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Credit: Nesster / photo on flickr

The sliding glass door at Dawn Bryan's Lithia, Florida, home is still broken, and the walls still have bullet holes in them. But the neighbor and a friend who caused the damage shooting a rifle in the neighbor's backyard haven't been charged. Maybe because the neighbor is a county firefighter and his friend is a detention officer with and son of a major in the Hillsborough County sheriff's office, the agency that investigated the shooting.

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  1. If they have the shooting skills of the average ‘hero’,they were likely shooting at a target in the other direction.

  2. TAMPA ? At first, Dawn Bryan blamed the goat on the back porch.

    Well, who wouldn’t?

      1. Ummmm, that’s not a goat, it’s an Alpaca.

        1. Are you implying an alpaca cannot perform an acceptable goat stare?


    1. You don’t have a porch goat?

      1. Exactly. Having heard that ramming noise and then seeing Weirdo* trying to bust the patio door because he saw his reflection, I can relate to this woman.

        *Weirdo being the best goat we had.

        1. Oh I wasn’t trying to goat-shame anyone. This is text book Occam’s razor – When you hear windows breaking in your kids room think back porch goat , not red neck neighbors.

          also Back Porch Goat – great band name.

      2. I don’t have a porch.

  3. Can’t beat nepotism. Still, leftists are worried about unfettered capitalism.

  4. Oh, there will be charges…for the woman. Obstruction of justice, interfering with a police officer.

  5. Did she have a dog in the house?

    1. No – a probation officer shot it yesterday after it ran past him.

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  7. I have been an avid shooter for 45 years. I have expended a few million rounds in my life. I have never, not even once, put a bullet in a place where I did not intend for it to go.

    These idiots have no business with a gun.

    1. About 6-7 years ago I let this guy hunt deer on my property. He somehow managed to shoot his own truck.

  8. My neighbor got thrown out of a bar because he went on a rant about the music they were playing.

    He returned about half an hour later, and shot up the place.

    Somehow, although the police came and questioned him, he was never charged. And bear in mind, he had two DWIs in his lifetime.

    1. Who did he know?

    2. Is your neighbor a cop?

  9. Nepotism. The ‘Everybody does it’ of isms.

    1. I don’t get netpotism. I wouldn’t trust my family to do the job.

      1. Well, to be fair, that’s exactly what they’re counting on in this instance.

  10. Surprisingly, most of the comments to the TBO article are good.

    This one, from the secret Koch brother, nails it well:

    Seth Koch ? Top Commenter ? Valrico, Florida

    Know your target, and what’s behind it. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY ROUND YOU FIRE.

  11. Just then, she said, a window next to her shattered.
    That, she thought, was not the goat.

    Now, *that* is dramatic journalism!

  12. “They were in the yard of the house directly behind me,” she said, adding there is a good distance between structures. “But definitely not enough room to be shooting an AK 47 through my kid’s bedroom window.”

    “Florida Woman Charged With Sarcasm”

  13. One more.

    Lithia, Florida

    “Lithia” is the plural of “lithium”. Just sayin’.

    1. Only in latin. In English, lithium is an unacountable noun, and thus has no plural.

      1. Lithiums.

        Boom! You’re welcome.

      2. Well, I took a bit of licentia poetica; but nice observation.

      3. “In English, lithium is an unacountable noun….”

        Evidently, in Lithia a firefighter and his detention officer friend are unaccountable.

  14. “I remember hearing myself say, ‘that’s not a goat, that’s gunfire!’ So I dove to my couch and made a barricade of my coffee table and retrieved the ceremonial yet operable musket I had received as a gift from Ulysses S Geant for covering his March toward Appomatox. I loaded it and prepared to return fire. But as I began to peer over the table and take aim, I heard the sobs of a child emanating from a remote hallway. I had a decision to make: protect myself or protect the child. I reflexively barreled down the hallway, gunfire peppering the wall behind be, barely reaching the room in time to grab the tot and roll into a room, kicking the door closed with my foot, as they taught us in SEAL Training which I completed as an undercover NBC assignment.

    Fortunately, the assailants mistook me for several men and retreated, where they were apprehended by the police officers I managed to call during the confusion. They spent their lives behind bars.”

    -Bryan Williams 2015

    1. “I misremembered those events in 2015. Actually, a neighbor shot my door and wasn’t arrested.”

      -Bryan Williams 2031

    2. I, for one, forgive Brian Williams. He’s obviously suffering from PTSD after seeing his daughter in that Girls episode mentioned above.

  15. Think I’m going to do my job for a change today, so I’ll drop my links here.

    Dancer sues NYPD for $5MILLION claiming he was insulted, intimidated and thrown to the ground during Ellen stunt…..stunt.html
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    Mom-of-three, 33, shot dead by boyfriend, 46, in murder-suicide hours after going to the police for protection…..ction.html
    How cute! She actually thought the police protect people! That’s just adorable!

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