What Should Lawmakers Do Now? A Reason Policy Agenda for the 114th Congress.


Like dogs that long chased a car and finally caught the dubious prize, the new, Republican-controlled Congress faces an important question: What do we do with the damned thing now?

Fortunately, Reason and friends have some ideas for what comes next. We recommend incrementally reforming immigration, cutting out the source of surveillance state abuses, fixing the Interstates, getting the feds out of the drinking age business, closing the emergency spending loophole, keeping law enforcement on a tighter leash, rethinking education funding, and so very much more.

It all stacks up to an agenda for nudging the federal government in a direction that's a little more affordable, a lot more respectful of Americans' liberty, and perhaps even effective at performing a few of the responsibilities with which it's been entrusted.

Click here for the full Reason Policy Agenda for the 114th Congress