Brickbat: Getting an Eyeful


The NAACP is threatening to sue the city of Seattle after a police officer pepper sprayed a teacher who'd just given a speech at a Martin Luther King Jr. rally. Video shows Jesse Hagopian walking and talking on his cellphone, committing no obvious crime, when the officer sprayed him.

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  1. Stop Resisting!!!!!!!!

  2. Committing no obvious crime? Furtive movements, uncertain object in hand, failure to follow directives screamed at him in a panic, being a non-badged black male in a high tension situation. GUILTY. Street justice: administered.

    Now, where’s my meme?

    1. #OwMyBalls

    2. Just like we’re all racists and we don’t know it according to the narrative, we’re also all budding criminals.

      Proceed with caution.

      1. What is “we’re all potential terrorists”, chopped liver?

  3. When will people learn to stay at home and they won’t be hurt,Boston Strong

    1. Recall the aftermath of the murders at the Boston Marathon?

      In and around Boston families were evicted and their homes were searched by multiple heavily armored and armed enforcers.


      1. #BostonPantsWetting

  4. “Yeah, I think the speech went well….ahhhhhhh!!!!!”

    I just cannot wait to hear the union’s defense of this guy.

    1. He made it home safe.

      1. well,she

  5. Typical pants-shitting female power-mad and totally insecure cop… screams at a bunch of people who are paying NO attention to “DISPERSE!!!” and then unleashes a blast of pepper-spray on pedestrians to get their attention, simultaneously getting some drift into the faces of her “brothers-in-arms”… what a dumb cunt….
    Did you see the older chick next to the guy, though? Damn!!! She got it FULL FACE square on… the black dude at least got it to the side/ back of his head…
    Oh , and Dunphy? WINNING!! GOOD SPRAY!!!

    1. Yes, she was clearly in danger of no one noticing her.

    2. “Dumb Cunt” were my exact first thought too. I bet the male cops were thinking the same thing. They didn’t feel the need to fire pepper spray everywhere – even though they had to ride bicycles there.

      1. When they ride the bikes, do they get a horn to honk, or are they required to make the siren sounds themselves?

  6. So which came first, the toy encouraging the aggressive behavior, or the sociopath gravitating to a job where you get to use those toys on people?
    Just don’t let her in the MRAP

    1. The affirmative action program that put such an unqualified bitch in an uniform? Or the countless hours of gender awareness classes the other cops sat through – which ultimately prevented one of them from slapping the spray out of her hand and telling her to cut the shit.

  7. “The NAACP is threatening to sue the city of Seattle”

    Why? Did someone pepper spray the NAACP?

    1. Yes, apparently the Seattle taxpayers.

    2. The victim here is a professional activist. Or community organizer, I can’t ever tell the difference. So of course the NAACP and various ambulance-chasers are stirred to action.

      This is a case where I truly have contempt for both sides. And as usual, the taxpayers will be socked for the inevitable payday. Ho-hum, another day in Immunityville.

      1. The white lady got it far worse.

        1. #WhiteEyeballsMatter

      2. He should be pepper-sprayed just for his association with Diane Ravitch.

    3. Do you have similar questions when the Institute of Justice sues a local or state government to stop some licensing requirement for a small businessperson?

  8. A spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office said it could not comment on a pending claim.

    “Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law.”

  9. I noticed a few things:

    A) The caption for the video reads “Teacher claims SPD pepper sprayed him”
    B) The anchor in the broadcast doesn’t describe what happened but merely tells us that the teacher says he was pepper sprayed, as if the teacher is making an unsubstantiated claim
    C) The reporter (Alyssa Han) also says that the teacher says he was pepper sprayed, and adds that the teacher was on the phone when “the pepper spray happened”
    D) To her credit, Ms. Han does eventually state the obvious (that the officer actually did attack the teacher with pepper spray)

    “He says/she says” and the use of the passive voice, again.

    1. The anchor in the broadcast doesn’t describe what happened but merely tells us that the teacher says he was pepper sprayed, as if the teacher is making an unsubstantiated claim

      “Oh, very well. *Allegedly* pepper sprayed!”

    2. Good points. Pepper spray has become sentient, just like service weapons (aka guns).

  10. See something, spray something

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  12. Doesn’t everyone know by now that it’s dangerously distracting to use a telephone while in motion?

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