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CPS Threatens Dad: Let Your Kids Play Outside and We'll Take Them Away


Shustov / Wikimedia Commons

I received an update from the Maryland mom of two who was contacted by Montgomery Country Child Welfare Service in November after she let her kids, ages 6 and 10, play at the park two blocks from home by themselves. She was cited for allowing a child under age 8 "to be locked or confined in a dwelling, building, enclosure, or motor vehicle while the person charged is absent."

The CPS worker decided "confined in a dwelling" was the same thing as "outside in a park."

The higher ups at child services agreed that this was insane, and the case was closed—until this week. As the mom wrote in an email to me:

It seemed that we had called their bluff and they were going to leave us alone. Not for long. This past Saturday, while I was out of town, my husband dropped my kids off at a park about 1 mile from our house and said they could walk home together. They got 1/2 way when someone called the police.

"Shots Will Be Fired"

The kids were picked up in a patrol car and brought home. The policewoman asked to see my husband's ID. When he refused, she said she was going to call for back-up. He said he would get his ID and went to go upstairs. She said—in front of the kids—that if he came down with anything else, "shots would be fired."

At this point 10 yr old. called me crying, saying that the police were there and that Daddy was going to be arrested. My husband stepped outside to continue the conversation away from the kids. When he disagreed with one of the officers about the dangers that walking alone posed to the kids, she actually asked him: "Don't you watch TV?" (The answer was no). They took notes and left.

"Sign This or We Take Your Kids"

Two hours later someone from Child Welfare showed up with a temporary plan, which they wanted my husband to sign, stating that he would not leave the children unsupervised until Monday when someone from their office could contact him.

He refused.

She called the police, saying that if he didn't sign they would take the kids away right then.

He signed.

This is outrageous. We refuse to deprive our children of critical opportunities to


 develop responsibility and independence, and have no intention of fundamentally changing our parenting to accommodate this kind of paranoia and bullying, but it's not going to be easy. We are now waiting for the call from Child Welfare and looking for someone who can give us legal advice on these issues in Maryland.

I have to admit when I read stories on your site and elsewhere about CPS threatening to take kids away, I never thought it could happen to us. I'll keep you posted.

Best, Danielle Meitiv

I'll keep you posted, too, readers. Since when are children not supposed to play outside on their own? And what gives the state the right to take them from their parents when they do?

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  1. I bet the cop was sorely disappointed that the father didn’t give her an excuse to murder him in front of his kids.

    1. He should have come back down with a teddy bear.

    2. Didn’t you see the kids in the photo? They’re white. Cops only murder blacks, Police violence is all about racism. Do I have to to explain everything around here?

      1. No, there’s one thing you don’t need to explain, as it is quite evident. You’re an idiot. Now go turn on your TV and veg for awhile. Al Sharpton and “Everybody Loves Raaaacist” show will be on shortly.

        1. Obviously your new here

      2. I have been informed that the picture with in this article is NOT of the actual children (who in reality look much older). Why they posted this picture I don’t understand as it may lead people to believe the children are younger then what they currently are.

    3. I wonder how disappointed the cop was that the family didn’t own a dog.

      1. ^
        I normally just lurk, so is it OK for me to nominate this as the post of the week?

        1. It’s a fine comment, but that joke us really made too often to really stand out.

        2. “I normally just lurk, so is it OK for me to nominate this as the post of the week?”

          I’m of the opinion that you can write just about anything you want here. If anyone criticizes you for what you’ve contributed you can argue the merits of your post, simply call them names, or respond how you see fit.

          That’s my opinion.

          Are you a fan of a certain band from Canada?

          1. Are you a fan of a certain band from Canada?

            Nickleback sucks. Or did you mean The Tragically Hip? They’re OK. Oh, wait. You meant BTO. They had a few good songs. Or did you mean Triumph? They were overrated. Shoot! You must be referring to the Barenaked Ladies. They’re overplayed.

            I can’t think of anymore bands from Canada off the top of my head.

              1. Wow, man, that is SOOOO radically rash, it gives me a rush!

            1. Read the “name” of the individual I responded to sarc, and I’m confident the band in question will rush to the forefront of your consciousness.

              1. … and John posted as I was typing to sarc.

              2. You need to recalibrate your sarcasm detector.

                1. Now I know where my Normal-Tones Sarcasm Obfuscator (TM) went.

            2. Dude, obviously it’s fucking Helix. Now that’s a band.

            3. He was obviously referring to Anne Murray.

              Unless he’s one of those Celine Dion perverts.

              1. Hm. The Venetian Snares are Canadian. My wife likes them.

            4. All Canadian bands are overplayed. Canadian content laws demand a certain percentage of radio music be Canadian. If you’re a well-known Canadian band you get played about 4x the amount the Rolling Stones get played, on Canadian Radio.

              1. So Commonwealth bands aren’t good enough?

            5. Gordon Lightfoot!

              *drops mic*

      2. I love it when high school lets out for the holidays.

    4. There you go not being sarcastic.

  2. And what gives the state the right to take them from their parents when they do?

    Because the FYTW clause.

    And don’t forget, the President has a pen and a phone, we don’t need no stinkin laws.

    1. They went public with the story. It probably would have been forgotten had they not, but now somebody got embarrassed.

      Think about the kind of personality it takes to rise to the higher ranks of the CPS bureaucracy. Do you really think it’s a good idea to embarrass such a person?

      1. No doubt we haven’t heard the end of this. They’ll find some excuse to take these kids, and it will be obvious to everyone that it’s only these CPS people taking revenge on the parents and that’s it’s totally unjustified. An nothing else will happen.

      2. Embarrass No, run over slowly with a garbage truck would be a better option.

    2. “Because the FYTW clause.”

      That’s the reason that never fails.

  3. I hope Lenore is ready to be held responsible for any acts of violence against our brave CPS workers that occur after publishing this story.

    They are all that stands between us and the scourge of irresponsible parenting.

  4. Sounds like some nut job is out to get them.

    1. IOW, could be anyone who works for the government.

      1. Probably a neighbor that works for CPS – or they have a stalker.

        Seriously, who else would call the cops as soon as they drop their kids off at the neighborhood park?

        1. Oh, you’ve never met the busybody neighbor. I’ve seen them all over. Plus when I moved into my house, a bunch of my neighbors were happy because the old owners were those busybodies.

          1. (Added. Wish I had an edit button here.)

            These people are usually women in their 40s and 50s. They watch daytime TV and Nancy Grace. Every child is in danger of getting snatched off the street by a man in a windowless van. To them, when they call CPS like this, they legitimately think they’re doing good. That they’re somehow saving the child from a horrible fate.

            1. That’s why I had to sell my windowless van.

              1. You are the true victim.

              2. That’s horrible — what do you use to distribute free candy?

              3. I prefer the friendly stranger in the black sedan approach.

            2. Is Nancy Grace like Nancy Drew?

              1. If only she were as fictional.

                1. If only she WAS as fictional.

                  1. When using ‘if’ or ‘wish’ were is correct for the singular.

                    ‘If I were king’, not ‘If I was King.’

                    ‘If only she were fictional’ is correct.

            3. These people are usually…
              Around here they also “rescue” whitetail “abandoned” fawns. You can tell them that the does leave the fawns under a bush when they go to feed, and will return. It doesn’t do any good.

  5. The sensible thing to do would be to move out of the People’s Gulag of Maryland.

    1. Is it any different in other places?

      1. I’d wager Maryland is worse than most.

        1. Depends on where in Maryland. My old Baltimore neighborhood had children wandering around unsupervised all the time, day and night.

        2. Montgomery County, MD is at the far end of the bell curve for stuff like this. My suggestion to this family is for them to move far away from an area with a high concentration of government employees with advanced degrees.

      2. I don’t know about anywhere else, but where I live kids can walk on the street unsupervised without being picked up by the cops. I try to maintain some hope that this is still normal.

        1. Where I live in Minnesoda you can still let the kids run free without having the cops called.

          I know all my kids walked home from elementary school (Jr & Sr High were bus rides). And I know that they all took the Little Billy from Family Circus route home from school. Long detours through various back yards and by a couple of ponds, etc.

        2. I think it’s normal in cities. Maybe also in the country. In suburbs, not so much.

          1. I think that is accurate. The worst busybodies are in suburbs.

          2. Well, that’s good. I know nothing of suburbs.

          3. Iowa is reasonable, but New Jersey is a nightmare. We were never threatened by CPS, but the school phoned us constantly because we allowed our son to walk or ride his bike to school (even at age 16)!

            1. Your kid rode a bike when he was 16? The horror! He’s supposed to get a driver’s license so you can give him a car and he’ll be “safe.”

    2. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Unfortunately, shit like this is happening all over the country, red states included.

      1. I think this is an urban/suburban thing more than a rural thing.

      2. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have this kind of crap in my part of Texas. My 11-year-old son regularly walks or rides his bike to school or his friend’s house, both of which are 1/4 mile from my house.

        And I remember taking my bike all over the place in Galveston when I was 11-15. Mostly went out a mile or two from home. Never got reported or seized by the police for it. You’d think a kid with a cell phone would be a lot safer these days in the great suburban outdoors.

    3. I suspect Montgomery County, MD is among the worst parts of Maryland for this sort of thing.

  6. Fuck the State.

  7. But… but… there’s a child molester armed with a grenade launcher hiding around every corner!!!!

    1. You think you’re being sarcastic, but watching Nancy Grace (the only one not afraid to tell the TRUTH!!!!) every night makes it clear that 10,000 cute white girls are abducted EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      1. Well, with 1 in 10, 5… uhh 3 women in the country being a victim of sexual assault…

        1. Technically every woman in America is raped. I know this because I’ve read Against Our Will by Susan Brownmiller, and she explains what rape really is:

          Rape is a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear

          – Susan Brownmiller

          You see, even if you never try to rape anyone, you’re still guilty because you’re part of the process of rape-timidation. Similarly, even if a woman is never actually assaulted, she is still a victim of the rape process.

          Do you see?

          1. I guess I’ll just have to take her word for it, since expressing doubt might trigger her and then it would be my fault if she hurts herself or anything.

          2. I would so change my handle to “The rape-timidator” if I wasn’t attached to FM so much.

            1. You being a Florida Man, we all just assumed you were super rapey.

              1. Well I try.

          3. I don’t know if “technically” is quite the right word there.

          4. Another reason I had to sell my windowless van.

    2. Or even worse, what about the marijuana pushers just waiting in the park to get your kids addicted?

      1. I had a friend who was alone in a park. A pusher came up to him and he was forced to shoot up 10 marijuanas. He was never the same again. 🙁

        1. its a miracle your friend did not overdose!

    3. But… but… there’s a child molester armed with a grenade launcher hiding around every corner!!!!

      You know who’s really, literally around every corner? These folks:

      They got 1/2 way when someone called the police.

      1. Obviously it’s time for some parity.

        Give every child a grenade launcher, and the names and addresses of the busybodies.

  8. They… are… so…. fucked.

    They need to hire a lawyer immediately. Not to wait for DCF to call.

  9. Can they sue DCF for harassment?

    1. Maybe. You can’t sue the state unless the state agrees to allow you to sue it (encouraging one of the lawyers here to expand upon this).

      Also, suing is different than prevailing. The state also owns the cops and courts. The state has effectively unlimited resources. The state is ultimately invested in preserving its authority.

    2. easier to sue the DCF employee personally

  10. Is there an organization dedicated to providing legal aid for parents who are harassed by CPS?

    1. NAMBLA probably.

      1. Hey, NAMBLA already offered those kids a ride home.

        How much more do you want them to do?

        1. The kids should have taken the offer.

          NAMBLA is safer for kids than CPS.

    2. Yes, at least in Illinois: The Family Defense Center. I don’t know if Maryland has an equivalent,

      1. Sounds like a job for IOJ.

  11. What would be awesome would be a protest where, when the CPS showed up at the house there were about 100 parents and their kids holding hands, surrounding the house, and refusing to budge (and all taking plenty of cell phone video). Can you imagine the news reports? The local police and CPS having to explain arrests of the protesters and the kids parents for allowing their kids to A) play in the park and B) walk home?

    1. Wouldn’t even make the local news if they were all white.

      1. I disagree. A protest by a group of middle-class white people in the middle a suburban neighborhood would be a novelty and therefore newsworthy. And it doesn’t matter if a majority of citizens agree with the busybodies as long as there is a critical mass who don’t and who are willing to make a fuss.

        1. How long would it take for someone to describe a protest by white middle class people as inherently racist?

          1. Being born white is inherently racist.

    2. Everybody in town should drop their kids off unattended at the park.

      1. Most parents probably agree with the busybodies, and those that don’t are afraid of speaking up, losing their own kids, etc.

    3. Perhaps you didn’t see what happened in the Elian Gonzalez case.

    4. I think we’ve already seen this, and Janet Reno didn’t take too kindly to it.

  12. People I’ve known in Montgomery County have told me that people will call the police if children are unsupervised in their own yards. It’s a county filled with over compensated busy bodies. Kids alone in a park half a mile away is going to be a county wide emergency.

    1. Also, MoCo is DC suburbs so statistically these are people whose income derives from statism. Also, look at who is home in the middle of the day during the week – retirees, bored housewives.

      1. There’s your solution: let them supervise the kids.

        1. They’re government employees. They don’t sully themselves with work.

      2. Government hacks that are clocked in but “working at home.” Didn’t get any real work done but I will call the cops because there are a couple of kids walking home that otherwise would have been [fill in the blank ].

  13. Between people encouraging kids to steal guns and CPS stealing kids I’m glad im a DINK.

    1. If I were a young man in this country today, you couldn’t pay me 10 million dollars to father a child. There is no way in hell, ever.

      1. I went to Jacksonville to visit the Fam this weekend and my brother has a court document saying he gets the kid even years for X-mas. The mother refused to release the child and the cops were called. The police not having a 6th grade reading ability couldn’t understand the court order and made him sign he would return the child x-mas eve or they wouldn’t make the mother give up the kid. Even when you win in court as a father it doesn’t matter. The cops back the mom every time.

        1. In the future when every guy decides to refuse to ever father a child, I wonder if women will just get artificially inseminated and then get to randomly choose who the victim father is?

          1. What’s this “in the future” shit?

            Right now in many jurisdictions a woman can put any father’s name on the birth certificate she chooses, and if you fail to realize she’s done this in time to appeal it you’re SOL.

            1. Well, I think that maternity tests still count. Maybe not, I don’t know.

              1. Assume you mean PAternity. From what I’ve read here if your name ends up on that certificate, even if you KNOW the kid isn’t yours, you’re liable.

                Remember the state doesn’t care about your rights, it cares about finding someone to pay for that kid.

                1. From what I’ve read here if your name ends up on that certificate, even if you KNOW the kid isn’t yours, you’re liable.

                  I think you can get out of it if you can submit a positive paternity test establishing someone else as the father. However, a negative paternity test does not indemnify you.

                  1. I think you can get out of it if you can submit a positive paternity test establishing someone else as the father.

                    My understanding is that there is a very tight timeline for disclaiming paternity after your name is on the birth certificate, and that if you miss a deadline, you are screwed no matter what, and your only way out is to get someone to be an adoptive father.

            2. Even worse: a wan from Virginia had a kid, did not name the father when living in that state, and got child support there (had to guess she was living with baby daddy at the time so they’d rather have the govt pick up the tab for diapers). She moved to Florida, whoxh apparently requires you to name the father. The name she gave was the same as my coworker, who was from and living in Pennsylvania at the time. Genius at Florida child support office does a web search for the name, decides that since PA and VA are close it must be him, and gets a court order saying that child support would dtart being deducted fr his paycheck or provide DNA to prove he isnt the father. He eventually got PA child support people to clear things up. Doesnt need to be stated but he was not the father.

          2. Oh, surely there will always be enough people with poor impulse control to keep breeding.

            1. They’ll be the ones with no real desirable income to steal. So we’ll have to implement social justice measures to ensure equality for the children. So a woman will just pick out any rich guy as the father. So if you’re successful, you’ll have many children, whether you want to or not.

              1. And the people without desireable incomes tend to not be the best and brightest.

                1. Maybe being good and bright is overrated. Look where having the best and brightest running things has gotten us.

            2. So basically Idiocracy was right. When do we get President Camacho?

          3. No, they’ll just be raped, because real rape is no longer rape, everything else is.

  14. I live on a busy road in the sticks, and my wife is still convinced that if we let the five year old play outside unsupervised, some creeper in a van will pull into the driveway and kidnap the kid before we can react.

    No amount of facts or reason will change how she feels.

    1. Does she watch daytime teevee? No matter, if not, I’m sure her wiminz friends will educate her. Women are naturally statists, there’s not much we can do about it I guess.

      But when I was a kid, our mothers would tell us, ‘it’s too nice outside for you to be inside dirtying up the house, now get outside and play!’. We would go everywhere, no one ever thought anything of it. They would call us to come inside when it’s nearly dark. That’s pretty much it.

      1. That’s how it should be. I’m convinced that everything that is wrong with kids today is because that is not the norm anymore. Kids would be fitter, smarter, more independent and better at making decisions.

        1. Fucking exactly.

        2. well that, and kids are arrested and incarcerated on bullshit evidence. get caught with a swiss army knife in school? automatic expulsion and at least one felony.

      2. Does she watch daytime teevee?

        Worse. Facebook.

        Seriously though, when she grew up there were a few abductions in her area, and one time while walking home some creeper in a car followed her. At some point he stopped and got out of the car, and that’s when she ran for her life to the neighbor’s house. So she’s been paranoid all her life.

        1. Worse. Facebook

          Oh gawd, I’m sorry. That is truly the worst.

          My wife finally quite facebook, but she watches teevee and every other hour or so when I’m home, she’ll say ‘hey, did you know about!…’. I can’t seem to convince her to not pay too much attention to the hysterical spin and hyperbole on the teevee news. She still thinks they are reporting unbiased news most of the time.

          1. Well, yeah, OK…but what about the hysterical spin & hyperbole we get from here?

            What we read about isn’t the norm. If it were, it wouldn’t be news.

            Remember this, & relax a little. No, relax a lot. If stories like this were the norm, most families would be of scrambled ancestry, as the kids you had now would’ve been taken away from the several parents they’d previously had several times. Everybody would be playing musical kids with the cops playing the music.

            1. Most people aren’t cops being killed…heck, most people aren’t cops, period. Death by cop isn’t the most common cause of death, either, not even for dogs or cats. Global heating & cooling have been going on forever, & it all evens out eventually.

            2. By the law of large numbers, even events with very low probabilities eventually do happen. It does no good to the guy whose kids were taken by CPS to tell him to relax and accept it (although it probably does some good to tell him to be calm when dealing with the “authorities”).

              No, it doesn’t happen often. But it really should never happen. This isn’t the same as saying “crime should never happen” because you can’t control criminals. You can, at least in theory, control your government. This is what politics is about: the purpose and functions of government.

            3. What we read about isn’t the norm.

              First, you are assuming this. We have no way of knowing how common this kind of abuse really is. Very few people are likely take this kind of thing public, after all.

              Second, “norm” can mean “common”, or it can mean “acceptable”. Our problem is with the latter, no matter how (un)common it is.

              Very few people are murderers, after all. So its not common, but its also not acceptable.

    2. Same here. I get ratted out by the kids every time I leave them in the car by themselves to run in to the store.

    3. The creep won’t be in a van, he’ll be in a squad car.

      1. [Golf clap.]

      2. Former head of state police in my state was recently convicted of molesting a child:…..x-assault/

    4. So tell her to hire her own creeper to bring her at least as many kids as get kidnapped from you.

  15. Always remember incidents like this one when the media try to orchestrate a pity party for our set-upon heroes in blue.

    1. It’s not us around here that you have to convince of that. It’s everyone else on the planet.

    2. I think you’re on to something. We should pester the media to cover things like this. They won’t like it, but there’s always another media outlet seeking to unseat the big dog.

  16. “Since when are children not supposed to play outside on their own?”
    Since we became the United States of Paranoia…. sometime in the 90’s.

    1. The rise of soccer moms are our version of the rise of the Borg.

      1. But…soccer is played outside, isn’t it? Unless you want the furniture smashed.

        1. We always found indoor BB gun shooting to be fun.

  17. The police and CPS are untouchable here.

    The real way to proceed is to determine who the complaining witness was, and then use every legal means available to utterly destroy them, personally and professionally.

    1. Finding them is the problem. I suspect that identities of 911 callers are shielded from FOI requests, and if they aren’t now they will be.

    2. Why tie your hands with “legal” means, Fluffy?

      If some scumbag is trying to take my kids and get me shot, jailed, or just broke and living in a box, I’m going to take that personally.

      1. Well, because as long as you ritualistically specify “legal” means it makes it OK to openly recruit others to go along with you.

        If Cesar Chavez can do it, so can we.

        1. Got it.

          [taps side of nose, winks]

  18. In a more sane world he could have come down with a shotgun and killed that pig right there for making an illegal threat to shoot him and threatening to steal his children. Seems like a pretty reasonable case of self defense. Not that he should have, but I wouldn’t hold it against him.

    It’s like fucking North Korea. They’ve got your kids, so you dare not say or do anything to upset anyone.

    1. In a just world that’s exactly what would have happened. Alas we do not live in a just world.

  19. …I never thought it could happen to us.

    Isn’t that always the way it goes?

  20. One of the kids is fucking 10. That’s old enough to babysit for an afternoon. I could maybe see someone being worried about a 6 year old alone (though I’m all for that, that was the age where I started walking to town alone), but in what world is 10 not old enough to be out and about without constant supervision?

    1. Well, you need to understand that Montgomery County is a particularly dangerous place to be out walking. It’s basically a combination of Detroit, East St. Louis, and 1980s Beirut.

      1. You can’t walk or drive 5 minutes in any direction in Montgomery County without seeing a cop. I wouldn’t advise you to do anything productive in that county, lest you face the worst bureaucracy in this state, but I wouldn’t get too worried about walking around, especially as a child. You’re probably in greater danger if you’re 12 or older than if you’re younger.

        1. I suppose this would depend on what part of the county you’re in. I was describing my impression of Gaithersburg, but you won’t see cops that often in upscale Potomac or rural Clarksburg (nor will you really need them). And the cops you do see in Silver Spring aren’t likely to be much help.

  21. This summer I took the five year old to one of the agricultural fairs, and at some point I had to go to the can. I had the kid stand outside the door in sight of an attendant, and by the time I got out she had a gaggle of women making sure she was OK. I guess I’m lucky none of them called the cops.

    1. We don’t want to hear about your dates.

      1. He shoots, he scores!

  22. Robots need to replace cops and social workers. They will have the intelligence to know when a child is really in danger and can also be programmed to not shoot people and dogs who are not a threat. In fact, they will not have guns, only non-lethal means to neutralize a person who poses an immediate real threat to others.

    1. Hopefully they would be programmed better than Anon-bot. He is one sick, violent algorithm.

      1. “We’re just walking home from the park. Our house is only half a block away.”

        “Sounds like a good plan to me, dude. Wow.”

  23. Clearly, the father wasn’t deferential enough to the representatives of the State who appeared at his door. If he doesn’t know how, they will gladly teach him.

  24. Let this be a lesson to all parents: teach your children to run like hell when they see a policeman or a police car.

    1. Running from the police is not a good idea, ever. Don’t you read the stories here?

    2. I told my kids that if an officer tries to take them somewhere they don’t want to go, or asks them questions when they don’t need or want help, they are only to say, “I want my attorney”. I got this advice myself when I was 12 from a state’s attorney who had seen kids chewed up by the system.

      1. One more piece of advice, although I don’t know exactly how the kids would take it:

        “If a cop ever touches you, scream “rape” at the top of your lungs.”

        1. You could simply have them yell “Bad touch! Bad touch!”

    3. Running from the police will get them executed. What might be better though is to teach your kids to scream that the police officer touched them in a bad way. Either the cops will quit screwing with people’s kids or we’ll get a lot of them put behind bars for (bogus) child molestation charges. Either way, the people win.

  25. Raise your family in the midwest. Being 10-20 years behind the times is not always a bad thing.

    1. Or pretty much anywhere that is more or less rural.

  26. The kids are 6 and 10. Frankly, I’d be worried about kids that young being out on their own, even at a park. But that doesn’t mean that the parents broke any law or committed a crime. Why didn’t the person who called the cops offer to give the kids a ride home, instead? They couldn’t be bothered to go that far out of their way?

    1. Why didn’t the person who called the cops offer to give the kids a ride home, instead?

      You’re kidding, right? In this day and age? In the climate of fear, paranoia, and hatred that this busybody is enthusiastically building?

    2. When I was 10, I was in 6th grade.

      6th motherfucking grade.

      I was riding my bike halfway across Suffolk County NY on my own at age 10.

      1. You were ahead by a year then! But I’d ride my bike to my friend’s house (3 or 4 miles away) nearly every weekend at that age. Plus, you know, riding my bike to and from school.

      2. I woke myself up a 5:00AM every day to throw papers when I was 9. My parents would probably have been subjected to a SWAT raid and summary execution if it happened today.

    3. It’s like everyone forgets what it was like to be 10. 10 year olds are quite capable of taking care of themselves and usually have a pretty good idea of how things work, what’s too dangerous, etc.

      1. Maybe, but circumstances change at different times and locations. I remember what it was like when I was 10. My parents were divorced and my sister and I had plenty of time to ourselves because our mother worked evenings a lot. My sister is 4-1/2 years younger than me. However, we also lived in a small town of about 5,000 people, with relatives who lived nearby.

        No, what is necessary is not stories of our own childhood, but an objective standard that applies across differing circumstances. People can be concerned about other people’s children without calling in the police or some other governmental agency.

    4. Christ on a cracker. At 10, I was out and about on my own all day, every day in the summer and most evenings during school. My parents couldn’t have been more thrilled.

      1. When I was 10, I wasn’t allowed to be in the house during the day except for meals and to go to the bathroom.

  27. Let’s say this gets taken all the way, and the kids are adopted out and/or get foster parents. What happens when those parents let them out? Is there a no-backsies rule, or do they keep taking the children away & finding them new homes until they land someplace where they’re never let outside?

    1. until they land someplace where they’re never let outside?

      Also known as “prison”.

      1. The natural endgame of being in “the system”.

      2. Protective custody.

    2. You are trying to find way too much consistency here. There is no reason and no plan.

  28. Find out who the bastard was that reported you and SWAT ’em. If they’re willing to make threats like that in front of children, they’re pretty trigger happy.

  29. Montgomery County, Maryland CPS phone number: 240-777-4417. It would be awful if a lot of irate people called them.

  30. Pretty sure this is why my parents homeschooled me and my siblings.

    I suspect it’s also why they taught us that government is evil.

    1. No doubt both of those things afforded each of you a head start. Be sure to thank your parents.

  31. up to I saw the receipt that said $7352 , I did not believe …that…my neighbours mother had been trully taking home money part time on their apple labtop. . there uncles cousin started doing this less than 18 months and recently cleared the loans on there villa and purchased a new Mazda MX-5 . see it here………

    1. As long as she doesn’t let her kids walk home from the park, I don’t give a shit what she does on her apple labtop.

  32. I would fucking love to see a group of armed citizens show up at this families house to guard them from the uniformed kidnappers the way they did at the Bundy ranch.

    Not with the intent to force an armed conflict but to force the state to deal with the unaccountable CPS bureaucracy

    1. Honestly, it’s the only way they’ll keep their kids. Moving won’t help since their name, address, SS number, etc are all on file with the criminal organizations. They need armed volunteers to keep close to the home and the kids while they play in order to maintain their freedom.

  33. At what point do the police and other government workers become the enemy and killing them justified?

    The was no connection we know of between the killer and the two police officers in NY, but if there were would we know of it? At what point is destroying peoples lives, just because we can, justify sticking back? Not legally, but morally?

    I believe, in some portions of our country this has already occurred. The police are more of a threat to honest citizens that the criminals they use to justify themselves.

    This is the true reason they want gun control. Best to keep the sheep unarmed if you want to fleace them at will.

  34. At what point do the police and other government workers become the enemy and killing them justified?

    Certainly not before they pose an imminent threat of death or bodily harm.

    Now, that’s a pretty consistent situation when you are dealing with armed agents of the Total State, so there’s classically an additional consideration:

    Are they acting within their legal authority?

    That is also a pretty consistent situation when you are dealing with armed agents of the Total State, unless you want to engage in a debate about the legitimacy of those laws.

    If you reject the legitimacy of the Total State, then you are now engaging in armed rebellion. Which I would advise against. At this point.

    1. At this point.

      And my question was “At what point”.

    2. I’d say it’s justified to kill them in self defense always, whether or not they are acting within their legal authority. And I include in self defense defending yourself against imprisonment for victimless crimes or the seizure of your children (especially when they blatantly threaten to kill you). I have no moral problem with killing a cop who wants to arrest you for drugs or something like that. “just doing my job” is no justification for taking away people’s freedom.
      Of course, it’s a very bad idea because you are likely to be killed on the spot, but morally justified.

    3. “Are they acting within their legal authority?”

      They were threatening lethal violence for the noncrime of bringing “something” downstairs.

      So, I would say “no”, they were not acting under any *legal* authority.

      1. Not to mention that they (the government) gets to decide what is “legal” and can change it on a whim.

  35. Because it’s so much better to tear crying children from their parents than to let them go through the damage that playing in the park alone does to them.

    Doing more harm than good: your local government busybodies.

  36. OT but still apropos:

    How ironic that a simple scholar, with no ambition, beyond a modest measure of seclusion, should out of the clear sky, find himself besieged by an army of fellow creatures, all grimly determined to be of service.

    Forbidden Planet

  37. A friend of mine (yes the one with the missing penguin) has 3 kids, aged 9-16. They are never left unsupervised. They are either at school or at home with mom and/or dad. They play video games on line with their friends while sitting at home, or shoot hoops together in the driveway with dad. It really seems creepy to me but it’s none of my business.

    The 16 year old is now being asked to choose a college, and he doesn’t want to go.
    I was a free range kid and couldn’t wait to go away to college, and I moved out 2 months after I got my first job.

    I think they would be the types to call the cops if they saw 2 kids walking alone, and I think they’re in the majority from what I hear from parents, and people in general about how dangerous the world is.

    1. “They are never left unsupervised. They are either at school or at home with mom and/or dad.”

      Crippling your kids like this is the real child abuse.

  38. I hope we get some comment from CPS in the follow up.

  39. I would love to see some CPS goons get shot by parents who defend their actions as self-defense against kidnappers.

    1. That’s why people like me are never allowed on juries.

  40. Maryland is full of Lib-tards… and as we know Lib-tards do not believe in personal responsibility so of course they are fearful these children might develop some.

    1. This is the same county that had Chief Moose, who refused to share the likelihood that the DC sniper was black when folks were still looking for a white person. He was worried about racism or something. I believe another person was shot before they shared that information.

  41. The CPS of Ulster County actually DID take away my daughter from me, for (get this) bringing her to McDonalds, for weighing her on our bathroom scale, and for soda.
    It took a year to resolve those charges, during which I was served with a restraining order not get within 1000 ft of her.

    Here is the stealth video I took of CPS, as they tried to drill me and make me look like a bad parent:

    More recently, a TV interview I had about this:

    1. God, Gary, I’m sorry, that’s so fucked up. I hope you’re able to resolve this.


    2. Also: That CPS bitch in the purple top from the youtube video is exactly the problem.

    3. She actually said that a daycare shouldn’t know about the medications a child is taking!

      How utterly outrageous.

    4. That YT video just wrecked me, bro. I’m sincerely sorry that you’re going through this.

    5. What a pair of petty, uneducated power hungry losers, who have found a niche to lord over others. The blond is illiterate and the obese one just makes up nonsense as she goes along. I’m sorry that your child is being supervised by this pair and cannot imagine what the mother is like,

  42. Once someone at CPS has you in their sights, your best bet is to move to another state. If they, in their (self proclaimed) infinite wisdom decide you’re a bad parent, they won’t stop until they’ve removed your children, and they have far to wide a latitude to do so.

  43. “Since when are children not supposed to play outside on their own?”
    Since, like, forever? Since more than 20,000 years ago, when them getting eaten by wolves was a legitimate fear?

    “And what gives the state the right to take them from their parents when they do?”
    Typically, laws made by elected representatives of the people?

    1. Not sure if sarc?

  44. I think I would have called the police when I went upstairs and said “There’s someone on my property who has taken my children captive and is threatening to shoot me. PLEASE SEND A SQUAD CAR!”

    She wanted backup? She’s gonna get it.

    1. I’d have added that she’s impersonating a police officer.

  45. Search for “Meitev” here:…..o-school/.

    Back in 2012, Danielle Meitev moved to Montgomery county knowing it was full of assholes. I’m all on her side, but it looks as if she knew she was going into the lion’s done. Kudos to her for knowing that and still bucking the system.

    1. Damnit. Search for “Meitiv”.

  46. ‘that if he came down with anything else, “shots would be fired.”‘

    I have a dream that someday cops will be held accountable for illegally threatening citizens with violence. It’s a dream I have.

  47. The way this system gets beaten is when it’s turned against itself.

    Once some teenagers start publicly claiming that they were sexually assaulted while in CPS custody, other children can add their own charges. It will be the satanist pre school all over again, but this time it will be government goons who take the fall.

  48. Do the parents have a marriage license? Did the parents register the kids’ legal name with a sub corporation styled as “STATE OF” ? If so then, legally, the corporation owns those kids. Here is the solution:

  49. The lord jesus lives in the government and if you refuse to submit to government you refuse to submit to the lord and his cock-sucking cousin Mr. Commune. You live in a society and you pay INTO AMERICA so you must align with the laws that those pesky fucking brain-fudgers called lawyers create for all the politicians for umpteen thousands of bucks.

    Obey the lawyer jizz good citizen… While most of the lawyers are driving around with jack daniels rolling around the floors of the their BMW on the way to the never-ending golf course. I’m a fucking hardcore drinker who doesnt drive fuckin drunk= nothing against JD but I’ve seen this first hand. Fucking drunk ass dick lawyers running MAJOR county legal structures driving drunk off their fucking asses… From Tennessee to Kentucky I’ve seen this firsthand….

  50. Thankfully I was born when kids were allowed to run free and wild as nature intended. Sure the dim and slow ones often died or were badly crippled as nature intended.

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  52. perfect lae enforcement response. sovereign individuals engage in behavior with a slight theoretical risk of harm. in response, the state engages in behavior that causes immediate harm. kids walking alone = negligible, theoretical risk of harm. stealing children from their parents = immediate, severe, permenant harm.

    i remain unconvinced that organizations like “child services” ( or whatever doublethink euphemism of a title they have given themselves this year ) should exist. if parents commit an actual crime, police should handle it. a state-run orphanage is a seperate debate entirely. but to create an agency whose sole perview is the en masse stealing of children from those engaged in behavior that is legal but deemed inappropriate by some asshole with a nanny badge is a recipe for absolute disaster, particularly given their track record of ignoring actual abuse while manufacturing charges against innocent parents.

    there is no tyranny more cruel than the state sponsored kidnapping of children. it is a practice utterly antithetical to both a free society and even the most tenuous shred of human dignity

    1. The state defines anything that it does for the good of the children (future taxpayers) IS good and anything anyone else does IS bad.

  53. What is different about this incident is that in Montgomery County, there is a law that dictates how old a child can be to be left alone:

    Not saying I agree with the law, or the response. But it should be part of the discussion.

  54. Their first mistake is living in the peoples republic of Maryland, that place is about as restrictive of your personal rights as you can get in the US.

    My suggestion, vote with your feet and move somewhere in the midwest. We value personal freedoms more & your taxes will likely be lower.

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  57. The most shocking aspect of all of this is the threat from the officer (“shots…”, “don’t you watch tv”). At the least a petition should be started to have them fired. Can we have the name? Also, I would give money to a fund to support a lawsuit against them. We gotta start putting it back to them directly. Protests and internet posts aren’t cutting it.

  58. The only freedom from government is death.

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  61. I don’t know that I would let my 10- and 5-year-old children walk alone a mile from home but I might, depending on the location and how mature I felt they were. But whether or not I agree with what this father did, I don’t agree he should be punished in any way. When I was ten, I was riding my bike around the neighborhood without supervision, as I’m sure most adults my age did as children. Our trust in our children has been pushed aside, which means we are doubting our own parenting skills. I believe the law, as well as CPS, has gone too far in this case. All parents are different, as are all children. We need to believe in what we are doing as parents and trust that we are teaching our kids the skills to walk around our neighborhoods with confidence. Get out with your children, know your neighbors and it won’t be unusual to see the children out playing unsupervised. Times have changed but kids still need to be kids.

    Check out my blog sometime.

  62. Folks, the area we are talking about here is just North of DC. Is anyone really surprised by this?

  63. I have been informed that the picture with your article is NOT of the actual children (who in reality look much older) that give the public a HUGE misconception of their age, I understand if the parent doesn’t want a real picture of their children, but should it not be clear that is not them?

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