Rand Paul

Rand Paul Likely to Announce Presidential Campaign on April 7

It's happening


Rand Paul
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The New York Times and CNN are reporting that Sen. Rand Paul has chosen April 7th as the day he will announce his intention to seek the presidency. According to CNN:

Paul, who's been actively laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign for the past year, has long said that he's looking at March or April to make a decision.

"We haven't decided yet, I mean we're getting close and we'll make a decision sometime in the March-April timeframe," he told CNN affiliate WKRC in Cincinnati on Tuesday. "We don't want to do it just to do it, we want it because, if we do do it, is because we think we can win and that we can provide something to the country that no other candidate can."

The Times is far less ambiguous:

Only his family's doubts could change his mind at this point, said associates of the senator, who insisted on anonymity because Mr. Paul's plans had not yet taken final shape.

Paul's early official entrance into the race would yield certain fund-raising advantages. And Paul has already begun campaigning; he frequently lampoons his likely rivals on both the Republican and Democratic sides. He has criticized Hillary Clinton for aggravating tensions in the Middle East as Secretary of State, knocked Jeb Bush over Common Core, and hit Sen. Marco Rubio for opposing travel liberalization with Cuba.

Assuming Paul does run, it will be exciting to have a strongly libertarian-inclined candidate in the race—not merely as a contender, but as a highly plausible frontrunner. In a hypothetical match-up against Clinton, Paul polls better than his Republican rivals.

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  1. Only his family’s doubts could change his mind at this point, said associates of the senator, who insisted on anonymity because Mr. Paul’s plans had not yet taken final shape.

    Notice the subtle dropping of “Dr.” or “Senator”…it is “Mr. Paul”.

    1. I think the protocol should be Dr. Senator Mr. Paul, esq.

      1. Wow! It sounds like he might even have a college education.

    2. Notice the subtle dropping of “Dr.” or “Senator”…it is “Mr. Paul”.

      This is consistent with NYT style. NYT only uses the style “Dr” for physicians, when their practice is their primary profession. The use “Senator” on first mention of Rand Paul in the linked article, and NYT style is to use the office on first mention and “Mr” or “Ms” thereafter.

      1. The use “Senator” on first mention of Rand Paul in the linked article, and NYT style is to use the office on first mention and “Mr” or “Ms” thereafter.

        Ah, thanks for that.

        1. No prob. As an editor I know that when something like that seems weird, it’s probably a style tic I don’t know about.

          1. Beat me to it, fellow editor. NYT style has some quaintness to it.

            1. Look, now Tony the rocket surgeon is also an editor! Did you sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, Tony? Or does your mommies basement floor have the same effect?

          2. They also are morons about abbreviations, putting the periods in N.F.L. every time.

    3. Only his family’s doubts could change his mind at this point

      so, is Ru Paul onboard?


    He has my vote, and I think he has a chance. He’d be a clear frontrunner, I think, but for the statists running the GOP.

    1. He has a good chance if he can keep his composure and run a tight, flawless campaign. He has the kind of personality and appeal that can make him teflon to past misdeeds and miscues, but only if he refrains from saying stupid shit about vaccines and the like.

      1. I fear he will fall by over-pandering to the SoCons. But I would love to see him get the nomination. He will come out swinging against Hillary no holds barred, non-stop. She will fold into a wilted prune, beaten and battered and look like a loser almost from the start.

        Any other nominee that the GOP establishment puts up, will walk on egg shells and dance around as much as possible to avoid making Hillary look bad. The reason why is that Hillary is the perfect GOP establishment candidate. The Neocons love her.

  3. Ol’ Jeb has already lined up all the bigshit GOP money.

    1. Do you have your ‘I’m ready for Hillary’ sign yet, Buttface?

      1. Speaking of that, she had all the money and lost to some empty suit that no one knew anything about. So money alone doesn’t cut it. Nor does being anointed with oil.

      2. My sign says “I’m ready for Gridlock”.

        1. So, you’re already admitting you support Hillary after swearing that you wouldn’t, team blue hack.

    2. Rand’s father raised enough money to run a serious campaign. Rand will have no problem raising enough cash. How he spends it will be the issue.

  4. He’s too high on aqua buddha to know that isn’t april fool’s day.

  5. Sorry, Rand, it’s Jeb’s turn. The media has already decreed him the nominee. Voters don’t get to choose.

    1. No it’s not. Jebs not entitled to shit. He’s just another in the nazi dynastic entailment game. Go home. You’re not picking up any paychecks here, dude.

    2. Hyperion — W. Bush has ruined the Bush brand FOREVER! If the GOP IS stupid enough to nominate him, the slaughter will be worse then when Romney ran.

      The GOP will never win another presidential election in our lifetime. The evangelical/religious right have seen to that with their losing wars on women, gays and drugs.

      IT’S ALL OVER FOLKS — and the Socialists have won.

      1. wars on women


  6. His biggest issue is the specter of his father. He will have to come out strong and early to swat down any questions about what his father said/did.

    Also, he should refuse to ever mention the word abortion in any venue.

  7. I would actually prefer he stay in the Senate. The civil service will eat him alive, and in 8 years he’d be gone – whereas as a Senator he can cause problems for a loooooong time.

    1. yeah, but as a very young ex president he could have a powerful bully pulpit if he wanted it. Bush- had he wanted- could really sway the republican party. Clinton sways the dems, etc.

      Played right, all that power with no responsibility can be a very damaging tool.

  8. Asked in a new CNN/ORC poll whether seven possible candidates better represent the future or the past, 50% said Clinton evoked the future, more than said so of any other candidate. By contrast, Joe Biden and Jeb Bush, whose names have been in the political conversation even longer than Clinton’s, were each seen as representing the past by 64% of Americans.

    Even some relative newcomers to national politics are more closely linked to the past than the future. Half said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie represents the past, while 43% said he represents the future. On Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, 49% thought he represented the past, 41% the future. And 42% thought Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker represented the past, 39% the future.


    1. Shill for Hillary, ButtPig, Shill!

    2. Clinton? The future of what? A time loop to the 90s?

  9. ButtPig has already campaigned more for Hillary that Hillary has!

  10. So does this mean he’s abandoning his Senate seat? I thought Kentucky didn’t allow you to run for President and Senator at the same time.

    1. He’s trying to get something passed in KY that would allow him to keep his Senate seat while running for POTUS. Not sure what’s happening with that, though.

    2. I think that’s only in the general. If it’s clear he will lose the nomination, I believe he can still apply to be on the ballot for Senate.

    3. Kentucky can’t stop you from running in 49 other states. And you elect Electors in presidential elections anyway. They don’t have to be pledged to Rand Paul to vote for him against whichever Democrat beats Hillary in the primaries this time.

  11. I will vote for him, not expecting him to win, especially in California. But the biggest benefit to him running is injecting some reality into the debates. Even if he loses the Republican primary, I think the eventual winner will be a better opponent to the Democrat winner simply for having had to debate Rand Paul.

    1. I’m not sure Paul will do well in the debates. He seems to have trouble keeping his cool when people ask him questions he doesn’t want to answer.

      1. I don’t think he’ll do well in the debates because I doubt he’ll be allowed to attend them. Well, maybe in the audience.

        1. They can’t leave him out if he’s leading the polls.

          1. If he’s leading the polls, he doesn’t need to be in debates.

  12. And just as a prediction, I’m betting that Santorum/Huckabee type ends up getting far more votes than Paul. Just like 2012, the usual suspects will try to spin this a positive for libertarians.

    1. I place bets that most people here never voted for Santorum or Huckabee, because they can’t even spell Libertarian properly.

      1. Clarification: ‘they’ = Santorum or Huckabee. They’re not good at Liberty.

  13. Long live the pimp Rand Paul

  14. At least it’s not six days earlier. 😀

  15. He has to run.

    Romney = Obama with an R in front

    Christie = FEMA admin from Jersey as President

    Fiorina = DHS as President

    Bush = DNI, Dept of Education as President

    Paul = Normal American who trips conservative and will be a reasonable guy of running age for President.

    He has to run. For purpose of sanity.

  16. Sammy Is not going to liek that dude.


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