A.M. Links: Charlie Hebdo Returns to Newsstands, Al Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility for Charlie Hebdo Attack, Evacuation on International Space Station


  • Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is back on sale today. "In some places," one journalist notes, "vendors reported that it had sold out before daybreak."

  • The extremist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo.
  • "A French comedian was detained for questioning on Wednesday for writing on his Facebook account he felt 'Charlie Coulibaly,' a word play combining the widespread 'I am Charlie' vigil slogan and the name of one of the three gunmen."
  • The U.S. section of the International Space Station was evacuated on Wednesday due to a leak of "harmful substances" from the cooling system.
  • According to a new study, the Ebola outbreak in Liberia could end by June.

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  1. Long road ahead: Restoration work begins after treasure trove of THIRTY-SIX Corvettes found collecting dust in a garage after 25 years

    The most valuable car in the collection is a 1953 Corvette, which is one of only 300 ever made
    Adam Heller who owns the fleet of cars said ‘well over six figures’ was being put into the restoration of just one car
    Some of the cars were expected to only take two weeks to restore, while others would take more than a year


    1. Hello.

      “French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is back on sale today.”

      And the deranged have taken notice.

        1. ^^This is Sarc,taking notice.

  2. Are $100 bills really the currency of criminals? Study reveals the type of person most likely to carry $100 bills

    Criminal activity has often been associated with $100 bills – and the type of people that carry them
    But a study has revealed that the consumer most likely to carry them is a person who is aged over 55 and has been educated past high school
    On a typical day in the United States one in twenty people carry $100 bills
    The average person carries $22 in cash on them


    1. Wasn’t the excuse for getting rid of the $500 bill that they were only used for illegal transactions?

      1. Which is why the next push will be to eliminate the use of cash!

        1. SO THIS. Anyone who can’t see the whole system is trending towards this is blind.

          Here in Quebec they’ve wiped out the last bastion of cash business: Restaurants through the intro of tax black boxes.

          It’s crazy. The way I see it a cash economy gives people a chance to save and sink their money in assets. Like my father did as an immigrant tailor.

          Could he pull off what he did then today? My guess is no.

        2. I can see it coming. My 19-25 year old employees use cash very rarely and usually carry less than $5. They even use credit/debit cards to by from snack and coke machines.

          I’m pretty sure the only time they go to an ATM is for weed money.

          1. I’m pretty sure the only time they go to an ATM is for weed money.

            About the only time I use cash is for weed or when I’m purchasing a large amount of cheap alcohol in NH and illegally bringing it across the border into ME.

            1. Sarc. Just to let you know the state of Maine no longer hangs out in the N.H. liquor store parking lot, writing down license plates, or tries to tax you on out of state electronic transactions.

              There is a new trend of people from N.H. coming to Maine to buy beer, and booze that N.H. distributors do not carry.

              Keep up the good fight. =)

          2. This is why bitcoin is so important. Cash is inconvenient. I only use credit cards, and have to run around like mad if I need to pay in cash. With bitcoin we could have the best of both worlds.

            1. Cash is inconvenient.

              I find it more convenient than handing over my card, waiting for it to be run, and signing the receipt/entering a PIN.

              And I find it more secure than having my banking info on a stealable/insecure device (I saw a gizmo on frickin’ Skymall that will suck all the data off of a “locked” smartphone) or the cloud.

          3. My kids were stunned last year when we were hunting in western NDak and there were all sorts of restaurants that didn’t take credit cards.

            To them credit cards are the way you pay for everything.

            Probably learned it from me. I’m always using plastic because I get cash back or some other perk. As long as I pay off the balance it is better than cash.

            1. “I learned it from watching you, Dad!”

        3. I do most of my record shopping – at brick ‘n’ mortar stores – with cash. The owners are usually willing to give a discount for cash. Though I suspect that this transaction doesn’t go on the books but instead goes directly into their wallet.

          1. The only time I regularly use cash is for the bar tab after my old fat man’s b-ball game.

            The small bar we go to lets us basically pay what we want as long as it is cash because it goes into the bar keeps pocket (he is an owner, but I suspect he loves cash for tax purposes).

        4. I just paid cash for a used truck. And yes, of course I reported the real total on the new title when paying the sales tax.

      2. Yep. A quick google says Nixon did it by executive order in 1969. Another quick google says that today a $500 bill would be worth less than a $100 bill when the $500 bill was discontinued.


          /central banker

      3. OT for SF:

        Did you ever eat at Jimmy Deemers BBQ and self storage?

        Ive heard good things and we are gonna try it out. Possibly for both services.

        1. Jimmy Deemers BBQ and self storage?

          This seems like the type of thing that could only happen in the South.

          1. Both involve sitting around watching something that doesn’t move for long periods of time, so they’re complimentary.

    2. When I worked in retail the person who was most likely to pay with a $100 bill was most likely to be a quick-change con artist.

    3. My wife carrys zero cash. I prefer paying in cash. Especially with all the turnover in restaurants and bars.

      1. Apologies but carrying zero cash is just as stupid as driving around with less than 1/2 tank of gas.

        1. I use an AmEx for everything. When they don’t take it, I always pay cash, ‘cuz my Visa card will get “holds” placed on it at the drop of a hat due to fear of ID theft.


  3. The U.S. section of the International Space Station was evacuated on Wednesday due to a leak of “harmful substances” from the cooling system.

    Same thing happened to my Chevy.

    1. It was ammonia that leaked.

  4. What 2,000 calories looks like at all your favorite food chains

    At the Cheesecake Factory, 2,370 calories looks like one bowl of pasta
    Sonic’s Peanut Butter Caramel Pie Shake clocks in at 2,090 calories


    1. Thankfully I need more like 3000 calories a day to maintain my weight.

      1. At Sonic, all one needs is a Peanut Butter Caramel Pie Shake to consume 2,090 calories in one swift sitting

        Not for nothing, but the picture shows a large shake, and that is like eating a half-gallon of ice cream. I love Sonic Malts, but a medium fills me up to the point that I don’t need to eat all day.

    2. There’s no way that Ribeye steak has 1,800 calories.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, unless they infused it with a lot of oil and butter or something. Even then. I’m highly skeptical. Or that is one very large ribeye

      2. 22 ounces of USDA Prime beef? I could see it. Due to marbled fat, Prime has about 50% more calories than the Choice stuff we peasants buy at the grocery store.

        1. and that prime is better for you if you are Keto.

    3. Yeah, one if my goals this year is to cut way back on the restaurants. I don’t do fast food at all but I go out to eat way too often.

    4. I suppose the point is to shame Americans but what normal person sits down to eat a 22-ounce steak? That would feed me for 3 days.

  5. The social network for SEX TOYS: New network aims to link ‘smart’ toys online so couples can control them remotely

    Network will allow gadgets from different manufacturers to work together
    Can allow people to remotely control their partners toys from anywhere
    Miami based FriXion hopes to develop games and live broadcasts


    1. Teledildonics for the win!

    2. And this in no way would attract hackers

      1. “Oh, my!”

        1. +1 George Takei

      2. I’m attracted…

        How does one go about hacking sex toys?

        1. You could flip the bits and end up with 1 in the pink and 2 in the stink?

          1. Shocker

  6. 16) Damn, the staff at Charlie Hebdo got balls. More balls than the editors at every big-city newspaper in the United States put together.
    That is all.

    1. agree. The US media’s cowardice was very visible with this attack.

      1. The Washington Post did run the cover–on the bottom half of the front page of the Style section, as if this were just some item about entertainment or fashion.

      2. Very few newspaper editors get to be where they are by taking chances. And very few newspaper reporters with any guts want to be editors. Those who do make the jump often end up frustrated, or are soon co-opted by the great editing Borg.
        Don’t know how it works in other media, but I’d guess it’s similar.

        1. The last time a major newspaper editor had any Balls Jefferson was in the Cabinet.

    2. I have been meaning to ask you – Why does a number precede each of your posts? Are you cataloging them for future reference by philosophers and teachers of your profound wisdom?

      ‘Please turn to JTNS 121….’

      1. Just want to make sure I don’t repeat any of my sermons, er, thoughts.

    3. The JournoList left in America doesn’t lack balls. The truth is that most of them like and sympathize with these Islamonazi scumbags. They have no problem at all going after the people they really hate (the TEA Party and such).

      1. So, wait. You’re claiming they take a big risk by attacking the Tea Party? What world are you living in, again?

      2. Naw. They’re ball-less, too.

        They only go after safe targets, both “safe” within their social circles, and “safe” as in “won’t attack you physically when peeved.”

  7. OpenZ BorderZ PiZZa

    Swiss clamp down on cross-border pizza delivery

    Switzerland’s frugal pizza lovers have had their hopes dashed for a special rule that would have allowed them to keep ordering cheaper pizza delivery from neighboring Germany.

    Around a year ago the Swiss customs administration scrapped an exception that, in some circumstances, allowed food delivery like pizza into Switzerland without having to pass through customs.

    The previous system had prompted businesses across the border to offer deals targeting Swiss customers, a spokesman for the customs office said.

    1. It was all in the name of health and safety. Free market, free trade Teathuglicans will never get that.

      1. Exactly. Maybe they should order their pizza from Somalia.

    2. You know this is one thing I don’t get. If the government is us, as the progs like to say, and we decide that we’d rather have cheaper foreign pizza, doesn’t that mean the government should leave us alone?

    3. Let in German pizza and next thing you are belching “Die Wacht am Rhein” and facing Berlin at dessert!

      1. Have you heard about German-Chinese food?

        Eat some, and in half an hour you’re hungry … FOR POWER!

        1. I laughed.

    4. Damn. And I usually like Switzerland. This is the country that doesn’t have a minimum wage and rejected a proposition to make one, rejected another proposition for universal health insurance, and where some places let you use your sword as voter ID.

      That last one is actually true. Men in some Swiss cantons can present their sword as evidence that they’re allowed to vote.

      One of the cantons that does that also wouldn’t let women vote until 1992, so I guess you could say they’re a bit ‘traditional.’

      1. My Swiss masters are very touchy about the impact of the high franc – and a touch protectionist at the micro/local level (of course, at the national/multi-national level, they are open…mostly). The populace as a whole has gotten grouchy about immigration too.

        1. They’ve basically tied the CHF to the EUR at 1 EUR = 1.20 CHF, haven’t they?

          1. They want it lower, but people keep buying ye olde franc.

        2. The Swiss lost their luster after their complicity in the War. While I do like the apocryphal story about Himmler asking what the Swiss would do if Germany invaded (Shoot 3 times and go home) I don’t think it reflects what they actually did with respect to hiding Nazi money and people and facilitating the theft of a lot of peoples property.

          Add into that their having zero balls with respect to the US and EU and banking privacy, the only thing Switzerland seems to have left is some pretty mountains and long lift lines.

          and maybe chocolate but I lean Belgium for that.

    5. At first glance, I thought that said “Switzerland’s fungal pizza lovers” meaning the rule only applied to mushroom pizza.

      1. If there was a restriction on champignons, the people in Switzerland would be dotting pikes with the heads of the responsible officials.

  8. ‘America has too many f****** guns’: Taken star Liam Neeson launches expletive-laden tirade despite launching second career as action hero

    Liam Neeson is famous for playing gun-totting father Bryan Mills
    He defended his on screen role, saying movies were just ‘fantasy’
    Neeson spoke out after being asked about the Paris terrorist attacks
    He said his ‘thoughts and payers and heart’ were with the Paris victims

    I’m glad I don’t boycott entertainment over the idiotic politics of the stars, or I would have nothing to watch or listen to.

    1. America has too many guns,?

      and that’s a good thing!

      1. And yet somehow I don’t have enough.

    2. and what do American guns have to do with the Paris thing? Oh, that’s right; foreign actor takes shot at America to stay right with liberal pals in States.

      1. Clearly, if Americans didn’t have so many guns, evil people in France wouldn’t get the idea to use guns, and would then just obey all the gun and murder laws.

      2. Those people are animists. American gun nuts are appeasing the wrong spirits, and now we see the horrible result.

    3. The 62-year-old actor, apparently suffering from Alzheimer’s, spoke out after being asked about the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, which he later linked with gun ownership in America.


    4. I’m betting he’s as coherent as GUN FEVER TOO: STILL HOT

  9. Send the herpes of the craft world to someone you hate


    1. While I was on a date Sunday the girl called it that exact phrase after I had some on my face from her apartment earlier. I didn’t realize it was a thing.

      1. Your sex life sounds weirdly awesome.

        1. Sadly not the case on this one. We had just stopped by her apartment briefly because she was too tiny and unable to raise the bookshelf she had just put together to stand upright, and it was right on the way from brunch to the Frog Pond. This one is not going anywhere (her call).

      2. “after I had some on my face from her apartment earlier”

        Go on…

      3. So she enjoys having the herpes of the craft world sprinkled around her apartment?

        1. I call it Stripper Scat.

          1. That’s brilliant – I’m nicking that

          2. holy shit that is awesome

            1. “hmm, looks like two passed by this Starbucks less than an hour ago. I get hints of coconut body butter coming from the NE and see some Stripper Scat here on the counter. SADDLE UP!”

              1. BY GOD I may have just come up with the most awesome game EVER! Track a Stripper!

                Wow…I need to go write the iphone app…i’ll be back.

      4. the last ah, burlesque show I went to, the glitter was flying around thicker than sand in the desert.

    2. I had a guy work for me who claimed to hate glitter. I of course dumpted about a 1/4 teaspoon on his cloth desk chair. He lost his muthafuckin mind. Don’t EVER admit a pet peave or weakness in this biz…

    3. There are also services like that which will send shit to your enemies.

      1. Poop Senders
        I’m sure that I previously discovered it in this very forum.

        1. When I was in Okinawa a guy removed a vent plate in another guy’s barracks room and put a paper plate full of shit into it.

          Fantastic watching the poor guy try to figure out where the stench was coming from.

    4. The FAQs are epic…

      Q: My recipient got glitter in both eyeballs, is now blind & would like to file charges. Help?
      A: Heh

      Q: Why are you so obsessed with glitter?
      A: Go fuck yourself.

    5. was I the only one who read that as “Craftworld” then had no idea what connection the URL had to warhammer?

      1. That does explain the reduction in the number of Hybrids – Eldar STDs.

  10. Handcuffed teen hailed a hero after he saved cop’s life – when officer collapsed with a heart attack while booking him into jail

    Jamal Rutledge was handcuffed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, jailhouse
    Saw Officer Franklin Foulks collapse while doing his paperwork
    Kicked security gate and yelled for help, which promptly arrived
    Foulks’s life was saved after fellow officers used defibrillator

    Should have done what the cop would have done had the situation been reversed.

    1. Kicked him in the head?

      Stood with hands on hips?

      Ignored the whole thing?

    2. Waited until a nearby fed came to render aid.

    3. Called his union rep?

    4. Taken a nap?

    5. Shoot the nearest dog and plant a drop gun on it?

  11. Britain in crisis as Cadbury changes Creme Egg recipe

    Britain’s civilization, which for more than a thousand years has weathered countless wars, insurrections, and social upheavals, is now on the brink of collapse following revelations that Cadbury changed the recipe for their popular creme eggs.

    The British confectioner, which in 2010 was purchased by the American multinational Kraft Foods, admitted to the Sun newspaper that it had “secretly” stopped using its iconic Dairy Milk chocolate in the eggs, instead now using “standard cocoa mix chocolate.”

    1. Sure, figure out a way to blame this on Americans.

      1. It’s because we have too many guns.

    2. Fuck me.

      Ye olde Cadbury’s were awesome, when you had a craving for a sugary chocolate fix.

      1. Full Blown Type II in every bite.

  12. A French comedian was detained for questioning on Wednesday for writing on his Facebook…

    And sympathy for France drains away as we are reminded that they’re French.

  13. Chocolate snorting fad takes off

    A chocolate-snorting invention created for a Rolling Stone’s birthday party is taking off with more than 25,000 kits sold.

    Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone created his Chocolate Shooter for Ronnie Wood’s birthday back in 2008. He came up with the device as a unique way of serving dessert so guests could snort cocoa powder instead of eating chocolate.

    He thought the eccentric cocoa delivery system would be a one-off novelty but it seems to have captured the imagination of chocolate fans. Previously only available in Mr Persoone’s Antwerp store and online, shops worldwide are now stocking the shooter.

    1. Are *you* up to the cocoa challenge?

    2. Gateway drug! What message is this sending to our precious children?

    3. Does eccentric mean idiotic in this context?

    4. Was that a picture of a field of dead bodies behind him?

  14. Kurt Busch’s ex is a trained assassin:



    1. She’s got looks that kill.

    2. That’s freakin’ hilarious.

  15. Venezuela’s Bishops Have A Message For Pope Francis on Communism

    In a refreshingly powerful and direct statement, Venezuela’s bishops Monday blamed “Marxist socialism” and “communism” by name for the horrors and chaos gripping their country, according to a story in El Universal.

    The bishops said the long lines of people trying to buy food and other basic necessities and the constant rise in prices are the result of the government’s decision to “impose a political-economic system of socialist, Marxist or communist,” which is “totalitarian and centralist” and “undermines the freedom and rights of individuals and associations.”

    The Venezuelan bishops specifically stated that the private sector was critical for the well being of the country. The document, read by Monsignor Diego Padron in Spanish, said the country needs “a new entrepreneurial spirit with audacity and creativity.”

    1. Woot!

    2. And this will never be mentioned anywhere that someone who might disagree with it can hear it. If Venezuela manages to start heading in a privatized direction it will just silently slip off the media’s radar, and nobody will learn anything.

      1. And once it starts to work, people will say, “See? Socialism works. Venezuela is the future.”

        1. Unfortunately, Venezuela is the future.

    3. Will CommiePope excommunicate them?

      1. I FUCKING HOPE SO. We need a major schism in the Catholic church.

      2. Yeah, shame on the Pope for endorsing communism and Marxist socialism.

        Seriously, the universe isn’t divided into libertarians on the one hand and communists on the other.

        1. I’m glad the Venezuelan bishops spoke up, and I don’t know if they would have done so if the Pope wanted his people to promote communism.

    4. Bo will excommunicate them first using his power as the arbiter.

    5. undermines the freedom and rights of individuals and associations


    6. Color me surprised. I would have guessed Venezuelan bishops to be all into liberation theology and such. I stand corrected.

  16. The alt-text seems to have leaked out the US section as well.

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22ec8o7p2bI

    Marriage proposal turn downs are HILARIOUS.

    1. The last two guys (mall and TV show) remind me of why I think people should wait at least two years before getting married. About a year or less and you’re still in the middle of that initial rush of hormones that constitute romantic passion. Something a bit more substantial and mature is needed before you bind your legal and economic lives.

      1. Meh. Less than 8 months from meeting to marriage for me. But when you are in your 40s, you know what you are looking for.

        1. A positive pregnancy test?

        2. I would’ve gone with “the receipt for tied tubes.”

          1. Two homes and a boat?

        3. A rewards card for Warty’s Dungeon?

          1. But who lives long enough for a second visit?

    2. The second one with the facesmack. Note the married woman with kids in the background who thinks it’s hilarious.

  18. Bill Moyers’s journalism legacy

    Upon receiving the Freedom of Speech award from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in 2007, Moyers recalled FDR’s influence on his childhood. “I don’t know quite how to explain it, except that my father knew who was on his side and who wasn’t, and for 12 years he had no doubt where FDR stood,” Moyers said. “The first time I remember him with tears in his eyes was when Roosevelt died. He had lost his friend.” For anyone who tuned in to his programs over the past four decades, there was no doubt where Bill Moyers stood. We knew he was on our side. He was our friend.

    1. We knew he was on our side. He was our friend.


    2. Didn’t Moyers try to out opponents of LBJ as gays?

    3. He was your friend, unless you were gay and worked for Barry Goldwater.

    4. “The first time I remember him with tears in his eyes was when Roosevelt died. He had lost his friend.”

      And that pretty much sums up the Roosevelt presidency: results be damned, he cared about the working man. Truly a model for those who came after him.


      1. His friend? Reminds me of this scene in ‘A Bronx Tale’.


    5. Moyer’s is a political appartchik who had a journalism show.

  19. Uh, deflation anyone?

    Import and Export Prices

    “Import prices fell a very steep 2.5 percent in December following a downwardly revised contraction of 1.8 percent in November and declines of 1.4 percent and 0.8 percent in the prior 2 months. Year-on-year, import prices are down 5.5 percent.”

    1. Without reading that link, I wonder how much of it has to do with falling oil prices. Also the impact of falling oil prices on downstream industries.

      1. yes a great deal depends on oil. However, the link is to a chart and it is clear that prices have been moving generally negative for more than two years. Oil appears to be accelerating the slide (or is sliding as a result of no demand?).

    2. Does that correct for the exchange rate?

      Because the Euro has lost around 12% since the start of 2014.

      1. Does that correct for the exchange rate?

        I did some basic research and I cannot say for certain. The technical note at BOLS says it is measured as an index “IMport prices are based on US dollar prices paid”. Export prices are more complicated as are certain types of Services (such as airlines/freight). Technical Note

        Regarding the Euro, I am sure that has some effect. I did notice that exports to the EU in nominal US Dollars are down over each of the last 3 years. Imports from EU were down in 2014 from 2013. So not proof of anything, but seems like the Euro’s value is only part of the story.

  20. Man it is a sorry week to be living in Britain. In the face of Charlie Hebdo, they definitely win the award for wimpiest bitches in Europe.

    Having said that, I did see a bright spot in this quote in the Telegraph from the president of the Islamic Society of Britain:

    Sughra Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Britain, said freedom needs to be defended “at all costs”.

    “We need to de-escalate the tension around all this. Those Muslims who feel offended may have a right, but in the scheme of things we should be far more offended by injustice, economic exploitation, anti-Semitism, homophobia, murder, etc,” she said.

    “We are not defending the new cartoon per se, but the ‘all is forgiven’ sentiment is important and gracious and if many of my work colleagues were shot dead, I would feel defiant and want to fight back, so I understand where this is coming from.

    “The people that committed the murders in the name of Mohammed did anything but help his teachings and his cause.

    “If we want religion to be taken seriously and treated as a topic of every day conversation, it can’t be off limits, it will inevitably be criticised and even ridiculed. We just have to accept that as part of modern day life.

    “At a time when Muslims in other parts of the world are struggling for freedom, we should understand better than anyone else the importance of free speech. Freedom is a benefit for all, and we need to defend it at all costs.”

    1. What’s arabic for Uncle Tom?

      1. Uncle Al-Ali?

        I’m reaching.

  21. Charlie Hebdo fallout: Specter of fascist past haunts European nationalism

    The card they are playing is populism presented as an aggrieved nationalism. They depict Europeans as victims of rapacious Muslim immigrants. Le Pen, Britain’s Nigel Farage of the U.K. Independence Party and others aim to come across as reasonable and socially acceptable, while sounding dog whistles to their followers about immigrant social parasites who are either stealing jobs from “real” Europeans or living off welfare.

    Unlike in the 1930s, Le Pen and her compatriots do not deliver spittle-beflecked speeches calling for the extermination of other races. Le Pen avoids the kind of demagogic language used by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, a former intelligence officer in France’s vicious war in Algeria, who called the Holocaust a mere “detail.”

    1. Of course, the Brussels Class never, ever uses demogoguery. No sirree.

    2. “while sounding dog whistles to their followers”

      Oh Gawd, not this again…

      1. If you can hear a dog whistle, you must be a dog.

        1. This is a truly silly response to people who, admittedly often being silly, talk of dog whistles. One can be aware that groups read or hear things in seemingly facially neutral comments without sharing those understandings.

          1. It turns the insult back against the accuser. Immature? Maybe. Satisfying? Yes.

    3. The only real fascist movement in Europe is the Islamists. If something like the marches on Germany were fascist, they would be burning shit down and terrorizing Muslims instead of just marching. Everything the left says is a lie.

      1. I take your point about the marchers in Germany, but calling Le Pen and her org fascist is not too crazy imo.

        1. Probably not, but linking Le Pen and UKIP is pretty low.

          1. I’m not sold on UKIP but yes, that’s a fair point. BNP would be more the equivalent.

      2. Domestic policy wise, most of Europe isn’t far from Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

    4. so the problem is the folks noticing that a particular strain of immigrants is prone to violence. Okay then. And Europe wonders why it is in decline.

      1. This data is a few years old, but it indicates that non-Islamic terrorist acts outnumber Islamic ones.


        1. Ha, ha. Left-wing murders dwarf right-wing.

          Ha, ha.

        2. Which is expected when Muslims only make up 5% of the population, Bo.

          Given that 70% of French prisoners are Muslims, when they only make up like 12% of that country’s population, I think it’s safe to say they’re slightly more prone to crime than the average Frenchman.

          1. What percent of the population are ‘separatists?’

            1. Bo, do you know what kind of terrorist attacks the fucking Basque seperatists engage in?


              Look at this list of attacks by Basque seperatists. Look at the numbers since 2010. I count about 9 discreet instances of ‘terrorist attacks’ and a grand total of one fatality.

              This is why counting terrorist attacks is stupid. If the basques burn a truck by the side of the road without killing anyone, that is not equivalent to 17 people being shot to death in 2 days in Paris. Yet they both get counted as one terrorist attack.

        3. Also, let’s define ‘terrorism.’ If someone throws a firebomb through the building of a mosque they know to be vacant, that will be counted as terrorism.

          If someone walks into a building and shoots twelve people to death in cold blood, that’s also terrorism.

          Which of those activities is more destructive? When you lump dozens of dissimilar activities together as ‘terrorism’ even though some are vastly worse than others, it skews the numbers in a way that doesn’t help determine severity.

        4. and there goes the point whooshing by Bo’s head. The IRA, the Basque separatists, and other European groups are not the same as the Islamists. And this line of argument sounds suspiciously like all the American leftards ringing their hands about how ALL religions are homicidal.

          1. “The IRA, the Basque separatists, and other European groups are not the same as the Islamists. ”

            Yeah, it appears they’re more likely to commit terrorist acts than Islamists.

    5. At least with Le Pen you can hang the rabid racism of her father around her neck, but the idea that Nigel Farage is some sort of dangerous racist is fucking laughable.

  22. he felt “Charlie Coulibaly”

    What does this even mean? It’s not like he wrote he felt “Kate Upton”.

  23. Correcting Paul Krugman’s Austerity Chart for Monetary Effects Yields Very Different Results

    Krugman’s chart plots changes in real GDP against changes in real government purchases for 33 advanced countries between 2010 and 2013. The slope of the trend line (which Krugman does not draw) is clearly positive (with R-squared of 0.31), suggesting strongly that cutting government spending (during that period) reduced growth, and that raising it increased growth.

    The problem with this figure is that it mixes countries that were able to use monetary policy with those that weren’t ? such as those in the Eurozone or those with hard currency pegs. Referring to this problem, Scott Sumner recently asked on his blog: “Why do Keynesians show cross-sectional graphs of fiscal austerity and growth, mixing in countries that have their own independent monetary policy with those that do not?” Sumner’s point is that countries that have independent monetary policy can, in principle, offset fiscal drag with more accommodative monetary policy. Is he right?

    On the right-hand figure above, we re-did Krugman’s chart for advanced countries with independent monetary policies. Lo and behold, Krugman’s spending-growth relationship collapses, as Sumner would have expected.

    1. Krugman has a Nobel prize in economics. He can never be wrong.

      1. He is America’s only economist and one of two in the world, the other being Piketty.

        1. Kudos to Krugman for not drawing a trendline, because an R^2 of .31 is pretty shitty for such a simple relationship. The fact that the R^2 is so low indicates that statstically, the data is approaching random noise.

          Krugman did still try to infer that this trend existed though, so he still deserves to be wire-brushed.

          1. Krugman is awful, but he’s still better than people who mix up “imply”and “infer”. I’ll let you off with a warning this time.

    2. krugman knows that. He is just telling the noble lie to the boobs who read him.

      1. Sexist!

        Why do you assume that the readers are boobs and not balls?

        We must, heretofore, replace all references to boobs with boobs or balls, like we refer to him or her.

    3. Does it just factor in whether they have an independent monetary policy, or do they factor in whether that policy was indeed used to ‘offset fiscal drag with more accommodative monetary policy?.

      1. Its a safe bet that anyone who can monetize their debt (which is what “offset fiscal drag”, etc. means), did so over the last five or so years.

    4. That’s Dr. Krugman to you, uncredentialed scum.

      1. Lord Dr. In fact, if I ever return to academia, which I might if I get dementia, I’m going to demand a higher title than “Professor” or “Dr.” Lord Libertate, Tyrant of Liberty.

        1. Fuck. Lord is greater than Dr.

          1. Dr. Libertate, FuckLord

            1. No, I already used that at Ohio State.

            2. ABD PhD candidate: Lord Libertate puts the terminal in terminal degree.

              1. Finish your dissertation, ya bum.

                1. Is there anything more pathetic than the PhD candidate who fears actually receiving his PhD? I think universities should agree among themselves to a fixed number of doctorates. So if you want to get one, not only do you have to write and defend a thesis, you also have to either wait for a PhD in your field to retire or die, or you have to challenge him in intellectual combat. In the latter case, if you prevail, he has to retire.

                  1. Pro Libertate
                    Pro Libertate
                    Killed his advisor in a duel but never said why
                    12 stories tall made of python
                    Present beware
                    Future beware
                    He’s coming
                    He’s coming
                    He’s coming

                    1. And I want to wear hooded robes all of the time.

    5. Um, since government spending is a part of GDP, isn’t Krugderp’s argument a tautology?

      1. This too.

  24. Venezualan bistops call out the pope on the evils of socialism and the virtues of the market. He should try living under the policies he supports like his bishops on Venezuala do


  25. Take a bath with bears, eat dinner with lions and feed a giraffe from the balcony of your room at the Australian resort that doubles as a zoo

    1. Some commenters here would enjoy taking a bathe with bears. Others would prefer to take a bath with cougars.

    2. See the horrifically deadly flora! Interact with highly dangerous fauna! Experience the rush of fear-adrenaline when trying to evade a poison-fang-stinger-claw borne death!

      1. Oh wait, that is just Australia in general…

      2. It’s fucking Salusa Secundus down there.

  26. Not very smart: Man busted for smuggling 94 iPhones strapped to body

    Chinese customs officials on Sunday busted a Hong Kong man trying to sneak 94 iPhones into the mainland — by strapping them on his body.

    The man caught the attention of inspectors at the Futian crossing in Shenzhen, a southern Chinese metropolis bordering Hong Kong, when he walked like someone carrying a heavy load despite appearing to travel light, customs officials told CNN on Tuesday.

    After finding nothing suspicious in his two plastic shopping bags, officials asked the man to pass through a metal detector — and the alarm went off.

    1. Don’t care how cheap it is, I don’t want a phone that’s been in a stranger’s jockstrap

  27. How an Obscure Tax Loophole Brought Down Obama’s Treasury Nominee

    So how did the previously obscure term tax inversions become part of Washington parlance, fodder for the next presidential campaign and the issue that helped derail a U.S. Treasury nominee?

    Thank, or blame, depending on your perspective, cutting-edge tax lawyers, populist Democrats, a banana seller, a drugmaker, a hamburger chain, the 35 percent U.S. corporate tax rate, and a Wall Street banker named Antonio Weiss.

    There is also the prospect that inversions could cost the U.S. Treasury up to $33.6 billion in lost revenue over the next decade, according to the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

    1. Too bad tax law couldn’t have brought down Tim Geithner.

      1. +1 Turbotax bug.

    2. There is also the prospect that inversions could cost the U.S. Treasury up to $33.6 billion in lost revenue over the next decade,

      Fuck this shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck this shit with a rusty pole.

      I’m absolutely sick and tired of the idea that the money was somehow the government’s in the first place.

  28. The sex life of Elizabeth Nolan Brown

    Part of this discipline involved him slapping me across the face from time to time during sex; I loved it, and I fell in love with him. For the first time in the history of my sex life, I was never, ever bored during sex. The relationship with Chris didn’t last, but my conviction that I needed a little kink in my sex life did. Not all the time, mind you?I am not a fetishist. But I am also never going to last with someone who isn’t at least a little bit dominant, a little bit weird, and a little bit rough in bed.

      1. Am I late to the party?

        1. oops, confused her for someone else.

          *hangs head in shame*

          1. So… If you give ENB a cookie?

    1. i dont care how many abortion artocles she writes. Hiring her almost makes up for hiring Weigal

      1. but not firing LUCY!!!!!

    2. Who is she and why should I care.

      1. She’s one of the writers here.

        1. Plus she’s young and attractive.

          1. And super horny apparently.

            1. A young, attractive, super horny, female libertarian? Jackpot!

              1. Here’s the catch: she lives in DC.

                And only uses alt-text sometimes.

                1. BURN THE HERETIC!

    3. Saw that. SugarFree will have to retire now that he no longer looks original.

      1. There is a reality that comes with living your prose rather than imagining it.

      2. Did I ever?

    4. The real question is whether Chris is a moustachioed campus Republican.

      1. And something about purple cowboy boots?

    5. Way to be, ENB. Hopefully you remain a libertarian woman (TIWTANLWxENB).

      1. Hamilton, you seem pretty interested in everybody’s sex life…

        OT: I’m going on Sunday, so we can try again for that bacon delivery.

        1. Bacon Delivery? Some sort of code word or is it a dog whistle?

          1. Didn’t you get your Koch Brother’s one-time pad in this month’s issue of reason?

            1. I’ll have to go shake the magazine a little harder.. the picture of Ted Cruz is enough to scare me from reading it.

        2. Hey, what I fantasize about in my mom’s basement is NONE of your business unless I write a guest blog post about it.

          Glad to hear you’re going! This time I may actually have a phone on me, so I will drop you a text.

    6. I feel so…plain.

      Anywho, I’m over it–I’ll be in my bunk!

    7. I still love you Elizabeth. I don’t care want the prudish rubes around here say.

      1. Way to lord over us with your filthy perversions.

      2. I think the most prudish thing I’ve seen here is when I said that assholes are gross.

        1. I don’t think you are gross. You need more self-esteem.

          1. You know, I even considered saying “literal assholes”.

            1. That would be worse methinks.

      3. +2 heavily calloused palms

  29. Ultra-Orthodox Israeli newspaper Photoshops out female world leaders from Charlie Hebdo rally


    1. They are ultra orthdox. That is how they roll. Not quite the same as publications that claim to be neutral sources of the news and print offensive things all of the time and refused to here

      1. Not the same thing yes, but pretty silly.

        1. They are ultra orthadox. This is news to you?

          1. No, this particular silly manifestation of it is silly. It’s like the snowman fatwa. Women exist and were at the rally, photoshopping them out of it is a silly denial of reality.

      2. Didn’t they also photoshop Hillary out of the Osama Bin Laden assassination photo?

        Personally, I am not cool with this. I can understand pixelation, but in this case it’s a full Yhezoving which is unconscionable.

        If you and your readers are such frail flowers that the sight of a woman sends you to your fainting couches, pixelate her face of better yet, just don’t print the damn picture!

        1. This.

        2. Well, to be fair, the sight of Hillary Clinton can make even the strongest man weak. She is quite the horrifying creature.

        3. Didn’t they also photoshop Hillary out of the Osama Bin Laden assassination photo?

          That was the whitehouse staff.

      3. Charedim are a strange lot. Very strange. But a lot of ultra religious sects are, and they try to harken back to a fictional time, when people supposedly covered up everything and women were not seen. Of course it’s all hokum. No such time ever existed. Most modern sects like this are completely out of touch with reality, hisotry, and (naturally) modernity.

  30. I’ve often aid if urban ‘living wage’ advocates really wanted to help the urban poor they could best do so by lowering high city taxes. In that vein:

    Study Finds Local Taxes Hit Lower Wage Earners Harder


    1. I saw that article. We’re talking about the taxes that goodthinkful progs want to raise. In fact, in Virginia, one state legislator wants to reduce cigarette smuggling by raising the state’s cigarette tax.

      1. “We’re talking about the taxes that goodthinkful progs want to raise.”

        Which of course, and ironically?, are usually quite regressive and hit poor people the most.

      2. In fact, in Virginia, one state legislator wants to reduce cigarette smuggling by raising the state’s cigarette tax.

        My God. It’s full of weapons-grade stupid.

    1. I volunteer my services at compliance checkpoints.

  31. I’m no longer sure if there anything more rage-inducing in political discussion than rich white liberals going on about how minorities here and worldwide are too stupid and uneducated to set up a service economy, interact with corporations, or generally make changes for their own betterment, thus necessitating their protection by western (read: white) officials. I had to sit through a good 40 minutes of what was basically the white man’s burden this weekend. Bear in mind that I’m on the darker end of the human color swatches.

    Everyone please feel free to share your favorite stories of tone-deaf paternalism and elitism.

    1. Fellow student in Lib vs Prog political debate telling me that we can’t possible understand what the lives of those on welfare are like, so we can’t expect them to go anywhere in life. Informed him I was on welfare(government hands out free money no strings, it’s stupid not to accept it), watched the shock as he realized that the poor are just as capable of rational thought and good decisions as he was.

      1. That’s the ‘out option’ for progs. You can’t possibly know ergo you can’t comment. But apparently bureaucrats and politicians know enough about their plight (even though politicians usually are from the upper classes) to be able to give them hand outs.

        In reality, they’re just cynical enablers. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the people the purport to help.

    2. that is how progressives have always rolled. It’s a bedrock principle of the Dems.

      1. A lot of them exaggerate this, but most don’t think poor minorities are ‘helpless’ or ‘stupid’ they think they have more trouble navigating obstacles in life because of their comparative lower resources and/or racism and such.

        1. no, Bo; they do think minorities are too stupid to figure things out, which is why they champion policies whose consequence is to strip all initiative from the individual and create a dependency class whose vote can be counted on. These are the people whose forefathers believed in eugenics, these are the people who routinely consign black children to the worst schools in any district, and these are the people who policies subsidize (read: incentivize) bad decision-making.

          Let’s go with the simplest test: ever heard of a white athlete described as “articulate”? How about one described as “athletic”? And these are the same people who cry race when someone criticizes Obama, as though he is the first president to ever be critiqued.

          1. They of course don’t see those programs as stripping initiative, since they see the problem as largely due to lower resources they see their programs as ameliorating that situation. They don’t see it as ‘consigning black children to the worst schools,’ they’re worried that the poorest and most neglected kids will be relegated to the really terrible schools in those areas they predict will follow choice programs. As to eugenics, that wasn’t distinctly a progressive thing, other than Catholics and some evangelical Christians just about everyone accepted that scientific ‘consensus’ back then. Interestingly, it was progressives that largely dismantled eugenics law (like the Warren Court).

            I think progressives are wrong about a lot of this, but it’s just self-serving to suppose they actually see the world the way you’re caricaturing.

            1. I think there is a certain level of cultural disgust with the poor that plays into this. It’s the same “you’re different” feeling at the base of racism, but it fuels this desire to package the poor up in tidy little ghettos and pay them off to stay out of the elites’ neighborhoods.

      2. Soft bigotry of low expectations.

    3. During the debate over whether HIV home test kits should be allowed, one person said that evil kkkapitalists could take advantage of women and minorities. I let her have it.

      1. I even slipped in a reference to the right to make choices over one’s own body.

    4. The way it works is this – they’re stupid, but you can’t say that. Because saying something like that is bad. You say you love them, but won’t ever move to a neighborhood that predominantly has such people.

      Instead, you push for government policies that paternalize those you consider stupid, without ever admitting that you are pushing for such policies because you believe in their stupidity.

      And when a person from such a class succeeds on their own merit, you say “Congratulations” to them, while muttering under your breath about how they would never have succeeded but for your benevolence.

  32. A good idea: The U.S. should open its doors to imperiled European Jews

    “As the world rightly focuses on the recent terror attacks in Paris on Charlie Hedbo and a kosher grocery store, it should be noted that the second attack is part of a larger problem: the ongoing vitriol toward the French Jewish community.

    On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders invited French Jews to move to Israel. That’s a nice gesture, but it’s not enough. The United States should join Israel and offer to also open up its shores as a refuge to the endangered Jews of France.”


    1. Also the Syrian and Iraqi minorities that are under threat from ISIS and similar wackjobs.

    2. Very good idea from our point of view.

      We get wealthy, educated French Jews who will help us economically, and the wealthy, educated French Jews don’t have to worry about their synagogues being firebombed.

      It’s a win-win, really.

      1. help us economically

        Not if they’re headed here….

      2. But they’ll probably vote Democrat!

    1. The braille is wrong, I think. Braille has quite a few digraphs, including -st and -er, that would be used.

      In Europs at least, a gender-neutral restroom sign would probably just read “WC”.

    2. Why’s that third guy ‘popping a tent’?

  33. nothing on the Boehner poisoning “plot?”

    FBI says John Boehner’s West Chester bartender planned to poison him

    “Hoyt told the officer he was Jesus Christ and he was going to kill Boehner because Boehner was mean to him at the country club and because Boehner is responsible for Ebola,” United States Capitol Police (USCP) Special Agent Christopher M. Desrosiers said. “Hoyt advised he had a loaded Beretta .380 automatic and he was going to shoot Boehner and take off.”

    Officers said Hoyt told them he regretted not having enough time to put something in Boehner’s drink. It was also discovered Hoyt emailed Boehner’s wife about the plot a day before he called police, Desrosiers said.

    1. The guy is probably just racist against orange people.

      1. I hate Syracuse too. Wish Wake Forest had beat them last nite.

        1. You know, I’ve often thought people here are too hard on you.

          But now? Now I know you’re the worst person on these comment threads.

          1. The only good orange comes from the Clemson Tigers.

            1. Okay, now you’re just Satan.

              (Syracuse alumnus, brother is a Florida State alumnus)

      2. Show me where the Oompa Loompa touched you.

    2. The funny thing is that this is one time I would believe is an example of Tea Party terrorism.

    1. Did a white person say this? Because then it would be racist, right?

    2. So I guess they’re going to go after “stench shamers” now?

      1. stench shamers

        Nice band name.

    3. I guess Naya Rivera has never been to Europe. Modern perfumes were invented there because bathing was so rare.

    4. “And they stink! Did I mention that before?” – Clayton Bigsby

    5. If anyone has figures on that, it’s probably the makers of toiletries. But being that’s valuable marketing info, you’d expect to have to pay for it. There was a time I was interested in data like that, because http://users.bestweb.net/~robgood/lather.html

  34. Chinese restaurant promises free food to the beautiful

    Before eating guests are taken to a “beauty identification area” where they are photographed and considered. Potential diners are judged on the quality of their faces, eyes, noses and mouths. Protruding foreheads are a particular advantage, according to reports.

    Emphasis added. Hey, some of us are in luck!

    1. Chinese beauty standards are pretty fucked up. They would think that sarcasmic chases fatties.

      1. Starving peasant chic

    2. “Great! Now I just need several swimsuit shots and you can enjoy your free meal”

  35. “A French comedian was detained for questioning on Wednesday for writing on his Facebook…”

    Hang on. Time out.

    There are French comedians?

    1. “Takez mon mistress, s’il vous plais!”

    2. Wait a minute.

      They stopped using Minitel?

  36. The U.S. section of the International Space Station was evacuated on Wednesday due to a leak of “harmful substances” from the cooling system.

    Looks like a false alarm. A pressure indicator showed an anomalous pressure rise.on a water line in the cooling system, which was taken as a possible leak of ammonia into the water. As of 0825 EST, no data confirm a leak.

    1. “The ants are shorting out the instruments!”

      1. “The squid is no longer responding to the mind control!!!!!!”

    2. Baked beans MRE?

      1. +1 Dangerous Methane Leak

  37. For those of you who like craft beers:

    Whale testicle beer

  38. Columbus cops will now investigate pepper-spraying of fans celebrating Buckeye victory.

    1. Just like the SEC allows insider traders to investigate themselves.

    2. TCU fans want to know where their tear gassing is at!

  39. How to look smarter

    People who tried to appear intelligent risked exposing what they didn’t know, the research shows. Observers were more accurate in estimating the IQs?including lower IQs?of those instructed to act intelligent than in estimating the IQs of controls who weren’t given any instructions. Apparently, participants’ attempts at impression management actually magnified other cues signaling low intelligence.

    As for how to appear smarter, the takeaway was pretty obvious to anyone with wisdom and knowledge of human nature, but worth mentioning. To appear intelligent to someone, agree with everything they say while wearing glasses

    1. This makes sense. You can always tell when someone is trying too hard.

      1. And people who are quiet can often look smarter than they are.

        1. Nods, adjusts glasses…

  40. Las Vegas cop who called for a race war, threatened the President, and said a bunch more idiotic stuff will get his job back.

    I know, a lot of focus has been on racism in police after last year, where it should be on shitty cops and shitty policies… but yeah, this guy’s a racist asshole and a possible sociopath who should be nowhere near a badge.

  41. http://www.centredaily.com/201……html?rh=1

    Children and Youth Fair where kids are allowed to sell their artistic creations. This year they’re banning toy weapons (any toy weapon; even lightsabers). For the children, don’tcha know.

    1. Everything can be a weapon in the right hands. Even Episiarch’s ambiguous genitalia.

      When Episiarch’s mother asked if it was a boy or a girl, the doctor screamed and fainted.

    2. Jeeezus. If you tried to find a place in the country with the highest number of children with ACTUAL FIREARMS, not.just toy weapons, you’d be hard pressed to find more than.in central Pennsylvania.

  42. Virginia is for lovers!

    “Convicted Virginia state legislator wins election while in jail”
    “The 57-year-old Morrissey, who was first elected in 2007, was charged in state court last year over his interactions with a former 17-year-old receptionist at his law office. Last month, in a plea bargain, he was convicted on a misdemeanor charge of taking indecent liberties with a minor, local media reported. ”
    Check Yahoo news

    1. When he gets out of prison, he’s moving to Maine with his girlfriend, and he’s going to Bangor.

      1. Darn, the joke doesn’t fit, he’s been elected to the legislature.

        He is studying up on the issues facing the state, reading many books. He can’t wait to get to the legislature so he can bend over the pages.

        1. A bit of a stretch, but 3.0.

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