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President Obama Updates National Security Strategy For First Time in Five Years

America's national security strategy is to take responsibility for world security, peace, and prosperity.


White House

For the first time since 2010, the White House has updated (PDF) its National Security Strategy, a report required annually by law. The document is full of generic rhetoric like leading with purpose, leading with strength, and leading with "a long-term perspective," placing on the U.S. the responsibility for maintaining peace, security, and prosperity around the world, with no recognition of how that posture has made peace, security, and prosperity around the world more difficult to achieve.

The strategy laid out, the document claims, "builds on the progress of the last 6 years, in which our active leadership has helped the world recover from a global economic crisis and respond to an array of emerging challenges."  Those challenges successfully responded to include "strengthening an unrivaled alliance system" in Europe, bringing "most of our troops home after more than a decade of honorable served in two wars while adapting our counterterrorism strategy for an evolving terrorist threat," responding to natural disasters in places like Haiti, Japan, and the Philippines, and "building an unprecedented international sanctions regime to hold Iran responsible for failing to meet its international obligations" while continuing negotiations, and "taking concerted action to confront the dangers posed by climate change."

The document outlines eight security points in part covered in the challenges the White House says the U.S. is successfully confronting already:

(1) Strengthening national defense by continuing to "insist on reforms and necessary investment" in the military

(2) Reinforcing homeland security by "bringing together all elements of our society—individuals, local communities, the private and non-profit sectors, faith-based organizations, and all levels of government—to make sure America is resilient in the face of adversity."

(3) Combatting the "diminished" but still persistent threat of terrorism by "pursuing a more sustainable approach that prioritizes targeted counterterrorism operations, collective action with responsible partners, and increased efforts to prevent the growth of violent extremism and radicalization that drives increased threats"

(4) Strengthening "U.S. and international capacity to prevent conflict among and within states." The document mentions "Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity" and "North Korean provocation in East Asia, pointing to continued effort "to bolster the capacity of the U.N. and regional organizations to help resolve disputes, build resilience to crises and shocks, strengthen governance, end extreme poverty, and increase prosperity."

(5) Preventing the spread of WMDs

(6) Confronting climate change, by negotiating more

(7) Assuring access to "shared spaces—cyber, space, air, and oceans—that enable the free flow of people, goods, services, and ideas."

(8) "Cybersecurity," where the U.S. has a "special responsibility" as the birthplace of the Internet.

U.S. national security interests remained defined the same way in the 2015 update to the national security strategy, broad enough to cover any interventionist want:

• The security of the United States, its citizens, and U.S. allies and partners

• A strong, innovative, and growing U.S. economy in an open international economic system that promotes opportunity and prosperity

• Respect for universal values at home and around the world; and

• A rules-based international order advanced by U.S. leadership that promotes peace, security, and opportunity through stronger cooperation to meet global challenges.

"This National Security Strategy provides a vision for strengthening and sustaining American leadership in this still young century," the document concludes. "It clarifies the purpose and promise of American power. It aims to advance our interests and values with initiative and from a position of strength. We will deter and defeat any adversary that threatens our national security and that of our allies."

Read the 29-page document here and then check out Reason's foreign policy special here.

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  2. You know who else worked in 5-year plans?

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  4. The strategy laid out, the document claims, “builds on the progress of the last 6 years, in which our active leadership has helped the world recover from a global economic crisis and respond to an array of emerging challenges.”

    I assume, a al Ministry of Truth, that they also go back and edit those annual reports in order to show the progress they’ve made.

    1. Jesus, are these people completely delusional?

      1. if you say it more people will believe it than if you don’t.

    2. I don’t mind the fact that Obama immediately used the financial crisis as an excuse to spend a trillion bucks on a bunch of boondoggles for cronies. It was inevitable.

      But characterizing that pillage of the public-till as being some kind of Jumper-Cable which ‘rebooted the global economy’…. as opposed to, oh, just *prolonging a recession*… and making the inevitable rebound as tepid as has ever been seen in US history?

      Anyone who makes the claim that he did anything ‘actively’ to actually stimulate* the broader economy is not just ignorant, but grossly self-deluded.

      Nevermind the impacts of the ACA, which just add insult to injury,

      And this is before we even get to the unholy clusterfuck of Obama’s massive foreign policy incompetence… which people across the political spectrum agree is an embarrassing shambles which has served to damage our relationships with allies, actively empower our adversaries, wasted American lives in prolonging the Afghan conflict while accomplishing nothing, and erased whatever moral credibility we might have had by supporting programs of domestic surveillance and international unilateral assassinations.

      All of that would be bad enough. The back-patting himself in the process? is just absurd

      1. Him saying this sort of thing isn’t even slightly surprising. What’s sad is that so many people swallow this crap. Even if you are on his side, politically, why accept these blatant lies, when they are purely serving his interest, not the country’s? I just don’t get it.

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          1. You need to have faith. You know, in people who are dumber, less honest, and less capable at anything useful than you.

  5. Notice how these national security memos always say the government is doing everything right and making no mistakes?

    I hope this is just the shit they throw out to the general public for propaganda purposes and that there’s no one in the Pentagon who actually believes it.

    I mean:

    ‘Combatting the “diminished” but still persistent threat of terrorism by “pursuing a more sustainable approach that prioritizes targeted counterterrorism operations, collective action with responsible partners, and increased efforts to prevent the growth of violent extremism and radicalization that drives increased threats”‘

    Diminished how? Boka Haram owns wide swaths of Nigeria, the area around Raqqa is utterly dominated by ISIS, the Saudis continue to fund Wahabbists while we respond with government funded poetry readings in Riyadh, Yemen’s government was toppled by a Shia militia, Libya has been partitioned by feuding warlords to such an extent that the central government has no control over most of the country…that’s not even getting into the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the attendant crackdown by the French government on their public’s basic free speech rights.

    Things are going wonderfully on that front.

    1. And the economy is like, I dunno, supermegabooming.

    2. What are you talking about? Obama killed Bin Laden with his bare hands and then ripped his throat out with his teeth!

    3. I hope this is just the shit they throw out to the general public for propaganda purposes

      sorry to disappoint, but this is the document trickles down into everything the pentagon does from national military strategy to operational plans

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