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When a Victoria, Texas, police officer stopped Pete Vasquez, 76, for an expired inspection sticker, Vasquez pointed to the dealer tag on the car and tried to explain that it was legally exempt from inspection. But Nathanial Robinson wasn't hearing any of it. He grabbed Vasquez to handcuff him, and when Vasquez pulled away, Robinson tried to push him down on the hood of his patrol car, then tossed him to the ground and Tasered him twice.

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  1. Just had to get in another nutpunch for the year?

    All I want for 2015 is for the cops to stop treating the public like the enemy. Seriously. Just stop.

    1. And now I have Shinedowns’s Bully in my head. I’d rather get punched in the nuts.


    3. Look, its all right, just an honest mistake. Its not like the cops *know* the law, right?

      The citizen should have just shut up and complied – then he could have taken his case to court and *maybe* had it dismissed.

      But then again, maybe not. The cop made an ‘honest mistake of law’, there’s no reason to invalidate the ticket just because the guy didn’t actually commit a CIVIL FUCKING VIOLATION (and not a crime).

  2. All these stories and videos and few ever end up on FOX,MSNBC or CNN.They could do a weekly show on police abuse if they wanted

  3. Check out this video of “Nate” Robinson explaining himself. (If some crazy how the interview isn’t a parody then this guy is the dumbest police ever.)

    1. “He did it to himself!”

    2. “Hey, Charles Manson’s eighty years old!”

      That’s as far as I made it.

      1. Then you missed the gem that when challenged about why a 23 year old felt threatened by a 70 year old…

        “Would you feel safe taking on Chuck Norris? He’s in his 70’s”

    3. Fist this might be the post of the year.

      The only thing that made it not a total nut punch is the fact that the interviewers did a great job mocking him.

      The way the fucking cop asshole lost it at the end made my day.


      1. As I said, it may have been a parody. I’m not sure that thing was real. At least I hope it wasn’t.

        1. Shoot, it looks like it is a fake.


          1. From the linked article:

            In fact, our sources say he is not even getting the support of fellow officers, who mock him for tasing an old man.

            So, in this case, even the cops think the guy’s an idiot.

    4. This has to be a parody. It just has to be. It cannot be real.

      1. My thought, too. But on the other hand I’ve interacted with law enforcement, usually younger ones, who seem to be that unaware.

  4. Driving with an expired inspection sticker is a Class C misdemeanor, typically addressed with a citation. Because Vasquez was driving a car with dealer tags, the car was exempt, [Chief J.J.] Craig confirmed.

    Haven’t you heard? The United States Supreme Court ruled that the law you’re getting your ass fucked up over only has to exist in the cop’s mind.

    The department must be getting some serious blowback for the chief to be tossing this cop under the bus like he is.

    1. Yep. In cases like this the court gives the officer a choice between being a criminal and being an ignoramus. If the cop chooses criminal, he should go to jail… but most likely the DA will prevent the grand jury from indicting. If he chooses the ignorance defense then he should at least be fired, but his union will prevent that from happening.

      In other words… nothing else will happen.

      1. The Supreme Court ruled that ignorance of the law is OK if you’re a cop.

    2. The department must be getting some serious blowback for the chief to be tossing this cop under the bus like he is.

      The guy’s 76 and works for a car dealer. That’s two groups that are usually politically active. One garners instant sympathy and shows up for every town council, dog catcher, and zoning meetings; the other gives generously to campaigns.

      1. My stepfather is sales manager at a car dealership. Last time he got pulled over he said to the cop “I didn’t sell that car to your boss so you could pull me over with it!” The cop went back to the cruiser, got on the radio, and then let my stepfather go with an apology.

    3. blowback for the chief

      I wonder if the cops at roll call turn their backs on the Chief?

    4. Or maybe, just maybe, the chief wasn’t a complete asshole and realizes that his cops running around like thugs beating up old men isn’t doing much to serve him or his department.

    5. “The department must be getting some serious blowback for the chief to be tossing this cop under the bus like he is.”
      An Anglo cop roughed up a 76 year old Hispanic man in Victoria, which is only 90 miles from Corpus Christi (a city of 300,000 population with a minority of non-hispanic whites). I can promise you there was some serious blow-back. What’s impressive is that it had some impact.

  5. “In a nutshell, I was doing my job”

    What a psycho! I could only last 3 minutes, total fuck-wad.

    1. Well, he was doing his job,…poorly.

  6. As long as cops can turn them on and off as needed, they are useless.

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  8. Try to hold your breakfast in:

    “No, Bill Bratton, The Post doesn’t hate de Blasio ? we just love cops.”

    1. Wow. that article could have sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch.

    2. The Post bitches about big government,unless it’s the police,military,CIA or NSA.

      1. It’s infuriating because the other two rags are leftist tripe while the Post is good on some things and clearly not so good on others.

  9. Did anyone else notice the idiotic rap music playing in the police car throughout the whole video? There’s a joke in there somewhere, but my nuts hurt too much to find it.

    You know, I can’t help but wonder how many of the people willing to buy into the “resisting arrest” bullshit turn around and deservedly mock the zero tolerance policies in our schools. They don’t see the similarity.

  10. One would think somewhere in the US there would be a cop shop smart enough to realize that you can’t run a rigged poker game very long if you never let the rubes win a single hand. Every now and then, a bad cop needs to be thrown under the bus to keep the illusion of accountability going.

    1. Nah, they want to make it look nearly impossible to challenge a cops version of the story. Look! We’re right 99% of the time. Throw a few under the bus and you set a precedent. For its own safety, the public needs to believe in any encounter the cops word is nearly unimpeachable. Makes submission that much easier.

  11. Vasquez pointed to the dealer tag on the car and tried to explain that it was legally exempt from inspection. But Nathanial Robinson wasn’t hearing any of it.

    Rule #1: The king’s men are always right.

    Rule #2: When the king’s men are wrong, refer to Rule #1.

    Rule #3: Nothing else happens.

  12. The PD claims that the interview is fake, fwiw.

    1. Cops are liars.

      1. Well, at least he got the obligatory free paid vacation.

  13. At least Chief Craig said the proper things. It’s rare you get that.

    What a punk Robinson is.

    I mean really. Nothing goes off in their heads they’re dealing with the elderly?

    1. Don’t trust anyone over 30mph.

      Really though, the lack of respect, empathy and sympathy in this cop should be obvious. Maybe that’s how you get the job in the first place.

      1. You get the job by being an arrogant fuck who will cheerfully use violence on the elderly, on children, and even on pregnant women, if they don’t do as you say.

        1. You forgot Fido.

  14. Hands Up, I surrender. If a cop tries to handcuff you, let him. Work it out with your lawyer to get your pound of flesh, instead of running the real possibility of being tasered, shot, beaten, choked, etc.

  15. You guys! I live just a few miles from where this incident happened!

    My town has hit the big time! It’s on H&R!!

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