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Jason Hughes battered Natalie Allman with a dumbbell, slashed her throat with a knife, and tried to smother her with a pillow, all in front of their two sons. Hughes is now in prison for the attack, and a British judge says he'll send Allman to prison, too, if she doesn't keep Hughes updated on their children. She must send letters and photos of the boys to Hughes three times a year.

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  1. The order requires that the letters include “an update regarding the ?children’s general progress, both at nursery/school and socially, to include details of their health and emotional ?development”.

    “Today I reminded your sons what a piece of shite you are. And here is a picture of them with their new father.”

    1. “And New Dad has a 10 inch dick and can crush a cement block with his bare hands”

      1. Hello, Daddy!

          1. *slap!*

            1. *SLAP!*

    2. I was going to comment about how fucked up this story is, until I read you’re comment Fist. It’s a stupid court order, but there is a lot of ways she could have fun sending letters to that abusive prick.

      1. I want to apologize – my brain at first interpreted your handle as “Bo Tard, Esq”…

        Again, my sincere and abject apology, sirrah…

        *bows deeply and backs away*

        1. *Waits to act as Bard’s second*

          1. I know, right?

            I just saw the B and BABAM! Braintardation.

  2. ‘The boys are so happy we live in another country now. They can even spell undisclosed location. ‘

  3. In August 2012 Hughes was ?sentenced to nine years … [he] could be out of prison as early as March next year

    Quelle surprise. This reminds me of a case in our Family Court in the late 1970s – a 14 year old girl was ordered to visit her father in jail. In jail for raping her.

    1. At least in the USA the sentence would be a tad more severe.

      When reforming excessive sentences, let’s try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater – keep the stiff sentences for violent felons.

  4. And people wonder why there is such a breakdown of traditional social institutions in The Prison Isle ™…
    What a lovely place Britain must be to live…

    1. That is likely America’s future, a decade or two down the road.

      1. I, too, was fully prepared to shit all over the U.K. for this. Then I realized that I could also imagine the same thing happening here. Now, rather than a decade or so off.

      2. Britain is always about 20 years ahead of us in terms of liberal progressive fascism.

        Scary, that…

  5. FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!! She looks like the Kurgan from “Highlander” at the end of the movie when he has the safety pins running across the scar on his neck.
    Totally, right?!?!

    1. There can be only one!!

    2. Candy: Hi. I’m Candy.

      Kurgan: Of course you are…

      1. Kurgan: [to a pair of nuns passing by him] Happy Hallowe’en, ladies!

        Nuns. No sense of humor.

        1. My cut has improved your voice!

  6. Judges who judge must face the same pain the victims they preside over.

    So. In this case, let’s see how this asshole judge feels being hit with a dumbbell and getting his THROAT SLASHED.

    Piece of shit. Piece of fucking shit.

    And I agree. It’s coming here. In fact, I wonder if we’re already there. We’ve seen some remarkable rulings over the years here in the North East part of the continent.

  7. “Thought you might like to know, I have moved to a country that encourages prrivate ownership,of guns, amd have been competing regularly in local pop-up target shooting competitions. Looking forward to,seeing you when you get out. In my sights.

  8. Any Brits here? Hello? I’m wondering if the sentence would have been the same if he’d used a gun instead of kitchen and exercise equipment.

  9. My lizard brain had the kneejerk standard response to this story. Especially the part about the guy only getting 9 years?!?

    Then upon thinking about it I actually kind of agree with this law (as fucked as it is in the current case). The law basically says that a parent still has rights even if they are in prison. For the vast majority of prisoners this would be a good thing. You’re caught with a pound of weed in Texas and sent away for 5 years: your kid’s mom can’t use this as an opportunity to write you out of their lives. In some respects it increases liberty for a parent. That said, 9 years is too short. Even if it was a crime of passion (she was cheating on him) he tortured her over a six hour period and basically left her to die with a slit throat.

    1. She was not cheating on him:

      Natalie ended her relationship with Hughes in February 2012 two months before their planned wedding because of his excessive drinking.

      The spurned Territorial Army ?part-time soldier, who was still staying at their house in Hereford, went ?berserk one night after discovering she was seeing someone else.

      But I am torn on the parental rights thing. As I noted above, parental rights have been used to force a child to visit her rapist father in jail. Those rights (I think) get trumped by the rights of the child not to deal with a parent’s bullshit (or worse). But the way the state also uses that power to punish (admittedly flawed) parents who are not really harming their kids. Not sure where I land on this generally. In this case, of course, this guy left his kids with their grievously wounded mother, so fuck him.

      1. Well, with that in mind, let’s not completely overlook her stupidity in keeping around the house after cancelling the wedding because he’s a mean alcoholic, and dating while this spurned, mean alcoholic was still living in her house.

        Not to excuse him, etc., etc. But how was this going to end well?

        1. Granted, but her stupidity is legally irrelevant. And the first part of my post was just correcting Eric’s factual error.

          The issue is at whether there’s a point at which parental rights cannot be enforced, and if so, how can that be done without handing too much power over to the state? Or at least, that’s my question.

  10. Well, he didn’t have a gripe with the children, did he?

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