Obama Claims DHS Shutdown Would Hurt Economy, Administration Fights to Revive Immigration Order, Russian Government Accused of Ukraine Invasion Plan: P.M. Links


  • Monty Python

    With funding for the inept and authoritarian Department of Homeland Security set to run out on Friday, the president predicts economic catastrophe if the country doesn't cough up cash. Because of unemployed border guards roaming the streets with palms out, of course.

  • The Obama administration battles in court a federal judge's ruling against the president's waiver of deportations for illegal immigrants.
  • Several Republican governors with presidental ambitions find their hopes threatened by budget crunches at home
  • Britain's long-entrenched two-ish party political system is poised to become a six party contest, with no group drawing the support of more than a third of the population. A diversity of voice and opinion? Hmmm…
  • The Russian government not only is directly tied to the fighting in Ukraine, but had a formal strategy for the incursion in place ahead of time, reports independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta (let's see how that newspaper is doing a week from now).
  • Michigan excels again—this time, in outright theft by police departments under the color of civil asset forfeiture.
  • The U.S. real estate market still sputters along.

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  1. Michigan excels again?this time, in outright theft by police departments under the color of civil asset forfeiture.

    Look, do you want the WoD funded or not?

    1. WTF!?!

      Blanked twice in one day!

      You musta got bad news from the Doc? Your body is rejecting the implants, right?

      1. This what I get for restarting a domain controller at 4:30.

        1. So are you still master of your domain?

        2. Sounds sexy.

          50 Shades of Fist. I’d read that.

  2. …(let’s see how that newspaper is doing a week from now).

    The journalists who bailed from Russia Today can get work there.

  3. In russia the news reports you!

    Putin will crush this paper.

    1. In Soviet Russia, paper fold Japanese people into bird.

  4. So how long before the housing bubble that was not allowed to fully pops again?

    1. So how long before the housing bubble that was not allowed to fully pop, pops again?


    2. 1-2 years tops for that and equity, corporate bond, junk bond, and student loan bubbles to pop.

      1. That will be fun.

        I am glad I have already purchased my post-apocalyptic spikey shoulder pads before they get marked up.

        1. I’m trying to envision how those look with a monocle and top hat. I’m just not seeing it.

    3. Hopefully August of 2016, which is when I figure I can get out of mine. Will hopefully be in a zero debt position with some cash for the great crash. Although not seeing it in Houston. A friend listed his house on Friday and showed it four times this weekend.

        1. Well, were in a slow down now. Lots of layoffs. And the housing market which was going fucking insane over the last few years has slowed down. Oil will go back up again though, and our economy is far more diverse than it used to be.

  5. Several Republican governors with presidental ambitions find their hopes threatened by budget crunches at home.

    Time to beg for more federal grants. (Or maybe fewer federal mandates.)

    1. This is their chance to show they really believe in limited government.

      (OK, I’ll stop laughing now.)

      1. The sad thing is that if Walker or one of these other hopefuls actually did really go at their budget and have real cuts it would make them even more attractive to most voters.

        I like Walker trying to whack $300M from the university system budget. Outside of professors, I don’t think anyone is all that sympathetic to those guys.

        1. It’s only 2.5% of their budget. How many companies had to cut twice that, or even more, during the recession?

          Fuck these people.

          1. How many individuals had to cut 10 times that during the recession? Double fuck these people.

        2. I was just reading about Bruce Rauner, here in Illinois, planning on cutting a billion dollars out of our state Medicare fund.

          I’m pretty sure it’s just a show, but it would be nice. We’re about seven billion dollars in the hole, still. Even 1/7th of that would be a good start.

          Although, he COULD start cutting state employee salaries and firing state police officers. That would be an even BETTER start.

  6. Britain’s long-entrenched two-ish party political system is poised to become a six party contest, with no group drawing the support of more than a third of the population. A diversity of voice and opinion? Hmmm…

    They all seem really freaked out by success of UKIP in the polls. I think they are runnin third now.

    1. All of their parties typically stand to the left of our most left- so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

      1. UKIP would definitely be to the right of the Dems.

      2. Which makes the diversity of opinion line in the Links naively amusing.

    2. If you think the American media is going after say Scott Walker, it is nothing compared to UKIP. Open derision. And any rank and file member that says racist anything, you will see it at the top of the Guardian and Telegraph web sites the next day.

    1. URL blocked. Site Category: Tasteless.

      1. Tasteless?!

        Well, it isn’t my website, just somebody’s tumblr with old-timey pictures and such.

        1. I just found it funny that AT&T decided to put that down as a filter category. I have no idea what that site is.

          1. This just proves we need net neutrality! How DARE AT&T judge something as tasteless!

  7. A diversity of voice and opinion?

    Just means you’re going to get crazies instead of just assholes.

    1. let’s not count out the crazy-asshole voter block.

      1. Also known as ‘Congress’.

        1. You’re forgetting Tony and Bo.

          1. They could be congressmen?

            I wouldn’t put anything past the American voter.

  8. http://phet.colorado.edu/en/si…..lar-system

    So, I’ve been playing around with the Phet Orbital Simulator.

    It occurs to me how difficult it is to arrange a close-proximity, orbital system with such sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

    Our outer solar system is sufficiently spread out so that non-chaotic motion seems sufficiently likely under such conditions.

    But our inner solar system is fairly close together. I have set up orbital models that seemed to go on forever and ever. However, eventually the system broke down and the planets started colliding with each other or with the Sun.

    It makes your wonder about how high the improbability of a life-friendly, terrestrial planet ever forming.

    Our Solar System is probably a very highly simplified version of what occurred in the infancy of the system.

    It hindsight, it makes sense that that there are only 4 inner planets. That’s probably the maximum number of planets that can exist in a stable, orbital environment.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceres_(dwarf_planet)

      Ceres is the closest thing we have to 5th inner planet.

      Not surprisingly, it’s a part of the asteroid belt. The orbital dynamics between Mars and Jupiter are so turbulent as to prevent the stable accretion of another inner planet.

    2. How much time before you go full mad scientist, gain access to the CERN collider and destroy everything?

    3. I tried the same and I had the same trouble which made me think of computer climate models.

    4. It hindsight, it makes sense that that there are only 4 inner planets. That’s probably the maximum number of planets that can exist in a stable, orbital environment.

      This would seem to be undergirded by the current moon origin theory, right?

      Do we know of any rocky planets in other solar systems that formed inward and migrated out?

    5. I read on article last summer about that subject, it suggested that a future catastrophe may occur because with the way the periods of Mercury’s and Jupiter’s orbits interact, Mercury is being steadily pulled out of its orbit. If it pulled all the way that may cause a complete relalignment of the inner planets, if not a catastrophic collision or two.

  9. The New York Times on laptops in 1985.


    That is funny.

    1. I think people might like a real keyboard instead of the things that pass for input devices on their IpHones.

      1. I.don’t know, I find.them.to.be alright.

    2. they would rather spend reading the sports or business section of the newspaper

      Who would deign to look at something other than the NYT, sniff?

    3. That’s not the first time they got something so spectacularly wrong and it won’t be the last. Luddites gotta luddite.

      You want to see something truly disturbing about the human race, read the comments there. It’s horrifying.

    4. Somehow, the microcomputer industry has assumed that everyone would love to have a keyboard grafted on as an extension of their fingers. It just is not so.

      Oh dear…

    5. The keyboard on that 80s Toshiba is amazing. Someone needs to bring that shit back.

  10. Britain’s long-entrenched two-ish party political system is poised to become a six party contest

    I wonder why: Lobbying sting: Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind suspended from their parties.

    1. That was awesome. I rarely get excited about the politics over here. But that was a sweet sting. Many happy returns.

  11. Progressive weenie Hamilton Nolan of Gawker getting tough again.

    What’s your playlist?

    Here is your playlist: the sound of silence. Here is your playlist: the blood pounding in your throbbing head as you gasp for breath. Here is your playlist: the faintest echo of a droplet of sweat hitting the concrete floor in the empty warehouse where you have gone to escape from humanity and do burpees. Plop. Dig it.

    Some people seem to be under the mistaken impression that working out requires musical accompaniment. Why do they believe this? Because they are escapists. They perceive music to be a mental escape from the immediate pain of the situation in which they find themselves. They seek refuge. They don’t want to be here now. They don’t want to be out of breath, quivering, muscles aching, gut seizing, on the edge of heat stroke. They want to be somewhere else. They want to be in Beyonceville.

    YEAH BRO. Now let’s redistribute some fucking wealth.

    1. Here is your playlist: the sound of silence.

      Well it’s an alright song but I’ve never thought of Simon & Garfunkel as workout music.

      On a more serious note, what the fuck did I just read?

      1. He writes about inequality and about how he is a good liberal…and working out.

        1. Thanks – now I don’t have to click that. Well, I wasn’t going to anyway.

      2. Navel gazing?

    2. Of all the species of tuffgais that I hate, the anti-tuffgai tuffgais might be the worst. Oh, and he wants me to stop doing curls, too.

      But will it help you pick up 400 pounds? No. It will only help you curl 35 pounds a million times. In order to pick up 400 pounds, you have to pick up 400 pounds. Sure, curls might help you attract members of the opposite sex. Dumb members of the opposite sex. But they won’t help you save that baby from under the car. That baby dead, big boy.

      1) 400 whole pounds??? How could anyone lift such a heavy weight? Hamilton Nolan must be incredibly strong. 2) Someone has never heard of injury preventive exercises.

      1. I guess this would fall into injury preventative exercises, but if you build up one area, say your backs, shoulders and triceps, and never build up other areas, say your biceps, you are likely going to get injured.

        Beyond that, not only is 400 lbs not very much to dead lift, since when is dead lifting the end all be all of lifting?

        Is there any subject the assholes at Gawker can’t ruin?

        1. Elbow pain is tremendously annoying, and curls help treat and prevent it. Same for reverse curls and the forearms. Beyond that, a lot of people like having big biceps. Who the hell is he to look down on them? $10 says this guy has been training for less than 4 years and has always been the strongest guy at his gym.

          But you’ll never find a 700 pound deadlifter who isn’t ungodly strong in all other sorts of ways. It’s as close as you can get to an all-in-one universal test of strength.

          1. *Often* help treat or prevent it.

          2. I have always been naturally really good at dead lifting. Even in period when I don’t work out, like now, I could do over 400lbs. It is the one area of strength I seem to have naturally.

            1. Did you grow up on a farm? People who grew up doing useful work are naturally good at lifting things off the ground. Shane Hamman, who was a US Olympic weightlifter a few years back, grew up on a watermelon farm and is reputed to have deadlifted 500 pounds the first time he lifted weights as a high school freshman.

              1. No on one, but around them. And yes did a lot of manual work.

                My grandfather never lifted a weight in his life. In his late 60s he could use a pitch fork and flip pond bales of hay up onto a trailer. Picking one up is one thing, but doing it with a pitch fork was just awesome to behold. A lifetime of work gives an amazing amount of strength.

                1. Old Man Strength doesn’t really exist, it’s just a shorthand for having done a lot of work in a life. And not surprisingly, pitchfork tossing is an event in highland games.

                  Sheaf toss

          3. I chatted a little while back with a guy who did a sports science PhD. His thesis was that the kinetic chain from power lifting requires such core strength that no other core workouts are needed for pro athletes. Something like that.

            1. I don’t know how you’d go about proving such a thing, but I believe it. Show me a guy who can deadlift 700 and power clean 400 (i.e., an NFL defensive lineman), and I’ll show you a guy with incredibly thick rectus abdominus and erector spinae muscles.

              1. Didn’t we have a guy like that around here? Dopey or druggie or something. Real tuffgai with a drop dead gorgeous wife and years of experience kicking the stuffing out of bad guys. No, I remember, it was dumpy.

      2. “That baby dead, big boy.”

        If I murdered Hamilton Nolan for writing this sentence, no jury on Earth would convict me.

        In most civilized countries they would declare me king.

        1. “Mistah Nolan, he dead.”

    3. God these people are douche bags.

    4. Here’s an instructional that’s much worse than many other instructional, but at least it’s been Gawkerified. ALL CAPS BRO

      Jesus, I hate when assholes like the things I like.

      1. They ruin everything.

      2. Some people will tell you to look straight ahead as you squat. Some will tell you to look at a point five or ten feet in front of you on the ground. I’ll tell you where you should be looking when you squat: into your soul. Into the depths of the fire inside, where pain and promise are one. Look into the place where hardcoreness resides. Gaze into the mirror: you should have a knitted brow, an expression of determination bordering on homicidal anger. You should look ready to snap. This may be because the weak muscles that stabilize your spine are, in fact, ready to snap. No matter. People will think you look tough. You’re already winning the secret respect of the curl boys, and you haven’t even done a god damn thing yet. Pretty sweet deal, for you. Now, stay tight. Make your chest big. Allow your lower back to form a pleasing arch.


        1. Oh, that makes it very clear.

    5. Empty warehouse? Is that what he call’s Mom’s basement?

    6. So I GIS’ed Hamilton Nolan to see what kind of physique is produced by such high-intensity navel gazing, and it led me to this, which I had to share:


      1. You’re fucking with me.

      2. He stole David Byrne’s big suit!

  12. L.A. County’s small-theater community speaks out on proposed wage hike

    Many L.A. theater people believe a minimum wage will kill some small companies and suck variety out of the scene. They fear it will make shows with large casts cost-prohibitive and dissuade producers from putting on risky or unorthodox plays that don’t have a ready-made audience. Most of the small theaters are nonprofit organizations that need donations to augment ticket sales in order to sustain what’s typically a hand-to-mouth existence.

    Pretty interesting when you have a sizable proportion of union members speaking out against a minimum wage. I wonder how many of them believe these economic concerns don’t also apply to other jobs?

    1. Those other jobs are at huge korporashuns, so of course they don’t apply!

  13. Many McGill Education Students Cannot Calculate an Average

    Six students in the class volunteered six different wrong answers before the professor stepped in. A reminder: Quebec teaches this to thirteen year old kids. It gets worse. I noticed several things:

    * Some of their answers, like 16 and 18, were lower than any value in our sample. This is like saying “all of my students scored higher than 60% on the exam, but my class average is a failing 42%! What’s going on?”
    * Some of their answers, like 120, were higher than any value in our sample. This is like saying “the class average on this exam is 132%, but I never gave bonus marks! What’s going on?”

    Not exactly a large sample, of course, but the claim is weak and it supports my biases, so whatever.

    1. PJ O’Rourke’s comment about education majors holds true.

    2. Canada’s top university.

      But hey. WE’RE NOT AMERICAN!

    3. The problem is in the phrasing of the question. If the test said “Jean-Pierre scored 14 goals his rookie season, 13 goals the next season, and 22 goals the third season. How many goals a season does he average?” They would have gotten it right 100% of the time.

      1. That’s, like, half, right?

        -education major

    4. The comments include a link to this little gem:


      The author, MS and EDD, claims to have invented integral calculus in 1994.

      What is truly amazing is that this was published in a peer-reviewed journal in a science-related field (Diabetes Care, “the flagship research publications of the American Diabetes Association”).

      How is it possible that a peer reviewer would let a colleague publish a paper that would expose her to ridicule? Particularly, since what she did was, in fact, clever assuming she was unaware of the fact that Newton and Liebniz discovered the methods centuries before her.

      Even more amazing is the fact that the article has been cited in hundreds of papers and appears on the website of the National Institutes of Health.

    1. [Pulls out roll of Heavy Duty Tinfoil, tears off sheet, passes to Switzy.]

      1. *snaps fingers, gestures for a goodly sheet*

  14. I want to ask them, ‘Why? Why me?’

    Because FYTW.

    And because you had $11,000, a paid-off car, and a paid-off house made it worthwhile.

  15. Then-FEC Chairman Michael E. Toner said the rules “totally exempt individuals who engage in political activity on the Internet from the restrictions of the campaign finance laws. The exemption for individual Internet activity in the final rules is categorical and unqualified,” The Washington Post reported, adding that the rules “granted media exemptions to bloggers and other activists using the Web to allow them to praise and criticize politicians, just as newspapers can, without fear of federal interference.”

    However, what was unanimous consent almost a decade ago has since split the commission along partisan lines.

    Last October Democrats on the commission proposed new regulations for Internet-based campaigning after a 3-3 vote left the agency divided over whether an anti-Obama campaign violated FEC rules when it posted two videos on YouTube, without reporting its finances or adding a disclosure to the ads.


    1. This is very scary shit. We really are holding onto freedom of speech by a narrow margin.

  16. CU-Boulder Settles Title IX Lawsuit with Male Student

    There are only two possible scenarios here, and they both look incredibly bad for the university.

    Scenario 1: CU does not actually think that Doe is a sexual offender or any kind of threat to other students, but it subjected him to an unfair process and found him responsible because it was under pressure from a federal investigation by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) into its sexual misconduct policies and practices. This would suggest that CU cares more about its own interests than about whether students are actually guilty of the offenses of which they are accused.

    Scenario 2: CU does think that Doe is a sexual offender and has nevertheless agreed?by promising him a positive reference and agreeing to remain vague about his disciplinary record?to make it easier for him to go someplace else (and possibly commit another offense) in order to make this lawsuit go away. This would suggest that CU is willing to put students at other schools at risk of sexual assault from a known offender to further its own interests.

    1. It makes you wonder why due process was instituted in the first place. I mean, what were those crazy old white guys thinking?

      1. It does warm my heart to see conservatives (not saying you Suthenboy) start to love due process. And all it took was for it to start being revoked regarding white males.

        1. Man Bo you can sure fuck a strawman up.

          1. Bo can sure fuck a strawman


  17. Breaking news: New Urbanist yuppietopia not magically devoid of prejudice

    The celebrated Mueller project in Austin, Texas, is one such place. This master-planned development seems to have it all: electric cars, solar panels, green buildings, walkability and native landscaping.

    There have been other incidents, as well, but the one that prompted Mueller to begin its conversation about race happened in November. A resident posted a notice on the neighborhood’s private Facebook page about a free office chair she had set out in the alley.

    A neighbor, Yasmin Diallo Turk, saw the post and told her husband, Papa Diallo, who is Senegalese, to drive over and pick it up. But she didn’t like it, so he drove back and left the chair where he had gotten it.

    The homeowner saw him, got scared and then posted this message on the Facebook page: “African-American, suspicious, came to my back alley. I called the police,” Papa recalls.

    Yasmin was still online when she saw that the neighbor had called the cops, so she quickly posted her own message.

    “Yuppietopia” quips aside, IDGAF how they want to live; it’s just funny to see the likes of NPR try to come to grips with it.

    1. I am surprised there was even a single black person living there.

  18. So the other day, out of incredible masochism and boredom, I decided to watch an episode of that “Beyond Scared Straight” show (on Netflix).

    This episode involved a program in Florida. There was especially one kid, with anger management and bullying issues. He wanted to be a cop. And he wanted to be a member of the SWAT team. And of course, the officers involved in the scared straight program were trying to encourage him to do so.

    I wasn’t impressed. Or surprised.

    1. Oh, and the officers’ idea of how to motivate the kids not to be criminals was to have the inmates threaten to rape them if they went to jail.

      1. Is that the one where the guy’s blocking the door?

        1. I… think? I don’t remember. I’ve blocked parts out of my memory due to sheer stupidity.

            1. That’s not the same episode.

  19. Some day you’ll believe me when I say the octopodes are coming for you!

    1. My wife tells me that octopi are not of this earth. They are the pets of aliens who visited earth long ago and they either ran off from their masters or got lost and left behind.

      1. She’s not into Scientology is she? That sounds like something they would honestly claim.

      2. I find corvid and octopus intelligence really interesting, and weird, which I guess is what makes it interesting.

        Octopodes walking on land freaks me right out though.

        1. They sure the hell taste good, I’ll give them that.

          Needz moar alien flesh.

    2. If humans disappeared off the face of the earth, I’d guarantee you that octopi would be the species to replace us as the dominant intelligent lifeform (except maybe other primates). They’re crazy smart for cephalopods.

    3. I wonder how it killed the crab. Did it engulf it and suffocate it?

      1. I dunno, it probably used this monstrous thing.

  20. Don’t do it, people. Think of yourselves. Just say no.

    1. Don’t do what?

      Is it safe?

      1. Very much not safe.

  21. Here’s a selfie I really want to see.


    Kalama, Wash. (CBS SEATTLE/AP) ? An Oregon man posing for a selfie was struck and killed by an Amtrak train as he and woman posed for the photo on railroad tracks amid a Tacoma-to-Portland trip.

    1. Good grief. So his narcissism was fatal.

    2. Does this mean the Secret Service is going to tackle Obama next time he raises the selfie stick?

  22. Trigger warning: Vice

    These Volunteers Give Handjobs to the Severely Disabled

    It was for this reason that a group of social campaigners and volunteers took it upon themselves to create Hand Angel, an NGO whose main service is giving handjobs to the severely disabled. Members say that their work raises awareness of the fact that disabled people are often depicted as desexualized?as well as having their sexuality constantly neglected?despite the fact they share exactly the same desires as anybody else.

    In order to decide who’s entitled to use their services, Hand Angel first assess an applicant’s level of disability. The person has to be recognized by the government as having a serious physical impairment, but can’t be mentally disabled. Once they’re cleared, the service is totally free, but each applicant can only receive three bouts of sexual stimulation.

    Volunteers?the group of 10 people actually giving the handjobs?come from varied backgrounds; some are gay, some are straight, some are disabled, some are PhD students, some are social campaigners and some work in the media. It’s made very clear to me that these volunteers only use their hands for second-base kind of stuff?that hugging, caressing, and kissing on the face are all fine, but anything penetrative (fingering, oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex) is not.

    1. Hand Angel, an NGO whose main service is giving handjobs to the severely disabled

      Oh noes, does congress know about this? Oh wait, they’re not in the US, they might be safe.

  23. Tales from the Derp

    2 weeks ago, I had a chat with an Army recruiter. The pins on his collar had 2 chevrons, so I asked if he was a corporal. He said he was a sergeant. So then I said the pins had only 2 chevrons. He says “god damn it, I bought the wrong pins.”

    In my head, I heard the voice of Flounder from Animal House: Oh boy, is this going to be great!

    I’ve gone to a few of the practice PT things. It’s weird to be with a bunch of 18 year olds, but I was surprised to see how well I could keep up with them. I impressed them and the sergeants by doing many pull-ups. Derpy is slow but strong. 3 of the sergeants immediately broke out the chewing tobacco and spit bottles after PT. Army Strong, Army Chew!

    1. Still working on the running. I ran 6.2 mph today for 1.5 miles. I need to be able to run 7.1 mph for 1 mile for the initial PT test. Have lost 22 pounds since January 5th without giving up beer.

      My brother warned me I’d meet a lot of jerks in the Army, but if the guys I do PT with are a good sample, I think I’ll be fine. Kind of aggressive and immature, but so am I.

      One of the sergeants told a story about a private who showed up drunk for PT. The master sergeant said to the staff sergeant “he’s drunk- take care of it.” So the staff sergeant says to the private “OK, you have 2 choices- we can take you to the MP station and give you a breathalyzer, which you will fail and then you get kicked out of the Army, or we can smoke the shit out of you after PT.” Private picks door #2. He threw up 7 or 8 times, and nothing else happened. Sounds reasonable to me.

      1. Go Warrant

      2. Dear god, run, RUN away from the army. Go with the chair force and have nice creature comforts, just expect a lot of shit from the army & navy. Go Marine and have street cred but put up with being called a jarhead and have actual danger potentially thrown your way. Go navy and get nice costal assignments, but put up with sailor jokes. Still, back away from the army. You have been warned!

  24. It was a freer time, a rawer time.

    Running Free

    1. Not according to the state legislature of California.

      Backwards Satanic Lyrics

  25. Obama is a complete economic moron so any claim, comment or prediction he makes involving economics can quite properly be summarily dismissed out of hand.

  26. Been listening to this all day. Nostalgic.

    1. My current favorite band. Been trying to get the wife to go to Tokyo to see them in April, but it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

  27. Possibly because of Almanian’s good will, I have gotten many calls from recruiters over the past month. Here is a rushed transcript of one of the funnier ones:

    Him: Hello, how are you?
    Me: I’d complain, but who’d listen?
    Him: Well, I’ll listen, but I do charge $350 an hour.
    Me: Hmm, I can’t afford that. I just have to keep it bottled up then.
    Him: No, no! I don’t want you to use anger management techniques from the Middle East.

    Later, he told me about his first job doing irrigation in Saudi Arabia. He said there’s a kind of lizard (called dabb) they eat there and that people will stop their cars in the desert if they see one so they can grab it.

    Still later, he asked me about my feelings about work. I said work is something which I stoically endure. He said it’s important to like your job. I said some people clean toilets for a living and I refuse to believe they enjoy that. He said he knew cleaning ladies in college who cleaned toilets and liked their job because they liked talking to the students.

    As I said. The idea that people MUST enjoy their jobs is strange to me.

  28. I told Adria that people might consider that an overblown thing to say. She had, after all, been at a tech conference with 2,000 bystanders.

    “Sure,” she replied. “And those people would probably be white and they would probably be male.”

    “Somebody getting fired is pretty bad,” I said. “I know you didn’t call for him to be fired, but you must have felt pretty bad.”

    “Not too bad,” she said. She thought more and shook her head decisively. “He’s a white male. I’m a black Jewish female. He was saying things that could be inferred as offensive to me, sitting in front of him. I do have empathy for him, but it only goes so far. If he had Down’s syndrome and he accidently pushed someone off a subway, that would be different? I’ve seen things where people are like, ‘Adria didn’t know what she was doing by tweeting it.’ Yes, I did.”

    1. “Maybe it was [Hank] who started all of this,” Adria told me in the cafe at San Francisco airport. “No one would have known he got fired until he complained… Maybe he’s to blame for complaining that he got fired. Maybe he secretly seeded the hate groups. Right?”

      What a truly vile and nasty bully. Words cannot express the degree of loathing I have for her.

      1. Adria replied that she was happy to hear that Hank “wasn’t active in driving their interests to mount the raid attack”, but that she held him responsible for it anyway. It was “his own actions that resulted in his own firing, yet he framed it in a way to blame me? If I had a spouse and two kids to support, I certainly would not be telling ‘jokes’ like he was doing at a conference. Oh, but wait, I have compassion, empathy, morals and ethics to guide my daily life choices. I often wonder how people like Hank make it through life seemingly unaware of how ‘the other’ lives in the same world he does, but with countless fewer opportunities.”

        Oh shit I am so so so happy she hasn’t found another job. Words cannot express how glad I am. She is truly a wretch.

        1. I’m not convinced this isn’t a parody.

        2. She was in PR. Given how she’s reacted in the years since, it pretty much proves that she doesn’t really belong in that line of work, because she wasn’t very good at it.

    2. So… murder by retard is more excusable than making a private joke to your friend.

      Fuck this black Jewish woman.

  29. http://www.theguardian.com/fil…..cars-white

    Others were quick to notice the faux pas, with the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw drily noting “the last thing with David Oyelowo could have gone better.” Observers added that something about it segment was simply “not right”, especially after Harris then asked Oyelowo to sit down again. That request prompted New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica to scold Harris: “Don’t tell him to sit down, man.”

    Harris also asked actor Octavia Spencer to look after a box of fake Oscar envelopes as part of a recurring gag, but also told her: “No snacks!” Spencer’s surprised, seemingly displeased reaction and the arguably condescending tone of the crack angered viewers, who found it disrespectful.

    Janet Mock of MSNBC took particular issue with the joke directed toward Spencer, writing: “It is not fun to check in with a black woman only in the context of her performing a duty for you,” and: “It is not ‘reaching’ to point out that the dynamic [between] a white host (NPH) treating a black actress (Octavia Spencer) like the Oscars help.”

    So I guess a white person telling a black person to do anything is racist?

    And isn’t complaining about a gay gay’s sense of humor homophobic?

    1. Isn’t complaining about a gay *guy’s* sense of humor homophobic?

  30. The U.S. real estate market still sputters along.

    Except in recession proof DC where high rise condos are springing up everywhere.

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