U.S. and Cuba Start Making Nice, Midterm Elections Belatedly Conclude, Taliban Attack May Not Sway Pakistan: P.M. Links


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  1. The United States and Cuba are taking big steps to normalize long-chilled relations.

    This means Communism will spread to Florida now, right?

    1. I’d hope the Conch Republic would stop them but the Cubans could probably pay them off with rum and cigars.

      1. But the Conch Republic representatives could just get the Cubans wasted at Sloppy Joe’s.

      2. I’ve been a libertarian for 40 years, but you could easily buy me off with rum and cigars. Hint hint!

        1. So, you are actually Jobu?

    2. The horrid group that is the majority of the Cuban exile community in Miami is displeased. http://www.miamiherald.com/new…..52516.html

      1. Good luck to Hillary or Big Chief Warren winning Florida in 16.

        1. Yeah, this is why I didn’t think the embargo would ever be lifted (and why it’s only lifted in a half measure now). Screws up the Florida vote for whoever does it.

          1. The problem is that Obama is tagging the Democrats with lifting it. The guy really seems like a Rove created Manchurian Candidate sometimes.

          2. That is certainly the conventional wisdom. But I wonder if it’s not unlike progressive economics: they see only the direct results (higher minimum wage, eg) but not the true results (unemployed youth).

            That is, would enough people in Florida and elsewhere offset the hardcore Cuban-American votes?

            1. Doubtful. Most people don’t care enough to vote on the issue. The only ones who do are hard core Cubans who will vote in mass against anyone who supports lifting it.

              1. And again it’s the imperiousness of it. You know you have a group of people that have been badly treated by a thug regime. Why not at least quietly meet with them before doing it. You may not win them over but you could look a lot better about things.

            2. I’ll say it again: with Obama, the conventional wisdom does not apply. He’s quite okay with the foreseeable consequences of decisions.

        2. It’s one time where Obama’s “fuck my party” attitude is actually doing some good.

      2. I object to the description of actual victims of Communism, who lost their homes and businesses and often relatives, as “horrid.” You may disagree with them, but have a little empathy, bub.

      3. A long time ago I read that the Cuban exile community was changing is attitude with regard to the embargo.

    3. Hello.

      I was asked if I worked at a grocery, hardware and Gap store.

      Was I racistted against?

      1. I apparently have a lower-level managerial air (or I just look slightly pissed off all the time), as I have been asked if I worked at all manner of retail stores while not dressed in the distinctive livery of same. Or I attract hopeful, confused shoppers.

        But, given the times we live in, yes, we’re both victims of racist assumptions. If only we could return the microaggressions for store credit.

        1. When I was in college me and three boyhood buddies worked the midnight shift at Toys R Us.

          Do the math what happened in the wee hours.

          Anyway. One night, after exposing Barbie tits, it was announced execs from Toronto were coming in for a surprise visit. We made such a mess of things we had to stay even after the open to clean up the disaster.

          There we were walking around dressed like demented idiots (My friend was in a tuque, I was in a Steve Earle t-shirt so there was nothing professional about us) and a lady still came up to us and asked if we worked there. We were so tired after 12 hours we just started laughing are asses off.

          We were told to go home immediately.

          1. Do the math what happened in the wee hours.

            Paeans to Satan that involved ritualized sodomy?

            1. It was ‘ritualized doll beheadings’, the sodomy was just for passing the time.

              1. Racist.

            2. Close.

          2. “and asked if we worked there”

            I used to know a guy who, when asked that, said “no, but I am an employee”.

            1. So he was FedGov employee?

      2. Canadians should be asked for help in tapping a maple tree, or for aid in treating a moose bite.

        1. Shit. The racist comment was meant for this.

          1. They both work.

  2. Even the bloody school massacre by the Taliban may not be enough to tip Pakistani public opinion against the group.

    The Obama people can only wish for that level of Kool-Aid drinker.

  3. …who said the continent’s inhabitants “have learned nothing” from the Holocaust.

    You know who else didn’t learn anything from the Holocaust?

    1. Louis Farrakhan?

    2. Everyone who lived before the Holocaust?

      1. WAIT. Imma change my answer


        or possibly India?

    3. That kid who was sick and missed the coursework dealing with The Holocaust?

    4. The Holocaust’s victims?

      1. Some of them learned… if the government offers you a train ride, turn it down.

  4. “Barack and Michelle Obama told People magazine that they’ve experienced racial bias.”

    Well duh. It has won them two elections.

    1. You win the internet!

  5. Jeb Bush’s tentative steps toward a presidential run aren’t exciting anybody on Capitol Hill.


  6. Barack and Michelle Obama told People magazine that they’ve experienced racial bias.

    People have continued to question his policies for years. Obviously racism.

  7. Disgruntled RBS worker writes hilarious open letter to Russell Brand after anti-capitalist publicity stunt leaves him hungry

    My first question is, what were you hoping to achieve? Did you think a pack of traders might gallop through reception, laughing maniacally as they threw burning banknotes in the air, quaffing champagne, and brutally thrashing the ornamental paupers that they keep on diamante leashes ? and you, Russell, would damningly catch them in the act? But that’s on Tuesdays.

    1. What an hypocritical imbecile.

      I hope somebody beats the living shit out of him.

    2. That was a good read.

    3. The comments.

      They hurt.

      1. In my view it’s [“far-right Capitalist model”] just as destructive as Communism. At least Communism had a certain moral social utopian ideal that went beyond dog eat dog, even if it is unrealistic.

        I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National SocialismCommunism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

        1. Intentions. Goddamn useful idiots.

        2. ‘Moral social utopian ideal.’

          It’s like millions murdered mean nothing.

          1. Whenever someone mentions “utopia” in their goals, be afraid.

            1. I seek to try Sam Adams Utopias one day.

        3. He seems to be a proponent of “anti-dog-eat-dog” laws.

    4. That is one fine dressing-down, that is.

    5. It’s a funny letter, but as it goes on, he eventually starts defending bailouts.

      I don’t mean to nitpick, but to nitpick, fuck bailouts:

      The idea was to buy the bank with public money, wait until it became profitable again, then resell it, as Alastair Darling clearly explained at the time. And that is still the plan, and it does appear to be on course. Not only that, but it looks as if the government will eventually sell RBS for more than they bought it for. In other words, the taxpayer will make a profit on this deal.

      1. I’m sure the taxpayers eagerly await their checks.

    6. I remember when Russell Brand was about to get in trouble for rampant sexual harassment. Then he towed the prog line, and everyone fell in love with him and forgot about it. That may singlehandedly explain his whole current shtick — distracting everyone from all his past groping.

      1. Also, as the letter mentions, that time when he showed hardcore pornography to the public on accident because he was high on crack.

    7. Response to criticism of Russell Brand =

      “Brand’s tactics might not be the most diplomatic, but at least he’s drawing attention to and detailing the absolute inequalities of the far-right Capitalist model, which the West has gravitated more towards since the 80s. In my view it’s just as destructive as Communism. At least Communism had a certain moral social utopian ideal that went beyond dog eat dog, even if it is unrealistic…./”

      1. beyond dog eat dog

        Apparatchik eat everyone else is so much better.

        1. Person eats person is beyond dog eat dog by certain measures.

      2. the far-right Capitalist model

        Last I checked, the far-right capitalist model was not characterized by mercantilism, cronyism, fiat currency manipulation, market interventions, bailouts…

      3. Capitalism leads to some people having yachts and multiple vacation homes, while other people only have two cars and have to stay in a hotel when they go on vacation.

        Communism leads to some people having yachts and multiple vacation homes, while other people have to die by the 10s of millions.

        So yeah, equally as destructive, but obviously communist morality is way superior.

        1. “But communism means well!”

          1. “But communists pretend to mean well!”

      4. …scroll through the comments in response to that piece, and it becomes clear that the UK is hopelessly riddled with anti-capitalist sentiment

        I recall this being the case when i lived there briefly, but at the time it was less of a concern…

        but the average person there has ideas about ‘capitalism’ that we’d consider pretty left-wing over here. Its taken for granted that taxes *arent high enough* and that capitalism is ‘exploitative’ and that more social services are generally better regardless of whether they’re either needed or well-managed.

        I know that a sample of the readership of the Independent isn’t representative… but the style of the responses there certainly is. They seem to think

        1. You should see and hear the shit the French think.

          The French are trouble making, rabble rousers. At least Germany apologized and repented for their sins. The French? Yeah…

        2. It leaves me actually hoping a reformed IRA annexes northern Ireland and unifies it with Ireland proper.

    8. This letter is awesome.

    9. Needs moar monocle…

  8. …Arizona Republican Martha McSally defeated Democrat Ron Barber in the last House race outstanding from the midterm elections.

    I wrote in Sally McMartha.

    1. The other half in her lesbian marriage?

      Like the gay irish couple– Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald?

      1. [clears throat] Racist!

  9. “Even as the first lady,” she told the magazine, “during the wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf.”

    Er, I get this all the time because I’m tall.

    1. Like I said in the Independents Thread, anyone who’s stupid enough to believe this cockamamie bullshit story would believe anything.

      1. Like I said in the independents thread, wookie arms are made for reachin’.

    2. To a person who sees everything through the prism of race, every perceived negative action is tainted by racism.

      Maybe Michelle should apologize for her height privilege.

      1. She’s probably referring to that time she spent as a slave for the Empire before Han Solo busted her out.

        I wonder how that whole life debt thing got worked out?

      2. I wonder where a black woman her age would get the idea to see things in a racialized way?

        1. Well, judging from her laughable “thesis” at Princeton, it’s pretty much the source of her identity.

          What do we call whites whose race is the source of their self identity?

          1. “Thank-you for living me and always making me feel good about myself.”

            What in the fucking hell? She wrote this in a thesis paper in the acknowledgement section.

        2. a black women her age should know better since Michelle, arguably more than any black woman in the country, knows first hand that she’s not living her mother’s life.

          1. And watching her mother live that life didn’t influence her to see things in a racialized way?

            1. and nothing has changed since then? Give me a break. This woman got into Princeton, was handed a gold-plated job, and now lives at 1600 PA Avenue. If that does not say things have changed, she is stupid.

              1. She’s not stupid, she’s saying this crap for political purposes.

              2. Yes, it does wareagle.

                Still, Bo is correct. People aren’t responsible for the evil they do as long as they can blame it on a rough childhood.

            2. My father literally went to bed hungry because my grand mother was a drunk.


        3. Michelle Obama has benefited from her race more since 1965 than any white person has benefited from theirs.

          ANY white person.

          Maybe whites garner more racial advantage in the aggregate than blacks in the aggregate, but one-on-one Michelle Obama beats any white person hands down.

      3. To a person who sees everything through the prism of race,…

        that would be most of the left. Add in gender, orientation, and a couple other Census checkblocks, and that is who they are.

    3. Some random person thought I worked at a grocery store I was at one time. I wasn’t wearing anything that looked at all like the store uniform.

      Guess he hated white people?

      1. Whenever I go to a store during lunchtime or right after work (wearing a shirt and tie), I will inevitably be asked if I work there. I’m a short white guy.

        1. Everytime I use the microfilm at the University of Kentucky Library, people ask me if I work there and can help them. It’s either my whiteness or the fact that I’m the only guy there who knows how to use microfilm.

    4. And not everyone comes to ask me if I need anything. Shit, I get the distinct feeling they avoid me.

      It hurtz my feelingz.

      Michelle is just talking stupid. These people have no sense of wisdom. Just let it fucking go. You’re RUNNING THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON EARTH. ACT LIKE IT.

    5. So she’s upset because she wasn’t treated like royalty?

        1. Okay Mullatto,

          I was a total dick to you yesterday and called your entire field bullshit. That was wrong of me. I apologize. It is not bullshit. But please understand my skepticism towards discounting the collective desire of parents. Regardless, I shouldn’t have been such a dick.

          1. I appreciate the apology, John.

            I also hope that I made it clear that as an advocate of school choice, not just socially but in my professional life as well, I believe education should be driven by parents’ choices. However, that doesn’t mean a particular parent’s choice is automatically the best one, pedagogically. Just like how people should be free to take a doctor’s advice or not when selecting a treatment. I’m sure we agree on that point.

            Again, thanks for the apology. It’s all water under the bridge now.

            1. Thank you for accepting. You are one of the best people on here and perhaps the least deserving of abuse. I don’t know what got into me.

              1. Internet love fest!

                You guys should get a room.

                1. Gay interracial love! Show them we’re tolerant.

                  1. If you are going to go gay, go all the way.

                2. You guys should get a room.

                  I think it’s also John’s way of saying he’s sorry about his Frodo/Sam hatefest in the Hobbit thread.

                  1. No. I like HM, but fuck Frodo and Sam. I still hate those bastards.

                    1. … but [I’d] fuck Frodo and Sam.



              2. You are one of the best people on here

                Well, let’s not get carried away here! 🙂

                Again, no worries.

              3. Get a room already.

            2. HM – had to go yesterday so didn’t even see your reply about Kant. I replied now.

      1. She’s upset because she was micro-aggressed and you can’t see it because of your privilege.

    6. I’ve actually been the victim of very serious racial othering:

      Shortly after I moved to a white suburb of East Cleveland, I went out looking for a barber shop.

      I found a nice one about 5 blocks from my new house. Walked in. And I was the only white person in the place. The place went dead quiet, like a scene out of Blazing Saddles. Everyone stared at me.

      Sheer bloody mindedness kept me there. While I waited people stared awkwardly. A couple of the women elbowed each other and sniggered motioning towards me.

      The barber did a quick, relatively competent job, clearly wanting me out of there quickly. I tipped him two bucks, and I walked out and never went back.

      1. In 1978 I was on a business trip to Chicago. I noticed that the movie Blue Collar was showing just a few blocks from my hotel. When I walked there, I realized that Chicago neighborhoods can change drastically in just a few blocks. I was the only white person in the theater. I felt better that blacks and whites were friends in the movie.

      2. A couple of the women elbowed each other and sniggered motioning towards me.


      3. OTIS! MY MAN!

    7. I find it hard to believe that even the currently incompetent Secret Service would let a peasant get that close.

      1. The lady could have looked like a Colombian hooker, you know.

  10. http://www.the-american-intere…..-the-wall/

    Interesting take on Russia. The key bit is this

    So to continue down this road, Putin will need to tighten his control over his supporters; the logic of Putin’s policy abroad is a more radical dictatorship at home. To justify the crackdown, Putin will need to convince Russians that the country faces a truly diabolical threat from beyond its borders,

    I think this is true and makes being confrontational with Russia a really bad idea. Obama should be saying nice things to the Russia people and giving ground while sticking the knife in Putin’s back in the form of falling oil prices. Instead, he is likely to shoot his mouth off and continue to be confrontational. Ultimately Obama is as big of a fucking narcissist as Putin. He is angry about Putin invading the Ukraine not because he gives a fuck about stability or peace or the Ukraine. He is angry because Putin made him look bad. It is totally personal for him.

    1. Well, Obama has clearly demonstrated great restraint when things work out well for him, hahahahahaha. I almost got through that without laughing.

      He spikes the football even when he has nothing to do with good things happening so I’m pretty sure he will be trash-talking Putin at some point.

    2. I really don’t understand why someone needs to write gratuitous “fuck” words in a serious opinion piece. Really makes it seem unprofessional and certainly doesn’t impress that the author has command of the language. Lena Dunham does it too, and it just cements that she’s a moron to me.

    3. I think Putin’s next movie is obvious. It’s what Russian leaders always do in situations like this: anti-semitism.

  11. CFOX host Jeff O’Neil provokes outrage with ‘F***, kill or marry’ question

    O’Neil suggested that Gailus ask Trudeau whom he would “F, kill or marry,” among Laureen Harper (the prime minister’s wife), Health Minister Rona Ambrose or former governor general Micha?lle Jean.

    Outrage ensues.

    1. What the hell does “Fuck Kill or Marry” even mean?

      1. Fuck, kill, or marry.

        Tony, Shreek, Bo.

        1. I was proposing the question, that would not be my order!

          1. Your wedding would be a bloodbath.

          2. is there an order that you have in mind?

        2. I don’t see anything about “not killing them” in the rules after you fuck or marry them.

          1. How about killing yourself?

      2. It’s like a hot-or-not list.

        Would you fuck this person, kill them or marry them?

        1. Can we marry them to each other? you know, as in officiate their nuptials?

        2. Oh.

          Well, then – yes! Emphatically.

          What do I win?

      3. Or here’s another…

        Lena Dunham, Amanda Marcotte, and Melissa Harris-Perry.

        Who are you fucking, who are you marrying, and who are you killing?

        1. I would fuck Marcotte, kill Perry and marry Dunham and create just one more sexless marriage.

          1. I would kill myself, thus fucking all three of them out of being married (to a man).

        2. Again…

          I don’t see anything in the rules about “not killing them” AFTER you fuck or marry them. Or fucking them after you kill them, even. Although i think you can’t marry them after they’re dead.

          So, its really just a matter of ‘sequential preference’

        3. That’s an easy one with Marcotte being the least ugly and Dunham the richest.

        4. I’d fuck Marcotte (we’ve all fucked ‘the’ girl for the sake of fucking). Kill Dunham. And marry Perry because I’d still get to fuck her.

        5. First, we would all move to Saudi Arabia and convert to Islam so I could fuck and marry all three at the same time. And then I would accuse them of blasphemy so that they would all be killed.

          1. First, we would all move to Saudi Arabia and convert to Islam so I could fuck and marry all three at the same time.


            Why would you want to stick it in such loathsome creatures! What possible pleasure could you get from listening to the noises they make?

            Why marry them? They are stupid beyond measure. Ill mannered, ill letered, ill educated, innumerate; they literally have nothing interesting to say. Pleasant discourse, pleasurable companionable activities are completely impossible with such loathsome hateful creatures.

            Why even waste your time interacting with them at all?!?

            1. What possible pleasure could you get from listening to the noises they make?

              Oh my God…you’re killing me! My sides hurt from laughing so much. I can just imagine their bovine-like bleating that passes for ecstatic moaning.

            2. ill letered

              Those bastards..!

          2. We have a winner.

        6. I would fuck Marcotte, kill Dunham and marry Perry.

          I hate Marcotte the most, so I’d let her live with the memory of my fucking her.

          I would kill Dunham to improve the Earth for others.

          I would marry Perry because then progs wouldn’t be able to criticize me for anything because of the Iron Man anti-criticism suit my interracial marriage would give me.

      4. Make sure to list three people whom the responder would find either very desirable or very repulsive. It’s no fun in the middle.

    2. Rona Ambrose is pretty hot.

  12. It seems pretty clear that the Obamas are setting themselves up to be the 2010s super Al Sharptons when they leave office. I wonder if the Democrats understand what a nightmare that is going to be for them. It is one thing to have a marginal figure like Sharpton rabble rouse. A Democrat in a white or Hispanic district can legitimately say Sharpton is a fringe figure and not really what the Democratic Party is. But when the new Sharpton is a former two term President and someone every Democrat told the country was a miracle worker? Good luck with that one. Just imagine being a Democrat running for office and having Obama show up in your state and agitate a few riots.

    1. Most of the democrats didn’t want these putzes anywhere near them during the election we just had, and most of them aren’t going to want these putzes anywhere near them when they’re out of office either.

      Especially so if Hillary is the nominee as expected. Obama will be disappeared just like George W. Bush has been disappeared over the last few years.

      1. I don’t think he is going that quietly. This is why he is going full retard. He knows he is no longer welcome in polite society. So, he is doing everything he can to make himself a hero to the hard left and the race monger community ensuring he has a following post election.

        1. I don’t think he is going that quietly.

          Completely agree. Bush for all his faults had some degree of humility. And it’s pretty clear that he was aware that he had become toxic in the public eye and recognized that the best thing he could do was withdraw.

          If Obama is a narcissist as I believe he is, then that sort of withdrawal and retirement is not possible. He needs the adulation.

          Maybe they could buy his silence by making him general secretary of the UN.

          1. Even Clinton stepped aside a bit. But Obama won’t. They will have to shoot him and make him a martyr to get rid of him.

        2. He made an announcement earlier this year (too lazy to look for it) that he was going to have an office in DC after 2016.

    2. Seriously John, saying they’ve experienced racial bias is hardly in the Sharpton league. As the OP says it’s quite likely true.

    3. The National Enquirer claims that Michelle discovered Barack was regularly cheating on her with other women in a DC hotel, and is going to divorce him after he leaves office.

      1. “….regularly cheating on her with other women….”

        That is hilarious. So the NE is covering for him now too?

        1. Yeah, that doesn’t entirely jibe with other rumors. But the Enquirer has a better track record at this sort of thing than many people think. We shall see.

    4. I think Obama will move to California and hang with Hollywood celebs and silicon Valley robber barons…and become filthy rich doing speaker gigs.

      I don’t see him being an in the trenches kind of guy like Sharpton is.

      He won’t come to your state but will mention it from afar at a TED talk.

  13. You Know Which Other US President established diplomatic relations with a Communist country?

    1. Bill Clinton with his “special relationship”?

    2. It really is fitting isn’t it? China and Cuba are also a good proxies, relative to their size, for the relative IQs of Nixon and his Chocolate Doppelganger.

    3. Reagan had personal diplomatic relations with the old Soviet Union.

      Of course, his final response to them was “go fuck yourselves, we’re done.”

    4. No, wait – Hitler?

      Oh – he wasn’t the US President…ummm….

  14. Even the bloody school massacre by the Taliban may not be enough to tip Pakistani public opinion against the group.

    God help that country if it doesn’t make the general population think negative thoughts about the Taliban.

    1. All I can say is: Fuck. These. Motherfuckers.
      …and fuck the idea of the ‘average Pakistani is peaceful guy’ crap. If this doesn’t sway the population, the population is rotten to the core.

      1. Exactly.

        Common sense REVOLUTION!

      2. Pakistan is an interesting country.

        It may be a relatively good example of a “recently” formed nation that actually self-selected its population.

        It literally took several million people who couldn’t live with or around any other religion or culture, and mass-migrated into the nation of Pakistan.

        1. When the name of your country translates as “Land of the (Ritually) Pure”, that says a lot about your views of your neighbors.

          1. Wow, I didn’t know that.

            I thought it translated to “If you cross this line… you don’t want to cross this line”

        2. If by “interesting”, you mean “populated by moral reprobates”, then yes.

        3. And the slaughters during partition didn’t exactly help the situation.

  15. Also establishing diplomatic relations is no panacea. Didn’t stop Stalin at all.

  16. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos from MEMRITV of Arab intellectuals and at least one cleric making sensible comments about how their local culture is backwards and unproductive and needs to change, taking things from the West and even Israel. I’m sure that these guys are fighting an uphill battle, but even if imperfect by Western standards they exist and I’m glad they do.

    Then I log onto Facebook (mistake #1, I know) and get sucked into an argument with psuedo-intellectuals who favor a 100% estate tax with equal division of the revenue among the populace. One group tries to move forward, while another tries to move backward.

  17. F^&k Cuba and the murderous Castro bastards. And F^&k the Obamas too

    1. Justin Trudeau faints.

    2. F^&k Cuba and the murderous Castro bastards. And F^&k the murderous Obamas too

  18. So Largest Republican House majority since 1928. Interesting.

    Fascinating that until 20 years ago the House looked like a permanent Democratic majority.

    1. As recently as 2009. Don’t you remember how Obama was the new FDR and we were all socialists now and the Democrats were going to rule for a generation or more?

      1. Boehner has had a larger House majority than Gingrich or Hastert ever had. That is a pretty big deal.

        Looks like the Republicans are finally reversing the fallout from Herbert Hoover. But then again the Republicans were really doing well when Hoover was in charge…

        1. Boehner makes me long for the days of Gingrich.

      2. The Democrats are allergic to learning that Bill Clinton was the most successful Democratic president because he was a centrist. They doubled down on Obama, and now may quadruple down on Warren, and never learn the lesson.

        1. You are right. They are going to keep progging harder until they either kill the party altogether and another one rises or they get so far out of power the retards learn to lie low and let the pretend moderates start lying again.

        2. Well Obama got re-elected and Ocare is not going anywhere…

          1. OCare is DOA. Think about it. The next President is nearly certainly going to be a Republican or Hillary and the Congress is likely to be Republican. If it is all Republican, Obamacare goes down. If it is Hillary, you don’t think Hillary wouldn’t love to cut a deal with the Republicans and look all centrist while repealing Obama’s “signature achievement”? Damn straight she would. She would sign the repeal and send him the pen she signed it with.

            1. Healthcare was Hillary’s thing. So she’ll “with great reluctance” sign some bill to change things a bit that will please no one.

              1. I am not saying the replacement will be any better. But it will be a repeal. Bet on it.

              2. Healthcare is Hillary’s thing-which is why I think she may just repeal the botch job brought about by that usurper who delayed her glorious reign.

  19. More fallout from the Interview debacle.


  20. Based on this article the new chief of children’s welfare in Rotherham seems like a straight talking guy. I hope he can make some headway in that horror show.

  21. Even the bloody school massacre by the Taliban may not be enough to tip Pakistani public opinion against the group.

    The Taliban hate the Public School system. They are libertarians!/ prog/Raimondo

  22. Good Derp from Jerryskids on the Cuba thread:

    I’ve always said the second biggest mistake Reagan made after making Bush his VP was not sending the Seventh Fleet out into the Atlantic to stop Thatcher from re-taking the Falkland Islands. If Reagan had told Great Britain to fuck off and stood up to protect Argentina it would have gone a long way to repairing the shitty relations we’ve had with Latin America for centuries. Whatever back-hall bribes we would have had to pay Great Britain to swallow would have been worth it – and the Dems would right now be screaming about all those illegal Hispanic immigrants coming here to vote Republican.

    So US inteverntionism is bad except when it isn’t and the way to get the Latin American left to love the US is to support the right-wing military dictatorship that was disappearing people in an aggressive war. Geez, if these are the “non-interventionist” libertarians then I hate to see what the interventionists are like.

    1. Yeah what did Reagan ever get out of his relationship to Thatcher anyway? He should have just told her to screw off, and sucked up to a Latin American socialist.

    2. That is hilarious. Argentina has no claim or interests whatsoever on the Falklands.

      They fuck their own people nearly to death, but when it looks like the pitchforks might come out they distract them with the Falklands/England boogeyman.

      If I recall correctly Galtieri had called up Pinochet and asked if they could fake a war. Pinochet told him to go fuck himself, if they had a war it would not be fake and he would flatten Argentina.

      Galtieri chose the Falklands as a second choice and thought England would do nothing because the Falklands are so worthless. Also, he did not understand the regard for citizens that western nations have, or what fucking with the Iron Bitch would get him.

      This dolt thinks Reagan should have sided with Galtieri over Thatcher? That may not be the absolute dumbest thing I have heard anyone say, but it is on the list of top ten.

      1. How many thousands of people did Galtieri “disappear”? Yeah but Thatcher told the communists in the Midlands to quit bellyaching and get the fuck back to work or be fired. She was a real fucking monster in that conflict for sure.

        1. I happen to be a huge fan of the Iron Bitch. I call her that with great respect, and she was. England is not likely to be lucky enough to see the likes of her for at least…well probably ever.

  23. Barack and Michelle Obama told People magazine that they’ve experienced racial bias.

    “He said the President’s near.

    1. +1 [Authentic Frontier Gibberish]

  24. Michelle Obama two years ago:

    I thought I was undercover. I have to tell you something about this trip though. No one knew that was me because a woman actually walked up to me, right? I was in the detergent aisle, and she said ? I kid you not ? she said, ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, cover’s blown.’ She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?’ I kid you not?And the only thing she said ? I reached up, ’cause she was short, and I reached up, pulled it down ? she said, ‘Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.’ That was my interaction. I felt so good. … She had no idea who I was. I thought, as soon as she walked up ? I was with my assistant, and I said, ‘This is it, it’s over. We’re going to have to leave.’ She just needed the detergent.


    1. She is just an unpleasant woman. As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I could imagine having a tolerable conversation with her. But I can’t imagine an encounter with Michelle Obama being anything but horrible.

      1. Well, that’s because you’re a racist, John. That’s all.

    2. Fuck me – that’s racist, straight up.

    3. Could you imagine their private thoughts?

    4. So two years ago she obviously realized that she was asked because she is tall. Now she thinks it was because she was othered by latent racial bias?

      At times like this I wonder if a person like this is really lying- trying to restate events to match some narrative they want to tell- or if she truly has recast the events in her mind such that she really does think this was yet more evidence that people hate her for her race.

      1. At this point, I’m chalking the whole incident (both versions) to shitthatdidnthappen.txt.

        In one version, she’s humblebragging–“Oh it was so nice that no one noticed me!”. In the other, she was assumed to be “the help” because of her skin color. Considering what a lying sociopath her husband is, it’s not much of a stretch to believe she’s the same way.

  25. Five ways in which today’s feminist war on rape echoes the KKK’s war on rape.

    Automatic belief of rape accusations was a central principle of the KKK’s war on rape, too. This was one of the things that most shocked Ida B Wells, the early twentieth-century African-American journalist and civil-rights activist. ‘The word of the accuser is held to be true’, she said, which means that ‘the rule of law [is] reversed, and instead of proving the accused to be guilty, the [accused] must prove himself innocent’. Wells and others were startled by the level of belief in the accusers of black men, and by the damning of anyone who dared to question such accusations, which was taken as an attack on the accuser’s ‘virtue’. The great nineteenth-century African-American reformer Frederick Douglass was disturbed by the mob’s instant acceptance of accusations of rape against black men, where ‘the charge once fairly stated, no matter by whom or in what manner, whether well or ill-founded’, was automatically believed.

    1. My dad tells a story about being in the Marines with some real redneck assholes while he was stationed at Cherry Point North Carolina in the early 60s. These guys would literally go across a street and beat the shit out of a black man for even daring to say hello to a white woman.

      When I saw the “cat calling video”, all I could think of was my dad’s stories about that. I am the last person to buy into charges of insensitivity or racism or ignoring of history and such. But the utter and complete insensitivity to the real history of racial injustice in this society of that video was just shocking. I don’t think the people who made it were intentionally that way. They are just that fucking ignorant that they had no idea that a video showing the horrors of black men daring to speak out of turn to a white woman might carry a whole lot of baggage.

      1. Wasn’t Emmett Till murdered for saying inappropriate things to a white woman?

        1. He theoretically whistled and absolutely was tortured to death.

    2. When the inevitable test case of a white woman accusing one or more black men without substantiation comes, we’ll see who has more grievance points. (Not counting Cosby, since enough people accused him that there’s a whole group dynamic. It’s thinking Atticus Finch-wise.)

    3. Modern day progressives make policy by doubling down on the racist policies of the progressives of antiquity and screaming like a cat in heat when accused of being anything but morally superior.

  26. Local News:

    A woman was attacked by two ‘pit bulls’ a couple of weeks ago and severely mauled. She had to have both legs amputated and has been in intensive care ever since. She died today.

    Our Sheriff, Steve McCain, rather than issue a fatwa on pit bulls the way the town of Moreauville did is searching for the dogs by DNA testing dogs until he finds the guilty parties. I imagine the owners of the dogs will be in deep shit if they are found, which is why I am guessing they will not be found.

    Perhaps McCain is just a good guy, or perhaps he took a lesson from the Moreauville debacle. Either way, good on him.

  27. Total Ebola death toll approaching 7,000, total cases now around 18,500.

    Nope, contrary to what some believe, the problem didn’t magically go away just because America’s worthless media decided to put a news blackout on it to try and help Obama.

    1. Seems more like the media decided to stop caring once it looked like there wasn’t going to be a major American outbreak.

    2. And, current number of cases in the US?


      Yeah, that’s what a I thought. Watch me not care…

    3. I don’t recall anyone saying Ebola wasn’t a problem. Plenty of people have said Ebola won’t be a problem in America and so far they have been correct.

    4. Other than in Sierra Leone, it looks the cases are levelling off to me. The predictions of a couple months ago don’t seem to have materialized. So still a problem? Absolutely. But one that seems to be on the decline. And the scare mongering about an outbreak in the U.S. has predictably been shown to be overblown.

    5. Not a problem for America.

    1. By sheer fluke, we got off at the same station, and some part of me decided saying something would be a good thing. Rather than quiz her about her choice of clothing, I thought if I simply offered to walk her to her destination, it might help.

      It’s hard to describe the moment when humans, and complete strangers, have a conversation with no words. I wanted to tell her I was sorry for so many things ? for overstepping the mark, for making assumptions about a complete stranger and for belonging to a culture where racism was part of her everyday experience.

      But none of those words came out, and our near silent encounter was over in a moment.

      My second status was written as a heartbreaking postscript to my first. While the woman appeared to appreciate my gesture, we had both left defeated and deflated. What good is one small action against an avalanche of ignorance?

      1. It was a “composite” walk.

  28. The Interview has been pulled from release:

    1. That is very bad.

    2. Motherfucker.

    3. This gives me an idea. Maybe we can get the Norks pissed-off at Russel Brand.

      1. No.

        This season on HBO: Girls Goes to North Korea with special guest Rachel Madow

        1. Now, now. I have nothing against the other actresses on that show. Just Ms. Dunham. Maybe it can be a special event with Amanda Marcotte and a few others.

          1. Okay

            Jezzebel: The North Korea Addition

            And I have never watched Girls, but Brian Williams’ Daughter Alison is smoking hot.

        2. Now, now. I have nothing against the citizens of NK…

    4. The Home of the Brave

    5. I think the phrase “We stand by freedom of artistic expression, but…” is the most depressing phrase I’ve heard all year.

    6. My Christmas is ruined! Ruined I say!

    7. Not good.

    8. What NK is doing here is edging close to an act of war.

  29. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said the continent’s inhabitants “have learned nothing” from the Holocaust.

    Sure they have. They have learned they can outsource their Jew-killing for a considerable savings to various Middle Eastern firms.

    And they’ve learned that its a lot harder to kill Jews who have a nation and the military that goes with it.

  30. Whatever you think about lifting the Cuban embargo, consider this. Obama won’t approve the Keystone Pipeline, an important project to our nearest ally and biggest trading partner and is willing to trade with Cuba, an authoritarian shit hole prison state that has committed all kinds of evil around the globe. And Obama is rumored to be considering trade sanctions against Israel.

    Importing oil from Canada, evil. Trading with Israel, evil. Trading with Castro, just fucking great.

    Obama really is on the other side.

    1. In principle I don’t disagree, but practically speaking America had to stop the pointless embargo. Give Cuba a chance to get out of being a shit hole and the best way is to reconnect with the USA.

      1. It’s never going to reconnect with the USA, just like China hasn’t stopped being totalitarian.

        But maybe the people won’t suffer as much

        1. China has a chance of being less totalitarian which is better than how it would be without the trade.

          1. I have a theory that China’s backsliding in a lot of ways, especially in provinces like Sichuan (where a localized coup got the governor kicked out a few years ago.) First, they got rid of all the reporters, like Peter Hessler, who actually knew what was going on. Then it’s been… crickets, even with social media.

      2. That is not the point. If trad with Cuba is good, so is trade with Canada and Israel. Obama doesn’t seem to give a shit about the carbon footprint of trading with Cuba does he?

        If Canuckistan were an anti-American socialist cesspool or it was being built out of Quebec, the pipeline would have been built already.

    2. My guess is, Obama’s pals stand to make a lot of money from Cuba.

      I mean, really, it’s somewhat ironic. All the things that Cuba supposedly rebelled against is just waiting to swoop back in to Cuba.

      Call me an imperialist, but we really should have made it a state ages ago. It’s closer than Alaska or Hawaii…

    3. Are their new trade barriers with Israel? I’ve been shipping stuff there without any extra difficulties.

    4. Obama is rumored to be considering trade sanctions against Israel.

      I highly doubt that will happen and if it does it may just end his presidency.

  31. Enough bad news: 3D printed prosthetic legs give Derby the dog full mobility and a new lease on life.

    “When I saw him sprinting, it was amazing,” exclaimed Dom Portanova. “I couldn’t believe it! He runs with Sherry and myself every day, at least 2-3 miles. He runs faster than both of us, he never really tires out [and] he’s just so happy to [run].”

  32. d’awwww

  33. Wednesday evening nutpunch:

    George Stinney Jr. Exonerated 70 Years After His Execution at 14

    He weighed 95 pounds when he was arrested, and was so small he had to sit on a phone book in the electric chair when he was executed within three months of the murders.

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