Brickbat: At Least They Didn't Shoot Him


Screen capture

It was bad enough when a driver fleeing police struck Joseph Swink's car, causing it to spin out. But then the cops chasing that man tackled Swink to the ground and handcuffed him. St. Ann, Missouri, Police Chief Aaron Jimenez later apologized to Swink and said officers mistook him for the man they were chasing.


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  1. “They all look alike to me.”

    1. And they also get another point towards their prole beating quota.

  2. Look, if you or I assaulted someone without cause the criminal justice system would ask for an apology and send us on our way. Why should police officers be treated any different?

  3. The officers will not be disciplined because it was an honest mistake, Jimenez said.

    “I apologize for the mistaken identity,” he said. “I am sorry he got put into that situation because of the suspect.”

    Hey! Even the the guy they’re substituting for their own accountability gets the passive voice?

    1. Projection creep

    2. Shooting at the police is never an honest mistake, of course.

  4. The officers will not be disciplined because it was an honest mistake, Jimenez said.

    Just like us in the real world. We can screw up all we want, but as long as we don’t intend to do it, we won’t be disciplined or fired.

    1. Different jobs come with perks.

      If you work for an airline, you get take your family on cheap vacations.

      If you work for a movie theater, you get to watch movies for free.

      If you work for a restaurant, you generally get a free meal on your shift.

      If you work in law enforcement, you get flagrantly ignore the law without consequence.

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    1. If you paid $8533 for a Lancia, what you have is a cheap Chinese copy. The fuel injectors are made of rice-paper and the body is actually silver-painted tissue. This has been an ongoing issue, so you may want to take care if you drive in the rain.

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      1. It’s not a cool car. Cool cars actually run for more than a day at a time without breaking down.

  6. Wait—shouldn’t they *also* not beat the shit out of him even if he *were* the suspect? Minimal necessary force, he was unarmed, etc?

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