Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning to Get Hormone Treatment in Prison

First time the military has approved transgender therapy for active soldier.


Plus, once the transition is complete, we may get other pictures besides this one picture we keep using over and over again.

Chelsea Manning has been given clearance to receive the hormone therapy associated with transitioning to a woman, even while she remains in Fort Leavenworth, convicted of leaking loads of confidential documents related to the Iraq War. USA Today got a copy of a memo. This would be the first time the military would be providing such a treatment:

"After carefully considering the recommendation that (hormone treatment) is medically appropriate and necessary, and weighing all associated safety and security risks presented, I approve adding (hormone treatment) to Inmate Manning's treatment plan," Col. Erica Nelson, the commandant of the Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks in Kansas, wrote in a Feb. 5 memo.

Formerly named Bradley Manning, the soldier was convicted of sending classified documents to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence and is eligible for parole in about seven years.

Manning sued, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, in order to demand access to the treatment. What's left unclear in USA Today's story (because they couldn't seem to get anybody to answer questions) is whether Manning will be paying for the treatment herself, as her lawyer said back in 2013 she was willing to do. If she is, I'm hard pressed to see any reason why anybody should have cause to complain about her treatment (other than the desire by some folks to make sure that people who are imprisoned also suffer to a certain degree as part of the punishment). I'd classify this as similar to my position that public schools should accommodate the needs of transgender students. If the government is going to use its authority to keep people in prison or enforce mandatory school attendance, they are then obligated to deal with those people's issues as they relate to their forced interactions in the state. In the private world, people should have no obligation to respect Manning's transition, and the government shouldn't go around demanding private businesses police their bathrooms in certain ways (either in favor of or in opposition to respecting the needs of transgender individuals). But this is the government. They locked her up.

The end of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which booted gay and lesbian service members if their sexual orientation became public knowledge, did not change the military's current policy of not accommodating transgender members. The Department of Veterans Affairs, though, does cover hormone therapy for transgender vets. According to USA Today, more than 3,000 vets between 2001 and 2011 have been diagnosed with gender identity disorder.  

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  1. How is she suppose to pay for treatment while in prison?

    1. He won’t. The money will come out of the budget and at the expense of medical care for other prisoners. Basically thanks to this asshole and the ACLU, other prisoners will be denied needed medical care.

      1. I think manning should reach out to trans groups and ask for donations. Other than that I don’t see how hormone therapy can be consider necessary and paid for by the tax payer.

        1. Exactly. If they want to buy him hormones, let him take them. There is only so much money in the budget and not enough to give decent medical care as it is. To take that money and spend it on this is fucking evil.

          1. It reminds me of Octo-mom who “paid” for her fertility treatments with student loans, then went on welfare.

            1. student loans

              nationalized student loans have no doubt.

      2. Chelsea Manning is a heroine. Furthermore, Gender Identity Disorder is a real thing, recognized by the medical profession. It’s not going away, so deal with it. She should not be in prison in the first place, but since she is there, she should get the treatment she needs. You should open your heart and let the hatred evaporate.

        1. Fuck. That.

        2. You should open your heart to the prisoners who will deprived of needed medical care for this shit.

          1. Nobody will be deprived of needed medical care. I call bullshit on that. If you have evidence to the contrary, please list their names.

            1. Right after you provide evidence of how bad off Chelsea will be if he doesn’t get girl juice.

            2. Gender Identity Disorder is a real thing, recognized by the medical profession.

              Yes, it’s a delusion, the same as if someone who was born genetically human thinks they are really a dog. But taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill to indulge this delusion.

              1. Moreover, presuming the conversion from say, “libertarian – Nazi” is phenomenally trivial relative to “dog – human”, just as with “murderous psychopath – functional citizen” reformations, I don’t know that I want the state involved in conducting such conversions/reforms any way even if only passively.

            3. Nobody will be deprived of needed medical care.

              Because our prisons have such a sterling record of providing medical care to prisoners.

        3. Chelsea Manning is a heroine. Furthermore, Gender Identity Disorder is a real thing, recognized by the medical profession.

          This is some of the scariest shit ever considered, IMO.

          Layers-deep revisionist history, state incarceration, behavioural modification, *identity* conversions all because of one person that we all agree has a medical condition?

          I didn’t hate before. You’ve convinced me it needs to be cleansed with fire and the pieces spread to the far corners of the Earth.

  2. If you want to argue Manning shouldn’t be in prison, fine. That is not an unreasonable position. If he is in prison, however, fuck him. The taxpayers don’t owe indulging his dumb ass in his perversions. Moreover, there is only so much money in the budget. Medical care in prisons is underfunded and in most cases appalling. Every prisoner has a right to decent medical care. And no prisoner should receive less care so this pervert can get his hormones. Fuck this bullshit. And fuck the ACLU for suing to harm other prisoners by ensuring the little money their is there is spent on this shit.

    1. If you want to argue Manning shouldn’t be in prison, fine.

      Nope. Manning is right where he belongs.

      Snowden = hero
      Manning = pig (and that statement has nothing to do with his sexual confusion)

      1. I would agree. That said, you don’t have to think he should be in prison, to find this to be complete horse shit.

        1. But then again, this is an article on Reason relating to LGBTQ shit. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you have a rational argument. The tranny/homo is always right.

          1. It is a cultural thing. They don’t think straight about these sorts of issues.

      2. Snowden = hero
        Manning = pig


        1. Snowden was a whistleblower out to expose government violations of the Constitution.

          Manning was a shit soldier and a pussy who decided to get even with those insisting he clean up his act by dumping a shit load of random classified data on to the intertubez.

          Snowden released information pertinent to his case. Manning was simply an asshole.

          1. The government has no rights to violate. Insofar as he put lives in danger, yeah I can see that. Then again those lives are of CIA operatives by and large so I’m not shedding tears, nor have I heard of anyone killed because of Manning’s release of information. Snowden is certainly easier to empathize with but insofar as Manning released videos and documents detailing the US government murder of children and innocents, what’s wrong with that? The US government deserve to have it’s image hurt, it deserves to be regarded as the leviathan it is.

            Last I checked, outing an institution for grossly immoral conduct isn’t an ethical violation, though the fact that the institution in question is the state certainly changes things for all the moral relativists who don’t acknowledge that they’re moral relativists.

            1. He didn’t intend to out anybody. He intended to hurt the intelligence community who rejected him. He had no fucking idea what was in those files and he didn’t do it for any noble concept.

              There are legitimate reasons to keep classified data. If you know of a crime being committed, fine, by all means bring it to light, but this was nothing more than vindictive bullshit.

              And frankly, you have no idea what damage was or was not done because of the release of that information.

      3. What’s the basis for this distinction. I view them as both having displayed heroism; Snoden should receive the Medal of Freedom and Manning the Medal of Honor.

        1. Manning the Medal of Honor.


    2. If he is in prison, however, fuck him.

      His incarceration is irrelevant. If he’s in prison and wants to take hormones; fuck him, he can do it on his own dime. If he’s walking about free as the rest of us and wants to take hormones; fuck him, he can do it on his own dime.

      1. Yeah why not have his family pay for it? I’m trying to figure out how his desire to be woman entitles him to point a gun at my head to pay for it.

        1. In this “free country” you always have a gun to your head to pay for evil nonsense.

        2. I’m trying to figure out how his desire to be woman entitles him to point a gun at my head to pay for it.

          I’m beyond that. A convicted criminal with an admitted mental/medical condition wants, from the government, permission seek treatment for a medical condition that is neither intrinsically dangerous nor fatal.

          Permission that would otherwise be granted equally to other individuals with medical conditions upon request or otherwise open to the gov’t to administer whimsically.

          Nope. Sorry. Shut up and serve your sentence.

        3. It doesn’t — however, the US Federal Government pointing a gun at his head to prevent him from earning the money to pay for it him or herself arguably is.

    3. If he is in prison, however, fuck him.

      You’ve been watching too much Oz again.

  3. I predict a thoughtful, productive discussion in this thread.

    1. LOL. Some threads get the discussion they deserve.

  4. Just going to ignore the fact that Ms. Manning (Mr. at the time) voluntarily joined the military with the ability to fully understand what he/she was agreeing to?

    1. Sure he did. And he is in prison. Prison sucks. How in the holy hell can you conclude someone has a right to a sex change operation in prison? That is insane.

      1. What do you mean “he,” you cis heteronormative oppressive meany?

        1. Hey! I said he/she!!! Isn’t that the current PC term? “Like Indian (feather not dot)” or “quadroon?”

          1. You’ll survive about five seconds at a modern university.

            1. I’ve worked at modern universities my entire adult life! You just keep your head down and say things like “hegemony!” and “patriarchy!” and “1 in four women is raped!” and then they let you do whatever you want.

              1. Wow, you’re more cunning that I thought!

                1. My sister is a registered Tea Partier (if that’s a thing) who basically thinks homosexuals should be sent to Alcatraz and she has a sociology PhD with a concentration in race studies.

                  You just have to learn the buzz words. It’s like when I was in business school and they’d ask why a company succeeded. You just answer “synergy” or “entrepreneurial spirit!” and you’re fine.

          2. “Like Indian (feather not dot)” or “quadroon?”

            Most Indians don’t mind being called Indian. I didn’t know it was PC.

            1. It was more the (feather not dot)” part that i was using as the tongue in my Indian cheek.

          3. The proper term is “xe.”

            1. How is that pronounced?

              1. Just like it’s spelled. Duh.

      2. I agree. Was that unclear?

        1. Not at all. I am just agreeing with you. This whole thing makes me want to vomit.

  5. Oh, and that caption just makes me even less likely to agree with the sentiment here. I don’t even want to see this picture, let alone any more.

  6. Sod this, I am off for some deep dish pizza and a lecture on circumcision as it relates to late term abortions.

    1. Don’t forget to get your foreskin vaccine.

    2. You mean when the doctor misses the spinal cord, hits the penis, and then gets sued by the new mother for child endangerment?

  7. “active soldier?” Is this an accurate term?

    1. Meh… you get broken down to E-1, stripped of all pay and benefits. When you finish your sentence you get a Bad Conduct Discharge.

      Scott S using that terms is a little misleading in its connotation.

  8. “In the private world, people should have no obligation to respect Manning’s transition, and the government shouldn’t go around demanding private businesses police their bathrooms in certain ways (either in favor of or in opposition to respecting the needs of transgender individuals). But this is the government. They locked her up.”

    Where, exactly, do we draw the line here?

    Sometimes a reasonable accomodation can be reached. For instance, if someone thinks he’s made of glass, we can protect him from shattering by placing him in a padded cell. But we should draw the line at giving him a diet of pure sunshine only.

    If someone thinks the Illuminati are out to kill him, do the cops provide him 24/7 protection?

    And if I’m a trans-emperor, sincerely believing myself to be Napoleon, do they give me a palace or a private island?

    1. a private island?

      Zartacla was I, ere I saw Alcatraz.

    2. Where, exactly, do we draw the line here?

      The simplest answer is “Government shouldn’t do stuff.”

      And then you apply Occam’s razor to all the other possible answers…

    3. I’m just wondering how much longer people are going to tolerate the endless freak show before they’ve had enough and break out the flame throwers.

  9. This really is an elective sort of thing.

    If he’s arranged to have it paid for himself, or he has convinced people to give him donations then by all means.

    1. Okay, so if someone gets incarcerated and wants to become a CYBORG OF DEATH, then we have to pay for it?

      1. Or let them pay for it?

      2. Wait, didn’t I see that movie?

        1. You know how some of those old horror movies would have a really slow chase scene, with a monster who slowly just keeps coming, relentlessly, without stopping?

          I see the same thing here. A guy openly says he wants to become a totally unstoppable cyborg wrecking machine, gets arrested, imprisoned, then cyborged at public expense. Then he goes on a rampage.

          1. Just convince the ACLU that deep down inside you know you’re really a death cyborg.

            1. There was nothing we could do. [Missile fired from cyborg streaks in and destroys a nearby building.] Nothing.

        2. I want to see that movie. Satire of B horror films and social justice at the same time, sounds like a winning combination.

    2. This really is an *elective* sort of thing.

      I was okay with him paying his own way until you said this.

      Thinking of it as elective surgery, which it is, fuck him. Otherwise, we need to get the orthodontists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons in to fix the other people with whatever dysmorphia they can make up.

      Moreover, if his sex change was intimately related to his incarceration/crime I might make some rationalization, but this is just feeding a literal habit of bad decision making and cries for attention.

      Want to change genders or whiten your teeth? Don’t commit a crime, serve your sentence patiently, or tough shit.

      1. I suppose you’ve never been a woman trapped silently screaming inside a man’s body. You clearly don’t understand the pain they have to deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY!


      2. Elective surgery or treatment, w/e. He’s not going to die or *involuntarily* mutilate himself or someone else because of his disease/condition.

  10. I so don’t care about Manning that I came here to post that fact.


    1. You should care about having to pay taxes to in part go to indulge his illness at the expense of people who actually need treatment.

      1. Yeah Alm, this is the waste of tax money that should upset you.

      2. Whatever.

        I said I don’t care about “Manning”, John.

        I made no comment on the tax question, and won’t now, just to be that way.

    2. I don’t care either.


    3. Hey, I’m a trans-rooster!

      But they won’t let me compete in the cockfights, nor will they sell me to Colonel Sanders!

        1. +1 they’ve gone plaid

  11. Manning is Wo-manning.

  12. He’s being kept in protective custody, I hope. I understand that trans prisoners have a bad time in regular prison.

    1. Yep. Special rights for trannies!

    2. This drives me nuts. How is rape and assault common in prison? You have guards and cages and cameras and you still can’t prevent crime. But I’m suppose to believe the only thing keeping me safe is a cop may or may not drive through my neighborhood this week.

      1. Cops and guards don’t prevent anything. They investigate after something happens. And by investigate I mean do nothing. Their job is to make people do what they are told.

        1. I know, it just drives me nuts it is common knowledge that cops can’t control a prison environment, but it is a common belief the only thing standing between chaos and order is the police.

          1. Also, how do drugs, cell phones, money, and other contraband get into prisons and jails? No one is baking a cake and putting heroin into it. It is smuggled in. Smuggled in by the guards. All prison guards are on the take.

            1. Right?!?

            2. Actually, the most common way things make it into prison is the local gang pays some idiot who isn’t aware of cost vs reward to toss something over the prison yard fence. The prisoners just pick it up next time they are out in the yard. The majority of prisons are not Alcatraz, and for most prison guards the rules on little things like smoking is if you are a dumbass enough to do it directly outside my window you’re going to solitary.

              Rape, though, runs into the issue that short of being in solitary, which you can request to be placed in for any reason, most of your time is spent around other inmates not guards.

          2. That’s only because crime is so low that the vast majority of people are never crime victims. Anyone who has been a crime victim understands that cops don’t do jack shit other than try to bust you for calling them.

            1. I had a friend in my martial arts class who was a cop. He was the first to admit that they were the ‘cleanup crew’ as he put it, and only showed up after the crime had already been committed.

    3. The United States Disciplinary Barracks ain’t regular prison.

      It is hard, but it is fair. There is no racial or sexual bigotry in my Barracks. There, you are all equally worthless.

    4. She, whatever.

      1. You can’t turn an X into a Y. It’s still a “he” as far as I’m concerned. Fuck political correctness, diversity and sensitivity. You can change plumbing, but you can’t change chromosomes.

        1. If men are naturally violent and rapey, why don’t they genetically engineer male prisoners to be XX women?

        2. Well, no, but there are a whole host of developmental anomalies that can result in secondary sex characteristics or even brain morphology that doesn’t line up with the underlying chromosomes. Total androgen insensitivity is the easiest to grasp (XY chromosome, but testosterone receptors don’t work, so the person develops as a female). If certain structures in the brain fail to receive the proper signal (usually some version of testosterone) at the proper time, then they will develop as female, no matter what the underlying genotype is.

          There are still plenty of question about how the phenomenon plays out in the transgendered, and about whether surgery and hormone therapy are even the best course of treatment for sexual identity disorder, but claiming that chromosomes are the only possible determinant of gender/sex just makes you look silly.

          1. cool story bro

            1. Deliberate ignorance is obnoxious. Doubling down with unoriginal snark is not an improvement.

              1. You say “developmental anomalies” and I hear “retarded.”

                1. Still not an improvement.

  13. Don’t feed the troll, please.

    1. Which one?

      Is it Troll Free Friday and I missed it?!

      1. Which one?

        If you have to ask…

        1. They have been shifting, whirling and presenting an ever changing face…

  14. “”””””This would be the first time the military would be providing such a treatment”””

    The military is not paying for this, the taxpayer is and this is not the first time.

  15. Seriously, fuck the ACLU. I don’t care if they get something right from time to time, they get too much wrong.

    1. Yes. They often have a very short-sighted and/or strictly pro-individual bent.

      They are often too happy to convert a minimal tax or oppression on everyone for all eternity to pay for some arbitrarily ‘larger’ liberty for one person.

    2. Yeah, too much of their agenda involves the “right” to force other people to pay for shit you want.

      1. Deep down inside, I feel like a person who lives in a bigger house and has a nicer car. I wonder if I can get them to help me sue whoever it takes to realize my actual self.

        1. In regard to the cyborg of death thread above;

          The ACLU would fight to get it done for you and gladly sign the papers right below; “…will be paid for, conducted by, and wholly owned as property of the United States Department of Defense.”

          If they turned me into an 8 ft. tall, green, one-ton green rage monster, it might be worth it.

  16. I am uncharacteristically empathetic.

    Imagine, if you will, that you wake up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex. You are still you in every way except there’s a vajj where a peen used to be or vice versa. Sure, it might be fun at first, but after you get out of the shower, you’re going to want the OEM stuff back. That’s how I imagine it is for those people.

    I just shouldn’t be paying for it.

    1. Imagine, if you will, that you wake up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex.

      Sounds pretty Kafkaesque.

      And by that I mean when originated, was definitely artful and definitely fiction but is now mind numbingly unoriginal and quaint and it has been distorted beyond all meaning to fit even the most whimsically trivial ‘waking nightmare’ as to destroy all sense of itself with it’s own commonness.

    2. That’s not the case though. They’ve always had that equipment. They have no idea what the opposite sex actually has, they can only fantasize about it.

      And sometimes when they get the operation, they are disappointed, because it doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

      The design of one of my favorite games, M.U.L.E., went from Dan Berry to Dani Berry. Yet she regretted the decision.

    1. As is the degree in “postsanity anticisgender LGBTQXYZPDQ studies”.

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