Democrats Block Homeland Security Funding Bill, Ted Cruz Got High, Lance Armstrong Still a Liar: A.M. Links


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    Senate Democrats are blocking a GOP-backed bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security because it contains a measure that would revoke President Obama's recent executive actions on immigration. Republican leaders have expressed outrage that Democrats would resort to the same kinds of tactics they've been using for the past few years. 

  • A spokesman for Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told The Daily Mail that Cruz had "foolishly experimented with marijuana" as a teenager. 
  • "We cannot live in a perpetually punitive society," said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, pushing legislative proposals to lower penalties for certain drug crimes, remove mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes, and reform the state's parole system.
  • The girlfriend of cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted they lied to police about her hitting two parked cars in Aspen, Colorado, when it was Armstrong who had been driving.
  • The University of Vermont will allow students to select their own first name and pronoun of choice within its campus information system.
  • Montana is considering creating a new crime of "sexual servitude." People found guilty of forcing someone into sexual servitude or patronizing such an individual would face prison time, forfeiture of their property, and sex-offender registration. 
  • A Minnesota law would force an outside investigation in all "officer-involved shooting" deaths.
  • Maureen Dowd can rest easy: Colorado rules requiring marijuana edibles to contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving have gone into effect. 

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    1. Hello.

      If he’s a ‘lier’ then I’m a….

      I got nothing.

      1. basterd?

      2. Yeah, he needs to stop reclining.


          Fine. Go with basterd.

    2. And he didn’t touch on the massive numbers of people who’ve dropped out of the workforce to claim disability. Good article, though.

    3. I just read about this at instapundit. I left a comment there to the effect that all of it is true, but where where these neo-cons and their criticisms about the numbers before Obama was elected?

      1. The labor force participation rate was much higher before Obama was elected; it is now the lowest since the 1970’s. If the rate was the same now as it was then, the unemployment numbers would be significantly higher.

    4. I thought everyone knew U3(?) was about 12-13%

      BFD. When Obama was inaugurated we were losing 750,000 jobs/month and GDP was -8.9%. We were in a full economic collapse where bank failures were common. $15 trillion in US wealth evaporated in 2008.

      The last financial collapse was in 1929-30 and it took over a decade to recover.

      1. Slurp slurp slurp.

      2. Someone forgot 1987, the tech bubble in 2000, and 2008. Those were financial collapses as well.

        1. No they were not. Only 2008 was.

          A stock market correction is not a financial collapse. 1990-91 was a mini-collapse in the S&L industry when Bush spent $500 billion on resolution trust. That amount was peanuts compared to 2008.

          1. BUSHPIGS!!11!!!CHRISTFAGS!!11!!!

              1. That is pretty much the pinnacle of discourse for you.

          2. Ah.

            Splitting hairs I see.

            Funny. When I was in the business that’s exactly how they were characterized.

            But hey. You know better.

      3. Typical Keynesian/Monetarist clown response: IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EVEN WORSE!

        The Forgotten Depression of 1920

        The economic situation in 1920 was grim. By that year unemployment had jumped from 4 percent to nearly 12 percent, and GNP declined 17 percent. No wonder, then, that Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover ? falsely characterized as a supporter of laissez-faire economics ? urged President Harding to consider an array of interventions to turn the economy around. Hoover was ignored.

        Instead of “fiscal stimulus,” Harding cut the government’s budget nearly in half between 1920 and 1922. The rest of Harding’s approach was equally laissez-faire. Tax rates were slashed for all income groups. The national debt was reduced by one-third.

        The Federal Reserve’s activity, moreover, was hardly noticeable. As one economic historian puts it, “Despite the severity of the contraction, the Fed did not move to use its powers to turn the money supply around and fight the contraction.”[2] By the late summer of 1921, signs of recovery were already visible. The following year, unemployment was back down to 6.7 percent and it was only 2.4 percent by 1923.

        1. cannot be repeated enough. Especially when 8 yrs later, followed by a similar system shock, we went the opposite way and it took 16 years to recover.

      4. The last financial collapse was in 1929-30 and it took over a decade to recover.

        Yes, government policies kept the misery going for a decade or more.

        1. Yes. Bernanke admitted to Milton Friedman the Fed fucked completely up.

          Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve System. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

          1. Wait, so the basis for Otter was Ben Bernanke?


      5. 1921? 1946? Hey, the economy wasn’t great when Reagan got elected either. Of course, cuts in government spending led to quick turnarounds.

    5. There’s another reason why the official rate is misleading. Say you’re an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 ? maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn ? you’re not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

      Yet another figure of importance that doesn’t get much press: those working part time but wanting full-time work. If you have a degree in chemistry or math and are working 10 hours part time because it is all you can find ? in other words, you are severely underemployed ? the government doesn’t count you in the 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

  1. A Minnesota law would force an outside investigation in all “officer-involved shooting” deaths.

    Cops from other jurisdictions? Yeah, that will help.

    1. If you’re not first why do you bother?

      1. Mine was not an official first – I did not reference or snark or work off one of the AM Lynx.

  2. Playing video games with your vagina

    Tom Chen, a physicist and game designer out of Beijing, China, has created a new device intended to strengthen vaginal muscles via video game play. So it’s essentially like Wii Fit?but for your lady parts.

    The SKEA, or “Smart Kegel Exercise Aid,” fits into a woman’s vagina and by tightening her kegel muscles, or the muscles that control the uterus, bladder, rectum, and small intestines, she will be able to play video games without lifting a finger. The prototype game for the SKEA, called “Alice In Continent,” allows players to help Alice avoid obstacles in the game by contracting their kegel muscles around the device, which sends signals to the game and controls Alice’s actions.

    1. Lends new meaning to “joy stick.”

      1. some jokes just write themselves, don’t they?

    2. Alice Incontinent?

    3. Sounds like an IKEA product.

    4. Some of us don’t have vaginas.

      1. You can still play if you really want to…

    5. This guy could benefit from a similar device.

  3. A spokesman for Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told The Daily Mail that Cruz had “foolishly experimented with marijuana” as a teenager.

    This is why we shouldn’t let these foreigners into our country! They’re all hopped up.

    1. Am I the only person who didn’t do pot, foolishly or wisely, as a teenager?

      1. I didn’t either. Never have. Not that I have anything against it, It was just never important enough when compared to opportunities that would come with a drug test.

        1. It’s actually not that difficult to pass a drug test. Stay clean for a week.

      2. Was never interested in drugs.

      3. Never. I probably did more drinking before 21 then I’ve done since.

      4. I have never had it – the idea of taking smoke into my lungs is shudder inducing.

        Someday, now that I am retired from the Army, I may try an edible product – but right now a glass of port or single malt does the trick just fine.

      5. I did it twice. Foolishly! I didn’t like it.

      6. No, I, too, am among the strange libertarians who haven’t partaken. I don’t know what the media would do with this knowledge.

      7. As a teenager? No.

        1. bam, i was a late bloomer into the joys of the vape

      8. Still haven’t.

      9. In the suburb I grew up in, pot was easier to get than booze.

      10. I didn’t either. Never interested, still not.

      11. Nope. I’ve never used it.

    2. Why is it always foolishly or in the case of JEB irresponsibly? What the heck? I wish some reporter would actually ask a pertinent question of one of these yahoos, “why do you consider it foolish?” “how many times were you foolish?”

      1. “What criminal penalities do you advocate for everyone else who does this foolishly?”

      2. Um, because he wants to be president?

      3. I tend to read “irresponsibly” or some synonym into most things people do as teenagers. Most people do stupid things then; it’s how we learn those things are stupid.

      4. “Yeah, I smoked, and I enjoyed it too.”

        /Michael Bloomberg’s lack of presidential ambition

    3. Immigrants! That’s all they do, you know – just drive around listening to raps and shooting all the jobs.

  4. C-Fu: The Tofu Made Of 100 Percent Mealworm Protein

    We haven’t tasted it yet, but we love it already. A team of graduate students at Cornell University created a tofu-like product made entirely with protein taken from mealworms, the Cornell Daily Sun reports. The product is called ‘c-fu,’ which combines the Chinese word for curd?”to-fu” in Chinese means “bean curd”?with the letter “C” because the original c-fu was made with cricket proteins. However, in the spirit of improvement, the team later found that mealworm-fu is tastier than cricket-fu.

    Like other insect food products, c-fu is aimed at creating something that’s as appealing as meat, but has a lighter impact on the environment. Bugs use less land, eat less food, and emit less planet-warming gases per pound of protein they make, compared to larger animals such as cattle and poultry. In a blog post, the team estimated that an area the size of Rhode Island, full of farmed mealworms, would feed 2 billion people.

      1. The fried insects I had in Bangkok were good. Kinda like salted peanuts. Great beer food. Fried duck bill is also a great Thai bar food, for what it’s worth.

        1. Wait…fried duck bill? I take it they leave some sort of meat attached to it?!

          1. Yes, the cheek meat. But the bill fries up like a salty potato chip.

        2. The small fried crickets fried and lightly dusted with confectioners sugar that I had in China were tasty.

    1. something that’s as appealing as meat

      Regular tofu has already failed at this task for hundreds of years.

      1. Meh. As a substitute for meat, mostly. In traditional tofu dishes it is delicious.

        1. Tofu really has no taste… and suffers from a rubbery consistency.

          Deep fried, however, with some good spices and it becomes palatable. Thai works with Tofu.

          1. Thai works with ANYTHING!


          2. This is delicious when it’s authentic.

            1. Seconded. Yummy!

          3. Tofu really has no taste

            The fact that it has no taste is a benefit in that it soaks up flavors from the rest of your dish. I love tofu stirfry, especially when the tofu is soaked in peanut and soy sauce.

          4. suffers from a rubbery consistency.

            Since tofu comes in a range of consistencies, from super soft to super hard, from silky to chewy, and everything in between, I’d have to disagree. My mapo tofu will change you life. And destroy your anus the next day, but that’s a different story.

            1. 7 pm work for you? I’ll bring beer.

              1. That’ll work. Bathroom is off-limits, you’ll need to use one of the snowbanks outside. Trust me, you’ll be grateful.

            2. meh – it’s all bad until it’s been fried.

              1. You say that now. But I can change you.

      2. appealing as meat

        and safe as milk.

    2. I never thought I’d hear the terms “worms” and “appealing” in the same context.

      ALTERNATE JOKE: Wasn’t this subject discussed at the Diet of Worms?

    3. So they’re feeding people mealworms and everyone is pretending otherwise?

    4. How about no.

      Why not work on problems that are actually problems for a change?

    5. Makes sense to use Chinese to inspire the name as they will eat absolutely anything that moves.

    6. Hey we are just retaliating against the Japanese!…

      Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a “burger” made from soya, steak sauce essence, and protein extracted from human feces.

      If those bastards are gonna fuck with one of the staples of our diet, we are gonna fuck with one of their own.

  5. Greece’s rock-star finance minister Yanis Varoufakis defies ECB’s drachma threats
    ‘I will tell Mr Sch?uble that we may be a Left-wing riff-raff but he can count on our Syriza movement to clear away Greece’s cartels and oligarchies,’ says Yanis Varoufak

    Yanis Varoufakis, the emerging rock-star of Europe’s anti-austerity uprising, said the European Central Bank is straying into murky waters by openly stating that it may cease to act as lender-of-last resort for the Greek financial system.

    “These threats are perfectly illegitimate. They are trying to asphyxiate us with arbitrary deadlines,” he told The Telegraph during a lightning tour of EU capitals to drum up support.

    1. Greece’s second economic crash is promising to be more entertaining than the first, if not far worse.

    2. Greek pride can cloud pragmatism.

      1. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

      2. Greek pride is also hard to maintain when your countrymen are relentlessly stupid.

      3. Look, the Greeks invented hubris. Also ate and nemesis.

    3. Greek Shrike: “You Samaras-pigs and Zeusfags should stop blaming Tsipras for an economic collapse clearly caused by the New Democracy Party.”

      1. The economic collapse was clearly caused by New Democracy Party’s neo-liberal fetish with free markets and the severity of its austerity program.

        Yeah, right ….


  6. Senate Democrats are blocking a GOP-backed bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security because it contains a measure that would revoke President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.

    Even when they actually try to do something they’re all boring about it.

  7. “We cannot live in a perpetually punitive society,” said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, pushing legislative proposals to lower penalties for certain drug crimes, remove mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes, and reform the state’s parole system.

    However, don’t you dare try to own a gun without asking permission first!

  8. “foolishly experimented with marijuana”

    Just *once*, can’t someone cite their drug usage other than as a youthful indiscretion?

    1. “Like, wow, man, I don’t remember voting for the Keystone Pipeline…I was like sooooo wasted at the time.”

      1. Exactly. Something like *that*.

    2. Don’t the Kennedy’s count? They’re contsantly telling us how they keep fucking up as adults.

  9. I’d say: yes, yes they are:

    Thomas and Scalia dissent to ask whether courts leave opinions unpublished to avoid review.

    From the Article: Eighty-eight percent of decisions by federal appeals courts have an unpublished designation, though they are widely available in legal databases and websites, the New York Times reports in a column by Adam Liptak. Thomas’ opinion appeared to suggest that the 4th Circuit was acting strategically to avoid review of the ruling, according to Liptak.…..lights_the

  10. …Gov. Dannel Malloy, pushing legislative proposals to lower penalties for certain drug crimes, remove mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes, and reform the state’s parole system.

    Bullshit. I haven’t read anything specific, but I’m calling bullshit.

    1. Yea. When is he going to call for getting rid of punishing nonviolent gun owners?

  11. Montana is considering creating a new crime of “sexual servitude.” People found guilty of forcing someone into sexual servitude or patronizing such an individual would face prison time, forfeiture of their property, and sex-offender registration.

    Jesus, Montana, 50 Shades sucked, but isn’t this a little too far?

    1. What a powerful new weapon in divorce proceedings.

    2. Don’t patronize me!

    3. Does that law cover scams like this too?…..scam,1773/

      AKRON, OH?Area resident Helen Crandall, 44, was arrested by Akron police Sunday, charged with conducting an elaborate “sex for security” scam in which she allegedly defrauded husband Russell Crandall out of nearly $230,000 in cash, food, clothing and housing over the past 19 years using periodic offers of sexual intercourse.

      1. They really are prescient.

  12. Randy Quaid. No more needs to be said.

    They are currently suing the U.S. State Department for the return of the passports that were revoked three years ago.

    He said he and his wife, Evi, had been “put through a living hell of biblical proportion,” and he wondered aloud how they might retaliate.

    Quaid then pulls open his jacket to reveal a Hawaiian shirt, which he said was the same one he wore when he saved the world in “Independence Day” ? which he said was another act for which Murdoch had never thanked him.

    “So Rupert, you want to f*ck me? I’m going to f*ck you,” said Quaid, who pulled out a mask of the media mogul. “Evi, put this on.”

    The actor’s wife dons the paper mask and bends over, and Quaid simulates sex with her on camera as the couple’s dog begins barking in the background.

    “Together, Rupert, together we’ll wipe out police-media corruption,” Quaid shouts from behind his wife. “I’m back!”

    1. Wasn’t he thanked by getting paid?

    2. Sug, did you script that for him?

    3. I watched that last night. It was hilarious

  13. Britain closer to legalizing “three-parent babies”

    No, it’s not about parents who acknowledge an out-of-wedlock conception: it’s about use of DNA to avoid birth defects . . .

    Among those opposing the measure is a group called Human Genetics Alert. The group said on its website that more than 60 countries ban the procedure. “This is because crossing this line would lead inevitably to a future of ‘designer babies’ and a new consumer-driven eugenics,” the group said.…..ent_babies

    1. A three parent baby sounds even weirder than a three hour tour.

      1. the weather started getting rough…

        1. The tiny ship WAS tossed…

    2. Next step is the village as parent.

    3. Don’t these fucking scientists remember how bad Gattaca sucked balls?

      1. Maybe they were smart enough not to watch in the first place?

      2. You misspelled some movie other than Gattaca.

      3. What? I really liked that movie.

        1. I never understood the scene when he threw the contacts out…I have never worn glasses, when I got some and wore them for more than a day I suddenly realized that if I had taken them off and tried to cross the street I would be dead. Crazy how your perspective (lol) changes with glasses.

          1. He couldn’t reveal that he wasn’t a genetic superman, or he’d be tossed out of the space program (and likely prosecuted).

            1. no I GOT that. What I didn’t get was how could someone have eyes be SO BAD that he couldn’t avoid oncoming cars…well paint me a rainbow cause Now I Know.

  14. Scientists Discover Student Loans Are Stressful

    Your tax dollars at work. NOTHING LEFT TO CUT!

    1. The present findings raise novel questions for further research regarding student loan debt and the possible spillover effects on other life circumstances, such as occupational trajectories and health inequities.

      Go. Fuck. Yourself.

      1. I can’t even guess what the fuck “health inequality” means.

        1. it means fatty cant climb stairs, but evil rich 1%er can afford a personal trainer.

          1. This pisses me off. Cris Pratt lost like 50 pounds and got a six pack in six months just to get a job in a movie. He wanted it, he worked for it. These fucking fatties that bitch need to get off their ass and work for it.

            1. He wanted it, he worked for it.

              Well, that IS his job. Those of us in the real world don’t have all that free time.

              1. It wasn’t his job yet. He was almost passed over for it because he was chubbers.

                1. His job is “actor”. That means he has lots of free time to work out – which by the way was excess weight he put on after dating some chick he says was a good cook. There is simply no comparison to average folks who already work all day, have families, etc.

                  1. I lost 40 in two months.
                    I work
                    I have a wife who is a good cook
                    I also brew beer
                    Keeping my weight down is a constant battle between pelmenie and beer and me haveing self discipline. Also doc said straighten up or die sooo I went with that.

                    1. And for the record, it isn’t fat people that bother me, it is fat people that bitch about being fat.

                    2. Well, since you’re so heroic, use yourself as the example 🙂 – not some actor who basically gets paid to lose weight. Not disagreeing with your premise – just the example you used to support it.

        2. But I’m pretty sure occupational trajectory refers to those circus stuntmen who are shot out of cannons.

          I had no idea they had student loan debt.

          1. I had no idea they had student loan debt.

            You know how much clown college costs nowadays?

            1. Before you mock Ringling, Penn Jillette attended and graduated from The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

    1. A service animal, baby kangaroo.

      Must be an expat from Oz.

    2. Dude. She’s invisible.

  15. Office sex romp couple won’t be able to sue for breach of privacy

    Patrons of Carlton Bar and Eatery who witnessed the romp said they cheered the couple on. Even the band stopped playing to allow more than 50 pub-goers to take in the show.

    “The entire bar united in cheering them on,” said one witness on social network Reddit.

    “It started with a casual flirt. Then the kiss, grabbing the attention of all. Get it, son! Finally they moved to the back of them room, thinking they were unseen. Off comes the tights, down goes his head. By this stage, 50 bar patrons were pressed up against the window yelling their approval.

    1. I have a meeting with Marsh USA on Friday….I have to see about working this story into the conversation.

    2. The employees of insurance firm Marsh Ltd left the office lights on, unfortunately allowing patrons of a pub across the road to see their hour-long romp.

      Hour-long? What a loser. It never took me a full 58 minutes to beg for sex.

      1. “They turned and faced the window and everyone was cheering and waving but they obviously couldn’t see us. It was pretty funny, a bit of a show for the night. Everyone was pretty impressed with how long he lasted. He went for ages.”

        Show off.

        1. He dropper her TWICE! That is fucking awesome.

    3. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

      1. And then she died.

  16. Pot Is Making Colorado So Much Money They Literally Have To Give Some Back To Residents

    DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s marijuana experiment was designed to raise revenue for the state and its schools, but a state law may put some of the tax money directly into residents’ pockets, causing quite a headache for lawmakers.

    Tony says that’s theft!

    1. Republicans and Democrats say there’s no good reason to put pot taxes back into people’s pockets, and state officials are scrambling to figure out how to avoid doling out the money. It may have to be settled by asking Colorado voters, for a third time, to cast a ballot on the issue and exempt pot taxes from the refund requirement.

      Republicans concede that marijuana is throwing them off their usual position of wanting tax dollars returned to taxpayers. But they also tend to say that marijuana should pay for itself – that general taxes shouldn’t pay for things like increased drug education and better training for police officers to identify stoned drivers.

      “I think it’s appropriate that we keep the money for marijuana that the voters said that we should,” said Republican Senate President Bill Cadman. His party opposes keeping other refunds based on the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights but favors a special ballot question on pot taxes.

      Fuck you, slaver.

      1. We love TABOR but everyone who gets elected hates it. Towns keep going through “De-Brucing” referring to Douglas Bruce, the author of TABOR. I remember, before the state voted on Ref C, we got a check every year for the overage in taxes collected. My biggest TABOR refund was about 60 bucks. Fucking assholes ruined it.

    2. “We don’t get to steal more of your money” causes a headache for the Government Class. What a surprise.

  17. Democrats might skip Benjamin Netanyahu speech
    Joe Biden is among those not committed to attending the Israeli prime minister’s address to Congress.

    Dozens of House Democrats are privately threatening to skip the March 3 address, according to lawmakers and aides, in what’s become the lowest point of a relationship between the Israeli prime minister and President Barack Obama that’s never been good.

    Democrats have had to balance publicly supporting Israel with backing Obama, who’s trying to close a deal with Iran to curb its nuclear programs over vehement opposition from Netanyahu, who has expressed concerns that the U.S. president is being naive. Negotiations are facing a deadline at the end of March for a political framework.

    1. And next year the Democrats will still get, what, like 99.99999999997% of the Jewish vote?

      Why not have Obama whip it out and piss in Netanyahu’s face while screaming Allahu akbar while we’re at it. It’s not going to change a damn thing.

      1. What did I just watch?

      2. Bibi is a war-mongering POS – that is why.

        Why go listen to him try to goad the US into another war?

        1. BUSHPIGS!!1!!!!!CHRISTFAGS!!11!!!

        2. Thank you, Sheldon.

        3. In the 6 years he’s been in office, Barack Obama’s foreign policy has unquestionably killed far more people than Netanyahu’s.

          1. Obama has unquestionably killed more innocent people Netanyahu.

            I’m sure that Obama’s cheerleaders would argue that comparision is irrelevant because it does not adjust for differences in population and defense spending.

        4. Is he now? I musta missed the part where Israel actually attacked and/or invaded another country.

          Big difference between rhetoric and action. As far as I can tell, he’s mostly talking about the right to self-defense. Which of course, he’s – you know – right.

    2. What is it with leftists and their hatred for Israel? I just don’t get it. Without any personal stake in the issue, I am more or less neutral but the fact is they are our only “friend” in the area.

      1. They’re insane. That’s all.

      2. There are no “friends” in the Middle East.

        There are only tribes, and interests.

  18. “Lier”?


    1. Yes, one who lies. As in reclining.

  19. Greek austerity sparks sharp rise in suicides

    The cutbacks, launched in June 2011, saw the total number of suicides rise by over 35 percent ? equivalent to an extra 11.2 suicides every month ? and remained at that level into 2012, according to a study published this week by the University of Pennsylvania, Edinburgh University and Greek health authorities.

    “The introduction of austerity measures in June 2011 marked the start of a significant, sharp, and sustained increase in suicides, to reach a peak in 2012,” a statement accompanying the study said.

    1. So Greece should just dump the Euro and get on the gold standard. That will solve all their problems.

      Not. They are completely fucked. The new leftist party will soon result in mass disappointment.

    2. Gee, it’s almost like people in Greece feel they have few prospects other than a do-nothing job handed out by the government.

  20. Washington cop accused of sexual relationship with underage transgender student

    Detective Dione Thompson, of Bothell police, was charged with two counts sexual misconduct with a minor after the former student, who was 17 at the time, reported the relationship to the officer’s former partner, who then notified police.

    Investigators said Thompson chatted with the girl through Facebook and then began seeing her outside of school in summer 2010.

    The officer eventually persuaded the student, who was undergoing personal “turmoil” at the time, to move into the home she shared with her partner.

    The former student, who now identifies as a man, said Thompson ended the relationship in February 2011, but he only recently realized the harm the officer had done by misusing her power and trust.

    1. I really don’t get why people are talking to people they don’t know via Facebook.

      1. In this case, she wasn’t:

        A Washington state police officer is accused of conducting a sexual relationship with an transgender teen she met through her position as a school resource officer.

      2. So they can hook up with 17 year olds?

    2. I’d love to see all the stories about cops fucking teenagers collected together. You see them all the time. The 26,000 pop. town I grew up in had it happen twice just while I was in high school.

      And, of course, the ones that are caught are just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. Heh heh …”just the tip”…. right..

  21. The University of Vermont will allow students to select their own first name and pronoun of choice within its campus information system.

    Considering they had “gender-neutral” bathrooms back in 2006 (or maybe earlier?), I’m not too surprised at this.

  22. People found guilty of forcing someone into sexual servitude or patronizing such an individual would face prison time, forfeiture of their property, and sex-offender registration.

    People? I think we can probably narrow that down to a specific gender.

  23. New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

    The authorities said they had conducted tests on top-selling store brands of herbal supplements at four national retailers ? GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart ? and found that four out of five of the products did not contain any of the herbs on their labels. The tests showed that pills labeled medicinal herbs often contained little more than cheap fillers like powdered rice, asparagus and houseplants, and in some cases substances that could be dangerous to those with allergies.

    The investigation came as a welcome surprise to health experts who have long complained about the quality and safety of dietary supplements, which are exempt from the strict regulatory oversight applied to prescription drugs.

    1. When is Preet Bharara getting to Schneiderman?

      1. He’s still working his way through the people with the longer records.

    2. People ‘foolishy experiment’ with herbal supplements for dieting.

    3. Will Schneiderman be going after homeopaths?

  24. The perfect victim myth: How attempts to discredit rape survivors stand in the way of real change
    A profile of the man accused of raping Emma Sulkowicz discredits the alleged victim’s story. Sound familiar?

    Now if you believe that the battle to remake the institutions and cultural norms that foster rape and protect rapists will be lost or won on the unimpeachability of rape victims (for more on the limits of personal narratives in justice movements, this piece from Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig raises some interesting points), then Young’s history of writing to discredit victims can feel like a major thorn in the side of the anti-rape movement. And it’s important to respond to Young’s piece by pointing out why victims of abuse sometimes remain with their rapists or may try to protect their abusers (and themselves) by refusing to cooperate with investigations that can be hostile and re-victimizing. How trauma and memory can make victims’ stories seem unreliable. And how none of that changes the prevalence and realities of rape on campus and off.

    1. And how none of that changes the prevalence and realities of rape on campus and off.

      None of it changes the very low prevalence of rape, yes.

    2. Someone who wasn’t a victim is not an “imperfect victim.”

      1. Notice how they’re trying to convert questions about victimhood into “people aren’t perfect, but they’re still victims”

        They’re flailing. Ordinary people understand the difference an imperfect victim and a question of whether they are actually a victim.

    3. “A profile of the man accused of raping Emma Sulkowicz discredits the alleged victim’s story. Sound familiar?”

      Yes, it does sound very similar to that time a profile of the Duke Lacrosse boys discredited a rape claim or that other time when a profile of a fraternity discredited the University of Virginia rape claim.

      It sounds very similar to those two instances.

  25. White male temper tantrums: What the “political correctness” debate completely misses

    After losing the Great Race Debate of 2014 to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jonathan Chait has decided to begin this year coming for “the feminists,” under the guise of a screed about the tyrannies of “political correctness.”

    Lest, I, black feminist, appear too combative, let me start with a different kind of assertion, a response to an unspoken assumption that hovers just under the surface of many of the most strident critiques of the tone and tenor of popular political discourse.

    Black women thinkers in the public sphere labor under an age-old set of stereotypes that reduce us to emotion, and embodiment, exempt us from the intellectual, and prevent us from being taken seriously as thinkers and theorists on large-scale questions. Those stereotypes, all of which Chait employs in his recent piece, characterize black women as violent, emotional, unreasonable.

    1. Walsh’s stance recalls an all-time favorite line of mine from Southern rapper Project Pat: “don’t save her. She don’t wanna be saved.”

      How can she possibly reconcile that with her bullshit political beliefs which strip agency from women?

    2. After losing the Great Race Debate of 2014

      Thankfully, I missed this debate.

      1. Reparations is not a debate, but rather fantasy and reality violently colliding within the minds of the deluded.

    3. Brittney Cooper: The Shame That Is Rutger’s

      1. Why should Rutger Hauer feel any shame

        1. For the movie Flesh & Blood?

          Of course it does have Jennifer Jason Leigh getting nako – but that’s a staple for every 80s movie.

      2. Makes me embarrassed to admit I’m an alumni.

    4. an unspoken assumption that hovers just under the surface

      “I can use this fancy bullshit talk to put any kinds of words in your mouth I want to.”


  26. So, after attempting to use my insurance last night for something other than a routine physical for the first time in about 4 years, I’m forced to ask: why the fuck does Obama want people to have this shit?

    1. He’s a narcissist. he wants glory and adulation because he fears that people who aren’t showing those outward signs of approval think he’s a worthless loser.

      If forcing you to lick your doctor’s toes advanced that want, he’d be pushing it. He genuinely doesn’t give a shit about helping you in any way.

  27. Just stumbled onto this gem:

    IRS Breaks Law, Refuses to Produce Tax Complexity Reports

    Under the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, the agency is required to provide annual recommendations “for reducing the complexity of the administration of Federal tax laws; and for repeal or modification of any provision the Commissioner believes adds undue and unnecessary complexity to the administration of the Federal tax laws.” But … the agency has not bothered to produce such a report since 2002. Only two such reports have ever been issued, in 2000 and 2002.

    Happy Tax Season!

    1. You might see a tax rebellion if our taxes weren’t stolen first by our employers.

      1. Yeah, abolish withholding and force people to write a giant check to the government every fucking year. That might get people’s attention.

        1. Hell, just make them write a small check every pay check. The key is to let the people get a happy little taste of that money before they have to hand it over to the fedgov.

        2. The Monday before election day.

    2. I do hope that the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 included very severe penalties for late filing…

  28. We cannot live in a perpetually punitive society,” said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, pushing legislative proposals to lower penalties for certain drug crimes,

    So, professor, what’s the fine for not selling a wedding cake to a gay couple. $150,000 should tune them up.

  29. Religion of Peace

    The Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayeb, said the killers themselves deserved to be “killed, crucified or to have their limbs amputated.”

    Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.

    1. Mark my words: Impaling is next.

      1. They are savages. They only understand violence. There is no point in trying to reason with them or appease them. They will just take that as a sign of weakness and demand more.

        1. Who, specifically, is “they”?

            1. I may have accidentally married her once.

              1. We all have at one time or another.

        2. I was thinking about this last night.

          ISIS reminds me very much of the Khmer Rouge; it is a revolutionary organization that aims to completely transform society by eliminating anything that goes against their revolution. They also seem to be following the Charles Manson approach; trigger a violent cataclysm and through great strategic expertise (and the help of Allah) end up on top.

          In the end, they are utterly doomed. Their violence aimed at the people they control will weaken them. Their violence aimed at the states and populations adjacent to them will lead to them being attacked militarily.

          In the end, like the Khmer Rouge, they will find themselves out of allies when a neighboring state invades.

          1. ISIS reminds me very much of the Khmer Rouge;

            Yes. I have been saying that for a while and no one will listen. This is not your typical Mad Madi kind of Islamic fanaticism. This is a leftist national liberation movement dressed up in Islamic garb. The Khamer Rouge is exactly who they are like.

            Yes, they are doomed. At some point they are going to finally do something horrible enough that the rest of the world can no longer ignore them. When that happens, they will be wiped off the face of the earth.

          2. I’m not sure. I can see the House of Saud, as well as the various Gulf emirates, covertly financing ISIS for a long time in exchange for providing a place to outsource all their angry young men.

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised at this either. It also provides training to the people who operate their shiny, new toys they bought off of us.

              So, in the Great Circle of Life, they ship their unemployed miscreants off to ISIS, arm them with pop-guns, then blow them up with a couple of F-16s and F-15s piloted by their boys (with ours doing most of the harder work).

    2. Crucifixion and amputation are some of the forms of execution mandated by sharia law for the crime of fitna, that is, creating disturbance or schism within the Islamic community.

    3. As horrible as they were, at least Hitler’s followers didn’t record their barbaric acts and gleefully produce them for all the world to see.

      In some ways, these Islamonazis have actually managed to become even more depraved.

  30. Truly one of those ‘I need a new pair of underwear moments’

    Taiwan’s aviation authority say at least two people have been killed when a commercial flight with 58 people aboard clipped a bridge shortly after takeoff and crashed into a river in the island’s capital of Taipei.

    Aviation authority director Lin Chi-ming told a news conference that two people were killed. The country’s Central News Agency said three people were killed.

    Taiwanese media posted pictures of the plane in the water several dozen meters (yards) from the shore in the Keelung River.

    1. Looks like a spin. Usually that happens on landing, turning from base to final.

      1. It’s a low altitude stall.

        My guess is that the pilot flying pulled back on the stick when he saw he was going to hit the bridge, and the port wing stalled completely.

        It’s impressive that anyone survived. The death toll is likely to be 20+.

      2. It was a takeoff problem, probably loss of the left engine. Worst time, especially for props.

    2. That’s a freaky clip. BBC now saying at least 12 dead.

    3. Crazy video. Funny how a real-life video can look like it was produced with cheap special effects.

    4. hmm… watching the video again and it looks like the vehicle in front actually gets clipped by the tip of the wing.

      1. It looks like it glanced across the hood of the vehicle. I’d be needing new underwear after that.

      2. Yeah. Taxi was hit and wrecked, and the driver just had minor injuries.

    5. Fake. The shadows were wrong.

    6. Where’s Sully when you need him?

    7. Taiwanese media posted pictures of the plane in the water several dozen meters (yards) from the shore in the Keelung River.

      I shouldn’t be laughing, but something about this particular translation of metric into imperial units strikes me as funny.

      1. i lol’d at the same thing

  31. Who’s more liberal: lawyers or judges?

    Lawyers on average are much more liberal than the general population, a new study has found. [Adam Bonica (Stanford) & Maya Sen (Harvard), The Politics of Selecting the Bench from the Bar: The Legal Profession and Partisan Incentives to Politicize the Judiciary] But judges are more conservative than the average lawyer, to say nothing of the graduates of top law schools.…..left-.html

    1. Nice graphic at the link.

    2. Judges are mostly elected at the state level and thus generally represent the views of the public that elects them. At the federal level they are appointed but since the party holding the White House changes, they tend to be fairly closely balanced.

      The legal profession as a whole and academics in particular are more free to be liberal.

  32. Maureen Dowd can rest easy: Colorado rules requiring marijuana edibles to contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving have gone into effect.

    Servings per brownie: 25

    1. “Like, wow, man, I don’t remember how many servings I ate…I was like sooooo wasted at the time.”

    2. Maureen felt weird and got a headache. What kind of a monster downplays the horror she suffered?

      1. “I strained to remember where I was or even what I was wearing, touching my green corduroy jeans and staring at the exposed-brick wall. As my paranoia deepened, I became convinced that I had died and no one was telling me.”

        Like, she became one with the aether, man.

  33. So the DEA as everyone knows cracked down on the evils of pain pill addiction. In the process they make life hard for any number of sick people and sent a few doctors and sick people to jail to boot. Meanwhile, the actual addicts just switched to using heroin after it became harder to get pain pills. This has unsurprisingly been great for the Mexican drug cartels.…..11238.html

    So the DEA made life harder for literally everyone in America needing pain medicine, did nothing to reduce drug abuse and in the process put more money in the pockets of the Mexican drug cartels.

    Even is you grant that drugs are bad and something the government properly can control, the drug warriors still have to answer for the complete failure of prohibition to achieve its ends.

    1. the drug warriors still have to answer for the complete failure of prohibition to achieve its ends.

      The end is a total police state, and the drug warriors are on their way to achieving it just fine.

      1. They are no better than the poverty warriors.

        1. For poverty warriors the end is an entire class of people being totally dependent upon them, and they are achieving it just fine.

    2. My mother recently broke five bones in her foot. She has to go to the doctor in person, once a month, to get a paper script that she then has to take to the pharmacy to get filled, and wait there, because no one else can pick them up but her.

      I hope everyone in the DEA and the FDA get their skin peeled off.

      1. Me too. It is just evil. And they didn’t do anything to reduce drug abuse. The real addicts just went back to using heroin. We were better off with the addicts forging scripts and using pain meds. They were less likely to kill themselves and at least the money wasn’t going to the drug gangs. Now they are out shooting heroin of variable purity and all of the money they spend is going to the Mexican Drug cartels.

        Meanwhile, people like your mother can’t get pain medication or have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get any of it. Your mother is suffering so the Mexican mafia can move more heroin.

        1. Your mother is suffering so the Mexican mafia can move more heroin.

          Sounds to me like the DEA/FDA policies have accomplished their objective. Nothing is so reprehensible to progressives than Big Pharma. The Mexican mafia, on the other hand, has plenty to offer an enterprising politician or DEA agent.

          1. Anyone who thinks that law enforcement hasn’t been corrupted by the big drug mafias is kidding themselves.

      2. But Sug…


        Why won’t you understand?

      3. An ex-coworker of mine, a veteran, has terrible back problems that he keeps making worse by ignoring doctors’ orders. He carries around with him a cloth bag wherever he goes that has three month supplies of various drugs ranging fro oxycoton to valium to methadone and a few more. I don’t know how he does it.

      4. I hope everyone in the DEA and the FDA get their skin peeled off.

        When I rise to power, they will meet their fate in the boats.

        Two boats are joined together one on top of the other, with holes cut in them in such a way that the victim’s head, hands, and feet only are left outside. Within these boats the man to be punished is placed lying on his back, and the boats then nailed together with bolts. Next they pour a mixture of milk and honey into the wretched man’s mouth, till he is filled to the point of nausea, smearing his face, feet, and arms with the same mixture, and so leave him exposed to the sun. This is repeated every day, the effect being that flies, wasps, and bees, attracted by the sweetness, settle on his face and all such parts of him as project outside the boats, and miserably torment and sting the wretched man. Moreover his belly, distended as it is with milk and honey, throws off liquid excrements, and these putrefying breed swarms of worms, intestinal and of all sorts. Thus the victim lying in the boats, his flesh rotting away in his own filth and devoured by worms, dies a lingering and horrible death.


    Pot vending machines hit Seattle. That is fine and all but remember, cigarette vending machines are banned. Progressives for the most part are okay with legalizing pot. Remember though, that is not because they have any commitment to personal autonomy or freedom. It is just because they like the people who smoke pot. They hate people who smoke, so cigarettes are taxed and would be illegal if they could figure out a way to do it.

  35. related:

    Democrats learn to love the filibuster
    Party leaders change tune now that they are in minority.

    After eight years of complaining about obstructionism, the Senate’s new Democratic minority is embracing some of the same tools Republicans had wielded so skillfully to jam the legislative machinery. On Tuesday, Democrats used the filibuster to stop a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security ? and roll back President Barack Obama’s immigration policies ? dead in its tracks.

    Democrats’ relationship with the filibuster had been on the rocks when they ran the Senate, a time when the GOP regularly used the procedural weapon to disrupt the majority’s agenda. Democrats responded by gutting the filibuster on nominations, making “Republican obstruction” a go-to explanation for the Senate’s gridlock and complaining bitterly when the GOP minority blocked debate from even opening on bills.

    1. Of course they did. What I don’t get is why they are filibustering. They know the Chocolate Nixon is going to veto it and the Republicans don’t have the votes to override. Why are they throwing themselves under the bus again for this asshole?

      Are they afraid that if there is a real veto showdown, public opinion might force some of their members to vote to override?

  36. What I don’t get is why they are filibustering


    1. What optics? How are the optics of Dumb ass vetoing it any different from this?

      1. It lets the Dems in Congress proclaim how they protected the interests of immigrants. Rather than Obama getting the credit, the congress-critters do. They have to run for re-election, not him.

        1. Yeah, but they can claim that by voting to sustain the veto as well. I think there is more going on here.

    2. Optics.

      I hate that word when it’s used to mean “appearances” or “perceptions”.

      1. I agree. I was using it sardonically since it has been used to describe Obama a lot.

  37. New study reveals 10 cars most likely to kill you

    1. Kia Rio four-door, 149
    2. Nissan Versa, 130
    3. Hyundai Accent four-door, 120
    4. Chevrolet Aveo, 99
    5. Hyundai Accent two-door, 86
    6. Chevrolet Camaro, 80
    7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew, 79
    8. Honda Civic two-door, 76
    9. Nissan Versa hatchback, 71
    10. Ford Focus, 70

    1. Numbers represent driver deaths per 1 million over the years studied, from 2009 to 2012

    2. What’s the independent variable here? The car or the driver? Because, I’m not surprised that the type of person who would drive a fucking Kia Rio would be a horrific driver.

    3. Mostly small cars. Small cars are generally less safe. The pickup is interesting. I suspect that has as much to do with the idiots who drive them driving them like they are a sports car than the truck being particularly unsafe. I am constantly amazed at how fast people will drive pickups in traffic.

      1. We got four feet of snow from three storms over the last week. I drive prudently in that shit, even though I’ve got an AWD car (Subaru, yeah I know the stereotypes you smugly mock, and fuck you). I couldn’t tell you how many times I’d have some asshole in a pickup zoom up behind me, tailgate, and then zoom past, fishtailing the whole time. I really don’t understand why I don’t see more of those assholes imbedded in the snowbanks on the shoulder.

        1. I have an AWD car that is fantastic in rain and snow both. And I will be doing 70 in heavy rain and will very often see some asshole in a pickup pass me doing 80 or 85. That pickup isn’t going to brake as fast as my car and when the driver slams on the brakes will fishtail and likely roll. They are one person not seeing them and forcing them to brake or swerve hard away from doing about four or five rolls at 80 mph.

        2. Stability Control, ABS, and traction control really do help but it also seems to make some drivers worse.

          For example – my last vehicle, an old 4X4 Toyota truck with snow tires all around, would often in the winter get passed by FWD cars on the highway. I could feel the ice on the bridges causing the rear end to slide. Cars would blow by me like the road was clear… of course I would often see one or two of them in the ditch later on.

          byw, my BMW, which is RWD, is practically unusable in the winter – unless I have Blizzaks and the traction/stability control on. Otherwise it is a nightmare. Even then it is still a handful that requires concentration to drive.

          1. On Top Gear last week they did a brake test with three new, very expensive cars (Bentley Continental GT, Nissan GTR, and some high end BMW 7 series) They braked at 60 mph and compared the stopping distance of each to the 225 feet standard still used by highway safety regulators. Of course all three did it in less than 70 feet. Some of that, certainly in the case of the GTR, is because of how expensive the cars were. But the Bentley was enormous. It weighs like three tons. The brakes are just that good. And really pretty much any car made in the last 15 years could easily beat the 225 foot distance and probably cut it in half or more.

            The point is that, given the improvement in handling and braking of newer cars, there is no excuse for there being hardly any accidents anymore. Other than when people just don’t look and pull out in front of someone at the last minute, or there is some giant fog or smoke cloud that just hits the highway, there is no excuse in hitting another car. People still do primarily because they are have used the technology as an excuse to be worse drivers rather than use it to be safer.

            1. Most accidents are caused by people being stupid. And you can’t fix stupid.

            2. The BMW was the four door M6.

            3. That Bentley was massive. 2.5 ton(nes), they said.

  38. Jon Stewart pandering to RFK Jr. on vaccines.…..nnedy–jr-

    1. RFK jr. is a liberal screwball.

    1. Aww, all that was missing was “Procedures were followed.”

  39. KY reasonoids:

    Not, Not *that* KY.

    Thought you might have some insight on this. A friend of a friend is in dire straits in Louisville. I don’t know much about it but it seems like bad decisions and lack of initiative combined with tragic bad luck. Anyway, these people got a “writ of forcible entry” tacked on their door the other day, which they say is an eviction notice (rented apartment). My friend is considering helping her acquaintance pay a month’s rent to fend off the eviction. What I’d like to know is, just how many months does one have to be in arrears in Kentucky to get an eviction notice? I don’t think one month’s rent is going to help these folks out much if it’s gotten this far.

    1. Round here it’s three.

    2. I doubt one month will help, as in most places you must bring ALL arrears current to settle the evict order.

      Also, most leases say once eviction proceedings have begun they can only be stopped at the lessor’s prerogative. Paying current probably won’t even let them stay.

      1. That’s what I was afraid of.

      1. Thanks for that link. As I suspected, they must have let it get really far behind to get to this point.

  40. Submitted with only one comment: what the fuck?…..story.html

    1. The saddest part is that it comes as a surprise that they were able to get four officers to contradict the shooting officer’s story that the victim was reaching toward his waist.

      1. No, the saddest part is that nobody who took those statements did anything about it.

        I know there’s a thick blue wall, but I’m starting to think that cops who witness stuff like this tell the truth about what they witness more often than we think. I think the stonewalling more often comes from those who investigate, rather than witness, police misconduct in collusion with those charged with seeking a prosecution.

        1. You could be right. The very fact that most of these incidents never go beyond an “internal affairs” investigation should say something about the state 9f “internal affairs” in PDs across the country.

        2. I have a difficult time believing that cops are capable of telling the truth about anything. I suspect in this case that the officer who fired was unpopular on the force, so the “witnesses” got together and came up with a story to get him fired. Had he been popular they would have rallied behind him.

    2. The copsucker assigned to disrupt the thread is really earning his pay from the union.

  41. Hey you guys I have found the perfect job as a full time student, it has changed my life around! If you are self motivated and social media savvy then this is ideal for you. The sky is the limit, you get exactly how much work you put into to it.
    click on this link to get started and see for yourself????.

    1. Belle Knox is posting as sandramelkins?

      1. *golf clap*

  42. Rand Paul shushes interviewer

    Apparently, this is sexism because he did it to a woman.

  43. My arrested after attemping to pay his tax bill with tightly folded dollar bills

    Because they don’t want to accept his legal tender. His tax bill should be cancelled.

    1. I can’t imagine how this is done. Any hints or tips?

    2. Look. Unfolding those bills is work. You can’t expect people in a county office to actually work. Sheesh.

  44. Looks like the AG in Pennsylvania has really gotten her tits in a wringer. A jury just recommended perjury charges against her.

    1. If only more would be brought up on charges for corruption, malicious prosecution, perjury, and other heinous crimes against the American people.

      Time to clean house!

  45. Today is World Hijab Day

    Wonder if fems are going to get all up in arms about this like they were with the woman who decided to stop wearing leggings in public for modesty sake.

    She was attacked by fems and other leftists for her personal choice.

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