A.M. Links: Obama Willing to Make a Deal on ISIS War, FCC Likely Won't Share Proposed Net Regs Before Vote, Mummified Body Found in Buddha Statue


  • "Let's Make a Deal"

    President Obama is open to negotiating details of the proposed authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which he says he doesn't need.

  • The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote Thursday on new Internet regulations that are not expected to be made public before then.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin says (more?) war in Ukraine is unlikely.
  • Polling shows a majority of residents in Mogadishu saying they feel safer in the Somali capital than they did two years ago.
  • A mummified body was found in a Buddha statue on display in a Netherlands museum.
  • A spokesperson for the Oscars explained that Joan Rivers was among "many worthy artists and filmmakers" cut from Sunday's In Memoriam segment.

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  1. Irony Alert: David Axelrod concerned that Hillary campaign’s slogan is light on meaning and the cult of personality around her is “dangerous.”

    1. you know who else had a dangerous cult of personality?

      1. Living Color?

        1. I know your anger, I know your dreams
          I’ve been everything you want to be

      2. Maud’ Dib?

      3. Kim Il-Sung?

      4. NIXON?!?!?

      5. Mohammad?

        1. Was it the British spelling? I automatically adapt when posting here.

        2. Typing that extra “u” lost you the race there, limey.

        3. Neon lights, a Nobel Prize
          When a leader speaks, that leader dies
          You won’t have to follow me
          Only you can set you free

      6. Mohammed?

      7. Gay Oscar hosts?

      8. Rev. Jim Jones?

      9. Napolean…that dastardly little corporal.

    2. Hello.

      Lynch wants to trademark ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined’.


      1. He’ll make a mint everytime someone gets dragged in for Congressional Testimony.

      2. Rufus can you talk to your country’s leaders and have them stop putting out posters like this?


        No wonder Cytotoxic has such a war boner. I think he has completely missed the point

        1. We’ve got to lick them over there so that we don’t have to lick them over here!

        2. KEEP ME OUT OF THIS.

          But you have to admit ‘lick them’ is brilliant.

          1. “I licked athlete’s foot!”

  2. Polling shows a majority of residents in Mogadishu saying they feel safer in the Somali capital than they did two years ago.

    Just wait until they build roads for the bandits to get to them on.

    1. What do Somali millennials think?

      1. Polite clapping

  3. A spokesperson for the Oscars explained that Joan Rivers was among “many worthy artists and filmmakers” cut from Sunday’s In Memoriam segment.

    [mock sticks finger in throat]

    1. Aren’t the Oscars about MOVIES?? Seems now that it’s about celebrity — regardless of the medium. I’m old enough to remember JR on TV doing standup. Nothing wrong with that — but she wasn’t exactly know for being an actor.

      1. How could you forget the generation-defining epic that was Spaceballs?

        1. Mel Brooks made 3.5 movies worth a darn, and Spaceballs is not one of them

          1. He didn’t say it was good. He said it defined a generation. BIG difference.

            1. You will not take away my Spaceballs branded flamethrower!

              Though on a more serious note, I did laugh (repeatedly) at the movie, so I have to confess it did its job there. I also can’t point to anything that would mark it as ‘best’.

      2. I was going to say I didn’t think Rivers was an Academy member.

        If you want to see bitching, however, you should go to the TCM boards. The usual suspects bitched that the “TCM Remembers” piece for 2014 came out in December (like every other look back at the year does!); they bitched about the music; they claimed it was incomprehensible; and they whined over relatively little-known people who were overlooked.

      3. Her catty, snark was missing from the red carpet. I still don’t know how you can make a living from critiquing clothes, but whatever, shallow folks be eating that up.

        1. Fashion Police was pretty hilarious. I can’t see the point continuing it without her.

          1. It’s not bad, Kathy Griffin is doing a pretty good job, but Brad Goreski is no George Kotsiopoulos. It isn’t going to be a weekly show any more, just recapping award shows and fashion weeks, I believe.

            1. I do like Kathy Griffin actually. I don’t know the two dudes you mentioned – I only saw the show a few times and it was all Joan as far as I was concerned. Whoever else was on with her didn’t register.

              1. Yeah, at the risk of being hypocritical, I think Griffin’s hilarious

                1. I love her impression of Paris Hilton’s walk. I’d go so far as to say it’s good enough for the Ministry of Silly Walks.

      4. She’s directed, written, and produced, in addition to acting. She has hundreds of credits.

  4. VA Secretary Robert McDonald Falsely Claimed He Served In Special Forces

    Robert McDonald, the secretary of veterans affairs, wrongly claimed in a videotaped comment earlier this year that he served in special operations forces, the most elite units in the armed forces, when his military service of five years was spent almost entirely with the 82nd Airborne Division during the late 1970s.


    “Special forces? What years? I was in special forces!” McDonald told the homeless man. That exchange was broadcast in a Jan. 30 CBS News story about the VA’s efforts to find and house homeless veterans.

    1. What? Serving in one of the most famous and distinguished divisions in the army wasn’t good enough? The 82nd should retroactively drum him out of the airborne.

      1. Well, he might have just been a cook or a clerk in the 82nd. There are a lot of mundane MOS’s in any division.

        1. The key thing is, even if he was a file clerk in the 82nd, it would not be a lie to say “I served with the 82nd airborne”.

    2. So Robert McDonald pulled a Brian Williams? Ha ha ha.

    3. there are plenty in the 82nd who believe they are special.

    4. My take on this is: McDonald quickly realized “WTF have I gotten into with this VA secretary business?” and decided to force his own resignation.

    5. Great job on CBS spending 3 weeks to check it out.

    6. He should run for Senate.

    7. “Special forces? What years? I was in special forces!”

      Sounds like every World of Warcraft player that ever spent time in the military.

      1. Hey, I was in special forces.

        We were so special we had our own bus and everything

    8. …with a Ranger tab, and there are Rangers technically in SOF, so by six degress of Kevin Bacon, presto! He’s in.

      1. Yeah, I was kind of wondering if the reporter knows the difference between Rangers and the Insane People Who Wear Green Hats.

        1. I was in AFSOC units for a half-dozen years, but as a non-trigger puller, I’m very aware of the context of when I say I was in ‘SOF’ and it’s never to embellish like this clown.

    9. Eh. Sounds like a misdemeanor to me. He was airborne, and qualified for his Ranger tabs, just never served as a Ranger.

      1. Rangers are not Special Forces. SF is the Green Berets – crazy, multi-lingual and did I mention crazy? Rangers are primarily raid and bushwack, SF main mission is train counter insurgency to other militaries, paramilitaries, bunches of folks out in nowhere – with occasional ambush and raid stuff.

        1. Well, it gets muddy when non-Army folk start conflating Special Forces (generically) with Special Operations…like the article does. …BUT, since the words outta the guy’s mouth were ‘I was in Special Forces..’ he doesn’t get to play ignorant ’cause he knows the distinction full well.

          1. MBest11x needs to do a SF vs Ranger face off rap battle.

            Back to McDonald. Get out the marmalade. He’s toast.

  5. Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say

    Compared with other recreational drugs ? including alcohol ? marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. And researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use.

    Those are the top-line findings of recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature. Researchers sought to quantify the risk of death associated with the use of a variety of commonly used substances. They found that at the level of individual use, alcohol was the deadliest substance, followed by heroin and cocaine.

    1. My problem with weed is once I get up and in the kitchen I am up to my elbows in whatever there is to munch on. That could be hazardous to my health over time.

      1. True dat! Last night, I discovered that Oreo Golden Mega-Stuf brand cookies (the Mega-Stuf is sorta’ like 2 Double-Stuf stacked together) are delicious when opened and sliced strawberries are inserted therein. This is not the kind of science one engages in when not muggled.

    2. But what about the carcinogens in burning gases that enter your lungs? Next they’ll tell me that cigarettes aren’t nearly as deadly as claimed?…and that salt and cholesterol don;t kill.

      1. salt and cholesterol don;t kill

        Well, the science is settled on that.

      2. Well, you don’t have to smoke it. As a drug it is very safe. The means of ingestion are a separate matter.

        There is also some evidence that pot smoking is a whole lot less likely to give you cancer than tobacco. Possibly because of the anti-cancer effects of some cannabinoids. I think the evidence there is pretty slim, but that is because proper studies are so restricted.

        1. Inhaling burning vegetation is primarily what makes smoking tobacco dangerous. I still have yet to see a study quantifying the lung cancer risk change now that it is nigh impossible to chain smoke at most jobs.

          1. Actually, the most dangerous things in tobacco are produced in the high temperature curing process. Burning it only makes it worse, but a lot of the specifically cancer causing chemicals are from the curing.

            1. That’s why chewing tobacco causes cancer too. And why the Swedish Snus variety of chewing tobacco, which is cured at lower temperatures, doesn’t give you cancer.

              1. Citation?

                1. Go read Wikipedia on “tobacco specific nitrosamines”. Or Google “Snus”. I’m not making it up.

        2. Meh. Boo with your counter narrative. I love it when hippies tell me about how much better Marijuana is than cigarettes because of all the chemicals in cigarettes and then blowing their minds when I ask how could that possibly be if Cigarettes are regulated by the FDA and they can’t even tell me where the weed came from.

          1. Well, like I said, the evidence about the relative dangers of the smoke is not super strong because it can’t really be properly studied. But what studies have been done do seem to indicate that weed smoke is less likely to kill you.

            I’d say marijuana is better than cigarettes because it’s effects are more entertaining. Though cigarettes are awfully compelling when you’ve been smoking them for 20+ years. Anyway, one is not really a substitute for the other.

            1. But what studies have been done do seem to indicate that weed smoke is less likely to kill you.

              There’s also the fact that hardly anyone smokes 20-40 joints a day.

              1. Or, what BigT already said.

              2. Yeah, that is a common response. And maybe all there is to it. But some studies comparing tobacco smokers to weed and tobacco smokers suggest that there is perhaps some anti-cancer effect from weed. As I say, nothing you could call proof. But worth serious study, I think.

        3. There is also some evidence that pot smoking is a whole lot less likely to give you cancer than tobacco. Possibly because of the anti-cancer effects of some cannabinoids.

          It’s probably because no one smokes a pack a day of joints. Think about a few joints a week vs 20 x 7 = 140 cigs. The difference in the CO, formaldehyde, etc intake is substantial.

          1. I think there is reason to suspect there may be more to it than that. But as I say, good studies on the subject are difficult to do in the current legal regime.

        4. Don’t forget this.

          Your average cigarette smoker smokes somewhere between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day.

          A heavy pot smoker might average 8 – 10 joints a day at most

    3. As much as I support Marijuana legalization I wish the some of it’s supporters wouldn’t argue like they’re trying to bring back alcohol prohibition.

      1. I know what you mean. I’d rather just hear that it is simply wrong to punish people for their choice of intoxicants.
        But on the other hand, I don’t think that alcohol prohibition is at all likely to come back and facts are facts. Alcohol is more dangerous, more addictive and worse for your health with chronic heavy use.

        1. Chronic heavy use is key. The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate, you really have to put a ridiculous amount of alcohol into your body everyday to destroy that organ.

          It actually amazes me that people are able to do it.

          1. It really is astonishing how a real, severe alcoholic can drink.

            Alcohol can harm other parts of you besides the liver too.

            Not that that should have anything to do with the legality of a substance.

  6. The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote Thursday on new Internet regulations that are not expected to be made public before then.

    I expect to see a Lou-Reed-quality avalanche of Reason stories on this the next few days. Or else.

    1. O/U on comments containing “Comcast” over the life of this avalanche: 3,202.5.

    2. So they have to vote on them before they know whats in them?

      Where have I heard that before?

      1. I think the FCC knows what’s in the regulations they’re just hiding it from the public.

  7. President Obama is open to negotiating details

    Where ‘negotiating’ means ‘accepting his ideas as is’

  8. I recently re-watched O Brother, Where Art Thou. I think it may be the Coen brothers best movie.

    1. Very good movie. Best? Shut the fuck up, Caleb.

    2. One problem with that is that it’s so unmemorable that all I remember is that I watched it. And there was some running gag about hair cream (or some similar hygene product)

      1. I think it’s one of the better representations of the 1930s in Southern United Stares.

        I especially like how the George Clooney character is very enthusiastic about modernization, but as shown by the reform-minded politician, modernization can have a dark side.

        1. one of the better representations of the 1930s in Southern United Stares(sic)

          WERE YOU THERE?!

    3. Great soundtrack anyways.

    4. I’m partial to Fargo and the Big Lebowski as the “best” of theirs.

      1. I think there are a few Coen brothers movies near the top.

      2. Miller’s Crossing, people!!!

        1. That was an under-rated mob flick.

        2. Miller’s Crossing is my favorite for sure. Fargo and The Big Lebowski are up there, though.

          “What is this, the high hat?”

        3. Miller’s, Fargo, Raising, in no particular order.

          Just not that much of a Lebowski fan. I should probably rewatch.

    5. Sounds like you got the menstrual cramps of the brain real hard.

      Raising Arizona is their best pic.


    6. The color guard is colored.

    7. It’s great, but not their most memorable story. My favorite top 3:

      1. No Country for Old Men

      2. Fargo

      3. Barton Fink

      1. I never saw #3, and I liked Fargo, but “No Country for Old Men” struck me as crap. Very artsy crap where they take the middle of a story and leave off both the beginning and end. I was caught off-guard (and downright angry) when the credits started rolling. It is a remarkable failure of storytelling.

        1. agreed on that craptacular ending to NCFOM.

        2. If you want you can read the novel by Cormac McCarthy. It’s a remarkably faithful adaptation of the source material.

          In any case, several plot points are made more explicitly in the text (such as what happens to Llewelyn’s wife and what becomes of Chigurh and the money). And it’s McCarthy, so it’s of course masterfully written.

          1. So, you’re saying they removed the closure that was in the original source material?

            I’ll ignore your characterization of the author, because that has nothing to do with the failings of the film.

            1. Yes, it’s really a trade-off. The Coens lose some of the explicitness of the story’s conclusion but add to it cinematography that captures the desolate emptiness of West Texas better than the book can. And all the actors make the characters in the story feel much more alive and real than is possible on paper.

              1. “Empty” is probably the best description of the film I’ve ever heard.

        3. The crappy ending is in the book. If anything, they made it better than it was, unless you like two chapters in italics which is nothing but a boring conversation with the old Sherriff’s dad.

    8. Have you seen Sullivan’s Travels?

    9. I thought it was boring and the whole Odyssey thing seemed like an afterthought.

      Come on, Barton Fink, Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing, Fargo.

  9. Columbia prof who teaches ‘peacekeeping skills’ charged with assaulting boyfriend

    Joann Baney, a professor at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, was arrested last week and charged with misdemeanor assault.

    The “staunch defender of women’s rights” and “outspoken critic against domestic violence” punched her boyfriend, Walter Frey, while he slept. How come?

    He allegedly cheated on her.

    1. …… punched her boyfriend, Walter Frey, while he slept. How come?

      Because she still hasn’t forgiven him for the Red Wedding?

      1. slow clap.

    2. That old Lord of the Crossing Frey deserves everything he gets.

    3. He’ll find another.

    4. In college I briefly dated someone who worked at the U’s center for peace and conflict resolution. I wouldn’t say she was good at confilct resolution.

      1. It’s easier to resolve other people’s conflicts.

    5. I’d say he broke that vow for firm tits and a nice ass.

    6. I’m sure some feminist can explain why it’s ok when women commit domestic violence.

      1. It’s just like woman-on-man rape… they acknowledge it happens, so so rarely it doesn’t matter. And then there are some grumblings that he probably had it coming.

        1. Woman-on-man rape may be very uncommon or rare. But domestic violence by women against male partners is not uncommon or rare. It is very common. It just does not get the same sympathy or coddling that the reverse does.

      2. Some guys have very punchable faces. Maybe she just couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

        1. There should be a website to rate a face’s punchability.

  10. Kentucky Supreme Court says a lawyer can be disbarred for non-payment of child support.


    Note that the lawyer had faced disciplinary action before for mishandling of client funds, and failure to place funds in an escrow account.
    From the article:
    James was suspended from law practice for five years in a different ethics case in April 2013. His misconduct included failure to return unearned fees, failing to place client fees in an escrow account, charging unreasonable fees for copying case files, and misappropriating a client’s money, according to the Kentucky Supreme Court opinion. At that time, James said his conduct was because of his discontinuation of medication for a mental health condition and promised to seek treatment through the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program.

    The Kentucky Supreme Court noted James’ disciplinary history and his failure to respond to the current ethics charges. The court also said failure to pay child support is a breach of attorney duties to follow a court order, to comply with a statutory obligation, and to conduct oneself in a way that is above reproach.

    1. And yet a cop who abuses his powers gets a brief paid vacation and nothing else happens. Kind of funny how the guy who wears a suit and argues for a living faces such a high standard while a guy who wears a costume and inflicts publicly sanctioned violence for a living – not so much.

  11. Warty Hugeman and The Endless Asshole:
    A Warty Hugeman Time Travel Adventure, Part 1 (of 6)

    Warty Hugeman and his adequately functioning robot helpmate Simon bounded across the folds and wrinkles of the moon with effortless grace.

    “What about ‘Farto: The Living Asshole?'” Warty asked.

    “It is a good name, Warty, but aren’t all assholes living?” Simon replied.

    “Assholes can be dead, but I guess it is a bit redundant to say that it is a living asshole given that is the whole attraction of visiting it.”

    Simon made a rapid series of clicks and whirrs that the timesuit interpreted as laughter.

    “We could just call it ‘Butt,'” Warty suggested. “It’s simple and to the point.”

    “Warty, seismic tremors are incoming.”

    They both adjusted in mid-leap to land near a giant butthair to anchor themselves to. The entire moon began to rumble.

    “We are definitely calling these ‘Fartquakes,'” Warty said, through chattering teeth. The outgassing event continued for seven full minutes, thrusting the asshole-shaped moon even faster toward the center of the galaxy. At the current rate of punctuated acceleration, Simon had calculated that the fleshy orb of buttflesh and its methane geyser would meet the black hole in the center of the Milky Way in a little less than 8.6 million years. Already the sky was almost pure white with the dead light of a billion suns.

    1. “Atmospheric methane density has increased,” Simon announced. The timesuit was getting better at translating him; when they first met, Simon talked like a robotard.

      “How far has it been since the last sample site?” Warty asked.

      “Five kilometers.”

      “I’m going to sample again.”

      Warty plunged his harpoon down into the buttmeat of the moon’s surface, leaning on it to drive it deep. Buttblood spurted into the methane-rich air. The harpoon screeched after a moment and Warty pulled it out.

      “The readings are the same, Warty Hugeman. I am forced to conclude that this entire moon is a single, living butthole of staggering proportions.”

      “And it’s all ours Simon,” Warty said. “Think of what we could do if we could harness it, steer it. We could cropdust entire solar systems!”

      “Warty, I have been consulting the historical files. What about designating this moon ‘Balloonknot?'”

      “That’s perfect, Simon! I love it! Come on, robopal. Let us plumb the mysterious depths of our Balloonknot!”

      1. “Farto”? Don’t you mean “Fartana”?

      2. Imagine if it got away from them and collided with Uranus.

        1. And they were bombarded by Klingons.

  12. I’m hung like a toddler: Meet a man with a micropenis

    Lately, I have been emailing a lot with a man with a micropenis. Chris, a 53-year-old who works in financial services in Chicago, first wrote me in response to an article of mine on how women evaluate men’s junk. “Put bluntly, I have a micropenis,” this complete stranger revealed to me. “Think the size and shape of a sewing thimble soft, wine cork erect.” He continued, “My scrotum is sized to match, no tragedy, just unusual on a tall and fit adult man who appears normal and healthy in every other way.”

    “No tragedy” is a common refrain of his, even as he compares his penis to that of a toddler or a hamster.

    Of course, I had to start an email back-and-forth with Chris. I find men’s relationships with their penises fascinating. I’ve written about a man with two schlongs, one with none, another with the world’s largest member and then there’s the guy whose Johnson ejaculates uncontrollably 100 times day. It’s like a dirty Dr. Seuss book: One dick, two dicks, huge dick, no dick! And now: micro-dick.

    1. I sense a Warty Hugeman sidekick or possibly hilarious buddy movie.

      1. With a Counting Crows soundtrack.

    2. I have more respect for the guy who ejaculates uncontrollably 100 times a day than the guy who does it 100 times in complete control.

    3. “My dick is so big it has its own dick. And even my *dick’s* dick is bigger than *your* dick.”

    4. That article is UNMITIGATED HORROR. I am AMAZED that the dude didn’t shoot up his school when he was 19. Kudos to him for living with it and making the best of it. I am more grateful than ever for being average sized!!!

      1. Speak for yourself. I’ve got to tie my pecker to my leg.


        1. I was speaking for myself. I haven’t checked out your prosthetic junk, meatgazer…

    5. “how women evaluate men’s junk”

      about 1% of how often men evaluate each other’s junk

  13. President Obama is open to negotiating details of the proposed authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which he says he doesn’t need.

    He’s the decider.

  14. Bush Derangement Syndrome Was About A Culture War

    This is what came to mind when reading this piece by Vox’s Ezra Klein on “Obama Derangement Syndrome” – and specifically, when Klein says that “Bush Derangement Syndrome” was really a policy disagreement, while the Obama version is a reactionary sentiment about how the President is not “one of us”, be that a Christian, an American, or a country-loving patriot.

    The notion that President Obama is, finally, a smart man in charge of the country is why Klein’s argument is wrong. The derangement of progressives in the Bush era was decidedly not about his policies. Yes, they thought that the war in Iraq was wrong, that the tax cuts of EGTRRA & JGTRRA were unjust, and that his proposed reforms to Social Security would have been a disaster. But they also thought he was a reckless, dumb cowboy whose rich oil-money friends stole an election and whose entire presidency was illegitimate.

    1. Progressive hatred of George Bush was based only policy.

      “I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history. And, while I’m tempted to leave it at that, the truth is that I hate him for less substantive reasons, too. I hate the inequitable way he has come to his economic and political achievements and his utter lack of humility (disguised behind transparently false modesty) at having done so. His favorite answer to the question of nepotism–“I inherited half my father’s friends and all his enemies”–conveys the laughable implication that his birth bestowed more disadvantage than advantage. He reminds me of a certain type I knew in high school–the kid who was given a fancy sports car for his sixteenth birthday and believed that he had somehow earned it. I hate the way he walks–shoulders flexed, elbows splayed out from his sides like a teenage boy feigning machismo. I hate the way he talks–blustery self-assurance masked by a pseudopopulist twang. I even hate the things that everybody seems to like about him. I hate his lame nickname-bestowing– a way to establish one’s social superiority beneath a veneer of chumminess (does anybody give their boss a nickname without his consent?). And, while most people who meet Bush claim to like him, I suspect that, if I got to know him personally, I would hate him even more.”

      1. I hate this guy not just for the way he writes, but also… Nah, I just hate him for the way he writes.

        1. Hating George Bush because he reminds you of someone in high school is a completely rational position for an adult to hold.

          1. I think I’ve read that exact comment on Huffpo.

      2. If so, then they must really hate Obama.

      3. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history

        Why do I get the feeling you could make listing of, I dunno, any other president’s policies to include Obama’s and this idiot, would be like, “yep, those are the ones that place him on the bottom!”

    2. I’m coming to believe that nearly all politics are now somehow battles in a culture war.

    3. How could progressives have been deranged about Bush’s policies, when they fapped themselves raw over most of them?

      1. principals are greater than principles.

    4. Bush Derangement Syndrome is nothing compared to Palin Derangement Syndrome. I never thought much of her, but my god the way people on the left reacted to her was astoundingly insane.

  15. Bikram yoga founder accused of multiple counts of sexual assault in ‘cultish’ training environment

    Bikram yoga takes place in a heated room, in which teachers guide students through a variety of fixed poses, each held for a number of minutes. While the form has its devotees, others have criticized it for its unwavering focus on body achievement and cultish devotion.

    Teacher training sessions taught by Choudhury himself cost $12,500 per person and take the practice to a new level, featuring mandatory screenings of Bollywood movies until 3 a.m., hours-long yoga sessions, and trainees giving Choudhury massages in a large chair on a stage before other pupils.

    “I was pretty much appalled. It was very cultish,” said Tiffany Friedman in an interview with the New York Times. “I saw how people really wanted his favor and wanted him to shine a light on them and wanted to believe he was a guru and had all these powers. It was heartbreaking.”

    1. This is my shocked face

    2. Yoga as exercise is not even ancient.


      1. Ancient history is over rated.

        The brilliant Vico taught us that.

      2. Seems like most ancient wisdom from the east tends to be pretty modern.

        1. There is usually a good philosophical link, but the idea that specific forms have survived a millenium of famine and pestilence and war that has gone on in the world beggars belief. Human nature makes that improbable because we are inveterate tinkerers.

      3. I don’t give a shit about where Yoga comes from. It makes my back work properly.

    3. Pretty much every big yogi turns out to be a sex freak. Imagine hyper fit people of the opposite sex thinking you’re giving them access to a new level of consciousness. Of course they’ll be willing to go. Of course you’d be fucking like rabbits.

    4. These fuckin’ cults, I tell ya..


  16. The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote Thursday on new Internet regulations that are not expected to be made public before then.

    Audit the FCC!

  17. Leaked E-mail: Border Patrol Instructed to Curtail Deportation Proceedings

    President Obama claimed his executive amnesty would “stem the flow of illegal crossings and speed the return of those who do crossover.” But internal e-mails obtained by National Review Online reveal that his administration has taken steps to ensure the opposite outcome, ordering Border Patrol agents to curtail the initiation of deportation proceedings and to screen the illegal border crossers they detail for eligibility under the president’s deferred-action programs instead.

  18. Uber drivers are employees, wait they’re independent contractors — wait, they’re neither.


    From the article: Freelancers and independent contractors typically get Form 1099-MISC (for miscellaneous income) from any person or company that paid them more than $600 the past year.

    But people who earn money through Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Task Rabbit and a number of other companies in the sharing economy often get neither form. If they get anything, it’s usually Form 1099-K, a relatively new and confusing document used mainly to report credit and debit card payments and online transactions. ..

    1. It’s also not clear why some companies (such as Uber and Airbnb) send them to all workers whereas others (such as Lyft, RelayRides and TaskRabbit) send them only to those who exceed exceed the $20,000 and 200 transactions threshholds. “Both positions are viable” until the IRS provides further guidance on this complicated matter, Langer said.

      SOP from FedGov, and any other bureaucracy. It’s a new situation and the IRS has not declared how they want it treated, so reasonable people are treating it differently.

      I expect that the drivers will be declared contractors requiring 1099-MISC forms. Seems like the most appropriate outcome.

      1. That’s what I envision also.

    2. If you self-report accurately, there is no issue. I have clients that never bothered to send me a 1099. You can bet they sent one to the IRS, though, so it’s always safe to assume they know how much you earned from 1099 work anyway.

  19. There’s definitely no such thing as a media bias.

    The Paper of Record:

    As a general matter, of course, subsidies make people better off, not worse.

    Of course.

    1. Well, if you define it narrowly enough, it might be true. And it doesn’t specify which people subsidies make better off.
      The people who receive the subsidies are certainly better off in some measurable way.
      Of course, the don’t mention that by the same reasoning, subsidies must also make some other people worse off.

  20. Lady Gaga thanks Glenn Beck for ‘humbling review’; Haters shocked

    I wonder if Gaga knows Glenn Beck spent years saying the President is a Nazi. Beck is opposed to healthcare Gaga promoted.
    ? Jon (@LiberatedByGaga) February 24, 2015

    @LiberatedByGaga he’s also very Anti gay marriage
    ? Ryan of Justice (@TheChewDefense) February 24, 2015

    @ladygaga gaga glenn beck is a racist homophobic transmisogynist you don’t have to acknowledge his ass enough people liked you last night
    ? lane/anthy (@noisysignal) February 24, 2015

    1. “LiberatedByGaga”

      This person is the worst thing to ever happen to an undeserving universe.

    2. Beck is one of those pavlovian triggers among progtards, like koch! or fox! or, on occasion, squirrel!

      1. What’s Palin? Chopped liver?

        1. No, chopped moose.

    3. I’d also like to point out that Glenn Beck came out in favor of gay marriage all the way back in 2012, so his public support for gay marriage pre-dates Barack Obama’s.

      Good to see progressives understand their opponents’ positions just as well as I suspected.

      1. Progressives have on more than one occasion told me that libertarians support drug prohibition. They often don’t reason beyond dividing the universe into things they like and things they don’t like.

        1. I think that a part of this is that most people coming of age in the last ten years don’t have an accurate (or even a working) definition of libertarian philosophy.

        2. I’ve been told libertarians would ban unions, even in the private sector. Cuz, you know, libertarians are all about telling people what associations they can have with others.

        3. you were expecting honest argument from the proggies? To use a current-day example, take the dustup over Rudi talking about Obama. Lot of personal shots taken at Rudi, not a word on how he might be mistaken.

        4. Progs have a very binary approach to the universe.

          If its something they approve of, it should be required by law.

          If its something they don’t like, it should be prohibited by law.

          They don’t have much of a third category, such as “Eh, none of my business”.

    4. To be honest I’ve always been a little confused about Glenn Beck’s politics. He seems to move from conservative to libertarian, and back again.

      1. Whatever sells.

    5. This Lady Gaga brouhaha is a perfect illustration of the “culture wars” mentioned in the comments upthread. The lesson for Lefties is that what is said is less important than WHO said it.

      1. It’s also apparently impossible to engage in basic civility. Lady Gaga had an incredible performance at the Academy Awards. Beck said good job. She thanked him for his kind words.

        The fact that this was made political does not bode well for our society going forward.

        1. well seeings how feminists are attacking people like Patricia Arquette for her comments I think it’s a positive step as they are beginning to eat their own.


  21. So, government regulations instituted to stabilize the banking system have created a world where deposits are seen as liabilities?

    J.P. Morgan to Start Charging Big Clients Fees on Some Deposits

    1. Wow, government regulation causing unseen consequences. Who coulda seen that coming?

    2. Deposits have always been liabilities for the banks.

  22. Was the Ferguson Grand Jury Misled?

    As I’ve previously written here, I think the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Ferguson was probably correct. The forensic evidence tended to corroborate Wilson’s version of events and to conflict with that of Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown’s friend, who was the other principal eyewitness.

    But there’s one lingering question still nagging at me and other commentators: the possibility that the grand jury was misinstructed on the law governing police use of deadly force.

  23. The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote Thursday on new Internet regulations that are not expected to be made public before then.

    At least the State Department wants your input.

  24. ?Indonesian Police ask public to help prevent the sale of kids clothes covered in pandas having sex

    Yesterday, the National Police’s Public Relations Division issued an appeal to the public on their Facebook page:

    Please help us stop the sale of children’s clothes depicting pandas having sex.

    Well, they didn’t use the words sex or panda, but that’s clearly the danger shown in the picture they posted:

    1. “kids clothes covered in pandas having sex”

      Wouldn’t it be easier just to use straw in their cages?

    2. Shee-it, I still remember getting a shirt in my teens from my grandparents with skeletons having sex, but they were too oblivious to know what they bought.
      *break, break*
      I thought this sentence would end differently:

      covered in pandas…

  25. It’s 9:08 and I’m drinking Dutch coffee (beer). I made that up yesterday.

    In derp news, noted windowlickers Liawatha and Elijah Cummings have an op ed about what *really* has happened to the middle class since the rise of the dark lord Ronny Raygun.


    After the Great Depression, Congress enacted progressive policies to build and expand the middle class. But Washington became captive to powerful interests that game the system at the expense of the middle class.

    This is false, but even if it’s true, doesn’t it show the futility of giving more power to the government?

    1. to the progs, there is never futility in govt having more power. It’s never the principle that is at fault, just the principals executing it.

    2. “windowlickers”???

      1. it’s shorthand for retards or mongoloids.

      2. If you’ve ever looked at a full short bus, you’ll see the retards licking the windows.

        And then they go to the zoo.

    3. doesn’t it show the futility of giving more power to the government?

      Um, no. You see, the only reason why special interests game the system is because the government isn’t powerful enough to control the special interests that control it. Only by giving the government even more power can it control the special interests that control it, and then the people will control the special interests because the government is the people. Duh.

    4. Dutch Coffee is Douwe Egberts, dammit!

    5. They were on Morning Joe this AM spouting the same lies.

    6. After the Great Depression, Congress enacted progressive policies to build and expand the middle class.


      But Washington became captive to powerful interests that game the system at the expense of the middle class.

      Absolutely true. The tail of society on both ends of the bell curve preys on the middle class at the middle of the bell curve.

  26. Woman caught masturbating during ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

    A horny Mexican moviegoer has been arrested for masturbating while watching “Fifty Shades of Grey,” reports La Verdad.

    The woman, said to be 33 years old, was caught red-handed while watching the film at a cinema in Sinaloa, western Mexico.

    She was noticed by other cinemagoers and reported. It was also claimed she was sitting in the 12th row of the movie house.

    The woman was arrested and, ironically, given the S&M nature of the movie, slapped in handcuffs by cops.

    1. The woman was arrested and, ironically, given the S&M nature of the movie, slapped in handcuffs by cops.

      And tickled?

    2. caught red-handed

      And on her period, too? Ewwwww.

    3. “caught red-handed.” Eww.

      1. And the diversity of reason comments just took another dive.

    4. Looks like the cops didn’t even let her bring her things with after cuffing her.



    5. “Woman” singular?

    6. Next time she should sit in the balcony.

  27. Jeb and the ‘Immortal 306’
    Does his appeal stretch beyond professional Republicans?

    Today, the Republican nomination process is a muddle. The Washington Post recently christened Jeb Bush the frontrunner, and for good reason. He is pulling in the top Republican talent — the donors, consultants, and various policy advisors necessary to fund and run a top-notch campaign.

    Yet, his polling numbers are anemic. The average from Real Clear Politics (RCP) shows Bush pulling in just 14 percent nationwide. In New Hampshire, RCP finds him with 16 percent, and 12 percent in Iowa. One might dismiss these figures, considering how early we are in the cycle. But Jeb (“John Ellis Bush”) is a Bush — and Bushes have been running for national office for nearly 40 years. Republican voters know who he is, and have a pretty good idea of what he stands for. Yet they are not jumping on board, at least not yet.

    1. …and Bushes have been running for national office for nearly 40 years.

      Huh? Prescott’s first run for Senate was in 1950.


    2. Republican voters know who he is, and have a pretty good idea of what he stands for. Yet they are not jumping on board, at least not yet.

      one might think the second sentence, the first half of it anyway, answers the question posed on the line before. Voters have seen, they have assessed, they have decided no thanks. No idea what “at least not yet” means.

      1. He’s a pro-common core, pro-immigration relative of a family that even Republicans have gotten sick of.

        That isn’t exactly a recipe to winning in the Republican primaries.

    3. Bushes have been running for national office for nearly 40 years.

      More like 75 years. Ever hear of Prescott Bush?

      1. You just know he loved signing his name as “Pres. Bush”. You just know it.

  28. Why Lenders Love the $2.5 Million Home Loan

    Home loans from $1 million to $5 million were the fastest growing part of the jumbo market in January, according to purchase application data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Wealthy borrowers are seeking even bigger loans this year while luxury housing prices rise and lenders lure them with competitive terms.

    As first-time homebuyers struggle to qualify for mortgages in a market that’s shrinking after the housing collapse, lenders are providing more multi-million dollar loans to Americans who pose less risk. These borrowers are using the loans to purchase high-end homes in cities such as San Francisco and Miami, where prices have been climbing.

    1. So?

      Idiots with too much money who generally aren’t hurting anyone are not a big deal.

      1. Idiots? How so?

        Or are you alluding to the “where prices have been climbing” and think it is a bubble issue? Idiots for buying into the bubble?

        1. Idiots for wanting to live in SF or Miami. Their priorities have to be warped if they’re going to flock to places like that.

          1. Agree with SF, although I do like Miami.

  29. Antonio Weiss, who’s nomination for Treasury position was vanquished by Senate last month, quietly placed in key poistion in Treasury anyway by Obama

    Or in other words, Obama just slapped Elizabeth Warren across the face.

    1. Haha. How long before Warren goes all Brutus on him?

      1. Right? Not to mention the utter contempt for the Senate this shows.

        He basically put the guy in a position where he can run the show behind the scenes as de facto undersecretary.

        1. Unsurprising at this point. The Senate hasn’t the balls to stop him, just wait till he ignores the supreme court on his immigration executive order.

    2. Talk about your basic White Privilege!

      1. *joke requires basic german language skillz..

    1. no thanks.

      1. Would you could you with a goat?

        1. only if it was on a boat

          1. Would you could you with a sheep?

            1. such an idea is a leap

    2. between him and the ridiculous Sally Kohn piece in WaPo, do these folks realize they are turning the notion of gay not being a choice in its head?

    3. Wait what? A kiss can tell you that? You mean you don’t have to [insert verb] another guy to figure it out?

      1. audit?

      2. That’s step two.

    4. Sure just ask Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

    5. Here’s the thing….. if you are repulsed by even the thought of kissing a dude, you already know.

      1. your just repressing your latent homosexuality. Give us a kiss.

      2. Meh. Repulsed implies I wouldn’t do it to win a bet. I would rather kiss a man than eat a live roach and I would eat a roach to win a bet. Does that make me gay or just competitive?

        1. I need a little more detail, namely:

          Tongue, or no tongue?

    6. Here’s an idea, if you think you might be gay then your gay.

      1. I worship at the altar of Woman. True my prayers haven’t been answered as much as I would like, but I’ll continue to use my male gaze as long as I live.

    7. But you suck one dick…

        1. I was think about the old ‘cocksucker for life’ punchline, but that’ll do.

    8. “Here’s the thing? if you want to know if you’re not gay, kiss a dude. If you feel nothing, you know.”

      “And I’ve kissed many dudes to reinforce my knowledge!”

    9. Fortunately, I don’t give a shit. Should I find myself wanting to kiss a dude some day, then I will. I think that is very unlikely, though.

  30. The railway engineer who knows more than scientists* has quit after it turned out he did more than fantasize about getting young environmentally conscious hotties into his bed.

    UN climate head Rajendra Pachauri resigns

    The head of the UN climate change panel (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, has resigned amid sexual harassment allegations.

    In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Mr Pachauri said he was unable to provide strong leadership.

    Indian police are investigating a complaint from a 29-year-old woman working in his office in Delhi.

    Lawyers for the woman say the harassment included unwanted emails as well as text and phone messages. Mr Pachauri has denied the allegations.

    Mr Pachauri, who had chaired the IPCC since 2002 and whose second term was due to end in October this year, denies any wrongdoing and says his email account and mobile phone were hacked.

    By the way, some of the evidence provided by the young lady are hand-written notes. Unless we are living in a Ghost in the Shell future, he is utterly full of shit.

    Incidentally, he writes like shit.

    *Yes, I am mocking Tony’s clueless worship of credentialism.

    1. UN climate head Rajendra Pachauri resigns

      And he took Scooby-Doo with him. You know, because he’s shaggy.

      […] has resigned amid sexual harassment allegations.

      “Wanna see my private collection of Climate Change predictions?”

    2. The really pathetic thing about this is that it took a sexual harassment scandal to get this railway engineer off his gravy train.

      Even some AGW proponents were calling for his removal for incompetence and dereliction.

  31. Canadians plan to break into Pan-American games this summer … apparently.

    A sophisticated tunnel has been discovered near a major sporting venue and a university in Toronto, reports said Monday, with Canada on edge over the threat of possible extremist attacks.

    A municipal worker was walking through woods near York University and the Rexall Center last month when he spotted a piece of corrugated metal on the ground, lifted it up and found a passageway, the public broadcaster CBC said.

    The tunnel was about seven meters (23 feet) long and 2.5 meters tall and was lit by an electric generator. The walls and ceilings had been reinforced and tools had been left inside.

    Toronto is hosting the Pan American Games in July and the Rexall Center is one of the venues. The facility also hosts major tennis events.

    National security officials have been alerted but there was no immediate suggestion the tunnel posed a threat, CBC said.

    1. That looks like a wax figurine of Sharpton.

      1. The head is too big for the body, try again.

      2. I love the relative sizes of the head and the body.

        1. Looks like a marionette from Team America.

    2. Howie Carr keeps playing a collection of Sharpton fibs. Among them calling the EPA the Environmental Projection Agency.


      1. Simple ridicule and laughter is an under appreciated power for arguing your case.

    3. Some people really should just stay fat.

    4. I choked on my strawberry yogurt (seasoned with Muscovado sugar) looking at that photo. That monster in the background is a metaphor for his soul.

    5. I think my grandmother had broader shoulders than him

    1. Don’t worry — I’m sure the homeopaths will come up with a cure.

    2. Glad I live in the sticks.

    3. Rain water and grain alcohol are all I deink.

      1. Rain water and grain alcohol are all I deink.

        Lay off the rain water, it’s messing up your spelling.

        1. Fluoridation, Mandrake! Corrupts our essence…

      2. Water? Ick. Never touch the stuff. Fish fuck in it.

        1. I once ran out of beer and was forced to subsist on nothing but food and water for several days.

  32. A spokesperson for the Oscars explained that Joan Rivers was among “many worthy artists and filmmakers” cut from Sunday’s In Memoriam segment.

    “All of them who did not kiss some serious Obama ass either.”

    A mummified body was found in a Buddha statue on display in a Netherlands museum.

    They may have found the body of Jimmy Hoffa, finally!

    Polling shows a majority of residents in Mogadishu saying they feel safer in the Somali capital than they did two years ago.

    But they still don’t enjoy the sweet pleasure of having an omnipotent road-building organization.

    The Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote Thursday on new Internet regulations that are not expected to be made public before then.

    Keeping secrets is what regulating communications is all about.

    President Obama is open to negotiating details of the proposed authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which he says he doesn’t need.

    “I’m more than willing to hear your opinions on the matter, gentlemen; I’ll then turn around and do what I want anyway. Because, I am the king.”

  33. Caught this on the local news this morning. Take a look, and weep for the future of America.

    “internet access would be seen as a basic right that all Americans are due, like electricity”

    1. I can’t think of any dumber political philosophy than the belief that something that had to be invented is a basic right.

      1. Progs wish to regurgitate the fruit of knowledge so they may return to the kindergarten of Eden.

    2. And just like electricity that flows to everyone evenly

      But the e company charges different rates for different folks. AFAIK net neutrality would not allow different rates. That would seriously undermine the advantage of any new internet technology, and inhibit innovation.

      How did we get all those gadgets in cars? First they were put in high-end cars like Cadillacs and Lexus, and then became more or less standard.

      How did we get all those fancy coffees? Starbucks et al started selling designer coffees, and now McD’s sells them.

      How did we get all those slick smart phones? You know the story.

      Remember Ma Bell? Not exactly the shining model of innovation. Remember long distance rates? Yeah, just a scam.

      Why in hell does anyone think net ‘neutrality’ will be advantageous to the average consumer?

      1. At least now you can confidently buy the latest iPhone without worrying it will be out of date next year.

      2. Because government=good, and corporations=bad. So government controlling corporations (when they say it’s for “the good of the people”) = good.

      3. But the e company charges different rates for different folks.

        Not to mention different types of service?

  34. Pelosi has every D sign a ‘what a good boy I am’ card!

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has made sure that every single Democrat has co-sponsored legislation to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, hoping to eliminate any confusion over whom to blame if the agency partially shuts down at the end of this week over an immigration brawl between congressional Republicans and President Obama.”

    She’s so post-partisan, she’s partisan again!

  35. One of Islam’s intellectual titans defends his fatwa against Mickey Mouse:


    1. In 1936 (or so), an official Nazi newspaper wrote…

      “Mickey Mouse is the most miserable ideal ever revealed…Healthy emotions tell every independent young man and every honorable youth that the dirty and filth-covered vermin, the greatest bacteria carrier in the animal kingdom, cannot be the ideal type of animal…Away with Jewish brutalization of the people! Down with Mickey Mouse! Wear the Swastika Cross!”

      Seems that he has smiliar ideas on the subject.

      1. I think this video best explains the mindset behind both the imam and the Nazi newspaper:


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  37. The greatness that is Ron Swanson comes to a close tonight. He will only now live on in our memories. And Netflix. And Amazon. And Hulu. And DVD. And t-shirts. And bobbleheads.

  38. my friend’s aunt makes $62 an hour on the computer . She has been laid off for five months but last month her pay was $14934 just working on the computer for a few hours. Visit this site………
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