Democrats Helped Torpedo Obama's 529 Tax Scheme, Rubio Loves NSA Surveillance, Plurality of Americans Think Pats Cheated: P.M. Links


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  1. Veteran (and pioneering) blogger Andrew Sullivan hangs it up.

    The internet weeps.

    1. Yo.

      The thing is, that pre-Obama, Sullivan was actually sane. Something about the Obama worship pushed him over the deep end. It’s almost like he was fighting with himself over how absurd it was.

      At least I no longer have to share an internet first name/last initial with him.

      1. That’s not the impression I am getting. I heard he went from one of the most dishonest Iraq war supporters to one of its opponents because Bush signed DOMA. Really.

        1. It was Bill Clinton who signed DOMA. Bush expressed his support for the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

          1. Okay, I guess that was enough to get Sullivan to turn.

            1. So he’s straight now?

          2. Shhh! Hateful things only happen when Republicans are President!

        2. Conservative gays shifted hard to the left during the push for a “Federal Marriage Amendment” and Bush’s use of that as a rallying point for his base. Sullivan absolutely lost his shit at that point.

          He really wasn’t too bad before that although he banged the war drum harder than I would’ve preferred.

      2. At least I no longer have to share an internet first name/last initial with him.

        I knew it! You’re not fooling anyone!

    2. Hello.

      I’m thinking of hanging it up.

      1. When I stop commenting here, will I get a send-off post? Highlighting my best and worst comments?

        1. When Lou Reed dies maybe they will.

      2. Leaving H&R???

        1. Not any time soon, but I may retire in the coming decades at some point. Commenting pays well and has great benefits.

    3. Et tu, Fist?

    4. He was about as interesting as watching a 3-legged dog take a dump.

      1. That actually sounds interesting.

        *goes to youtube*

        1. Rule 34 is in effect.

  2. The rest probably believe the Pats suck for a multitude of reasons and that Deflategate is just a cherry on top

    The only sane way for anyone outside of New England to feel about the Patriots.

    1. Or they just don’t care about gridiron football.

    2. They hate us cuz they ain’t us

      1. No, that’s not it at all.

        1. It’s because when I want to think about a Brady and football, it’s Marcia getting hit in the nose by a football.

          1. Eh. He’s good for memes. I was “Sad Brady” around my house when I found out my wife was pregnant again.

      2. Peanut butter and jealous!

    3. Suck it losers.

      1. Funny, that’s just what the Steeler Nation says. 🙂

  3. Senator and likely GOP White House contender Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) thinks the NSA’s domestic spying is swell and should be made permanent.

    We should probably make these guys take some sort of oath regarding the Constitution or something.

    1. That would be nice

    2. How about if we make them pledge to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic?

      1. from all enemies, foreign or domestic?

        Like tea-baggers and crotchety “originalist” glibertarians?

      2. That’s extremist talk. Besides, didn’t I just read something about you retiring from bloggin?

    3. I want:

      1) duct tape covering Rubio’s mouth, while he is forced to practise Islam.
      2) all guns, knives, and blunt objects taken from him
      3) US Army soldiers posted in his house, who Rubio has to cook for.
      4) cameras installed all over his house, webcasting live feeds to anyone on the Internet.
      5) have his sh1t taken without any due process.
      6) go through secret trials with secret testimony from secret witnesses.

      Anyone want to add to this list?

      F*** that authoritarian twat btw.

      1. A ban on all future photos of him unless there’s a really strong wind.

        1. By wind you mean the type generated in nursing homes rather than the sky, yes?

        2. Move all his water bottles out of reach?

      2. Damn, Hiawatha, way to break bad, dude. Respect.

      3. Sometimes you must abandon the principles of Liberty to save the Constitutional System.

        /Rubio Republicans

        1. Sometimes you must abandon the principles of Liberty to save the Constitutional System.

          “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system”

          They are all the same.

    4. Rubio’s a full-blooded neocon, no surprises here.

      1. I’ve been told by our resident neocons that there is no such thing. Which is just like STEVE SMITH trying to propagate the fiction that STEVE SMITH doesn’t exist.

    5. That’ll stop ’em.

  4. For reasons unknown to me, the chief medical officer for Vancouver Coastal Health weighs in on the debate to raise taxes for transit:

    “We know from studies that we’ve done that people who use public transit get about 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity that people who don’t use public transit don’t get. This will help improve their overall health,” Dr. Patricia Daly told The Early Edition’s Rick Cluff.

    Ergo, raise the tax for more transit!

    But, you’ll never find the good doctor mixing with the proles:

    Daly admitted she does usually drive to work, because the nearby 99 B-Line bus is often packed with people.

    1. Get rid of the transit and make them walk. That’s a hell of a lot more exercise!

      1. Why not just stop picking them up and chase them with the buses instead?

        That should get them their precious aerobic exercise in for the day.

    2. When can we start flogging public health officials?

      1. All this incremental public good crap really gets my goat.

        We can save 3.5 years of life per 100,00 people if just tax the living shit out of something enjoyable!

        1. Replying to your own comments harms the public good. I propose a 3% tax.

      2. Once you produce a study that shows that people who flog a public health official get more aerobic exercise that people who don’t.

        Produce a snazzy chart showing that flogging officials can add 3.5 years to someone’s life.

        If it bends the cost curve, don’t we owe it to ourselves?

    3. people who use public transit get about 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity that people who don’t use public transit don’t get.

      In the admittedly small sample size I see waiting for the bus on my way to work, most of them only seem to get “moderate to vigorous physical activity” through eating or hauling themselves up those three steps to get on the bus.

      1. In DC, the fatties mostly drive. I rarely see anyone on the train whose ass spills into the next seat (though I see plenty of normal-sized men spreading their legs so wide they take up 1/2 of the next seat. What’s up with that? Keep your legs closed, whores!)

          1. When did disregard for the conventions of social etiquette becomes something that needed legislation to “ban”?

            I can’t even comprehend the myopic narcissism it would take to invest so much energy in campaigning for a ban on spreading one’s legs into another’s personal space when you could invest just as much energy into, I don’t know, advocating for ethnically-Nepali Bhutanese who are disenfranchised by specific nationalist policies of the Bhutanese government?

            1. We’ve lost the ability to independently shun.

  5. I hope Clinton and Romney start trying to out-do each other in their poverty roots. Pretty soon, Hillary will be talking about when she was a coal-miner’s daughter in West Virginia.

    1. But wasn’t Romney’s old man an ethnic of some sort?

      1. I don’t believe so.

      2. I believe he was a former SS guard.

      3. He was President of American Motors. Romney’s father is the man who gave us the Gremlin and the Pacer. I am generally not a sins of the father pass to the son kind of guy, but this might be an exception.

        1. Wasn’t he also the guy who came up with the Special-Edition Levi’s Gremlin, where the seats were all upholstered in denim, complete with the little red Levi’s tag on each seatback?

          Gah, what a pathetic little car the Gremlin was. Perhaps the worst-ever American-made car.

          1. He also sold Jeep to Chrysler and let them get their dirty paws all over what was once a great brand.

            1. Couldn’t agree more. Fuckers could’ve kept making the 4 liter inline 6 Cherokee for another 20 years and selling 50,000 a year without needing any marketing. But no, they wanted to put out the plastic toy Liberty instead. And then they brought back the Cherokee as a fucking Rav-4 knockoff. I despise Chrysler for what they have done to Jeep.

          2. Yes!

            / Ford Pinto, Chrysler K-Cars, Pontiac Aztec

      4. According to the Wikipedia bio, George was born in Mexico. George was a perennial candidate for prez, back in the day. I thought you had to be native born to be president. Anyone?

        1. You’re worse than Stormy.

          1. WTF? Was the wikipedia article wrong? Was George Romney not a candidate for president? Am I wrong about US presidents having to be native born?

            1. See what Raven posted below.

          2. That’s harsh.

            1. Yeah, I exaggerated a bit.

        2. We secretly declared all ex-Nazis to be natural-born U.S. citizens.

          His parents were both American citizens. That’s enough right there.

        3. The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents

          Congressional Research Service via Wikipedia.

          1. What’s more interesting is if one of the parents wasn’t a U.S. citizen, which is relevant for a potential candidate.

            1. No, what would be REALLY interesting is if “natural born” meant you couldn’t be president if you were a caesarian birth.


    Looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling might turn you into a feminist.

    1. I don’t get the hipster girl fascination with him. He’s good looking, but not classically handsome. Maybe his close-set eyes are ironic or something.

      1. I liked Drive (2011). But other than that, I can’t say I’m a fan of his acting.

        1. He’s an indie Keanu Reeves

        2. He was ok in Remember the Titans.

      2. Well, presumably you’re not a hipster girl. I could never understand what the older girls saw in The Monkees when I was growing up.

        1. The Monkees weren’t about music, Marge. They were about rebellion.

          1. What’s funny is that this is actually going to prove to be true.

    2. That’s funny. The only effect those pictures had on me was to exponentially increase my interest in bitch-slapping Ryan Gosling.

  7. Members of his own Democratic Party helped torpedo the president’s scheme to tax 529 college savings, and now Republicans are pushing to expand the plans’ benefits.

    Time for Obama to pivot from endorsing the 529’s to vetoing any expansion.

    1. It’s like he’s daring the Democrats to hate him just as much as everyone else.

      1. Everyone has just let him down so bad.

        1. How does he live with the disappointment?

          1. By inviting his choom gang over?

            1. From the Conan show: Obama’s cue card guy at the SotU.

              Under a minute, I thought it was pretty funny.

              1. OK…freaking hilarious!

        2. It’s almost like everyone in America is a Cleveland Brown.

          1. Well they do love to wear a “keeping it real” Browns jersey


    2. Just in time for his kids to take advantage of their 529s…

  8. “The Federal Reserve on Wednesday signaled it would keep short-term interest rates near zero at least until midyear and set the stage for tough debates in the months ahead about whether to wait even longer.”-WSJ

    Interest rates just can’t stay at near zero forever. It’s not a viable economic policy in a sane world. But I guess we ventured out of a sane world awhile ago.

    1. At the very least they could sell some assets.

    2. Hush your mouth! Both of my bond funds are doing really well.

      Don’t ruin this for me.

      1. Yeah, wait until I pay down cc balances a little bit at least.

    1. Why ever would they do that? It must be the purity of their commitment to the environment and their undying love of Gaia.

    2. But of course they do. I’ll save that one for the next anti-fracker I run into. Thanks.

      1. I’m sure they’ll discredit that as lies. Or say it doesn’t matter since their intentions are pure, which takes all the taint (!) out of that money.

  9. Parking tickets: Vancouver could tow chronic offenders, even after fines paid

    Vancouver’s current policy is if a driver has three unpaid parking tickets ? assigned to their licence plate ? their vehicle will be towed if it is parked at an expired meter.

    The city is in the preliminary stages of changing that policy to include tickets that have been paid, said Taryn Scollard, director of city streets.

    You’ll never guess who donated $10K for the mayor’s re-election.

    1. Mayor Robertson is a retarded asshole, and Vancouver is a totally overrated suckhole of a city /immature but accurate

      1. Now, now. Montreal can be pretty retarded too.…..-1.2210048

        Apparently that because Quebec (specifically French-Canadians) has a low birth rate and are in perpetual fragile mode, the rest have to pay for it through punitive measures.

        1. “It reconfirms that we’re really second class citizens in a first class country in a zero-class province,” said Shapiro.

          He forgot to mention that they’re broke. At least he’s going to appeal.

          To be fair, French is in danger. It is getting wiped out partly thanks to new migrants. Benefit #87987 of mass immigration.

          1. No one disputes vigilance may be needed.

            Our argument is why do they go after its own citizens? The line between freedom of expression and collective protection of a language is constantly breached in favor of the latter.

            Punitive measures are an outrageous way to deal with it; not to mention it just breeds an ill-feeling among people.

            It rubs me the wrong way. It’s enough for me to have one foot out of this place.

            Quebec simply doesn’t respect individual civil liberties.

      2. What will you beat Vancouver with, Alberta man? Red Deer?

        1. CALGARY. Canada’s best.

          1. Ah Calgary.

            Lina where are you!?

    2. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess rts is from…Vancouver?

      1. No, but nearby.

        It is a rich source of prog derp.

      2. Victoria-Vancouver-and the Gulf Islands for The Axis of Derp that has given BC a bad name (“Beyond Communist”).

  10. Members of his own Democratic Party helped torpedo the president’s scheme to tax 529 college savings, and now Republicans are pushing to expand the plans’ benefits.

    Say what you will about Democracy, but when a million upper middle-class progressive voices cried out about their college savings accounts and GET programs, some folks are gonna listen.

    1. It better not be some Dropkick Murphys shit.

      1. No, just some adolescent puns, you’ll like it.

      2. They stand by their unionize brothers against Scott Walker!

      3. Does Eddie like the Murphs?

        1. Ah, Tonio, we meet again.

          We quarrel, but what would we do without each other?

  11. Hezbollah and Iran have decided it’s time for a war with Israel at the same time that they are losing control of southern Syria. Really hope Israel kills them all.…..ttack.html

    1. Who knows what will happen. It seems like every couple of months, Hezbollah or the Palestinians start shit in Israel, things get riled up for a couple weeks, then they calm down. I expect the same results w/ this situation. But I could be wrong.

  12. Wherein Neil Macdonald discovers fiat currency

    So, with Germany’s reluctant consent, the European Central Bank has begun operating the printing press day and night; it intends to print a trillion euros within the next year, and lend most of it to governments, virtually interest free.

    It’s probably a good idea. We shall see.

    But I still can’t get that lesson from Paul Fisher out of my head. Waving around a banknote, and saying it’s only worth something as long as everyone agrees it is.

    It’s a confidence game, in other words. What wealth you think you have may or may not be there tomorrow, depending on bets placed by the unelected, albeit very smart people in charge of creating our money.

    1. Well thank God they’re very smart people. They never do anything stupid.

    2. Reminds me of this:

      During the worst of the inflation, the Austrian central bank printing presses were working night and day churning out the vast quantities of the currency. At the 1925 meeting of the German Verein f?r Sozialpolitik (the Society for Social Policy), Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises told the audience:

      “Three years ago a colleague from Germany, who is in this hall today, visited Vienna and participated in a discussion with some Viennese economists . . . Later, as we went home through the still of the night, we heard in the Herrengasse [a main street in the center of Vienna] the heavy drone of the Austro-Hungarian Bank’s printing presses that were running incessantly, day and night, to produce new banknotes. Throughout the land, a large number of industrial enterprises were idle; others were working part-time; only the printing presses stamping out banknotes were operating at full speed.”

    3. Why don’t they just save some time and print one $1 trillion Euro coin?

  13. Awakening to the damage done by teachers’ unions

    Decent article, but my take on it is that when government gets SO f***ing big, tinkering around the edges gets you lots of praise.

    I would love to see someone COMPLETELY take out government-run schools and replace them 100% with the private sector. Until that happens (if it ever does), I guess I will have to be satisfied with minor changes that will irritate the authoritarian left.

    1. Yeah, but the “right people” don’t read the Examiner, they read the Post.

    2. Hell, if the GOP would just follow thru on that promise to end the DOEd…

  14. Puppy Shaming is real.

    GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl XLIX Puppy Ad After Backlash, Petition

    Like the “Lost Dog” commercial for Super Bowl XLIX, GoDaddy’s 30-second spot features an adorable little pup who loses his way. When he finally makes it home, his owner is thrilled — because she just sold him online using a website she built with GoDaddy.

    Viewers immediately reacted to the commercial online — and not very well. While some thought the twist ending was funny, others said it made light of puppy mills. There’s even a petition calling for the commercial to be removed; as of Tuesday evening, it had been signed by more than 33,000 people.

    “Whether or not this was meant to be satirical, it’s offensive,” the petition states. “Essentially, Go Daddy is encouraging private breeding/puppy mills while shelter animals wait patiently for their forever homes or worse — to be euthanized…Animal rights are no laughing matter and to portray them as such as cruel and irresponsible.”

    1. Doesn’t GoDaddy do this every year? Leak “controversial” ad, people get pissed, they get more out of it than they would have just from the ad.

      The only difference is that this year it’s puppies and not scantily clad women.

      1. Scantily clad puppies?

    2. Is there anything more retarded in America than “signing” a petition?

      1. Starting a petition?

        1. …over a fucking puppy commercial.

          1. Many of these people are young idealists. Not surprising.

            That they’re able to get so many signatures is impressive I guess.

    3. Don’t worry there will be some very tasty commercials.

      1. I would argue she is more attractive than Kate Upton

        1. I’d agree, but when the girls on top I draw the line at risking a concussion.

      2. I have to watch a commercial in order to watch a commercial?

        1. I don’t know whether to be amused by the irony or outraged by hubris…

      3. hummanna hummanna hummanna

    4. It’s satire, goddammit. Jesus, when did so many people become so easily offended?

    5. So, how long till these fuckers go after the Clydesdales?

  15. I hear that American Sniper is basically full of lies. Is this not true? I don’t think I want to go see a movie and contribute money to lies.

    1. Apparently it’s not pro-war enough for Cytotoxic.

      1. No asshole the problem is that Chris Kyle told some tall tales and the movie incorporates them.

        1. 1001 tales?

    2. No. The only thing that is a “lie” is that they added in a rival sniper for dramatic purposes. It is not a blow by blow perfect account of the guy’s life. It is a Hollywood “based on a true story” film.

      The left hates the movie because it humanizes an American fighting the war and it is a war movie that isn’t a polemic on the evils of Bush and Haliburton. From what I have read the movie doesn’t even talk about the politics of the war. And it is hardly a mindless pro war movie. It just shows the war from this guy’s perspective.

      1. I’ve seen it. It is a character study of a guy who became the best sniper ever and how it affected him.

        Lots of people think he was a hero. Maybe so. It really made me think of how awful it is to send these good people over to that shithole that is the ME for no really good cause. It’s kind of anti-war in that way since quite a few Americans get killed and it exposes the ugly side of war along with the ‘heroic’ side.

        1. I agree. It functions on a lot of levels – what soldiers dealt with in Iraq, the horrors of war, the affects on family back home.

          One thing I noticed is that after 4 tours, he was pretty much doing the same damn thing. Not much had changed. Which is in itself a commentary on the war in Iraq.

        2. Carlos Hathcock eats Chris Kyle for breakfast.

          1. Simo H?yh? laughs at both of them from atop a throne of Soviet skulls.

          2. Carlos Hathcock eats Chris Kyle for breakfast.

            Aren’t the worms ahead of him in line?

          3. I was wondering about this “best sniper” thing – while he’s probably in the American Sniper HOF, does the ridiculous duration of the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts distort the stats a bit?

      2. Matt Taibbi made this explicit. He claimed it’s immoral to make a movie about an individual person during war because their individual experiences aren’t political enough, so you ignore the politically important issues all True Art must be exploring.

        Matt Taibbi sounds like he’d be a blast at parties, huh?

        1. That is just it, it is bad enough people like Tiabbi are retarded and evil, they are boring and humorless as well.

        2. So, Heroic Realism for the win?

        3. So he must be a really big Leni Riefenstahl fan.

    3. Not full of lies.

      Its just not a particularly *nuanced* story.

    4. I saw the movie last weekend and just ordered the book. I can’t vouch for its’ accuracy, but the story was believable to me. Nothing in it struck me as super-human.

      1. Okay I’ll go see it this afternoon.

      2. Isn’t this the same guy who claimed to have beat up The Body and ended up paying him a huge settlement?

  16. Guess who’s the head of Students for Liberty at Duke University?…..ian-2015-1

    1. I rather suspect she’ll be on the LP ticket when of age.

      1. Worse than that.

      2. I did Nazi that answer coming.

        1. It was the Reich answer, though.

          1. Think we can take the joke any fuhrer?

            1. Wannsee more?

            2. This is Weimar women aren’t libertarian.

  17. The loonie is back below 80 cents US. I think it’s time to plan a trip up to Victoria, BC. Been wanting to go back.


      Why does everyone love Victoria so much? I lived there for several years and it’s kinda nice but meh. Whatever you do, do NOT go anytime by May or during the summer unless you have a fetish for rain.

        1. We visited Butchart Gardens. I couldn’t stop snickering about that name.

      1. I spent a little while there once before an Alaska cruise out of Vancouver and have been wanting to go back for a longer trip.

        Montreal’s also a possibility. Haven’t been there since I lived in upstate NY.

        1. Like I offered John. Give me a shout.

          Like ‘Hey RUFUS!’ and maybe I’ll wave back.

          1. Do Quebecois laws require that I also scream “BONJOUR RUFUS!”?

            1. Probably. But fuck them.

              WE’RE LIBERTARIANS!

    2. The Canadian dollar is that low? I am thinking Montreal baby.

      1. Give me a shout.

        1. I think John might like shouting.

    3. Canadians can’t seem to understand that’s what our dollar is worth historically against the U.S. dollar.

      In the 75-82 range.

      Why they brag when it’s on par shows they don’t quite understand it usually means demand for resources are high and little else.

      1. Rufus, we may have to have a beer at some point. Montreal is calling.

        1. Sure. We got lotsa beer.

          1. When I get back to Montreal, you n me are gonna hipster out and go to Les Foufounes Electriques. I used to go there between the ages of 18 and 21 when I would visit my VT friends.

            1. I think Foufounes closed!

              And those days are loooongggg gone!

              1. Nope – they’re still around. I follow them on Facebook! We can go early to avoid the idiot youths and loud bands 🙂

                1. I musta confused them with another club OR a story.


      3. Yeah, I remember visiting a lot growing up – it was always around 80 cents.

  18. This seems very dumb.

    Jurors’ names now public record

    WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)? In a decision made Tuesday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the names of jurors who serve in criminal cases are to be available to the public.

    1. It’s okay. The state has a duty to protect those citizens from retaliatory attacks.

      Oh, wait…

  19. Gawker: Rich Colleges Get Richer and Richer

    College really is a training ground for the real world?the rich get richer and etc etc. Not much to say about all this except to point out that if all that money had been donated to real charities, tens or hundreds of thousands of human lives could have been saved, but instead we have the Stanford Alumni Association.

    Ha, and the derpiest comment:

    Maybe if we forgave student loans, colleges wouldn’t be able to afford overpriced headliner professors.

    1. The colleges already got their money, dipshit. It’s not the colleges handing out student loans. (in response to the derpiest comment)

    2. Reading that comment has caused me to go into debt because its vast black hole of stupidity managed to remove everything I learned in college from my brain.

    3. I agree with that. Make student loans forgivable in bankruptcy and pay for it with that money. Those assholes benefited from the loan problem, they should have to pay to clean it up.

    4. They should just get rid of student loans altogether and stup inflating the education bubble.

    5. “College really is a training ground for the real world”

      and I stopped reading

      1. No it is! And we must subsidize it with taxpayer money!

        Rich people donating money to colleges however, very bad and must be stopped.

    6. Let me see if I have left-wing arguments right:

      1. When government gives money to colleges it’s good and makes people smart.

      2. When rich people give money to colleges, it’s bad and makes people starve.

      1. Well, when you say it like THAT.

      2. Government force is necessary and sufficient for all good things, duh!

        1. Government force sanctifies all bad things.

  20. White House argues that US swap of Bergdahl is different from Jordan swap with ISIS

    Of course… Bergdahl is a deserter. The Jordan pilot’s plane crashed during a mission and he was captured.

    so yes, it is different. One deserved to be captured for deserting his unit, while the other deserved to be freed because he was actually on a mission.

    1. Uh no. One swap was legit because it was planned by ‘Top Men’ in the US – men we know and can trust to be on our side and do what’s right by ‘Murica.

      Jordan’s swap was made by a bunch of ragheads half of whom are al-Qaeda sympathizers and the other half are double agents.

      1. Asked how the Jordanian government’s response is any different from the Taliban-Bergdahl trade, Schultz said the Taliban are an “armed insurgency,” while ISIS is a “terrorist group.”

        Wait, if al-Qaeda are ‘armed insurgents’ then they would *not* be illegal combatants and the legal fiction holding them in Gitmo indefinitely without rights goes out the window.

        Further, he described last year’s swap as part of an “end of conflict interaction,” as part of the wind-down of the Afghanistan war.

        And if we’re ‘ending conflict interaction’ wouldn’t that mean a release of all EPW’s? That’s a pretty standard capstone at the end of a conflict.

  21. The rest probably believe the Pats suck for a multitude of reasons

    They’re from Boston. There’s no reason other than that needed to hate someone or something.

    1. Listening to Boomer and Corton this morning on WFAN from NY.. this story came up:

      98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich Show” reports that the Patriots turned in their game balls slightly under-inflated and an official ? presumably head referee Walt Anderson ? signed off on them. The show’s source indicated that a pressure gauge was not used.

      Not sure how much truth there is to it, but if this is the case, the pats may not have really done anything wrong here.

      1. If the balls were under-inflated (even ‘unintentionally’) then they still did something wrong. It wouldn’t be cheating, but its a form of negligence that should not be tolerated considering the sort of money on the line here.

        If this was cheating, there’s a whole line of people who should be shown the door.

        If this was a mistake, there’s a whole line of people who should be shown the door.

      2. I’m still trying to get past the part where a guy named “Toucher” is talking about balls.

      3. If the balls were inflated indoors at 72 F and then taken outside to where it was 51 F the air inside would contract about 5%. That would be enough to put them ‘out of spec’.

        Science. It rocks.

        1. Yeah but why didnt that happen to the kickers balls, or the Colts balls?

        2. Yeah but why didnt that happen to the kickers balls, or the Colts balls?

      4. I have been saying this all week. I even called in one show on WFAN and gave that theory. Guy called me inspector Clusoe and laughed at me. This is definitely what happened.

      5. Wow, a lot of 99X alumni at WFAN ? both Fred Toucher hosted an evening program on WNNX and Rich “Heywood Jablome” Shertenlieb was an intern there. Crash Clark was a traffic reporter for Power 99 and stayed on when they renamed themselves 99X and got fired when he accepted an challenge that a woman would give a man a BJ at an Atlanta club in exchange for 311 tickets. Unlike previous times this happened, she actually went through with it and the club (and the programming manager) complained and he got fired.

        1. Not WFAN, WBCN/WBZ.

  22. Loretta Lynch: You can home a-drinking, but don’t smoke the devil weed.

    She is another in the remarkably long list of Obama administration figures who openly challenges their boss’s “deeply-held convictions.”

    I wonder how long the head of HHS would last after opposing Obamacare?…..14690.html

    1. you *can* come home a-drinking

    2. There is no reason for the Senate to confirm any Obama nominee. Fuck him, let the civil servants run things.

    3. You must be confusing her with Loretta Lynn.

  23. WTF……??…../22464673/

    1. Strip the principal naked and put him in the stocks.

      1. Worse yet, fire him.

    2. If that isn’t enough to pull your kid out of the hell that is public school, I don’t know what is

    3. I’m sure just standing near a kid that shit his/herself would be enough to figure out who did it. No need to go all creepy and ask kids to pull down their pants.

      1. Drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs aren’t enough. Our schools cry out for dogs trained to sniff asses for errant feces.

    4. Dafuq?

      And of course the only reason Supernintendo Chalmers might possibly have any discipline here is that she’s being forced into it.

    5. Balbricker: Now, Mr. Carter. I know this is completely unorthodox. But I think this is the only way to find that boy

  24. Stupid work story to relate:

    So we had a mass meeting with one of our big government bosses today. About a year or so ago, he got the idea to redesign about 500 web sites, as well as move them to a new content management system (which in and of itself is perfectly fine. It’s been a while since we’d done a redesign and the CMS we’re using is a dying product).

    In today’s meeting, he updated us on that project and – surprise! – he was shocked at the bureaucracy he’s encountered in trying to launch this. He’s also shocked at the number of stakeholders who have a strong say in the project. Shocked, I tells ya! He thought, seriously, that he could redesign, consolidate, and change technologies for ~500 web sites in 6 months.

    Bureaucracy and petty fiefdoms in government? NO WAI! He is one or more of the following: 1) retarded, 2) naive. I think it’s about 95% #1, 5% #2.

    1. Amazing, eh?

    2. This is good. We want the energies of Big Government to be wasted on internal turf wars.

      1. I’m only gobsmacked that he DIDN’T KNOW it would be so fraught with politics and bureaucracies and laws and regulations. Like, WTF? The last time we did a redesign of these web sites – not even changing the technology, just doing a cosmetic change – took about a year with everyone who had a say and all the fucking regulatory hurdles.

  25. Police in Quebec leave handcuffed 17-year-old girl in back of police car alone with non-handcuffed sex offender, seem surprised at what happened.

    $400,000 doesn’t seem like nearly enough money to be suing for there.

    1. “The constable was suspended and later resigned. However, an internal investigation by the Kativik regional police Force cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing.”

      Well, I wonder how she’d handle The Boats:

      1. For this type of offense, the Judas Cradle seems a much more appropriate form of torture.

    2. You know Seinfeld holds too much influence in one’s life when the first thing that pops in one’s head is the police scene with Jerry, George and the killer in L.A. (Clint Howard).

      Ann Landers sucks!

    3. The constable was suspended and later resigned. However, an internal investigation by the Kativik regional police Force cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing.

      I’m shocked, shocked.

    1. The press pictures almost look edible, but then there are pictures from the product in the wild.

      1. I’m sure my bowels will hate me later for it, but I will still eat one should they become more widely available.

        1. I was trying to remember the other day if I actually tried the original Double Down sandwich. I don’t think I did though.

  26. Sally Kohn thinks she can spend the Koch brother’s money better than they can.

    But isn’t it like a proglodyte to tell other people what to do with their money?

    1. Is it just me or do she and Rachel Maddow look a lot alike? Is it a requirement or something?

      1. Or perhaps they are made in some sinister factory that produces progressive lesbian journalists.

        1. “Meanwhile, at the Progressive Lesbian Journalist Factory…”

          My God, it does sound sinister.

    2. I want to write a response column called “ten things Sally kohn could have done with her spare time to help others rather than waste it on this awful article,” but I don’t have the time.

      1. CROWD FUND IT!!

        9 things Sally kohn could have done with her spare time rather than waste it on this awful article

        #9 – Make me a sammich
        #8 – Audit an economics class so that in the future she cause less damage by spreading fiscal/financial illiteracy
        #7 – Shave her legs and donate the hair to cancer patients
        #6 – Reduce her carbon footprint by deleting all her prior written work from the intertubes, freeing up valuable electrons
        #5 – Give her cats to charity
        #4 – Provide a home for a Goat, which will replace her garbage disposal unit
        #3 – Work on her Cisgenderphobia = Volunteer at a Strip Club
        #2 – I’m still waiting on that sammich
        #1 – Improve her Ben Affleck impression


    In honor of Andrew Sullivan.

    “Andrew, I just wanted to compliment your bravery on your post “Bugs.” You captured a feeling deep in the heart of this country, but which too many are afraid to express. When you write “Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!,” you sum up the frustration of millions of Americans who are tired of seeing Bush/Cheney transdimensional parasitic beetles burrowing into their skulls and devouring their cortex fluid.
    And when you write “BugsBugsBugs! Shitbastard!,” you give me hope that the incompetence of Donald Rumsfeld will one day come to an end, and that the nine foot tall centipede who has taken the place of my wife will finally be exposed as the Infiltrator Insect it is.

    Thank you for your courage and independence, and keep on bugsbugsbugsbubsbugs! Dirty ratwhore soup! Bugs!”

    “Thanks to reader “Good Andrew” for that, who is the “Other Andrew” who hides in my left eyeball when “Bad Andrew” is looking for him. “Bad Andrew” does… things to “Good Andrew.” Terrible things.

    We must talk of this no more. He’s coming.

    Oh, hi, Bad Andrew! I was thinking of you! I bought you some pants at the Gap!

    Why… why are you holding that meat-cleaver, Bad Andrew? Talk to me… I don’t like it when you stare like that…”

  28. He is one or more of the following: 1) retarded, 2) naive. I think it’s about 95% #1, 5% #2.

    Neither of those options excludes political appointee, I suspect.

    1. *whistles a jaunty tune, looks at ceiling*

      (he came from the private sector via….drum roll…the White House!)

  29. Attorney General nominee seems a little confused.

    “Well, Senator, I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here. And certainly, if someone here, regardless of status, I would prefer that they be participating in the workplace than not participating in the workplace?”

    Cool. So if you support the right to work for illegal aliens, then surely you’re in favor of right to work laws that stop unions from erecting barriers to entry, correct?

    Also, what’s the ‘obligation to work?’ That sounds vaguely sinister.

    1. Can’t enslave people and toss them into slave-labor camps without them having a legal obligation to work. Laying the groundwork, people!

    1. Well, if the events of a Stephen King book had to play out in real life, I guess we’re all lucky it was Pet Sematary instead of The Stand.

    2. Poor Bart.

  30. S&P is apparently considering downgrading Greece’s credit rating.

    There’s a lot of idiocy on my Facebook right now by permanent postgrads who claim that “austerity” caused the Greek financial crisis. Now, you’d think that one of those liberal arts educations which supposedly “teaches you how to learn” would cover cause and effect, as in, the Greeks were already in a crisis before any of the laughable “austerity” requirements were imposed on the hundreds of billions of euros of bailout money they’ve received, but, hey, I guess not.

    In fairness some of them are just saying that austerity has made it worse, but of that lot they’re also arguing that there’s a direct correlation between government spending and the health of the economy. I attempted to trot out ye olde Soviet Union example, but, nope, it’ll be different this time, promise!

      1. Communists abroad taking orders from Moscow, eh?

        Annexing Ukrainian Lebensraum, funding US ecological groups who oppose fracking, now this. Putin’s really going for that “hardest working man in show business” crown.

        1. Actually this makes sense. Peeling Greece off from Europe would complicate the attempts to build a natural gas pipeline around Russia.

          1. Boy, would I be doing that post-haste if I were Europe.

      2. Huh. Well, not all of those KGB agents came home after the Iron Curtain collapsed.

    1. “In fairness some of them are just saying that austerity has made it worse”

      because they way you “grow yourself out of a debt crisis”?


      The only thing their argument tells you is that they’ve never looked at the European economic issues any deeper than a Salon headline.

      They don’t really understand how the EU debt crisis is partly the consequence of creating a financial union with a common currency, but no ‘fiscal union’, with common control mechanisms for debt and accounting. This basically made the entire EU bond market a recipe for ripping each other off = everyone’s selling each other’s State banks bonds while simultaneously hiding their own fiscal insolvency.

      They did all sign the Maastricht Treaty, but ‘pledges’ aren’t worth shit when there’s no disincentives to cheating.

      Basically, liberals seem to think that Enron-style financial gimmicks are *A-OK* for governments, but not actual private businesses which can go bankrupt.

    2. they’re also arguing that there’s a direct correlation between government spending and the health of the economy

      Well, if you use GDP as the measure of the health of the economy, then there is:

      GDP = business income + government spending + (exports – imports)

  31. Well, Senator, I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country

    Finally! DoJ will be vigorously sweeping away pointless restrictions on entrepreneurship, from kids shoveling driveways to innovative internet middlemen transaction facilitators.

  32. they’re also arguing that there’s a direct correlation between government spending and the health of the economy.

    GDP cultists.

    Obsessed with the number, and not the actual phenomenon it represents.

  33. This guy is Greece’s new finance Minister: Yanis Varoufakis a self-described Libertarian Marxist.

    And from BBC:
    pledged to halt the full privatisation of Greece’s biggest port, Piraeus Port Authority, a sale made as part of its international bailout.

    It also said it would also stop the planned sale of its 51% stake in Public Power Corporation of Greece, its biggest utility.

    Well I highly doubt these sales are free from corruption but…

    Mr Tsipras also plans to reinstate public sector employees deemed to have been laid off without proper justification and has announced rises in pension payments for retired people on low incomes.

    Already doubling down on Derp.

    1. Mr Tsipras also plans to reinstate public sector employees deemed to have been laid off without proper justification and has announced rises in pension payments for retired people on low incomes.

      Going to take a guess that “we have no fucking money to pay you with” is not considered “proper justification” for laying people off or cutting pensions.

    2. Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is Valve’s former Steam Market economist

      Greece will be leaving the Euro for a monetary system based entirely on trading cards and hats.

      1. I swear this wasn’t here when I hit refresh.

      1. The Greek economy is sort of like Fallout.

        And his face?…. definitely looks related to Super-Mutant

        He should do fine as long as they can prevent unauthorized bottle-cap production.


    3. ” a self-described Libertarian Marxist.”

      I’m a self-described “7 foot, Heavily Muscled Viking God”

      on dating sites at least.

      1. Points directly to how dishonest the left-wing are with themselves.

        Libertarian my ass.

  34. Roll em over the hill dude.

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