Tonight in NYC: The Reason/Mediaite Happy Hour, Polar Vortex Edition


New York Reasonoids, need something to help you through another miserable cold and windy week? Then come out to the Brass Monkey in Manhattan tonight, where we'll be teaming with the folks at Mediaite to host one of our irregularly scheduled happy hours.

They're just like us!

WHEN?: (TONIGHT!) Wednesday, February 25, 2015. 6-10p ET. 

WHERE?: Brass Monkey. 55 Little West 12th Street New York, NY 10014 (2nd Floor)

WHO'S INVITED?: You, your guests, and anyone looking to spread some late-Winter cheer. Teetotalers welcome, too!

This invite is the extent of the formality involved. There's no agenda, no guest speakers, just socializing in a come as you are atmosphere. 

Please allow New York's favorite native sons to get you in the mood:

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  1. Every time you post one of these it’s like you take a knife and stab it deep in the heart of middle America.

    You probably use terms like “the fly over states” as you laugh and drink martinis as you watch the sun rise- while Reuben sits like Buddah in a 10 foot cell.

    Seriously, there are, like 48 other states, not to mention Guam, PR, etc.

    1. Sure, it’s not cool to avoid the “fly over states,” but Guam? No matter how many Richman articles they run, no one at Reason deserves that.

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