standing next to a cheesehead.

            1. … I gay-ron-tee …

              Minnesotan Justin Wilson, is that you?

    2. Add anchor babies to the list of things that “will never happen, you paranoid delusional retard!” – and then they happen.

      See also, the collapse of the black family, government spying, regulation of fatty foods, etc., etc.

      1. Any hospital with an OB service line that is in a border state will tell you:

        Hell, yeah, we see a lot of women who come to the states for the sole purpose of squirting out a brat here.

        ProTip: make them pay cash in advance. Once they have the kid, they are gone, baby, gone and you’ll never collect a dime.

        1. But Mexico has SOCIALIZED healthcare!

  4. So this exists

    Social Justice Warriors is a satirical role-playing game that transforms the standard medieval fantasy heroes of RPGs into social media crusaders facing an endless horde of internet trolls.
    User reviews: Mixed (42 reviews)

    I dare one of you to play it.

    1. Thank you, Warty. I’m going to troll some SJW friends with that link.

      1. It won’t penetrate the +1 Helm of Indignation.

        1. Note to Warty: ALWAYS say “trigger warning” before using a word like “penetrate”. Especially in the context of SJWs.

          1. I thought the handle “Warty” was always considered an automatic Trigger Warning.

    2. Most of us do this on the internet every day (playing the part of SJW troll)

      Attacks with vorpal blade of +1 logic

      1. Fool! Everyone knows they’re impervious to logic.

    3. Who wrote the bad reviews?!?!?!?!

      1. Alexspeed
        3,906 products in account
        27 reviews

        3.9 hrs on record
        Posted: February 28
        It is not surprising that this game stirs up attention.
        Its a social commentary, a satire. And it hits where it hurts.

        For all those who engaged in internet arguments before, it is a mirror that they have to look into, and what they see is that there is no winner in these bitter arguments on twitter, reddit or wherever they happen. It makes people reflect and they don’t like what they see.

        From a perspective of someone who doesn’t take part in such arguments, its a humoristic experience, that shows the absurdity of the human behavior on the perceived anonymity of the internet. The Social Justice Warriors and the Trolls they fight are one and the same, just with different coloring. In the end there is no winner.

        The Gameplay is solid, 4 classes with different abilities, high score table, lots of references, funny and sad at the same time. It’s good to be played for short bursts but gets repetitive relatively fast. No bugs encountered.

        The asking price is probably too high for the length of the entertainment that might be provided.

        Still it is a worthwhile experience,
        and it’s probably the game people deserve.


        1. what they see is that there is no winner in these bitter arguments

          Showing resistance to SJWs is a win. Not backing off is a win.

          You’ll never convince them to change their minds. The goal is to show that no, they don’t have the entire universe to themselves, and its OK to disagree with them.

        2. that’s a problematic word.

        3. Its not funny but it is trying very hard to be. Or else a portmanteau of humorous and masochistic.

        4. I can’t get past the “3,906 products in account”.

          Holy. Crap.

        5. In the end there is no winner.

          The only winning move is not to play.

      2. Steam needs to get onboard the social justice wagon and delete negative reviews.

        Have they ever considered that the game designers just can’t even?

        1. Have their lost their toucan?

    4. The guy who did Papers, Please needs to do his take on it. He somehow developed a game that is basically a paper audit and made it awesome.

  5. One of my favorite suits is a light brown suit by Ralph Lauren. While having it fitted, my Korean tailor remarked, “This is very beautiful material.” She never said that with any of the other ones. I have only worn it three or four times.

    While I was at the office yesterday, my cat decided to go into my closet, remove it from the hanger and make a bed of it. There are now several, barely noticeable, tiny little snags on both the jacket and pants.

    I could hit it up with one of those hand-held devices that de-pill sweaters and disappear wisps of silk from neckties, but I am not certain that’s a good idea. I’d really hate to fuck it up. Any suggestions? It really is a beautiful suit.

    1. Ask your tailor or drycleaner. Also, consider more secure cat-proof closet. I’ve got sliding doors on my bedroom closets, so end up keeping the really nice clothes in the guest room closet since that room is a pet-free zone.

      1. Thanks. Good suggestions. The closet is in the guest room with a regular door, but she some how got it open. Smart kitty!

        1. I’ve heard of cats that have learned to turn doorknobs. Fortunately, none of mine have ever done that.

        2. Jesus. My cats are dumb as mud and I like it that way.

          1. Mandate their illiteracy under pain of death..

    2. Go ask your Korean tailor?

      1. Yeah, let them have a go at it.

        1. It, being the cat?

      2. As for the cat, are there any Chinese restaurants in your neck of the woods?

    3. Not much you can do I’m afraid. Other than make your cat face consequences.

      I had a couple of suits I adored and couldn’t be saved by my father – a tailor.

      Such is life.

      1. It depends. I’ve seen some remarkable things done with re-weaving fabrics.

        1. Yeah, re-weave. That’s the thing I was trying to think of.

          1. Possible but it’s hard to see the degree. Mine were pretty bad and very, very high-end fabric. It was lost.


            1. ‘tiny little snags’ may be helped. Dunno.

              Like I said, mine were probably worse so I may have mistakenly based it on that.

              1. In a dimly lit restaurant they would be unnoticable and none of the threads are btoken, just pulled out no more than 1/32 of an inch. Possibly even less.

                1. So it’s more of an irritant than anything? Who knows? Try the tailor they can probably pull it off.

                  I don’t suppose Ralph Lauren has on-the premise tailors or outsources to a tailor?

    4. Put your cat to sleep?

      1. I figured I should scroll down to avoid redundancy.

    5. Get a new suit and turn your cat into a cat-copter.

      1. does that mean strap the cat to a quadcopter and let it fly around the house? Please let it mean that.

        1. On further review you obviously meant to turn the cat into a quadcopter.

    6. I could hit it up with one of those hand-held devices…

      I assumed “it” was the cat and the device was a handgun or club.

    7. Eat your cat as a warning to the others.

      Yeah, I’m not a cat person. Nor do I know much about proper suit maintenance.

    8. You should probably skin your cat and use it’s flesh to fill in the holes. Just do it humanely of course.

  6. Federal and local agents raided California apartment complexes that catered to foreign moms who wanted their babies born in the United States. Now, that’s an interesting business plan.

    Capitalism, freedom, rule of law are some things that attract people.

    Unfortunately, you also have the welfare state in America.

    1. Capitalism, freedom, rule of law are some things that attract people.

      Then why the hell did they go to California?

      1. California is still way better than many countries out there!

        1. (looks at two hands)

      2. Then why the hell did they go to California?

        Because there’s no language barrier?

    2. “Federal and local agents raided California apartment complexes that catered to foreign moms who wanted their babies born in the United States. Now, that’s an interesting business plan.”

      Anchor babies are a myth.

    1. As long as their avian mounta can still be downed with birdshot, I fear them not.

    2. That’s what happens when you let gay people marry.

      1. Ha! Gaymarriage, is there nothing we can’t blame on it?

        1. I also welcome our homo gentrifying overlords.

          Always good for property values.

          1. Fuck that. Every new gay couple in my building represents another 100 basis points increase on my rent the following year.

            1. You prove his point – it’s good for your landlord’s property value.

              1. I know. But such gentrification could ruin the vibe in my building. They’ll miss my obnoxiously streaking through the hallways with nothing but socks on while screaming at the top of my lungs at 3 AM on a tuesday thanks to a binge of cocaine and mushrooms charming antics.

                1. Hey, it’s not like they’ve got kids – they may be down with a socks-only, drug-fueled tear through the hallways.

                2. I see. Naked Sudden, 3AM Tuesdays, BYOC&M.

        2. Global warming. Gay marriage is merely a second-order effect stemming from our carbon sins.

          1. I thought gheymerge was a Blessed Sacrament in the Church of Climentology?

      2. Save the trees!

    3. As God is my witness, I thought weasels could fly!

    4. Yeah that’s not photoshopped

      1. Who made you the photoshop expert, Mr. Almighty?

      2. It actually looks like taxidermy work. Particularly the woodpecker.

    5. I wish it would have been reversed so the headline would read “Look at the pecker on this weasel”

        1. That’s… really narrow.

    6. Next, you’ll be telling us that’s how coconuts got to Europe.

      1. He could grip is by the husk

  7. Opposition leaders openly blame the Kremlin for the assassination.

    “Well, we got away with the first one, why not a few more?”

    1. “What are you going to do about it?”

      1. Shorter: FYTW

  8. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S. Congress that his country’s survival is threatened by Iran.

    You know who was responsible for Israel?

    1. US President Harry Truman?

      1. EDIT: There should have been an “else” in there.

    2. David?

    3. Better call Saul

      1. Speaking of which, I’m enjoying the fuck out of that show.

    1. Oh, they are going to bend themselves into pretzels trying to excuse this. It’s going to be delicious.

      1. These pretzels…are making…me thirsty.

        1. +1 Kramer

    2. Haha. She didn’t have an email account so she couldn’t violate Federal Records law. These people are going to be so hurt when Comrade Hillary doesn’t save them from the gulags.

    3. Well let’s see:

      #1 Fake Scandal!!!!!!!!!!

      #2 It distracts from the REAL issues!!!!!

      #3 At this point, what difference does it make??????????

      That should just about cover it.

      1. +1 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

      2. #4 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH did it first!!!!!11!1!!!11!

        1. Damn your nimble fingers, Ted.

          1. I wasn’t even close.

      3. #4 Someone in a previous administration did it, which makes it all OK.

      4. #4 BOOOOOSH did it too!!!

        Shreek was making this point earlier today.

    1. At first I’m thinking, “What’s wrong with good grooming? How are they victims?”. Clicking through, I now want to murder someone.

    2. Oh, boy, more of this shit.

      Some cultures are objectively superior to others. Fuck multiculturalism.

      1. ^^ This ^^

        Fuck multiculturalism right in the ear.

      2. In particular, fuck western Pakistani culture.

        During the Bangladesh War for independence, the Pakistani military killed millions of people and raped 200,000-400,000 Bangladeshi women.

        Things have not gotten better since then. Pakistan is one of the worst countries on Earth and it’s because the people of that hell hole actively support things like honor killings and stoning adulteresses.

        Incidentally, that’s the part of Pakistan where a lot of British immigrants came from. Unsurprisingly, the people who immigrated from that part of the world have caused no end of trouble in England.

        1. What you said about the 1971 war is very true. The Pakis raped en masse, but saved the worst brutality for Hindu Bangladeshi women. And Indira Gandhi was in a hurry to conclude India’s involvement in the war, and afaik she did not prosecute anyone for war crimes. That is one of the biggest tragedies of that era.

          1. Question: countries with the bomb are the worst. Correlation or causation?

            1. Are you calling the USA “the worst”? Huh, pinko!? Why I aughtta…

        2. Hey come on, open borders are good, right?

          1. We owe them the vaginas of our wives and daughters. In fact, white people everywhere should just kill themselves after they get a good raping. After all, what have European cultures ever done for the world?

          2. Open borders are good – if you either:
            a) allow people to protect themselves – which the laws of Airstrip One forbid
            b) enforce the laws with rigor to protect the subjects of the queen – a task for which the queen of Airstrip One seems not to care.

            England’s problem is a state hostility to basic human rights problem – not a freedom of movement problem.

            1. You left out the right to discriminate. If Britons are truly apprehensive about turning into Pakistan 2.0, society itself will exert pressure on immigrants to shape up or ship out.

              When I lived in the Netherlands I had the misfortune to live across the street from a Somali refugee camp. The local Dutchies viewed it as basically an embassy for al Shabab and the traditional romping ground of the city’s worst thugs, thieves and rapists. I guarantee the camp would have been non-existent inside of a week if the locals were permitted to refuse to sell them goods and services.

              But multiculturalism has a way of forcing societies to destroy themselves in favor of inferior cultures.

              1. You left out the right to discriminate.

                Well, I prefer to use the broader term “freedom of association” which encompasses not only whom you choose *not* to associate with as well as whom you *do* choose to associate with.

                Definitely there should be freedom of association. And yes, I am aware that in Airstrip One, the queen’s government does rigorously prosecute those who violate the laws forbidding freedom of association as assiduously as it prosecutes those who break the laws outlawing self-defense.

                1. What are you talking about? The freedom not to associate with Israelis and Jews is holy writ in the so-called United Kingdom. The BDS movement is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from being a government ministry for crying out loud!

                2. It’s a more apt term to be sure, but one where people still assume it has nothing to do with “violating someone’s civil rights” when you don’t bake them a gay cake. The cure to the woes of multiculturalism is full unmitigated property rights in your person, your physical property and your labor.

          3. Yes. Open borders are good. This is not an open borders problem, it’s a disarmed populace and government scared of offending SJW’s problem.

      3. Multiculturalism is fine, but yes, some cultural practices are utterly terrible.

    3. The use of the word “grooming” in that story was initially puzzling…and then utterly creepy.

      1. I’m very sad to say that I knew exactly what they meant.

    4. There were over 1,400 in Rotherham. The response by every public figure I read, with the noteworthy exception of UKIP, was a disgrace. This is one of the reasons that I think whatever its problems, UKIP has already become an important fixture in the otherwise sweep-everything-under-the-rug British life.

    5. Maggie Blyth: “The lack of understanding… caused unacceptable delays”

      Weasel words.

      1. Weasel words.

        Keep her ass away from the ‘peckers!

    6. Rotherham Syndrome

    7. Do we have any commenters from the UK? I don’t remember any. They could be prosecuted for hurting someones feelings just by hanging out here.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Reason is blocked over there.

      The guys who did that should be lined up and shot. The people who let them get away with it should be in prison for life. The limeys really have gone completely to hell.

      Also, what SRC and Slumbrew said.

      1. I live in Scotland.

      2. No one from the UK is allowed to opine in favor of liberty. Might qualify as hate speech. Can’t have it.

    8. “The report also called for research into why a significant proportion of people convicted in these kind of cases are of “Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage”.”

      Is “because they are members of a barbarian religion that treats women as chattel” available, Alex?

    9. But I’m told they have “a right to immigrate” to our shores? Who are we to deny them the American dream? Or even the Islamist dream of raping and destroying western civilization?

  9. The father of Mohammed Emwazi, better known as “Jihadi John,” is less than thrilled about his son’s murderous doings.

    That’s going to be an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. They have had a bunch of these reaction stories over here. The parents are inevitably “shocked”. I think they are but I also think there is some part of this story that is not being discussed.

      1. As in, “I was shocked when my son scored the game winning goal. Shocked and proud.”

        The UK is pretty much ceding itself to be the capital of the European region of the caliphate at this point. The Anglosphere is the weakest willed among the broad West. While the SJW crowd still dominates throughout most of Western Europe, there are at least some voices of dissent among those other countries.

    2. I don’t think Brits celebrate Thanksgiving; it’s a US/Canadian thing.

      1. That’s why it will be awkward. Doy.

    3. Maybe this guy should have been better groomed?

  10. Former CIA Director David Patraeus, better known as Paula Broadwell’s boyfriend, will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information.

    That story still makes no sense to me. Why did the FBI spend so much resources investigating some emails received by a Florida socialite?

    1. In other news Sandy Berger’s long prison sentence continues…

    2. Precedent for Snowden.


  11. Maybe Hillary Clinton Should Retire Her White House Dreams

    Maybe she doesn’t want to run in 2016, top Democrats wonder. Maybe she shouldn’t.

    By Ron Fournier…..s-20150303

    1. I thought Ron Fournier was an NHL referee.

      That’s for you older hockey fans!

      1. Haha. First thing I thought when I saw his name.

    2. There’s something just so primally satisfying about watching a life-long quest for power fall apart, isn’t there?

      1. It makes my face hurt from smiling so much.

      2. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride..

    3. Maybe she should stay at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, where the former secretary of State could continue her life’s work of building stronger economies, health care systems, and families.


  12. I was reading Yeats to the little one last night while I was rocking her to sleep. This one says it all very tidily, I think.


    FOR one throb of the Artery,
    While on that old grey stone I sat
    Under the old wind-broken tree,
    I knew that One is animate
    Mankind inanimate phantasy.

    1. Way to make me feel like a shitty parent. Yeats? My kid gets horrible children’s book. Except that Goodnight Moon is banned from my house.

      1. She can’t understand shit, I just put her to sleep with my pleasant baritone. The literaryness is just to keep me sane.

        1. I get that. Were I to meet most authors of popular toddlers books on the street, I would definitely tey to stomp their guts out their orifices. My defense would be reading their book to the jury for six hours straight. Its a good idea and I am going to grab some poetry on the iPad.

        2. I used to sing my grand-daughter the Ramones

          Would quiet her right up and put her to sleep.

          1. I dressed her up this morning in a onesie with little dragonflies all over it, and I did not fail to take advantage of the opportunity to sing Clutch to her. She loved it.

          2. Too funny. My daughter, no matter how much colic or distress or whatever, would always be put in a trance to Zeppelin – Black Dog no less.

          3. A friend of mine used Enter Sandman. It was something he knew the words to.

      2. uh, I’m not sure you understand what Warty means by “the little one”.

      3. Isn’t the “give a mouse a cookie” book basically anti-welfare? You should read your spawn that. Also read them “spawn”.

    2. No Don Marquis? Peasant.

  13. “Federal and local agents raided California apartment complexes that catered to foreign moms who wanted their babies born in the United States.”

    Wait, I was told that the whole ‘anchor baby’ thing was a canard.

  14. Federal and local agents raided California apartment complexes that catered to foreign moms who wanted their babies born in the United States.

    Reason goes off the res…
    “Drop Anchors”!

    1. Does the complex resemble reason headquarters?

  15. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S. Congress that his country’s survival is threatened by Iran Obama.


  16. Surveillance state whistleblower Edward Snowden is in talks with U.S. officials about returning home.

    All he has to do is rat out the rest of the Kettle Falls 5 and they won’t prosecute him.

  17. “Trans rights” fanatics kill “anti-discrimination” bill

    The Charlotte, NC City Council voted 6-5 against a LGBLT-rights bill. The bill would have banned discrimination based on “marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”

    Two of the Council members who voted against the bill – LaWana Mayfield and John Autry – did so because they didn’t think it went far *enough.*

    Specifically, the bill contained provisions allowing business owners to decide for themselves whether to allow men in the ladies’ room and vice versa.

    This was too much for Mayfield and Autry, who wanted to force businesses to open up their ladies’ rooms to men who think they’re women, and open up their men’s rooms to women who think they’re men.

    In other words, Mayfield and Autry are standing in solidarity with the Stan/Lorettas of the world in a noble gesture for “trans rights” ? by defeating a gay-rights bill.…..nd-debate/

    1. Perfect is the enemy of good.

      1. Gibbering madness is the enemy of regular, plain old crazy.

        1. +1 Cthulhu

    2. Yet it’s Bibi that puts the perfect before the good.

    3. men who think they’re…women who think they’re men

      But weeping statues, talking snakes and magic trees aren’t delusional at all. Nope…

      1. Let me know when they introduce the Talking Snake Nondiscrimination Act.

        1. They did that already, Eddie, they were called blasphemy laws.

          1. I was thinking more about a law so you could sue the bartender for refusing to give a seat to your friend the talking snake.

          2. Poor example if you’re poking Catholics with the laws of a Protestant country. Could have gone with France or Italy/ how Thomas Aquinas’ work influenced blasphemy laws.

            1. JT, I was pressed for time. Also, while US was a majority-protestant country when founded it was never officially even Christian, so there’s that. But thanks for the ammo for future smackdowns of Our Favorite Catholic. I could have used the Spanish Inquisition, but that’s too close to a Godwin, even for me.

          3. Wouldn’t “blasphemy laws” be the Talking Snake Discrimination Act?

            Nagas are always getting discriminated against.

              1. Also, Dude, Argonians is not the preferred nomenclature. Saxhleel please. Bigot..

                1. Watch it outlander. Beastfolk and men are animals compared to the Dunmer (Morrowind probably has the best fantasy racism I’ve ever seen in a game. Sometimes when you’re talking to locals they’ll complain that if the Empire ‘respects property rights’ why aren’t they arresting abolitionists?).

                  1. N’wah please.

        2. “”

          Lula: ‘Sail, sometimes, when we’re makin’ love, you just about send me right over than rainbow… I mean it, you pay attention. And baby, you got the sweetest cock, it’s like it’s talkin’ to me when you’re inside, like it’s got a voice all its own…Oooh you just get right on me.’
          Sailor: ‘You really are dangerously cute, Peanut, I gotta admit it…’

          1. That is a deeply weird movie.

            1. A personal favorite.

      2. I always thought the snake getting fucked with was weird. I mean it was satan right? Why punish all snakes?

        1. That you would say any good thing about snakes makes me really question whether you are actually from Florida. At least we have some snake-free months here in the upper south.

          1. A python wrapped itself around a gun and slithered it’s way into FM’s house, and now has the gun to his head and is making him say all those nice things about snakes…

    4. I think it is often underestimated just how many petty, shitty little tyrants we have among us. See; Any city council in the US.

      I especially like when city councils pass ordinances on foreign policy, civil rights, etc.

  18. Former CIA Director David Patraeus, better known as Paula Broadwell’s boyfriend, will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information.

    No 1917 Espionage Act for Dave.

    1. “You know me, kid gloves… but… made of actual kids”

      1. +1 DeBussy

    2. The man is a War Hero who made a little tiny lapse in judgment chasing some strange. Sure, the Director of the CIA essentially fell for a honeypot scheme, but why punish the victim?

    3. There are people going to prison for decades right now for doing much less than what Patraeus did.

  19. The slow rollout of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign works like a wonderful sort of politicial velcro for a trickle of unsavory stories about her conduct. Such as her evasion of storage requirements for official communications as secretary of state by using a private email account.

    I don’t see why this would even be a fucking question. Do state department officials really want a low level system administrator working for Wipro in Mumbai reading her emails?

    1. There are secure email systems where the admins can’t read the users mail without the user’s password.

      1. Is there any evidence gmail, hotmail, yahoo et. al. use these systems?

        In my decades of IT and as a System Administrator, there’s really very little (read nothing) I’ve had experience with that I couldn’t touch or read if I needed to when it came to stored data. Including user’s emails on an Enterprise Exchange Server.

        Hell, I remember our analysts would get clever and remove “Administrator/Administrators” from their folders thinking that would keep us from peeking inside. Little did they realize that Administrator can always put himself back on the privilege ACL, and all they succeeded in doing was keeping the system from being able to back up their shit on the SAN.

        Further, if you’ll recall Snowden’s testimony about his role at NSA, he had what was called PRIVAC access. Because as a SYSADMIN, you kind of have to be able to get to everything to work on it or fix it.

        1. yeah, unless you’re just passing blobs of encrypted data through the system, admins can get to it. To think otherwise is foolhardy.

        2. All OSes I can think of alow domain level admins to have read write and modify access to every file on the system. Otherwise malware would be impossible to remove without destroying your backups and computers and starting from scratch.

          1. I’ve come across various OSs that can truly compartmentalize access so there is no super-user equivalent. Never heard of anybody using them.

          2. Windows, for instance, allows for a type of file encryption that will be lost if the user doesn’t know his or her own password. That’s one of the drawbacks of having fully encrypted file structures that require a user’s password. They exist but as Slumbrew says, I’m not aware of anyone using them. I would actually hope that GMail et. al. do use something like that on the email boxes. Because frankly, I presume that every email currently sitting in my inbox is being read by a snot-nosed sysadmin.

        3. My info might be a few years out of date but I doubt it’s changed: Yahoo mail is an open book, no password required, to pretty much everyone at the company or at one of its affiliates like SBC.

        4. Encrypt all email. Maybe the NSA can break gpg, but most everyone else can’t.

          1. Snowden himself has been using and still uses GPG/PGP so I think that’s still good unless there’s been some very recent, very breathtaking developments that they’ve kept a lid on.

            The article there has 12m video he created as an instructional tool for Glen Greenwald to securely communicate with him if you’re not familiar with the topic already.

        5. I misinterpreted your post. I was trying to say that, hopefully, the State Dept’s email system is more secure than, say, a random hotmail account with a password like FUTRPOTUS.

          1. It’s actually “futrPOTU$” They’ve really enhanced PW security these days.

      2. Yes, but she’s not given that choice.

        If this were Rand Fucking Paul, I’d have a fit over it and worry about his suitability. But since it’s a left-wing politician, no consequences.

    2. Aren’t there protectionist laws against outsourcing government contracts? I remember a big stink about Accenture getting contracts because it was based out of the Cayman Islands or something.

      1. What government contract does hotmail have if Hillary chooses to ‘create account’ on the site?

    3. The local NBC affiliate’s national feed this morning was that Clinton’s use of personal e-mail account didn’t break any rules and viewers were assured, by a Clinton spokesperson, that all government related e-mails were sent to the government data storage. If we can’t trust a member of the Clinton family, who can we trust?

      1. The same government data storage containing Lois Lerner’s e-mails, obvs.

      2. You should have seen the NBC national coverage of so-called “net neutrality” being rammed down everyone’s throats. It was the type of coverage that I have come to expect from NBC–that is to say, hideously biased and grossly inaccurate.

        1. In all seriousness – why the fuck does anyone watch “the news”? Local is the worst but even national is such superficial bullshit.

      3. The use of personal email didn’t necessarily break rules, unless she made said emails inaccessible to the National Archives.

        But her running an entire server stack out of her home to allow her to determine which emails get archived or not (from both sender and recipient) most certainly did violate federal laws on recordkeeping. And AP broke that story this morning…her entire email exchange was set up in her New York house, and she had other people she was corresponding with use it so she could delete emails on their end too.

  20. I am (sadly) of the opinion that nothing will affect the high standing of Mrs Clinton in the public’s eye.

    She is after all, the most admired woman in the US accordingly to Gallup.

    These present issues will be well passed by the time she officially announces her candidacy for 2016.

    While a certain progressive voting block is not _as_ enthused about her, they do not _yet_ have a lock on the Democratic primary voters.

    But for those who hold Clinton as a “paper tiger” for 2016, is Senator Warren a stronger general election candidate?

    1. “She is after all, the most admired woman in the US accordingly to Gallup.”

      Who’s the most admired man?

      Justin Bieber?

    2. You know who else was admired?

      1. People browsing the web on a browser without AdBlocj enabled?

    3. But for those who hold Clinton as a “paper tiger” for 2016, is Senator Warren a stronger general election candidate?

      Short answer: Yes.

      Long answer: Hillary has no appeal or charisma whatsoever. Her only appeal is as an avatar for the SJW and feminist sect that believes a woman should be POTUS, irrespective of the actual policies, resume, and achievements of said womyn (providing she’s not an icky right winger).

      1. But Warren is a charisma black hole for anyone who isn’t already a true believer. She’s a scold and sure to turn off anyone who isn’t already rooting for her.

        1. When children imagine some monster hiding in their closet at night, or under their bed, what they’re picturing is something that looks and acts like Elizabeth Warren.

          People lose interest in sex after watching Elizabeth Warren on television.

          If you could convince kids that if they didn’t stop smoking, they’d grow up to look and act like Elizabeth Warren, the smoking rate among 18-25 year olds would drop in half.

          An hour after watching Elizabeth Warren on television, the rate of incontinence among people over the age of 75 increases by 37%.

          1. So these are like reverse Chuck Norris jokes?

  21. “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S. Congress that his country’s survival is threatened by Iran.”

    How dare he say such a thing!

    1. It truly is asinine.

      1. How so?

        It seems entirely reasonable to think a nation that devotes significant amounts of rhetoric to calling for the destruction of Israel, supports enemies of Israel that also have among their stated goals Israel’s destruction, and is pursuing nuclear weapons represents an existential threat.

        It doesn’t tell me what compels America’s interest in the affair, but for the Israelis to see a nuclear Iran as tantamount to a death sentence is hardly asinine.

        1. Unless of course you’re a Rothbardian/Richman mouthbreathing fucknugget, then I suppose you’re capable of the Olympic mental gymnastics of pure dipshittery required to think Israel is simultaneously paranoid and deserving of whatever the Iranians deals it.

  22. But muh-roadz!

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