Caracas Mayor Arrested, Held by Secret Police, After Being Accused of Plotting Coup

A member of the opposition, the Venezuelan mayor has been a target of a ruling party that wants a seat it created back.


Last night a Venezuelan intelligence squad raided the home of Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, reportedly arresting him without a warrant. A few hours later, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro accused Ledezma of "crimes against the country, national security and the Constitution" in public comments a few hours later, claiming Ledezma was plotting a coup with the help of the U.S., which the State Department denied.

Ledezma is a member of the opposition and holds a post created by the ruling party, so has unsurprisingly found himself the target of government persecution. As Caracas Chronicles explains:

Ledezma is the metropolitan mayor of Caracas, a post invented by chavismo to sort of oversee all the municipalities that integrate the city. After losing this stewardship to the opposition they have been trying to strip it from any actual power (by eliminating the Metropolitan Police, squandering its budget, and by appointing "protectors" to usurp the mayor's role).

Anti-government protests spread across Venezuela a year ago, eventually dying down but never quite stopping. Those demonstrations led to the arrest of Leopoldo Lopez, a former mayor of Chacao and an opposition leader who backed the protests. Ledezma also backed those protests—the Venezuelan government described them as an attempted "coup" and blamed the opposition political party for street violence occurring in the country during the demonstrations.

Protests followed news of the government's actions last night and opposition leaders have called for more demonstrations. 

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  1. Sean Penn and Michael Moore approve.

  2. Good. He was clearly on the CIA’s payroll and was part of the Yanquis imperalist conspiracy to sabotage the Peoples’ Bolivarian Revolution!

    You can look at Stalinist countries like North Korea and find broad agreement that it’s a totalitarian nightmare, but for a full decade American and European left-wingers kissed the boot of Chavez. Those useful idiots should never be allowed to speak again without having that shoved in their faces.

    1. I’ve got news for you, if they could get away with it, a lot of the same left-wingers would be singing the praises of North Korea.

    2. He’s just a wrecker, kulak, or saboteur. Probably a combination.

    3. You got libertarians like Raimondo, Rockwell kissing his boot too. And don’t forget Ron Paul’s own Daniel McAdams.

  3. Remember: a progressive America wouldn’t look like Sweden or Denmark; it’d inevitably turn into Venezuela. Warren, Sanders, Reich et. al. would act no differently than the Maduro gang if you gave them total control over a country’s government and economy.

    1. I figured it’d be more like East Germany.

      1. No, there is hope with the proles.

    2. I am not so sure there isn’t a fair amount of that going on already. They aren’t able to get away with as much here, but they will engage in it when they can.

      Gibson Guitar Co. and Staples come to mind immediately, but I am sure with a little looking I could find more. I also vaguely remember Obumbles joking about having one of his henchmen beat up Sean Hannity.

  4. And so it is. Just like I said it would be.

  5. John Kerry probably sold this guy out for some fresh Venezuelan stem cells.

  6. I miss joe. Wait. No I don’t.

  7. To be fair, if I was Mayor of Caracas, I’d probably be planning a coup right now.

    Alternatively, it seems like Maduro is playing his own personal game of Tropico.

    1. Fuck, if I was Mayor of Caracas, I’d be arranging an exit from the country, and struggling with my conscience over whether to loot the treasury on the way out.

      1. I doubt there is any treasury left to loot.

        1. By “treasury,” I think he meant multiple 12 packs of Charmin.

    2. “To be fair, if I was Mayor of Caracas, I’d probably be planning a coup right now.

      That was my first thought as well.


      I visited the CBC website to read the story. There are a lot of commenters who are buying the Maduro line, claiming that the US is plotting a coup. If I were the POTUS, I’d be doing everything in my power to prevent a coup in Venezuela. The current state of affairs there is just too useful as a bad example.

      (I want Greece to default for the same reason, just so the idiots saying that Greece should blow off its creditors can see what happens to a country that does.)

      1. That’s assume the Chosen One(tm) actually want what’s best for America. He’s doing a spectacular job of destroying this country. Nah, he watches those dictators with envy, wishing he could do the same to his political enemies.

  8. Meanwhile, on MSNBC, the Campaigner-in-Chief is at some sort of DNC revival show, whipping the sycophants into a frenzy of worshipful idolatry. Let us all bow down and praise our glorious savior who has led us out of the wasteland of capitalist oppression.

  9. How long until Maduro is found with his throat slit from a shaving accident?

  10. At least Venezuela has the Miss Universe Pageant going for it. What do you Yanquis have, HUH?

    What, toilet paper? Who needs toilet paper?

  11. End game is coming up for Venezuela this year when they default – which is kind of a given at this point.

    Maduro went on a beg-a-thon about a month ago, to places like Iran and China, looking for loans. He got none (of course).

    If I was Chinese President, looking for strategic advantage vis-a-vis the United States, I would make a deal with Maduro on Venezuela’s default-eve to give Maduro some scratch – in exchange for a lease on some Venezuelan coastal patch to build a naval/air base. In the package deal would also be some Sinopec/PDVSA ‘jointly owned’ refineries to crack the thick sulphur shit Venezuela calls oil.

    Chinese navy would then have a base in western hemisphere, basically in equivalent backyard of United States as South China Sea is to China. China would also break the monopoly America has over Venezuela as the only place which can refine Venezuela’s oil. All handy strategic cards in the pocket for cheap, maybe even profitable, in a land which at that point would truly be a hapless client state.

    1. If I was Chinese President

      Then you would lose your shirt. You’d have to keep bailing out their command/control “economy” with cash in perpetuity.

    2. Cheap? Have you try to refine the stuff that comes out of those well? The only refineries on Earth that can refine those crude for a profit are all in the American Gulf Coast.

  12. Get back to me when Magglio Ordonez gets arrested.

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