Brickbat: Merry Christmas, Rudolph!


"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Two British police officers face possible disciplinary action after beating an injured deer to death with a crowbar. The deer had been struck by a vehicle in County Durham, and though they actually had firearms, the two decided to end its suffering by beating it to death.


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  1. I’m guessing the substantial paperwork involved in discharging your service weapon had nothing to do with the decision.


    1. ” the substantial paperwork involved in discharging your service weapon had nothing to do with the decision.”

      No kidding. knowing the Brits, the cops probably waffled for an hour wondering whether to phone it in and ask what the proper procedure was for dispatching Bambi, but then were afraid to do that as well, knowing their boss would never want to take credit for any call and would be disciplined for lack of initiative, and consequently ended up deciding that the ‘least risky’ option was naturally the most inhumane and gruesome one.

      That said = Happy Birthday Jesus! May everyone get respectably drunk and well-fed while watching children overdose on sugar and greed.

      1. May everyone get respectably drunk and well-fed while watching children overdose on sugar and greed.

        That’s exactly how I spent my Christmas.

  2. As Santa said to the gals on the corner’Hoe Hoe Hoe’ Merry Christmas

  3. Did they at least make venison sausages?

    Merry Mythmas and all that …. From a lurker who’s busy and on the wrong side of the planet.

    1. yes,I’ve made it and it’s very good.Smoked a hind 1\4 once ,like a ham ,also good. The best tough is smoked wild goose.

      1. Are their good tenders? ‘twould be better than toughs.

  4. Merry Christmas everyone! Time to unwrap your xmas nut punch:

    Police respond to shooting of a neighbor, shoot drunk security guard who returns fire with a warning shot.

    The officers met up on the Evergreen Boulevard overpass and Spainhower said he felt vulnerable because they had no cover and believed Kendall had a larger-caliber rifle than they did.

    Frances twice yelled, “He’s in there,” according to Spainhower, and they all watched as a man got out of a sedan and went to the back of the car. Frances then yelled, “Shoot him, shoot him,” to let the other officers know he planed to fire, according to the report.

    Frances told investigators it appeared the man had a pistol in his right hand, but he wasn’t sure. He said he had to act quickly to prevent the man from becoming a threat to people in a nearby trailer park and had no time to call out to him.

    LeBlanc said he heard someone yell “police and something else” and didn’t call out because he thought other officers had.

    During a search of the overpass, investigators later found eight shell casings from .223-caliber rifles — three from Spainhower, three from Frances and two from LeBlanc, the report said.

    1. When they actually find the shooter:

      After officers shot Graham, police found Kendall slumped onto a tree near his car along Blandford Drive. It appeared that he put his rifle under his chin and pulled the trigger, detectives said.

      Officers fired less-than-lethal rounds at Kendall’s car before they found him, then tossed a flash-bang grenade near his body and had a police dog bite him to confirm that he was dead before they approached him, the report said.

      1. I hope the dog was named Marie Prevost.

        1. Christ, that’s an obscure reference. I had to use google *and* ctrl+f.

          1. Blame Nick Lowe for not knowing how to spell.

    2. Which, if I read correctly, means none from the alleged criminal.

      1. Correct.

  5. Back on topic, striking the head with a crowbar or similar type of implement will cause death if you know what you’re doing but if you have a firearm, use that instead. Either way, between the inner eye and the base of the opposite ear. If they were straight up beating it, they probably wouldn’t have been able to shoot it cleanly either.

    1. AnnonBot has loaded his sadistic OS for Christmas


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  8. “We was just tenderizin’ it!”

  9. My christmas wish: that you rightwing kochtopus ratfucking teathuglicans unload some of that paranoid hate for the NSA onto the IRS!!

    Happy Kwanzaa, shit-stains!

  10. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Festivus to all.

  11. Happy Saturnalia

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to y’all, eh!

  13. “It was coming right for us!”

    “Stop resisting!”

    Sheesh, *someone* had to use those jokes, why did I have to take time off on Christmas to do what you should have done?

  14. The English don’t believe in shooty things. Better to crush its skull in with something heavy.

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