Brickbat: About Those Leftovers


Three University of California, Davis, students placed a community refrigerator on their lawn and invited neighbors to use it and share food. At the end of the first month, people were not only sharing food but books as well. Then the Yolo County health department stepped in. They said the fridge was an unregulated food facility and shut it down.

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  1. Can’t have unregulated sharing.

    1. One would think that if there’s no money involved, that the government would have no basis for interfering.

  2. Who in the hell would actually eat something stored in a community refrigerator kept outside and open to the general public?

    1. Well, it is ‘yolo’ county. And college students get kinda desperate.

      1. glad I’m not the only one who noticed this

        1. I am just pissed I got here to late to make the first snark. UCS was too diligent.

    2. Who in the hell would actually eat something stored in a community refrigerator kept outside and open to the general public?

      Hippies. Dirty, dirty hippies.

      1. organic artisinal kimchis

        1. It was cole slaw when I put it in the fridge a week ago. But it tastes like kimchi now!

          1. I’ve always found it fascinating that Europeans (Germans) and Asians (Koreans) both (seemingly) independently came up with the idea of fermenting cabbage… with two completely unique results.

  3. Brace yourselves, there’s a vaccine/abortion article coming!

    1. They’ve developed a method or vaccinate fetii in utero? Or an omnivaccine using aborted fetii?

      1. Yes.

    2. Good guess, but it’s a Sheldon Richman article.

  4. “Hello. Is your refrigerator running?”

    “No, the government shut it down and now all the food in it spoiled.”

    “Then you better go catch- wait, what?”

    1. I think you should Costanza it and pull out for today. That was funny.

      1. +1 Thanks you guys, you’ve been great!

  5. You can probably guess there was a cantankerous neighbor who didn’t appreciate the lawn decor. He/she made a few phone calls and then placed his/her gnome by the sign that reads No Social Crumbs!

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  7. Each time I see stories like this I’m left to wonder just how much people would achieve and innovate. Instead, it stays in their own private thoughts.

    1. That’s the invisible cost, isn’t it? As in the minimum wage issue and countless others, we’ll never know what did not happen — the progress that hasn’t been made.

      Just think of the trillions of dollars that are sucked out of the economy so that tens if not hundreds of thousands of government employees can sit in their cubicles and have a negative effect on the economy. Think how much progress would happen in our economy if growth were a single percentage point higher every year, compounded. It boggles.

      1. ^This. The main fault of government is not the money that it sucks out of the economy. It’s main fault is in deterring and preventing innovation.

        Where progressives got batshit crazy is in their assumption (presumption?) that government activity grows an economy, when in fact it has the opposite effect. But then, most everything progressives say and think is the opposite of reality.

        1. You don’t understand! We need regulation to stop the unchecked growth of capitalism because when it grows unchecked then you get rampant inequality which is a terrible thing! While at the same time the economy simply will not grow without the government making rules and investments! What? I’m contradicting myself? Nonsense! It feels true so it must be true!

          1. We need regulation to stop the unchecked growth of capitalism…

            Right. I really hate this notion. To me, capitalism is just a word for liberal (classically) economy. Economy is just people doing what people do–trading what they have (material, intellectual and technically) for what they lack.

            To check capitalism is to check economy is to check trade and innovation. Why would anybody want to do that? The only reason I can imagine is that they are envious of those who have more material, intellectual or technical capital than they do.

            1. To check capitalism is to check economy is to check trade and innovation. Why would anybody want to do that?

              Because it’s unfair that some innovators get rich while others do not! It’s just not fair! You see, consumers are stupid! They go out there and buy the wrong stuff! We need government to guide them and make them buy the right stuff! Because they’re stupid! Only wise officials selected by wise voters thought the democratic process can do this! What? I’m contradicting myself by calling consumers stupid and voters wise? Nonsense! It feels true so it must be true!

  8. Uh oh. An “unregulated food facility?” I think I’ve got one of those in my kitchen. Should I call somebody?

  9. You could fit a lot of dead bodies in the refrigerator – just saying’

    1. Not really a lot. Three regular size adults or four smaller size adults. Of course it’s a whole different story if you do a little dis-assembly before storing.

      So I’ve heard.

      1. I was counting on that er, dis-assembly part.

  10. “you balance progressive thinking with the fact there’s no control over it”

    ExCUSE me?!

  11. “The fridge is a great idea even aside from (reducing) food waste,” Hill said. “It encourages a great sense of community that’s lacking in most communities. This is kind of a cool way to encourage it.”


  12. This is a great idea. I’m gonna put a refrigerator out in the front yard and wait for people to put food in it.

  13. Did they ask permission? Were they obeying orders? No? Well then.

  14. If one person gets sick then it raises the health care costs for everyone else so therefore the government must have complete power over every aspect of your life. / commerce clause via Obamacare.

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