Liberal Revolt Over Spending Bill, White House Still Battles Torture Transparency, Americans See High-Profile Grand Jury Decisions Differently: P.M. Links


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  1. Feeling unappreciated, liberal lawmakers including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) raise a fuss of their own over the jam-packed $1.1 trillion spending bill and snipe at the White House.


      1. How ya doin’, how ya doin’?

        1. Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!

          Or is that Heeeeeya! Heeeeeeeeya! Heeeeeeeeeya!?

          *makes tomahawk-chop move*

          1. Hey How Are Ya?

            1. In college,

              Hi how are you? became

              How high are you?

      2. Ugh! That was some bad pemmican there, Alma.

        1. Me in heap big trouble, many moons…

    1. “Feeling unappreciated, liberal lawmakers including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) raise a fuss of their own over the jam-packed $1.1 trillion spending bill”

      Rufus often feels unappreciated.

      (sad) Hello.

      1. *puts arm around Rufus shoulder and gives manly punch in other arm….walks away awkwardly….no homo*

        1. *reached for Almanian’s shoulder to cry on…but he increases his speed as he walks away without looking back.

          1. GO ON….

            1. …You’re already gone.

              1. I’ve got a peaceful, easy feelin’…

                1. SHHH! Don’t you know the folks around here hate The Eagles?

                  Wouldn’t want to rile them up.

                2. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.

                  1. Somebody’s gonna hurt somebone before the night is through…

                    1. …we’ll find out IN THE LONG RUN.

                    2. Everything. All the time.

                    3. … if you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself?

    2. Honestly, this is terrible for my ‘Liberal Tears’ business plan. They’ve been going so nuts lately that they’ve driven the price down significantly.

  2. Ferguson, Missouri, officials plan to issue more citations in their town to increase revenue.

    Broken windows works!

  3. Well, the Democrats still control the.Senate, right? There’s your opportunity to make a stand.

  4. If this $1.1T spending bill goes down because of Warren, I’ll take it. I will still dislike her intensely, but I’ll take it.

  5. A time capsule buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others has been unearthed.

    Three if by backhoe.

    1. Ok, so time-travel alternate history buffs: who wins: The British with AK-47s or George Washington with a battalion of Killdozers?

      1. I think you know we ALL win with that scenario, db – we ALL win…

        1. So true, Almanian!, so true.

        2. Even if both the British and Washington lose, then the French take over?

          1. They surrendered as soon as they saw the AK’s and ‘dozers. No worries.

            1. The French in the 18th century? Well, if the British have AKs, and the Colonials killdozers, maybe the world is different enough that the French would behave that way.


                /mixed derp

                1. That’s an interesting way to tell me that I need to drink some alcohol.

                  1. Why would you need to be told?

                    1. I’m still at the office.

                    2. I’m not at the office anymore. Samichlaus 2012.

              2. Surrender eating cheese monkeys?

      2. The general consensus of alternative history writers is it doesn’t matter which one, the Confederacy will win the Civil War anyway.

      3. Ditka!

        1. +1 polish saaaasage

  6. The Obama administration is battling to prevent the release of documents including the Panetta report, which offers more details about the CIA’s indulgence in torture.


    Amirite or what? Sheesh!

    1. It’s a good thing Obama is keeping the world from seeing all the horrible things Bush did. Think of all the rioting and stuff he’s preventing.

  7. One day we should all agree in secret not to show up for PM links, just to see how Fist reacts when he realizes that he’s all alone.

    1. Seeing his name over and over in an unbroken line of posts would only feed his ego.

      1. Conversely, we might see Fist dissolve into weepy anger as he sits at his keyboard, desperately awaiting a validation that never comes.

      2. “First, AGAIN! AND second! AND …!”

    2. Well, there’s only 5 of us, so at least it will be easy to organize!

      I’m in.

      1. Organize libertarians?


          1. I think I can safely claim – one of the all-time great cartoons?

            1. FUCK YEAH!

              1. Not Dora the Explorer?

                1. You mean the X-rated version right?

                  1. Is there a different version?

                2. great cartoon =/= awsome cartoon ass

    3. I have you all blocked by Reasonable. I always just assume I am alone.

    4. We can’t get people not to respond to Shreeky or Bo; what makes you think we can get people not to respond to Fisty?



  8. “The release of the Senate’s torture report has put front and center the question of why the Justice Department opted not to bring any criminal charges. The answer to that question is contained in the documents that we seek, and it’s hard to imagine a case where the need for government transparency is more obvious or more compelling.”

    Those documents contain “FYTW”?!

  9. an Indian food conglomerate. Idiot.

    This makes me think of Elizabeth Warren.

    “Fauxcahontas’ Heap Big Good Injun Foods!”

    Prolly not that kind of Injun, huh….(tl/dr)

    1. Get it right. It’s Liawatha.

      1. Or if she had a bakery, PIEawatha, yeah?


      2. Or Medical MJ dispensary, then she’d b Highawatha

    2. Injun, as in from India made that joke earlier.

      1. Wow – what a self hater he is

      2. Also, good form is, “SIMPSONS DID IT.”

  10. The Obama administration is battling to prevent the release of documents including the Panetta report…

    At least until the day the next architect of Obamacare goes on trial.

  11. A time capsule buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others has been unearthed.
    Will it contain remains of some of Adams’s victims? Evidence of long-forgotten crimes? A stash of money and liquor? Join me Sunday to find out!

    /Geraldo Rivera

  12. I’m hoping the time capsule contains the silver tongue of Jebediah Sprungfield.

    1. “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man!”

  13. I just heard a story about a cop who played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ during a Garner/Brown protest. People felt that was inappropriate to play such a ‘racially insensitive’ song.

    Jesus. You really are screwed down there.

    1. The incident took place in Chicago.

      1. Chicagoans are screwed, yes.

        1. No problem. This crisis won’t go to waste.

    2. I know, right? A Skynyrd song so soon after that Malaysian flight?

    3. I so wanna play “Kung Fu Fighting” at the next outdoor group yoga event I happen upon.

    4. Define irony: Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

      1. Guilty Pleasure Alert – yeah, me and Mrs. Almanian watch that movie, like, EVERY time it’s on….

        “Why couldn’t you just put the bunny back in the box?”

        1. There are two movies where, if I come upon them playing anywhere on TV, I will stop and watch, no matter what point the movie is at. One of them is Shawshank, the other is Con Air.

          1. For us, it’s *looks around for Epi* Con Air, Red Dawn and Broken Arrow.

            “You’re the man, Deak!” “I’m the MAN!”

            1. Broken Arrow?

              I forgot how bad a movie that is. Like train wreck. You can’t look away.

          2. The Outlaw Josie Wales here.

            1. +1 free Missouri boat ride

          3. Yentl?


          4. Don’t forget Face-Off! How could you forget Face-Off?

            1. Through a concerted effort…that is how.

            2. FUCK YOU…FUCK YOU……FUCK YOU…..

      2. I’ve always wanted to go on a karaoke dinner cruise and request “The Morning After”.

  14. State-level losses in the recent election and concentration in cities may put the Democratic Party in a weaker position than previously admitted…


    1. To be fair, I think we might be seeing a paradigm shift in some states that used to be blue fortresses like Illinois and Maryland.

      1. “It’s an ANOMALY!”

      2. Sure, in IL…heh heh.

        Come on down here and point that out to us stuck in the Land of Lincoln.

    2. Republicans in 2004: PERMANENT MAJORITY!

      Democrats in 2008: PERMANENT MAJORITY!


      Democrats in 2012: We shall never lose again because of ‘demographic shifts!’

      Republicans in 2014: PERMANENT HOUSE MAJORITY!

      1. Which means:

        Democrats in 2018: PERMANENT MAJORITY!

        It’s enough to drive someone to drink.

        1. Like I needed an excuse.

          1. Just be careful you don’t wind up in Warty’s Rehabatorium (basement) after a reasonless bender.

            1. I don’t think Warty would touch me–I’m resigned to play new games on my consoles until I upgrade my PC.

              And I’m given to understand console players are just a bunch of backwards heathens, so…

              1. I rather enjoy FIFA on my PS4.

                1. Way to prove her point, Los Doyers.

                2. He was giving me grief about how I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition when my PC is all wah wah. I’d rather play in on the PC, but I’ll play it on my 360 since it’s the only option I have right meow.

                  I’ve been trying to decide between the PS4 or XboxOne. I have both a 360 and PS3, so I could probably wait awhile until they start coming out with exclusives I can’t live without.

                  1. Join the Glorious PC Master Race, Riven. It’s like being a libertarian, but with slightly less orphans.

                    1. I love those videos, even if he only gives favorable reviews to Portal, HL installments, Psychonauts, Prince of Persia, etc.

                      I would much prefer to play on my PC, but I need to wait until after Christmas before I build a new gaming rig.

                  2. Get a PS4. If you get an Xbox One, Microsoft will constantly be spying on you with Kinect.

                    1. Yeah, if you must be a filthy console peasant, go with the PS4. I don’t think Microsoft exclusives would be worth the built-in Kinect and other nonsense.

                      Half-Life installments? Hah. I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead before another one comes out.

                  3. Ps4 with a hybrid drive changed my life. GTA V doesn’t take an eternity to load now.

                    1. What’s hybrid drive, precious? What is it?

                    2. I pulled the 500gb HD and put a 1 TB Hybrid HD in. I buy all my games is digital downloads. If you play the same game frequently if moves the load files to the SSD part of the hybrid drive. Load times and startup are much faster. I would have put a Samsung Evo SSD but it would have been more than than the PS4.

                    3. I’ve always had a preference for the Xbox controllers over the PS controllers, but the whole Kinect thing is kind of weird.

                      IIRC, Microsoft was trying to do something with “content licenses.” The way it was going to work was like this: you purchase one license and if the Kinect registers more than one warm body in the room, it prompts you to purchase another license. If you decline, the game won’t run. That ain’t right.

                    4. I’ve always had a preference for the Xbox controllers over the PS controllers

                      I don’t even…what!?

                    5. Hey, if we’re talking about original Xbox controllers, I won’t defend that shit. But I feel like the PS controllers were designed for baby hands.

                    6. The PS controllers are just uncomfortable.

                      But yeah–the original xbox controllers could easily be used to bludgeons someone to death.

                    7. I just like the weight of the PS series of controllers. They feel solidly built compared to other controllers and they’re fairly bomb proof. You can chuck them at a younger sibling’s head, do a substantial amount of damage and then resume playing with the same controller without pausing to find a replacement.

                    8. If you want a device for sibling harm, you get an N64 Mad Cat. You could throw them like a frisbee if you were good.

                    9. I hated the N64 controller. I went back and played some N64 games with a PS2 controller and an emulator a few years ago and it was a delight.

                    10. Yeah, I’m admittedly not a fan of the PS controllers, they feel really small in my hands. Xbox 360 controllers seem to fit perfectly, and I’ve used them for PC games often.

                    11. Exactly!

                      I have small hands, but I like the way the xbox controllers fill them up, I guess.

                      … Keep your lewd comments to yourself!

                    12. *opens mouth to speak, reads down, closes mouth*

          2. I need to wait. I’m still at the office, though will be leaving soon.

  15. Sony CEO ordered ‘The Interview’ toned down

    Sony Corp. Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai ordered the film “The Interview” to be toned down after Pyongyang denounced it for depicting the assassination of North Korea’s leader, according to emails apparently stolen from Sony’s Hollywood studio.

    …Hirai asked Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, to change a key shot in the film. It depicts Kim struck by a tank shell, causing his head to explode.

    Rogen responded by promising to remove three of four burn marks on Kim’s face, and reduce the “flaming hair” by 50 percent. But he said he could not meet all the demands.

    “The head explosion can’t be more obscured than it is because we honestly feel that if it’s any more obscured, you won’t be able to tell it’s exploding and the joke won’t work,” he said.

    “This is now a story of Americans changing their movie tomake North Koreans happy,” he said in an Aug. 15 email. “That is a very damning story.”

    By October, however, he delivered… the final version.

    “This is it!!! We removed the fire from the hair and the entire secondary wave of head chunks,” he said. “Please tell us this is over now.”

    A preemptive “meh” and/or *runs off sobbing* to those of you who are going to shit on Rogen and Franco.

      1. Watch out, kiddo. I’m trained in gorilla warfare.

  16. “If Democrats were to get neutral maps drawn by God in all 50 states, they would still fall well short of winning back the House,” says Wasserman. “What Democrats really need is a massive resettlement program.”

    All you westerners take note.

    1. neutral maps drawn by God

      Nice band name.

    2. “What Democrats really need is a massive resettlement program.”

      Presidents Jackson and Roosevelt….Presidents Jackson and Roosevelt….

    3. You know who else was in favor of a resettlement campaign?

      1. Those cavalrymen who chased the Nez Perce?

      2. Andrew Jackson?

        1. well damn. I need to actually read things every once in a while.

      3. Brigham Young?

      4. The Federation after the Cardassian War?

    4. “What Democrats really need is a massive resettlement program.”

      It’s called raising taxes. That’s why so many Californians move to Texas and so many unwashed Masses move north to New Hampshire.

      1. There’s been an exodus of NY’ers and Jersians to NC, SC, and FL – and other points south.

        Good news for Southerners? Better pizza and bagels.

        Bad news for Southerners? Well, that’s too obvious to even comment on.

        1. The spread of better pizza and bagels has not reached all of NC yet. My parents tell me the only good pizza they can find close to their retirement home is a Papa John’s twenty miles away.

        2. curiously, the new arrivals fall into two categories:
          1) the ones crystal clear on why they left
          2) the ones ignorant of why

          Over time, some in group 1 migrate into group 2. I remind them that the road that led them here goes the opposite way, too.

        3. Weirdly, west coast FL (at least Tampa) mostly has relocated Michiganders and Ohioans coming down. But we do have Wawa now.

          1. Why would that be weird?

            You see I-75? Follow it north. You see I-95 on the east coast? Now follow it north?

            “Weird” doent mean what you think it means.

    5. What I think is funny about this idea is that if Democrats got out of their urban enclaves, it would actually destroy the hold Democrats have on certain demographics.

      They basically control reflexively Democrat groups by assuring them that Republicans/libertarians/THE OTHER are so evil that they would kill any black person who comes within their sight if it weren’t for the Civil Rights Act.

      If Democrats were less myopic and actually got out into the rest of the country, many of them would cease to be Democrats when they realized they’ve been lied to about the alleged evil of the opposition.

      1. One can only hope.

    6. “What Democrats really need is a massive resettlement program.”

      That’s what amnesty is for: resettle millions of Third World peasants into the United States so they can vote for the same policies that made their home countries such shitholes.

  17.…..els_beard- University ‘artist’ constructs a climbable version of Friedrich Engel’s beard. Why?

    Engine’s Jai Redman said: “As artists concerned with the playful politics of social engagement and with creating intriguing public spaces, it was never going to be enough just to make a boring statue.

    “So the artwork has become focused on Engels’ signature magnificent beard as a symbol of wisdom and learning.

    “And we propose, in the language of regeneration and planning, to repurpose the beard, creating a dramatic climbing wall with viewing tower for people of all ages to enjoy.”

    1. Could you imagine making a climbable Rudolf Hess (not that he had a beard, but you get the point)?

      1. Just do some lateral climbing on his eyebrows

    2. A symbol of wisdom…I don’t think these guys get symbolism. I think you’re supposed to pick something representative of what you’re trying to convey, not the opposite.

  18. Princeton Students Set Up Microaggression-Reporting Service

    According to the operators, “microaggressions are all around us” and anything can be a microaggression because “there are no objective definitions to words and phrases.”

    “The perspective and lived experiences of each individual contextualizes the world around them and thus places a particular meaning in words based on their distinct subjectivity,” they explain. “What counts as harmless banter to some may be emotionally triggering to others.”

    A “like” on any of the page’s posts is considered an “act of solidarity” against whatever “racist/anti-black/sexist/classist/transphobic/ transmisogynistic/ableist/homophobic/et cetera content that warranted a post to this page.”

    1. The forum will be moderated by Zombie Any Roonie.

    2. “We need to start charging the squirrels tuition because they are going here and not even contributing anything other than their hostilities towards the students.”

      Well, I can see how *that* could be emotionally triggering.

    3. As a nominally sane individual, I consider that microagressions page to be a microagression against me.

    4. Are parents teaching their kids not to mature emotionally beyond the age of 12? Who is this sensitive at 18?

    5. We tried something like this back in elementary school, only it was called “put-downs” instead of microaggressions. Needless to say it didn’t work.

    6. OK, I’m going with parody. I looked at the Facebook page and aside from having a baby tiger as the profile picture, it mostly seems to just be random comments or something that couldn’t even be misconstrued as offensive by a SJW.

  19. 20 Maps That Never Happened

    Pretty cool, even if they miss on the explanation of Texas and California splitting up a bit.

    1. #8 – GODDAMNIT, GET IT RIGHT! The UP becomes “Superior Land”, NOT “Menominee” (weak)!!


    2. Yglesias? No thanks. Unless you have a hammer I could beat myself in the head with so I could get down to his level.

      1. I decided to brave it. It actually wasn’t all that bad. I wonder if the article was ghost-written.

        1. It gets a little derpy in the upside-down Africa one. (Hint: north is only on top because racism.)

          1. I noticed that, rolled my eyes. I expected worse.

    3. So the Brits weren’t going to defend Canada?

      Some Master Colonials they were.


      1. The French didn’t either during the Seven Years War.

        1. Par for the course with them.

        2. Louis-Joseph de Montcalm begs to differ.

          1. Unless I have my wars confused, the French king abandoned Quebec and concentrated elsewhere because the colony cost him more money than it brought in.

            While the French military in Quebec fought on, they were doomed without help.

            1. I did remember my wars correctly. Take a look at this book.

            2. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

  20. Anyone catch Cowherd’s interview with the President? I’m guessing it was, erm, sissy and without much depth?

    1. You mean that bitch Colin Cowherd? Wow – that’d be mega douche-on-douche action.

    2. Who the hell watches Colin Cowherd?

  21. B.C. Sikhs leave Liberal party.

    Justin Trudeau is such a mess. The Liberals are a complete joke for having elected this poser to lead.…..ty/822213/

    1. Oh shit. This just on the heels of the Bertschi debacle-cum-civil war in a riding. This is bad for the Liberals. It would be one thing to have a bad month to flush out a bunch of nonsense but it’s just one thing after the next.

      Trudeau was a calculated move, and it looked like it was going to work for a while. It still might, but he increasingly looks like the Revenge of the Sith of Liberal leaders in that everyone talks about how he’s better than the last two but he sucks just as bad.

      I cannot believe the opposition is going to get Harper re-elected with another minority. They’ve done the impossible.

      1. The Liberals and NDP are that bad.

        Although polls show the Libs and Cons neck and neck. Which really baffles me. Is Harper so bad to some that they’d actually vote for this boob? And he IS a boob if you care to pay attention.

        1. Maybe Canadians should go on strike, fwend…

        2. Trudeau’s got some charisma in the empty platitudes style of Obama and he’s got that ‘new politician’ smell. The whole Senate debacle didn’t help the Tories either.

          1. Or the Veteran Affairs scandal.

            1. That too. And the Parliament Hill shooting would be a kick in the balls to any majority party.

        3. I pay attention to Harper’s quasi-nationalization of rail, corporate welfare, and asinine prostitution laws until I have to stop for my health. He is the most anti-freedom PM since Trudeau.

          The neck-and-neck thing does not matter as much as the question of ‘who is the better leader’ because that’s where the people will vote. And Harper leads Trudeau by a length on that question.

          I was really considering voting Trudeau just because he was pro-MJ but he has worked very hard to get me to vote Libertarian, which is the only choice any Canadian libertarian should be making on E-day UNLESS they reside in the ridings represented by Moore, Harper, (Kill)Joy Smith (the anti-prostitution zealot), Peter ‘neanderthal’ McKay, or Trudeau, in which case you are obligated to vote for whoever is most capable of beating them. Even if it is the NDP.

          1. Harper is a disgrace when it comes to spending and liberty. I agree.

            But sounds as though you were going to repeat the ‘Reason Faux Pas’ when they advocated voting for Obama. Just stay the fuck away from Trudeau.

            You can vote Libertarian if you’re lucky enough to have a candidate running in your riding – which is unlikely. We’re waaaayyyy behind the U.S. in getting libertarian exposure in the mainstream.

            1. I was being open-minded, and the MJ thing was cool. Harper has to go. But Trudeau has studiously driven me away so no faux pas.

        4. What’s the deal with Harper? Is there any specific reason why he got so unpopular? Did he get corrupt or what? Or people are just tired of the same guy in charge for many years?

          1. He’s a freedom-hating asshole. He is, contrary to the pedestal he’s been put on, a terrible strategist and very politically inept. An example of this ineptitude comes from his diehard defence of the F-35 clunker and his handling of the Duffy affair, which likely wasn’t his fault but was handled with all the grace of a car crash.

            1. Thanks for the explanation.

              1. Thanks but the one below is better.

          2. There’s been obvious grumblings for years from the left-and-centre for stuff like his climate change policy (in that he doesn’t have one and pulled out of Kyoto), foreign policy (Israel and involvement in American military stuff) and domestic policy (blatantly stupid crime bills and drug laws, for example). But there was a recent Senate scandal about money switching hands (pretty big deal for a guy who campaign originally on Senate reform), the recent Veteran Affairs scandal, a trade agreement with China that a lot of people don’t like, the whole IdleNoMore on-and-off Indian movement, the Parliament Hill shooting, etc. There’s been a lot of problems piling up on the Tories’ doorsteps and they haven’t been good at addressing them.

            1. And oh yeah, I forgot the extremely stupid F-35 purchase agreement.

              1. He’s held steadfast support for Israel which anger the left.

                I agree with John. On one end, they govern functionally on the other they can’t seem to handle any scandal minor or not at all. They suddenly become Keystone Kops. I think that has a lot to do with Harper not giving his ministers much autonomy.

                But I think there’s just an overall irrational blind hatred of the guy. Chretien was pretty heavy handed himself with his government. He wasn’t called the ‘Benign Dictator’ for nothing.

            2. I’m not surprised that people who never liked Harper or Conservatives dislike him even more, but I was trying to figure out why his former supporters are turning against him, if that’s what they are doing. I see that there’s a lot of stuff for anyone to dislike.

              1. He’s too controlling. To the point of paranoia perhaps?

                But he’s still far and away a more effective politician and even leader than anything we’ve got at the moment.

                He bitch-slaps Trudeau. Heck, he’s a much better speaker than the faux-orator down south. Obama is it?

                1. Yeah, say what you want about Harper’s policies (because a lot of them suck) but the guy at least has leadership ability (to the point of a fault, too controlling as Rufus mentions). Mulcair’s a pale shadow of Layton and Trudeau just keeps alienating people or saying profoundly stupid things that make good soundbites for attack ads.

                  1. Mulcair is at least a serious adult. Angry bearded unelected pinko, but he really tries to deliver during question period.

                2. When the previous Republican presidential primary was winding down, I was joking that the US should invade and annex Canada and then the GOP could select Harper as the unity candidate. He would be an improvement over the Republican candidates still in play. I’d be disappointed if there’s no grain of truth in the joke.

                  1. Except he’s basically a neo-con and so-con wrapped into one.

    2. You know what I’ve got on my book pile right now, courtesy of a fellow masochist? This.

      Apparently it’s hilariously shallow and completely lacks self-awareness. I would expect nothing less from Mr. Trudeau.

      1. He’s as self-absorbed as a wet paper towel and half as useful.

    3. “B.C. Sikhs”

      Because there’s a huge Sikh voting bloc in B.C.?

      1. Yes. There was a lot of violence and strife in the ’90s because of internal turmoil between the Sikh establishment and moderate Sikhs who weren’t into bombings and killing. A Canadian flight was bombed out of the sky killing a bunch of people and others were beaten sometimes to death. Ujjal Dosinijh was beaten in the streets. Everything’s fine now but that was a tense time. The ’90s in BC SUCKED.

        1. Yeah that was pretty epic even by American standards I reckon.

        2. And here i thought it was all Legal Weed and skiing

          1. Vancouver has a fine tradition of rioting over the stupidest bullshit.

  22. We’ve been incorrectly predicting peak oil for over a century

    The idea of peak oil has popped up repeatedly throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. But as I sit typing these words, the gas station nearby is selling a gallon of gas for under $3 ? bargain basement prices for Los Angeles. It’s a wonderful boost for cash-strapped consumers, but I’m reminded that I might not see peak oil within my lifetime.

    So join me as we revisit the oil predictions of yesteryear; times when humans were convinced that we were almost out of oil. Only to be proven wrong for any number of reasons ? including the discovery of new sources, conservation efforts to stem consumption, and the development of new technologies to get that black gold out of the ground.

    The rest of the article is a fun romp through 100 years of faulty predictions about running out of fuel.

    1. There is a picture of a mechanic on roller skates. I am either intrigued or confused. Or both.

      1. Service With a Smile

        (Parts 2 and 3 should be sidebarred; and yes, that is the original color.)

    1. I don’t use the Twitters = does it have a ‘user block’ the way YouTube does, when you don’t want to hear a single fucking thing X person ever says?

      I don’t understand how people think that ‘responses to dumb shit I broadcast on twitter’ could possibly equal ‘harrassment’.

      The very act of using that platform is saying, “I want millions of people to hear my inane brainfarts”

      1. It does have such a feature. The “argument” goes that (a) the single tweet/user you have to read prior to blocking is unacceptably traumatizing and in turn (b) a high-profile target for harassment (or in some cases, criticism that is falsely called harassment) can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of different users going after them, making the ability to block somewhat of a moot point.

        1. “a high-profile target for harassment (or in some cases criticism that is falsely called harassment) can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of different users going after them”

          yeah. Which goes back to my point of, “the very nature of twitter as mass-communication platform” makes complaints about it resulting in “unwanted mass communications” pretty fucking ridiculous

          its sort of like going to the Super-Bowl buck-naked, and then complaining that “EVERYONE KEEPS LOOKING AT ME!!”

          If you wanted to have a conversation with just your ‘circle of approving friends’, then do so via a different platform.

  23. Is Happy Hour banned in your state?…..nd-two-for

    1. New Hampshire looks OK based on the lists. It’s a shame I can’t get Founder’s Breakfast Stout in bottles here. It’s also a shame the state monopolizes liquor sales.

      About Happy Hour, not only is it legal in New Hampshire, but you can have two Happy Hours. A local bar experimented with having two Happy Hours on select nights. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it. I’ll have to check.

    2. Eat a dick other states, I can as drunk as I want here. Although no pot or beer in certain size containers. Wah wah.

  24. China has a new pain ray!

    However Chinese officials report that the weapon currently has a range of 80 meters (and could be extended up to a full kilometer in later iterations) and that it utilizes a millimeter-wave beam?just like the one in your home microwave?to excite water molecules within the cells of the target, resulting in gut-wrenching pain. That’ll show those rablerousers and their calls for democratic reform.

    Well, now I have to update my Christmas wish list.

    1. How long until these are distributed to police forces around the US?

      1. Raytheon already built them for us

        I don’t think this ever actually happened, but…

        On August 20, 2010, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced its intent to use this technology on prisoners in the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles, stating its intent to use it in “operational evaluation” in situations such as breaking up prisoner fights.

        From what I understand the ADS kinda sucks. It takes too long to spool up and burns through energy reserves too fast to be maintained. Don’t worry though Raytheon is working on a second generation system.

        Favorite line from the “Problems” subsection:

        because precipitation (rain/snow/fog/mist) often commonly dissipates RF energy, [it] may moderate the ADS’s sensation to “warm and comfortable”

    2. We need that for clearing out the assholes who are going to try to block pipeline construction.

  25. Google pulling out

    Google shuts down in Russia

    Google has maintained engineering operations in Russia since 2006, but the country has recently become less hospitable to foreign tech companies. Russia recently passed new laws requiring any international tech company to house data concerning Russian citizens within the country rather than in data centers located elsewhere. Russia has also been hit by a series of Western sanctions this year as a result of its conflict with Ukraine.

    Apparently Russians will still be able to access Google, but they won’t have a corporate or engineering presence within the country.


    Google shuttering Google News in Spain over their law that would require Google to pay a tax to the old media firms whose news they feature.

    That’s right: Apart from Google sending them tons of traffic, publishers want the search engine to pay them. Google’s reaction? Shuttering Google News in Spain. The decision suggests Google is simply above needless drama: If a country insists on modifying its laws to favour the greed of a bunch of local companies?more like a mafia gang than a government?Google closes its doors and leaves. As simple as that.

    So close to getting regulatory capture, but so angry at corporate greed.


  26. Jacobin Mag does not like interstellar. “It’s an ideological monstrosity.”

    I’m now tempted to watch it.

    Also, I recently discovered one of the smugger leftists I know succeeded in failing out of a social science degree in college. He’s back now after a sojourn in community college and likes to spend time denouncing such things as individual initiative and capitalism. There was the one time he posted an article complaining about women CEOs because they were merely a disguise for capitalism’s inequality. “This thing that makes something less unequal is bad because it makes it hard for us to get rid of inequality.” derp derp derp

    1. Jacobin Mag does not like interstellar. “It’s an ideological monstrosity.”

      They didn’t like it because the hero is an individual and not the government.

      1. Well that, and I’m pretty sure Nolan is somewhat mocking the modern progressive ideals of society. Kind of like how The Dark Knight Rises had that random commentary on the stupidity of Occupy Wall Street.


          The guy who makes up data is named…Dr. Mann. Climate reference.

          1. *More Spoilers*

            The planet Dr. Mann is on is so cold the clouds are frozen. However the hell that happens…

        2. I’m convinced Nolan is a secret reactionary who just hides it really well.

          He had the pro-surveillance shit in The Dark Knight, the anti-Occupy stuff in The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellars been getting a lot of press from people like Mark Steyn for attacking various leftist assumptions.

          I also love that the Jacobin idiot says this is an ‘ultra-American’ film, even though it’s directed and written by a Brit. Apparently belief in individual initiative is only an American attribute, unknown to the rest of the planet.

          1. pro-surveillance shit in The Dark Knight

            PRO? You completely misread the message! Batman’s friend convinces him to destroy the system because it is too much power.

        3. Nolan seems to be a hardcore Neitsche guy: there’s two types of people in society, and the key to progress is that the Ubermensch be above the law so that they may properly direct their lessers.

          So he’s routinely against the “diversity and democratic voice” parts of progressivism, but he’s also against small government.

          1. Yeah, I wouldn’t peg Nolan as a small government supporter based off his filmography. Especially his views in The Dark Knight. He does seem to have a belief in ‘better men’ pushing humanity/Gotham/weird magic tricks forward but I don’t know if I’d peg him as an actual Nietzschean.

          2. “Nolan seems to be a hardcore Neitsche guy: there’s two types of people in society, and the key to progress is that the Ubermensch be above the law so that they may properly direct their lessers.”

            This is actually a good point. All of his movies come down to one dude who can basically ignore the rules which bind everyone else.

            1. Look at the treatment of the “other batmen” in The Dark Knight: they’re at best a menace, and more often downright amusing in their pathetic attempts to act beyond their station. Only Bruce Wayne has what it takes to be an extralegal vigilante. Everyone else should just cower in their hovels until he has use for them.

              1. I thought that was more a commentary on the lack of quality that comes with imitation. The people on the boat at the end are ultimately the ones who challenge Joker’s plan, they reject the option he gives them. It seems like it was more about people finding their own strength rather than just blatantly copying that of others.

                1. The only act of “strength” is on the con vote, where the one criminal intimidates the warden into handing over the controller and then tosses it overboard.

                  On the civilian boat, what we actually see is an act of weakness: everyone agrees to turn the key, but no one has the guts to be the individual to stand up and actually do it: as non-Ubermensch, they lack the will to act.

                  1. Or, despite their utilitarian posturing are at the core more principled than they gives themselves credit for.

    2. “This thing that makes something less unequal is bad because it makes it hard for us to get rid of inequality.” derp derp derp

      A great example of how evil hard leftists are (I mean actual Commies, not just your run of the mill prog) is the fact that they will bemoan actual material improvements in people’s lives because those improvements mean the people are less willing to undergo revolution.

      In other words, they want people destitute, because it is only from that destitution that they imagine the glorious revolution shall grow.

      It is a tremendously evil worldview.

      1. I remember seeing something to that effect with air quality improvements (I’m paraphrasing) “It’s a shame we took care of acid rain because people could see it, bu they just don’t notice finer particulates and carbon emissions”

        Yeah, I’m totally upset that air quality in LA is infinitely better than when I moved here in 1992…

      2. All of the most hard left people i know, including at least one supposed pacifist, seem to like Venezuela and mourned Chavez. I just keep my mouth shut when they talk about politics… and they talk about politics a lot.

        1. Ask if they’ve donated toilet paper since Ven is having a shortage.

    3. Breaking News = No One Likes Jacobin

      ‘This brings us to the question of how you see Jacobin fitting within the broader ecosystem of left-oriented publications in the US =

      …”Jacobin is nothing without its politics?it has no lasting significance otherwise… I actually don’t see Jacobin as part of a wider publishing scene. It’s not a theoretical journal like Historical Materialism; it’s fundamentally a mass-oriented publication… Jacobin is like nothing else in this space: it’s explicitly Marxist, it’s programmatically socialist, yet our goal is to speak to as many people as possible. One of the advantages of Jacobin is that it’s crassly political, and programmatic, in a way that other venues aren’t. When we do criticism, we do it well, but we also make sure there’s a political take-away for people who aren’t particularly interested in culture for its own sake.”


      Clearly their movie-reviews are going to be real insightful about the ‘entertainment value’

      1. it’s programmatically socialist

        and programmatic


      2. The only terrible online magazine I know of that even comes close to Jacobin in terribleness is Belt. Even Vox at least has stupid maps and listicles that other intellectual junk food.

        1. You know if you keep hate reading it, you’ll go blind.

          1. The editor is… 25 years old?


            i know i should be surprised, but im not. People who know the least about the world are usually the quickest to pretend to be experts.

            “when [a writer] turned in a scathing analysis of the Constitution’s inherent conservatism for the second issue, Mr. Sunkara knew it needed something to really pop.

            “Seth had a title with nine words and a semicolon,” he recalled. “I crossed it out and wrote ‘Burn the Constitution.’ “

      3. I mean, why wouldn’t you like anyone named after mass murderers?

        At least The Young Turks has a double meaning (I find it funny how they made sure to shove an Armenian girl front-and-center on their youtube videos) but honestly, it’s like naming your journal the Khmer Rouge.


      “John Steinbeck’s thoroughly researched dramatization of America’s systemic failure in The Grapes of Wrath earned him the reputation of a firebrand communist. (Unfortunately, he wasn’t.)”

      Yeah. Unfortunately.

      1. thoroughly researched


  27. A time capsule buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others has been unearthed. No word yet on how well the winter lager weathered the years.

    Or whatever the singing frog survived or not.

    Hello! ma baby,
    Hello! ma honey,
    Hello! ma ragtime gal,
    Send me a kiss by wire,
    Baby, ma heart’s on fire!
    If you refuse me,
    Honey, you’ll lose me,
    Then you’ll be left alone,
    Oh, baby, telephone,
    And tell me I’m your own! ?

    1. That FUCKING frog!

      1. And I should have said “whether”, not “whatever”.


  28. A time capsule buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others has been unearthed. No word yet on how well the winter lager weathered the years.

    The capsule was actually buried by Samuel Prescott, but Revere is getting the press credit because his last name is easier to rhyme.

    1. That’s severe.

    2. Me and my horsey and a quart of beer
      riding cross the land
      kicking up sand
      Sheriff’s posse on my tail cause i’m in demand

    1. Now with 23% less lubricant, 19% less froth and 87% more fecal matter!

      New Santorum, like New Coke and New Math, but worse.

      1. Santorum vs. Romney.

        Two “men” enter! Hopefully no one leaves!

        1. The republicans apparently believe that they need to earn the “stupid party” moniker constantly or they might lose it.

          1. It’s all about brand recognition.

      2. Do you remember crystal Pepsi? Me either.

        1. I would drink a clear cola beverage if it meant CA could have seasonal Jew Coke again.

          Damn your fear of potential carcinogens CA legislature!!!

          1. I had no idea coke isn’t kosher and I learned something today. I don’t normally drink soda but when I do I get the glass bottle Mexican cokes. They are made with real sugar. You should look into to slake your Jew thirst.

            1. You’ve got this all backward. I’m a non-Jew who likes Jew Coke because it’s made with real sugar and priced the same as regular Coke. Someone here, I think Tulpa actually argued that Jew Coke was worse than normal Coke.

              Fun fact: About a year ago Mexican Coke switched to HFCS in Mexico, but they still make sugar based ones to sell in the US. How this isn’t a massive licensing mess is beyond me.

              Jew Thirst would be a great title for a Nazi horror film about a rabbi that drinks the blood of gentile babies.

              1. I meant your thirst for Jew products. Also I would watch that movie.

                1. I only thirst for that one Jew product. Not looking for Manischewitz. Though I do hunger for the suppli and fried artichokes at La Taverna del Ghetto in Rome.

                  1. Not looking for Manischewitz

                    Reminded me of this

                    1. Reminded me of this

              2. I think Tulpa

                Yes, it was fucktard.

                He then gloated (not at all believably) that he got Coke to censure the grocery store for selling him the tainted Jew Coke.

                That thread was actually what made me finally decide to block Tulpa.

                1. Ah yes. Tulpa at his contrarian finest.

                  Tulpa (LAOL-VA)|5.17.13 @ 10:44AM

                  A couple of months ago my local grocer tried to pass off sucrose-flavored Coke, intended for Passover celebrations, as the regular Coke after our local Jews didn’t turn out to buy it. Needless to say I made them regret that.

                  1. What? Dumb.

  29. If I see one more dude’s profile that starts out with “Fun-loving and hard-working,” I might just switch to chicks altogether.

    1. How does “moody yet prone to black humor, and hard-playing while otherwise as lazy as possible” work for you?

      1. It’s better than the bulk of what I’ve seen so far.

        1. “Handsome and intense serial killer seeks next victim”

          1. Well, I am conveniently looking for my “partner in crime.” I’m flexible on the terms.

          2. I’m definitely not handsome, and I’m more mysterious than intense.

          3. I actually think I’m going to use this Jesse.

    2. Put “I love to laugh” and/or “I work hard/play hard” in your profile.


      1. Yeah, that’s great if she wants to date Uncle Albert from the Mary Poppins movie.

      1. Ehh… Not really. I’m just so very particular. For one, grammar and punctuation. I’ll forgive little errors, but if it’s just one run on sentence of spelling errors, I can’t. Just can’t. So that’s like, 50% gone.

        1. grammar and punctuation

          I’ll make two recommendations on grammar: Oxford comma should not merely be permitted, but should be encouraged as the appropriate formatting. And ending sentences in a preposition should be considered acceptanble practice.

          1. I prefer the Oxford comma; I’m a romantic that way. I don’t mind ending a sentence with a preposition. I try to avoid it, but it doesn’t bother me when other folks do it.

          2. The Oxford comma is NOT optional. Failure to put that final comma in place WILL have terrible consequences in the form of ambiguity. You’ve been warned.

            1. “highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector.”

              Just say “yes” to the Oxford comma.

      2. It seems as though the majority of messages I receive from my one account amount to “Hey, you’re not a retarded piece of shit! You wanna have some babies?”

        It is my theory, thusly, that most guys on online dating sites are retarded pieces of shit. Of course, this isn’t a lived experience, so it probably isn’t valid.

        1. I actually cannot stop laughing.

    3. I’ve heard such things about other men’s profiles. Fortunately I’ve never been one for shitty cliches (normally the province of womenfolk).

      But you should be aware that there are many a female profile whose description is “I love to travel and laugh” which always leaves me wondering who the cynical asshole that hates laughing is.

      1. A friend of mine actually hates the sound of his wife’s laughter.

        Frankly, his isn’t any better.

        1. Trust me, he just hates the sound of his wife. The laughter is immaterial.

  30. Wait, I thought refusing to vote for a Continuing Resolution was “terrorism”?

    Tea Party Democrats

    1. Too much freedom! ANY lightening of the state must be fought tooth and nail.

  31. That’s right Lizzie, you tell ’em! Remember, the only way you can make sure things like this don’t happen is to SECURE THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION FOR PRESIDENT!

    1. Keep hoping.

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