25 Years Ago


"Except for a small group of alarmists, all the global warming watchers offer a similar message: Before getting too upset about global warming, remember that there are more immediate concerns."

-Rick Henderson, "Greenbacks for the Greenhouse?"

"Seizures are not confined to the property of suspected drug couriers. Following the federal example, police confiscate property when it can be connected in any way to drug crimes. In Detroit, for example, police seized $4,834 from a grocery store after dogs detected traces of cocaine on three $1.00 bills in a cash register."

-Jacob Sullum, "Little Big Brother"

"Just a few days after Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said that he would scale back defense spending, the Pentagon said that it would like to play a larger role in the war on drugs. Coincidence? No."

-Charles Oliver, "Rumors of War"

-March 1990