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Vince Vaughn Talks Libertarianism With Playboy

The actor and Ron Paul fan considers himself a libertarian because he likes the Constitution and the idea of a Republic.


Gage Skidmore

If you read Playboy for the articles, the latest issue features an interview with actor Vince Vaughn, someone that people are sometimes surprised is a libertarian, espousing some of his libertarian views.

Vaughn takes about Ron Paul, who "woke a lot of people up to the fact that government can't handle everything for you," his distrust of centralized power, and his preference for a system where people are left alone "unless they commit fraud or physical force or take someone's property."  "So we should have lawyers running the country?" interviewer David Hochman asks in response. Laws, and courts, are important, Vaughn explains, otherwise "you can't leave your house, because you have to protect your stuff." That leads to a question about owning a gun.

Some more excerpts:

PLAYBOY: Would you ever consider running for office?

VAUGHN: No. But let's say I did. I'm going to have a lot of people with a lot of money becoming my friends, aren't I? Because I can write laws to benefit you. Let's say you're a major corporation, and I'm the politician and I can write laws. I can say which race gets a benefit and which doesn't. That could get me some votes. Or I write laws that help your business and limit other businesses from being able to compete with you because they can't survive all the new programs I'm putting in place. What is it they can't afford? The health care act? Okay, I'll vote for that and they can never reach you. But you have to vote for me.

You have to understand that America today is not capitalistic. The problem is corporatism. The government has too much authority, and it's dangerous. It stifles productivity and freedom and prosperity and peace. I find most people nowadays are more complacent or accepting that the government can successfully do everything for us. It can't. It can't!

PLAYBOY: You're very passionate about these issues.

VAUGHN: How can you not be? The Patriot Act? Let's get rid of it. Undeclared wars, doing away with personal liberties—let's understand how that has worked out historically to see that it has led to some horrible things. Once our personal liberties are gone, when an American citizen can be pulled out of his house and detained for six months without a trial, where is our country? Once those rights are gone, how do you get them back? Once the government is allowed to listen to you, how do you get that privacy back?

Read the whole thing, with pictures, here.

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  1. I’m really surprised by this. There’s still a Playboy?

    1. Playboy Party Joke: In irony worthy of Oscar Wilde, a gentleman of leisure who has a slattern at his feet, in truth the strumpet has him by les couilles.

  2. I was mislead by your pictures link.

    I call shenanigans!

    1. Hey, you told me you were reading it for the articles!

  3. Sorry, but I only read Playboy as masturbatory fodder. Fortunately, nothing turns me on like interviews with doughy, washed-up celebrities.

    1. Read between the…

  4. Too bad Vaughan’s on my “never watch a movie with that asshole in it” list, or I might care what he thinks about anything.

    Please tell me Gene Hackman’s a libertarian!

    1. From IMDB:

      Appeared on Richard Nixon’s infamous “List of Enemies” during the 1972 presidential election, the only time Hackman was publicly involved in politics. During an interview on Larry King Live (1985) in July 2004, Hackman stated that although he is a Democrat, he liked President Ronald Reagan, who had died the previous year.

      1. Lots of people like Reagan.

        I liked Ed Koch.

      2. Yeah, all this tells me nothing.

        What’s he REALLY believe? I don’t know…I hope he’s a secret libertarian 🙂

        1. In an interview he once referred to himself as a “liberal”. But I refer to myself as a “liberal” to people who I suspect have no understanding of libertarianism.

    2. Gene Hackman is awesome. He slapped a homeless man in 2012 for panhandling too aggressively, so at least he’s got the libertarian stereotype down. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G…..sonal_life I also like the fact that he writes historical fiction now. He seems more intelligent than most actors.

      1. Wow, that’s a high bar to clear!

        (I mean intelligence on matters outside the acting profession, famous actors being presumably intelligent on those subjects)

    3. Dude, Swingers was genius. You don’t have to like Vince to love that movie.

  5. Uhm, I remember a Buzzfeed-style infotainment piece titled “You’d never believe these actors are Republicans” and it pictured Vince Vaughan.

    I have heard from people acquainted with Vaughan that he was actually a pretty dedicated family man.

    I guess in this day and age, thinking the words in the constitution mean things and being focused on your family makes you racist Republican?

    1. It makes you an aborto-freak who can’t get over the Right to Privacy.

    2. If you’re not 100% TEAM BLUE you’re a Republican, or something like that. It’s too stupid to actually try and figure out.

      1. re: Rectal retard up above.

    3. As someone who lives and works around his old stomping grounds; not thanking the democratic machine at every opportunity makes you a member of the Klan (and not the Blue Dog Democrat Klan either).

  6. . The government has too much authority, and it’s dangerous. It stifles productivity and freedom and prosperity and peace. I find most people nowadays are more complacent or accepting that the government can successfully do everything for us. It can’t. It can’t!

    PLAYBOY: You’re very passionate about these issues.

    For those of you not familiar with what Playboy’s response really means, here’s a loose translation into english:

    These views you have, I don’t understand them and are foreign to me, and frankly, I’m suspicious of them, but since this isn’t that type of interview, I’ll respectfully respond in the affirmative that I sure think that whatever this crazy-talk you’re spouting is, you sure seem to believe it.

  7. “If you read Playboy for the articles”

    I once did that, years ago. For one article.

  8. Yeah, we can all snob Playboy!
    Well, I’m not gonna. If you were born in a small town and desired to live in the city, you sorta wanted to know certain things. And where could you learn them? Dad wasn’t really sure how to tie a bow tie and I didn’t bother to ask him. Mom knew about salad forks, but not about fish knives or Russian service.
    Snob away; that guy introduced an entire generation of young guys to big tits and manners; you didn’t get either one off the web at that time.

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