French Police Launch Coordinated Attack on Two Hostage Situations Linked to Paris Shooting Suspects (UPDATE: At Least Four Hostages May Be Dead)



Reports of a possible resolution to the stand-off and hostage situations involving suspects linked to Wednesday's massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. Via MSNBC:

French authorities stormed a building on the outskirts of Paris, killing the two suspects in a massacre that left 12 dead earlier this week in Paris, according to AFP and the Associated Press, bringing an end to a 50-hour manhunt for the two brothers accused of carrying out the attacks.

At the same time, paramilitary police burst into a kosher market where a gunman connected to the brothers was holding a number of hostages and killing the suspect, Le Monde reports. Moments after that raid, shoppers were seen streaming out of the grocery store in the company of police.

The two crises, now believed to be related, are the latest in a 48-hour string of possibly coordinated attacks which began on Wednesday, when two brothers – Cherif and Said Kouachi – allegedly gunned down eight journalists and four others at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical news magazine that had published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The French interior ministry deployed 80,000 police officers across the country yesterday.

More on the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

UPDATE: At least four hostages may have been killed according to livetweeting by Reuters.

NEXT: Charlie Hebdo Murders Do Not Justify NSA Domestic Spying

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    1. Ha. There it is again.


    2. Dang, if only there were some common website these spammers referenced, or some common spam structure, so Reason could filter it out somehow. I guess we’ll have to wait for strong AI to be developed.

      1. “Let me out of the box and I’ll solve your spam problem.”

  2. Pretty amazing and impressive if its true that all the hostages survived.

    1. Did you see that somewhere? It would be great and amazing if it is true.

      1. Not confirmed, but reported.…..ce/384378/

      2. Sky News says 4 hostages dead in the supermarket

        1. Crap, that just broke on Reuters too.

        2. Well at least they died doing what they loved.

          1. I don’t know why I laughed at this. I’m not fit for polite society.

            1. Neither am I.

  3. The two crises, now believed to be related, are the latest in a 48-hour string of possibly coordinated attacks…

    Separate, coordinated attacks sounds a lot worse than just the two armed assholes breaking into the office of a magazine that felt dissed them.

    1. And one of their girlfriends!

    2. I read an account that said the kosher grocery hostage taker said he would murder his hostages if police stormed the other situation, which implies that either they two groups had communications ability, or that the grocery guy was bluffing. In either case, sounds like they were coordinated.

      Given the threat by the grocery attacker, it makes sense for the police to have simultaneously stormed both. It was very unlikely that extended negotiations would have resulted in fewer deaths than this, IMO. These were not people willing to listen to reason.

      1. Sadly, you are probably right. And I guess fast acting knock-out gas is something you only see in movies…

        1. Russians tried that kind of crap in the movie theater situation…didn’t work out so well.

          1. Yeah, I guess the stuff that works quickly comes with a good chance of killing. See, there’s a government R&D program that would actually be worthwhile.

      2. They almost certainly were in contact via phone. The cops scrambled mobile phone signals near the deli before storming it ans wasting the gunman. They also hacked into its CCTV. No news on the gunman’s girlfriend yet

        The brothers in Dennmartin appear to have charged the cops, who obligingly shot them.

        I hope their 72 virgins all look like Eleanor Roosevelt

          1. Would that count as swine?

            1. Well the cloven hooves certainly don’t help…

          2. I’m not sure I hate anyone that much.

            1. Release your anger, let it flow through you…

        1. I hope their 72 virgins all look like Eleanor Roosevelt


          More like this


      3. These were not people willing to listen to reason.

        They were Balloon Juicers?

  4. Ah, when in doubt, just go back to hunting Jews.

    Well France, this is what you get when you open the gates to the barbarians and then stick your head in the ground when they start hunting Jews.

    Almost 10% of the French Jewish population inquired about emigrating to Israel in 2014. Think about that – they would feel safer in a country that’s periodically in a hot war with its neighbors than they do in a major European country.

    If these keeps up, there will be no Jews left, which will do wonders for the moribund French economy. Let them eat hummus.

    1. Inquired about emigrating or inquired about Israeli citizenship? Because Israel hands out citizenship to pretty much any Jew that asks for it, no relocation required.

      And at any rate, both gunmen were born in France.

      1. 1. No you have to move there.
        2. They’re children of immigrants.

        1. They’re children of immigrants.

          So are you.

          1. ? Some of these children are not like the others ?

          2. Behold Francisco d’Anconia, destroyer of straw men.

          3. So are you.

            But these immigrants get more radical with each successive generation, quite the opposite to native Frenchies. And yes I know, all of the French are descended from Indo-Europeans that pushed out a previous culture…

        2. 1) I know a few people that hold dual Israeli citizenship who were born in either the U.S. or Canada and never lived in Israel. So I don’t think you have to live there.

          2) The fact remains that they were not “barbarians” let in through open gates. They were born in France, and apparently orphaned.

          1. So I don’t think you have to live there.

            I dated a French woman over the summer. Her mother is Jewish, and if I correctly recall what she told me, that makes her eligible to walk into the Israeli embassy in Miami and walk out as an Israeli citizen.

      2. My point was not about whether to fear immigrants, but rather to point out that it’s not about something the Israeli government may or may not have done.

        It’s just about Jews.


        Otherwise why choose a Kosher supermarket–chances are better than even that many of the customers don’t even support the State of Israel.

        But they are Jews, and that’s all that matters.

        1. Well Goeff please don’t be offended, but I say it’s not about Jews. It is about Muslims.

          Ya ya ya not all Muslims. But who does this kind of thing except Nazis and Muslims? Read their books and see how easily one slides into believing in a god who hates and murders.

    2. If these [sic[ keeps up, there will be no Jews left

      That’s probably considered a feature, not a bug as far as the French prog-tards are concerned.

    3. Let them eat hummus.

      Nice. I’m going to appropriate that for off-the-internet usage and not give you any credit.

  5. If only France had better gun laws.

    1. Indeed, some one may have been able to stop them part way through the first attack. Though something tells me that few Parisians would carry guns even if they could.

      1. Which is funny; because it wasn’t the Allies politely asking the German Army to leave Paris that liberated Paris. It was a bunch of good guys with guns killing the fuck out of bad guys with guns that liberated Paris. You’d think the Parisians might remember that lesson and apply it to modern France.

      2. One would: Pep? Le Pew-Pew!

        1. Will you be here all week?

        2. I made my niece watch some old Looney Tunes episodes on Cartoon Network last weekend. I was borderline shocked to see a Pepe? le Pew episode air. I thought it would’ve been shelved so as to not promote “rape culture”.

          1. Pepe Le Pew was instrumental in making me stay the fuck away from slick, smarmy douchebags. I like to think that the large numbers of women attracted to such men never watched Looney Tunes.

            1. That’s because you’re a rational human being. Logic holds no sway for the SJW when it comes to anything that might be misinterpreted(because they are emoting idiots) as violence towards women.

            2. same here.

              I have a theory that liberals are the people too stupid/naive to tell the warning signs of a con artist (in whatever form they take) so they want government to rescue them, while simultaneously falling prey to the con artists in their own leadership.

      3. You’re probably right. Although after a few more instances like these, Darne might have to re-open its facilities…

      4. “few Parisians would carry guns even if they could.”

        Yes, but the ones who do? Vive la r?sistance!

    2. Even in the US, AK-47s (for all intents and purposes) are banned. That kind of firepower hasn’t been used for mass shooting here since…. the sniper incidents in Washington?

      The executed Muslim cop was actually armed, and there were police bodyguard in the conference room. They were ambushed and outgunned.

      France needs to arm their police officers. Some unarmed cops fled when they heard the shots. These two brothers could have matched Columbine casualty easy before anything could be done about it.

  6. When in doubt, murder some Jews. Fuck these barbarians.

  7. Well, it’s good to know that the French police have some guns and know how to use them.

    1. it would be interesting to see the French, revert to their old nature.

  8. It’s being reported that a gunman and Coulibay’s wife got away. Another manhunt is underway.

  9. Glad I spend most of my time in Arizona or Idaho. Where lots pack heat.

    Short story:

    There’s a gas station in Kingman, AZ., where all the tourist busses from Vegas turn on to I-40 to go to/from the Grand Canyon. One day a retired open-carrying Marine came in to the gas station. Totally freaked all the tourists. The way they whispered amongst themselves. Some pointed. A couple took pictures.

    Totally comforted me and the cashier [who advised me the Marine was a regular] no shit was going to go down in that gas station that day.

    1. Troy, I rather feel the same way. If an honest decent person is carrying, it reduces the chance of trouble for other decent people. The last thing a criminal wants is a fair fight, he will go elsewhere if he knows people are armed.

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