The Ghost of Hitchmas Past


Merry Hitchmas, Reasonoids! Enjoy this throwback to Reason's party of Christmas past, featuring the godless polemicist's delightful middle finger of a Yuletide carol. It's 2:57 minutes hate from the dearly departed (and abundantly egg-nogged) Christopher Hitchens to the thankfully dead (and abundantly pickled, lying in state) Kim Jong-Il of North Korea.

It's a season's greeting that's sure to be shared by Amy Pascal of Sony Pictures, who has plenty of reasons of her own to hate the hermit kingdom and its hacking ways.

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  1. OT: apologies if this has already been posted:

    1. Tragic, but alas predictable.

    2. There are people I see and think, 'Yeah, I've looked at that and I'll pass'.
      Then I see other people and think, 'WIH is THAT about?!'.
      Those young women are in the second bucket; why would a woman voluntarily travel to a place and culture which treats them as chattel?

      1. "why would a woman voluntarily travel to a place and culture which treats them as chattel?"

        I don't know, I've seen quite a few women at the GOP conventions for example.

        1. I looked at your handle and rubbed my eyes...shouldn't your handle be "Tony?" I mean, Bo, this is below even *your* usual standards.

          1. I understand you're quite humorless about your team Eddie, but it was a joke.

            1. 1) I apologize if I ignored Poe's Law and took your remarks literally.

              2) As for calling me a member of the Republican Team, why don't you [deleted in deference to the mutual love which should prevail during the Christmas season]

              1. in short, why don't you [deleted due to the Christmas season] yourself right up the [deleted due to the Christmas season] with a [deleted due to the Christmas season]?

              2. You're like a kid who just heard a joke about his father.

                1. If I understood what the heck you meant, I'd probably be offended.

                  1. Understanding is not everyone's forte Eddie, there's always faith.

                    1. As a kid, the jokes I heard about my father were along the lines of "oh, he thinks he's *so* smart..."

                      When you were a kid, the jokes you heard about father tended to involve a word that rhymes with "suckled."

                    2. My, but you're upset. Like I said at 7:49...

                    3. I'm not as full of Xmas cheer as Agile, but I'm still in a holiday mood, so bless your heart and Ho Ho Ho!

                    4. Two blondes arguing and I'd love to fuck both of them. Wait, can I say that here?

      2. why would a woman voluntarily travel to a place and culture which treats them as chattel?

        Many women dig the venue of virtue. It is a virtue to surrender to moral rule. These types are the keepers of the sacred trust. Life to them is about submission to a greater expectation, an improved ideal, a way to fucking get insulated with practicality from external concerns.

        Thank fucking Budapest some women are able to slam a fucking middle finger to this shit and be themselves on the lightning of intellectual revelation.

  2. North Korea is now claiming to be framed and want to help investigate. Jeez the Norks or Obama, who to believe?

    1. Fuck Sony, that's what. Fuck Sony hard and furiously right up its Jippity ass. You want to play international corporation?! Get your FUCKING digital house in order you FUCKING mentally-challenged producers of lame shit.

      What fucking insipid, shit-eating, rat-faces are running Sony? It's not only a disgrace NOT to release their crap movie to anyone with a solid sack of hairy balls but this crap-collecting farm of fake hotshots has the gall to act like Mother Teresa gone groupie to a quad of Chippendales.

      FUCK SONY! Who the FUCK cares who stole their measly rank binary reams of shit? Sony, the international hero of corporate power, was too fucking cheap to protect its employees from hack magic. FUCK sony.

      Who cares who did what? I don't and FUCK Sony!

  3. The commandments in the Hitchmas link are quite nice, thank you.

  4. Triple Xmas is more my speed you brilliant dead bastard.

  5. Hitchens, you magnificent bastard... *holds glass aloft, wipes back tear during moment of silence*... you will be missed.

    1. It's hard to foist a glass when your face is heaving, brah. I'm withya. These bitches fucked up the next 18 minutes of my life.

  6. Two twitters highlighted on's coverage of the shooting of two NYPD officers:

    The cold-blooded murder of two NYPD officers is tragically resultant of the Obama/Holder/De Blasio post-Ferguson/Garner cop-hating culture.

    ? Josh Hammer (@josh_hammer) December 20, 2014


    National journalists who have been fomenting a race war for weeks - are now strangely silent. #IStandWithNYPD

    1. Sheesh. And that the shooter murdered his girlfriend earlier in the day is because of...?

      1. Because his brain doesn't fucking work, Raven.

      2. Duh,

        The patriarchy made him do it.

    2. They didn't sign up to decorate cupcakes, boo.

    3. Obama is an America hating Kenyan Muslin socialist to the idiots at Town hall.

      1. Outrageous! Obama is NOT a Kenyan Muslim!

        1. But a turd is still a turd!

      2. Breitbart also has those addled hordes. On the other hand, Raw Story has its own hordes who despise cops but will fight tooth and nail to save the perpetual growth of amazing Progressive government as long as it has PowerPoint ideals. The Kind where TV monkeys like Jon Stewart gets rich proclaiming that fucking shitty government of gargantuan length and breadth can be 'reformed' so as not to be dictator-like.

        Football fields full of shit-stain-brains exist on both sides. FUCK us all.

      3. Hey Weigel. Are you STILL not done with your crappy book yet? Your publishers must be getting pretty annoyed. Another Christmas has just about come and gone!

    4. Todd Starnes is the genius who told Matt Welch that he'd be singing a different tune on pot legalization once the bodies start piling up.

    5. Ironically, this guy used the same tactics police use - overwhelming deadly force against nonthreatening victims.

      1. Concur squared.

  7. Ah, yes, moral equivalence between living in North Korea and listening to Christmas carols while you shop.

    Here is how the fundamentalists at the United Nations describe the Norks' treatment of Christians:

    "31. The State considers the spread of Christianity a particularly serious threat, since it challenges ideologically the official personality cult and provides a platform for social and political organization and interaction outside the realm of the State. Apart from the few organized State-controlled churches, Christians are prohibited from practising their religion and are persecuted. People caught practising Christianity are subject to severe punishments in violation of the right to freedom of religion and the prohibition of religious discrimination....

    "42...Persons found to have been in contact with officials or nationals from the Republic of Korea or with Christian churches may be forcibly "disappeared" into political prison camps, imprisoned in ordinary prisons or even summarily executed....

    1. "77. Persons detained in political and other prison camps, those who try to flee the State, Christians and others considered to introduce subversive influences are the primary targets of a systematic and widespread attack against all populations that are considered to pose a threat to the political system and leadership of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

      I would have loved to see the late Prof. Hitchens explain to Korean Christians how they're basically the moral equivalent of their oppressors.

      1. I agree with you, but most of us are fairly intelligent and get the gist of Hitchen's rag.

        Of-fucking-course it is absolutely fucking silly to compare Christ carols with real brutality. Hitches was a bubble-headed shit in this regard and I say this as a fellow who loved Hitchens.

        I'll go a step further as a hardcore atheist and state that 'Murican Christians who lean Libertarian are fucking decent folk and as much as I dislike a lot of their horrible social ideas many of them cannot compare to the far more insidious and brainless insanity of a true goddamn socialist progressive.

        1. Agile, you're making sense - see what happens when you just limit yourself to brandy and lay off the LSD?

          1. I'm heavily into drink right now, dear.

            1. Like I said...

              1. Your sort of Christianity is appreciated here, kind sir.

              2. It says something that an intoxicated AC is more rational than a sober Bo

  8. Washington Post Article: The troubling reason why whites in some states may show more hidden racial bias

    "Dominic Packer, a psychologist at Lehigh University, has a surprising (and troubling) answer: Unconscious racial bias, he shows in a new analysis, is higher in U.S. states in which there is a higher ratio of black citizens to white citizens -- or in other words, in which there are relatively more black people for every white person."

    1. Impossible.

      Liberals have repeatedly explained to me that "diversity benefits everybody." Therefore, the only possible result is that MORE blacks in a state should make the whites in that state LESS racist.

      (Yeah, I skimmed the article and they acknowledged that seeming contradiction.)

    2. Of course, the definition of 'unconscious racial bias' is 100% subjective.

      Incidentally, if you follow the link in that article to the article that actually explains the methodology used to find 'implicit bias' it becomes pretty obvious that this is a shady study with no actual scientific merit.

      The Implicit Association Test comes in many versions, but in a version that detects uncontrolled racial biases or preferences -- as opposed to, say, gender bias or age bias -- your task is to rapidly sort a series of faces as either "African American" or "European American," even as you also sort a variety of words (like "agony," "joy," "happy," "anger") as either "good" or "bad."

      Bias in the test occurs when people are faster at categorizing negative words when they are paired with African American faces, or faster at sorting positive words when they're paired with white faces -- suggesting an uncontrolled mental association between negative things or concepts and African Americans.

      How can you assume that being faster to sort a variety of words shows actual unconscious bias in real life? Moreover, the article also mentions that this was a test done over the internet which in no way has a random sampling of people.

      So it's a study with massive sampling issues with methodology that makes no sense and does not prove what the test administrators claim it proves.

      Sounds legit!

      1. Irish, what would you say would be behind the pairing of negative words with black faces?

        1. Or rather 'faster at categorizing negative words when they are paired with African American faces, or faster at sorting positive words when they're paired with white faces'

        2. It doesn't cause you to pair negative words with black faces. It results in you being faster to categorize negative words as negative.

          For example, what the test did was give you European and black faces and you had to sort them as European or African American while simultaneously having you sort words like 'agony' as either positive or negative words. What they're claiming is not that people who saw black faces were more likely to think of negative words, but that people who saw black faces were quicker to categorize a word like 'agony' as a negative word.

          Also, how much quicker? Is it statistically significant? They don't say.

          I don't know how you can argue that being faster to notice that the word 'anger' is a negative word when you see a black face is evidence that you have negative thoughts about black people. That's idiotic and at no point do they explain how this allegedly shows unconscious bias.

          1. Simply put, there is no rational basis for assuming that being faster at noticing the word anger has negative connotations is evidence that you have any bias towards the skin color of a person you just saw. They assume what they have to prove and offer not one shred of evidence that this is actually proof of unconscious racial bias.

            I'd also like to see this test repeated. It seems like the sort of test you always read about in social science where they come up with a seemingly important finding but no one else is ever able to replicate their results. That's incredibly common in social science, especially in tests with the methodology and sampling issues that this one has.

            1. I think there's been a lot of different studies of race using the IAT, it's been around since the late 90s.

          2. "but that people who saw black faces were quicker to categorize a word like 'agony' as a negative word."

            So what do you think could be behind that?

            1. Irish, FWIW I found this article talking about seemingly scores of different studies.


              And this is an interesting article more skeptical of it all:


          3. There's a similar test for genders and sciences/liberal arts. I can't speak for the one you describe, but that test tended to use cheap psychological exploits of human pattern recognition skills to game their answers. It sets you up with rapid response test based off of simple button presses to repeat numerous times, drills that pattern into your head, then abruptly reverses it. Naturally, your response time is slower. It's literally a test of how quickly you can adapt your feature analysis and pattern dissection skills, not one that provides inherent attitudes towards genders.

    3. Think about how fucking stupid this is. Racism is a personal preference unknowable outside of ones own head. These witch doctors claim they can tell your preference even if you can't.

      Imagine if they said we have a yet that reveals whether you dislike vanilla ice cream. You said you don't but they swear with all their science you actually don't like vanilla ice cream.

      It makes as much sense as revealing to you that you actually dislike black people but never knew!

      Obvious pseudoscience taken seriously by millions.

      1. test that reveals

  9. Two Quotes From Two Articles that are Both Currently Headlines at the WP Site:

    "Although race relations have certainly taken a hit, on the whole they have been trending in a positive direction."

    "For the first time in more than two decades, more than one in 10 Americans say that race is the most pressing issue facing the country, according to a new Gallup poll."

    1. But can race be discussed with too much frequency to where it addles the relationship?

      Perpetual discussions of ANYthing however national or granular can enter the ad-nauseam fields. Shit becomes counter-productive, Reason monstahs.

      Ever over-discuss a disagreement with a lover or wife? The air becomes an excrement vapor. Plausible travel onto the vectors of positive fucking shit just goes plop like a dump after eating a stack of neutron bomb wings.

      Race is about liquid alignment. Love is about liquid alignment. Living is about liquid alignment. I say fuck races.

      Let's just fucking live, grow, and make mistakes. Be racist- whether black or white or Asian or Serbian or Intergalactic Star f-9 creature bodies. And be willing to say, 'yo, bro or sis, I went overboard... sorry'. Fist bump. Eat some damn yams and roll on.

      Because life is short and most of us will be eternally dead in a matter of fleeting decades...

    2. What does a community organizer do? Do they build schools, hospitals, town halls? Do they organize communities?

      No. They go into communities that already exist and capitalize on people's grievances, amplifying them and dividing the community. They stir up anger and resentment that is either real or imagined. They are dividers, not uniters.

      Yeah, we are living in a post racial America since 2008.

  10. Wow, 49er's home stadium is half empty. I know they're not making the playoffs this year, but at 7-7 I can't believe that many no-shows. Oh well, off to watch.

    1. And yet it's hilarious how the national media gets on Rams fans for being only 85% full, even though the owner is planning to move the team and we haven't had a winning record in 11 years.

      1. Wow, is this comment from 1993 when the Rams were playing in Anaheim?

        1. Dunno about that, but watching a team with a QB who can't count to 25 or 40 is not amusing.

  11. North Korea doesn't have a problem with portraying the death of South Korea's president:

  12. In other news, more torture lovers from my local paper:

    With all this talk about torture one thing has not been brought up. Choice. If you were tortured in Vietnam likely it was not for information as much as punishment. The tortured had little choice in what happened to them.

    However, if those three Muslims that were made uncomfortable (and uncomfortable is not torture) by the CIA wanted to be comfortable, all they had to do was tell what they knew and it was over.

    Given a choice would you prefer to die at the hand of one of Obama's drones or live and tell what you know. It's a hard choice maybe, but still a choice.

    Will one of you bleeding heart liberals explain to me the choice that those folks in the twin towers had other than burn to death or jumping to certain death. Now that to me is torture.

    1. righty. Because people who support limited torture (we are not talking about slowly sawing off somebody's head)... LOVE torture, in the same way RKBA advocates LOVE guns, Pro choice advocates LOVE abortion etc.

      nice to see that ideologues are ideologues no matter what the issue is, especially when it comes to demonizing people that you disagree with

      1. Your grandma's pie, sweet and delish 'Murican' limited torture ruins some 'scummy fucking losers' who are often totally innocent.

        No one is ever tortured to determine innocence because this level of evil is incomprehensible.

        People are tortured to 'save civilization' and if a few innocents are tortured? WHO THE FUCK CARES...? Praise progressive and evangelical gods.

        Fuck your torture, Dunphy. Fuck it!

        I'm one prone to believe in higher levels of intelligence. Sadly, most in the business of conquest are trapped in the middle ages. Powerful vector to the future of negative results.

        Torture is what the enemy does. Torture IS the enemy. Torture is the parameter between good and evil and EVIL tortures.

        IF Dick Cheney TRULY believed in torture the horrible crap-eater would NOT have tortured in favored lands across the planet. He WOULD have brought it home and sold it.

  13. Cont'd

    If you choose to follow a religion that beheads innocent people and aims for world domination at the expense of freedom, you made a bad choice. If you are captured, a little discomfort is your due for making that bad choice. And if that bad choice costs you your life, you have only yourself to blame. That's called personal responsibility.

    No matter what the bleeding hearts say we are all responsible for the choices we make and live with the consequences of them. There are some folks in the U.S. following Al Sharpton, demonstrating while chanting "what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now." Hope they don't suffer too much for their choice. It's a bad one.

    1. Al Sharpton is already somewhat responsible for actual murder, whereas the overwhelming majority of cops (and the vast majority who get in a shooting ) aren't

      he is the LAST person with moral authority in this debate

    2. "If you choose to follow a religion that beheads innocent people and aims for world domination at the expense of freedom, you made a bad choice. If you are captured, a little discomfort is your due for making that bad choice. And if that bad choice costs you your life, you have only yourself to blame. That's called personal responsibility."

      So "you" can be captured for following a religion? And if you die as a result, well, tough shit?
      Hmmm. Is that claim somehow credited to a philosophic view?

      1. And if this guy was an Arab, perhaps he'd write something like:

        "If you choose to support a government that kills children with drones and aims for world domination at the expense of sovereignty, you made a bad choice. If you invade our lands, a little discomfort is your due for making that bad choice. And if that bad choice costs you your life, you have only yourself to blame. That's called the justice of Allah."

        1. But with more glottal stops.

          1. We're stopping for Italian ice cream?

            1. If its called SMOOCHES we all stop. and listen. and bow. and get dunphy dick shoved deep down our throats.

        2. As one of my friends said to me, "If we don't care how many Arabs are killed, why should Arabs care how many Americans are killed?"

          1. Your friend was a Siberian hermit, sweet Nation?


    Awesome. Political protest DONE right. No murder, pillaging, destruction of property, but POWERFUL political protest

    1. Wow, you sure have low expectations of your fellow porkers if you're *praising* them for not committing crimes.

      1. lol

        if there is one thing I can always count on, it is the reasonoid anti-cop bigot's complete and awesome lack of reading comprehension

        It's AWESOME because it's powerful. It is ALSO done right, because it's done w/o pillaging etc.

        But again, people in the real world , outside Reason's niche culture of cop hate GET IT.

        And a nation, and a city mourns AS THEY SHOULD.

        It's very heartwarming.

        1. My God, you've accomplished the impossible - making my sympathize with Mayor DeBlasio.

          How on earth did Hizzoner contribute to the deaths of these officers by a murderer who started his killing spree by killing his girlfriend?

          Did he pause after killing his GF and say, "you know, I'd like to stop with this murder, but thanks to DeBlasio, now I know that I should continue to cop-killing. Thanks, Mr. Mayor, for letting me know which course I should adopt!"

          1. My inclination was to be in solidarity with cops who lost two of their own to a horrid crime.

            But it seems you don't want my solidarity unless I share your political approach to police/community relations.

            So my solidarity will therefore be confined to these two cops in their individual capacities as workingmen with families - I'm not going to extend my feelings of solidarity to you and yours, since you clearly don't want my support.

            1. lol, like i want or care about solidarity from a bunch of anonymous mamasboy keyboard warrior anticop bigots!!!!

              Out here in the real world, outside reason's rarefied clime of anticop bigotry, potent enough to get even longterm critics here to call them out for kneejerk anticop wanking

              not to mention that Balko recently wrote a ridiculous screed that was called out by ACTUAL FACT CHECKING journalists for gross inaccuracies (I have always respected his journalism but the latest was pure hackery)...

              again, I live in the real world, where most people love and respect us

              the last thing I come to reason for is sympathy, love or any of that. i know what to expect from bigots. I speak truth because there is dignity in doing so.

              I don't expect willfully ignorant bigots to read critically or accept inconvenient facts

              they never have and never will


              1. So you don't actually care about the fate of your fellow officers, you simply want to politicize their deaths and reject any support or solidarity from people with different perspectives.

                At least *I* mourn their deaths, because I see them as human beings. You see them as political props, without individual identities.

                1. notorious considering the reason-bigot tradition of bogus analogy, false claims, lack of reading comprehension and smug self loving puffery ...

                  thanks for keeping it, not real, but consistent at least

                  hobgoblins notwithstanding...


                  1. Do you even understand the English language? Your posts cast doubt on that, as do your reading comprehension skills.

                  2. Smooooooooooooooooochez

                2. You may be interested to know that, on a campus full of SJWs, I advocated for a federal pardon for the Rodney King cops, because they had been prosecuted federally for a crime on which they had been acquitted on the state level. This looked to me like double jeopardy. I had to listen to an explanation about how "you realize how other people might think that's racist?"

                  So I'm not taking any shit from you, you're just a counterpart to Gabby Giffords, exploiting a tragedy for political ends.

              2. "smooches"
                Fuck you and your passive-aggressive "smooches"
                Stick it up your ass.

            2. It's a practical insult to see the word 'artist' next to 'Dunphy'. The dude is like lava fighting snow.

              1. bra, maybe one day I will link to my soundcloud page

                trust me, Im an artist


                And again, in the real world, my opinion is respected. i would have some cause for reflection as to this kind of response if it came from real people , such as at

                being called out by bigots is a badge of honor. I don't expect fairness and lack of bigotry at stormfront or here.

                1. bra, maybe one day I will link to my soundcloud page

                  Great minds make great sound. Please link.

                2. Smoooooooooooooooooches

        2. People in the real world are clueless about police unions and their Communist orientations which derpy Dunphy clearly misses.

          Communism creates integral boxes for classes. No class can progress or fail. It just simply is. Because the state protecting said class is righteous and morally correct. Which is why it is supra rare to see a police union ethically mature.

          Police unions in open societies can only defend. Never intellectually improve.

          1. ah yes. more elitism, something the reasonoid bigots constantly engage in and I constantly call them out for.

            the "the reason people don't agree with me is because they are clueless. the reason I believe what i believe is that my viewpoint is the educated one"

            seriously, this is how reasonoid bigots are EXACTLY like progressive bigots, their broadbrush sweeping of others who disagree with them as uninformed,stupid, etc.

            "if only they UNDERSTOOD LIKE I DO"

            it is EXACTLY why so many ideologues are enemies to the cause and why your ilk are enemies to the libertarian cause

            you do not persuade people with "if you understood things, you would agree with me"


            i am not going to point out to you all the reasons why police unions are not only a (qualified) "good", but why it is nearly impossible to have professional high quality policing WITHOUT those unions, as we have now, because i would be repeating the same truths that you would continue to reject

            you continually ignore the stark differences between private industry and policework that make police unions so necessary for fairness, justice, quality policing etc.

            1. but why it is nearly impossible to have professional high quality policing WITHOUT those unions

              "Moreover, the working-man is made to feel at every moment that the bourgeoisie treats him as a chattel, as its property, and for this reason, if for no other, he must come forward as its enemy... in our present society, he can save his manhood only in hatred and rebellion against the bourgeoisie."

              Praise Engels for police unions!

    2. Aww, the piggies are upset over de Blasio's rather open ended comments. Thank God no one is trying to hold them accountable for their actions or they might throw a temper tantrum. Cops acting like overly emotional children perfectly shows their lack of professionalism.

      1. Panties were originally designed for cops- not babes.

  15. booya Body Cameras, Police Unions, and NYPD.

    Noted that NYPD is the first officer involved shooting in months i have seen that actually WAS a true bias shooting

    the two officers were shot SOLELY based on color bias - the color of their uniforms

    and of course , as distinguishable from the reporting on ferguson and countless other (obviously justified) OIS', you can read article after article without racial hucksterism in THIS case.

    it literally takes a solid case of google-fu to find ANY mention of any involved party's races!

    How refreshing.

    And again, you can search story after story and when officers get shot there will be NO mention of the race of the officers or suspect UNLESS the suspect is at large.

    this kind of racist double standard is why(as polling data proves) we are held in such high regard and journalists are held in such low regard

    1. No one here likes racist double standards. You know that. You've been here for years. Why the FUCK mention it now?

      I AM interested in your music, however, boo. Putting your police shit aside I love new bands and fucking cool grooves... I'm interested in your artistic waves. Be cool if there was some way to fuckin listen to your stuff.

      1. I mention racist double standards because I have seen plenty of posts about cops indiscriminately mowing down BLACK men specifically, and being racist in their application of force, etc. etc.

        it is a total myth

        the stats completely obliterate it

        go to and get Heather MacDonald's book

        It is as effective on this topic as "More guns less crime" is on gun control

        simply put, how many anticop bigots do you think realize the 40% thing-

        40% of cops are SHOT by black men
        40% of those shot by cops are black men

        there are tons of other stats, but in a nation with roughly 5% black men OF COURSE it's concerning that 40% of those shot are black men


        but NOBODY here has ever brought up (before me) with all their racist claims about cops the fact that it is easy to see that about 40% of cops shot are SHOT BY BLACK MEN

        knowing that stat alone makes it EASY to understand how the racial hucksters have twisted reality

        and as long as reasonoids continue to make false claims on this topic - i stand with the facts

        1. You ARE a reasonoid you silly fuck! You ARE part of the REASON community. HOW are YOU NOT a REASONOID?

          1. As a cop he deems himself totally separate from and above humanity.

    2. If they had caught the killer alive, I sure hope they wouldn't have questioned him about the crime, because that might have violated his 5th Amendment rights, just as IA asking a cop about a dubious shooting would violate the cop's 5th Amendment rights.


      1. again, with the false analogies and bogus double standards

        IA doesn't ASK a cop about anything

        THEY compel him to testify

        compelled testimony is INADMISSABLE IN A CRIMINAL TRIAL

        that is the VERY point that the miranda decision made

        and IA is PART OF THE PROSECUTORIAL MECHANISM, thus it is disanalogous with noncops issues because they dont face being questioned MANDATORILY by the police, since they dont work FOR THE POLICE

        There is no double standard.

        There is a disanalogous reality

        if you get accused of DUI tonight, I can guarantee you that the police cannot come into your workplace and COMPEL you to answer questions, provide evidence etc. and THEN use that against you in criminal court


        do you grok the distinction?

        a cop gets NO special protection in this regards, because he faces a hazard a NON cop doesnt face

        if and when "civilians" get questioned BY THE POLICE and FORCED TO TURN OVER EVIDENCE BY THE POLICE where the police can punish them for noncompliance

        THEN you will have an analogy

        again, this canard is almost as stupid as the "paid vacation" one

        but it remains

        1. the garrity distinction was brought about when an IA detective told an officer ACCUSED OF A CRIME that if he did not asnwer his questions he would be fired.

          AND if the officer answered his questions, then the IA detective could have used it against him CRIMINALLY

          if you cant see the due process issues, nothing will help you

          IA is free to (although stupid to, for procedural difficulty reasons) question a criminal suspect cop after an incident but if the LEAK anything to the prosecutorial side of the investigation , the criminal case will be vitiated (it does not harm the departmental case)

          reasonoids are wholly dismissive of due process vis a vis cops

          but if you cant see "the oppression in the system" when your employer IS the police and can compel you to provide evidence to them that can then be used against you criminally, then you truly do not support due process or the very essence of the idea that you have the right not to incriminate yourself

          without garrity, the police could compel inculpatory evidence and testimony and would be ETHICALLY BOUND TO USE IT AGAINST THE OFFICER

          it's chilling as fuck


          1. Garrity says a pig can invoke his 5th Amendment privilege without getting fired, not that he can't be questioned, you stupid git.

        2. Yeah, waitress, I'll have the overdone ham (you know, pork).

          OK, let me lay it on for ya:

          (a) Suspect is arrested and brought into an interrogation room, read him some stuff off a card. Cops ask him about the crime he's suspected of. Suspect spills his guts and confesses. NO COERCION

          (b) Cop gets examined by fellow cop. Both parties know the suspect cop is represented by an aggressive police union. Suspect cop is told he doesn't have to say anything, but could he maybe explain how that civilian ended up dead?


          1. Or, as happened in Indiana, a cop arrested for DUI, gets taken fo a looooong ride.

  16. Dunphy why the FUCK would you FUCK with a Hitchens thread, nigs?

    1. bra, because hitchens fucking rools

      if anticop bigots had half his sense, there would be no disagreement here

      fwiw, he correctly recognized the scumbaggery of islamofascists btw and broke from the mold.

      1. he correctly recognized the scumbaggery of islamofascists

        I trulio cannot respect fuckin modern societies based on this crap. I FUCKING HATE societies that treat women like trash. And behead. And have no idea what T.Jefferson meant.

        I might bitch with you on other stuff but not this one. You are likely a rather weird and hard to fucking understand rational patriot.

  17. Wow that looks liek tis gonna be good. Dude.

    1. How big are your tits rve32? Can I dick fuck those hippo butts?

  18. Why does Dunphy always smooch everyfuckinwhere?

    SMOOCH here and SMOOCH there...

    FUCKING SMOOCHie FUCK. I like smooches but what is UP with a so-called cop that smooche....WAIT...

    If you're prone to smoochins this means you're a lover... the OPPOSITE of the classless derpity derpy called the reason police office dick-sucking bro called Dunphy...


    1. Hey, he's got to get his homoerotic feelings out somewhere. A normal person would just fuck men.

      1. again, for those of us who arent bigots, all these stupid comments are meaningless

        they are intended as insults but are not

        simply put, I am not homosexual, but intimating that I am is not an insult

        why am i not surprised that bigots will be bigots

        derp out

        and smooches

        1. "All these stupid comments are meaningless" says the fool obsessively responding to them. I knew that'd irk you and get a sufficiently whiny response. I didn't infer that homosexuality was an insult, just that you were clearly working out some homosexual tension. Or maybe you just really like writing like a twelve year old girl. You have a rather pathetic and fragile ego there Dunphy.

    2. I'm guessing, dumpy is an operator with food court six. He's a delusional weirdo.

  19. As hard as I tried to get on the Hitch memorial bandwagon, that's a terrible rendition of the Lehrer classic.

    And I can see why Reason hasn't updated its logo in years, as it would have to find room in the budget to change the cutouts for its walls as well.

  20. Sir Hitchens.

    I loved you. I love you. You passed on. We all live shortly. Your vectors was like a societal punch. A thumpin mobius. A ratcheting distracting violence on the soul of the world.

    I wish you had not died. Human life is short.

    If you are smart don't get drunk and think about just how short your life is. You are living and enjoying. Feeling. Expressing.... but it. will. end. thumpin.

  21. I keep telling you guys this isn't actually dumpster, it's a shitty facsimile with an almost entirely different MO (except for being a cop fellator).

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