Good News and Bad News, for Fans of The Independents

Five days a week instead of four, but minus the Pips


First the good: As of Jan. 26, the Kennedy-hosted show will be on five nights a week instead of four, and moving to the slightly more boozy slot of 10 p.m. weeknights ET. Whereas of November 2013 there was only one hour of explicitly libertarian-hosted programming on Fox Business Network, there will now be six instead of today's five, and Kennedy will continue taking her counter-programming to Fox News' popular Outnumbered show several times a week, if recent history is any guide. (As part of the lineup shuffle, Stossel, featuring your favorite weekly FBN columnist at, will move from Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET to Fridays.)

The bad news: Kmele Foster and I will no longer be involved.

The new show, called Kennedy, will be terrific; worthy of attention from anyone who has enjoyed the project until now. I'd like to sincerely thank FBN for allowing us the latitude to demonstrate that a libertarian news program could be artistically successful (if a bit on the weird side), while reportedly producing the network's best ratings among daily shows for months at a time in the audience demographic advertisers covet most. It's not every day that editors of opinion magazines are allowed to help create cable television programs from scratch, and the experience shall bear some interesting fruit.

I'm proudest of all that despite many man-made setbacks, we (especially those off-camera, who will remain on Kennedy) fought like honey badgers to put on the best possible programming, without excuse. Here for posterity are two clips from the last show we ever taped, on the day Charlie Hebdo was massacred: