More Bad News for Rolling Stone: Jackie Possibly Used Dummy Texting Service, Sent Email to Crush Implying Drastic Measures


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While at this point nothing could redeem Rolling Stone's tall tale about a gang rape at the University of Virginia, it's remarkable that new details further undermining Sabrina Rubin Erdely's shoddy reporting are still emerging on a daily basis—and each is more revealing than the last.

Since I last wrote on this subject, there have been several major developments, all concerning the three friends of Jackie who purportedly picked her up from the Phi Psi party and urged her not to go to the police. Those three friends—Ryan Duffin, Alex Stock, and Kathryn Hendley—have now given interviews disputing nearly all aspects of Jackie's story regarding what happened that night.

We now know the "real" given name of Jackie's date on the evening of her alleged rape, September 28, 2012: Haven Monahan. Jackie claimed that Monahan was an older student who had taken an interest in her. Prior to September 28th, Duffin, Stock, and Hendley had pressed Jackie for details about this mysterious love interest. She gave them several different cell phone numbers for Monahan, and they corresponded with him. He eventually sent a picture of himself. Many of his messages contained not-so-subtle hints that Jackie had (unrequited) feelings for Duffin.

We now know that no one named Haven Monahan attended UVA. The phone numbers aren't even real—they redirect back to an internet service that allows people to send texts without having actual phone numbers. And the picture is of a former high school acquaintance of Jackie's who never attended UVA and spent no time in Charlottesville that year.

This strongly implies, of course, that Jackie sent the messages herself. The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross has gathered compelling evidence—including an interview with Duffin himself—that Jackie may have been trying to make Duffin sympathetic to her or develop feelings for her.

Most recently, Ross obtained and published a bizarre email that sheds more light on the nature of Jackie's feelings for Duffin. The email purports to be a message from Jackie to "Monahan" in which she confesses to being totally in love and obsessed with Duffin. "Monahan" forwarded the email to Duffin, claiming that he thought Duffin should read it. If Monahan were a real person, the message would have been oddly timed: it was forwarded to Duffin on October 3, 2012—just a few days after Jackie told Duffin that she was raped by five men during her date with Monahan. But since Monahan almost certainly doesn't exist and is in all likelihood actually Jackie, the email makes the most sense as a form of elaborate cover for Jackie to indirectly share her feelings with the true object of her affection.

The full thing can be read here. A selection:

I didn't fall for Ryan Duffin the first day I met him. Nor did I fall for him on the second day or the third day for that matter. But once I did fall for Ryan, you see, my world flipped upside down. Kathryn doesn't understand what I see in Ryan. I guess I don't understand what she doesn't see in him. He's gorgeous, but gorgeous is an understatement. More like you're startled every time you see him because you notice something new in a Where's Waldo sort of way. More like you can't stop writing third grade run on sentences because you can't even remotely begin to describe something, someone, so inherently amazing. More like you're afraid that if you stare at him too long, you'll prove your grandparents right that, yes, your face will get stuck that way…but you don't mind. You, like everyone else, may think I'm exaggerating, but then again, you probably don't know Ryan Duffin. Ryan has no idea what he does to me…he can make me feel more emotions in one second then I would normally feel in one year. He makes my head spin. And the truth is, I'm crazy about him.

Jackie also discusses "doing anything to switch the scales" to make Duffin like her. (Note: Monahan/Jackie appears to have used famous TV and movie quotes to write the bulk of the email.)

I should note it's still technically possible that Jackie suffered a traumatic sexual encounter at some point during her college years—perhaps even on September 28, 2012, although that now seems implausible given the extent of her deception both before and after that night. Whatever the cause of her trauma, it's difficult not to feel sympathy for a suffering person. I wish her well.

All ire should be reserved for Erdely and her editors: the sole perpetrators of this utter journalistic trainwreck. On that note, the Poynter Institute just awarded Rolling Stone its "error of the year" distinction. Given the incredible chaos this thoroughly false story has wrought, any distinction—even a dubious one—seems almost too kind.

Watch me discuss these matters on CNN's Smerconish below.

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  1. Whatever the cause of her trauma, it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for a suffering person. I wish her well.

    I disagree.

    There is an incredible cultural double standard chalking up any “chaos” caused by women to “a poor suffering soul looking for help” while labeling similar damage caused by men as the actions of a psycho.

    If a man acted towards a woman the way Jackie acted towards Duffin, we’d be looking at restraining orders, stalking indictments, and probably involuntary commitment for observation.

    1. Well I, for one, hope she gets accused of an honor offense and gets her sorry ass expelled from the University.

      When I attended there, there were three elements necessary for conviction: (1) act (did she lie, cheat or steal–in this case, that’s a no-brainer); (2) intent (was it done deliberately, not in a fit of absence of mind, not while so drunk she didn’t know what she was doing, etc.–in this case, hard to conclude otherwise than yes); reprehensibility (would open toleration of such an act be inconsistent with maintenance of the community of trust that UVa was fostering–that seems absolutely to be the case here). Let her finish out her academic career at JMU, if they’ll have her.

      1. But there was no academic offense. I never paid much attention to the honor code other than reminding students to write it on their exams and sign it, but I thought it was usually reserved for academic violations.

        1. Nope. Any lying, cheating, or stealing, if committed in Charlottesville or Albemarle County, or if the student used his or her status as a UVa student to induce trust.

          1. Any lie in two counties? Wouldn’t that be grounds to expel every student? I guess (3) is barrier there, but who has never lied?

            1. Ultimately, yes, but enforced for petty stuff like “no, I don’t have any spare change” or “I’m busy that night.”

              1. NOT enforced…


            2. Not in two counties – in Albemarle County and in the City of Charlottesville. Virginia is unique in the U.S. in that some cities, including Charlottesville, are not associated with any county. Charlottesville is surrounded on all sides by Albemarle County, but is not part of it.

          2. “or if the student used his or her status as a UVa student to induce trust.”

            Recent events, up to and including those of UVA Administration, rendering that an unpossibility, not withstanding.

        2. LP….her actions though diminished the University, the Greek societies, individuals in the University, the Administration of the University, the culture of the University. All aided and abetted by the RS writer, but through her actions all this happened.

          If this isn’t an honor violation, then what is, other than cheating?

          I’m with the posters who think Robbie S is letting Jackie off the hook easily. She is not a nice person. This isn’t a ‘poor girl’ situation. She hurt a lot of people.

          1. Imma guess that the “this poor, disturbed girl” schtick is to make sure that the invitations to the proper parties continues unabated.

            1. She’ll fit right in with all the other deranged, neurotic leftoids.

      2. From my time there, it was drilled into our heads that it did not have to be related to academics. Absent a diagnosis of some sort of personality disorder, I don’t see how they don’t boot her off Grounds.

        1. Yeah, there was some equivalent of the insanity defense. Which, come to think of it, Jackie may be a good candidate for. I’ve seen a lot of commenters here suggest she sounds like a classic borderline personality disorder case.

          1. Yeah, she should go all in on “I’m teh cray-cray” so she doesn’t get expelled.

            1. At this point what value will that diploma have for her, anyway?

              1. When she files suit under the ADA, she’ll need the UVA diploma to prove she was fully- qualified for the job, ergo the sole reason she was not hired was her disability.

          2. I don’t think BPD counts as being insanity, in a criminal type situation. They’re clear on what they’re doing and know the effects of what they’re doing.

            Everything I read about BPD tells me it is just the new name for ‘this person is a real scumbag and will lie and cheat and manipulate anyone to get what she wants’, rather than a mental disorder.

        2. Absent a diagnosis of some sort of personality disorder, I don’t see how they don’t boot her off Grounds.

          It will be interesting to see how this plays out. They’re going to look bad if they don’t boot her, and the feminists will go ballistic if they do.

          1. If her identity is know on campus, which I believe it is, I would be surprised if she hasn’t already withdrawn.

          2. Indeed this will be interesting. Ironically, a quiet withdrawal is probably the best thing at this point.

            1. That’s what she said.

      3. “Well I, for one, hope she gets accused of an honor offense and gets her sorry ass expelled from the University.”

        I think the use of Movie quotes in a love letter is bad enough to warrant expulsion.

      4. Like rape itself, a fraud of this kind is too great an offense to leave up to a college kangaroo court. She should be sued for defamation by both Monahan and the fraternity. And shunned by real rape victims for making them all look like liars.

      5. Seamus,

        Why the back-handed slap at Madison? I know we’re not as privileged and educated as you good folks, but we’re not terrible.

        I don’t know why we’re under your skin but beat up on Radford next time.

        Who doesn’t love doing that!

        Fellow Virginian – Karl

    2. /starts to type furiously – remembers lawyer’s advice about making public statements during litigation and the steely I-will-put-water-in-your -dog-and-shave-your-gas-tank stare as she delivered it – hits ctrl-a, delete.

      1. Nice, I know I would appreciate it if my client showed similar restraint.

        1. That sounded kind of snarky, I’m serious though, I just had a client violate an order by sending some insane texts to his ex.

          1. *I* didn’t find it snarky; My ex’s attorney likes to read my text messages to my ex in open court (the ones that don’t show my ex to be outright lying anyway). Fortunately, I keep all my communications businesslike and sociopathically unemotional.

            I live in fear of autocorrect though.

    3. I agree. I know that unrequited love is a painful thing; I’ve experienced it and have no desire to repeat the experience. But that’s no excuse at all for trying to manipulate someone in the way that “Jackie” attempted to do–treating human beings like puppets in her personal little theater. And to smear someone with accusations of a heinous crime, accusations that today’s society accepts with little or no question, is something that simply should not be tolerated.

      1. treating human beings like puppets in her personal little theater.

        IF she were more subtle about it, she could be president

        1. She’s young yet. Give her twenty years and a new identity…

          1. Hillary can’t live forever, there must be another to replace her.

    4. If a man acted towards a woman the way Jackie acted towards Duffin, we’d be looking at restraining orders, stalking indictments, and probably involuntary commitment for observation.

      This. She’s a sociopath and a rather stupid and clumsy one at that.

      She concocted a literally unbelievable story to get a boy and then when presented with an opportunity to back away and fade into the scenery, she octoupled down and broadcast her fabrication to the world, not caring at all who it ruined.

      Fuck her and the fictitious horse she rode in on.

      1. Fuck her and the fictitious horse she rode in on.

        Isn’t this the problem?

        1. Gang Rape at the OK Corral.

          1. PETA’s gonna get ya

      2. My bullshit radar went off the instant this story came out. Always be wary of believing stories that blatantly confirm your pre-existing belief.

        That said, right now the pendulum has swung the other direction and this story has become an example that confirms some people’s worst fears that “rape” will be used as a weapon by people who are bat-shit crazy.

        The pendulum has swung far enough that I’m starting to become wary again.

        1. * when I say “this story” in the first paragraph, I’m referring to the original Rolling Stone story.

    5. This. It’s of course possible that she’s a suffering soul–but it’s far, far more likely that she’s a sociopath who did all this for her own sick amusement, or a mentally ill woman who is living in a fantasy world the rest of us are only now seeing bits and pieces of (“Haven Monahan” sounds like a character in a teen drama)

      Either way, she needs to be held responsible for her actions, for the sake of the people she dragged through the mud, and for the real rape victims who now have to face extra skepticism thanks to her bullshit.

      1. +1 Thomas Szasz

      2. To be fair, the naming conventions of American children the last 25 years has indeed gone completely Young Adult Novel. So it’s with heavy heart that unfortunately Haven Monahan is a silly but yet completely realistic name at this point.

        1. And what’s with all these kids named Skyler? Don’t their single moms realize that they will get their asses kicked (or become fags) with a faggy name like Skyler?

          Oh wait, the single moms pumping out the next generation of leftwing beta simp nancyboys are instrumental in the left’s destruction of the west.

          1. It is a misspelling: Skyper is correct.

      3. She is an antisocial narcissist – other people only exist to server her purposes.

    6. Well-said, fluffy.

    7. “There is an incredible cultural double standard chalking up any “chaos” caused by women to “a poor suffering soul looking for help” while labeling similar damage caused by men as the actions of a psycho.”

      Yes. The bigotry of low expectations.
      This woman acted like some tweener with a crush on a celebrity and could have demolished several lives as a result.
      My sympathy is reserved for the victims of this low-life; she ought to be tossed by the school and sued to her last penny by anyone who was harmed at all.
      That does not include the lefty rag RS nor the supposed ‘reporter’; they need to suffer the same fate.

      1. I am truly amazed that Rolling Stone continues to act like they are a serious journalistic, AKA serious news, publication. Liberals seem to be doubling down on the idea that this is an anomaly for RS, a blip on an otherwise sterling reputation.

        On the other hand, I see RS as one step down from National Enquirer, with a leftest slant.

        1. “On the other hand, I see RS as one step down from National Enquirer, with a leftest slant.”

          Less amusing, besides. Who hasn’t chuckled at the NE while waiting to ring up the groceries?

        2. *I am truly amazed that Rolling Stone continues to act like they are a serious journalistic, AKA serious news, publication*

          You have to wonder if the liberals who read Rolling Stone might think to themselves “Hey, if RS is lying to me about a gang rape–might these CONSTANT articles about how the GOP is sooooo crazy also be lies?”

          1. “You have to wonder if the liberals who read Rolling Stone might think…”


      2. I tend to lean in the opposite direction – we need to recognize that many men are also “suffering souls” deserving of sympathy.

        Sympathy given to them while they are safely kept from harming the public, of course – either by early intervention or by incarceration, as circumstances require – but we need more sympathy generally, not less.

    8. ^^THIS^^

      Did anyone feel sorry for Stephen Glass when he made all of that shit up? Wasn’t he a poor suffering person? Would anyone feel sorry for a cop who framed someone to get a promotion because he was “troubled and was worried about feeding his family”?

      I can’t think of a single instance where a man who deliberately lied to the great harm of others would be excused like this. That is flat out sexism. That is treating women like they are lesser beings that are unworthy of being held to moral standards of behavior.

    9. Exactly. I would also point out that her false rape accusations placed many innocent men under suspicion. They undermine real rape accusations as well. She deserves contempt and even criminal charges for her actions not sympathy. Many women like her routinely falsely cry rape and destroy the lives of innocent men. She is exhibit A in why we should never blindly believe rape accusations and instead demand real objective evidence. Unfortunately, we are going the opposite direction as femifascists victimize innocent men.

      Jackie and the femifascists are worse than rapists.

    10. Whatever the cause of her trauma,

      What reason is there to believe she was ever traumatized at all?

      “Boo-hoo, my crush won’t give me the time of day” is not a frickin’ trauma.

      1. “What reason is there to believe she was ever traumatized at all?”


        I immediately thought M?nchausen syndrome.

    11. There is an incredible cultural double standard chalking up any “chaos” caused by women to “a poor suffering soul looking for help” while labeling similar damage caused by men as the actions of a psycho.

      Reference any show about crimes committed by women.

      The general gist of nearly all of them is that they were “driven to it” by things both overwhelming and out of their control. Such concessions are granted nearly universally, regardless of the heinousness of the crime. Fucking Andrea Yates was/is portrayed as a sympathetic figure.

      Susan Smith even gets sympathy, especially from feminists, because she was in a “loveless marriage” to a man who (they claim) misrepresented his financial standing (which is hogwash, but whatever).

      Women who murder their husbands/boyfriends “snapped.”

      People who have sympathy for female criminals seem to view women as lacking moral agency.

    12. Agreed. We can’t let a woman who behaves horribly irresponsibly get nothing for it but our pity because of her precious feelz. Any sociopath can cry crocodile tears. “Jackie’s” ability to play ‘damaged goods’ does not in itself warrant sympathy.

  2. Rolling Stone and “Jackie” have dealt a serious blow to the modern feminist movement. God bless their lazy/lying/crazy asses.

    1. Jackie not so much as Sabrina Rubin Erdeley. Jackie is just a sick, delusional woman; Erdeley was the one who publicized and vouched for her story, then doubled-down on her own bad reporting until that became untenable.

      1. “Erdely.” Sorry.

      2. Actually, I go the opposite way: the truly responsible party is the one who takes advantage of someone’s sympathies and willingness to believe. Jackie is the worst actor here. Erdely is grossly incompetent and should never be a journalist again, but Jackie is a monster.

        1. Jackie is a monster

          I’ve associated with more than one full-blown sociopath over the years. They are quite unsettling.

          1. But when most people think ‘sociopath’ they think Jack the Ripper. Most sociopaths aren’t as violent as they are manipulative, so most people don’t even notice them. And these days, especially if you’re a female sociopath, a good method of manipulation is to play the victim. As one psychologist I think put it aptly, “if there is a devil, he would most likely want us to pity him.”

        2. THIS is correct.

          Erdely is lazy and incompetent.

          Jackie is a monster.

          1. I see them as, basically, co-conspirators, and see little reason to rank one below the other.

        3. In my cold, libertarian, Szasz-agreeing heart, I find Jackie to be the one at the root of the problem. However, I know that society will see her as a victim…of something.

          What I should have written is that I don’t think it’s practical to try to hold Jackie accountable, so focusing on those who can be held so.

      3. Unless she has legitimate multiple personalities, which is absurdly rare, she’s not crazy enough to have not deliberately concocted this story and created what’shisface

        1. She has illegitimate multiple personalities.

    2. How the fuck has Rolling Stone still not retracted this story, and how does Erdely still have a job there?

    3. I was thinking the same thing. They have finally been outed.

      1. The above comment is in reference to antisocialist’s blow to the feministas comment.

  3. No, I am not keeping all of my ire from the person ultimately responsible for this hoax.

  4. All ire should be reserved for Erdely and her editors

    No, I don’t think so. False rape charges ruin lives, in addition to making life more difficult for actual rape victims who try to report their rapes. She doesn’t get a pass because she’s a complete nutjob.

    1. Yeah, but it’s beginning to look like “Jackie” is so much more mentally ill than the typical progressive that she is truly psychotic, and that Erdely exploited this pathetic student.

      1. She invented the story without any help from Rolling Stone. Fuck her. And fuck Rolling Stone too, of course.

        1. You forgot fuck UVA for its numbnuts response to the RS story.

        2. She not only invented it, she’s been running around campus spouting it for 2 years and everyone has just simply believed her even though there is no fucking way it could have been accurate

      2. She doesn’t seem mentally ill to me at all. Just immature.

        1. Except that she must be mentally ill to escape the FULL consequences of her misconduct, hence she will be so deemed.

        2. She seems like a narcissist who doesn’t care about how her actions affect others. This is a dangerous kind of person, not some innocuous drooling idiot chasing imaginary butterflies.

      3. How do we know Jackie is a ‘progressive?’ Erderly, of course, but is there some background on Jackie that suggests that claim to be true?

        1. She’s part of the anti-rape crusade at UVa. She’s probably a prog. Not because progs are the only people who care about rape, but because they’re the only ones who think that every women is risking rape by waking up in the morning. Or, for that matter, by not waking up in the morning.

          1. Jackie herself is part of the SJW-rape organizations at UVA? I understand those groups were using her story, sure, but is she herself involved in the ‘activism?’

            1. I would say yes, but then I remember that I read this in the RS article.

              1. Does the RS story say she’s involved in campus anti-rape activism? I’ll admit I’ve never read that story itself (looks like a good decision today). It sounded fishy from the beginning.

                I’ll say that I don’t think all the women in college involved in anti-rape campaigns are progressives, even if there is certainly strong progressive and feminist elements to the movement as a whole. I know some women College Republican types who, for example, volunteer at the YWCA or women’s shelters and seem on the path to become DA’s who focus on ‘sexual predators.’

                1. Bo,

                  What would prove to you that she’s a progressive?

                  1. It would be something more than that she told a fantastic story and that she’s involved in ‘anti-rape’ organizations. Don’t get me wrong, membership in certain anti-rape organizations would be pretty persuasive, but like I said I know college republicans who volunteer at the YWCA and such.

                    1. Bo,

                      Thanks for giving an example of something that would not suffice.

                      What *would* prove it to you?

                2. My understanding from personal communication with a friend of Emily Landa is that “yes” Jackie is active in the group OneLess at U.Va. I’m three steps (at least) removed, but that’s what I’ve been told.

                3. The RS piece does say she has become involved in groups on campus. But I fail to see how her status as a progressive matters at all.

            2. How do we know Jackie is a ‘progressive?’

              Every time I read about her, the story gets progressively more crazy.

              It distinctly smacks of AGW, Fracking, income inequality, etc. She gives every impression that she doesn’t care one lick about logic, justice, or the wider ramifications of her actions.

              Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, needs to be blasted out of the sky like a duck…

              1. Yes, only progressives don’t ‘care one lick about logic, justice, or the wider ramifications of [t]he[i]r actions.’ That certainly proves it.

                1. nicely dissembled Bo.

                  All the available evidence, short of a affirmative statement from Jackie, supports her being a progressive.

                  That does not of course PROVE it, but it makes it a good working hypothesis.

                  Now, I am sure you will want to make some sarcastic comment in the attempt to dissemble some more, so carry on.

                  1. You’d believe an affirmative statement from “Jackie” ???

                2. Be careful BoBo, you might let the mask slip too far and reveal your real bias. Of course your endless links to those evil SoCons and endless defense of prog stupidity kinda gives your leanings away.

                3. Yes it does. Finally you say something factual.

      4. Erdely exploited this pathetic student.

        Well, if she is mentally ill that’s another round of lawsuits against UVA and Erdely, right?

  5. The thing is, therer are real stories about gang rape?


    How did that reporter get so hoodwinked.

    1. She was fishing for a sensational story at a prominent public university. Instead, she caught a tire and tried to pass it off as a fish anyway.

      1. Yep – she believed a crazy teenager – one whose own friends knew to be a crazy liar. The most basic of fact checking would have exposed the hoax.

        1. Fact…checking…? Your words are strange to us. From what far-away land do you hail?

    2. I think the reporter wanted something more than a gang rape. She wanted a gang rape involving college students, and one with white frat members at an elite university was, as Irish noted on another thread, just hitting so many buttons regarding the fantasies of her and her readership she ran with it.

      1. Winner, winner, cage-free chicken dinner.

      2. astute observation, and probably dead on. When you see your work as a “journalist” not as reporting facts, but rather advocating for causes, fact checking is not so important so long as the case for your cause is made.

        Of course, getting caught is NEVER a possibility. And after all, she has not been fired or anything. She was doing just what RS wants, except for the getting caught part.

        1. Rolling Stone is the commie rag that published an article from a no-shit communist which advocated for the nationalization of all land.

          They don’t exactly have a history of rational explorations of difficult topics.

      3. Its pretty clear from the stories about Erdely’s search for a headline rape story that she was looking to attack frats and white men.

        That’s why she walked right past real, verifiable gang rape stories that didn’t fit that template, and published the fuck out of a fake one that did.

  6. In other words, this entire gang rape story, like the stories about Saddam’s rape rooms and industrial shredders, is total bullshit, peddled in order to stir people up to action (in that case, smashing Saddam Hussein; in this, smashing the fraternities, requiring “affirmative consent” before holding hands, etc). Of course, if the rape room/industrial shredder story had been debunked before April 9, 2003, the Cheneys of this world would have admonished us not to lose sight of the “larger story,” which is the need to Do Something about the Very Serious Problem that was illustrated, however imperfectly, by the accurate but fake story.

    1. also global warming

    2. *In other words, this entire gang rape story, like the stories about Saddam’s rape rooms and industrial shredders, is total bullshit, peddled in order to stir people up to action*

      Yeah, it’s JUST LIKE THAT. See, the particular frat in question also started a war and in the process of surrending, said they would stop doing a bunch of stuff that they never stopped doing, too, so IT’S JUST LIKE THAT.

      Also, UVA tried to kill George Bush’s father. SO IT’S JUST LIKE THAT.

      Look, I can’t help it if people [apparently, ones just like you], can’t grasp the extremely simple concept that violating a cease-fire thereby starts the shooting war back up again.

    3. Good analogy. Rape is like 9/11 to progressives. It justifies anything and everything, no right or freedom is too sacred to be sacrificed to slay the titanic beast of terrorism or rape.

      Or, my preferred analogy: false rape allegations are basically feminist Reichstag fires.

  7. This fell apart faster and more spectacularly than I thought it would.

  8. Generally agree that the current stuff is Rolling Stone’s and Erdely’s fault, but, as I understand it, “Jackie” had been telling this story on campus prior to the RS article. If she told it blaming the fraternity, her friends, etc., then she was causing harm and deserves some of the blame.

    1. We had a couple of batshit crazy women when I was in college. Everybody (students, professors, and administration) knew not to believe a fucking word they said. Just avoid.

      Rolling Stone could probably of coaxed a story of one of them about gang rape, drugs, or whatever other fiction they wanted to hear.

      1. Everybody (students, professors, and administration) knew not to believe a fucking word they said.

        So much this.

        Growing up, our circle of friends had a couple people who we referred to as Damaged Goods. They were nice enough people, but we knew that they had just enough narcissism and flair for the dramatic to override their good sense and get a bunch of people in trouble. I spent a LOT of parties steering new acquaintances away from these people.

        All it would have taken was for Erdely to meet with these friends and, even if they were charitable, she would have easily picked up on queues that this chick was bad news. That is the thing about pathological liars- they are really good at spinning tales to individual people. But when those people start talking, their lies fall apart.

  9. I predict a suicide in the near future for Jackie…


    1. She probably won’t commit suicide; some people who tell destructive untenable lies as jackie did in this case are so shameless in part because their self-esteem is in the toilet. Shame requires a mismatch between a person’s sense of self-worth and their actions: their actions being that which a bad person would do and they want to be good.

      A person who has no self-worth, who feels that he or she is a terrible person will feel that terrible actions are par for the course and certainly doesn’t fear getting caught in a terrible lie or social transgression in the way that a person who aspires to be beneficent.

      1. I don’t think an ATTEMPTED suicide is out of the question. These sorts of dramatic statements to garner sympathy from others seem right up her alley.

        1. Why even attempt it? Why not just tell a major newspaper she attempted suicide, they’ll feel sorry and publish the story without asking questions.

    2. I predict a book deal…

      I Am Jackie: How Rape Culture Drove Me To Believe I Had Been Raped

      1. “Duffin raped me emotionally with his indifference to my lust for him.”

      2. An updated Sybil?

        1. “It’s The Bell Jar meets Beetlejuice for the internet era; a must read,”

          /Jezebel starred review

          1. Who’ll star in the movie adaptation?

            1. Rebel Wilson will play every role, like Eddie Murphy in The Klumps.

          2. Monahan Monahan Monahan

      3. Followed by a series on Bravo.

  10. huh…they backtraced it….now report it all to the cyberpolice!

  11. Are you guys sure you’re not just rape apologists who will stretch reality to insane lengths to put suspicion and blame back on the victim, rather than on the raper who is really the one who deserves your scorn? What, do you think any accusation of rape can ever be false? Also, truth or lie matters not, the only thing that counts is the way the victim feels, you, you VICTIM BLAMERS!!!

    (Poe’s law: that was sarcasm)

    1. Unfortunately you do have to mark it as sarcasm since that’s exactly the way the modern “progressive” feminist argues.

      1. Not here you don’t. At least not if you’re a non-troll regular.

    2. Love the handle. That is all.

      1. Same here.

    3. Having argued this specific case with a handful of SJWs, I can confirm from first-hand experience that this is exactly the response you will/would get. Eerily accurate in fact.

      1. Why waste your breath? You’ll never convince the diehard ideologues. Let the facts unfold. Those with any shred of honesty will STFU about this and maybe re-examine their premises and the premises and honesty of their associates. The more important thing is that they’ll lose credibility with the general public which is huge because they (SJWs) almost got away with this.

        1. I’m a glutton for punishment.

        2. This reminds of those Japanese soldiers who held out until the 1970s. Sad.

          1. Uhh, those poor bastards didn’t know the war was over. As soon as the last guy was relieved of duty by his old superior he gave up quietly.

    4. Your emulation of the writing style of the progressive troll is exemplary, so much so that you really did need to note that it was sarcastic.

  12. “Error” seems a bit generous…

    And while Rolling Stone probably deserves most of the blame, Jackie deserves plenty herself. She doesn’t sound troubled to me, she sounds immature and spoiled. Mature people get upset when someone they like doesn’t return their feelings. They don’t create an elaborate web of lies, up to and including being sexually assaulted, in en effort to manipulate that person into liking them. That’s the behavior of someone who only knows how to deal with rejection by throwing a tantrum. The more that comes out, the less sympathy I have for her. The only redeeming thing is that Jackie doesn’t seem to have actively tried to ruin anyone’s life over this. She seemed content to use it to get attention within a small group of friends, until Rolling Stone came along.

    1. RS for sure, but primarily Erdely. She’s going to end up writing puff pieces about shopping center openings for those coupon things that pretend to be magazines.

      1. Like Rolling Stone?


        *sobs into latest edition*

  13. Look, journalism is important. Social trends such as the non-existent “rape culture” is important. I get it. But we’re beyond that now as the article above shows. We’re in soap opera territory now. What the heck does this have to do with libertarianism any more? It’s time to move on.

    1. Well, there’s a fair amount of policy being urged and actually implemented based on ‘evidence’ like this story, policy that is pretty hard to match up with libertarianism.

    2. Oh, no, it’s not.

      1. (reply to Libertarian)

      2. Indeed not. As I’ve noted above, this is like the lies that were thrown around to get the country behind the idea of invading Iraq. As a result of having been burned there, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we aren’t going to invade a country just on the say-so of a few political refugees who tell us what horrible things the regime does to its opponents. Similarly, we need to constantly remember what a total fabrication this gang-rape story was, so we don’t rush off on some insane quest to effect a transformation of dating practices (call it “regime of patriarchy change”) on college campuses.

    3. While the cud may be over-chewed on this particular story, the libertarian aspect (the ending of broadcast Force being used blindly against peaceful/productive people) is that there are plenty of people out there who think The Shining is a documentary and who would still love to use as much righteous Force as they can. As Libertarians, since we are a loosely associated breed, unlikely to strike the head with Force, must cut the roots with persuasion. We can’t have the narrative controlled by zealots.

    4. Libertarian, I don’t think you really understand where this is going. These sorts of movement pieces are designed to further a law-based goal: redefine rape nationwide to require affirmative consent.

      There is never enough attention that can be paid to this dangerous mindset. Never.

  14. Jezebel still has Anna Merlan’s how-dare-Soave-question-this-story article up – the only correction is about whether Richard Bradley is retired.


    And Merlan’s comment:

    “I have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia and I write investigative stories. Have done for years, both at Jezebel and before I got here. Thanks for asking!”

    1. “I have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia…

      So what. Says more about the real value of Columbia’s vaunted j school than anything else.

      1. master’s degree in journalism

        It takes six years to learn how to be a journalist?!

        1. Apparently longer for some people.

      1. In all fairness, it’s not a very sincere apology when you almost immediately follow it with;

        Saddest of all, this is bad in ways that have far-reaching social consequences: we’ve just begun, as a society, to not immediately and harshly question a woman who says she was raped. We’ve just begun to talk about campus sexual assault ? which is, to be clear, still a very real problem at UVA and across the country.

        We’ve been talking about rape and sexual assault (on and off campus) since the ’60s and well before. Don’t say you’re sorry and then turn around and continue burying us in shit.

        1. I remember briefly joining “anti rape task force” at my school in the 80s. It was overblown then too.

          we’ve just begun, as a society, to not immediately and harshly question a woman who says she was raped

          That’s just… wow.

          1. The only thing I can think of is that working for Rolling Stone contractually obligates you to either forego fact-checking and perform generally poor reporting of any sort of notion of truth, subject yourself to a culturally-irrelevant mental time-warp, or both.

        2. ” we’ve just begun, as a society, to not immediately and harshly question a woman who says she was raped.”

          And we’ve not yet begun, as a society, to not immediately and harshly question, villify, beat, and cage a man who says he is being falsely accused of rape.

      2. No, fuck her:

        via Twitter

        ?@annamerlan – I understand the temptation to gloat, guys, and I’ll let you, even though it’s in bad taste. Post coming soon.

        @robbysoave- @annamerlan I’m just happy that his truly terrible, unbelievable thing never actually happened.

        ?@annamerlan – @robbysoave Sure you are.

        That sound contrite to you?

        1. I had not seen that. She’s an asshole.

  15. So they’ve identified everybody in this story by name now except for Jackie. She’s still just Jackie? And yes, I’ve seen her full name and a picture but it’s kind of ridiculous that the three friends were fully identified in the second paragraph and we still protect this delicate flower.

    1. A lot of people still don’t want to put any of the blame for this on her, hence the rush to label her mentally ill instead of acknowledging, like so many here on H&R, that she’s an incredibly immature sociopath.

      1. She’s not a sociopath. Sociopaths merely don’t give a shit about other people. Jackie does give a shit about what other people think. What makes her dangerous, though, is that *what* she cares about is very different from what most people care about.

        If she does have BPD (which seems very likely) then she has a mental illness which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

        1. If she does have BPD (which seems very likely) then she has a mental illness which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

          Reads like a personality profile of Susan Sontag.

        2. While we do need to take steps to protect the public from Jackie and people like Jackie, I see claims that we should not be sympathetic to her because we are not sympathetic to men with similar problems and I cringe – if anything, we should be more sympathetic to men with real mental illness (which is to say, physical problems with their brain, as BPD appears to be).

          Hopefully we will be able to cure these brain diseases some day. Although we must, as I said, take steps to protect the public from people like this, even to the point of locking them up (as humanely as possible) if necessary, we should always default to compassion rather than a desire for revenge. Hatred only begets hate.

        3. All people personality disorders deserve sympathy, except BPD. The society around a BPD deserves sympathy.

      2. Jackie is never going to be held fully accountable for her lies and the damage she’s done. I think the best we can hope for is that she quietly leaves UVA and is never heard from again.

        Erdely, Merlan, RS and the Jezzies will take the fall, such as it is.

        1. Held fully accountable?

          She’ll probably get her own talk show.

          And I doubt anyone will “take the fall”. They’re all fighting the good fight, and therefore can do no wrong. That’s how the Progressive Theocracy rolls.

      3. To be fair, I think sociopaths ARE mentally ill. Just not in the way we usually think of “mental illness”.

        1. The problem is that when you label someone mentally ill that implies victim status and gives them a pass on responsibility. I don’t know how much of that behavior is choice and how much is beyond their control – like the behavior of someone with Tourette’s or epilepsy.

          1. Yeah I don’t know that either. And I don’t believe a word that anyone in “authority” might have to say about the matter, so… well.

      4. This really is not at all sociopathy. A sociopath wouldn’t care this much.

  16. “…it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for a suffering person. I wish her well.”

    Cannot agree. I feel absolutely no sympathy for this psychopath. She, and others like her, is exactly why the government pushing this Title IX crap down universities’ throats is abhorrent. Let’s think for a moment about if “Jackie” used a REAL students name. Under Title IX, he would already been expelled, would not be able to get into another college. His life would be more than turned upside down, and for what? So a psycho bitch, in her demented way, can gain the affections of another? There would have no investigation. No due process. That student would have been unjustifiably crucified.

    1. I think you might be buying into some sensationalistic journalism there:


      1. This isn’t to say that there are not pushes towards what you are talking about, but the horror show you’re describing as firmly in place just doesn’t seem to be so.

      2. Some Accused Of Sexual Assault On Campus Say System Works Against Them

        After years of criticism for being too lax on campus sexual assault, some colleges and universities are coming under fire from students who say the current crackdown on perpetrators has gone too far.

        Dozens of students who’ve been punished for sexual assault are suing their schools, saying that they didn’t get a fair hearing and that their rights to due process were violated. The accused students say schools simply are overcorrecting.

        1. As is the usual case, these government agencies probably try to make up for a failure in one direction with a bigger one in the other direction.

    2. I wish everyone well, even sociopaths. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t think she should suffer consequences. Suffering some effects from her nasty actions might actually make her a bit more well than she is now.

      I know a couple of people probably with BPD. A big part of their problem was they never suffered any consequences from their actions – ever. Not growing up, not raising kids, not even getting old. They’re still doing bad stuff and getting away with it.

      Their strategies for getting what they want didn’t actually work, because they never actually got what they wanted, but they got something, and they got close enough to fool themselves into thinking ‘if I had just been a bit less over the top it would have worked’ and they’ve continued with their negative actions.

      The addict has to hit bottom usually. The BPD person has to see their strategies will ultimately fail really clearly, pay a price big-time, and then, maybe they might possibly genuinely improve. And, even if it isn’t a genuine improvement, at leas they will hurt less people.

  17. The craziest aspect of this story, imo, is that Jackie knew Ryan for less than a month and in that time had invented the mystery suitor including faking text messages and all the other craziness.

    She must have started it almost as soon as she met him.

    Which is completely nutso.

    1. It was crazy love at first sight.

      1. Apparently.

        None of the stories on this new aspect of the case have mentioned the compressed timeline. Leaving the impression that she had know Ryan for some period of time, developed a crush on him and hatched this crazy-lame plan in order to woo him.

        But my reading of the timeline is that she had to kick it off almost immediately after she met him.

        1. I’ve thought the same thing as well, and it shows just how nutty Jackie is.

    2. I suspect that she’s done this sort of thing before.

      1. Good point, I wonder if RS will do an investigative story on how many false rape accusations Jackie has made in the past?

        1. Holding my breath…

        2. *Good point, I wonder if RS will do an investigative story on how many false rape accusations Jackie has made in the past?*

          No, they’re too busy writing their mandatory monthly columns about how great Springsteen, Dylan and Patti Smith are. Maybe Neil Young, too, I forgot if his bi-monthly album release is this month or next.

        3. Whatever punishment RS incurs, part of it should be a requirement to fully examine the hoax of rape culture.

      2. Yeah, good point. Liars like that don’t pull one off to this extent without having a long history of it.

        I wonder if her family are shaking their heads right now and saying ‘well, we know something like this was going to happen sooner or later’.

  18. Does anyone else find it ironic that this whole escapade was designed to attract…a man? Am I missing something?

    If “Jackie” had any SJW street cred at all, it probably is gone now.

    1. She’s just a double victim of the patriarchy.

      1. Well played…

        i’m being a bit coy, but what is the prior probability that “Jackie” never heard the aphorism “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”?

        Being charitable, i put the odds at about .8 that she has at least been exposed to the standard menu of feminist arguments.

        Why was she so obsessed with “finding a man”? Has feminism “failed” for a lot of young people?

        Mind you, I’m not saying that “feminism” failing is a bad thing, but I’m interested in the larger cultural issues.

        In other words, what do The Millenials think?

        *Runs for Cover*…

        1. Encouraging young girls not to make their whole existence about “finding a man” may be one of the few good aspects of modern feminism. But they are working against biological imperatives (and are so ham-handed with their politics that they probably make at least as many women think there must be something to this whole 50s housewife thing)

        2. “In other words, what do The Millenials think?”

          *flings fondue pot at fleeing Gleep Glop*

          1. Goddammit Col. Swiss! We’ll never get that cheese out of the carpet!

            1. *We’ll never get that cheese out of the carpet!*



    2. They’ll just claim she was brainwashed by the Patriarchy.

  19. I think part of why this happened is the nature of journalism and how the old model is dying. The writer of this piece went to journalism school but I would imagine professionally grew up writing on the web rather than writing for professional publications. The thing about writing on the web is that there is no rigorous fact checking. If you spend your entire career writing on the web, it is possible to never learn was real fact checking is or even understand the importance of it. It sounds strange to say but until you learn otherwise, it is easy to think everyone is telling you the truth, especially when they are telling you what you want to hear. Someone who got into journalism in the pre web era would have started out at the bottom of a major newspaper and worked their way up under the watchful eyes of professionals. That doesn’t happen anymore.

    That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t also for the toxic nature of politics and group think. Not only do journalists learn their craft on their own, they learn it writing on the web generally in a sealed ideological cocoon where no one ever questions anything that fits the political narrative. So you have a reporter that never learned the importance fact checking, is probably very naive and likely to believe any story that fits her political narrative out looking for a sensational story about campus rape. It is hardly surprising that she got taken in by the first nut who came her way.

    1. I’m betting we eventually find that this is not the first time she’s done a story on dubious foundations.

      1. I would imagine you are right. She just had never written such a high profile article before and thus no one ever caught it. The other thing about the web is that rewards self promoters more than even the old forms of journalism did.

        The way to be a journalist today is start writing on the web, get noticed, and then get hired by one of the paying publications. You don’t generally get noticed by doing the kind of fact based, straight reporting that journalists used to start their careers doing. You get noticed by promoting yourself and writing things people notice. Having your facts right is in no way necessary to get noticed. In fact, trying to make sure they are right usually makes getting noticed harder, since the truth is always more complex and subtle than can be expressed in the kind of pithy generalizations that will get you noticed on the web.

        1. She was disciplined by Stephen Glass for making up sources while they were working on the U Penn student newspaper. (Proving God exists and has a very wicked sense of humor).

          Wow. Tell me there is not a God. Not very often do you see something that really and truly fits the description “you can’t make this shit up”. Damn if that isn’t one of them.

          1. John, now that you are amused, read my second link. Do it now, because you will need time to cool off. If you read it later in the day, you will be so surly when you go home that your wife will be very unhappy with you.

            1. Oh God. That is horrible. You know what the worst part is? Erdely is kind of hot. Nothing more frustrating that a hot women who is also evil. Talk about an evil fucking bitch. How does she go to sleep at night?

              1. Erdely is kind of hot

                What?! No. No, she is not.

                1. The picture at Tarran’s second link makes her look kind of hot. Clearly, it was a very well done photo.

                  1. She looks like Michael Wincott in drag.

              2. How does she go to sleep at night?

                Three Vicodin and half a bottle of Early Times Kentucky Whisky.

        2. In response to your second link:

          Fuck that cunt.

        3. Let me see if I got my facts straight:

          Glass was thrown out of journalism in 1998 for fabrications on a large scale.

          Erdely (nee Rubin) graduated from Columbia School of Journalism in 2010.

          How could they have been at UPenn at the same time?

          It seems to me this article about fabrications is a fabrication.

          But did you know that Stephen Glass was once accused of a lack of patriotism by Benedict Arnold? Yes, that Benedict Arnold. How ironic!

          1. Ah – correcting myself – I now see contradictory comments that Erdely is in her 40s, so obviously I have mixed something up.

            Benjamin Franklin personally warned me about this!

      2. Not to mention that Journalism as taught in universities is not what it used to be. Now the team “advocacy journalism”. No more of this “just the facts maam” stuff, every piece should advocate for a particular view or cause.

        It is what she was TAUGHT Journalism should be.

        1. Whereas, not a journalism major, but still I was taught that reporting is Who, What, When, and Where. The minute you discuss Why it is an OPINION piece. Looking at my local newspaper, there are days where I can’t find a single straight-up news story in the damned thing.

    2. “I think part of why this happened is the nature of journalism and how the old model is dying. The writer of this piece went to journalism school but I would imagine professionally grew up writing on the web rather than writing for professional publications.”

      Erdely is like 40 years old and started writing in the 1990’s.

      1. That was just about the time the big newspapers stopped hiring and started to die.

        1. Yeah, but she’s been writing for Philadelphia Magazine since 1995. She has articles on her website dating back to 1992-1994.

          She’s been doing this forever. It’s just that she’s a serial fabulist and a liar. Steven Glass came up through the legitimate press too, but that didn’t stop him.

          Erdely is also completely obsessed with violence against women, so it’s not surprising she bought this story without fact checking.

      2. Shh.. he’s rolling.

        1. Sometimes the larger lessons are more tangential. In this case it is mostly that Eerdely is an evil self promoting bitch.

          That said, I think the old forms of journalism would have caught her and kicked her out of the profession long before now.

          1. “That said, I think the old forms of journalism would have caught her and kicked her out of the profession long before now.”

            I disagree. She never would have been caught without the internet.

            Stephen Glass was caught by Forbes Digital Tool, which later became Forbes.com. Erdely was caught by bloggers.

            This stuff would have been going on pre-internet, it’s just we never would have found out.

            1. Under the old system, her editors would have caught her and she would have never been published. Glass happened as the old system was dying and when the NYT was being run by Harold Raines, who was a complete negligent moron who would believe anything that fit his narrative. Glass was one of the first signs journalism was dying.

              1. “Under the old system, her editors would have caught her and she would have never been published.”

                Like the Washington Post caught the woman who was lying about interviewing a heroin addicted child? Or the New York Times caught Walter Duranty? Or what about the guy who wrote Saturday Night Fever and decades later admitted that he made it up?

                I think this sort of thing has been going on forever and that it’s only because so many people are on the internet that a lot of these people get caught.

                1. … the New York Times caught Walter Duranty

                  To be fair, I suspect the Times editors would have agreed with Duranty’s reasons for lying.

                  1. Well, Karl Marx used to write for the predecessor of the NYT, so your suspicions are well-founded.

        2. When I wrote that post Idle Hands, I assumed that Erdely was just young, stupid and ideological. It was before I read Tarran’s links above. She is not that young, not necessarily stupid, certainly ideological but more than anything straight up evil. This wasn’t a mistake or the lack of training. This was this evil bitch doing what she does.

    3. Advocacy journalism was a thing way before the Internet.

  20. Actual Rape Culture


    1. That’s okay though, because they oppose western imperialist capitalist patriarchy.

  21. Somebody should set her up with Manti Te’o

    1. OK, this is the thread winner!

      1. For sure. But it would have to be a total web relationship. They could never meet in person.

        I imagine like a web based reality show where everyone can read their texts and emails and watch the relationship develop.

  22. She said she read this quote once that said,” There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

    I think that may be the worst thing ever written. That includes “letters” in Penthouse Forum.

    1. It is right out of 50 Shades of Grey, which is without doubt the worst written book ever to make any money.

      We laugh at Sugar Free. Really though, the ticket to riches in writing is writing soft core porn that will appeal to women. I really don’t think it would be very hard to write something better than 50 Shades of Grey.

  23. Maybe plagiarism needs to be added to the list:


    1. Holy God that’s funny.

  24. This whole thing kind of reminded me of the Sokal hoax. Someone put forward a position that confirmed the biases of the reporter/academic journal and as a result they ran it without even an attempt at fact checking it.

    1. Yeah I followed that glorious pomo incident. The schaudenfreude realized from that was just off the scale. It was the Social Text issue put together to refute the arguments in the book The Higher Superstition that got totally fooled by the hoax article! Even better the writer of the hoax article was an old style academic of the left just tired of the pseudo intellectual claptrap of postmodernism etc.

  25. I am not usually one to be a communitarian, but Jackie should be expelled from UVA for the damage she caused to that community. There are individual victims here, and I am in no way marginializing them (in fact, I hope the fraternity sues Jackie personally), but to cause this kind of fabric-ripping pain is unconscionable. She needs to be sent east, never to be heard from again.

  26. So, maybe this story is false. But it doesn’t discount the fact that 50% of female students are held down and gang-raped by privileged male elites while in college! And, besides, BOOOOOSSSH!

  27. Jackie needs to be locked up. She is either an amoral little vermin who needs to be in prison (we could let out a pot smoker to make room) or she’s seriously in need of inpatient care for an indefinite period.

    Of course the same could be said of most of the Feministas who bought her story, and who still defend the Duke fiasco.

    1. Well, Virginia just loosened the standards for Involuntary Commitment…

      But those same Feministas would claim that she was somehow being punished by recieving free, much-needed, hospitalization and medication.

  28. I am sooooo tired of this story that I only have the energy to come here to write how much I don’t care any more. And I hope this bitch rots for the carnage she caused. No sympathy. Fuck this psycho bitch.

    That is all.

  29. Jackie is a psycho, but all ire should be reserved for Jonathan Gruber and the pieces of shit that fell in line with HIS fabrication.

    Seriously, it pisses me off that this rape hoax that captured dozens of people gets way more coverage and scorn than Jonathan Gruber’s hoax that continues to capture millions.

  30. Guys, don’t believe a thing in this article. Soave hasn’t “reported” a goddamn thing in his life. Leave the journalism to the lettered professionals.

  31. What I don’t understand is why is no one holding Rolling Stone accountable? I mean in the ways that matter. Why are there no advertiser boycotts? Why is Phi Kappa Psi not suing for libel? Why is the author not being publicly disciplined by the publication in any way?

    These things will continue to happen, and the problem isn’t the lie – it is that the folks who want to get outraged are looking for their biases to be confirmed and *won’t bother reading any of the follow-up*. They’ll just say it is all lies meant to discredit until someone steps up and say “f*ck this, I’m taking you to court”.

    1. My guess is that the lawsuits will come once RS completed their ‘internal investigation’. That, and because so much crazy information keeps coming out, those filing the lawsuit might as well wait.

      But, yes, you’d think some advertiser boycotts would be in order.

  32. Some day, when I have children, they will be told this story before beginning college – son or daughter, regardless. I also hope to instill some simple values in them:

    1) Treat a person with respect. Always.
    2) Unless it’s rape, it’s not rape.
    3) If you identify someone off their rocker, like Jackie, fucking RUN!

    I feel a dissertation could be written on the underlying lessons of this fiasco.

    1. “Never stick it in crazy.”

      1. A little work on that and they’ll be calling you Dr. Kilo.

      2. make sure to reference the Hot Crazy Scale before making these decisions.

        1. Technically, it should be referred to as the Hot Crazy Matrix, and a link should always be provided.

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  34. We now know the “real” given name of Jackie’s date on the evening of her alleged rape, September 28, 2012: Haven Monahan[…]
    We now know that no one named Haven Monahan attended UVA. The phone numbers aren’t even real[…]

    All of that are clear indicators that a big hoax has been played on many people including Jackie’s friends, the naive Rolling Stones journalist and the UVA administrators who showed not a modicum of skepticism at first glance. Why is the victim given so much consideration is beyond me. My best guess is that people do not want to give this impression that they’re being mean for not believing her, but we set ourselves in these unnecessary traps for not being rational. Reason is our best tool (I don’t mean the magazine, I mean the science of thinking) to discern between what is real and what is bullshit, yet we constantly refuse to use it.

    1. Very true…The sleep of reason breeds monsters.

    2. Alleged victim. You did it, too!

    3. “people do not want to give this impression that they’re being mean for not believing her”

      You think?

      in our SJW-policed world, the standard required reaction is to climb over each other screaming how much you believe the victim and parade your belief and support around the room like you’re speaking in tongues at a Pentacostal revival

      at which point the “rape” really isn’t even about the ‘victim’ any more at all. It becomes a bonfire around which the Morally Superior social-justice brigades dance and chant their slogans and beat their breasts.

      (*something i’ve pointed out about Weddings – they’re often not about the people getting Married; They’re about the parents)

      We live in an environment that enables and empowers ‘Jackies’

      Or ‘Lena’s’

    4. The world is full of people who will believe anything at all, except for the most easily verifiable facts.

  35. Meanwhile, in a year just *bursting* with high-profile lies and lying liars who tell them, Politifact chose “Exaggerations About Ebola” as its “Lie of the Year

    I’d have thought Grubergate might have put up a good fight. Apparently it was not even included in the top 10 under consideration by readers.

    Also: isnt’ calling Ebola “Exaggerated” a little insulting to the 7,000 dead people? Liberals shit themselves dry over GMOs and last I checked they haven’t even made anyone sick. Oh, right… The Bees

    Whether or not there are less bees now, I’d think the ever-present Ginormous Lie that food-crops like wheat, corn, etc. require bee-pollination would merit Politifact’s attention, maybe.

  36. re: Crazy (Cracky?) Jackie =

    College kids (in my own observation) have a fairly high rate of ‘cracking up’ their freshmen/sophomore years and needing a boot in the ass from their parents to straighten them out

    I went to a school not unlike UVA in size/student composition/culture and about a dozen kids I knew as freshmen students were all either in rehab/taking a year off for ‘academic reasons’/on probation for legal issues/whatever – just plain ‘fucked up’ by their second year.

    In every case, parents and friends intervened and slapped them straight. Most returned and graduated; some switched schools to ‘start fresh’.

    The fact that this thing went as far as it did has to be blamed partly on the parents. If they believed her claims, they certainly didn’t do anything about them. If they thought she was lying, they failed to at least help her minimize the damage wrought by her scheming.

    If they were entirely oblivious, then they’re probably the source for her penchant for attention-grabbing fabulism.

    That a young girl had a case of the vapors is unsurprising: that her family would let her run to a national magazine and use her imagination to BLOW UP THE WORLD is something of a shock.

    1. Many public universities have automatic admission policies for the top x% of students from each high school. Lots of those ‘top students’ get to the university unprepared on a variety of levels and drop out.

      Just another well-intentioned plan with unintended consequences.

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  38. Dufflin is lucky he wasn’t raped by deception.

    1. What you did there, I observed it.

  39. Luckily for Rolling Stone, it’s a liberal rag guilty of liberal confirmation bias instead of a conservative rag guilty of conservative confirmation bias. Had it been the latter, it would’ve quickly replaced Ferguson as the darling of the 24 hour news frenzy

  40. Is Jann Wenner really gay? Or is he faking it?

  41. Please tell us Jackie’s real name already.

  42. I no longer think Jackie had a traumatic event. I’m more convinced that it was all a show, a case of good acting.

    I leave you with this:

    “How Often Do Women Falsely Cry Rape?”
    slate (dot)com/articles/news_and

    Excerpt: “If we use the Bureau of Justice Statistics that show about 200,000 rapes in 2008, we could be looking at as many as 20,000 false accusations.” In the gen pop, as many as one in ten men accused of rape may be falsely accused.

    But I’m beginning to think that instead of as many as one in ten, as many as one in five men are accused of rape may be falsely accused.

    And now this:

    “A rape epidemic — by women?” malemattersusa.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/

  43. “Fat, drunk, and lying is no way to go through college”

    Dean Wormer

    1. That would be “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

      He never complained about lying, so I Jackie can’t be held accountable by his standards….!

  44. The people at Rolling Stone might well be a clever bunch. They are, it seems, not nearly as clever as they pretend to be or as they comport themselves to be.

  45. Bravo.. Way to keep it classy Reason…

    I sincerely hope this troubled girl gets the help she needs.

    Yet, I see a boggling irony here. As much as I despise the ‘victim mentality’, she is, in fact, a victim of the extreme feminist movement that seeks such high status in ‘victimhood’, and these campus ‘Rape Clubs’, and SJW type ‘movements’in general.

    That said, ultimately she still needs to be held accountable for her actions…

    For the next 10 years at least, every single male student who submits a resume with UVa listed, will be looked down upon on with dubious suspicion.

    Jackie Coakley’s reckless actions have negatively impacted THOUSANDS of lives… Including, but not limited to, real rape survivors. And think of the shame she has brought her parents too. Disgraceful doesn’t begin..

    But the gents from Phi Psi have her ass so firmly palmed if they wish to begin squeezing it for all it’s youthful glory, and rightfully so…

    Erdely was the conduit, and will undoubtedly be fending off litigation for the next 10 years. May she, as well as the Anna Merlans’, Zerlina Maxwells’, Amanda Marcottes’, and the Anita Sarkeesians’, rot in feminist hell. They and their predecessors really did bring this upon themselves..

    Caught with their hand in the cookie jar…

  46. “Whatever the cause of her trauma, it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for a suffering person. I wish her well.”

    I get so tired of this equivocal bullshit in regards to “Jackie”. It is as just as obvious with this case as it was the Duke case that the rape in question never happened and everything that sociopath said is total bullshit. Just to grab the attention of the object of her unrequited love, she consciously and falsely accused members of a fraternity of a shockingly violent felony, an action that roiled the entire campus and resulted in the collective punishment, by a state institution, of every Greek organization on campus. This bitch doesn’t deserve sympathy, she deserves to have her reputation utterly annihilated, an action she was glad to visit on dozens of innocent men, as long as it helped her get a fucking date. Spare us the bullshit about it being “hard not to feel sympathy” for such a conniving cunt.

  47. “Whatever the cause of her trauma, it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for a suffering person. I wish her well.”

    “Given the incredible chaos this thoroughly false story has wrought, any distinction?even a dubious one?seems almost too kind.”

    How in the fuck can you write the first quote in the same piece in which you write the second quote? And please spare me the bullshit about how this is all the fault of Rolling Stone. None of this would have happened had it not been for the lies of a total fucking sociopath.

  48. Law & Order SVU should do this one up as a three parter. Have a dual plot with a real rape victim and at the end have her and the liar meet up – and the real victim beat the crap out of the liar.

    1. Knowing Law and Order SVU, they’ll do an episode jut like the original story, gang rape and all, have her accused of lying by an evil white male, face a callous unbelieving public, but be vindicated in the end when it is revealed her crazy bullshit story was entirely true.

      That’s what I’ve come to expect from SVU.

  49. it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for her suffering victims. I wish them well.

  50. The “narrative managers” cannot allow Jackie to become a false accusation Icon.

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    With no direction home
    Like a complete unknown
    Like a rolling stone?” – Bob Dylan

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  55. Jackie is a deranged woman, and a criminal. I agree with those who feel sympathizing with her is a double standard toward men. Men don’t get to use mental shortcomings as an excuse for committing crimes. As a woman, I do not want my gender to be “helped” by sympathy, when that sympathy is merely a statement that there is something inherently weak, stupid, or helpless about women. That is what all liberal sympathy stems from, and it does nothing but keep people down.

  56. How did “Jackie” first come to Erdely’s attention?

    1. I think I read that Erdely first contacted the rape crisis folks at UVA and they then put her in touch with Jackie.

      1. I found this article at WaPo: http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..story.html

      2. Looks like she went fishing for the rape story she wanted. It took her 6 weeks of interviews to find Jackie.

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