John Stossel on Why Government Always Wins

Government is force.



Government claims we need all its regulations to keep us from being ripped off. But their endless rules don't stop rip-offs. For years, Las Vegas tourists have complained that cabbies cheat them by taking them to the strip via a roundabout route. Undercover cops ran tests and found that one in three Vegas taxis break the rules.

Government responded to this problem as governments usually do: It issued complex rules and warnings. They haven't worked. But Uber already has a solution if drivers cheat, notes John Stossel. On the Uber app, customers give that driver just one star. Within hours, Uber adjusts your fare. If the driver scams people again, he's fired.

Simple. Better. That's the free market. Yet Vegas officials kicked Uber out of town. Government is force, Stossel reminds us. Government can always win, even when it's wrong.