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Obama's Free Tuition Plan Is a Subsidy for Colleges, Not Students


Your tax dollars at work.

California has a very cheap community college program. Annual tuition can cost less than $1,500 a year. According to this college calculation service, you're likely to spend more on books than you will on your classes.

California also has a problem in that its community college system already cannot accommodate all the students who want to attend. In 2012, California reported having 470,000 students on waiting lists. The inability to provide classes for students was blamed on budget cuts, of course, not on its economic model. They did raise tuition rates, though, from $20 a unit to $46 a unit.

You cannot look at California's community college system and conclude that subjecting all community college students even further to the vicissitudes of government spending commitments is a good idea. Yet, this is exactly what President Barack Obama is proposing. Obama's "America's College Promise" proposal, reported yesterday and formally introduced today, would provide "free"—as in subsidized by federal and state governments—community college educations. Here's how the White House says it will work:

Enhancing Student Responsibility and Cutting the Cost of College for All Americans: Students who attend at least half-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA while in college, and make steady progress toward completing their program will have their tuition eliminated. These students will be able to earn half of the academic credit they need for a four-year degree or earn a certificate or two-year degree to prepare them for a good job.

Building High-Quality Community Colleges: Community colleges will be expected to offer programs that either (1) are academic programs that fully transfer to local public four-year colleges and universities, giving students a chance to earn half of the credit they need for a four-year degree, or (2) are occupational training programs with high graduation rates and that lead to degrees and certificates that are in demand among employers.  Other types of programs will not be eligible for free tuition.  Colleges must also adopt promising and evidence-based institutional reforms to improve student outcomes, such as the effective Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) programs at the City University of New York which waive tuition, help students pay for books and transit costs, and provide academic advising and supportive scheduling programs to better meet the needs of participating students, resulting in greater gains in college persistence and degree completion.

Ensuring Shared Responsibility with States: Federal funding will cover three-quarters of the average cost of community college. States that choose to participate will be expected to contribute the remaining funds necessary to eliminate community college tuition for eligible students. States that already invest more and charge students less can make smaller contributions, though all participating states will be required to put up some matching funds. States must also commit to continue existing investments in higher education; coordinate high schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions to reduce the need for remediation and repeated courses; and allocate a significant portion of funding based on performance, not enrollment alone. States will have flexibility to use some resources to expand quality community college offerings, improve affordability at four-year public universities, and improve college readiness, through outreach and early intervention.

So right off the bat I see a huge incentive for further grade inflation for community colleges. Remember, of course, the free money getting tossed around is going to college faculty and administrators, not to students. It's not the students being subsidized, it's the college. So they're going to do everything in their power to keep these students attending, even if it results in students leaving college with associate's degrees they can barely read, which will subsequently devalue the degrees in the eyes of employers.

Even in an era of grade inflation, though, community colleges also have terrible completion rates for students seeking two-year degrees. The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a handy map showing completion rates lower than 10 percent in states like Indiana and Rhode Island after three years of attendance. The best state, South Dakota, has a 52.9 percent completion rate. For-profit colleges, for all their criticism for taking advantage of students (and federal subsidies), have a higher graduation rate than community colleges.

But to be clear, having a low completion rate over three years shouldn't necessarily be seen as a criticism of the community college system. What community colleges allow is the ability for people who cannot commit (for a variety of fiscal or personal reasons) to a traditional education model to nevertheless advance their educations. They may take a few classes and drop out because they have to prioritize other parts of their life, at least for the time being. Maybe they'll come back in time. Maybe not. Sometimes it's a money issue, but not always. In fact, the White House acknowledges exactly what community colleges are:

By 2020, an estimated 35 percent of job openings will require at least a bachelor's degree and 30 percent will require some college or an associate's degree. Forty percent of college students are enrolled at one of America's more than 1,100 community colleges, which offer students affordable tuition, open admission policies, and convenient locations.  They are particularly important for students who are older, working, need remedial classes, or can only take classes part-time. For many students, they offer academic programs and an affordable route to a four-year college degree. They are also uniquely positioned to partner with employers to create tailored training programs to meet economic needs within their communities such as nursing, health information technology, and advanced manufacturing.

Okay, so why is this program needed at all? If the White House's position is that community colleges are accessible and affordable, why a new program? What they're offering doesn't appear to be a loan. If a student falls into the extremely high drop-out rate for students, the government (and the taxpayers) don't get the money back. So the White House is promoting a program funded by taxpayers to subsidize—wait, I mean further subsidize—a system that has baked in an extremely high failure rate.

But again, this program is not a subsidy for students. It's a subsidy for faculty and college level administrative bloat. The Weekly Standard notes that the White House declined to detail the cost of the proposal, but the math is easy to calculate. The administration states that 9 million students would "save" $3,800 a year. That puts the cost at $34 billion, split between the federal government and states who participate. Community college presidents across the country are drooling.

Remember, the blame for skyrocketing college costs has been laid squarely at the feet of bloating administrative staff in higher education. One study states from early 2014 states administrative staff led to a 28 percent boom in the higher education workforce, even in the middle of this recession (while faculty salaries remained fairly flat). Community colleges actually lost both part-time and full-time faculty members during the recession, but nevertheless gained an average of three administrative positions per 1,000 students.

Now scroll back up and read the second bullet point in the president's plan. It should be obvious now that that calls for "evidence-based institutional reforms" sounds good but is, in actuality, code for "MORE ADMINISTRATORS! WE NEED MORE ADMINISTRATORS DOING STUDIES AND PROVIDING MORE 'STUDENT SERVICES' OVER HERE!"

Ultimately what will happen is that the subsidies will be consumed by this bloat and community colleges will not be able to expand to actually accommodate additional students, so we'll see more students being forced to wait, or tuition costs will quickly rise above the administration's subsidy (which doesn't seem to have a cap, but obviously is going to have to or god help us all) in order to get more money to actually pay for the classes the students need. This is exactly what's happening at four-year colleges already.

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  1. It’s also a subsidy for the various teachers’ unions; who can forget them when the campaign contributions are counted?

    1. agreed.
      the government loan program just makes it easier to transfer students money to educational entities(government and otherwise). While the professors and administrators are getting ever increasing incomes the actual Return on Investment (ROI) on college educations is diminishing drastically for most students.

      Stupidly, the students voted overwhelmingly for Obama and his Fascist government which propagates this problem

    2. Are the faculties of the various community colleges members of “the various teachers’ unions”?

      That’s largely true of government secondary schools’ teaching faculties, but at the community college level?

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    1. Damn, I wanted them taken alive.

      1. It may have been useful for intelligence gathering, but then they’d get to spend the rest of their lives in prison on the French taxpayer’s dime. This seems easier.

        1. “It may have been useful for intelligence gathering, but then they’d get to spend the rest of their lives in prison on the French taxpayer’s dime.”

          I have a suspicion they wouldn’t last long in prison.

          1. In a French prison? They may have had celeb status like Manson here.

            1. This. They’d crank out a, um, slew of followers, and be married to several virgins.

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              I don’t think they’d take too kindly to the terrorist interlopers.

        2. yes, it think that the French stupidly banned the death penalty so they would stay in prison. doesn’t stop the French inmates from doing what the French government doesn’t have the balls to do.

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      French police have stormed two hostage sites in Paris and north of the city, with the hostage takers reported dead.

      1. Mayor: Charlie Hebdo attackers dead:

        Hayat Boumeddiene, the 26-year-old woman wanted in Thursday’s fatal shooting of a policewoman outside Paris, escaped Friday from the grocery store in the confusion as hostages ran away, Alliance Police Union spokesman Pascal Disand said. She’d been in the market with Amedy Coulibaly, the other suspect in Thursday’s deadly incident.

  3. CUNY started out free. Obama might want to take a look at history and see how that turned out. And then repeat the experience for every other failed idea that escapes his piehole.

    1. Leftists will tell you that California college education started out free for residents and remained so until The Source of All Things Wrong with California, Ronald Reagan, was elected Governor.

      1. And it seems all the D gov’s and legislators since then haven’t been able to make it “free” again. He must have cast a spell!
        He’s also t blame for closing the mental institutions, since he forced the ACLU to bring suit! Or something…

  4. “Ensuring Shared Responsibility with States”

    Like the Obamacare “shared responsibility payment”?

  5. Enhancing Student Responsibility and Cutting the Cost of College for All Americans

    I wish more people could spot BS in statements like this, because of course it’s impossible to cut the cost of college through government fiat. It will simply cut the price for the students paying for it by spreading the cost around to taxpayers.

    1. But the “Paying For Someone Else’s College For The Rest of Your Life Act” doesn’t crowd-test as well.

    2. Except that’s not really true because the added costs of administrators to conduct the studies and validate more subsidies to the college will consume the subsidies, so the students will still have to pay tuition. Probably just as much as they did before. It’s a kick-back, make-work program for teacher’s unions.

    3. Pretty sure this has arrived on The President’s Desk:…

    4. Actually, it will increase the cost of college for all Americans, by lowering the price students pay and increasing demand. But someone has to pay.

  6. Curious to see how this impacts four year colleges. Already a lot of people do their first two years of college at a community college and then transfer. This could make that the norm for everybody.

    1. It won’t make it the norm for everybody, because community colleges will have waiting lists and triage for applicants who otherwise could easily sign up for a cc course now.

      1. That just proves how underfunded the CC system is in this country! Why do you hate children young adults children?

      2. If there were only some way for automatic signals to be sent out about how much the education really costs, how valuable it is to individual students, and what they’re willing to pay to get it. Let’s call it “the free market.” Radical, yes.

        1. The beauty is, there is more of a free market in education than ever. The students who are waitlisted by their local cc’s can go to any number of online schools and likely enter the job market much more quickly than their classroom-bound peers.

          Yet another way this bill would destroy community colleges. Make them unable to compete with online education.

          1. The bill would somehow attack online colleges, probably.

            1. Len – most likely for all online education things. Require onerous licensing and registration fees, make their “tuition and fees” up to line with brick and mortar places. Destroy them as competition. Ah, the gov!

    2. Until Obama makes the first two years of college free everywhere!

      1. The recent national election clearly illustrates that not enough Americans have been indoctrinated with leftoidism. Twelve years in a government skool, within the context of a media culture saturated with leftoid propaganda, is clearly not enough!

        If we could just get the statist-collectivist-leftoid message out to the masses, Marxism will be victorious!

        1. You have far too much faith in the American voting population

      2. yep – then you will have garbage collectors with a two year degree- that really solves all of society’s problems right there.

        If the high schools actually fulfilled their purpose, none of this would be necessary – the first two years of college at community colleges and many other state colleges is to teach students what they should have learned before leaving high school

    3. Probably mean that 4-year colleges will require placement exams to make sure students are ready for their courses. Sure you got Bs in english at the community college that needed you to score high enough for them to keep their subsidy, but you may have to take Trucker’s English to get through courses at a real university. More cost to students who much retake courses they were ill-prepared by their community colleges for.

      1. Sad thing is a lot of those CC students were already not prepared for college, which is why they’re in CC in the first place. Two more years of worthless CC’s that have been incentivized to inflate their grades and they still won’t be ready for “real” college.

        1. agreed

    4. Everybody won’t sign up for community colleges, because getting admitted to a 4-year college is now a fist-clenching, teeth-grinding game of one-upspersonship for the parents of high school students.

  7. Is this the best the Ivy leagues can produce? Seriously, even Ray Charles could see that this is a really bad idea and he is blind and dead.

    1. Dead?! I have tickets to see him and Lou Reed this summer!

    2. agreed.

      The Ivys seem to be adept at producing leaders who’s ideas are completely incompatible with reality, but sound really impressive!

      some Ivy league ideas:

      Communism/socialism/fascism –doesn’t work- nobody wants to work to pay for someone who doesn’t

      Multiculturism – doesn’t work – people want to be with people that are like themselves and not with people that don’t share their core beliefs

      Social programs -don’t work – nobody is lifted out of poverty by disincentivising them from working.

      Free Anything- nothing is free -someone somewhere has to pay.

      Equality/fairness – doesn’t exist – never has – never will, and the more someone tries to “level” the playing field the worse everything gets

      1. My wife works with two Ivys. They couldn’t figure out how the microwave in the breakroom works so they had it replaced. Yet they still burn popcorn in the new microwave…

  8. Why do these “ideas” from Obama all sound like they came from stoned sophomores?

    “Hey, I know, let’s make community college free! Pass the bong.”

    1. “STOP it, Man! Really, you’re FREAKING ME OUT!!”

  9. These students will be able to … earn a certificate or two-year degree to prepare them for a good job.

    Wait. Haven’t we been told that all good jobs of the future will require an intense high-tech STEM education?

    I confuse.

    1. My bad – I thought that was what high school was for – I guess that they have conceded that fact that high school is completely worthless and adds no value to a human being. Its just daycare for teenagers.

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    1. ‘Fess up, Taberlario.

      You have a certificate or two-year degree, don’t you?

      1. Certificate from the Sally Struthers School of Spambotting!

  11. Maintain a 2.5? At community college? Seriously?

    1. Oh, very well. Do as well as you did in high school, then.

      1. My friend used to joke that CC was Big Boy HS. This will guarantee it.

        1. We used to call it 13th grade.

        2. This is exactly the problem. HS has been dumbed down, with the result that much of the first two years of college is nothing more than remedial math and english. Further, many careers that require a college degree could actually get by with a well focused 2 year program (accounting, paralegal come to mind). Other careers such as secondary educator might be better served by requiring a liberal arts degree in the field to be taught and minimal training about teaching, rather than making a four year study of “education”.

          1. (accounting, paralegal come to mind).

            bookeeping… yes

            accounting…. not so much

    2. I know. Someone with a 2.5 at a community college is probably not going to do particularly well in the workforce. Having people with that kind of GPA (particularly in the era of grade inflation) is going to seriously devalue Associate’s Degrees and make them worthless.

      Then people who attend free community college will wonder why their Associate’s Degree isn’t helping them get a job.

  12. “Grade inflation” jumped out at me. Given the choice, would a community college rather have 75% of a student’s tuition paid by the government, guaranteed, or bill the student for 100% and hope the student pays their bill? I would expect every student’s grades to suddenly go up past a C.

    This reminds me of my old school. I went to a local branch of Purdue. I heard that after I left, there was a lot of pressure for schools to turn out more technology graduates, so the department watered down the curriculum and graduated more students. The result was more technology graduates who didn’t know jack shit. I think Obama’s plan will give us more community college graduates at Starbuck’s.

    1. “I think Obama’s plan will give us more community college graduates at Starbuck’s.”

      Nah, those jobs are reserved for the 4 year college crowd – these folks will end up stocking shelves at Aldi or such.

      1. Exactly. Starbucks has lots of great benefits, so in Obama’s college-degree-saturated world, Starbucks will be a top employer. Cleaning grease traps at McD’s will be for the 2-year degree people.

        You’ll need a PhD to be a junior web administrator.

    2. Especially because the people taking advantage of this are not going to be good students. Progs seem to be laboring under the assumption that if you send mediocre students from bad high schools to community college, they will somehow become educated.

      Instead, you’re really just going to have a shitload of bad students going to community college, causing rampant grade inflation so the community colleges can keep the government money coming, and they will graduate with completely devalued Associate’s Degrees that don’t improve their chances in the market.

      Then, the people who don’t go to community college and only have a high school degree will be made worse off because there will be another layer of people above them in the pecking order.

      1. Pretty sure this is RACIST!

      2. Smart, logical, and well thought out….you filthy RACIST!!!

      3. This is not about education, it is about votes. Progs don’t care if the masses are educated and, frankly, prefer to keep them not educated.

        This is about bad students having a reason to vote for Obama and the Left because they get to go to college for free.

        1. Of course if you oppose this you will hate puppies, kittens, and you will single-handedly kill all of the polar bears.

    3. Do community colleges do their own financing? I would have thought the student would have to get a loan from a financial institution or the government, so the college gets paid whether or not the student pays back the loan or passes his classes or even attends the classes.

      1. Depends. My university takes attendance and if you are aren’t coming to class they will drop you and you won’t get your financial aid. I currently reside in Texas and they cap you at 150 hours and then they start charging you out of state prices. Attempted hours also count toward that 150, so it really gives you an incentive to actually attend and pass your classes.

  13. Perhaps it’s time to institute diploma mills for associate degrees: “Please submit a two-page essay on your life experience, and do not forget your tuition payment.”

  14. So, if everyone has an Associate’s Degree, what is the value of an Associate’s Degree?

    About the same as the certificate you got when you “graduated” from Kindergarten.

    1. Exactly. They don’t understand that. I got my Masters because a bachelor’s might as well be nothing since the “go to college or die” push.

      1. Oh, they understand it. In fact, bringing the masses down to the same, shitty level is the whole point.

        1. always has been for socialists – always will be – easier to control and exploit them!

      2. I got my Masters cause the government said I can’t practice architecture without one.


        1. fucking free-range anarchist. good thing the govt got you under control.

    2. If EVERYONE is super than NO ONE will be!…..ill-be.jpg

  15. In Soviet Russia, Colleges Community you!

  16. No, you are missing this for what it is. This is a piece of crap policy to make opponents look bad.

    It will do one of 3 things.

    1) Congress/Senate will vote it in, probably tying a handful of pork to it. Obama (and JohnB) gets to say just how bipartisan they are, and how well they work together. Obama gets the credit, fiscal conservatives get even MORE pissed at the Republicans, and a whole bunch of people get to go to school “FREE” becanse the Government provided it.

    2) Congress/Senate will NOT vote it in, and Obama gets to make a big deal about how he is such a good guy and it is the damn republicans who are trying to keep you from going to college. It will die in the near future and Obama gets some good press.

    3) (I think most likely) They will fight about it, it will become a 2016 issue and the Left will use it as a way to pull in the uneducated vote. Fiscal Conservatives will make a stink about numbers and costs and grade inflation and other things that don’t play well on TV spots, the Left will talk about the FEELZ and will get a big portion of the disaffected youth to support them because, hey, free shit.

    1. I will take door 3 for the win

    2. Why do you conservatives hate education and the young? Why are you so evil?

      1. we don’t
        We have what the liberals(socialists, Fascists, communists, crony capitalists) have done with education and how it hurts young people.

        Liberals refuse to teach anything of any economic value to young people in high school and most of college. Instead they teach radical environmentalism, animal rights, socialism grievence, ethnic and feminist studies.

        what they should be teaching is computer technology, math and science, electical engineering acounting, finance, medical science, welding plumbing and other trades.

  17. Resistance is as pointless as your degrees. Think about it: What does “liberal arts” even mean?

    1. It used to mean that you were trained to think and articulate clearly (grammar, logic, rhetoric), and could familiarize yourself with new subjects (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy).

      Now it means that you’ve taken courses in basket-weaving and attended a seminar on the plight of Carrie Bradshaw in heteropatriarchalnormative America.

      1. My America?

        1. Yep, you patriarchal shitlord, you.l

      2. Basket-weaving is more useful than the gender studies bullshit. At least you can sell it on Etsy.

        1. true – its a trade –

    2. Blogging logical fallacies and dehumanizing anyone who questions the State is an art form.

  18. Sometimes this idiocy just makes me want to cry. I can’t even bear to argue or rant about it anymore.

  19. Enhancing Student Responsibility…

    Through daddy government giving each child an allowance for good grades! If Matt Damon is interested, this is what ‘paternalistic’ means.

  20. Hey! High school diplomas are utterly worthless! Let’s bring that same government efficiency to associates degrees!

    1. exactly

  21. You know, Ph.D.s earn more on average! Free Ph.D.s for everyone!

    “I got a Ph.D. in convenience store cashier studies!”

    1. Let’s get one thing straight: These subsidies aren’t for the people receiving the degrees.

  22. When the jokes are this easy, but the people in charge of the country are seriously f**king considering it, what the h*ll do you do? Abusing my drywall doesn’t help.

    1. Of course not, especially sine you’re going to have to call someone with a 2 year degree in drywall repair to fix it.

  23. We’ve already redefined childhood to end at 26, so I guess keeping them in the public schools until they’re 26 is an idea? Can we take away their voting rights, too?

    1. Are you kidding? Young, brainwashed youths are the Dems bread and butter. They’d have them voting in elementary school.

      1. sorry I’m from the dept of redundancy dept

  24. Shorter Obama: MOAR FREE SHIT!!!111!!11!!!!

  25. It’s another one of Obama’s stealth bailouts of failing Democrat-controlled governments.

  26. That 470,000 student waiting list number is deceptive. It’s for individual sections of classes, not admissions into community colleges or unique students, and it’s prior to the start of the term. Once the term starts and people drop classes, those numbers go down. Also, popular sections may fill so someone will waitlist the desired section while registering for another. Or waitlist multiple sections of the same course trying to get a better schedule/professor.

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  29. Didn’t you guys and gals hear, if everyone has a college degree then something something magical is gonna happen. Peace and joy will abound and no man, woman, or child will go hungry. Everyone will live in mansions and man and animal will no longer get sick or die.

    Of course it can’t lead to education inflation where everyone has to go to school even longer and waste even more money just to stand out from the crowd. Nope, nothing like that could ever happen in lefty land.

    1. That’s a possibility, but i think it’s more likely that employers will look for bachelors degrees + more experience than before. I mean, if the education becomes less worthy due to grade inflation, getting a higher degree doesn’t necessarily mean you are more learned. Could just mean you spent more time getting your grades padded for subsidy money. So, you’ll have to spend time, post graduation, proving yourself with experience to get the jobs you got educated for. Means more advanced degrees in entry-level jobs which harms those who aren’t couldn’t make it through college or weren’t interested because now they’ll have to compete with better educated workers.

      1. Yeap the good ole catch 22. You need experience to get a job but no one will hire you without experience to give you the experience to get the job in the first damn place.

        I think I confused myself on that one.

    2. true a garbage collector with a college degree is still a garbage collector. Just he will be $200,000 in debt with nothing but a few years of adult daycare to show for it.

      1. He will be $100,000 in debt. We are picking up the first half of the tab.

  30. Further subsidizing the community college system and diverting students there will also exacerbate the enrollment crisis happening at many small, private, 4 year institutions who are already pricing themselves out of the market. If there was ever any doubt that we are approaching contraction (i.e. widespread closures) in 4 year institutions, a program like this will precipitate it for sure. Of course, shuttering 4 year colleges will simply reduce supply and put bachelors and masters degrees further out of reach for those of modest means. Unintended consequences, indeed.

    1. This may not be an unintended consequence.

      It is the small, probably religious schools that will close, not the big “X State” or “University of Y” schools. These major, statist sponsored schools, as they are already subsidized like mad and will still be fine.

  31. before I looked at the draft that said $9300 , I didnt believe that…my… brother woz actualy earning money part time on there computar. . there best friend haz done this 4 only about 1 year and as of now cleard the mortgage on there mini mansion and purchased themselves a Car . you can try this out……….

  32. The whole exercise stinks of cynicism and pathetic desperation. “Hey Mr. President, our party just got its ass handed to it in the mid-terms. Better offer the Free Shit Army some free shit to get them agitating for you even more and get the fence-sitters on your side!”

    1. ^^This.

      Can’t wait until his next Camacho move: “Everybody gets a MILLION DOLLARS!!! Vote Dem!”

      1. Uhhh, some people say that folks that own houses didn’t get that house honestly. So what the federal government plans to do…*poof* dawn of the Obamahouse.

        1. Chumby – The Obamahouse! Only “we didn’t build” it!

          Or, is it made of marshmallows, gumdrops, and gingerbread, protective helmet mandatory for safety! Seatbelts on every chair! No knives! No windows! The Obamahouse!

      2. Acctually I would vote for this.

        After a few years the same people would have all the money, just more of it.

  33. Meh. This is just one of those final acts of lame duck nearing the end of his presidency. Next week he’ll be off to Geneva to announce a new Israeli/Palestinian “Road Map”. Blech.

  34. A couple takeaway’s from Obama here:

    I get the distinct impression the dude’s mind never got beyond the 19-year-old’s undergrad Choom Gang pontifications. Such as “Dude, wouldn’t it be cool if food were, like, not covered in peels? It would make things so much better. The government needs to make a law, man.”

    Or: He’s an insidious centralizing tool who looks at community colleges and says “needs more royal charter. Too independent of the crown.”

  35. Also, has anyone noticed that this shows exactly how out-of-touch an elitist Obama is?

    His only experience with higher education was at private, R1 universities (Columbia, Harvard, UChicago). I’m willing to bet he actually thinks that community colleges cost 20k a year.

    He’s literally one of those guys who looks at the working class and says “Ooooh, they’re so poor they can’t even afford a second yacht. How sad…”

  36. Maybe I’m just fitting everything into a pet theory, but this strikes me as tyimg in with the drumbeat against “for profit” colleges. And it seems to me that both are attempts to divert attention from the growing obsolescence of traditional colleges and universities. The Left has an enormous amount of political capitol built into the present system of secondary education, and it is becoming clearer that their influence is all out of proportion to their utility.

    Just a thought.

    1. I’m thinking your thoughts are good thinking thoughts.

  37. Well, he said he was going to hire an army of teachers; this comes pretty close.

  38. “Subsidy for Colleges, Not Students”

    When you give one person a voucher to buy a service or commodity, you help them obtain something for less money out-of-pocket. But when you give everyone such a voucher, the sellers of that service or commodity raise their prices. The cash-for-clunkers voucher program had the immediate effect of raising car prices from distressed levels – good for the sellers but not the buyers.

  39. “They are particularly important for students who are older, working, need remedial classes, or can only take classes part-time.”

    A single 3-semester-hour course at Mesa Community College costs about $380. A single such course at nearby Arizona State University costs about $2600. Credits from MCC are transferable to ASU, whether or not you earn an Associates ‘Degree’ at MCC. “Okay, so why is this program needed at all?” Good question.

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  44. And then the community colleges will improve their cred and stats by Raising Their Admission Standards so that it might push their ‘graduation percentages higher’ and make them look better, JUST AS the colleges and universities around the US have for the past few decades…

    Can NOBODY understand that history, read the tea leaves or be conscious of ‘unintended consequences’ of Bright Ideas like the one the Presidebt has proposed?!

    Similar point… y’know why there’s been such as surge in college debt?! Ever consider that when the loan rates are subsidized or capped at too-low a number (below market-clearing rates), it JUST MIGHT create Excessive Demand and skew the market by encouraging folks that Shouldn’t Take Out Those Loans to Do So?

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