Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll, Fatal LAPD Shooting Caught on Camera, Rise of the Private Police: A.M. Links


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  1. Sen. Rand Paul took top honors in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll…


    1. FAKE SCANDAL!!!111!!!

    2. Hello.

      Fox lies – according to Politifact. Yup. The place that asks journalists call them for comments via Twitter:


    3. Yeap, its settled. Jeb Bush will be the GOP nominee. the CPAC voters are considered plebs.

  2. Inside the lives of web-cam girls.

    Don’t we kinda already have that by the nature of their work?

    1. The talented ones don’t need to be on camera 24/7. That’s only the people posting here about making $17392/month for working just a few hours.

    2. my sister’s best friend’s second cousin, twice removed, makes $86 an hour working on the internet. Last week she bought a lamborghini and cleared $746,512! If you want to see inside her ‘life’, just click on the link above.

    3. That’s totally going to be a safe link to click!

      1. Don’t worry! You won’t be able to get AIDS over the Internet once the FCC regs are enacted!

  3. Across the country, the ranks of private police?citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests?are swelling.

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

    1. I saw a guy at the grocery store yesterday in a Mercedes SUV with cop flashers. Tjen I saw him standing outside next to the Boy Scouts. Turns out he’s a city councilman running for reelection. I gotta get out of the fucking city.

      1. That’s like Ankara. Everyone who thinks they are the least bit important outfits their vehicles with wig-wags and sometimes an inside-the-windshield lightbar.

        Mostly, they use it to claim they don’t need to pay fines when the speed cameras get them.

    2. citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests

      I thought that’s what regular cops were.

      Now, serfs being allowed to carry guns, etc. That’s news.

    3. How was this guy getting paid?

  4. Across the country, the ranks of private police?citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests?are swelling.

    Public-private solutions. Newt Gingrich must be readying his Presidential campaign.

  5. Netanyahu is here!

    You know who else showed up in another country uninvited?

    1. Edward Snowden?

    2. Ayn Rand?

    3. First peoples?

      1. You almost caused me to spit out the water I was drinking.

    4. Justin Beiber?

    5. The founders of many dynasties?

      1. Technically, no.

        Unless you are referring to when he showed up in Spain to beg for funding.

        1. Pedant. Okay, fine, I’ll switch my answer to “the Muslims”.

          1. Sorry, the card says “The Moops”.

    6. I did, but the Brits let me visit so long as I promised to leave.

    7. A large section of Mexico’s population?

    8. Hanabal?

      1. Hannibal Barca or Hannibal Lecter? Wait, I suppose either one would do.

        1. Well Hanibal Lecter did escape to a carribean island… So yes

        2. You left out Hannibal Smith.

    9. NIXON?!?!?!

    10. Megaman?

    11. Obama’s Dad?

    12. Cortez?

      1. heh. +1 very large pile of loot.

        1. “Hello. May we meet your ruler?
          That’s him? Good.

          Now, hows about you give us all the loot we want or something nasty will happen to Mr. god-emperor?

          I thought you’d see it our way.”

    13. Ragnar Lothbrok?

    14. Doug Masters and Chappy SInclair?

  6. Sci-fi hero, mentor… and a very risque photographer! Leonard Nimoy’s passion for photography that championed women with fuller figures celebrated after his death
    Nimoy’s collection The Full Body Project from 2007 featured obese women photographed in the nude
    His subjects are the plus-size burlesque group The Fat-Bottom Revue from San Francisco
    Pictures feature the women dancing, laughing and proudly staring straight into the camera
    Nimoy said the book was a ‘direct response to the pressure women face to conform to a size two’

    Not enough beer in the world.

    1. Mopeds.

    2. Captain, why would someone take photos like that? It is not logical.

      1. Spock was a Chubby Chaser.

      2. “OK, then, do any of you gals want to experience my neck pinch? It makes 50 Shades of Gray look like a peck on the cheek!”

    3. plus-size burlesque group

      Here’s a redundant phrase.

      1. At first glance I read your comment as rotund, not redundant.

        1. Works either way, really.

        2. I thought SF’s comment was orotund, myself.

    4. You missed Beer Day yesterday. Gilmore had a great story about his bender.

    5. Studying planetary (sized) bodies?

    6. Has John posted since Nimoy died?

      1. “I’m not half-Vulcan, you half-wit”

        1. Translatoin: “Y D O B,
          R O M R A”

    7. And no mention of John…ur gettin soft sarc.

  7. House Republicans may have to eat crow.

    Better than the cat food they serve their grandmothers.

  8. The biggest models in the world! The new breed of plus size supers are curvy, beautiful… and changing the face of fashion
    Plus size models who range from a UK size 14 to size 22 are changing the face of fashion
    This year, a plus size woman appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated and Pirelli calendar for first time
    FEMAIL profiles six of the biggest names in plus size modelling, including Robyn Lawley and Ashley Graham

    At one in the morning after drinking all night… maybe…

    1. Something something lipstick on a pig.

    2. Nothing about ‘John Pron’?

      Also, I know you like your girls skeletal, but Whitney Thompson is pretty yummy!

      Would take very little alcohol.

    3. Oh come now, Robyn Lawley makes the grade. Some of the others could skip the next quart of gelatto, however.

    4. “Real women have kankles!” _— FemDerp

      1. Because women who are in good physical shape are not “real”.

        1. To make it simple, let’s just agree that any woman that any man would actually want to fuck “isn’t real”.

          1. “Real women are unattractive to men!”

            1. Yep. That’s why we rape them compulsively.

              Or something.

              1. It’s amazing how many contradictory ideas one must maintain to be a serious leftist.

              2. Rape is about violence and control, not lust.

    5. It was Tess’s large fanbase on social media that got her signed


      1. It’s all about the bass.

        1. No tribbles?

  9. Karen Gillan shows off her long legs in a belted trench coat at Cinderella premiere in Hollywood

    No beer needed.

    1. Great legs, but a bit of a butter face.

      1. You just say that because not even butter-face women give you the time of day.

      2. butter face

        I got no problems with butter faces.

      3. The hell is wrong with you?

        And let’s not forget – let’s not forget, dude – her Scottish accent.

  10. Pentagon’s most expensive fighter ever won’t even be able to carry the most advanced weapons because of a design flaw
    Fighter jet F-35B’s internal weapons bay is too small for a Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) load
    Though it’s mandated that an F-35B hold eight SDB IIs in the bay, only four can reportedly fit
    A F-35 program spokesman has said changes are being made so the fighter jet can be released on schedule
    The SDB II can employ a number of techniques – including imaging infrared, laser, and radar homing – to hit targets
    The F-35 program will cost an estimated $590billion over the next decade
    F-35B is slated to be used by the British Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier

    What a colossal waste of money.

    1. Welfare for defense contractors. Working as intended.

      1. A major flaw like that…during time of war.

        “Sorry, mate, that is treason – your execution is scheduled for next Wednesday”

        1. Pour encourager les autres.

          1. Yeah, film made available to all subsequent bidders.

    2. You just don’t understand. It was never intended to fight wars, it was intended to transfer money from tax payers to congressional districts. It has succeeded wildly.

    3. 1 Trillion dollars, 135 million per unit, and it can’t even do even one job passably, let alone well.

      1. This thing is obsolete before it even hits the runway. Unmanned aircraft are going to take the roles of air superiority and ground attack platforms. Aside from all of the technical advantages of not having a person on board, the last 14 years have definitely taught us that you can do anything you want as commander in chief if you avoid US casualties. You don’t even have to consult with congress before starting a war, as long as you don’t put any troops directly in harm’s way.

        1. Other than a small advantage in radar detection, it can’t beat existing manned aircraft in any of those roles.

        2. The repeatedly-asserted demise of manned aircraft is premature. They will play a role for decades.

          1. Indeed, it’s hard to move people around if you don’t put them on the planes.

          2. Give me a working directed energy weapon and I can end aircraft participating in warfare.

            1. Would this work for you?


              (Death Blossom)

              1. Unlike Star Wars/Star Trek, heactually hit his targets, so pretty close.

                I see no reason to make the pilot violently ill, though.

      2. It’s the Space Shuttle problem. Instead of being designed to do one job really well and maybe another one better than anything else we have, it was designed to do all the jobs NATO could think of for a twin engine jet. Now it will do none of them well. Design By Beureaucracy at its finest.

          1. Then they went a spent billions to replace the Bradley with something designed by an even worse committee.

          2. That was a horribly inaccurate movie; the air force guy was disgruntled because he had to work with Army.

            And the Air Force aquisition programs make this look like amateur hour.

            Note, not to say that the Bradley wasn’t overpriced, too tall, and too loud, but it still is currently the best infantry/cavalry troop carrier in the world.

      3. The worst part is that these things are freakin’ fragile. Over an extended campaign, the enemy won’t even have to shoot them down. They’ll all be grounded for maintenance.

    4. Nothing left to cut! Mindless austerity!

    5. Nothing left to cut.

    6. I remember using these planes as a kid in all of the Jane’s flight sims of the mid-90’s. Shouldn’t these things be in full service by now with replacements in the design phase?

      I never would have guessed it would take three fucking decades to get a new piece of hardware into general use. The plug really should have been pulled by now.

      1. Yeah. The Joint Strike Fighter was bad ass in 90s flight sims.

      2. You sure you’re not thinking of the F-22?

        1. The F35 was plenty available. It was one of the go-to’s for the future war scenarios (2008 – 2016).

        2. I think that air and naval superiority are tantamount to having a strong national defense. Isn’t the F-22 the most advanced plane in the world? Shouldn’t we be building more of those and concentrating on lowering their cost per unit?

          1. That kind of thinking isn’t going to line very many pockets, son.

          2. The Obama Administration shut down their production line and refused to buy more (at a lower price point since development was over). They also refused to sell them to the Japaneses.

            1. I understand all of that. The thought process of “we have this great jet that is really expensive, but it works now and generally kicks ass, let us cancel that and get this other jet, which does not work and costs more, and also cancel that damn A-10 (which also works) makes me sad.

          3. The F-22 got caught in the decreasing purchase quantity, increasing price per copy death spiral. You know, the thing the F-35 is just starting to experience. And to think the F-35 was supposed to be the cheap/throwaway “baby” F-22. I’m gonna laugh when they finally end up costing more per copy than the F-22s…

    7. Though it’s mandated that an F-35B hold eight SDB IIs in the bay, only four can reportedly fit

      In my world, that gets you a full refund.

      1. In DoD world, that gets you $20 billion to develop SDB III’s that will fit.

      2. Or the contractor executed. But my world is very harsh when it comes to that kind of stuff. Maybe HM would let me borrow his Brazen Bull?

    8. Reminds me of the rehabilitation scene in Idiocracy.

    9. I’ve learned to only click on sarcasmic wiminz links if he says they are fat (meaning that the pictures are not of 10 year old boys).

      The first brunette is near perfection.

    10. I’m no F-35 lover, but you do have to remember the plane ain’t gonna be operational for another year and a half. Does it excuse design flaws? No, but that’s what Operation/Development test is for. And you’re going to run into shit like this when the schedule is compressed and your doing concurrent test and production…

      1. Holding half as many bombs as its supposed to isn’t the kind of minor thing that pops up during the 500th hour of stress testing.

      2. You’d think someone would have spotted that in the first decade of design and testing.

      3. Like I said…”does it excuse design flaws? No”
        Just sayin, take some of these articles can be disingenuous regarding expectation mgt. What might be missing from these clickbait-type articles is potential changes to the airframe, capability requirements or even to the SDB itself.

        1. *take some of these

        2. I’m guessing we don’t really much care where, exactly, the colossal incompetence and/or fraud occurred.

          1. Forest=/Trees. The entire acquisition process is the source of the incompetence.

  11. The Department of Homeland Security funding saga continues, and House Republicans may have to eat crow.

    You know nothing, John Boehner.

    1. The extra night swatch order hadn’t come in yet so they were afraid of letting the lights go out in the place.

    2. Somebody’s been watching too much Game of Thrones, and thinks he’s a good-looking redhead.

      1. More of an orangehead.

  12. How did a middle class woman with nine siblings lay dead and unnoticed for FIVE YEARS? Tragic story of Michigan IT worker, 44, found mummified when her home was seized over unpaid bills
    Pia Farrenkopf of Pontiac was found mummified in the backseat of her car
    Investigators believe she died at 44 in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2014 her body was discovered
    Relatives and a friend described Farrenkopf, who lived alone, as smart and fun but often solitary
    Her remains were in such a state of desiccation that the medical examiner was unable to conduct a full autopsy and the cause of death is unknown
    She was only discovered after bank foreclosed on her house

    Must have been a libertarian.

    1. Maybe. How many cats?

      1. She was dessicated, not devoured.

        1. She was also in the car in the garage. I know no housecat that can open a car door.

          1. Safe guess that the gas tank was empty?

              1. That and that no one checked on her for 5 years.

    2. Can’t be a libertarian. The article clearly said “woman”.

      1. Tough year. The ranks of libertarian women have been reduced by 50%.

    3. Nobody reported her missing? Nobody stopped by her house?

      1. I find this very easy to believe.

      2. I’d think it was the utility bills going unpaid that would get her noticed, before the foreclosure. Those utility peoples. . .

        1. The article said that her bills were all auto-pay, and there was enough money in the bank for several years.

  13. Spot the Not! Mitch McConnell!

    1. Nobody is happy about losing lives but, remember, these are not draftees.
    These are full-time professional soldiers.

    2. We need to strengthen and save Social Security for today’s workers.
    If we don’t act now, this system, born out of the New Deal, will become a bad deal.

    3. The problem with the world today is people have put away their Bibles.
    They’re living by the law of the jungle and not the law of the land.

    4. We all know that Social Security is one of this country’s greatest success stories in the 20th century.

    5. The Patriot Act is one of the most important and overdue pieces of legislation in a generation.

    6. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have opposed such a measure.
    Government intervention in the marketplace cuts against all my ordinary impulses. But this was not an ordinary event.

    1. The man is a muppet made flesh, I don’t care what words come out of that flapping chin.

    2. I believe #1 is the not (Obama or someone in his admin said that during the VA scandal?).

    3. 3 seems out of place for such a blind partisan.

          1. I forgot he lets us have an hour…

    4. 1

    5. I never realized what an idiot McConnell is, probably because he’s so dull that I can’t stay awake long enough to realize how stupid the things he’s saying are.

    6. Im gonna go with #1.

      But Im convinced he said all 6.

    7. For me it came down to 4 or 3. Ahhhh, I guess he could religiously pander, so Imma say 4!

    8. #1 – Not even McConnell is stupid enough to say that for attribution. Oh, wait, he probably is that stupid, but I’ll stick with #1.

    9. #2.

    10. 3. A quote like that is near suicide.

    11. No more bets! No more bets!

      3 was the Not. Those are lyrics from the Charlie Daniels’ song “Simple Man”:


      1. I am the Red Dragon of Derp!


        This is Republican who thinks the New Deal was a good idea.

        DO YOU SEE?!

        This is a college professor who said Stalin never killed anyone.

        DO YOU SEE?!

        This is an environmentalist who travels by private jet.

        DO YOU SEE?!

        1. I honestly think “Manhunter” was the better version of that movie.

    12. #3 is Charlie Daniels paraphrased – “Simple Man” lyrics, essentially.

      Which I guess doesn’t necessarily mean that McConnell didn’t speak it out loud..

      Still going to say #3.

      1. Refresh page, then comment.

        Lesson learned.

    13. 2. He wouldn’t want to recognize the new deal.

  14. Ngl, I’m intrigued by the prospect of private police. I think back to my college frat party days when I would break up fights and bounce assholes out the door. Actual de-escalation of situations – not shooting everything on sight. I see the merits easily. But at what point is it my right to interfere with the affairs of others? I’m a helper by nature – a person who wants to assist others. This is definitely a trend I’ll be keeping my eye on.

  15. Liberals Mugged by Obamanet
    Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which supports applying the 1934 law to the Internet, nonetheless objects to a new regulation giving the FCC open-ended power to regulate the Internet. “A ‘general conduct rule,’ applied on a case-by-case basis,” the EFF wrote, “may lead to years of expensive litigation to determine the meaning of ‘harm’ (for those who can afford to engage in it).”

    The general-conduct rule reportedly has seven standards, one of which is the “effect on free expression.” Net neutrality was supposed to ban online discrimination based on content. Instead, it is empowering the FCC?the agency that for decades enforced the “Fairness Doctrine” and that last year proposed studying “bias” in newsrooms?to chill speech.

    Policy will be determined by the FCC deciding what is “unjust and unreasonable,” which is legalese for, “fuck you, that’s why.” Enjoy your deal with the devil, Google and Netflix.

    1. What else could possibly result you fucktards? I hope th EFF chokes on the government dick they love to suck.

    2. A lot of liberals will quickly forget that this is the fault of giving FCC the power over the internet. They will blame ISPs and websites for all of this.

      Just watch and see. They will completely forget about the FCC.

      1. ^^^This

      2. EVUL CORPORAYSHUNS!!!111!

      3. The essence of this belief already occurred beforehand with them failing to realize that locally granted legal monopolies exist and that’s why their choices in ISPs were terrible.

        When your premises are incorrect, continuing to work off them will do you no good.

    3. “Instead, it is empowering the FCC?the agency that for decades enforced the “Fairness Doctrine” and that last year proposed studying “bias” in newsrooms?to chill speech.”

      That was the end-game all along. Obumbles administration officials have been telling them that from day one.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid fuckers.

      1. EFF’s funding constituency is far less government loving than their principals. They have to act shocked. Shocked. To discover that the FCC is going to be given unfettered power to regulate by whim. That’s why I hate the EFF. They aren’t really about principled electronic freedom. It is all SWPL advocacy for the Internet.

      2. Another stupid fucker:

        During the conference call announcing Frontier’s $10.5 billion acquisition of Verizon’s assets in three states, Wilderotter said that she’s comfortable with “Title 2” regulation since the company already operates under those rules and in the markets it serves today.

        “What it isn’t is there’s no rate regulation that’s being offered up here in the proposal for Title II, no tariffing and no last mile unbundling so we’re not forced to open up our networks to competitors.”

        “Pray I don’t alter our deal futher.”

        1. During the conference call announcing Frontier’s $10.5 billion acquisition of Verizon’s assets in three states, Wilderotter said that she’s comfortable with “Title 2” regulation since the company already operates under those rules and in the markets it serves today.

          Now that my severance is no longer at risk, I’m happy to say that Maggie Wilderotter is an idiot and Frontier is a terrible company. She’s spent the last 6 years angling for the FCC chairmanship, or at least a commissioner’s slot, under the next Republican president.

          I maintain my position that the lack of rate regulation will not survive. The forbearance process has to be radically overhauled for it to be a realistic option imo, and I really can’t see the FCC doing so when the telcos are already familiar with the tariff process that will be used instead.

          1. Maggie Wilderotter is an idiot and Frontier is a terrible company

            That’s been my impression too.

            I maintain my position that the lack of rate regulation will not survive.

            Other than the technical reason for this, I see cost as the biggest reason for consumer complaints, followed by speed/availability. Net neutrality isn’t even on the radar for most users. Not that setting tariffs would lower costs at all, but it would be an easy sell for “don’t let those monopolies rip you off every month. We need price regulation”.

          2. Last Aug on vacation I met a guy that (I think) was pretty high at Frontier, something with Tax and went to U.Va. Seemed like a nice guy. KDN, you know this guy?

  16. “Inside the lives of web-cam girls.”

    I like that you can immediately tell when ENB is doing the AM links.

    “Netanyahu is here! The Israeli prime minister will speak to America’s biggest pro-Israel lobby today ahead of his address before Congress tomorrow.”

    The mindless adoration for Netanyahu among conservatives is hilarious. I support Israel when compared to the unmitigated horrors that would be unleashed by Hamas if they ever had the upper hand, but conservatives seem to feel that Netanyahu is everywhere and always above criticism.

    Any criticism of Netanyahu or Israel is either a) anti-semitism or b) evidence of terrorist sympathies.

    1. Meh, if one reads the CBC whining about this, it seems like an issue of L?se-majest? against the Lightworker.

      1. It’s bad on both sides. There has been a lot of Netanyahu fellating on the right the last few days.

        1. Oh, I think longer than the last few days. O! being a petulant child just dials it up to 11 on the fellate-scale.

    2. Netanyahu’s been idolized by the religious right for some reason. Probably because he hates Muslims and doesn’t get along with Obama.

    3. Although, interestingly, The American Conservative, Pat Buchanan’s website/mag has been pretty harsh on Netanyahu and his Republican supporters.

      1. That’s because Pat Buchanan is a hardcore old-right non-interventionist who has been bizarrely supportive of Vladimir Putin.

        His views on foreign policy are not exactly inline with the general opinions of Republicans.

      2. Is that the same Pat Buchanan who once proposed putting homeless people in ‘work camps’?

  17. Warty Hugeman and The Endless Asshole: A Warty Hugeman Time Travel Adventure: Part 4 (of 6)

    “Warty Hugeman, can you hear me?” It was Simon’s voice coming over the timesuit’s speakers. He sounded very far away.

    Warty felt the skin tag shudder as Simon tore the pitons out to release him. Simon caught him as he fell forward and gently lowered him to the ground.

    “What happened?” Warty asked thickly.

    “The secondary fartquake had a? projectile component. One of them hit the skin tag hard enough to knock you out,” Simon said. He helped Warty to his feet.

    “I had dream, Simon. Or maybe a vision. You and I lit a fartquake and used it to roast an entire planet right down to the bedrock.” Simon laughed in robotic delight. “Where could we get a Zippo big enough, Simon?”

    “We must first find out what is causing the methane outgassing,” Simon said.

    “Of course, of course. We must make for the anus as quickly as possible.” Warty electrified the gloves of the timesuit and burned his harpoon free of the tagmeat.

    “Yes, Warty Hugeman. I have plotted a route to the rectal center.”

    Previous episodes

    1. *shudders*

      I am not sure I like where this is going…

      1. The rectal center?

    2. I picture Simon saying Hugeman not as a Jewish name but in the cadence of Pok?mon.

      1. Hugg-e-Mahn!

        1. A Warty hug is a very special kind of hug.

          1. My male pit bull (technically, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) likes to give “mouth hugs”, where he grabs your arm with his massive, bone crushing jaws and . . . slobbers on you.


            Rather alarming to people who are meeting him for the first time.

            His version of a very special kind of hug.

            1. I had a 165 lb Rottie who liked to do that.

              Liked for me to just leave my hand sitting on his tongue.

    1. I want to be fed to my enemies in hopes they will choke on my poisoned flesh.

    2. Hmm, I might consider that. I was planning on cremation. Funerals and cemeteries are such a waste.

    3. I’m already wood every morning.

      1. Careful, if you weigh the same as a duck… some English peasants will set your crank on fire.

      2. You lucky stiff!

      1. you don’t say

    4. I told my wife to have my ashes mixed into the backfill of a newly planted tree as an arboretum. This would fit the bill.

      1. My deceased female German shepherd dog is burried in the back yard more than five feet deep. I am to be cremated and the ashes will be dumped into a four-foot hole dug with a post-hole digger in the center of her grave. So currently, I am able to preemptively spit on my own grave.

        1. My kids know they are to mix some of my ashes with the finest hash they can find and have a kick-ass party.

  18. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time:

    Six- (or seven- per another source) year-old girl witnesses her father being shot

    It gets better, or worse, depending on your perspective:

    “She was at the green last year when the little Scully lad was shot – he’s been left paralysed since,” he added.

    Sean Scully (7) had been playing with friends near his house on Croftwood Grove, Ballyfermot when a gunman opened fire at another man but missed him and hit Sean in the back.

  19. Across the country, the ranks of private police?citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests?are swelling.

    “The trend has raised concerns in Virginia and elsewhere, because these armed officers often receive a small fraction of the training and oversight of their municipal counterparts. Arrests of private police officers and incidents involving SCOPs overstepping their authority have also raised concerns.”

    Something tells me that if this cop fucked up and killed an innocent person, he would not get qualified immunity and preferential treatment from judges and prosecutors. Meaning that even if these types of cops had 0 hours of training, everyone they interact with is an order of magnitude more safe from harm than if they were dealing with a government officer who could bring down the force of the state upon you with near impunity.

    1. What oversight does the average cop get? I guess by ‘oversight’ they mean ‘will get mildly inconvenienced by union hearings before inevitably being exonerated.’

    2. near impunity.

      1. near impunity.

        To be fair, I have heard legends and lore of cops being prosecuted when their friends in the judiciary had absolutely no alternative whatsoever.

        1. Typically, this happens when the victim is a member of the cop-industrial complex.

          For abuse of serfs, I would say impunity isn’t too far off.

          1. Yeah. Let’s ask the baby who got his face and chest mutilated by a flashbang. Or the guy who was shot while sleeping in bed and the cops said they bore no responsibility for their actions.(the courts agreed)

    3. Totally this. Let’s fucking cut every fucking cop force out there and get some citizens doing the policing. They will be a lot less intrusive, bullying and will actually be held accountable for drawing their weapon.

      1. get some citizens doing the policing.

        It could be like jury duty.

        “Report for firearms training at 8:30. Bring this Summons and a photo ID.”

          1. Stop right there, criminal scum!

          2. +1 Zimmerman. oh wait…

          3. It won’t be a libertarian moment until hue and cry returns.

        1. As long as the more Libertarian than thou crowd doesn’t wreck by bitching about conscription and state slavery.

    4. Just wait to the uppity ones get themselves shot. I can see the umbrella of the state grow to cover these guys. The opportunities these laser tag warriors can turn it up to 11 the better

  20. Today was the first appointment for a sonogram at the OB/GYN and got to see the little fetus’ heart beating. Holy crap. A heart beat. In a baby. Of mine. I’m sitting here getting nothing done at work because I’m just staring at the printed picture form the sonogram.

    It’s not unusual for me to be getting nothing done, but it is different that I’m not getting it done because I’m staring at my baby’s first picture.

    1. Ha! It was quite an experience for me too. Very strange, since I’ve hated babies my entire life.

      I still think mine is the only cute baby, but I am more tolerant of others now. On my last flight, there was a baby in front of me, and his crying didn’t bother me. Prior to parenthood, I would have been seething with rage.

      1. Me too, I usually feel kind of bad for the parents because sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do about it other than make it a lot worse.

      2. I’ve found that earbuds plus big studio headphones (that aren’t plugged in) work really well, even better than noise-cancelling headphones.

        Of course, a baby crying can’t help itself; idiots babbling the whole flight is a far worse situation.

    2. Congratulations!

    3. Congrats!

    4. How very exciting!

    5. Congrats!

    6. Congrats. Just remember that it’s not too soon to start indoctrinating the little guy or girl with subliminal libertarian propaganda…

      1. I already put Reason magazines on Mrs. SFC B’s stomach while she sleeps. I’m hoping for the osmosis to work on both of them. That is how that process works right?

        1. I suggest using multiple techniques.

          “You look tired, dear, I’ll take care of those chores while you take a nice N-A-P”

          See “Neuro Linguistic Persuasion”

        2. It’s a good start.

    7. First time I saw that, the OB/GYN made me sit down because he thought I was going to pass out.


    8. Congrats SFC B

    9. Mazel tov, motherfucker!

    10. Congrats!

    11. Congratulations!

    12. Congrats, man!

      It’s only going to get more exciting. Difficult as well, but more rewarding than it is challenging.

      Pretty soon, the little kid is going to be able to hear your voice while inside your wife’s stomach, so start reading the PM links to him or her out loud before bed each night.

  21. My six in the morning flight *kaff* has been delayed until one in the afternoon. I hate hate going through the security kabuki theater just so I can go sit in a flying aluminum tube for two hours.

    At least I got to sleep in some more…

  22. So this CPAC thing is just the GOP establishments tool to weed out the radical extremists.

    So that means that Jeb is still the unquestioned front runner. You will see it on Drudge in 3…2…

  23. Had to put our cat down last night. To euthanize our cat, they gave her two injections, an overdose of anesthetic. My youngest daughter didn’t want to be in the room to see it, so we walked out. No sooner did we sit down in the waiting room, than they called us back in because it was over.

    I kept thinking about something that was posted here. Why does it take 5 drugs and 15 minutes to execute a human, when you can put a pet down humanely with 1 drug, and it only takes seconds?

    1. Because humans keep twitching and it’s upsetting to spectators.

    2. Sorry, man.

      Why does it take 5 drugs and 15 minutes to execute a human, when you can put a pet down humanely with 1 drug, and it only takes seconds?

      Because the state is incompetent, and cronies gotta get paid. You also hear of people dying peacefully in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning. The State can’t even replicate that?

      1. It really has to do with the people fighting against the death penalty.

        They attack all forms of execution, including litigation against whatever drug is used. All the effective drugs are not allowed because drug companies don’t want the hassle.

    3. Sorry for your loss.

      We lost one last month. I always tell my wife the best thing about loving and losing a cat is that it’s an opportunity for then adopt another one waiting for a home. And when you adopt one, it also opens a space in the shelter for one that needs rescue. So all the spaces kinda shift, you know?

  24. Across the country, the ranks of private police?citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests?are swelling.

    Ugh, not another BMI thread!!

    1. That’s the way I want to go.

      1. “Give me head until I’m dead.”

        1. “How do you want to die?”

          “In my own bed, at 80, with a belly full of wine and maiden’s mouth around my cock.”

          (Quoting from memory, but I believe that’s the essence. Teehee.)

  25. Across the country, the ranks of private police?citizens who are allowed to carry guns, display badges, and make arrests?are swelling.

    But who will build the roadz?

  26. Bonus round of Spot the Not: Pat Buchanan!

    1. Parents have a right to insist that godless evolution not be taught to their children.

    2. Bill Clinton’s foreign policy experience stems mainly from having breakfast at the International House of Pancakes.

    3. No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.

    4. Terrorism is the price of empire. If we do not wish to pay it, we must give up the empire.

    5. The ultimate goal of the anti-religious elites is to transform America into a completely secular nation, a nation that is legally and culturally biased against Christianity.

    6. The War Between the States was about independence, about self-determination, about the right of a people to break free of a government to which they could no longer give allegiance.

    1. Dammit, six choices?

      I’m going to go with 3. It sounds a little short for the bloviator.

    2. #4?

      That sounds like something I heard Ron Paul say.

    3. I’ll say 1.

      I recognize the IHOP joke.

      The rest sounds like him.

      But I don’t know where he stands on evolution, so 1 it is.

    4. 3. Sheldon Richman?

    5. 3.5


      Then 4.

    6. No more bets! No more bets!

      The Not is #5- That one is from Ron Paul.



      1. None of us got it.

        You’re a crafty one, Doc – 2003!

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  28. Paging GILMORE, please pick up the nearest white courtesy telephone.
    Its probably worth it to update.. If you still have the manual way installed, remove it and follow the directions on the github page. Your settings will be preserved.

    1. FYI –

      I added names to the exclude list (under the usernames bit where you helpfully suggested “Tony”, “buttplug”)… and added Bo Cara, Hihn, american socialist

      the former two are now forever cast into the pit…

      … however the socialist seems to not be getting screened.

      I think it might be some hidden text in his username. any thoughts?

      1. Replied in PM links.. I think you may have a trailing space.. I’ll code something to get rid of errant spaces at the end of matches (damn you windows, I know it was you!)

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