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British Columbia Minister of Advanced Education Amrik Virk has revoked his consent for Trinity Western University, a Christian college, to open a law school. Virk cited the fact that law societies in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces have refused to accredit the school's graduates because of a section of the university's covenant requiring students, faculty, and administrators not to engage in "sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman."

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  1. What prompted the Minister to change his mind? This:

    A legal challenge launched against Mr. Virk and TWU by two Canadian law firms said the minister had "created a two-tiered system of legal education" when he granted consent. After some deliberation, the law societies in B.C., Ontario and Nova Scotia all decided not to recognize the school as an approved faculty of law, meaning graduates would not be able to practice in those provinces.

    Mr. Kuhn said he was disappointed with the minister's decision and that the university will explore its legal options.

    "We remain committed to having a school of law," Mr. Kuhn said in a news release issued Thursday, "and now have to carefully consider all our options. There are such important rights and freedoms at stake that we may have no choice but to seek protection of them in court."

    A B.C. court will decide in January whether to commence with the legal challenge.

    Clayton Ruby, the lawyer leading the challenge, was pleased that Mr. Virk was "driven to withdraw a consent that would have endorsed unconstitutional discrimination against sexual minorities in the name of religion.

  2. This is what happens when ...?

    (a) professionals must obtain legal approval before practicing a profession;
    (b) people don't understand how to be tolerant of those they disagree with;
    (c) freedom of religion and freedom of association does not exist;
    (d) political correctness is enforced by law;
    (e) all of the above.

    1. (f) you let lawyers get anywhere near the law.

      Thank god here in the US we have the idea of separation of powers that prohibits lawyers - as officers of the court and therefore members of the judiciary - from holding office in the legislative or executive branches.

  3. Anyone who goes to a school which outlaws fucking deserves what they get. Or don't get, as it were.

    1. If people want to choose such shitty conditions, let them.

    2. But, I should be able to go to any school I want and not be bound by their rules. It's totally unfair if it can't be that way!

      /Whiney douche

    3. No fucking?
      Isn't that enough punishment?

  4. Someone should rape that school.

    1. Grab its motherfucking accreditation

    2. If only it was possible for one school to rape another. Then it could be gay rape, depending, I guess, on the sex of the schools. NTTAWWT - the gay part, not the rape part.

    3. When I'm done with you, you ain't gonna be able to walk for a month!

  5. I am not sure how this creates a two tiered system of education. Having a high standard for integrity puts others at a disadvantage? Creates hardship for those who do? I am at a loss.

    The only whine I see is that Trinity grads would end up with a monopoly in divorce court. (I have seen many many cases of lawyers sleeping with divorcing clients, which is already a no-no). So the complaint amounts to 'they can't be allowed to be more virtuous than we are!' ?


  6. Sounds like a solid plan dude.

  7. OT: I think some people in Maryland are taking the long view when it comes to legalizing drugs!

    Hyattsville is considering a charter amendment that would lower the voting age to 16 as part of its effort to encourage more voter participation.

  8. Eh, Canada - in terms of law, it's Great Britain, Jr. up there already. This is the natural offspring of generations of Tories shunned from the US.

    Oh, Canada....

    1. Not Quebec. We use the Civil (Napoelonic) Code.

      1. Isn't Quebec even more fucked up than the rest of Canada?

        1. In some ways yes but the legal system isn't one of them.

  9. I agree with this decision. If they won't fuck each other, how can you expect them to fuck everyone else?

  10. Remember when the SSM advocates asked, "how does my marriage threaten you?" It seems we're getting answers every day.

    1. I don't want that to be true, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

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  12. Not allowing the school to teach law is a bit much.

    Still, the school's covenant IS something that any true libertarian would object to. And it would be nice if the US government withdrew all subsidies from the many US colleges with similar policies in place.

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