Reason's 10 Things the New GOP Congress Should Do



There's something about holding the reins of power that induces amnesia. So it's a safe bet that as the 114th Congress convenes on Capitol Hill, Republican pre-election commitments to small government, civil liberties, and bureaucratic reform will quickly yield to the inevitable squabbles of a classic gridlock scenario: a lame-duck Democratic president, a newly empowered (but not veto-proof) GOP majority in the House and Senate, and a grumpy electorate that seems to be voting against politicians instead of for them.

But even with the added distraction of a presidential primary season already wheezing into gear, there are several concrete and long-overdue steps that lawmakers can take to expand the scope of human freedom and prosperity. So in the New Year's spirit of helpfulness, Reason Magazine is offering the new Congress a 10-point list of passable policies that would help make the country more free, fair, and fun.