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"Dudley Do Right"

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Allan Poapst received a reprimand and was docked three days pay for not properly investigating a woman's claim of assault. The woman said she was beaten, choked, stripped and forced out of her home by her boyfriend. But Poapst not only did not interview other witnesses, he tried to persuade her not to file charges.

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  1. She should have just got him another Moose Head out of the fridge like she was told,aye?

  2. [Director of family violence services at Nor-West Co-op Community Health Kim] Storeshaw said she wants police to press charges more often, and they should do so whether or not a woman wants to co-operate.

    Sounds like someone wants to take away a woman’s agency.

  3. Oh sure. Dudley-Do-Right. Ha, ha. Very funny.


    1. Dudley who?


      1. You are joking.


        Please tell me you’re joking.

        You must be. Of course.

        Ha, ha! Hilarious.

        1. The rest of the world doesn’t memorise lists of your prime ministers, you know

          1. Well, maybe they should.

            Because universal health care.

            1. Hey look everyone, colonial fight!!

              1. *commonwealth, er, whatever…

          2. Does this mean that you are also unfamiliar with Moose and Squirrel?

            1. No – Margaret Trudeau’s activities at Studio 54 are notorious

              1. I remember watching a Dudley Do-Right segment on Rocky and Bullwinkle’s show in college and realizing that Nell’s affection for Horse might be something more unnatural than what I thought as a kid. Canadians can be an odd bunch.

      2. There was a live-action version in 1999.

        Because every last piece of Boomer nostalgia had to be remade.

        1. While I hate remake fever, too, aren’t Boomers a little old for Rocky and Bullwinkle?

          1. Not really. Its original run was from 1959 to 1964.

    2. You people still haven’t made reparations for Bryan Adams.

      1. Are Aussie’s jumping on us now?

        1. You are a trampoline for the anglophone world’s pleasure

        2. Aussies.

        3. Are Aussie’s what jumping on you now?

          And anyhow, the rot goes back to at least Gino Vannelli, if not much further.

          1. geoblocked, dammit

        1. Does this mean that I can black up? Or do I have to be a fake Australian to do that?

          1. A fake Australian is someone whose ancestors weren’t rogues and scoundrels.

            1. You forgot rapscallions and ne’er-do-wells.

              1. “…had driven them all into honest poverty and then not-so-honest poverty and led to their forcible transportation to Australia.”

                Kin o’ yours?

          2. black up


      2. You people still haven’t made reparations for Bryan Adams.

        Or Anne Murray or Loverboy or Alanis Morissette or Nickelback or Sebastian Bach or Michael Bubl? or Sum 41 or Carly Rae Jepsen or Death from Above 1979 or Avril Lavigne or Sarah McLachlan or Raffi or Bare Naked Ladies or Snow (fucking goddamn piece of shit Snow, the only good thing the drug war ever did for America.)

        1. “Bare Naked Ladies”

          You realize, this means war!

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          1. Back in the before times, 1998 or so, I did some Ecstasy one night, but forgot about the fact that I had to work the next morning. This was a grave mistake on my part. You aren’t really hungover after a night of X, but you are very, very tired. I managed to drag myself into work on time and move books around at the closed college bookstore despite the crushing weariness and massive headache that had settled on me.

            I was getting by until this hippie girl decided to play a Bare Naked Ladies concert bootleg over the store loudspeaker system. It was pretty bad, but then most loud music would have been pretty bad in the circumstance. I wanted quiet and a bed and an aspirin the size of a Frisbee. But then it got to the BNL masterpiece “If I had a million dollars,” which–for those who are unfamiliar with the piece–involves the two singers alternately repeating “If I had a million dollars…” back and forth to each other over and over again.

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              And finally I yelled, loud enough to drown out the music and for the entire store of employees to hear “If I had a million dollars I pay to have this entire fucking band beaten to death with a hammer!”

              The bootleg tape clicked off and blessed silence descended.

        2. You forgot Justin Bieber. Which means you probably love him…

          We’re watching you!

      3. The Canadian government has apologized many times for Bryan Adams.

        PS. Fuck you buddy

    3. When I was younger I went to lake Sydnam and fished for small mouth bass a few times.It’s outside Kingston. Danm good fishing,lots of beer,just a great timme

  4. I guess he forgot that he wasn’t in the US, where police can get away with that and even get away with raping a domestic abuse victim.

  5. Given the rash of false rape claims we’ve seen lately, was there any evidence she was actually assaulted?

    1. On that logic, given the rash of true rape claims are made, no claim should be doubted. Each claim must stand or fall on it own merits.

      She claimed to have been choked and beaten. If she had been, there would be visible marks. Another officer thought there was enough evidence to lay charges. Only a moron would lay charges without evidence of physical marks in those circumstances

      1. Given that there are departments with a maximum intelligence for officers, I want photographs from the night of the complaint showing a lack of injury before saying there were no signs of injury.

        1. Notice there is no mention of a conviction (or even the assailant’s name) in the article despite those charges?

      2. Getting police to charge a man with sexual assault takes nothing more than a call to police with a story. Seen it.

        Given her elaborate story and the cop’s lack of response, I would wager she didn’t have a mark on her and was drunk.

        He rightly refused to participate in her revenge fantasy and is now being called to account by the feminist authorities.

  6. You haters just don’t understand how hard it is to be so heroic. Who else are you going to call when you are beaten, choked, stripped and forced out of your home?

    /cop apologist

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Canada! You cray!

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