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The Canadian government has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit brought by Steve de Jaray after it wrongly charged him and his daughter of illegally exporting military technology to China. Seven months before the government brought charges against de Jaray, a U.S. official meeting with Canadian officials said the country would not get trade concessions it was seeking unless it began bringing more prosecutions for illegal export of military technology.

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  2. U.S. says jump Canada says how high when it should be asking how much is it going to cost us, eh?

    1. Harpernonics.

      1. * Harpernomics.

        1. I still don’t get it.

          1. Harper + Economics in reference to Fist’s joke about cost.

    2. Harper is a Canadian neo-con. In fact, the modern conservative movement was revamped under an American (I forget his name) along neo-con ideological lines during the years between the fall of the Progressive Conservative party under Campbell (just after Mulroney) in the early 1990s, and the Reform party which became the de facto conservative party. That’s the evolution plus ou moin.

      The story was very different during the Bush first term and the Liberals. The Liberals did not want to look anywhere near like following orders from the U.S. and was vocal about it with awful bits and bouts of anti-Americanism. They were no better acting like clowns. This is a party the nearly lost to the separatists and were masters of dithering in foreign policy under Chretien.

      /cuts into French toast.

  3. Two stories on Kanada in a row.

    Running low on government idiocy south of the border, ya hosers?

    1. Naw, there’s just a Canukistani quota.

    2. Well we do have a never ending supply of it up here Gord.

      1. So that’s what the pipline marked ‘Idiocy’ running down the Hudson valley is for. I always wondered.

      2. We do.

        So I moved to Australia to try out their idiocy.

        At least it’s warmer.

  4. Michigan doctor refuses care for lesbian couple’s newborn baby, citing religious objection…..objection/

    1. I bet this case is going to be brought up to attack associational rights. But, apart from my disagreement with the doctors logic (even if I thought homosexuality sinful I wouldn’t turn away a gay couples child, sins of the fathers and all that), it strikes me that this story resolved the way it should: doctor said no and customers responded by taking their business elsewhere.

      1. “(even if I thought homosexuality sinful I wouldn’t turn away a gay couples child, sins of the fathers and all that)”

        No. Shit.

      1. Over in the corner with a skin mag and a turkey baster.

  5. Speaking of reportage on Kanuckistan, has Reason not covered the current deliberations over Bill C-51? Harper is basically trying to install the PATRIOT Act and create the Kanadian version of The Stazi.

    Shouldn’t reason be concerned when the Neighbours go full-retard?

    1. I know the hard c is a difficult concept, but what’s the point of spelling Canada with a ‘k’?

      1. Visual rhetorical device.

        Works for Amerika, too.

        1. No, it really doesn’t work for either.

          1. Can I express my disdain for the state in the way I see fit?


            1. If you don’t care how it makes you look, feel free to ignore my warnings. The misspellings have a juvenile cast to them, which devalues the remainder of whatever point you were trying to make. I use ‘Canukistani’ in jest, but most of the time I’m just trying to crack jokes.

              1. I love the term Canuckistani. It is funny, when employed properly.

                I hang out with some anarchists who get a kick out of the k spelling. If you think it devalues any posts here, point taken, and I appreciate your advice.

                1. It’s the same with Obummer etc when used “seriously”, for various definitions of seriously. It’s almost expected for some jokes. But when someone is ranting and throws in Obummer, Feinschwein, Raygun, etc, it makes the screed more rant than thoughtful.

                  I suppose another comparison is with seriously dramatic movies that throw in slapstick to lighten the mood instead of a little dry humor. It’s jarring. It doesn’t fit.

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