Brickbat: Baby, It's Cold Outside


Credit: cindy47452 / photo on flickr

Officials with Ranson Middle School in Charlotte, N.C., have apologized after a teacher forced several students to return home on a cold day without their coats. The teacher took the coats because they did not match the school's required colors and did not return them.

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  1. The teacher took the coats because they did not match the school’s required colors

    *Insert ‘Fashion Police’ joke here*

    1. But it was mine, so let me define
      my territory don’t cross the line
      Don’t try to act crazy
      cause the bitch dont thank me
      you can be read like a punk
      it wouldn’ta made me
      cause my colors death
      thou we all want peace
      but our war won’t end,
      they’ll always see

      See the wars of the street gangs will always get to me man
      But I don’t wanna be down with this situation man
      but I’m in here, if I had something betta to do I think I’d do it but
      now I’m just down here boye
      I’m trying to get money cause I’m smart
      I’m gunna get paid while I’m out here
      I’m gunna get that paper, ya know what I’m saying
      If I had a chance like you,
      maybe I would be in school
      but I’m not, I’m out here living day to day surviving
      and I’m willing to die for my colors

      1. Wow, the Swiss National Anthem is more badass than I thought.

  2. “Denise Watts, Project L.I.F.T. community learning zone superintendent…”

    And people think Silicon Valley has ludicrous job titles


    Holistic Snark Visionary

    1. ifh
      Holistic Snark Visionary

      Not ‘Holistic Snark Visionary Consultant‘ or ‘Holistic Snark Visionary Guru‘ or ‘Director of Holistic Snark Visionary’?

      1. I’m working up to Freedom Ninja

        1. Against the Stealth-Strike of Liberty, Statists can mount no defense.

          “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible, and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”

    2. Given that L.I.F.T. stands for “Leadership & Investment For Transformation”, it’s even more ludicrous.

  3. So now, instead of banning gang color schemes, they are instituting their own gang color scheme? Black pajamas?

    1. With red shirts and high top leather boots. Maybe an insignia to promote teamwork

  4. Hey, John Cominsky of WBTV “5 is on your side”, if your gonna hype the cold weather end of the thing, not just the outright theft of the jackets, at least mention the temperature. Just saying “Cold” twice and “That degree” might lead some jaded folk to think maybe it wasn’t that cold out and that this mom is overacting a tad. Some people might think that, not me, but other jerks might.

  5. Staff worked diligently today to return coats to students.

    Anything short of driving to their home and handing them the jackets so they don’t have to go to school the next day without them lacks diligence.

    On the other hand, what North Carolina regards as cold is not necessarily jacket weather.

    1. Today in Upstate NY it’s a balmy 9 degrees F. (It was 5 when I got up to commute, so it’s shaping up to be a warm day. Forecast says a high of 25 degrees)

      Same source says it’s 31 degrees in Charlotte, with a forecast high of 55.

      1. Where exactly in NY are you if I may?

        1. Right now I’m waiting out my long exile in the capital district.

          1. Ah.

  6. Is this teacher still employed? If so, why?

    1. Uh, you have to ask? Because the union would tie the district up in court for years while the teacher collected pay from home before being completely exonerated and awarded a million dollars for emotional damage.




    1. Clearly the children were anarchists bent on unraveling civilization as we know it.
      I have it on good authority that they chipped away at the roads on their trek homeward.

      1. Not the roads, the archetype of our social contract!

    1. The school is populated with at-L.I.F.T children.

  8. Jesus fucking Christ. Seriously.

    Fuck this teacher and this district administration. Really, most teachers and pretty much all district administrations, while I’m at it. Collectivist? Yeah – based on evidence.

    My mom used to laugh at me and my best friend when we talked about going off and being hermits when we were kids. That is SERIOUSLY starting to sound like an attractive proposition again. LITERALLY.

    1. when we talked about going off and being hermits when we were kids.

      I thought that was just me and my buddy. We were going to live on a sandbar we called “Hobo Island”.

  9. I’d hate to think what would have happened if a teacher had done this to me or one of my brothers. My Mom would have ended up in jail because as mild-mannered as she was, there were lines you just didn’t cross with her. She would have kicked that teacher’s ass right off the fucking planet.

    1. Same here. This would have unleashed righteous anger she reserved for exceptional instances of fucktardery.

  10. This is what happens when kids who grew up playing T-Ball where they didn’t keep score go into public education.

  11. Is the school in question a private school or a public school?

    1. You had to drag politics into this? Who cares, it’s stupid no matter whose school it is.

      1. Well I would give a private school greater leeway to impose stupid rules on its students than a public school.

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